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  1. This week on Shardcast we are returning to Skyward, and we're here to do our predictions for the sequel of Skyward, Starsight! We also get in-depth on the lore of the Skyward Universe. Of course, we additionally discuss... Pacific Rim? Guardians of the Galaxy? Yeah, we talk about a lot here. This episode features probably our longest Who's That Cosmere Character yet, because we're dumb sometimes. Our cast today is Eric (Callsign: Chaos), Ian (Callsign: WeiryWriter), Grace (Callsign: thegatorgirl), Ben (Callsign: Overlord Jebus), and Shannon (Callsign: Grey). Our Skyward reactions are here:
  2. Hi everyone, we have a small holiday giveaway for you, courtesy of Badali Jewelry. They have generously given us a Bridge Four Pendant to give away to you all! This beautiful pendant is in cast in yellow bronze, with blue enamel, and with a stainless steel chain. It's really nice. Badali Jewelry has fantastic quality, and you can get one for free now! To enter, you must: 1. Be in the US, 2. Register a 17S Account, 3. Post in this thread! That's it! The winner will be chosen randomly. You must only enter once--no duplicate accounts. You can enter until December 21st, 11:59 PM, and then we will PM you on the site for the winner's address, and ideally send this out the week after. (Yes, we know US only will be disappointing to some, but international shipping is expensive. We're sorry!) Here are some pictures, made by me, who is a bad photographer, but check the link above for another look at the official Badali site
  3. This week on this totally not late and definitely on time episode of Shardcast, we are dealing with the Davars! We kept up with the Kholins, the most influential family on Roshar, so it's time to look into the most influenced family. We talk about all the Davars, the weirdness and mysteries still to be determined, and some ideas for the future. Also, the Seduction Vector and Pokespren. Our cast today is Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Joshua (jofwu), and Grace (thegatorgirl).
  4. Saw deep in the archives of what did you read that you were reading the Dresden files. How was the ride? When did you finish?

  5. That is not possible as default in the software so far. Maybe in future software versions they will put this in.
  6. That represents Hoid
  7. It's been dealt with. But... seven times!? How did you manage that?
  8. He has only done a specific 17S forum Q&A. Basically, short answer, the answer is no. He's said forums are very time-intensive and his time is very valuable.
  9. This week on Shardcast, you learn perhaps way, way too much about us. We're talking about our biggest crushes in the cosmere; our baes, our beefcakes, regardless of how irrational they may be. I almost spat out water. We also discuss the pronunciation of "duchy" and try to kick each other from the call. Who is your biggest cosmere crush? Comment below! Our cast is Eric (Chaos, also Ba-Ado-Mishram's lover), Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and Alyx (FeatherWriter, who likes manipulative relationships apparently). Send your Who's That Cosmere Character to [email protected]!
  10. Hi! I forgot this thread was a thing. The Way (tm) was a meme on Discord. I dunno apparently I am unusual for toilet paper being under, rather than over. It's just easier to tear off! I find arguments for toilet paper over to be quite poor. The Way(tm) of course is: "Open Tabs, Toilet Paper Under." Press that New Tab button on your browser and you shall learn all things. Also, toilet paper under. I would not say Unity is a Shard. Dalinar is not a Shard until his body is vaporized and the power suffuses him completely. Maybe Unity will be a reimagined version of Honor, but I'm not convinced. I don't think Dalinar will reunite Adonalsium, but it could be. I'm just being inherently conservative on making claims like that.
  11. Some pages are indeed marked as Protected. Sometimes this is due to spambots choosing a page and being very insistent on messing up a page. Sometimes this is because a member is very insistent on making an incorrect change that we must continually revert. In this specific scenario for the Cosmere page, an anonymous user was making false claims on the page (which were also written terribly unencyclopedically). After multiple times we reverted and this person continued to add this blatantly false stuff, we protected the page. Protecting pages is uncommon and not a usual scenario. I can grant you Editor permissions to bypass this, or you can post typo here or Discord.
  12. I forgot to remove this test skin. Apologies for the confusion. (It was indeed an exact copy, which for some reason fixed an issue. It was dumb.) IPS, our software, has a very sophisticated theming system and it is totally possible for there to be multiple themes. However, multiple themes means more testing for software updates, not to mention art assets. Design is labor intensive and you should not expect additional themes in the remotely near future. It is a thing we can do but not a priority. Priority for me are software updates as well as getting a good Coppermind redesign. I'd always prefer a consistent, well-crafted experience as opposed to multiple less good ones.
  13. I prefer, as the prominent public face of 17S and its administration, to never change my username so that people always know who they can contact. Let's be real, this festival is confusing.
  14. Eerongal doing mod work, what is this madness
  15. We've never given out White Sand prose, just Aether. I can ask about this, though, if it's a thing we can do.