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  1. I'm picturing it PG-13, with only one allotted f-word. To everyone's shock Nathan uses it when he drops something, immediately becoming stammering and apologetic.
  2. If the rating rules hadn't already existed and you wrote these hypothetical scenes about Red, you probably would have prompted the creation of rating rules.
  3. That raises the very interesting question of whether the ghosts of Epics would remain corrupted.
  4. I'm with Winter. I both want to see this and want to save my tear ducts the agony. Lightwards' interaction would be less angst-y and more of him loudly bemoaning the fact that he always gets the weird Epics as Klaus parades around in a skirt. Whilst a bunch of ghostly college students chime in with remarks like "Oh, he still does that eyebrow twitch when he's mad. Remember when he used to threaten to fail the whole class when one of us had our phone out?" Sam would keep her distance under the reasoning that an Epic this weird can't be good news for anybody, but if given the opportunity would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to have some communication with her father and sister. Especially her father, for which she has a ton of unresolved feelings of anger, grief, hurt, betrayal, and other complicated emotions for. Darkrose would have a psychotic meltdown if her mom started talking to her through Klaus, but to be fair, there are a lot of things that could trigger a psychotic meltdown from her. Finding a bad spot on her banana might cause her to massacre the entire population of the town she's in.
  5. It's actually a really complicated question since his Warriors retain some meager memories and self-identity--even his dinosaurs remember their old lives to some extent or another. So spiritually there's a question whether the souls of the dead would be watching from outside their bodies or if part of Lightwards power is subjugating their spirits after death. Without knowing how souls work within the Reckonerverse it's rather an impossible question to answer, really.
  6. "I'm feeling a bit insecure today. Maybe killing a bunch of people will make me feel better about myself." -Lightwards, if he were more honest about his emotions.
  7. The suspense is sparking killing me. Who, winter? Who? ... ...oooooh. Congrats!
  8. I now have a total of 555 kudos on Archive Of Our Own. ...only 111 to go.
  9. If it's a demon, it's probably the most bored and lonely demon in all the seven circles. It probably just wants to talk.
  10. I've only watched the first season. I hope none of your opinions are negative about Tsukiyama, as he is inarguably the best part of that show, and about anime as a whole.
  11. I did the same thing but with Tokyo Ghoul. It... wasn't the intended way to start the experience, but it worked surprisingly well for me.