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  1. I've had a lot of sore throats but I think this one might be the sorest I've ever had. I can barely even talk.
  2. "So for this setting, Kobold, I'm going for a sort of 1920s/1930s aesthetic in a fantasy world-"


    "...yeah, there could be rigid airships, but also some other stereotypical features of the era, you know, like flappers-"


    "...yeah, maybe, and maybe something with Prohibition and the Mob-"


    "...ahem, and maybe have some fantasy versions of famous individuals of the era..."

    "Ooh, actually, you know which individual definitely needs to have a representative in this fantasy world?"



    1. Kaymyth


      Man, there's an article I shared on Facebook a few days back that would make you so very happy. (There's a company considering trying to reinstate international cargo transport via zeppelin.)

    2. Kobold King

      Kobold King


    3. Slowswift


      For real though. It's 2019. Time to try again with zeppelins and do it right this time.

  3. Idea: deliberately fracturing your psyche into multiple personalities so each fragment can learn a different kind of magic. (Assuming different kinds of magic are best suited to different personality types, as is often the case in fantasy.)

    1. Nathrangking



  4. Given one of the rules of the SCP canon is "There is no canon," even different articles on the site can have radically different power levels. It's why it annoys me when people post "Who Would Win" threads with the Foundation. Without a canon specified, no "Who Would Win" question has an answer.
  5. Decent healing powers fit to make motivators out of are apparently pretty rare, since Knighthawk in Book 3 puts a lot of emphasis on how badly he wants a sample of Prof's DNA so he can possibly heal his wife. While there are probably a decent number of Reckoners cells with some sort of Epic technology, chances are that they don't have access to healing. If they do, it's undoubtedly a far inferior version to what Prof can gift that won't be healing any mortal wounds.
  6. Poll: would you be afraid of a supervillain if his "costume" was just a cardboard box he put over his head. If not, what if he's drawn a crude smiley face in marker on the front of the box. If not, what if there are no eye holes in the box because his powers allow him to perfectly sense everything within a mile radius of him without need for his other senses. If still not, what if he can choose to disintegrate anything around him into black dust at will. If still not, what if underneath his box he's actually a whirling, stirring mass of black dust in the rough shape of the human he once was before he disintegrated himself, now only clinging to life by sheer force of will and desire to crumble everything else in the world.

    If still not, please help me, because Box has been in my head all week and I'm scared.

    1. Kidpen


      *proceeds to have constant nightmares even though I'm awake*

  7. Me too. Looking forward to it, though. Vague spoiler threads on various websites tend to have some pretty hyped up titles I don't understand.
  8. Concept: superhero setting where absolutely nobody cares about elections and politics because the government is far too stretched thin to enact new policies or change existing ones, and electing the president is largely just deciding which politician is going to be kidnapped by Captain Doomsday and held ransom for two hundred billion dollars.

    A few years back a whopping ten percent of the population showed up to the polls, but this all turned out to be part of a scheme by the nefarious villain Gerrymander and no one has bothered to so much as listen to a political podcast since then.

  9. Watching my Archive Of Our Own account like a hawk today because I have 665 total kudos and I need to be there if the number goes up by one.

    1. Slowswift


      I guess things are always the same no matter the platform, eh? :P 

  10. It's not so much that I look at my old writing and cringe so much as I look at my old writing and wish I still had a quarter of the confidence to write such things without berating myself and deleting the word document.

    1. Seonid


      Right?  Why is it that we lose confidence with age?

    2. Kobold King

      Kobold King

      Maybe it's because we've now read enough that we have a clearer idea of what we want our prose to look like, which far surpasses whatever prose we actually have in the doc.

      At least in our heads, anyway.

  11. It's sad that it died down, but I also think it's really nice that so many of us are still around and that we all remember the collab so vividly, with several of us exporting our favorites OCs to newer pastures. I can't say that about every creative writing project I've ever been a part of.
  12. The plans at the time kind of petered out and I don't think it's going to happen.
  13. Me trying to follow a conversation about a superhero web serial I've never read:
  14. Absolutely heartbroken that Ned and Betty didn't remain a couple at the end, but I'm glad they were both mature enough to remain friends even after the breakup. The whole Mysterio subplot by comparison felt like a hamfisted method to make sure Peter (is that his name?) doesn't become Ned's awkward third wheel, which would have gotten annoying fast. It was okay, though. Didn't really have the same emotional impact as the ups and downs of Ned/Betty's relationship, but subplots rarely do. One could interpret Mysterio's bitter angsting over Stark to be a dark parallel for how Ned and Betty could have allowed their breakup to turn into something dark that ruins their friendship, thus making the subplot more of a cautionary tale on letting a bad breakup sour your worldview, but I feel like this message would have been stronger if Ned and Betty had been able to confront him face to face and give a heartfelt speech on why he's wrong. Really hoping the third Ned movie gives Flash some more time in the spotlight, as he's easily one of the deepest and most underrated characters in the franchise. His inner struggles with his pleas for attention and his lack of self confidence about his videos make for some of the most compelling cinema I've seen in years. #flashmob
  15. I'm trying to pick a character summary that's eye-catching enough for me to highlight and ask about, but honestly they all sound like awesome characters.
  16. I'm still changing a lot around, but this is an original project I've been brainstorming off and on for a while now. The core concept is a world where the Monster of the Week trope is almost literal--there are constant crises ranging from deranged supervillains to alien invasions to resurrected tengu emperors trying to take over the world. Keeping the peace is a group called the Knights Nine, a team of superheroes whose members range from good-intentioned moral pragmatists to monsters who would do more damage than the supervillains if the weren't being kept in check. Among their ranks is a body-possessing plant monster from space that goes by the name Verdant, who tends to leave a suspicious number of missing person cases behind it in any crisis it is sent to resolve. There's also a 'hero' named Pulsar, a genius (but insane) billionaire whom I could most efficiently describe as a triple fusion between Tony Stark, Lex Luthor, and Cave Johnson. He runs quite a few facilities that exist primarily to experiment on captured supervillains and other anomalies. The world isn't entirely grimdark--there are a few heroes here and there who've remained uncorrupted by the constant stress of battling summoned demons and anthropomorphic hyena armies. Revolution Sunburst Jones is a character here, and her pacifist beliefs have thus far remained uncompromised. A necromancer who goes by the title Death's Voice has begun a fledgling career in superheroics, and as his powers grow he is becoming more and more effective at it. Samara Treitner, aka "Dark Rose," used to fall into this category. Unfortunately, due to the way her powers operate in this setting, her mind has always been far more susceptible to stress and insanity than other heroes. She went off the grid for years, but when she came back into the public eye it was as a remorseless, indiscriminate killer with only one surviving conviction: to expose the misdeeds of the twisted 'heroes' she'd once been forced to suffer out of reluctant pragmatism, and see them brought low. The world might stand a far lesser chance of surviving without them, but to the creature who's now murdering her way through cities to get to them, that's a sacrifice worth making. I'd also be very curious to hear about your setting, if you want to talk about it!
  17. That's absolutely fine by me--so much of that art was your original initiative that I don't think I get a say in where you apply it anyway. I am pleased I was able to evoke some inspiration in you, though, and I'm sure your original project is going to be brilliant. On a similar note, I'm importing a version of Darkrose into my original setting, and I think 'No More Liars' would make a great chapter title, if that's alright with you.
  18. Batman is a wonderful story for making us ask deep philosophical questions such as "What are the difference's between a superhero, a vigilante, and Arkham Asylum's one-man volunteer security department?"

  19. Often syrup, but they're also great plain.
  20. I'm picturing it PG-13, with only one allotted f-word. To everyone's shock Nathan uses it when he drops something, immediately becoming stammering and apologetic.
  21. If the rating rules hadn't already existed and you wrote these hypothetical scenes about Red, you probably would have prompted the creation of rating rules.
  22. That raises the very interesting question of whether the ghosts of Epics would remain corrupted.