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  1. Honestly, I'd probably not play this style again. Not that I don't like the concept, but full cosmere meant I had no idea about half of the items listed. Maybe if it was limited to, say, just Mistborn or Stormlight, then I could be tempted back.
  2. Dammit Randuir. You made me wrong. I'm even more disappointed now
  3. @Herowannabe I would like to make an accusation! I accuse Randuir of being the assassin. I think he got high on Firemoss, and Kicked his victim to death, leaving behind a bloody footprint on his victim's face. All so he could fund his filthy habit... Randuir, I'm disappointed in you This is one of the few things that I can think of that might combine Necessity with Accident. Randuir needed to get more spheres to fund his habit, and accidentally killed the person he was only trying to mug.
  4. I knew I'd be the first to be accused. That footprint thing was far too convenient.
  5. I'm in again. Samename as last time.
  6. May Bebort took his card from the Oracle, and stepped away from the crowd to study it. Despicable, hmm? Well, that could cover half of the people in the room, at least, so he couldn't use it to rule anyone out. The others though... It happened on Sel, so he dismissed all of the Spren, and other locally occurring events.. Accidental, so there went the Jeskeri Mysteries ritual and a few others. No mention of poison, or blood loss. Those were crossed off his list as well. After a while of analysing data, May stepped forward and said, loud enough for all to hear. "If my analyses is correct, I believe we can cross a few names off from our list of suspects. I don't think we have reason to suspect Squid of Steel, Various Divide, In, Oyh, Rettih Chnip, or Kidpen any longer. Does anyone disagree?" He looked about the room to see what others thought.
  7. Thanks to Fifth and Devotary for running a really fun game, and well played to everyone, but especially Phattemer. Sorry for going after you at the end there, but I was becoming more and more certain that you were playing us. Turns out I was right when I said I'd probably be wrong. @Jondesu - Don't worry about it. I was expecting to die that night cycle anyways, if we hadn't got Xino. Mostly because I was expecting to be either stabbed in the back by Phattemer, or by the elims to aim the lynch at Phattemer the next day. As far as rules and mechanics go, all was well, with one small exception - it took a few cycles to find out how double filling a metalmind worked when you filled at night, since it wasn't covered in the rules. As it turned out, there was no point to double filling at night, since you still only got the two charges over the two nights. I might have changed this so it was more in line with double filling during the day. Normally, you submit the double fill order at night, then during the day you get two charges, with some restrictions, like maybe not being able to take an action, or speak in PMs. I'd have set up the night-filling double fill as you get two charges during the day cycle after you submit the double fill order, but during that day, any vote you place will be nullified (you're too busy to go and vote, basically).
  8. Actually, Stick's logic about Xino's voting has sold me. Of course, if we're wrong about Phattemer, we're basically handing the elims the game here. Xino.
  9. Well done whoever got Rand Now, fingers crossed, only one Spiked left. And now, of course, we've got two elim teams to deal with, as Stick goes rogue for the Synod burning down the Tathingdwen Tautological Society of Tautology. So, only 7 of us left, probably, hopefully, only one more Spiked. Ignore the spacing issues, it's the formatting, won't let me get rid of the gaps. 2. Xinoehp512 6. Bort 7. Cadmium Compounder 8. _Stick_ 9. Jondesu 15. Phattemer 16. Ark1002 Out of everyone here, I'm actually most suspicious of Phattemer. He's set himself up really well to direct the rest of the game, as a declared member of the Synod, and someone who outed one of the elims - Kidpen, meaning he is more or less trusted by most. Plus, all the targets he and the Synod have hit since then have all been innocent. The last, glaring question that keeps shoving it's way into my brain is this... Why isn't he dead yet? It's public knowledge the Synod have a doc to plot in, so surely the elims would want those people, who can plot against them in private, out of the way? Final bit of info, for disclosure, I'm also on the Synod, and while I've been active, Phattemer has mostly directed our choice of targets in there too. I was also the one that tried to kill Sart, at Phattemer's suggestion. I'll admit, I'm probably wrong here, so I would really like to hear what everyone else has to say about this before I place any votes. @xinoehp512 @Cadmium Compounder @_Stick_ @Jondesu @phattemer @Ark1002
  10. Reading that, Olaf turned into Trump for a while. Then the picture made me realise I was wrong. He's actually the Demon Headmaster.
  11. Well, Sart has answered my questions, and makes sense, so I'm willing to drop my vote on him. I'm also willing to add my vote to see how Steeldancer flips. I haven't had time to keep my usual notes sheet, so have nothing definite on him beyond my gut feeling while reading his posts, but with other people having suspicions too, it's enough to act on.
  12. Even before Devotary posted, I was thinking Olaf might not be trustworthy. I mean, he betrayed us, then he betrayed the Lord Ruler. I don't think he should be trusted with the Synod. Leidene.
  13. @Steeldancer - How come you consider Stick to be completely cleared? Did I miss something?