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  1. Well, I think luckat is likely village, after starting that lynch off. Also Frozen mint, and Dalinar and Conquestor to a lesser extent, for jumping on the bandwagon when a bandwagon would effectively determine the lynch. Meta is currently on top of my suspicion list. He tried to divert the lynch, with an argument that seemed more cherry-picked than thought out. I'm also looking at Doctor, for joining the vote on Mark.
  2. If you were a returned, would you decide that cover in case of being checked by a strawman is worth a 50% chance of failing your kill every cycle (even before taking protection into account)? Not entirely accurate - DC was last on 20 minutes after the game started, but he'd have died N1 if he lost his breath then. Therefore DC died to Returned steal N1, and SB died to something else. Ecthelion
  3. Wow... The situation with Mark seems to be one huge IKYK. With five awakened cloths used, it's pretty clear the Returned were planning for this; I'm inclined to think it was an offensive move (which would make Mark a villager) for that reason. One thought I had was to do the lynch in orange, and run it over the night and first 24 hours of the day. Then we total the orange votes and pile on whoever's leading with actual votes. It's more reliable than throwing awakened ropes around, but requires much more coordination. GMs, can one person use more than one of the same item in the same turn?
  4. I had a gut suspicion of Mark after last cycle, and he's had ample time to defend himself so that's where my vote will go for now. I got a PM from him too. Nothing about breath count - he was asking about secret roles, and trying to save Ecthelion. (I mentioned I was suspicious of him in my first reply, and he hasn't responded for two days!) On the other hand, Magestar's responses to suspicion still seem strong, and we now know Bugsy was a villager, so this is another potential avenue if Mark turns out to be village too.
  5. Have we had a clarification about tied votes? Of the two lynch candidates, I think Magestar is marginally more suspicious, mostly for this post (I'm always wary of people addressing suspicion itself, rather than the reasons behind it):
  6. Bard's idea is interesting, but it has problems with potential WGGs - Returned attack one of their own members (or nobody), don't lose any Breath, and use their now-trusted attacked player to get someone else's Breath. Hard to aim, but goes through protection and comes with bonus trust. From an enjoyment perspective, there's also a mayor-like aspect to it; IMO there's a difference between "Lynch this person" and "Get this person to kill themselves because if they don't we lynch them". I found Meta's first post rather jarring compared to his usual playstyle.
  7. Signing up as Kolm. He's an Awakener with a mysterious source of colour that nobody else can see, which he refers to as blue text. However, he hasn't been able to use it as of late, for reasons he doesn't quite understand.
  8. I think I'm regretting signing up for the game. I was on the fence about joining, and there's been far more discussion than I expected. I'm just trying to keep up
  9. Ok, so I guess I should respond to the allegations against me. All I can really say is that there was no basis for the large amounts of votes on any of the lynch candidates so I was ready to jump at any (however small) reason for one persons lynching. Also now can we talk about Night actions? Something of a pattern I noticed. Elodin repeatedly referencing the wolf-brother role feels a bit forced to me - it reads like he's trying to look like it's his role. I'm still suspicious of Elodin; no opinion on Bard. For now, though, where did Winter go?
  10. That's exactly what I was doing. Read between the lines here to find out why. My thoughts on Sart: Elb pointed out that Sart is used to a meta where the 'whether to lynch' discussion is common. With that in mind, him bringing it up to me reads more as a villager trying to kickstart discussion than an eliminator trying to distract. Elodin, for the reason Meta pointed out. It's D1; the village perspective is basically "You're suspicious!" with no faction qualification until something else happens to inform it. You bringing it up suggests it's important to you.
  11. I'm not sure this is a good idea. That means close lynches can be decided by a last-minute mayor vote, even when the player in question has no idea they've been made mayor. Then again, that's true any time we vote one in. Yes she has? I don't think her Kas impression is worthy of two mayor votes, but she's definitely posted.
  12. I wasn't going to join this; I was going to take a break. But... LG6 rerun. Douza and his hammer are in. (Sorry Gamma)