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  1. Ok, so pro's and cons for killing Arinian. If we do kill him we could get info from his posts and what not, including any private info he might have shared with other players, though I doubt there is much of that since it's pretty early game. Also, It would also force the unjust to use two people to kill someone. Wait, can the unjust have alternative action so if the target they were going to kill gets lynched, then they would target someone else, @Amanuensis? If that isn't the case, then I'd say Arinian just to throw off the unjust, and force them to find another target. (Not me plz). It would also let us see what their play style is. If we don't kill him, but keep him imprisoned, nothing really would be gained, except maybe letting the unjust kill him for us? Maybe? Also, if there isn't really any evidence that he 65-100% an unjust, it'd be our best bet to lock him up until we can tunnel investigate further into his posts. If we pardon him, we get his help if he is a villager. I'll keep my vote the way it is, though I'm a little hesitant to kill anyone. Something that is a problem in SE.
  2. Rea wasn't sure if what he was seeing was actually real, because it was too ludicrous to be anything else but a dream. He was stranded on top of a large silver shield, which he remembered had recently been a coin, that was floating along on a raging river of water, bodies of human and Storming VOIDBRINDERS! Yes, voidbringers. Rea prayed to all ten heralds that this was a dream and he hadn't woken up from getting sat on by an oversized cremling in the middle of a war zone. Even my luck isn't that bad. Rea thought ruefully to himself. He reached down and gently prodded the two men in front of her. They didn't respond. He slapped both of them a bit, but to no avail. Well, this isn't looking too good. Rea thought as he watched as two of the voidbringers look towards the makeshift raft he was on. I really don't have anything to fight with, stuck in the middle of a spontaneously made river, with two unconscious men. He franticly began to search for something he could use as a weapon. Then he remembered, the man who saved him had made this shield from a coin. He must have others, he thought desperately to himself as he threw himself over to the unconscious man and began to rifle through his pockets. His fingers closed on the cold hard surface of a coin, and he pulled it free of the pocket it had been in. There were some squiggly lines on the coin, but he really didn't get a chance to see what they were because the coin disappeared in a flash of light, and a small sized dagger rested in his hand. It took all of his self-control not to throw it into the water as soon as he saw what it was. Come on Rea, this is a life or death situation, face your fears. He told himself. But that what happened last time as well, and look where that got me. He retorted. With a shake of his head, he focused on the here and now, and got ready to fight of the two voidbringers. And I will lfinish this RP once I get done with work... in 14 hours
  3. Rea started blankly at the ground in front of him, rough wooden boards underneath his knees. A single torch lay on the ground; it's flickering light reflecting in a dark pool around the child's feet. The small form stared at its hands, one clenched in a fist around the handle of a knife, looking at the green eyes that stared back at it in horror. What have I done? Was the only thought that pounded in the shocked scull. The torch flickered out, and the room was plunged into darkness. Rea wearily blinked his eyes open. W-were am I? He wondered as the landscape before him slowly sharpened into focus. What happened? He wondered as his vision cleared to show him an unfamiliar face. "Whaaaa," came the scream, slightly higher then intended, as he began to flail his arms in panic. @Ecthelion III Well, Rea is going to be really sad that Ashetvl died, but I'll get to that later. I'll admit that I bandwagoned a bit, though in my defense I only had about 30 mineuts to read the thread. As for killing Arinian, I'd say we keep him in prision, maby letting the unjust kill him for us? we can always kill him afterwards if they don't. It would be intersting to see if they contiune killing those we imprision for the easy kill, or go after someone they think is improtatnt. If they do that, then we would know that whom ever they killed had some bond or information that was improtant enough to kill for, so we could gleen info that way.
  4. Rea ran around the large chitin covered monstrosity, looking for a way to avoid the thrashing mess of legs and appendages. Why did they have to pit us up against something so storming big. They must have cremlings for brains. He had barely managed to survive the drop, somehow managing to suck in enough stormlight not break all of his bones, and then enough to mend the ones that did break. He looked at his now dully glowing pouch of spheres. Storms, he cursed to himself, that’s not going to be enough for anything really. He had even, um, procured, a few more then was given out, and he was still almost out. How the storms are we supposed to take this thing out? He wondered. They didn’t even give us anything to fight with. I doubt my hands will do anything against this thing. He kept circling, looking for a way in, when he saw the thing’s legs give away, and some storming idiot who was standing right under it. This is no time for heroics, he told himself. You will absolutely not go and try to save him. Don’t get yourself- fine then, get yourself killed, he thought to his legs and they began to run, almost of their own accord, towards the man in danger. If you get me killed, I’m blaming you, and they won’t let you into the tranquil halls, must me. He stopped talking to himself once he realized that he was doing it again. I really do need to find someone to talk to, maybe Ashetvl if they ever let her out. What she did wasn’t that bad, not as bad as- his thoughts were cut off as he ducked down to narrowly miss getting his head sliced off by a flailing claw. Storm! I must be one of the ten fools to try this but… Rea slid one foot out, sliding on his side, gliding over the ground as it found no purchase on his glowing leg as he slid under the belly of the oversized storming crab. I wonder how it tastes, he thought idly to himself as he got closer to the man who was about to get crushed. He looked around to see where the man had goten to, only to see him being pulled up to the relitive safty of the creature's back. Oh stroms, he thought as he slid to a stop infront of the giant maw of teeth, this is not going to end well. Sorry for not posting a lot, I got dumped with homework and work, so I've been doing my best to stay ontop of everything I still don't have any solid reads on anyone yet, but I really don't want to kill sheep right now, for purely RP reasons and I don't think my vote will count for much. I don't think Rea would want her dead, and it realy doesn't matter if there is one for keeping her alive. If she does end of getting killed, Rea will probably try to stop it, but fail, or will she Gut fealing right here, but I'm going to vote Arinian, Most of my votes are just gut feelings, so hopefully this one's right.
  5. Rea tried to remember who Lomot was, but couldn't. Lomot, lomot, who was he again. I could have sworn I remember that name before. He tried to think back to the days before, but didn't ember much. Wait, wasn't he the guy who wore all that make up that he could have been a girl. Storms that was a lot of makeup. I know girls who wear less than he does. Rea looked up and saw the large Shin eyes still staring at him. "Oh, Lomot?" Rea repled after a short pause. "I really didn't talk to him, or really anyone for that matter. Anyway, who would want to kill him anyways. Why an initiate? Do you have any idea who the murder could have been?" @Hemalurgic_Headshot I just realized something. If you're in prison, you can't gain more honor, right? That's a big blow to the village, because even if you're pardoned, you still lost at least one cycle of honor that you could have gained. I'm not going to vote on anyone right now because I want the village to lose out on the potential honor and spren bonding, and because I don't really have any suspicions right now.
  6. Rea stood shivering in the gentle rains of the Riddens, soaked to the bone. He hated being wet, hated how his clothes stuck to his body, and his hair dripped down in front of his eyes, making him look at the world through a mess of black. The past hour was an unrecallable haze of wind, rain, and light, swirling around, Rea doing his best just to survive. When he first heard Kaladin say that they would be staying out in the highstorm, Rea couldn't believe his ears, but her fury was soon drowned out by the need to survive, but as the storm died down, the light rains did nothing to smother the anger he had at the pretentious Knight. What, so just because someone died, that means it's ok for him to stick all of us out here? He thought angrily to himself. Just because someone was an idiot, we all have to pay? He huffed a bit in outrage. People die all the time. No one does anything for the ones on the streets who get murdered, why are the people inside here so important? The sound of wet footfalls sloshing through puddles made him look up, and loose his train of thought. Another initiate was walking towards him, something off about him. Rea squinted at him, and then realized what it was. His eyes. WAY to big. What do you have to do to get eyes that big. He wondered "Hi!" Rea shouted over to the man walking over. "Nice weather we're having," He said with a slight grin. So right now I really don't have any idea who could have done anything. It's not like we have much information to go off of. No one was murdered (well, no PC's were murdered), so it’s hard to see what the unjusts' motives are right now. Also, was that just a poke vote @Hemalurgic_Headshot, or do you really suspect poor, innocence Rea for the murder of someone
  7. Ah, ok, then I redact my earler comment, that wouln't work as well as I expected
  8. I don't know if this has been answered, but will we know when a spren has been bonded @Amanuensis? That might be a good stratagy. If we do know when a spren bonds, then those who did put honor to every spren will know how a minimum of how much honor was spent ( one more then themselfs), making it a little easier to figure out who has which spren (or atleast have a better idea).
  9. Rea watched as Ashetvl talked for a while with another girl, and then as she talked to Brightness Davar. Both times there hadn't been any opanings for him to get in close to surprize her. He had really wanted to to, but everytime he went forwards to tap her on the shoulder, it looked like she was just about to turn around, and Rea backed away quickly. Rea was still watching Ashetvl as when she turned away form Shallan, and left the party in a hurry. From the little Rea saw on her face, the conversation betwen her and the Brightlady didn't go as well as Ashetvl would have hoped. Rea watched as she left the party, unsuer what to do. It's not like you know her verry well, he told himself. And she is more likely to find out then anyone else. He reminded himslef. I don't owe her anything, or atleast not that much. As much as he tried to aruge with himself, he still found himself standing infront of Ashetvl's door, unsure what to do when he heard something inside. Is she crying? He wondered to himself. What could have made her cry. Was it something that Brightness Davar said? He hesitantly reached twards the door to knock, but he stoped with his knuckels and inch away form the door. Nah, she dosn't need my help, besides, it's getting late, I need to sleep. And with that Rea quitly walked back to his own room to sleep. I feel like most of them will have a cost of 2 or more, so saving up might be a good idea, probably. I’m still not entirely sure.
  10. So you should be called eleven or seven, depending on whether or not you count 1 as a prime number
  11. Rea stood gawking in front of a long table, filled with platters of food. He had never seen so much food in his life. I guess being a Radiant has its perks, he thought to himself. This is going to be so awesome! He quickly grabbed a plate, and started to load it up with all of the delicacy that he could find. Some of the dishes he didn't even recognize, but that didn't stop him from putting a bit of everything on his plate. Baring a mountain of food, Rea made his way over to an empty table and plopped her plateful of food in front of him. He was about to take a large forkful of some sort of smoked something when he heard the sound of chairs being pulled out, and an elderly couple sat down at the same table as him. Great, he thought. Now I'll have to listen to old people. He scowled at them from the safety of his head, but offered them a polite smile on the outside. The old woman turned to him and a smiled lit up her face. "Oh, why hello there," she said in a slow, but happy voice. "Why are you here?" "Me? The food's really good I guess." Came his reply. The older man chuckled. "Ah, just like me young grandson, about your age now. He is always hungry. Reminds me of a time when I was young. Me and my friend Dathan..." Rea tuned them out as he could sense a long boring story coming up. He quickly scanned the area to see if there was some possible way to get away form his unforeseen dinner companions when a loud crash sounded somewhere. The older man stopped his story and Rea sized the chance. "Nice meeting you, bey!" he said as he quickly scooted off his chair, grabbed a his plate, and scurried off to what had happened. Through the mess of bodies and tables, he could make out to people sitting/laying on the ground. Oooo, a fight! This should be interesting. He thought to himself as he pushed forwards. As he got nearer to the two girls, his hopes were dashed as he saw that they had just fallen, and weren't in a fight. Man, why can't something inserting happen, he thought sadly. He then got a surprise as one of the fallen girls turned her face and he recognized her as Tvazn. Wait, isn't his name Ashetv? He thought, thinking back to yesterday. Yeah, that's what it is. Ashetlv. And a girl to boot. Never saw that coming, probably should have, he gave a mental shrug. Well anyways, he, Rea stooped himself a gain. She, he corrected himself, doesn't know I'm here, so... his mind quickly thought up all the ways he could surprise her, and he quickly walked behind a group of passing party goers as not to be seen as he plan out his surprise. So it looks like it should be pretty easy to keep people's honer count kept, and to see if people could possibly get a spren. it's also gong to be hard to get a read on people, mostly because of the extensive RP most people are doing. Should be fun anyways!
  12. "Slow down, whatever for? You'll miss out on all the good stuff," Rea said with a grin. And if you slow down, the past catches up. "So you're here? Why? Nevermind, if we're here, the least we can do is explore a bit. There could be gems down here!" And with that he took Ashetlv's hand and pulled her out the door and into the hallway beyond.
  13. "Yeah. Same to you! What are you doing here? DId something happen? Is that why you're in a dress? Are you a girl? I thought so, not really, but kind of. How are you doing?" Rea rattled off all the questions in rapid succession, his chipper attitude hiding the pain he had just relived a few moments ago. The rapid pace of inquiries only stopping to let Rea take a breath.
  14. Rea walked aimlessly around the largely uninhabited city. He took a quick peak into a room and quickly left for the next room, seeing nothing of interest in the four bare stone walls of the room. I hope there's something interesting down here, he thought to himself as he sighed in disappointment apon seeing another empty room. I mean, there should be death traps, and rooms filled to the brim with gems, the young boy fantasied to himself. Gems so large you have to use both hands to pick them up, with a glittering Shardblade sitting in the middle. He paused for a moment to really let his mental image from, and then started as he realized that it might not be such a fanciful picture, after all, he was a Knight Radiant. I'm totally getting a Shardblade, but how in the world am I going to be able to use it? Rea thought for a moment, What if they have a small Shardblade, a Shardknife! But as soon as he thought that, all his mind could throw at him was the still image of a small hand, clenching a knife so hard the knuckles turned white, only to be stained red by the blood on the knife. With a shudder, Rea slumped against the wall, breathing heavily. It's ok, he reassured himself. You're alright, that was then, this is now. It's over, done, nothing happened. But it was to no avail. The memories kept coming, and how despite how desperately he tried to stop them, the relentlessly rush forwards like the torrential rains of a Highstorm. Eventual the memories faded, and he shakily got to his feat, his breathing still ragged. He looked down at his shirt, and saw two large wet spots his unknowingly wept tears had made. No more, I won't let this happen again. He thought, determined. I have to be strong, I am a Knight Radiant now. His resolve set, he stood up while wiping a few left over tears from his bloodshot eyes, and walked around the corner to see if there was anything interesting. He pocked his head into the next room he saw, and was surprised to see that there was someone already inside. A small figure in a green dress bent over what looked to be a wooden chest. The girl quickly stood up when he entered, and Rea was so socked he could't speak for a second when he saw the girl's face. "T-Tvazn!" He exclaimed. "Why are you in a dress?" @AliasSheep