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  1. For the past month my mother has been doing nothing but reading books about autism and reading aloud all of the traits that she thinks that both she and I share, so yes, you could say I've been face to face with this concept before. What's your realization?
  2. PROPOSAL: An isekai anime but it's about Nightwielder dropped in the Cosmere. Every episode starts with him refusing to go outside and having to be compelled by circumstances to participate in the plot. Female characters are infatuated him for literally no reason, but he never notices because he's too busy cowering away from the sun. Someone start a kickstarter, we can make this happen.
  3. Valentine's Day is over. I propose to make this thread exclusively about @Zurvanite's cat until next February.
  4. Worldhoppers visiting Roshar and encountering a certain sword: (Stormlight spoilers)
  5. There are mental Epics in the Reckonerverse. It's actually one of us, Edgedancer, who asked the question at an AMA that confirmed it. Source. And yes, it is an interesting concept. It might require some careful planning in an RP environment so the character doesn't hijack someone else's character without the writer's permission, but it could be really neat to see. It kind of reminds me of something that's in RWBY that I won't say outright because spoilers.
  6. The Bandersnatch has said before (can't remember where--I'm sorry) that not everything he RAFOs will necessarily show up in a story. This is because he likes leaving himself the option to either choose to reveal a detail or not as he sees fit, rather than spilling the beans early at a signing. Essentially, once the question's been answered, there's no unanswering it, but as long as the question exists he has the freedom to choose how and where he wants it answered. Hope that makes sense. I too find myself frustrated by the number of these we have, especially in the context of the Reckoners Trilogy, while I also understand why he does it.
  7. He's read bits and pieces here and there, including Sam and Altermind's confrontation at the meeting. Just enough to create garbage-tier ships, evidently.
  8. Rubies are red, And through fair or foul weather I WILL UNITE THEM, STORMFATHER I WILL BRING MEN TOGETHER
  9. I read this out loud to him and he cackled like a madman. I think we have found your nemesis, Shipmistress.
  10. Update on my brother being introduced to the RP. He said he ships Altermind and Sam. He is no longer allowed to read our RP.