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  1. On a reread of Wok and Wor i noticed that i dont get the purpose of desolations; to express my thoughts i make this crude timeline: Age 1: Heralds are around, no Radiants, humankind gets stomped by voidbringers ( they partially dont even have bronze weapons, culture seems to change between stone age and bronze age); Nohadon writes his book after a stomping Age 2: Heralds are around; sprens form radiants, human military power multiplies ( shardblades, shardplate, use of stormlight); humankind still does badly, might ocassionally be trashed by voidbringers Age 3: Oathpact shattered, maybe some desolations afterwards ( in Dalinars visions there was this guy who was said to be able to accuratly predict desolations, so he had lived through some; i dont understand why one should start trying to predict desolations if the best sign was the appereance of the heralds, 100% accuracy in that, why bother predicting then?; except the heralds would have already abandoned the oathpact); day of recreance, radiants no more around If the desolations where there to eradicate human life on Roshar, why wasnt this accomplished in Age 1, when humankind was at its weakest ever? Do the voidbringers even care about killing all humans? Or is there some kind of wincounter like goals in soccer get counted and it was decided between Odium and Honor that the winner is who first get 100 won desolations, the looser gets shattered or whatever. While i think this whole fight between Odium and Honor was about shattering Honor, the current upcoming desolation makes no sense in this regard as Honor is already shattered. It might be that Preservation is the target now but i dont understand why she wasnt shattered together with Honor, they both seemed to have worked together, or not? All in all i have no idea whats up with these desolations Please help me get through this mess Thanks
  2. who is everyone? Shallan herself probably wont inherit a thing, as it does seem like in the veden states there only exists agnatic (male) inheritance, as Jasnah herself is not listet as a successor to the Alethi throne, Elhokar ->his infant son -> Dalinar -> Adolin; I dont thin it will be any different in Jah Keved, as the gouvernment form is very similar to Alethkar: You have highprinces, a king, vassals, ardents and the like. As for the Plot Dalinar wants to reunite the Silver Kingdoms; for that the acquisition of Jah Keved is of utmost importance because they hold as many shards as Alethkar and about 1/3 of all known shards in Roshar. Dalinar will probably (have to?) use the same method as Nohadon, and that is war. This war will need a pretext, where the claim comes in handy. I see a clash between Taravangian and Dalinar as inevitable unless one of them dies. Both see themselves as pretty much the only ones capable of saving mankind on Roshar. And dont forget that our beloved Dalinar, as a Tyrant, will crasp after every bit of power he can get his hands on.
  3. So as my first post I want to discuss the possibility that the still living Davars have a claim on Jah Keved from their mothers family side. Evidences are: - Valam was the highprince of house Davar ( "Valam. He still lives?" Her own highprince.; Shallan p. 367) Valam ended up has King of Jah Keved before dying and giving the kingdom to Taravangian (p. 915) - Valam's bastard is likelly the "bastard" that visits the Davars to recruit a lighteyes from this family to start a inquiry against Shallan's father about her mother's death.( I would like an e-reader to prove this point pls, didn't find the scene again) The question is: Why bother with her death if she wouldn't be family? One might argue, if the claim is strong enough to actually make use of it, but as Taravangian's claim comes from a femal three generations ago House Davar's claim is even stronger than Taravangian's one. If this theory proves true, it opens a lot of future politic shemes. Edit: On second thought, if Taravangian dies, who elso would have a claim on Jah Keved and the power/allies to push it? I dont think that Taravangians heirs will play a significant role in this matter Discuss...