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  1. It's really time-intensive to do these shows weekly. After Oathbringer's release we did over a year of weekly shows, but it's pretty brutal, so we went to every other week from late 2019 until Rhythm of War hit. We're doing the same now until the next big release. It's quite a lot to record and edit each of these weekly, and it's nice to do in bursts when big stuff comes out, but is not long term sustainable. We all work full time. There's just not enough hours in the week. I'd really hate to learn to resent the podcast because of pushing too hard. Honestly, the last few episodes have been like that. Every other week was a lot more sustainable. I haven't been able to do short videos like I want, so hopefully there should still be some regular content coming, but hopefully it won't take as much time to produce as the podcast.
  2. Hey, welcome! I had to move this topic to the Rhythm of War board. Please be aware of which forum you are posting in and read their descriptions. In addition, Rhythm of War content cannot be outside of the RoW boards.
  3. Let's talk about fabrials! We sure learned a bunch about them in Rhythm of War, that's for sure. This is the first of two episodes on fabrials. In this one we're going through the Part One epigraphs, which really did have a ton of fabrial stuff. We'll continue this next time, but do note Shardcast will be back to every other week after this one. We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry, and who lives by a jet plane known as his laptop's fan), Evgeni (Argent), Joshua (jofwu), Marvin (Paleo), and making a return from a long, long time ago is Rosemary (Kaymyth)! Timestamps: 00:00 Introductions 03:08 Fabrials Pre-RoW 9:51 Part One Epigraphs! 10:40 Ch 1 Epigraph 11:40 Ch 2 13:29 Ch 3 15:20 Ch 4 22:08 Ch 5 28:05 Ch 6 30:06 Ch 7 38:29 Ch 8 46:21 Ch 9 49:05 Ch 10 56:22 Ch 11 (and Ch 10) 1:11:21 Ch 12 1:14:44 Ch 13 1:21:12 Ch 14 1:22:06 Ch 15 1:30:27 Ch 16 and 17 1:35:45 Ch 18 1:40:37 Ch 19 1:43:53 Who's That Cosmere Character 1:50:54 Outro If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  4. Hmmmmmmm... I can't think of anything right now. Reading new cosmere is always awesome, so I do love it. It can be frustrating to moderate different people for the same behavior that we've needed to deal with before. Like "oh another person getting upset about this" sort of thing, or very similar arguments over and over again. More people complaining about shipping (it's fine for people to like things you don't personally enjoy, you'll be okay), more people being gatekeepy about WoBs to newer readers (be nice to people), pedantic arguments that get heated about minor things for no reason (why are people getting so heated on the internet? Have fun, jeez). It happens a lot. I can't wait for when cosmere adaptations happen so we can have the same casting arguments about representation every hour for years on end! That'll be... super fun... I'm very rarely surprised with things these days... though we had to ban a literal Nazi a few months ago, so that was a horrifying new experience. I at least learned a new horrible racial slur... yikes. So I guess that was surprising. But most things are not surprising. But I'm good; I'll be here for a long time to come. Hmmm, yeah, can't say this has happened to me, but I don't even really visualize things as I am reading. I'm not a very visual person.
  5. This weekend, if you want some content from us at 17th Shard, there will be things! We'll be a guest on a stream Friday evening, and we'll do a stream of our own on Sunday! The Friday stream will be by another excellent booktuber named Bookborn. She's hosting a stream where we talk about Stormlight 5 predictions. Bookborn will be joined by two other creators, Alex Nieves of FantasyBookTalk and Elliot Brooks, along with our Eric and Grace. It will start at 5pm Pacific (8pm Eastern) on February 26th and it'll be about an hour. I'm super excited about this, so come join us! It will be streamed on YouTube at this link: Then, on Sunday, we'll be doing another Shardcast stream like our New Year's Stream on Sunday, 10am Pacific (1pm Eastern). Instead of on our Twitch, we figured we'd do this one on our YouTube channel, and I imagine we'll go for three hours or so. When I have a link to the video, I'll update this post with details!
  6. What's this letter/color business? This is some dumb memey thing, isn't it? I mean Brandon's are fun. I can't say I have much time to read much non-Brandon stuff usually... Cute birb! Though Jess generally likes birds much more than me. She's the Disney princess!
  7. A specific thing doesn't really come to mind when I'm making a snap , but there are a lot of more minor things I suppose. I'm a procrastinator, and it's real bad. It's always weird me teaching, because I had terrible study habits in school. 1. Letters are not colors. 2. First one is great and a classic. I liked the second one. Haven't seen the third one. 3. Pretty cool but I prefer less standard fantasy races. 4. Go to bed! 1. Letters are not colors. I don't understand what's going on with this and the last question. 2. I'm fine. Pretty busy! 3. Hugs are good, but hugs from strangers are weird. Yeah, I don't get paid. Like, the Patreon money goes to me, but I obviously distribute various things out. None of us even get paid minimum wage. Moderating is a thankless job everywhere on the internet. I find the drive because I want to be the best fansite around, and the Brandon fandom is great. Daerra was not pleased.
  8. Hi there. I have moved this to one of the RoW forums, where Rhythm of War discussion is allowed. Rhythm of War content cannot be outside the Rhythm of War board during the spoiler period:
  9. Probably not for a long time. No. That's core functionality. Not sure why you'd want that not to be here.
  10. You'll also need to enable browser notifications:
  12. Last time we talked mechanics about Enlightened Truthwatchers, but now let's talk about some character dynamics with Renarin and Rlain! We discuss representation, hopes for the future, with some book five thoughts as well! We also talk about possible oaths and Shardplate some too. We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (Weiry), Alyx (Feather), Grace (thegatorgirl), and Matt (Comatose). We also have Dalish who wanted to play Who's That Cosmere Character too. See our previous episode on the Enlightened Truthwatchers here: Excellent thumbnail art by rspixart: 00:00 Introduction 1:37 Renarin & Rlain 1:31:37 WTCC If you like our content, support us on Patreon: For discussion, theories, games, and news, come to Come talk with us and the community on the 17th Shard Discord: Want to learn more about the cosmere and more? The Coppermind Wiki is where it's at: Read all Words of Brandon on Arcanum: Subscribe to Shardcast: Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]
  13. Pretty sure on sites that use browser notifications you can have it notify you on your phone. At least on Chrome I believe. So this is already a solved problem.
  14. I'm going to give a cop out answer, but to be honest, it's the truest: meeting my incredible fiance, and very soon to be wife, @LadyLameness. But aside from that... I'd say the friends and relationships I've made here will be lifelong, and Shardcast has brought me closer to a lot of people. It's great. And seeing the kind reactions to our content is very flattering. And getting over a million posts here on the Shard, a super active Discord, and a wiki that is likely one of the very best fan wikis; it's all incredible.
  15. Not sure what you're finding confusing. Brandon just said that that scene with Lezian dying (with El) wasn't in his alpha draft, but it existed in later drafts.