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  1. Yes, RPs will stay in their respective space.
  2. I don't see them and animated pictures are now static. Do you still them? Where? Be specific. EDIT: I've heard another report as well of this. This is likely due to caching so if you clear your cache it should be resolved. Single spacing is irrelevant, I think you can still compactify it. Maybe we can make the limit four lines, but I don't think technologically single space or double space will be distinguished by the board. You're welcome to try to test it.
  3. Roast battles should absolutely go in Forum Games. I would say You know you're a Sanderfan is not. Things that seem like games should go there. I don't really understand the distinctions you're trying to make? Defining what is or is not a game is nontrivial which is a reason why the board didn't exist in earlier incarnations of the site. Some people will probably feel differently as to where the line is but do feel free to ask if there's any miscategorization with your rationale. I'll be putting the Roast Battles into Forum Games for sure. Regarding sig restrictions: forums can be pretty big eyesores if signatures are unregulated. It can add a ton of vertical scrolling to a short discussion thread. If there is even a single individual who, say, lists 8-10 long quotes in their sig, that isn't just a bad experience for members, but it also makes the viewing experience terrible for guests and will likely make them tune out and not come back. Sure, you can press the X on that person. Now imagine there's 20-30 really active people with giant sigs. A new member shouldn't have to press X's on all of those to get the site to be readable for them on desktop. At that stage that is a problem on the staff for letting that happen. Signatures are very much a less is more scenario. If you have ten quotes you like, they will have more impact if you hit just the three best ones and call it good. Some of the long signatures I have seen have been pretty unnecessary. Signatures are not people's life story (use About Me); keep them short and snappy and to the absolute essentials. Don't even get me started on image heavy signatures. I remember other sites where people would have 3-5 banners across their sigs, and they were tall. That's not great. At the end of the day, it's important for the site to be a good viewing experience for everyone. This is kind of in the same vein of why animated profile pictures are also disabled
  4. Generally, subforums are not something I like to employ unless it's very necessary. I like the forum home page to be clean and easy to navigate. Nested subforums do not help that. I can also think that would be difficult to differentiate between the two sometimes.
  5. Since there was interest in the forum games change, you can discuss this here:
  6. Hi all, some minor changes happened this week for the site. There is now a Forum Games forum Way back in... uh, 2016, a dedicated forum games section has been suggested. I guess I just consistently forgot since I liked the idea, so we made one! Forum games whether they are generic games or Brandon related will go here now. This has an advantage in that they are now easier to find, and also will be out of the way for people interested in book discussion. Things will go in the Forum Games section if they are games, or if the thread is pretty random, like the Random Stuff thread. The goal is to make General Discussion more discussion based. Some forum games can be spammy (for one example, Three Word Story) and lead to an enormous amount of very short posts. For this reason, the Forum Games board does not increase post count. Eventually, the forum's post statistics will be recounted (it happens automatically when the site updates), and it may be the case if you posted, say, 1000 posts in topics that are now in Forum Games this may be retroactive and your post count may be significantly lower. I don't actually know if this is the case though. This hasn't come up yet in my experience. Are there any other forums you'd like created? Anything miscategorized? Let us know! Hiding posts returns A while back, I disabled hiding posts because there were a few instances of members hiding all their posts for some bad reasons. But since there's been a lot of double posting going on, this just seems unnecessary. So if you'd like to remove your posts, use the Hide button. No need to report them now! Just as a note because I've seen a lot of accidental double posting: if the Post button says "Saving" just wait it out! I have noticed sometimes it can take a while to go through for some reason, and I'm not quite sure why it does so. But if you click it again it will post again, which can result in something like 3-4 topics of the same kind. Remember the general computer rule that if something is loading, don't click more! (That makes things worse and will cause your computer queue that action more for every click!) That said the lag in posting is extremely annoying. If you have any information on this do post here or in Tech Support. Signature restrictions Our signature guidelines have been in effect since 2015. I've enabled some technological restrictions to prevent signatures from being too long. Now signatures can be a max of three lines. The exact value of lines can be discussed but I think 3-4 lines is a good amount. Long signatures really add to scrolling on desktop and are generally not aesthetically pleasing, especially if one adds a one-line post and the signature takes up much more room than the post itself. Animated profile pictures are disabled Speaking of aesthetically displeasing things, animated profile pictures generally make the site look much less modern and are pretty ripe for abuse. With profile pictures appearing on the main page, you really don't want a bunch of flashing lights from animated profile pictures on the main page. Additionally, animated gifs make sites load slower if there are a lot of them. I have generally discouraged animated profile pictures though it has not been a rule. I believe in old versions of Invision Power Suite, our software, there was an ability to disable this. I could never find the setting in the newer version, but tonight I found it, so animation in profile pictures are now disabled. This should generally lead to slight performance increases.
  7. I mean, "spoiler" would probably be a little extreme to say, but it is definitely strong foreshadowing for the eventuality.
  8. Right, I should probably put together my official announcement. I didn't like how my 1000 word essay on the subject came out. Short story, the lack of post count increase is intended as some (not all!) forum games can be somewhat spammy. If I didn't assign a topic correctly, report it and we'll move it to the right place. Recounting the statistics may make the post count number retroactive, but I'm not really sure. Recounting statistics always happens when the site does version upgrades and post count generally goes down anyway, since it will remove posts from your post count that were hidden, for example. I'm not sure if it will unassign posts from your post count on ones that now live in a forum that is marked as "do not increase post count". Unfortunately it's either the forum increases post count or doesn't. With existence of things like three word story and others I think this is the correct decision to do. I've seen this enabled in other such forum game forums on other sites and I think that's correct here. This topic was assigned to this board because the OP clearly states it as a specific game. There's nothing particularly interesting in Discord on the subject I don't think but let me know.
  9. plot

    I'll move it, but please don't do internet shouting in topic titles please. Since it will be in RP area please do not be spammy in the thread.
  10. Good thing post count isn't increased here anymore
  11. Doomstick, cut it out.
  12. This week we are continuing going through the Words of Radiance Part Two epigraphs and the listener songs, and we're talking about the objectively more spicy ones. We get into history stuff, forms of power, and talking about the Surges themselves. We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and Alyx (FeatherWriter). Thanks to Ben for editing this one! Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]/
  13. That's intended behavior as people should know which entries are verified as transcribed correctly or not. Suggestion indicates it requires additonal review. In this case it is a bit silly but I do think this is the correct behavior for the Copy button to have.
  14. File -> Version History. You can see everyone who has done anything in the file too. It's amazing.
  15. Google docs saves revision history, so it wouldn't have gone away anyway Glad everything is okay though!