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  1. More Stormfaker evidence? We know that the Stormfather can't se einside buildings very well, so how could he watch the doors?
  2. Awesome! Thanks Ash, that was a great move! And yeah, the first few games I played, I had no idea what I was doing either. Glad you enjoyed it though, and hope we'll see more of you
  3. I didn't. I did come very close to setting my skyeels on Archer that night though. Only reason I didn't was because I forgot to click send, lol. Also, Mat, sorry for killing you too - that was a cover up for a screw up I made too lol.
  4. Actually, that does make me wonder... Who was it killed Archer? @Illwei - Did you put that kill order in?
  5. Ok... Thanks @Elandera ... Great game!
  6. That was a fun game. Thanks TUN. I was sure I was screwed when Devo was using me as cover, lol.
  7. I'm happy enough to back the lynch of Devotary. She's definitely the Politician and as much as simply being a politician is enough to want to lynch someone, she should be dead by now if she wasn't an elim.
  8. How so? As far as I'm aware, I had a peaceful night.
  9. Not sure if I can get back on before the end of the cycle, so I wanted to get a vote in. I like the logic for both Striker and Liranil, but my gut tells me Liranil over Striker.
  10. That could explain Archer's PM then. He asked if I was silenced "in case I got NKed." If he thought I had a vote manipulation, that could explain his concern.
  11. That is fair. You did say "Was it you..." Stick outright asked "Why did you..." What was Devo's reply?
  12. Just a dual accustaion of vote manipulation, from Liranil and Stick. Not sure where they pulled that idea from, but did they come up with it together?
  13. Hey guys, I'm here. Sorry I've not checked in today, but I've been busy, and I wanted to reread the rules before I posted (which I still haven't gotten around to yet), but realised it's close to the end of the round, and would hate to break up a perfect round of votes. Not much stands out to me so far, other than the list from Xino, so Xino.
  14. "I will take responsibility for what I have done. If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man."