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  1. This one from Well of Ascension qualifies for me as probably one of the few lines that has made me genuinely terrified in a Cosmere novel. Brandon can write some scary stuff, but when it gets really unsettling, it makes you shiver every time you read it. "I am FREE!" This one from The Way of Kings for the same reasons above "ODIUM REIGNS" And this one from Hero of Ages, for giving me the tiny hope that everything would be alright throughout everything. Never, ever, ignore epigraphs. Especially epigraphs with significant and specific characterization. "I am, regrettably, the Hero of Ages."
  2. They'd only be for noblemen though- religion is forbidden to the skaa
  3. I feel like Skybreakers as a TV show would get closed down pretty quickly, since Naln is almost exclusively using paper-thin justifications to execute, well, everyone. That being said, it would still probably be cool. Could you imagine a fashion competition show on Nalthis? The judges would almost certainly need to be of the Third Heightening just to fully appreciate or critique a lot of the stuff being put through. Which then begs the question- would the people at home actually be able to understand why a solid red dress is particularly skillful, nuanced, or refined?
  4. Yeah, I'm absolutely petrified of Cosmere clickbait now.
  5. When no book's length can deter you. Words of Radiance continues to shock and amaze the people who see it upon my shelf. When you take upon yourself the absolutely insane challenge of making a totally plausible fantasy world.
  6. Wow, okay, I want to have Serendipity's writing skills. I can write a lot of things- Norse runes, Ogham, the Theban Alphabet, Malachim, Enochian, Daedric, Dovahzul, Falmeric, several variations of an elvish language I made up, and an orcish language I created; but none of them have been as pretty as that Alethi. Well done; I tip my proverbial hat to you.
  7. I most certainly do enjoy Renarin as a character. He doesn't enter the picture much, but when he does it's memorable. While he isn't much of a combatant, he doesn't have to be in order to be useful, but I can see why he's pushing himself to become one from a cultural/societal/theological point of view. Speaking as a neuroatypical individual [sPD and ADHD] with extreme social anxiety who may or may not have focal epileptic seizures (the parents are trying to get me diagnosed but they're a rare occurrence and don't really interfere with my life much at all) I can identify quite a bit with Renarin, get inside his head. It's nice to see in fiction not just a character you can admire or wish to emulate- because there's plenty of those -but a character that you can directly relate to, because for a lot of people it's an extremely uncommon thing. As an introvert, usually a lot of advice my parents or friends try to give me about reducing social anxiety is to change myself- except for the slight problem that I actually like being a quiet geeky guy who enjoys reading and has a bit of an offbeat personality. It can be pretty disconcerting to be told by people you care about, and who care about you, that there's something wrong with the way you are. Probably the biggest thing of that, with me, is when people tell me that my emotions are either being dramatized for attention purposes, or that I'm simply being melodramatic, or when I come out of my shell a bit that I'm acting 'not like myself'. I'm usually very subdued when it comes to my emotions, but every so often they just kind of burst in one extreme or the other, and I was always taught that those kinds of outburst, when I got older, could not just be detrimental to my social life but actually dangerous. Now, it's one thing to make sure you're well adjusted, it's another thing to be told you're effectively a ticking time bomb by your parents. So, when you use literature as an escape and someone shows up that you can actually understand. Not like, admire, aspire to be, or enjoy as a character, but really immerse yourself in their experience and feel the story it becomes a very special kind of connection to a character. Renarin is one such character, at least for me, and I can't wait for him to get a bit more focus in the story.
  8. When you use Sanderson to support the view that high fantasy is a valid genre of literature to a curmudgeon of an English prof.. and win. When learning to write Alethi and Thaylen is on your to-do list right behind learning Dothraki and High Valyrian.
  9. A lightwoven illusion would almost certainly read as a source of Investiture to someone burning bronze. At best, it would confuse Vin temporarily in the same way the mist spirit did, or redirect her attention to it briefly- like Ruin's false Mistborn in Hero of Ages did -or at worst she would simply ignore it, because she knows there's nothing there except some kind of strange magic. If Shallan could combat-Soulcast, I think that trumps virtually everything- except for one small problem; she'd have to convince Vin to change. And good luck with that. With Jasnah and the thugs in the alley, she pretty much just commanded them to change by sheer force of will and they did. I doubt Shallan could do something similar. A Shardblade would give her an advantage- no one in their right mind would get close to a six foot sword, and the moment Vin figured out she couldn't Push on it she'd probably keep her distance. After that, Shallan is pretty much a sitting duck unless she can get Pattern to distract Vin, but then she can't use her Shardblade, and that would probably not distract her for very long. Stormlight healing would keep her alive for a while, but I seriously doubt she could get away from Vin fast enough for it to matter. In other words, Shallan is screwed unless we're assuming she has a serious power upgrade.
  10. Maybe it's just a psychological thing- Pattern could be summoned into his blade form effectively instantaneously; the whole "10 heartbeats" thing was for bonded Shardblades. That being said, the Honorblade is bound to him, so that rule probably applies. Better question- does Vin have her Hemalurgic eating or not? Because if she doesn't, she could pull on the mists for power just as easily as Szeth pulls on Stormlight. Put them both in a storm that combines a Highstorm and the Mist, and you'd have a ludicrously protracted- and epic -fight.
  11. Another option would be to use, say, a complex sleeve like an Awakened prosthetic using the command "Upon call, become my fingers and grip that which I must". A Lifeless arm would probably cost much less Breath to Awaken- but you can replace an Awakened sleeve; you can't really replace a Lifeless arm.
  12. And Reislek is also Kelsier spelled backwards. Mistborn. Mistborn everywhere. Or at least, you know, a lot of Coinshots.
  13. Really? Huh. So you think that the Tuatha are the Wyldfae, or as a different Pantheon they exist as a group all to themselves?
  14. Didn't Jasnah point out that the Voidbringer illustration looks like a Chasmfiend except that it's missing a pair of forelegs and one pair of claws. That would reduce the number of legs to ten. Of course, it can't be all the Greatshells, as some of them seem outright benevolent.
  15. What about Eva Green for Shan Elariel?