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  1. No, I was arguing the Radiants led themselves through a council of representatives of each order. One member from each order with a Bondsmith presiding, but not ruling over them.
  2. So the Horneaters (Unkalaki), and the Herdazians descend from humans and singers and have singer ancestry. In Horneaters this gives them extra back-teeth, red hair, larger size, and are closer to the cognitive realm. For Herdazians it just seems to give them rock-like carapace fingernails. The Natan people and the people of Babatharnam descend from humans and Siah Aimians and have Siah ancestors. The Babatharnam manifest this with blue-ish veins visible beneath the skin and the Natans have faintly blue skin. They may also have other Aimian characteristics but this is all we know about so far. What's with Thaylen Eyebrows? Where did this come from? Does anyone have any idea?
  3. The magic from the not finished Silence Divine is what replaced the original magic of Ashyn. The Ashynites had different magic before the migration.
  4. I always got the sense it developed organically. Bridge 4 had a couple bad runs in a row, it got the reputation for being unlucky, so they started sending the rejects and weak slaves there which led Bridge 4 to be slower and less efficient which caused even worse things to happen. It's stated in WoK that the Parshendi focus fire on the bridges that look like they're about to fall so a sloppy bridge is more likely to be targeted. Over time the issues compound and feed into each other.
  5. I had always assumed the Dawnshards were from Ashyn, not Roshar
  6. But it's still the Rysn story about her journey to Aimia right?
  7. It's epic because it's big and contains lot of things. There are 460,000 words in Rhythym of War, that's plenty to spread around. For the record, I generally dislike shipping and especially shipping culture, but I like fantasy books (which is an inherently romantic genre) that contain romantic plot lines. Kissing is good and enhances the story, getting defensive about who should or shouldn't kiss is bad and takes away from the story. plot "...medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for."
  8. Ok, Fred Savage from the Princess Bride
  9. Well, I'm going to come forward with the stance that there should be more kissing in books generally. Everyone who wants romance should get to have it. Romance is good and fun to read.
  10. I assume they will sort this out in a sentence in the first act of RoW
  11. I think the understanding is that she is essentially queen regent and Gavinor is the heir. The heir is always a threat to the ruler, yet the ruler always needs the heir.
  12. Fair, but several times in the book, Brandon makes the point that the Godking is stunted and childlike as he has been treated like a child his entire life. Vasher has been an adult for his entire 600 year life including being married for hundreds of years.
  13. I feel like Syl would get jealous if Kaladin bonded a joy spren ( ; My only resistence to this is that Vasher is 600 years old (or whatever) and Vivenna is like 20. Now, yes, Vivenna is older but she also is clearly quite angry with whatever Vasher did. Vivenna and Kaladin actually both have a lot in common. They both were serious children with a strong belief in the roles they were expected to fill in society, both ran away from their duty to attempt to save their younger sibling from harm, both failed (for very different reasons), both had their expectations of society brutally crushed, both developed a rational but debilitating hatred that they had to learn to get over to find their place, both rejected their magical powers at first, and both were then forced to accept their powers and find a new course in life. Both are great leaders who try to protect people and can quickly inspire loyalty in followers and lead by example. As for Jasnah who's been mentioned several times, she doesn't seem to have close friendships with anyone from either sex (except from her two penpals that she rarely, if ever, speaks to in person), she has mentioned no past close friends or "friends", and the only person we know of who was ever close to her outside her family was the one person who almost convinced her to join the Devotary of Sincerity and gave her the Book of Endless Pages. I'm really curious to learn who that was and what happened to them.
  14. The death of Devotion caused the great fissure to open up in Sel didn't it?
  15. I believe the shattered plains on Yolen weren't truly shattered, they were caused by erosion I thought and just had a shattered appearance.