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  1. Iron Eyes got it. So, what is your question?
  2. In the the story Worm by Wildbow, powers are classified by what they can do, regardless of how they do it. A person with powers can be assigned any of twelve non-exclusive categories, with a number designating strength in that category. The categories are: Brute - the power makes them more resistant to damage than a normal person. Invincibility, healing factor, armor, etc. Breaker - the power allows them to break certain laws of physics. Time manipulation, space manipulation, inertia manipulation, etc. Mover - the power enables them to move in a way not available to a normal person. Super speed, teleportation, flight, etc. Shaker - the power affects the battlefield. Traps, obstacles, delayed area of effect things, force-fields, etc. Master - the power lets a person act through minions. Mind control or influence, summoned minions, resurrected minions, etc. Thinker - the power lets a person gain or process information in ways not available to normal people. Mind reading, clairvoyance, super-quick thought, etc. Blaster - the power lets a person attack from a distance. Lasers, fireballs, telekinetically thrown objects, shock-waves, etc. Tinker - the power lets a person create things beyond the grasp of modern science. Mad science stuff, high tech weapons, magic weapons, etc. Striker - the power works through physical contact. Vulcan nerve-pinch, taser punch, fire punch, falcon punch, etc. Changer - the power changes the form of the person using it. Animal transformations, state changes (turning into gas, liquid, solid rock), etc. Trump - the power affects other powers. Power nullification, power enhancement, power stealing, power granting, etc. Stranger - the power lends itself towards stealth or infiltration. Invisibility, intangibility, certain types of hypnosis / mind control, etc. I have found that these categories can be applied to almost any power set. The only real difficulty comes from people who fit into too many categories for it to be helpful, but classifying powers by how they are used, instead of how they work, makes things much easier. As an example of how it works, I'll do Kaladin, or windrunners in general. The stormlight healing factor means they are Brutes, the ability to fly makes them Movers, the ability to create sticky traps with the second binding makes them Shakers, the ability to launch projectiles with the first binding makes them Blasters, and their ability to launch anyone they touch into the sky makes them Strikers. Also, each category is given a number based on its strength. The ability to instantly heal any non-fatal injuries makes them a Brute 5, flying would make them a mover 4, sticky traps are unimpressive, so they are Shaker 1, the linear nature of their projectiles makes them less useful against enemies with cover, but the ability to launch large objects at high speeds makes up for it, giving them a Blaster 4, and the ability to do whatever they want to gravity for whoever they touch is powerful enough for a Striker 7. So a windrunner would be a Striker 7, Brute 5, Mover 4, Blaster 4, Shaker 1. The best part about the system is this: without any information beyond categories and numbers, you can get a good sense of what they are capable of. If someone is a Master 5, Thinker 2, you know they have minions fight for them, which is the main thing that makes them dangerous, and they will also have slightly better information or awareness than a regular person. All credit for this system goes to Wildbow. It is explained on this wiki, but there are some spoilers for Worm. http://worm.wikia.com/wiki/Power_Classifications
  3. Ah, Harry Potter The Diary The Ring / Resurrection Stone The Locket The Cup The Diadem The Snake, Nagini WLIU: name all the characters of George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire who have a chapter from their POV in all five books. (Hint: Jon Snow is NOT one of them. He does not have a chapter in A Feast for Crows.) Hint 2: There is only one.
  4. The One Ring. If that is the answer you were looking for, my question is, without looking it up, what is written on the One Ring? (You don't need to give it in Elvish, English is fine.)
  5. OK. Here goes nothing British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Quebec Yukon Nunavut Northwest Territories Prince Edward Island Now, WLIU name 3 of the 4 people in the deepest part of Hell, in Dante's Inferno.
  6. You could replace black powder with a simple manipulation of the Mysterious Magical ForceTM that anyone can do. Then firearms would be restricted by the speed at which the user can preform the magic, so it wouldn't matter if the weapons are automatic or not, because the use of magic would be the rate determining step. It isn't perfect, but you wouldn't need complex explanations for why a breech loading rifle wouldn't work. You would, however, need to explain how why the magic would need to propel a lead ball out of the barrel of a gun, instead of some other, simpler way of causing death and destruction. (Of course I know nothing of how this Mysterious Magical ForceTM works, so this idea may not work at all for you. But, I just thought I would suggest an alternative.)
  7. "Do spren live in rocks?" "Spren live in everything." tWoK ch 37 Sides
  8. You know you are a Sanderfan you hear the word rock and are tempted to interject that his actual name is Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor. or when you can spell Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor correctly without looking it up in the book I am such a Sanderson nerd *Sigh*
  9. The Epigraph from chapter 44 says that only one Bondsmith was "in continual accompaniment of Urithiru and its thrones." This doesn't explicitly say that the Bondsmith sat on the throne, but it does imply that he was in a position of some power. The in accompaniment of the thrones part makes me feel that the Bondsmith was at least a high ranking advisor, and the only one part makes me feel that other orders had significantly larger numbers "accompanying" the thrones at all times.
  10. I actually haven't read any WoT. I first heard about Brandon through amazon's recommended for you thing. I read the top review for the Mistborn trilogy, and it said: "If you buy one, you will just end up buying the rest, so save your money and buy the whole set." So of course I just bought the first one. Then the second. And then the third. I loved each of them (I didn't like the second as much initially, but it has since risen to be my favorite). I found out Warbreaker was free online. Loved it. Then Alloy came out. Loved it. It took me a long time to commit to The Way of Kings, (I mean really, 1000 pages) but once I read it, I loved it. Then I went for Elantris. (I loved it.) Then I finally came here. I ended up getting the WoR ebook, and read it in three days (school days no less). By that time, I had a tab open to 17th shard on three devices at once, so I wouldn't have to go for a second without access. That is when I decided I needed an account. (Wow. I am fairly certain that I just gave my life story. Oh well.)
  11. Kaladin's arc in WoR was my favorite part, and this discussion about his epiphany and stating the third ideal is interesting, but it misses Kaladin's more important epiphany and the conclusion of his internal growth. The most important part of Kaladin's story is his realization that Elhokar is Dalinar's Tien. The rest is really just an action sequence. Even stating the third ideal is just him putting to words what he was feeling throughout the chapter.
  12. I am of the opinion that Shardplate is not a fabrial. I believe that the gemstones are a substitution for a surgebinder's stormlight, somewhat like a shardblade's gemstone. My evidence is how the shardplate helm fed off of Kaladin's stormlight.
  13. Or does it make me sound smarter if I say I am extant? Or am I using that word wrong and it actually makes me look stoopid? Anyway, I finally decided to stop lurking and participate. So hello everyone.