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  1. Um, cool. Just found this thread and am always super impressed by the level of intrigue and richness of depth Sanderson puts in his works. Looking forward to more ARGs like this in future books.
  2. Also THIS. And thanks for being proactive instead of an entitled complainer like me.
  3. So... Last mentioned release of this compilation on IndieGoGo was August 2014. Time's up Sanderson... Where's my Way of Kings Prime?
  4. Like a lot of you, I was the only person in my D&D group who hadn't read The Way of Kings. This soon changed due to my fear of becoming the proverbial 'nerd' by not 'fitting in' by not doing the 'it thing'. From thence began my headlong dive into all things Sanderson. What a refreshing swim. Being the kind of person that frets over the world ending before the next Star Wars movie comes out (now delayed until Dec 2015...grrr), you could say I had some reservations about starting something that wouldn't concluded for another 15+ years. That being said, the view from this side of the fence is astounding. I can now abandon apprehensive hope for the absolute certainty that I WILL be entertained with tales of fancy and woe (and magic) for a long time to come. Starting my conquest of Brandon's bibliography feels like an honor. Thank you, Brandon! And thank you, 17th Shard, for giving me a space in which to geek out even more. My name is Patrick. I've been married to a wonderful wife for 12 years and have two beautiful daughters. I live in Puyallup WA and work in Radiology at a hospital in Tacoma WA. Enjoyments are: family, video games, books, music, religion, tv, technology, daydreaming, sushi, desert, and sometimes exercise. I have read The Way of Kings, Steelheart, Mitosis, Legion, and his short stories. I am currently reading Emma (yes the Jane Austin novel) to my wife, Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians to my 8 year old, and finally Words of Radiance for myself.