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  1. I think the spy is another of shallan’s personalities that we have not met (and that shallan, radiant and veil don’t remember / recognise). I also think the assassin mraize sent is a 5th personality of shallan that surfaced momentarily to administer the poison. This is why Ialai is so resigned when she sees shallan. It’s all shallan. She doesn’t realise she is spying on herself and that she’s being played / playing all sides against the middle.
  2. Blast it - I thought I was on to something. The WOB on this is very interesting though! Thanks.
  3. If Nightblood was unsheathed and dropped, I’d like to think he would just consume everything, eventually cause a black hole, and cause the universe to collapse into a singularity.
  4. Another interesting thing here is the mention of the grand temple above. Are we talking Urithiru as the temple? Are these the steps (that supposedly give access to the city), and are they located below the corridor accessed from the gemstone pillar room? Is the gemstone pillar room a temple? Did 'he' use the Dawnshard to bind and capture the Sibling? Was 'he' a very naughty boy? Must read TWOK again!
  5. Oathbringer is Dalinar's book It's also his blade with a hook We learned 'bout his wife And all kinds of strife – Memories Cultivation just took Slowly he began to recall The things that caused him to fall The death of poor Evi The Thrill, fire and fury Designs, to make him a thrall For Odium was always right there Pushing for Dalinar's despair But the pain that was sown Just helped him to grow And the trap, failed to ensnare Instead Dalinar, he took the great step And accepted the thoughts in his head Three realms he did merge Stormlight he did splurge Powered Radiants, to fight in his stead Odium was nothing but shocked To see Dalinar acting his boss He quickly vacated the scene Upon hearing "Unity!" Scared he was going to be mocked Then Dalinar, he learned how to read And started, writing at speed About his sad tale How not to fail And putting The Thrill in a bead.
  6. You have probably all realised this long ago, but the Part Titles for all the 3 Stormlight books form Keteks (as well as giving the theme to the parts themselves). Sanderson is just so cool. So many little details, so easy to miss. I just can’t fathom how he does it! The Keteks: The Way of Kings Part 1: Above Silence Part 2: The Illuminating Storms Part 3: Dying Part 4: Storm’s Illumination Part 5 The Silence Above >> Above Silence, The Illuminating Storms –Dying– Storm’s Illumination, The Silence Above Words of Radiance Part 1: Alight Part 2: Wind’s Approach Part 3: Deadly Part 4: The Approach Part 5: Winds Alight >> Alight, Wind’s Approach –Deadly– The Approach, Winds Alight Oathbringer Part 1: United Part 2: New Beginnings Sing Part 3: Defying Truth, Love Truth Part 4: Defy! Sing Beginnings! Part 5: New Unity >> United, New Beginnings Sing –Defying Truth, Love Truth– Defy! Sing Beginnings! New Unity
  7. I agree with both of you. In support of this I posted my thoughts on another thread. I have quoted them below:
  8. I didn't know about the floating cities from Ashyn – cool!
  9. I agree with this, and had generally felt the whole situation might pan out something like this: Apologies if WOB or any of this has already been proven incorrect or suggested elsewhere on the forum. 1. Dawnshards = original Adonalsium spren (on Roshar – homeworld to a native population of Listeners) 2. Dawnsingers were Listeners bonded/fused with the Dawnshards, the leaders of the Listener population, and responsible for creating the Dawnchant. 3. All was well until Adonalsium splits, and then humans, the three shards, and conflict arrived. 4. While still in possession of their faculties the Shards make a bargain (much like on Scadrial) to create some balance on the Roshar. This leads to the Oathpact. 4. Oathpact is formed, modelled loosely how the local spren-magic system works, and on imported ideas of chivalry/knights etc, and most drastically perhaps, this Oathpact overrides the rights of Roshar's native Listener population. Agreement is made for Odium to corrupt/break dawnshards+singers, investing into them – creating Unmade. Honor invests equally into making Honor-blades, giving them to humans. 5. This effectively usurps the native listener population, wrecked their futures, warped their gods, puts them between a rock and a hard place, and turned them into tools that can be controlled by Odium. 6. Native spren were either warped by odium, stopped actively bonding with listeners, or the listeners did not bond (and forgot how to) due to fear of being unwillingly taken over by a bad spren. The honor/cultivation spren then created the nahel bond instead to mimic the pre-existing listener-spren relationship with humans, and the surges and blades of the Heralds. 7. The Recreance is caused by discovering the knowledge that the world actually belonged to the listeners, and that Odium, Honor and Cultivation (and by association their various spren) overthrew the Listeners for the greater good in fight against Odium. As knights radiant they are actively a part of this guilty un-honorable act, and feel it is conflict with their oaths - so they immediately break them. Notes and more speculation. Gavilar suggests that he will return the Parshedi gods (now Unmade) – they don’t like this as they remember enough to know they loose free will. They do not know that they are actually their old corrupted leaders the Dawnsingers, and have little chance of free will in a world that is set up against them. The reason we only know of 9 Unmade is perhaps because when the Heralds go into damnation between desolations, the Unmade disappear/go there too. Now that the last Herald has broken in damnation, and returned, perhaps so will the 10th Unmade. Or perhaps the Unmade were seperate humans aligned to the 10 different areas of Roshar as other have suggested Or something else!
  10. But the text says "This was Midnight Essence" [Singular]... though who released it is still a mystery" Could midnight essence just be a colloquial in-world term at the time for Re-Sephir (meaning they are one and the same), and when the knight makes his/her statement, they are inferring merely that [Re-Sephir/Midnight Essense] was to blame for these monsters, and who released it [Re-Sephir/Midnight Essense] is still unknown. The Radiant could view this Unmade and the monsters it manifests as unimportant in the grand scheme of things - a mere nuisance compared to the actual void bringers. This was how I understood it the first time it read it in TWOK. I may of course be completely wrong! I agree though that it suggests that Re-Sephir had been trapped until very recently prior to when the vision takes place.
  11. I wouldn't be surprised if we see Nightblood manifest as a 'destroy evil' (or similar) spren at some point. - Rather than just a sword.
  12. Sticks are more complicated than we thought
  13. Turns out sticks are more complicated than we thought
  14. Turns out sticks have more complicated views of themselves than radiants think