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  1. This episode of Shardcast is sponsored by Hank Green and his new book, A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor, which comes out July 7th! Go to for details or get it wherever books are sold! Dark One (book 1) is out and it turns out the graphic novel is really good! Come here for our reactions (spoiler-free) and then we go into detail on some of the in-depth stuff of this universe. It's cool, and there's so much to talk about we'll have another episode on it later! This is the freshest takes you'll get from us since this is literally the first time we were discussing this book! You can get Dark One here: We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and joining us for the first time is Danielle (FelCandy), who does awesome art herself! Welcome to the team! Introductions 0:00 News 1:25 Spoiler-free Dark One Thoughts 2:42 Spoiler time 10:41 Ad 52:12 More Dark One, Karkun and More! 56:51 So, if you like our content, support us on Patreon: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  2. Wow, this is awesome. FAR more detailed than my reactions I was giving in the events channel on Discord. Thank you!!
  3. If you preordered Dark One, there's a livestream Q&A from 6pm to 8pm Mountain Time tonight. Check your email for the link!
  4. The Dark One graphic novel by Vault Comics came out on ebook on the 26th. This story is not a cosmere story, so there hasn't been too much hype in the fandom on this one. Perhaps you're waiting for the hardcover (which comes out in August). Maybe you've been burned by the White Sand graphic novels, which could never reach their full potential because the story wasn’t written for a visual format to begin with. Even then, I wouldn't say a cosmere fan has to read White Sand. It's mediocre at best. So, on that level, I can see anyone being apprehensive about another graphic novel. Let's cut to the chase: is Dark One worth getting? Yes. I wholeheartedly recommend it, and I'm almost surprised to say so! I always have a personal issue getting into new stories, even if it's from an author I love. There's just a big inertia for me against reading new stuff. You have to get invested in new characters and a new setting. It's easy for me to put a book down. I'm not sure I would have picked up Dark One rapidly unless it was for this site, if I'm being honest. Maybe you have the same problem on getting into something new, or maybe you're worried about another Brandon graphic novel that isn't great. But everyone: Dark One is definitely worth your money. The art is excellent and the story has interesting twists and turns with the hallmarks you'd expect from Brandon, like clever worldbuilding and plot. It's a quick read, even though it's 200 pages long, and now that I'm done, I'm very invested in this universe and I can't wait to see what's next. Dark One is tailor-made for the graphic novel medium, unlike White Sand which started as a prose novel, and you can see how much of a difference it makes. Characters are introduced briskly with their motivations established immediately, so you're never confused as to why anyone is doing something. The art has a lot of color and diversity, communicating in a panel or two far more than pages of dialogue or thoughts in prose could. There is worldbuilding in the art, if you're paying attention. It's put together in a wonderful, clever way that I think really shows what graphic novels can do. The world has some standard fantasy tropes, a Dark One rising and a Destined One fated to meet them, but there's this undercurrent of the Narrative which drives the machinations. Some characters chaff at the Narrative and its designs, and some work against it, even though its said to be futile. It's pretty cool, and it harkens back to Brandon playing with those ideas of prophecy and the foretold hero back in Mistborn Era 1, which I always thought was fun and there are so many ways those fantasy tropes can be used. You'd be surprised at how much depth in the worldbuilding there is, with single lines holding a lot of implications for the past and the future. If you didn't know, Dark One is a portal fantasy story, where our main character, Paul, comes from Earth and he's transported to a fantastical world (Mirandus), where he becomes the prophesied Dark One. This isn't a premise that gets me too excited on paper, but in application it is executed wonderfully well here. Both Earth and Mirandus matter, and their connections are part of the intrigue. Really, all of the story just feels smooth in a way that I didn't expect. The plot moves exceptionally quickly. I think part of this is that it is a graphic novel, where we don't need to spend time on establishing shots because we can simply do a two-page spread on a new locale and call it good. I love tightly plotted stories, so this worked great for me. The ending is quite a Sanderson avalanche, and it might feel too quick to some, but I enjoyed it a lot. There are two twists in particular that I found extremely clever and I absolutely loved it. I'm a guy who loves my sweet endings, and I am a very happy camper with Dark One. Now, you need to know that this is the first book in a series of graphic novels (I believe three of them). This graphic novel does have a satisfying conclusion, but I also need the next things in the series immediately. I wouldn't say this is a "standalone" per se. Still, I think you'll be satisfied with this first one, but I sure hope we can get more of these quickly. I do not want to have to wait twelve months for each installment. That's about it. It's tough for me to get into new stories, but Dark One hooked me very effectively and I am now super invested in this universe. When Dark One was announced, it was said to be a multimedia project with a graphic novel, TV show, podcast, and novels. We already got hints of audio originals for Dark One, and I couldn't be happier. More please! One last thing: if you're trying to get friends or family into Brandon books, but the long novels are a harder sell, this might be a great place for them to start. Thoughts from Others at 17th Shard: Argent I finally feel like I understand the difference between a comic book and a graphic novel. [Dark One definitely felt like a novel to me, key scenes were given room to breathe, and the characters and the world alike had depth to them. Probably my favorite thing about the entire graphic novel is how real most of the characters feel - like real people, with real motivations, and no easy “good” or “evil” label being applicable to them. But the art is also really neat, and the visual language is strong and consistent, and… I guess the rest is spoilers. But I would absolutely recommend this! FelCandy Dark One was a highly anticipated graphic novel for me because I saw the potential for a visual accompaniment to Brandon Sanderson's writing. Because the story was written for the medium, I feel like the worldbuilding and character development was enhanced by the artwork rather than just illustrated. The artists' use of color and dramatic framing really immersed me into the world of Mirandus and the minds of the characters. The story is truly epic in scale, and even though it is in a less wordy format, fans of Sanderson's prose will not find the story lacking in lore and depth. Last weekend we got so excited about Dark One that we recorded two Shardcasts on it. The more we discussed, the more we realized how much depth was there. Our first one will be out Friday! You can discuss Dark One on our forum or our Discord server!
  5. In addition to what others have said, they probably need more time for the art too. EDIT: Having thought about it a lot more, there's cover art still to do, audiobook recording, not to mention translations and localizations (Gollancz will need time to format the books into their formatting). There's a ton of stuff to do. My impression is that this is actually a very accelerated timeline for getting the book out.
  6. We're going to see novella progress bars during the Kickstarter. It's literally going to be the next thing Brandon works on. I'm not too worried about that. And if we don't get novella progress bars during the Kickstarter, yeah, that'd be bad, for sure.
  7. I think it's pretty unfair to compare the leatherbound Kickstarter to Kickstarters not managed by Dragonsteel directly. Brandon has always been very consistent in his Stormlight plans and books, and knows it would be his top priority. Maybe the book you wanted, sure, but again, he's always executed Stormlight solidly. I think this is pretty unnecessarily harsh. Lost Metal will be one of the things right after Stormlight 4, and it's in the very near future. Seems good to me. Sure, if the novella fails, then I'm right there with you complaining about it, but I think your comment is much harsher than I'd put it.
  8. Today Brandon replied to some Reddit threads about his 2020 plans after he finishes Rhythm of War, and talked about the timeline for The Lost Metal! Hooray details, hooray Brandon being transparent with us. Please note that these aren't surefire things, and this is the "perfect world" sort of scenario. First up: looks like Rhythm of War is taking a week or so longer than planned, with its turn in date now being July 10th (it was originally July 1st). The Stormlight novella, which will part of The Way of Kings leatherbound kickstarter tiers, will be up next. Brandon plans to write it mid-July to mid-August, beta read it late August, and then do revisions in early October. Lastly, the copyedit done mid-October, to get to people a month before Rhythm of War. To me this is a pretty tight timeline, and Brandon does admit things can slide and he'll try to be up-front about it. The novella may not be called Wandersail, as that is the ship's name, but this novella doesn't have to do with Hoid's story in The Way of Kings. Later in the year, he will work on Skyward 3, then with the goal to begin The Lost Metal, the fourth Mistborn Era 2 story, on January 1st, 2021. After that, it's the fourth and final Skyward book, with a target for starting on Stormlight 5 the following January. Also, Brandon wants to fit in a "quick draft" of Songs of the Dead (formerly Death by Pizza), and probably will push back a revision of The Apocalypse Guard a bit later. So, you know, I'd say that after Rhythm of War finishes, fitting in a novella, Skyward 3, Lost Metal, Skyward 4, that's pretty productive for the time in-between Stormlights. That doesn't even include any of the other projects, like Apocalypse Guard, Songs of the Dead, Alcatraz 6, or whatever else that might pop up. Sounds good to me. In case you missed it: Brandon posted a large blog post on The Way of Kings leatherbound Kickstarter, which has updated tiers from what we previously reported. The Kickstarter goes live July 7th!
  9. I imagine he means Daylight time, since we are in DST right now. Sometimes people just mix those up. We may do another news post talking about the slight changes that he mentioned on his blog on this!
  10. Apparently it's coming out at 6pm. Timezone unclear at the moment: EDIT: Just got word that it will be out 6pm Eastern, so about an hour and fifteen minutes from now.
  11. Let's try to get that stuff that's not on Arcanum into Arcanum, @ChickenLiberty. Want to help with that?
  12. I'm afraid you'll have to just watch the video for that. I believe images are also in the news articles linked in the description which would be better quality than a small webcam capture.
  13. The main thing in the $500 tier is all the extra order swag which would be very expensive if you bought separately. Really it is a good deal
  14. So it's 10pm Pacific time on June 25th, and Dark One is coming out on ebook tomorrow, June 26th. Time to make our Dark One forum! I'm not entirely sure when the ebook will fall out, so here's your official spoilery reaction topic! For info on where to preorder and a 29 page sample, see here: Consider this forum to have spoilers. You do not need to tag topic titles here. Additionally, last week Brandon said the Dark One stream would be this week, but today Dragonsteel said it was postponed: I'll have to get reading on this tomorrow! I imagine Vault comics will send it out via email. Dark One should be our next Shardcast on next Friday. EDIT: It's still not out yet. Boo