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  1. So, thanks to @Personification the issue has been discovered. Not only is there a size restriction, there is actually a dimension restriction. The file they were trying to upload was at 5000x7000, which is enormously large. Due to the compression, the file was below the limits, but the error was still thrown. Much to my dismay, however, I can't actually manually input an image dimension restriction on Gallery! Gah! Why, IPS. I'll try to put a disclaimer on the upload screen, but I am hoping this summer when I do site updates, all this Gallery terribleness will go away...
  2. After a short break on Shardcast last week due to sickness, we're back discussing the Lord Ruler, and this time its for PedantiCast action with his mechanics, powers, and abilities. And his powerset is absolutely ridiculous! We talk about Investiture, nicrosilminds, Hemalurgic unicorns... it's everything you want. Maybe. We have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and Ben (Overlord Jebus) WTCC: 1:06:35 Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected] If you like our content, support us on Patreon:
  3. Can you email me the images? I see no reason why that JPEG wouldn't work... I'm at [email protected]
  4. Right, so the front page is broken due to the HTTPS support. I know the fix but have not had the time to implement it. (It's kind of a scary change I need to make.) You can also open them in new tabs and it will work.
  5. Try to lower the filesize below 8MB and let me know if that works?
  6. Which specific sizes? There's clearly still a size issue but I would like the exact filesize. Even though I set PHP to allow 10, maybe I need to just overshoot it to like 8 or something...
  7. Wrong forum (use Entertainment Discussion) and duplicate topic. I am closing this thread.
  8. Due to sickness, Shardcast has been canceled this week. I probably should have announced it here and not just Discord and the social medias xD Lord Ruler will continue next week.
  9. We had a whole podcast on pronunciation, and most of us don't listen to the audiobook
  10. Hi! 17S Discussion is for discussing the site. I have moved this to Stormlight Archive's board.
  11. dark one

    That is a great question I don't know the answer to. I'm super busy editing just this one show, but it does feel right to have maybe shorter weekly analysis episodes on a TV show. Maybe if they were shorter than an hour and more like 30-45 minutes it wouldn't be too onerous to edit. Dark One will lead us into a lot of new territory, as our spoiler policy is obviously pretty book-based on the forums and Discord. Like how we would deal with weekly new spoilers? We obviously are not making a new spoiler board for each one!
  12. This week on Shardcast we are done with Roshar. Take that, Roshar, it's time for Scadrial's time in the sun. (Get it? Because they are closer to the sun in Era 1. Hah, jokes.) Anyway, we are talking about one of the most interesting things on Scadrial: the Lord Ruler! We're talking about his character and history, and we'll talk in detail about his powers next week. We talk about the Ascension A LOT, get derailed from talking about the subjugation of Terris, and of course, get annoyed thinking about the Lord Ruler's kids. Today we have Eric (Chaos, who talks way too much in this), Matt (Comatose, and his video is terribly laggy), and Grace (thegatorgirl, who unfortunately has to deal with these two Lord Ruler nerds blab). Shardcast is the premier podcast on Brandon's works, Stormlight Archive, Mistborn, and all of the cosmere, run by the mega-fans at 17th Shard. We strive for high-quality discussion and analysis and accuracy, but if we missed something, we're sure you'll comment below! Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected] If you like our content, support us on Patreon:
  13. It will appear as a gold + in the members list in the bottom, as well as give you the Patron group on posts. This doesn't happen automatically though we will work really hard to get this done as quickly as possible. Once one backs, there is a post on Patreon with a Google form where you can put in your 17S username.
  14. Today, we are launching a Patreon for 17th Shard and our content creation efforts. We have long had a well-hidden donate button on our About page, and it was hidden for a reason: we don't want to beg for money. However, people have asked for an effective way to donate to 17th Shard, and so this is a good way to do that. Nothing with us is changing with our content release schedule. We will not timegate content or paywall content. This will just be a tip jar if you happen to really like the site, or want to support our content. If you're willing to put some of your hard-earned money into this venture, that is extremely humbling and we are insanely grateful for it, but make sure your financial situation is solid before you do. Don't feel obligated to do this; only do this if you really like what we do here and feel in your heart you want to support us. On our Patreon page, we have a quick explanation for what we do, our goals, and your cosmetic rewards for being a Patron, but if you're wondering why we are doing a Patreon, look no further than our Why Patreon section, which I have also put below. Why Patreon? We are coming to Patreon because, since 2010, all the funding for this site has come out of the pockets of a select few of our staff members (with some occasional, but much appreciated, support from other donors). To give users an excellent experience, we use some paid software, like what we use for the main 17th Shard site (Invision Power Suite). Not to mention, hosting all these projects is not cheap. Doing content creation right has also not been cheap, as we've purchased quality equipment for each of our large roster of casters, and maintain a subscription to premium video editing software,as we are dedicated to crafting a top-notch product. In addition, we pay for a Soundcloud subscription so that the entirety of our back catalog of Shardcast remains publicly available. Our hope with this Patreon is to begin paying back our staff members for all the money they have put into the site, as well as lend support to the production of Shardcast (and other video content) which requires a large investment of time, particularly when it comes to editing. We would like to begin compensating our panelists and editors for the time they give to these projects, invest in ways to improve the quality of our shows, and of course, expand our content offerings! We intend this Patreon to be a tip jar for you, if you would like to support what we do. As with all donations, please make sure you only donate if your financial situation is okay. You come first. We do not intend for this to change any accessibility to the content we have created thus far or plan to create going forward, that is we will never put Shardcast or access to any of our sites behind a paywall. Though we may periodically post some special bonus content just for our Patrons. We are new to Patreon so please bear with us as we start small. To begin our rewards will be: -A special role on our Discord server, saying that you are Patron, with a special Patron chat channel -A special designation on the forums, saying you are a Patron, with a special Patron discussion forum As we grow and get more established we may expand our rewards, but we don't want to get ahead of ourselves right now! Thanks for reading, and if you choose to support us, thank you so much. Seriously. Check out our Patreon at
  15. 17th Shard Discussion is for discussion about the site. I'll move this to General Brandon Discussion.