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  1. The knights didn't rule over civilians except those who lived in Urithiru, nor were they purely a military organization, nor is it clear they did anything to meddle in the religious affairs of anyone outside of their order. I'm sure their primary concern when meeting between themselves was preparation for desolations, confronting the Singers and Fused, and inter-order relations. Just because one is a windrunner doesn't mean one is solely concerned with military matters, nor is being a Elsecaller mean one is content to be a scholar and give council. I doubt the knights consented to completely confine themselves to "their area" and I'm sure each order had individual knights with different interests and styles. The different relative sizes of the orders also likely played a part in their dynamic. I get the sense that there weren't very many Truthwatchers while there were a significant number of Stonewards and Windrunners. I'm sure giving out military commands to various knights was highly contentious and several orders pressed their own members forward to be given precedence. I'm sure depending on the situation that Stonewards, Willshapers, Elsecallers, Windrunners, Dustbringers, or Skybreakers demanded the command of various missions. Different Bondsmiths (and the different three spren) likely had different styles and views on their role. Some may have seen themselves as councilors, others as problem solvers, others as judges, others as conciliators or peace-makers, while still others as leaders of the knights. Our view of Dalinar as the leader of the current knights is complicated by the reality that he is the oldest knight with the most pre-existing terrestrial power and the most leadership experience. Him being Kaladin's commanding officer pre-dates either's role as a Knight Radiant.
  2. They are an order of knights, all magical, all great individual powers. I imagine the more martial orders don't just stand aside and let the "scholars" do the leading. I imagine the Windrunners who trace their lineage to the herald of kings and the Honorspren don't just stand aside for the cold, brutal logic of the Elsecallers and I doubt the Skybreakers could let the freedom loving, order breaking Willshapers have access to the levers of government without Skybreaker input. The passages in WoR from "Words of Radiance" imply the Truthwatchers are mostly aloof and mysterious and keep their own council while the Willshapers are absent from tower politics. The Lightweavers are artists, that leaves only the Elsecallers as scholarly Radiants inclined to seek leadership and play at inter-radiant Politics. I bet there was likely a council of a leader or representative from all ten orders who met in the top room. Some orders likely voted for a rep, some sent their leader, some their oldest or wisest member, some their most politically inclined... maybe all three bondsmiths were invited. We see the top room in Words of Radiance that has ten thrones and ten pedestals for the spren of the Radiants. Some orders likely cared more for inter-radiant politics than others.
  3. It's not an industrial revolution if the population doesn't abandon farming and country life for the city and industrial jobs. The industrial revolution wasn't from individual technology, it was from the mass production of goods. Roshar has technology that is highly complex, requires skilled labor, and specialized knowledge. It's a technological revolution, not an industrial one. Roshar is in the midst of a peasant/slave revolt, not an urban revolution. Alehtkar was in the early stages of the Russian revolution when all of a sudden the Haitian revolution broke out.
  4. dang, you got me there...
  5. I really hope we see Thude, Abronai, Zuln, and Venli's mother along with the rest of the thousand in book 4. They are the strongest willed, most determined to oppose Odium Listeners who self selected themselves into a group. I really want to see Venli and Rlain both interacting with them and both groups trying to get the thousands to trust them.
  6. All of the Radiants have more unique abilities than just the one Resonance. Just looking at Windrunners, Kaladin has the ability to "move with the wind" using the flow of air pressure to sense attacks and move preemptively. He also has the ability to ride Highstorms in dreams (and maybe consciously with more practice) and see what's happening in the world in real time, as it actually is. Shallan has the strange ability to go into a trance and see important scenes while also having the ability to show people better versions of themselves and transform them inside. All the orders have unique combinations and we don't know enough to know them all yet.
  7. I'm very curious to see if/when Hesina makes it to Urithiru which of the major Lighteyes recognize her.
  8. Surrendering would also allow the capture of the shards as the shards would be a concession in any surrender.
  9. He doesn't seem the type to think in terms of what he deserves. Based on his one moment of Sanity, he seems to view his duty and service and good and moral and a righteous and just cause.
  10. I think all the Radiants use their powers in more than just the physical. Kaladin is awfully good at attracting people to him and getting them to follow him. Shallan is really good at showing people things that transform them. Lift seems to naturally be able to work smoothly with anyone and seems to be able to heal mentally as well. I wouldn't be surprized if Skybreakers were naturally good at dividing people as the in-world Words of Radiance implies.
  11. oathbringer

    We don't know that Taravangian is either right or telling the truth about Dova being Battar, it could be any of the female Haralds except Shallash or not at all (but likely). We know it can't be Ash and Chana doesn't really fit with what we know about her, but what she's doing fits as a corruption of Loving/Healin, Wise/Careful, or Learned/Giving. Dova could be Paliah, Battar, or Vedel easily. If Paliah IS in the Palanaem, then it's unlikely another Herald is also there unless we learn that either Battar and Paliah or Vedel and Paliah were like sisters or lovers or best friends or something and they always go together. I like Vedel for Liss as Liss slips into the cracks of society and is able to change how she communicates similar to what we know of Edgedancers. It would be a good corruption of Loving and healing to be a selfish, cold blooded, mercenary killer who killed for pay.
  12. She obviously didn't write it in Hearthstone, but Kaladin is only 20 and Hesina is likely in her mid-40s. She could have been a prodigy and she wrote a book she was really proud of at a young age (Shallan is only 18). She publishes her book, it's widely scorned and viewed as heretical, she is not accepted with the other scholars because she's darkeyed, and she falls in love with an intense young, darkeyed surgeon. In love, not accepted in town, and disappointed by the reception to a book she was really proud of she abandons scholarship and leaves with the surgeon to his small hometown... It could happen. I've wondered the same thing.
  13. oathbringer

    I’ve been trying not to read preview chapters
  14. In the afternoon of the day he died, Gavilar offers the gem containing Ba-ado-Mishram to Eshonai with the intention to return the Listener gods and the cycle of desolations. In Szeth’s prologue in Way of Kings we see Gavilar give the gem to Szeth and tell him not to let the Parshendi have it. Did he change his mind in the meantime? It seems like he has had a change of heart about his plans in the six-eight hours between events. Did Nale and Kalak speak to him? One of the other Heralds? it’s my speculation the sphere contained Ba-ado-Mishram but there is no proof. I’m assuming the sphere Gavilar shows Eshonai is the same he gives to Szeth. is this the same gem both times? Does Gavilar get it back or does he have more than one? did he change his mind or does his plan just require the Parshendi don’t have that sphere?
  15. oathbringer

    Yes, Taln will likely be one, but just as we saw Malaga before Ash becomes a Dustbringer I suspect we will see a less important Stoneward sooner.