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  1. Szeth must have an honor spren because he doesn't get his powers from the honorblade. Here is why it makes sense; Szeth is labeled Truthless because he had his powers when his people thought that either the final battle was already won and over, or that it wasn't time for the next desecration. He simply wasn't supposed to have those powers but he did. So the definition of Truthless is being an anomaly and having Radiant powers when it shouldn't exist in the world. Now after meeting Kal and concluding that KR powers were returning to the world Szeth fled back to his master Taravangian because he was beginning to think maybe he himself wasn't really Truthless. Taravangian then told Szeth that Kaladin was using an Honorblade and that the KR powers weren't really returning to the world, Szeth was still an anomaly and therefore still Truthless. Now knowing that Szeth knows what an honorblade is and what it bestows upon its weilder, we can conclude that he wasn't slipped the honorblade and tricked into thinking himself Truthless. He saw Kal was more or less a KR and realized he wasn't alone, so not Truthless. This all means that Szeth wouldn't be Truthless if he had gotten his powers from an honorblade. He was Truthless because he popped up with powers out of no where thanks to an honor spren as if the next desolation was coming around the corner --------------- Some facts: 1.Weird rock used to control Szeth is very important. They are said not to sell themselves to slavery often. Perhaps this is a very unusual ritual, seems like most people don't know what to think of that rock until Szeth explains himself. This would mean a whole lot more if it contained his honor spren in one form or another. 2.Szeth is very honorable. He follows what he believes is right and doesn't bend at all. When he is proved wrong by Kal at the very end he accepted punishment unto himself without any further hesitation. It would make sense that he could have attracted an honorspren himself. Some probably-reasonable ideas: Pretending Szeth did have an Honor Spren when he was younger, I don't know and doubt if Szeth ever got so far as to give his second oath which could have been likely broken and lead to his spren dieing, but I have had a strong feeling there is more to Szeth's rock than Sanderson has been telling us. I think his spren was somehow captured and stored in that rock. After Kal kills Szeth and catches his falling sword, Syl says that she "thinks" Szeth's weapon is an honorblade. Though it would be natural to use the word "think" in English in her position as her memories return to her and what not but I doubt this is a coincidence and I doubt it was a mistake on Sanderson's part. It would be the perfect hint to slip most people's minds. Szeth has to have some kind of KR ability. That helmet that Kaladin put on his fist in his 3v4 bout sucked the stormlight out of him. The armor can't take stormlight out of gems around the room because it needs to be directly hooked to source; you have to hold gems up to the plate's innards to get anything to happen. Chances are when Szeth uses Nightblood he is going to have to have stormlight within himself since having infused gems on his belt won't be good enough to fuel his newfound sword unless he uses a bag of gems for a sheath lol. Last and not least, Szeth's whole combat presence was based around his ability to surgebind and such with extreme skill. I don't think he would be very effective or interesting if he was to lose his whole skill set that made him who he was. Being unable to heal himself as he collects minor wounds would make him feel like a martyr as he would be widdled to death from minor scrapes in the story. It would be awful.
  2. You're actually onto something. This can't be a mistake on Brandon Sanderson's part because of what we know about how Szeth thinks about him self. Let me explain.