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  1. I was rereading Secret History and Kelsier was commenting about how only the mad ones were able to hear him. Which definitely sounds like what's going on with Szeth. If Szeth is right and they are all the voices of those he killed, that would imply they are cognitive shadows. My impression is that assumption is just part of Szeth's madness. So who or what is whispering to Szeth then?
  2. Since we now know that having investiture multiple sources grants a bonus effect (I'm calling it a perk), if someone has 3 forms of investiture, would they get a perk from each different pair of investitures, or just one for all 3? How many perks does Hoid have?
  3. These words are accepted.
  4. We have WoB that a desolation occurs when all the Heralds leave Damnation. We also have WoB that 11 parties made the Oathpact, so its logical to assume Honor + the Heralds.
  5. I wonder if Brandon's comments about the population of the Southern hemisphere using the Metallic Arts in different ways, as well as new applications of the Metallic Arts in order for FTL to be possible, I wonder if a Scadrian "fabrial" is a part of that?
  6. Just because Shallash is Jezrien's daughter doesn't mean she couldn't have been conceived on a world hop, so they still could represent all 10 Shardworlds.
  7. Out of all the theories that have been proposed, I like this one best.
  8. I think Ati fits the bill here, at least from the Shardholders that we know of. Hoid mentioned how Ati was a good man, and how much the shard changed him.
  9. Has anyone actually asked if it was an Honorblade? I know all the evidence points to this, but if we are missing part of the story, perhaps it comes from a false assumption such as this. We know Brandon has said we've seen 3 types of blades in TWoK, and knowing that we saw a number of Shardblades, Szeth's Honorblade, maybe Taln's blade is the 3rd type. Also, going off assumptions we've made, has anyone directly asked Brandon if someone besides "Taln" did anything to the blade? Maybe the blade mismatch from TWoK's Epilogue and when "Taln" shows up at the warcamps is something of "Taln's" doing, and not by an external party like we have been assuming.
  10. While WoB says that the Heralds may have other powers not granted by their Honorblades, that doesn't necessarily mean they aren't native to Roshar. I have a feeling not all of the Heralds come from the same place. Regardless, I like this theory. Also, Lift being able to gain Investiture from food comes from the Nightwatcher, its her boon.
  11. What would happen to a sword that had a slight Hemalurgic charge if it was Awakened?
  12. We have WoB that Hoid did not swap the blade. We also have WoB (courtesy of Argent) that "Taln" who appeared at the end of TWoK is the same man that was delivered to the warcamps in WoR. So, were lefting with "something else."
  13. I agree with Moogle here. Even discounting Cosmere magic mechanics and looking solely at Roshar, we see that Szeth's Honorblade changes eye color, Shardblades change eye color, and Sprenblades change eye color. The odds of the other Honorblades (or even just Taln's not showing this behavior when we've seen plenty of examples of this happening already. Actually, a thought just occured to me. What if, like a Returned can suppress their physical appearance change, so too can Heralds/Radiants?
  14. Does Hoid have a Dawn Shard? If not (or RAFO), does he want one?