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  1. I've been having some thoughts on Allomantic copper over the months, so I thought it an appropriate time to share my findings. First, most of the relevant evidence that is out there. Evidence: Deductions: The takeaway here is that Brandon has managed to accidentally confirm that Smokers block out all types of Investiture. The fact that Seekers can detect other magics, tied in with the fact that they can't detect anything when Smoked, nails this down despite the RAFO. EDIT: Actually, it's not quite 100%, now that Claincy mentions it I think about it. Technically, a Seeker could be uniquely affected by being Smoked, which affect is unique and separate from the reason why he can't sense other Allomancers who are themselves in Copperclouds. I find that a somewhat arbitrary and inconsistent way for copperclouds to work, but it is a possibility. It also tells us that "life sense" works on the same level as other magic. Other magic which is "the power of creation". This ties the "Spirituality" of life sense to that of Investiture: if we can decide one, that gives us a firm clue as to the other. Copper's universality also narrows down the range of ways that it can work: Now it has to not only block out Allomancy's ripples, but those of all Investiture. It can no longer be posited that Copper somehow uniquely interacts with Allomancers to disrupt Seeking. I also think this lends some additional credence to a rather off-the-cuff theory on this that I've been espousing for a bit now. Main theory: (pirated from another post of mine) Note: This is mostly speculative, though I think it highly plausible. If you want, just ignore this and go about your day happy with the knowledge that Allomantic copper blocks out at least the ripples of all Investiture. Copper is weird. In fact, based on its weirdness, I hereby posit that talk of "clouds" is, in fact, highly misleading for how copper actually works. Given that we know that copper can absorb/negate the Investiture of Rioters/Soothers aiming at the Smoker, as well potentially shield the emotions of others, what if copper actually actively absorbs Investiture, rather than masking it? So the Investiture aimed at a Smoker is absorbed because it's right in the middle of the cloud and/or he automatically defends himself with his absorption-powers, while the "ripples" that Seekers detect are actually comprised of energy themselves, energy which the Smoker can take in and counteract with his own copper-fueled energy, to an extent. So a skilled Smoker would be able to consciously extend the scope of his absorption to include Rioting/Soothing directed at others. This seems to solve a bit of weirdness, since Copper is supposed to be both internal and pulling, yet doesn't seem to do either when you think of a Smoker as actually establishing some miasma of negation, rather than the Smoker's range simply being a measure of how far out he's reaching to absorb stuff. This is backed up, to some extent, to how burning Copper "feels" to Vin: "Vin [burned copper]. The only change was a was a slight feeling of vibration within her" (Final Empire). The Copper, then, seems to change Vin's nature such that she acts against the pulses in the fabric of the universe around her, the same pulses that Bronze detects. This counter-action is not perfect, though, as ripples seem to remain, and her own Copper-burning creates its own ripple that cloud-piercers can detect. "Piercing" a coppercloud, it seems, is thus simply a matter of reading whatever left-overs the Smoker isn't strong enough to eliminate. Pulses that Vin detects through clouds are described in the book as "muffled", and so this would explain that.
  2. It occurs to me that we could use a thread to list typos to be fixed for the next release. I'll start off with a few things that jumped out at me early in the book. EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that I may be in error, and this could be a valid sentence construction. During the duel between Fitch and Nalizar (pg 18-19 in the eBook), there are 4 separate instances of the word "board" being used for the floor. I know Brandon originally had this fight take place on a chalkboard on the wall, then changed it to the floor, so I imagine this is just an artifact.
  3. Maybe.
  4. Go to Nalthis. Buy enough Breaths to reach the Fifth Heightening. #ThatWasEasy
  5. Scadrial is the cosmere's Earth-analogue, so it's going to have basically our flora and fauna.
  6. Hm, that’s not a bad point...
  7. To my knowledge the Obligator doesn't do anything to stop card effects, it just enforces verbal deals that go past the current interval. Unless it explicitly says otherwise, yes. I don't believe there's anything in the rules that would forbid this, so sure go nuts. Correct, you can only do the 2->1 conversion with your own resources. So if a problem requires exactly 1 skaa, and you and another player have exactly 1 of some other resource each then there's no way for you to combine your 2 into a skaa. I've always assumed the first, but don't know either way. I believe so. Probably not, though that's just my gut. Yes. The Smoker's annoying like that.
  8. We’re in the gym clustered a few rows from the front on the right side.
  9. FYI looking at the event page it starts at 6:00 now rather than 7:00.
  10. *emerges from the shadows* I'll be there.
  11. Are you referring to this one?
  12. Sorry, you're a bit over 7 years too late to join the super-cat hype train.
  13. Brandon has answered this specific question, as it turns out. Edit: Ninja'd
  14. Fair enough, I guess I'm just worried about how I'd manage to actually get to 0 and whether other players would tweak on what was happening and mess me up with some spare Disgrace or something. But I guess an "I win" card should take some work to use, so that's a fair set of challenges.
  15. Nope, wasn't me and I don't know who's it was. Great card, flavor-wise, though. Not sure as to its actual utility.
  16. We've got a bit of extra information. List of most of our WoBs on the matter at the bottom of the OP of this thread. As for being half-in-half-out, objects are only ever wholly affected by the bubble or wholly excluded from the effect, depending on some cognitive shenanigans about occupancy. Bubble occupancy I don't believe we have anything on what things in Shadesmar look like.
  17. Yeah it's fine, not too heavy. Just make sure at least one person at the table knows the rules back-to-front before you sit down, and be prepared for a game or two before your group hits its stride (I'd recommend Short games). Though that advice goes for just about any game, to be fair.
  18. I'm not sure. Probably not, I don't think, as they don't apply "directly to you", more temporarily change the rules of the game. Like when TLR comes out and doubles all Favor/Disgrace gains.
  19. I'd need some specific examples. It's laid out in the Steel Ministry faction card: "When a problem card with the STEEL MINISTRY trait erupts or is solved, you may ignore any effects that apply directly to you." So if a STEEL MINISTRY card says "Ruin 1 resource" then you can still target the Steel Ministry player, but they can choose to ignore it. Similarly for any other eruption/solution effect that could be applied to the Steel Ministry player. It's a powerful in-game effect to balance out the relative weakness of their resources. The Steel Ministry player doesn't control anything besides whether s/he is affected by such cards. They can't "decide who gets affected" by them or the like. Note that the STEEL MINISTRY ability applies to both eruptions and solution effects: Minor Revolt adds 1 Unrest when solved (so nothing directly applying to the Steel Ministry player), but has an Eruption effect of "Each House destroys 1 of their resources" which the Steel Ministry can simply ignore while everyone else suffers. No on the Seeker, but I think maybe(?) you're fine last-chance casting cards before resolving eruptions. On page 20 they use Seekers as the example of why you can't just use all your cards in response to someone Seeking you: This game doesn't have a stack like Magic the Gathering, it has a queue. Kind of: while any cards you've said you're playing are queued up and will be resolved after the other Personalities ahead of it, they're still technically in your hand in the interim. Yes. No, this going back to the "Personality cards are resolved in the order they are played, and each must be resolved completely before another Personality card is applied." By the time your Soother would be affecting the problem, it's already erupted. It survives. Hazekillers and Smokers reverse the queue and turn it into a stack, so the most recent Hazekiller haze-kills the older one, which then isn't there anymore to resolve and counter the original Personality card. See page 21. No. Since each card resolves completely before the last, by the time you tried to resolve the second Soother the problem is gone and it either fizzles or goes back to the player's hand, depending on generous you're feeling. Though in this case the second player would probably just choose not to play their Soother after seeing the first do it for them. There's nothing in the rules saying you can't, that I recall. You just can't show the rest of the table to prove you're not a lying liar who lies. Page 15 goes into "May I Show my Hand" and calls out the hand-looking from Seekers as being unique in that it's private between the two players. It's likely more of a strategy and/or House Rules thing, as it may not be to your advantage to share that info and/or your playgroup might get annoyed at you.
  20. Yes. Yes. Of "Sly" Personalities the rulebook (pg 21) says "These are the only cards that may be played after a deal is closed. Sly card effects are applied during Step 3 of closing a deal." So since the end game step isn't part of "closing a deal" I'd say no. No. The Smoker can't change who "You" is, and the Con Artist says "You gain all Favor from solving this problem." I can't find it at the moment, but I believe @Herowannabe offered me a relevant example: If Smokers could change who "you" was for a card, then you'd be able to respond to a Seeker such that you end up looking at and stealing a card from your own hand. If Smokers can change who "You" is then they just become strictly better Hazekillers Up to the player.
  21. 0.7, actually.
  22. It’s finally happened. I’m famous! You can see half of my arm and an entire foot behind the Szeth cosplayer in that picture!
  23. Both is fine.