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  1. This time on Shardcast, not only are we talking about our Skyward reactions (short answer: it was really good), but also we are on VIDEO for the first time. So please, comment below on our ugly/extremely attractive mugs, the quality of video editing, and anything else. I'm very new to editing! All future Shardcasts will be on video, but the audio only version will always be available on Soundcloud and the RSS feed as usual. I think you get a lot out of video in this one, from seeing Grace's deep love for Jorgen, and me looking completely perplexed at something Ben says about the ending. Oh, and make sure you stick around for Who's That Cosmere Character, especially this time. Our cast today is Eric (Callsign: Chaos), Ian (Callsign: WeiryWriter), Grace (Callsign: thegatorgirl), Ben (Callsign: Overlord Jebus), and Shannon (Callsign: Grey). How'd you like Skyward? Are you a Fan-Fan? Tell us below!
  2. There's been an update to's store for the holidays with a few new items. There are signed Oathbringer hardcovers (personalizations will start again in January), a Doomslug shirt (which is absolutely adorable), and some new lanyards. The two new lanyards are a cosmere one and a Skyward one, and you can get both of the new ones for $12. There's also a Glowing Kaladin t-shirt. There are various items coming soon that are not quite available for purchase yet. One of these is the Hero of Ages anniversary leatherbound, which will have the Hemalurgy table in it. (Hype!) There will also be a Cobalt Guard patch and a DDF patch coming as well.
  3. You can paste different formatting in and it will be preserved.
  4. So it's very tedious to delete these bot accounts one by one. I likely can't. But I need an example of a bot to see if our flag as spam button removes About pages. Those ones don't qualify. It's not like the usernames are really causing a problem when it's a random string of letters.
  5. Which account is in question here @Badadah? I want to do some testing.
  6. This week on Shardcast, we are discussing one of the mysterious figures in the cosmere: Frost, a real life cosmere dragon. We discuss the letters involving him, the Traveler, the Dragonsteel sample chapters, and the in-world Seventeenth Shard. Also, Pokemon and quantum mechanics. For some reason. Our cast today is Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Joshua (jofwu, who talks more this time!), and Grace (thegatorgirl).
  7. That entirely depends on which setting. In the signing line I would not expect to ever get more than two. That's kind of pushing it even. PM me here or on Discord and let's exchange contact info so we meet up! I should be there about 6pm. I'm driving from Monterey and it takes a while.
  8. MountainKing is misquoting a WoB. Brandon said that the first three will reasonably stand by themselves, but the fourth will really require you to read the others. That does not mean that Starsight is not a sequel; it obviously is, it's just Brandon means that it won't be a disaster if you didn't read Skyward first for it. Specifically:
  9. Post typos and errors for Skyward here.
  10. @thegatorgirl00 was mentioning this earlier in Discord! It's an excellent catch!
  11. Guys, don't ping me for forum games. I don't appreciate pointless pings. Thank you!
  12. Hi guys, looks like most ebook places are distributing Skyward now, so it's time for full book spoilers! Post them here. I didn't really like how the topic tags happened with Oathbringer, so I would say don't do that here but please do keep spoilers out of topic titles. So yeah, here we go! I hope you enjoyed it.
  13. What
  14. Badali Jewelry, makers of all sorts of amazing jewelry from the cosmere, from Stormlight, Mistborn, and Elantris, is having a fall sale until November 22nd. Not everything is on sale, but a lot is, from the Steel Alphabet rings we reported on, Aon pendants, Cosmere symbol pendants (which I am currently lusting about), and also some pins. There's a huge variety of things there. Be sure to check them out. We know this stuff can be a bit expensive, but just know that these items are extremely high quality. I love all three of the Aon pendants I have. These Jes and Shash pendants and pins look awesome, and I'd probably already have them if I wore pendants more. If you have any interest in these items, now is definitely the time to grab them. Aon pendants are regularly $57 with enamel and the ones on sale are $45. Most on sale items seem about $10 off, which is a big deal when they are regularly $50-$60. Some particular items that are not on sale, however, are Allomantic symbol earrings, which are also cool.
  15. This week on Shardcast, not only do you get to continue getting some spicy Words of Brandon from the Legion release--which remind us of how crazy these weird stormstrider things are--but you also get some bonuses. That's right, you also get a special edition podcast of Tasercast, as well as Dresden Files Cast. Did we know where that would lead us today? Not even remotely. We also learn about Heralds and their bodies (which is a great sentence to say out of context), the classics of Gavilar's black spheres, and also... bears. This week we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and the TRAITOROUS Ben (Overlord Jebus) who tried to steal my podcast intro! The nerve! I am the evil overlord and Lord Ruler on this show, mister!