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  1. Even the Heralds also know these Radiants can do things that haven't been possible till now. "“Who knows?” Ash said. “It doesn’t work the same for you all as it did for us, when we had our swords. You’re limited, but sometimes you do things we couldn’t. At any rate, I never knew much about it.” Of course the flip side of that statement is there is much more they can once they are no longer limited.
  2. "Jasnah, did you just destroy the enemy position by yourself in full Shardplate?" (shrugs) "Seemed appropriate"
  3. I feel totally unprepared for this if it's an actual ship. I mean, which name of Hoid do we use? Wasnah? Joid? Dustnah? This is too much to process
  4. Well, God-priest = Ishar confirmed like "hey guys, it's Tuesday"
  5. I agree with you on the leadership, I had said he was doing things others couldn't do with reforming the KR and turning bridge men into Bridge Four. As Dgreene196 said, even the Heavenly Ones are impressed by his Windrunners. As for the splitting the wind, I was under the impression that was a type of proto-plate but you're right, Syl did seem to be impressed by that. Rosharans Alliance for Fighting Odium- RAFO? I also thought it could just be a plot device, which is understandable and totally fine. Like you said, with these being the main characters in this arc, they do have to stand out or they just blend in. And I agree, Adolin becoming a KR and re-awakening Maya would qualify I would think.
  6. At the planning meeting
  7. From the Kickstarter Update: "I’m hoping to get you the novella before the end of the month, and it looks almost certain that will happen at this point. Even with it being a tad longer than expected, we should have no trouble getting it edited, revised, and proofread before November. The print edition is a little more tricky. We’ve been told at this point by our printer that there’s really no chance we could get it back by December. COVID has interrupted printing schedules and paper delivery far too much."
  8. While I agree Shallan swearing Oaths and having a blade at such a young age sure seems unique, I’m hesitant to add her to the list yet because we don’t know enough. That being said, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least to hear Pattern say “you were the youngest person ever to swear the Oaths”. As for Kaladin, I do think he’s doing things no one else could do from a leadership perspective, but right now he has the same Windrunner abilities as everyone else at the 3rd Oath and none of them have shown anything that makes the Spren say “Well that’s new.” As for Jasnah, we just don’t know enough about her story or abilities, and I don’t think Ivory is going to say too much. We do know at least Lift and Dalinar have interacted with Nightwatcher/Cultivation. Cultivation ended up with Nighblood and now Szeth has him so that’s a point in her favor too. To me it’s very possible that Renarin somehow ended up with Glys cause of Cultivation deal with Saj-anat but who knows. That would leave Venli but maybe we would find out something in this book? Again, I don’t have any theories, just the observation they are different than any previous Radiants.
  9. Ok, I don't really have a theory, just an observation. I'm looking for theories. Of the "primary" Radiants that we see in Oathbringer, at least 4 (5 if you count Venli) of them carry the designation of being unlike any other Radiants in the past. You have: Dalinar- able to open Perpedicularities, recharge stormlight (Stormfather notes how he's different than a Bondsmith) Renarin- bonded to corrupted spren, able to see the future (Ivory tells Jasnah) Lift- halfway into cognitive realm, metabolizes stormlight from food (Wyndle) Venli- Listener Radiant, has Fused Spren and Timbre, although pretty sure Rlain will join her soon, so maybe not that special but still unprecedented Szeth- has Nightblood but also I'm not even going to get into Hoid because I'm not sure he really counts but clearly no one else is like him, just ask Zahel. I'm summarizing and I understand the current Radiants don't exactly know what other Radiants were capable of in the past, but it's been Spren (and Zahel) who have commented how different they are. It could be plot device or it could be a final throw from the Shards to tip the scales somehow (looking at you, Cultivation). We might find out that Shallan, Jasnah, even Kal are unprecedented in other ways. Then again, they might be already in some ways and I just missed it. I have no unified theory on this and am open to theories why were are suddenly seeing Radiants who are unlike previous Radiants according to the Spren. Will it be common that the new Radiants in the True Desolation will be unlike the previous Radiants or are these few just special?
  10. If the Jasnah-ship were to happen, wouldn't he be King Brightlord Master Highmarshal Stormface?
  11. I like how Dalinar's autobiography is well known to be going through edits. I think there's probably a wall somewhere that has a progress bar that says "Oathbringer 3rd draft 50%" that all the people in Urithuru follow and every time the percentage moves people notice and get excited.