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  1. If I were to include AI in my stories, I'd begin with several decisions. First, is the AI meant to be a character, or simply an aspect of the setting? The latter would mean that my AI should never be more interesting than my actual characters. Second, to what degree should AI remain fettered? Can they make their own decisions (within parameters?) or must their tasks both long and short term be given by command? Third, how distinctive do I want to make the AI's voice (and I don't mean what they sound like, I mean how they speak or phrase what they want to say, since they're often much more intelligent than organic characters)? In my case, I often try to make AIs less empathic and more formal than my primary characters. My personal take on AI, if I wanted to make an AI character, would be trying to strike a contrast between how superior it is to human beings, versus how that same superiority makes it deficient or lacking in what makes human characters so compelling. Without that as a central conflict an AI character just wouldn't work for me. For additional references, sci-fi video game settings often have great examples of AI as characters, both good and evil. Mass Effect (EDI), Portal (GLADOS), and Halo (Cortana) are the first that come to mind. There are good films with different takes on AIs, like Her and Bi-Centennial Man, and Star Wars shows the contrast between a fettered AI (C3-PO) and an unfettered one (R2D2). Data from Star Trek: Next Generation is still one of my favorite AIs. And do I need to mention Schlock Mercenary's own take on AI?