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  1. What I admire most about YouTube ghost hunters is how they have rigorously trained themselves to use only advertiser-friendly swearwords even when being terrorized by freakish paranormal beings. Massive respect.

  2. Some spoilers for Perfect State follow. This morning I finished reading Perfect State, another good novella by our beloved Bandersnatch. There were things I liked about it and things I felt were kind of meh, but all in all I greatly enjoyed it. In particular I adored the central concept of the story: the concept of a world where brains are removed from fetuses and plugged into elaborate virtual realities specially formulated to match their personalities and desires. Which brings us to this simple thread. Assuming that Perfect States match the idealistic fantasies that we all daydream from time to time, what would your personal State be like? Personally, I think that my State would basically enable me to be the Doctor from Doctor Who. I would live in a vast and procedurally generated setting with joint fantasy and science fiction elements, which I would explore with some kind of magical ship that enables me to traverse through time and space. I'd arrive on planets just on the cusp of war or some natural disaster, and using only my wits and inexplicable charisma would save the day, earning the praise and admiration of the masses before running back to my ship and setting sail for another distant part of the cosmos. ... Ahem. What would your Perfect State be like? If there were a world programmed entirely to enable you to be the hero of your daydreams, what would it look like?
  3. To be fair you must be of at least primary intelligence to understand Superiority political doctrine. The stratagem is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of peaceful statecraft most of the citizenship requirements will exceed a typical species' grasp. There is also our diplomatic outlook, which is deftly woven into our interstellar policy--our philosophy draws heavily from past experiences with the human scourge, for instance. The varvax and the dione are races that understand this; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate being part of a greater whole, to realize that it isn't just mutually beneficial: it says something deep about SAPIENCE. As a consequence races that oppose the Superiority truly ARE inferior--of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the importance of using Superiority-designed hyperdrives instead of relying on unstable cytonics, which only have a negative effect on civilizations everywhere. I am clicking my mandibles in dismay right now merely imagining those poor lesser species being erased off the surface of their planets as the delvers' unspeakable horror strains itself through their planet. How avoidable... how I pity them. And yes, by the way, I DO have a licensed human. And no, you cannot see it. It is for integration with our special defense force only--and even the other applicants must prove they are within 5 intelligence points of our own civilization (preferably lower) beforeclaw.
  4. My fear of forever being "That guy who hasn't written his novel" is matched only by my sheer terror of becoming "That guy who wrote an awful novel."

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    2. Tesh


      I feel the same way all the time.

      But through writing that novel, you will improve! I have personally experienced a huge change by doing NaNoWriMo. My piece was still crap, but I'm better through that.

    3. Kaymyth


      Write the awful novel! Then set it aside for a couple of months, read through it, and identify what makes it awful. Then fix the awful stuff. Poof! You have made the first revision out of about 7 that will turn it into a GOOD novel.

    4. Kaymyth


      Though to be fair, with as much experience as you have writing scenes and stories through roleplay, you can probably get it done in closer to 4 drafts.

  5. It isn't often that I find myself hyped for things that haven't come out yet. I generally don't watch the horizons for new shows that are going to be making their debut, and almost all of my entertainment was introduced to me by a family member who practically had to strap me to a chair and force me to try something new. That is true of my love of Gravity Falls, of Avatar: The Last Airbender, of Undertale, and even of Brandon Sanderson himself. This, my friends... is no exception! I had neither heard of Hazbin Hotel nor would I have cared about it until my brother made me watch the trailer and a few of the clips on YouTube. And also it isn't even remotely like any of those other things I mentioned, so don't take those things as related to this recommendation in the slightest. Hazbin Hotel is looking like a unique series in every sense of the word. It's not at all like any of the other things I enjoy, but strangely I still find myself looking forward to it and wanting to see where it goes. If you want to know something it might turn out looking like, it's from the mind that created the webcomic Zoophobia that no one I talk to has ever heard of. I think it's best to let the show speak for itself now. I'm going to give the official synopsis and then I'm going to link to two clips from the official YouTube channel. Synopsis: Fair warning, this is looking like an adult show with bad language, cartoon violence, and occasional sexual references to boot. The clips I am about to link contain some of these elements, mainly the swearing. Make sure you're in an appropriate setting for watching such media, that you're an adult, etc, etc. This is the official trailer for Hazbin Hotel. And this is a clip containing one of the show's musical numbers, titled 'Inside Every Demon Is A Rainbow.' And honestly, if even the name of that song isn't getting a curious chuckle out of you, you and I are very different people. Has anyone else heard of this upcoming show, and more importantly: is anyone else as weirdly hyped for this as I am?
  6. Haven't read Worm, but if some sort of giant apocalyptic monster attacked most of my Epics would probably just book it out of town. (I'm picturing something like Godzilla or the thing from Cloverfield.) They have very little to gain from fighting a massive doomsday beast and quite a lot to lose. Lightwards is an exception because he has a lot less to lose than others. He'd probably throw everything he had at a giant monster in an insane hope that he could kill and reanimate it. He'd probably lose, but a ton of innocent people would be murdered and used as cannon fodder before he finally gave up or was killed so many times he went insane. Assuming they were somehow inclined to help... Arsenal would be the most useful because he could both stock the military and provide evacuation vehicles for civilians. Glamour, Deathwish, and Redlight would be pretty much useless, assuming Deathwish's damage reflection and Redlight's momentum-freezing can't do anything to the monster. Darkrose can dish out a pretty hefty amount of damage, but anything much more durable than steel isn't going to give way to her vines. She might be able to keep something restrained for a while, maybe long enough for evacuation efforts to get underway. Her chances of contributing something worthwhile are raised exponentially if Alastair is there and providing direction. Aldo and Cricket are pretty useless but will be enjoying the show from a distance. Backtrack could be used by someone much smarter than him to figure out the origin of the monsters, and is thus potentially the most valuable of all. (I'm probably forgetting someone because it's been a while.)
  7. I have now reached the "depressed and binge-reading every melodramatic fan fiction in sight" phase of my annual life cycle. It is now a matter of sheer chance and environmental factors whether I remain in this state for the duration of the year or whether I emerge from it as a true Angst Author in my own right.

    Isn't nature fascinating?

    1. Kaymyth


      NaNo season approacheth...

    2. Kidpen


      *casually plugs HPMoR even though you've probably read it because it's my #1 favorite book of all time and is fantastic*

  8. I've exported a lot of my Oregon characters into an original setting, tweaking their backstories to fit with the new scenery and also to give them more agency over their lives than "Calmity made me crazy." The main ones are Mobius, Revolution, Backtrack, and Darkrose.
  9. I've had a lot of sore throats but I think this one might be the sorest I've ever had. I can barely even talk.
  10. "So for this setting, Kobold, I'm going for a sort of 1920s/1930s aesthetic in a fantasy world-"


    "...yeah, there could be rigid airships, but also some other stereotypical features of the era, you know, like flappers-"


    "...yeah, maybe, and maybe something with Prohibition and the Mob-"


    "...ahem, and maybe have some fantasy versions of famous individuals of the era..."

    "Ooh, actually, you know which individual definitely needs to have a representative in this fantasy world?"



    1. Kaymyth


      Man, there's an article I shared on Facebook a few days back that would make you so very happy. (There's a company considering trying to reinstate international cargo transport via zeppelin.)

    2. Kobold King
    3. Slowswift


      For real though. It's 2019. Time to try again with zeppelins and do it right this time.

  11. Idea: deliberately fracturing your psyche into multiple personalities so each fragment can learn a different kind of magic. (Assuming different kinds of magic are best suited to different personality types, as is often the case in fantasy.)

  12. Given one of the rules of the SCP canon is "There is no canon," even different articles on the site can have radically different power levels. It's why it annoys me when people post "Who Would Win" threads with the Foundation. Without a canon specified, no "Who Would Win" question has an answer.
  13. Decent healing powers fit to make motivators out of are apparently pretty rare, since Knighthawk in Book 3 puts a lot of emphasis on how badly he wants a sample of Prof's DNA so he can possibly heal his wife. While there are probably a decent number of Reckoners cells with some sort of Epic technology, chances are that they don't have access to healing. If they do, it's undoubtedly a far inferior version to what Prof can gift that won't be healing any mortal wounds.
  14. Poll: would you be afraid of a supervillain if his "costume" was just a cardboard box he put over his head. If not, what if he's drawn a crude smiley face in marker on the front of the box. If not, what if there are no eye holes in the box because his powers allow him to perfectly sense everything within a mile radius of him without need for his other senses. If still not, what if he can choose to disintegrate anything around him into black dust at will. If still not, what if underneath his box he's actually a whirling, stirring mass of black dust in the rough shape of the human he once was before he disintegrated himself, now only clinging to life by sheer force of will and desire to crumble everything else in the world.

    If still not, please help me, because Box has been in my head all week and I'm scared.

    1. Kidpen


      *proceeds to have constant nightmares even though I'm awake*

  15. Me too. Looking forward to it, though. Vague spoiler threads on various websites tend to have some pretty hyped up titles I don't understand.
  16. Concept: superhero setting where absolutely nobody cares about elections and politics because the government is far too stretched thin to enact new policies or change existing ones, and electing the president is largely just deciding which politician is going to be kidnapped by Captain Doomsday and held ransom for two hundred billion dollars.

    A few years back a whopping ten percent of the population showed up to the polls, but this all turned out to be part of a scheme by the nefarious villain Gerrymander and no one has bothered to so much as listen to a political podcast since then.

  17. Watching my Archive Of Our Own account like a hawk today because I have 665 total kudos and I need to be there if the number goes up by one.

    1. Slowswift


      I guess things are always the same no matter the platform, eh? :P 

  18. It's not so much that I look at my old writing and cringe so much as I look at my old writing and wish I still had a quarter of the confidence to write such things without berating myself and deleting the word document.

    1. Seonid


      Right?  Why is it that we lose confidence with age?

    2. Kobold King

      Kobold King

      Maybe it's because we've now read enough that we have a clearer idea of what we want our prose to look like, which far surpasses whatever prose we actually have in the doc.

      At least in our heads, anyway.

  19. It's sad that it died down, but I also think it's really nice that so many of us are still around and that we all remember the collab so vividly, with several of us exporting our favorites OCs to newer pastures. I can't say that about every creative writing project I've ever been a part of.
  20. Absolutely heartbroken that Ned and Betty didn't remain a couple at the end, but I'm glad they were both mature enough to remain friends even after the breakup. The whole Mysterio subplot by comparison felt like a hamfisted method to make sure Peter (is that his name?) doesn't become Ned's awkward third wheel, which would have gotten annoying fast. It was okay, though. Didn't really have the same emotional impact as the ups and downs of Ned/Betty's relationship, but subplots rarely do. One could interpret Mysterio's bitter angsting over Stark to be a dark parallel for how Ned and Betty could have allowed their breakup to turn into something dark that ruins their friendship, thus making the subplot more of a cautionary tale on letting a bad breakup sour your worldview, but I feel like this message would have been stronger if Ned and Betty had been able to confront him face to face and give a heartfelt speech on why he's wrong. Really hoping the third Ned movie gives Flash some more time in the spotlight, as he's easily one of the deepest and most underrated characters in the franchise. His inner struggles with his pleas for attention and his lack of self confidence about his videos make for some of the most compelling cinema I've seen in years. #flashmob
  21. I'm trying to pick a character summary that's eye-catching enough for me to highlight and ask about, but honestly they all sound like awesome characters.