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  1. We have some exciting news to announce today. So far in order to obtain some unpublished works of Brandon's, you'd have to email him through his sites, and his assistants would distribute them. Well now you won't need to wait for that, because now we will be in charge of distributing out Aether of Night! All you have to do is post in this topic (you'll need a 17S account, but that's it), and our staff will PM you the document. Once we do this, we'll remove your post here. We'll be using this topic as a to-do list for requests. Ideally since we have lots of staff members, we will get this out to you soon, within a week or two. With this change we are unpasswording the Aether of Night board, as now all of you will have access to it if you want it. You may discuss Aether of Night in the Cosmere Theories board, but tag your topic title with [Aether]. We hope you're excited about this, so many of you will be able to get this text in a much more obvious way now! You will receive a .docx file, and if you need to convert it into a .pdf or .epub, there are many converters to do that for you. (We are not distributing the prose version of White Sand, as that will continue to be distributed in Brandon's newsletters.) Thank you Dragonsteel for letting 17S do this! EDIT 10/21/2020: This is all still going! We've gone through over 200 pages of replies distributing. It's just that we remove posts here once we send them out.
  2. I really enjoyed the Religions topic, but I'm derailing it with my zany brand of nonspirituality. Also math. There was a lot of that. So, here you can ask me anything you want! You can continue that discussion in the religion thread, and maybe probe deeper into my atheistic tendencies. (Topic starter: I'd prefer if there wasn't an afterlife! Am I crazy? You decide! ) Ask about philosophy! Ask about math! Ask about quantum physics! Ask about Brandon's works! You could ask me about theory stuff, but that might be as bad as me blabbing about math! Ask about site stuff. Ask me sarcastic questions because you thought they were funny! Ask me anything!
  3. Jim Butcher, Small Favors. I read both Proven Guilty and White Night yesterday, and they were really good, especially Proven Guilty.
  4. Lux

    I've moved this topic to the Lux spoiler board now. It comes out tomorrow!
  5. I guess it comes back to me thinking that really, no cosmere books would come out any faster in this hypothetical world. I think he may eventually just have some YA cosmere stuff that feels different enough in practice that it's still rejuvenating to work on, so he can be refreshed for Stormlights. But right now those don't exist yet.
  6. Because we need more forum games, wee! What song are you listening to right now? I'm listening to Ayumi Hamasaki - sending mail. This CD is really good.
  7. Do note, Brandon not doing side projects will not actually get Stormlight done any quicker. He has said on many occasions that he uses those other books to recharge and rejuvenate himself so he's ready to write a killer cosmere book. This has always been how he has worked. If he didn't write Skyward or noncosmere, honestly, I don't think you'd get a cosmere book any faster. Brandon says that the giant books are exhausting. By doing this, he makes sure people get something in between the breaks in Stormlight releases. Brandon is very conscious of time and has recently spoken in great detail that he wants to make sure he finishes the cosmere, so he has to get Stormlights done every three years. But ultimately I'd probably prefer Brandon to be excited to get to the big cosmere books and not burn out and hate writing them. That's what the noncosmere ones allow him to do. He's fairly consistently put out Stormlights every three years. It is a fact with this author that he will work on side projects in between the big ones, and still get the big books out more frequently than some other fantasy authors That said, Lost Metal has taken a while, for sure.
  8. We're continuing on with Words of Brandon from the June spoiler stream, as well as the Dusty Wheel interview! There are some very interesting WoBs this time, one pretty crazy one involving TenSoon. We also talk about more Investiture time dilation and more! Rhythm of War spoilers on this one! This week we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), and Marvin 9Paleo)! Our next episode will be out 7/24, as we're moving back to our biweekly schedule. Here's our collection of all the Words of brandon in this episode: Here's our previous episode: You can watch the full spoiler stream here: You can watch Matt of the Dusty Wheel interview Brandon here: 00:00 Introduction 2:40 Is Nightblood a Sliver now? 5:21 Eshonai's experience in mateform 7:05 Sel-phones 9:38 Mistborn burning Tanavastium 13:43 Singers having red teeth 14:52 Singer skin and hair patterns 18:55 Did Hoid burn bendalloy in RoW? 23:55 Odium in RoW, TenSoon as Kelsier and the biggest WoB ever 42:03 Did get Sazed get memories fast when he Ascended? 47:47 Vasher isn't living his best life right now 52:45 Multiple moons on Roshar 54:40 Who can consume more Investiture, Nightblood or Chiri-Chiri? 55:10 Death rattles and when they will happen on-screen 57:15 Light in a vacuum 59:47 Mists leaking like Stormlight 1:01:28 Trapping mists in gemstone 1:08:35 Taravangian on Autonomy 1:12:10 Dusty Wheel Interview: fabrial RAFOs 1:13:09 Will we learn why Vasher and Vivenna got separated from Nightblood? 1:15:37 Kaladin falling to Odium? 1:19:29 Urithiru strata pattern related to Stoneshaping? 1:20:29 When will we see Taldain in more recent times? 1:22:34 Vessels from the planet a Shard influenced 1:23:21 Primer cubes with aluminum and chromium 1:34:31 Investiture time dilation, Spiritual Realm, and Selish Cognitive Realm 1:44:50 Groupings of Shards off of Dawnshards 1:50:47 Who's That Cosmere Character 2:07:07 Outro If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  9. Did you find an error in Rhythm of War? Report it here so hopefully it can be fixed in later editions.
  10. There's less signings these days, but there are still a few things that have happened, like an excellent interview, as well as another spoileriffic Brandon stream! There's a ton here, with one of Brandon's best reactions ever regarding blowing up the Selish Cognitive Realm (actually, a ton of Cognitive mumbo jumbo this time), as well as a definition on avatars! This episode we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Evgeni (Argent), and Marvin (Paleo)! We'll continue Words of Brandon from the spoiler stream, as well as cover the recent Dusty Wheel interview, next week! Rebecca Jensen, Stormlight Playing Card Artist's Print Shop: The Reckoners novellas are now a single novel, Lux, and it comes out July 22nd: Interview with Brandon:, transcribed here: Brandon's Full Cosmere Spoiler Stream: transcribed here: Chapters: 00:00 Introductions 1:39 Show and Tell, Stormlight Playing Cards 4:09 Words of Brandon begins! 5:40 Interview: We'll know who Trell is in Lost Metal 11:00 Novella between WoK and WoR 17:18 Cats in Shinovar 18:24 Songs of the Dead, Reckoners Novel, Skyward Novellas 21:23 Spoiler Livestream: Should we blow up the Selish Cognitive Realm? 32:42 Is there a reason Vasher and Vivenna changed their names on Roshar? 35:51 Mraize's Aviar 38:43 How many Awakening Commands are there? 43:20 Could Sja-anat heal deadeyes? 45:01 Is Hoid afraid of the Beyond? 46:27 Black holes affecting the Cognitive Realm 52:03 Invested Light related to backwards shadows 56:32 Spren bonding spren 58:42 Gravity in the Cognitive Realm 1:04:04 Caffeine in bronzeminds, Cyberpunk Mistborn 1:06:34 Feruchemical decay 1:10:19 Did anyone try to assassinate Wit? 1:11:10 Avatar definition!! 1:27:25 Long WoB about base Investiture and diseases 1:32:31 Nalthian customs and Breath bleed 1:41:37 Who's That Cosmere Character 1:50:12 Outro If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  11. Not a worry, please take care of yourself first before any content creator Thank you for the kind words! The Patreon has been very successful and that's pretty amazing.
  12. Hi everyone! Eric here. When we originally launched our Patreon, we designed it primarily as a tip jar. Well, after a lot of brainstorming, that is changing today, with new, actual tiers of rewards for you all. We also have some new patron goals, which we'll describe at the end of this post. Couple of quick things to note: None of your current benefits at the $1 tier are going away, there are just newer things for some higher levels! If you want access to a new tier you will need to change to it manually (sorry!). We can’t change your tiers in the background so if you’re currently supporting, for example, with $5 through the current "Hoid’s Tip Jar" you will need to change your contribution to be the $5 tier to access the new perks. The current "Hoid’s Tip Jar" is just going to be renamed so you won’t need to change anything if you’re happy to access just the $1 tier! If you already contribute $5 in the old, single tier, and you switch to the new $5 tier, you will not be charged more. Now without further adieu, let’s get to the exciting stuff, the new tiers! The $1s Above This has the same benefits as you have currently, which are: Patron designation on the forums and Discord Special patron forum and special Discord channel Shardcast outtakes and advance video access on some videos Ability to vote in art polls and suggest options for future polls The $5 Scholars All of the benefits above, as well as: Voting on when upcoming Shardcast topics come out. Generally, we have a set of a few topics we will record next in mind. With this reward, we will put out a poll every few months with those topics to determine which order we post these podcasts. This way we can prioritize what we are doing for you. This could also mean we have some podcasts recorded and we want to determine when we should put these out. (Note, all people, patrons or not, can always suggest Shardcast topics, and that won't change. We do have a pretty big list of ideas, though!) Monthly informal chat with Shardcast panelists on a Discord voice channel. Streams are great and we want to continue doing them regularly, but interacting with you in chat only goes so far. These informal chats will have several of us in a $5 and above patron-only Discord voice/video channel and we can hang out for a while. Quarterly Q&As with questions from you, livestreamed for patrons, with VODs publicly going to YouTube. Different from normal streams, these would be primarily focused on answering your questions, rather than chatting. Quarterly livestreamed actual Shardcast episodes. Finally see the boring stuff we cut away in editing! Honestly, many of you have asked for this, so we can definitely do this and show you how it is mostly not very exciting. Not every episode is a good fit for streaming, so we will start by guaranteeing it quarterly, but we may do more. Recordings are basically always on the weekends, around 10am or 11am Pacific. The $10 Heralds You're crazy awesome for supporting at this level (and hopefully not crazy from millennia of torture). This has all of the benefits from $1 and $5, as well as: Who's That Cosmere Character Priority Queue. Sending in WTCCs is very popular, and that's awesome. Slight problem: there's over 200 things in the queue, and we are very behind on it, which is not really a good experience for you. We will increase the WTCCs we generally play at the end of an episode to three, two from the regular queue, and a third from the new priority queue. We weren't sure exactly which tier ($5 or $10) to put this, and we are putting this in the $10 tier so the priority queue doesn't get too backlogged. After all, if we get a hundred things here, this isn't much of an advantage. Patrons at this tier can submit things via a Google form. You won't be able to submit more than one of these per month. Your name immortalized at the end of Shardcasts and videos. Ruin can never change it! When you are in this tier, your name will be included at the end of videos we create around that time period, thanking you for your support, immortalized in that video forever. Your name and a short blurb saying you're a kick-ass patron on 17th Shard's About page. For the duration you're in this tier, your name will be displayed in a section on our About page with your Patreon name and, if you submit a Google form, you can include a short blurb which will be displayed there as well. Have any ideas on other tier rewards we could do? Maybe eventually we could do a $16 or $17 tier. Let us know, and let us know how you like these new tiers! As always, you are awesome for any support you give. It means a lot. New Patreon Goals! Since we hit our $500 goal, we didn't really know what our next plan was for 17S and content. Now we have some ideas for new goals! $750 / month: Buying more fancy cameras for more Shardcasters! On Shardcast itself, we don't exactly need super fancy cameras, since it's compressed through the internet and captured on a small part of a screen. But for solo videos, no webcam can match the video quality of a nicer camera. These can range from $500 to $1000 (and, well, much higher as well, but we don't need a $7000 camera). With this goal, we will start buying some nice cameras for more Shardcasters so it is possible they can make nice solo videos. $1000 / month: Doubling the Coppermind art poll budget! With this, we will either commission two Coppermind art pieces per month, or one higher budget art piece. For example, this would enable us to sometimes hire more expensive, professional illustrators. Thanks for reading this! If you wanted to back us, you can find our Patreon below: Patreon
  13. Okay so I'm locking this topic temporarily so people can have a chance to cool down. I imagine we will unlock this tomorrow, but this really does not need to get so heated. EDIT: Okay, so I imagine we're okay now. Please remember to always be respectful and courteous. (Also, I will say maybe adjudicating what is or is not an enslaved person might not be the wisest idea for a wide variety of reasons.)
  14. By the way, we changed this to have checkboxes rather than radio buttons, so you can select multiple moderators if you want.
  15. Hey there. I am moving this to Cosmere Q&A as the Introductions board is spoiler-free. Welcome!
  16. If don't already know, Mistborn has been optioned to become a film. That may still mean a fillm won't happen, but it's a cool first step. That won't stop us from talking about choices on actors! I'll start. Personally, I was always a fan of the notion of Nathan Fillion for Kelsier, but then someone brought up Robert Downey Jr., and he might be the perfect choice. For Vin, I'm also pro-Summer Glau, but there's a big Ellen Page movement on TWG. Thoughts?
  17. At midnight, eastern time on Nov 17th, we will allow full book discussion on Rhythm of War. It's just... oh, a little over five hours away! This topic is here so you can put your full book reactions. Please feel free to jump off and make your own topics on things too! We also have threads for each part: Part One Reactions Part Two Reactions Part Three Reactions Part Four Reactions I am now going to put a lot of intentional white space. Don't scroll down if you haven't read the book!
  18. We reported on this last week, but now we have concrete details of Lux: A Texas Reckoners Novel. This is a project by Brandon's audiobook company, Mainframe, and is an Audible exclusive set in the Reckoners universe (which includes Steelheart, Firefight, and Calamity), coming out July 22nd. We also have a cover reveal, as well as the first chapter of it! There's also a sale on it on Audible for 49% off, if you are an Audible member already, which ends tomorrow, 6/25, at 11:59pm Pacific. If you're unfamiliar, Brandon spoke about new Reckoners content back in State of the Sanderson 2020, saying: Interestingly, Lux is not listed as a novella, but rather a "novel," so it's unclear if this is the first in the sequence, or all the novellas were combined into this. I suspect that since it has the "A Texas Reckoners Novel" subtitle that this novel won't be the only thing we see from this group of characters. Here is the cover: On Amazon's store page, they have a blurb for this novel: I'm a bit surprised that Lux isn't the name of an Epic, but rather a city, but it seems kind of cool for sure. Here's the first chapter, which Brandon posted on his YouTube: The normal price for this on Audible is $34.95, but right now, there is a sale if you're an Audible member for 49% off, reducing that to $17.48. This is a very limited sale, though, as it ends tomorrow, 6/25, at 11:59pm Pacific. Of course, you can also just buy it with Audible credits too. Peter Ahlstrom replied on Twitter that a print version is likely to happen eventually, which I'm glad to hear, since I have difficulty processing audiobooks. However, note that the first Mainframe audio original, The Original, which came out last year, is still audio-only, so if you want a print version, you may be waiting quite some time for that.
  19. I would disagree; I felt Re-Shephir was quite haunting, and that sequence had a lot of dread for me. I also feel like he did a good job with this in Skyward for the most part. And Threnody? I still so distinctly remember the dread I felt in that setting when Brandon wrote that there were no predators in the Forests of Hell, because the shades killed them all. The atmosphere and dread there were fantastically done for me. Of course, totally fine if you didn't feel the same way! I think Brandon could do really well writing a horror story, though.
  20. I am locking this topic in favor of the same topic, but in the Q&A board:
  21. This will answer all your questions on the subject: Anything that violates the Code of Conduct or the forum rules should be reported. Edit: also, yeah, this thread is not a good place for urgent matters (as you can see by the long spaces between my responses sometime). Use the report button!
  22. Happy Pride Month everyone! This episode of Shardcast, we get very gay. We're talking about Queerness in the Cosmere, so we're talking about queer representation, examples, how Brandon has evolved over time and is putting in more representation. We also have some critiques and hopes for the future. So if you want to see the cosmere from a queer lens, this episode is for you! This week Jess (LadyLameness) has killed Eric and is hosting the podcast instead, and we have our token straight person, Alyx (Feather), as well as Matt (Comatose), Shannon (Grey), Ala (Rasarr), and Kadie (AonEne)! Here are a bunch of links for terminology: Thumbnail image of Renarin and Rlain by the amazing rspixart: Here's a link to Jemma Young, who made those Zelda pins: YouTube chapters: 00:00 Introductions and Show & Tell 7:49 Terminology Disclaimer 10:07 Consuming Media as a Queer Person and Lenses 22:59 Shallan's Bisexuality 27:57 Why does Brandon have so many queer fans? 38:44 Representation and Some Examples 49:28 Jasnah 1:12:30 Kaladin/Adolin 1:18:54 Shallan/Jasnah 1:22:51 Kaladin/Moash 1:23:22 Navani/Raboniel 1:25:56 Platonic Friendships 1:31:04 Ranette, Queerness in the Background 1:39:07 Trans Representation 1:42:36 The Sibling and Nonbinary Characters 1:53:08 Singer Gender 1:55:58 Renarin and Rlain 2:00:03 Future Hopes 2:07:03 Who's That Cosmere Character If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  23. Oh yeah, no worries Topic has been moved to Cosmere, though note that does not include Rhythm of War spoilers, as it's still in the spoiler period.
  24. Hi all, just a reminder RoW stuff should only be in the RoW boards during the spoiler period. In addition, maybe you'd like me to move this topic to a forum that allows discussion of spoilers? We like to keep Introductions spoiler-free. Let me know if you'd like that and I'll do that!
  25. All good Chinkoln, but let's try to get away from litigating crimes here when no one (to my knowledge) is a lawyer here. I don't think this tangent is super necessary.