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  1. Hello; this has been mentioned in a few places already. I have locked this topic as discussion can go in either of these locations.
  2. They have from time to time requested such things, and we will acquiesce to this request. You're welcome to contact Dragonsteel about it, if you wish.
  3. It is definitely not an actual kandra but something else, but I don't know if the Set's Faceless Immortals has a page right now. A lot of the Era 2 stuff needs a lot of work. There should be a dedicated page for those.
  4. You can obviously correct an error if you see one. Which page are you referring to? We would like to not set the standard on having someone "own" a page. We do not think this is a good idea.
  5. Which app in particular? I did the same thing on Soundcloud I always use, and it always goes off of the Soundcloud RSS feed: Yeah, I forgot to post the news topic here. I posted it on FB and Twitter though. Sorry about that.
  6. Neither of those news posts (I assume that's what you mean for announcements) embedded properly for some reason. Maybe it is related. Email me the link to them to [email protected] or on Discord.
  7. Huh. That's strange. Can you link me to which announcement you were trying to comment on, and which thing in Cosmere Q&A? I will investigate.
  8. We made a news post on this Seems the Shinaian (who knows how that is spelled) is likely a type of Fused, I'd say probably the kind of Surge they are using. There was also the word Tisark in Oathbringer that could be another Fused type.
  9. This might actually be the funniest Shardcast yet. This time, we have a random number generator pick a pair from about a hundred cosmere characters. Two teams must argue whether they should be shipped, or we should rip that ship. The best part is making people suffer arguing for really awful ships. Or maybe Alyx judging a certain Renarin ship... You won't be sad tuning into this one. This week we have Eric (Chaos), Grace (thegatorgirl), Alyx (Feather), Shannon (Grey), and Matt (Comatose). My apologies to Grace who I let down immensely in this episode. Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]!
  10. We actually got the word Regals from Oathbringer, so that part isn't quite new.
  11. This could have been because it was labeled as a Suggestion and suggestions displaying wrong in search results. I resaved it and it now works fine on both. Search should still display the speaker lines, regardless of if it is a Suggestion or not.
  12. We got a very short reading from Stormlight 4, courtesy of a video update from Brandon that aired at San Diego Comic Con 2019. (It was delivered via video since Brandon is still in Spain at the moment.) Check it out! Not a whole lot happens, but it is a Venli reading, which is pretty cool! Too bad we don't get more of it. Looks like we are getting the name of a type of Fused as well? And... towers? What do you think? Dragonsteel Entertainment would like to discourage creation of transcripts for this reading.
  13. Legends say it is possible that Shardcast can get through Words of Brandon in a single episode, and this time we do it! We also discuss a Stormlight 4 reading ( ), which you can skip past at 20:30. There are some neats Words of Brandon in this one, too, talking about Shards, the survival Shard, and the purpose of the Rosharan system!? It's pretty fun. This week we have Eric (Chaos), Ian (WeiryWriter), Evgeni (Argent), and Grace (thegatorgirl). Send your Who's That Cosmere Characters to [email protected]!
  14. He's always said the cosmere is pretty small, for the record. That's not really new, though he was imprecise about calling it a "dwarf galaxy" before.
  15. I suppose it was dampened for me because it was yet another disgruntled Stark employee and yet another Tony superweapon. I didn't really like how we had flashbacks to old movies, like with the BARF and insert Gyllenhaal in there. It felt a little much.