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  1. I don't doubt Hoid's Feruchemical abilities at all, but can anyone point me in the direction of where the evidence to support that is? I just can't recall off the top of my head. Edit: Also, I remember reading in one of the Mistborns that Hemuralgy was of great interest to the Cosmere. Maybe he made a tiny spike out of the bead?
  2. I think Feruchemy has the best practical application in the real world. And even though I know this is all based on the premise that you would have access to what you need to power the power, I think it would be nice to only be limited to what metals you are wearing rather than worrying about perpetually running out of stormlight or metals. Plus I think being able to to do things like increase your luck or your memory would be more helpful than a lot of the other physical powers. Although having access to the transportation Surge was super tempting for me.
  3. I don't have the exact quote from Brandon Sanderson on hand but I'm pretty sure he said that one cannot bond an Honor Blade. That raises the question how did Szeth's relationship with his Honor blade work? Not sure!
  4. I know that Brandon Sanderson has said that Rayse is scared of Sazed. Although in the same Q and A he said that Since the shards Sazed holds are opposite in intent he finds it hard to act drastically either way.
  5. Sorry I meant Stormlight Archives, I don't know why I abbreviated that STA. Stoopid. This is my first post and I made the account just to ask that question to see what anyone thought about that.
  6. I may be grasping at straws here, but I got to thinking of the similarity between the names of the two, and if Vasher could worldhop to Roshar, is it possible that Shalash/Shashara is the same person and started on Roshar and then ended up on Nalthis? If this is a possibility the larger implication is that the Heralds could have gone to other planets as well after abandoning the Oath Pact. Perhaps we've even met some of them.