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  1. Brandon on twitter said that he just turned in Calamity 2.0 draft and then he'll do revisions on the new mist born book and then start Stormlight 3. New blog post sometime too.
  2. Thanks, I hope to make more in the future!
  3. I kinda feel like we don't know enough. Are these really the void bringers that are back? What exactly was everyone up to?
  4. I need to add that light more to the overall scene. But ya!
  5. Kaladin is gunna fall in love with her. He'll find out that she didn't marry Roshone.
  6. I'll be working on Adolin some more, hopefully make it him look better and add color sometime Thanks for comments so far!
  7. My kindle edition seems to have been updated in certain spots, but not fully.
  8. Hey! I've been working on a few drawings recently and I thought I would share them now! So tell me what you think of them! Also if you want to suggest any other ideas of what to draw from the stormlight archive that would be great. The first drawing is my depiction of Adolin. I kind of what to work on this some more, but I thought it looked good enough to show you guys. Adolin is suppose to be really good looking with messy hair in a military uniform. My second drawing is my new depiction of the NightWatcher. Now there isn't really a description of her in the book so I really had freedom to draw what ever I wanted.
  9. I didn't have the Roshar looking in my mind of how it is described for a while. I didn't realize everything had shells and all that fun stuff. WoR made that clearer.
  10. I think the word you are looking for is Cosmere.
  11. So most likely a broken wrist and a bunch of other injuries.
  12. Broken Arm? I feel like I should know this, but obviously missed it.
  13. I'm guessing we are looking at late 2016 then???
  14. I just found this interesting tidbit on Tor.com "Shinovar There is an exception to every ecological rule on this planet, and all of these are present in the isolated nation of Shinovar. In the far west of the continent, separated from the rest of the world by a high mountain range, there is a pocket ecosystem that has evolved without the influence of the highstorms. Here there is soil. There is grass that does not move. And there are also the strangest animals of all; horses, chickens, and pigs. Yes, that’s right: the classic fauna of European earth is alive and well in Roshar. These animals are incredibly rare, incredibly valuable, and incredibly out of place. What are chickens doing on the crab planet? Why have horses evolved in the same world as lobster-dogs? These are questions we’re not yet equipped to answer. Shinovar is a mystery in the Stormlight Archive so far, but one that is sure to be explained in time. In the meantime, there is another article to be written on this subject, one that explores how humans fit into this harsh environment, how they are contrasted with the Parshendi, and whether, in an alien world, humans are actually the most out-of-place species."
  15. I think Elhokar is going to start stepping up as king though in the next book. I don't see a problem with Adolin being a very strong focus. The only thing is it seems a little too predictable. I liked his foreshadowing of Adolin when Kaladin saw him help out the whore and stand up against one of Sadeas' men. But yeah I agree. Adolin has grown up with luxury, but he's obviously different than other lighteyes. That is at least what I saw in the first book.