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  1. .... @Nameless This was pretty close. Also @Experience said: “And when Hoid can’t punch Kelsier anymore,” is close considering that Hoid references the time he did. And currently can’t, due to them being on different planets. Actually, you could consider the sheer number of times Mistborn, and Kell in particular, was brought up to be ‘getting it right.’ I admit I did a celebration dance when I realized the letter was from Harmony. He could have given us some more information to consider it a "dump" but I'm counting this as a win!
  2. This. is. Brilliant! Well played and hats off to you. You have both my upvote and respect.
  3. I'm just interested in people's approach when they start reading or physically have the book in their hands if they have been reading the preview chapters.
  4. Who would have thought the 6th Oath turned your spren into a real person?
  5. I was not expecting Dalinar changing the name of the coalition to the Rosharan Alliance Fighting Odium and the banner being a picture of a green cremling (er hoardling) weilding a shardblade and RAFO on a blue field. Just crazy.
  6. But why did Harmony suddenly show up and give us the info dump about the Shattering?
  7. Get me an Asuka and we can go kick some Odium butt
  8. Unfortunately now I can't get this scene out of my head Kaladin: Ok ma'am, we are ready to start the procedure, scalpel please? Syl: Not till you do it. Kaladin: Oh come on, not this again Syl: I am a divine piece of a god, you want my help, you'll do it Kaladin: Syl, I don't want to do this again, can you just become the scalpel, please? Syl: Speak the words Kaladin: Ugh, please can we not do this just to remove a splinter? Syl: Speak the words! Kaladin: Fine, Syl is the most beautiful spren in the world and I can't live my life without her, happy? Syl: Now, stretch forth thy hand Kaladin: Seriously? Syl: Stretch forth thy hand!!!!! Kaladin: Ok, ok, there, happy? (as Sylpel forms) Every. Storming. Time.
  9. Even the Heralds also know these Radiants can do things that haven't been possible till now. "“Who knows?” Ash said. “It doesn’t work the same for you all as it did for us, when we had our swords. You’re limited, but sometimes you do things we couldn’t. At any rate, I never knew much about it.” Of course the flip side of that statement is there is much more they can once they are no longer limited.
  10. "Jasnah, did you just destroy the enemy position by yourself in full Shardplate?" (shrugs) "Seemed appropriate"