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  1. "I will take responsibility for what I have done. If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man."
  2. I'll join.
  3. There are some Singer forms which have hair strands. Maybe Thaylan eyebrows came from them.
  4. Oops... I got you and Ostrich confused there in the list lol.
  5. It was a fun game, but 4 smokers, out of 15 players? That's enough to cover over half the starting players, and that percentage would only go up, unless it was the smokers doing the dying. I am quite pleased I managed to scan 2 elims in the first 2 cycles... Unfortunately, one was kandra and bodyhopped that very night, and the other was smoked. And am I the only one who wasn't trying to work out who everyone was? Thanks Kas
  6. Yay! @Veez It's great to see you finally on the Shard!!! Given the whole veil of secrecy surrounding Shallan's mother, I could totally see that all being a red herring and this theory being true. I kinda hope it is. This would be awesome!
  7. Hey guys, sorry about my lack of involvement. My cat died a couple of weeks ago, and he was cremated. I picked up his ashes the day the game started and just couldn't bring myself to focus. Well done to the elim team though.
  8. Awww, Mat, that's cute. You think I've been trying to solve it I wasn't planning on voting, but if you insist... Mat
  9. There have been enough hints dropped by Pattern to make me think he knew all along.
  10. So, no real logic to this, just gut reads from reading through the game. If Mat flips village, then, in order, I think the elims are: JNV Tani Thaid
  11. Hi guys! Sorry I've not been on yet, but I've not been in a good place for the past few days - I picked up the ashes of my cat, Lynx, from the vets. I'll try to catch up, but looking at who died this cycle isn't looking great.
  12. You're right, of course. I wasn't thinking about Navani when I wrote that, more speculating on what Dalinar did with Connecting Tien and Kaladin. Healing deadeyes may be more her wheelhouse, but she doesn't have the same experiences that Dalinar has had with the spiritual realm, which is why I thought he could do it.
  13. So, my theory on the dead Blades... After the events at the end of RoW, with Dalinar realising he can Connect people with those in the spiritual realm, he's going to help Shallan reConnect with and revive Testament. From there, he experiments a little and discovers how to revive Oathbringer, by reaching into the spiritual realm using Oathbringer's existing Connections and finding the missing piece. After that it's Maya's turn with Adolin's help, both restoring her and strengthening their bond. After that, he should be able to figure out the rest of them.
  14. I'm in as Bortington the Blind.
  15. Ha! Nope. I just forgot for a moment or two that there might be elims in our empire doc. Until you reminded me that is. I could have just left it up though, since we were clear anyways