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  1. I have a question/theory. Is Hoid the end product of the destruction of Adonalsuim? When Adonalsuim shattered and the shards were scattered, was there something left? Perhaps a conscience, even one who, like syl in the first part of the way of kings, knew some things and not others? Or more likely, the same way the powers or ruin and preservation we're parallel(ly?) Connected to the mind/conscience. How preservations conscience was killed buy ruin, but the power still had a form of mind. Could hoid possibly be this subconcience of a dead God without the power and without knowing exactly what he is, but knowing some things like when he said he had to leave in WoR, or giving the coin to Wax?

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      That's fine :) 

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      Just go to that forum and click "Ask a question".

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