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  1. game

    you go back in time to when you were 3. no one can see you and you cannot see anything but yourself, everything else is blank. the image of your past self is distorted as if looking into a carnival mirror. you cannot move and time is frozen. for 24 hours you stare at a distorted image of yourself at the age of 3.
  2. He's gonna think of something. Remember that time I got the letter from my wife saying that she wanted to break up with me? Huh? Remember what ***** did? He got your wife back? No, he got me another wife! A better wife!
  3. john wayne? I believe it is also said on NCIS occasionally.
  4. the flash
  5. Get 'im, Get 'im.
  6. whe when you need a soos, I have a soos. aw no that didn't work. not sure I got the quote right but...
  7. never been in a relationship. never even been on a date. my friends cant leave me alone though, they keep trying to set me up on dates. strangest thing, one of my dads clients tried to set me up with her daughter who is my age.
  8. no cop, no stop.
  9. yesterday you said tomorrow so JUST DO IT. MAKE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.
  10. when people write reviews on a product they have never even used. please I am looking for a legit review to determine if I want to purchase this item, don't write BS reviews. when I am watching a movie and have to do something for my parents, when I get back to the tv my sisters have just thrown all of my stuff off of the couch and are sitting in my seat and watching a Barbie movie. I HAD THE TV FIRST.
  11. When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second. When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour. That's relativity. -Albert Einstein

  12. "I'm sorry, if you were right, I'd agree with you." -Robin Williams
  13. I personally believe that Hoid held Adonalsium at the time of the shattering. I do not believe that he held adonalsium for the power or even chose to hold it, but it was forced upon him and was trying to do the best with it as he could. when the shattering happened he did was jasnah did and escaped to a different realm eventually coming back to the physical realm, a while after the shattering. I don't think that he wants the power, responsibility or influence of Adonalsium thrust upon him or anyone else. my thoughts run that his short term goal is to do everything he can to stop odium from destroying every shard and shardworld, and that his long term goal is to stop the force that opposed Adonalsium. I truly believe more than anything he does not want Adonalsium reformed, he want to create peace between the shardholders and shardworlds before they face the force that opposed Adonalsium. I also believe that he loves the shardworlds and the people that the shards create, and doesn't want to ruin that. I believe that he feels responsible for everything that is happening and will happen because he was the person holding Adonalsium when it shattered.(just my theory) that is what I believe happened to Adonalsium and where Hoid fits into everything.