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  1. So a lot of the theories I've been reading liken Renarin's illumination of Moash to allomantic gold or malatium. I have a different theory Renarin went in search of Kaladin, wanting to help him. Is it possible that Renarin did exactly what he was trying to do---help Kaladin. The truth was that what Kaladin truly needed at that moment was hope. Hope that his dear friend Moash could be a better person. That he was not beyond redemption. What they saw was indeed a possible version of Moash, perhaps if he has made different choices in the past. But could the trigger have been Kaladin himself?
  2. I actually really liked it! It left much more of a cliffhanger than most of Brandon's works, which was unnecessary for me since I'll buy the next edition, but I understand it for the medium. I was surprised by my reaction to one scene. My favorite part was:
  3. I was wondering how there could be land mines in a world without guns...
  4. I believe you do the following: 1. Draw any acute triangle. 2. Draw the altitudes. (These are the line segments from an interior angle of the triangle to the opposite side, that are perpendicular to the opposite side.) 3. The three points where the altitudes hit the opposite sides are called the "foots of the altitudes". These give three points. 4. The midpoint of each side of the triangle gives another three points. 5. The three altitudes intersect in a single point, called the orthocenter. 6. The points halfway from each vertex to the orthocenter give another three points. 7. It is an old theorem that the nine points above all lie on a unique circle, the nine-point circle. See: nine-point circle link Every acute triangle has such a 9-point circle. Going from a circle to its 9 points, you need to have in mind a triangle somewhere. There are many different choices for the 9 points. But not every choice of 9 points will work.
  5. Yes, give it a cost. The cost might be that it won't work again for 3 hours. Or they have a bit of bad luck afterward. Or...
  6. My theory is that Harmony is eventually going to become:
  7. It just struck me. As Brandon told us, Doomslug eats mushrooms. The prevailing theory is that Doomslug is a key component to the hyperdrive. Couldn't it be that the ship requests mushrooms due to a subconscious effort to have food available so the Doomslug will stay onboard?
  8. Random conjecture:
  9. Yeah, that was my interpretation (at least how I read it in the book).
  10. I really like this!
  11. I'm surprised that there hasn't been a thread pointing out the faces in the White Sands 2 graphic novel. Of course, it took me many months before I finally broke down and bought it. If you've found any faces, point them out here.
  12. I had a dream about this very thing, about 4 years ago. I wrote about it here--Sazed's future
  13. That...was...awesome and disturbing.
  14. Finally got my hands on it.
  15. The thing that surprises me is how bold Hoid is in dealing with someone with a shard!