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  1. Click here to go to the Ultimate List Google Doc. If you have any question about Brandon's books that hasn't been resolved yet, post them, and I'll just keep aggregating them to this list. This is a resource to be used by people who will have an opportunity to ask questions of Brandon, so it has been decided that if a question has a considerable chance of being RAFO'd with no extra information gained, then we will not add it to this list. There's no point in wasting a question after all. If a staff member decides that your question shouldn't be added you are welcome to appeal the decision by telling us why you think Brandon will answer the question. Admins and/or staff have final calls though. Also any question you submit may be edited for clarity. If you are heading out to a signing this is a great resource for finding a good question about an area that you would like to know more about. If the question you wish to ask is not on this list then I'd appreciate if you checked the Interview Database to see if it has already been answered. A couple tips for checking are: Use keywords in your search, chances if someone has already asked the same question they won't have used the same exact words If Brandon has RAFO'd a question similar to the one you wish to ask, he'll probably do the same to yours After you do one search for some keywords, using "ctrl f" is a useful way to further narrow your search by finding other relevant words on the results page Remember if you do accidentally ask something someone else has its not the end of the world, we won't be mad. Just be sure not to ask Brandon to sign your book with a Cosmere clue. He has requested that we no longer do this and simply ask a specific question. If you ask a question and it has been answered I will post the answer and PM you you to let you know. Let's determine precisely what we know, and questions we must ask in the future!
  2. It's because you're using Grammarly, which does not work with CKEdit, our editor. Please disable it on this site.
  3. We have some exciting news to announce today. So far in order to obtain some unpublished works of Brandon's, you'd have to email him through his sites, and his assistants would distribute them. Well now you won't need to wait for that, because now we will be in charge of distributing out Aether of Night! All you have to do is post in this topic (you'll need a 17S account, but that's it), and our staff will PM you the document. Once we do this, we'll remove your post here. We'll be using this topic as a to-do list for requests. Ideally since we have lots of staff members, we will get this out to you soon, within a week or two. With this change we are unpasswording the Aether of Night board, as now all of you will have access to it if you want it. You may discuss Aether of Night in the Cosmere Theories board, but tag your topic title with [Aether]. We hope you're excited about this, so many of you will be able to get this text in a much more obvious way now! You will receive a .docx file, and if you need to convert it into a .pdf or .epub, there are many converters to do that for you. (We are not distributing the prose version of White Sand, as that will continue to be distributed in Brandon's newsletters.) Thank you Dragonsteel for letting 17S do this!
  4. Jim Butcher, Small Favors. I read both Proven Guilty and White Night yesterday, and they were really good, especially Proven Guilty.
  5. White Sand Volume 3 is out, and so it's time for our last White Sand podcast for a long time. Will it be as salty as our White Sand 1 and 2 podcasts? Well... actually, things end on a reasonably high note! We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), and David (Windrunner). Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]! If you like our content, support us on Patreon:
  6. etymology

    Please feel free to add it in Trivia; that sounds like a great piece of trivia.
  7. Because we need more forum games, wee! What song are you listening to right now? I'm listening to Ayumi Hamasaki - sending mail. This CD is really good.
  8. If don't already know, Mistborn has been optioned to become a film. That may still mean a fillm won't happen, but it's a cool first step. That won't stop us from talking about choices on actors! I'll start. Personally, I was always a fan of the notion of Nathan Fillion for Kelsier, but then someone brought up Robert Downey Jr., and he might be the perfect choice. For Vin, I'm also pro-Summer Glau, but there's a big Ellen Page movement on TWG. Thoughts?
  9. Leaderboards are on the menu to the right of the Search box, as well as a few other things
  10. Hi all, post your reactions to the third Legion story, Lies of the Beholder, here.
  11. This week, we're bringing you DragonCon's Words of Brandon, and it's pretty spicy! You'll learn about the future of White Sand, VaxFax, Threnody's perpendicularity (!), and, of course, the... Dawnshords. Yup. Oh, also Argent's very interesting pronunciation of skaze and hoed. We have Eric (Chaos), Evgeni (Argent), David (Windrunner), and Grace (thegatorgirl). Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]! If you like our content, support us on Patreon:
  12. If you would like to see up to date Shardcast release announcements, I post them in the #shardcast channel on our Discord. So, if you're curious on when Shardcast will be out in the day, go there as it's much faster when busy to post there than a forum post. (No need to make a topic for it after all.) Do not assume podcasts will be posted in the morning! Podcast times are Pacific time so if you're Eastern time or somewhere else, you're +3 hours on me. Do assume that I remember what day it is in the two week schedule
  13. I don't think that's what transformative works means in this context. For example, if someone did a recreation of one of the book covers, that wouldn't be transformative. This is the same. At least I think that's how this works. It feels like Dragonsteel would want to prohibit such use of the IP. I'd suggest you email [email protected] to ask them.
  14. Hi there! I think these maps are super cool! You did a great job! However, as for selling them, according to the Fan Art policy, that won't work: It pretty explicitly says you won't be able to sell them.
  15. Hi guys, looks like most ebook places are distributing Skyward now, so it's time for full book spoilers! Post them here. I didn't really like how the topic tags happened with Oathbringer, so I would say don't do that here but please do keep spoilers out of topic titles. So yeah, here we go! I hope you enjoyed it.
  16. Ian (WeiryWriter) doesn't like using Shadesmar for Cognitive Realm overall... so that's up to him really. However I do think there can be value in separate pages for each planet's subastral. Roshar's in particular will surely be very in-depth with future Shadesmar stuff, so it can definitely still have a page, maybe just called something like Rosharan subastral.
  17. A review, I mean. That's what review copies are for, after all
  18. Dynamite never sends us review copies. Other things we can get review copies slightly early so we can post up a thing. Maybe we'll still do one, though! Hard to plan when there's no real release date.
  19. I think this topic is a bit dramatic given that it's been not even a day since its release. There's no hype because there was no release date to hype, right? It's a work and school day so many probably haven't even begun to read it. I've only very briefly been able to look at it. I quite like the art in this. It's very readable.
  20. I'm actually removing the [OB] tag as that was an artifact of the Oathbringer spoiler period, which we aren't in anymore New topics don't need that anymore. Thanks for posting
  21. Welcome! I have moved this to Forum Games as this is a game and much less an introduction.
  22. That's super annoying the spam filter hit you. It should have 17thshard links whitelisted...
  23. Recently at DragonCon we got a reading of the Stormlight 4 prologue, and we also got Stormlight 4 Update #5. We go into depth on the Stormlight 4 stuff today! We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Ben (Overlord Jebus), David (Windrunner), and Grace (thegatorgirl). #freedavidshat. Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]! If you like our content, support us on Patreon:
  24. I can delete your account if you wish, though it is permanent. PM me or email me at [email protected] if you wish to do this and I'll try to do this soon.
  25. luckat is correct. It's for sharing code so it appears formatted correctly. No code runs on the editor; that'd be super dangerous for any website to do.