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  1. I can see that, but I’m kind of having trouble with all of them, so I’m not sure how to frame that without clogging the board.
  2. I made a separate post, but it was suggested to discuss here. So... the interludes in this book flummoxed me and I would be curious what others thought of them. I had a hard time connecting most of them to anything relevant overall, but I’m certain I’m missing something.
  3. Good catch! I thought this was a Rothfuss reference.
  4. Likely. Maybe it’s still not Taln. You know, just for kicks.
  5. DISCLAIMER - Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong with this post, and I’ll edit or remove as needed. I was sort of flummoxed by most of the interludes in this one, to be honest. They were extremely short, and I never really got much of an understanding of what was going on in them like I did in the previous books. Anyone have any thoughts? I know they’re often there for world building purposes, but they also often offer Cosmere tidbits or other insights. Aside from the Venli parts, they seemed more detached this time, but I’m sure I’m missing a lot of nuance and hints. would appreciate any of your expert opinions on them. Thanks!
  6. I somehow forgot that the Unmade came in different sizes and varieties.
  7. I assume he had two, unless Eshonai gave it back to him at some point. which wouldn’t make much sense. The gemstone used to trap the Unmade in Oathbringer was much larger and quite specific (perfectly cut, etc), that these spheres don’t really jive. I’m all sorts of confused on this one. Especially since there are only three (I think?) unaccounted for Unmade by the end of OB.
  8. Anyone know why all the subterfuge from Brandon regarding Taln being Taln?
  9. I an sure we have other skills to balance out this horrible flaw.
  10. I spent the first several Vivenna chapters thinking she was a Herald. Even the scene where she wraps cloth around her made no impression on me. it wasn’t until they were in Shadesmar and she basically spelled it out that I got it.
  11. I was extremely proud of myself for recognizing Vivenna and someone from Sel (the Shadesmar fortune teller). Beyond that, I’m pretty awful at recognizing these things and rely on lurking here to impress my friends with my vast Cosmere knowledge.
  12. I have been going back and forth on this in my head. I can’t tell, but it would make sense as a Shard intent.
  13. For some reason, I didn’t realize until right now that the Sibling was not the Nightwatcher. D’oh!
  14. I’m not really sure how much I care to read an Eshonai book at this juncture.
  15. I imagine it may have something to do with letting go in some way. Whether that be letting go of the past, or accepting when he is unable to protect someone, I don’t quite know. It seems that he resisted heavily in part because he maybe felt that saying the words would possibly make them lose Adolin? I’m really not sure.
  16. It was obviously Sazed to me. This part made it abundantly clear: No other Shardholder we know of holds two opposing powers.
  17. More Nightblood and Szeth. They seem to make each other better.
  18. This scene made me so sad. Especially after we saw Dalinar’s heart to heart with Jez earlier in the book. What the heck is Moash’s knife, and where did it come from?
  19. And then Bridge Four giving her boots as a wedding present
  20. 100% agree. Kaladin will hopefully find something to soothe the aching in his heart, but at this time, it would just be a band aid. I’m not sure he’s ready for partnership at this time.
  21. He has improved his writing for women over the years. I don’t think he’s quite there yet 100%, but he clearly strives to create complex and multidimensional women in his books, who are not pigeonholed into various stereotypes. Or over aggressive nagging know it alls (I’m looking at you, Nynaeve Sedai)
  22. I do not have any real objections to this theory. It makes much sense. Would she be "trapped" in the (presumed) power source that Shallan found? That seems sad for such a sapient spren.
  23. As a fellow feminist, I somewhat agree with you, though I feel that Shallan had quite a bit more agency in her relationship with Adolin than say, Shallan decides to continue with the Causal when she arrives in the Shattered Plains, even though she likely could have ended it without much retribution. She also drives much of their relationship. And at the end of Oathbringer, chastises Adolin for still thinking that she is a "prize." I appreciated her knocking that thought out of his head, because the other way around would have deeply upset my sensibilities. Overall, I feel that Adolin and Shallan would have gotten together even without the arrangement. I don't think I feel that about some of the other arranged situations in the Cosmere. That being said, is IS a common theme, and maybe one that he should stop relying on...or maybe one he should consider somehow flipping on its head and approaching from a different perspective.
  24. I agree. Their relationship has always been a bit adolescent and immature to me, and Kaladin is way too mature (even though he makes stupid decisions sometimes) for Shallan. Adolin and Shallan make much more sense, and throughout the book, I absolutely rooted for them and against her and Kaladin. Adolin seeing the "real" Shallan and accepting her for all her flaws and her insecurities worked well for me. I still don't like her much, but I like her more with him. Another refreshing part about the love triangle story was how much Adolin and Kaladin respected each other and didn't turn it into some sort of testosterone fueled disagreement. Their friendship is refreshing, and it could have turned out extremely clichéd.