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    When people ask how I can read three Stormlight Archive books in one week
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    From the album General SA Art

    The first half of Oathbringer interludes characters (Puuli, Kaza, Ellista, Taravangian), also a part of Elsewhere on Roshar project (I’m back on more OB stuff!)
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    Okay finally here and going to catch up on the thread. Listened to the audio book of 6th of the dusk because I didn't want spoilers. Sorry for being late to the party but here's a bird I painted while listening to the story. Hopefully it'll help make up for my absence a little. Haha (not sure why the image is sideways)
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    A recent WoB mentioning that Adonalsium had a purpose in the design of Roshar has granted me inspiration to a greater understanding of the history of Roshar. Adonalsium, being a great and powerful being, managed to calculate the meaning of life, the universe, and everything, but needed more computing power to calculate the question for its answer. So the greater Rosharan system was created as a celestial scale super computer, designed to finally find the ultimate question. But then, due to an exodus of rather useless people from Ashyn (which was shortly afterwards sadly destroyed by a telephone-borne disease) to Roshar, killing off most of the peaceful indigenous peoples, the calculations were ruined. Now in the modern day, Odium is attempting to destroy Roshar, to make space for a super-highway between Nalthis and Scadrial. Hoid, being a hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is, arrives just in time to save his friend Dalinar from the imminent destruction of Roshar, and thus we reach the end of Oathbringer.
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    From the album Minimalist Warbreaker Cover

    Always thought this would be a cool visual. The colors broke on the previous version, which is why it was hidden and this new one added.
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    Foreman Cole thanked her lucky stars that the day’s work had gone smoothly and without incident so far. In another hour or so the day shift would end, and so far there had been no paranoia-related incidents. She'd have to… Her train of thought was interrupted by shouting coming from outside her office. ‘Me and my big mouth…’ she muttered as she headed out to see what was going on. A group of workers had gathered outside and where loudly arguing. “Everyone be quiet! You!” She pointed at one of the louder contractors. “What’s going on that apparently can’t wait and can’t be discussed in a civil manner?” “It’s Saluden, foreman.” a worker from the archipelago called First of the Dawn responded. “He hasn’t shown up for work. In fact, no one’s seen him for the last day or so. We think that’s mighty suspicious.” “Not as suspicious as Elandera, foreman!” Another worker spoke up. “She’s been spreading baseless rumors around!” “Saluden called in sick for the day. Something about ‘light-therapy’. That’s something those that worked with him should know by now.” The foreman turned her gaze towards Elandera in the back. “Spreading baseless rumors is precisely the sort of thing that’ll make our work here even harder. I honestly don’t care whether you were involved in the sabotage or not, this is the kind of work where there is no place for a rumormonger. Pack your stuff, and an officer of the constabulary will be waiting for you at the gate. I imagine they’ll have questions for you.” *** Mika Fergus was nursing a head-ache as he made his rounds. He’d been posted at the entrance to the hangar the night before, and had the dubious honor of running into one of the saboteurs. He didn’t remember the encounter itself, just waking up tied up and gagged in a janitorial closet. The patrol inside of the hangar felt a lot safer to him. With the airship’s searchlights operational anything suspicious could be lighted up as clearly as if it was noon. This had been useful when he had seen someone skulking around the aviary at the start of his shift, but that had just been First of the dawn looking at the Aviar. A cold splash of liquid in his neck brought his thoughts back to the here and now. Something seemed to be leaking from the brig section. Something that smelled like...fuel? “Hey, can I get some light over here!” He shouted as he started climbing the gantry. He was certain he could see a shadowy figure move above him. One of the airship’s searchlight started moving towards him, then suddenly went out after a flash that nearly blinded the unfortunate guard. When his sight returned, the shadowy figure was gone, and a small trail of fire was creeping its way towards the ship’s brig section. It reached the brig long before mika could reach it, and when it did the entire section was alight in a matter of seconds. *** Elandera was fired, she was a NITC worker. StrikerEZ targeted the Aviary. The brig and the bridge were sabotaged. Airship parts: player list This cycle ends Wednesday 17th of July, 12:00 (noon) Amsterdam time.
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    From the album RP Doodles

    Nearly-finalized version of card 0 in the Alleydeck (no, I haven't forgotten about the deck)! Lita Attar as The Acolyte. Meaning: The Acolyte [Fool] represents new beginnings, having faith in the future, being inexperienced, not knowing what to expect, having beginner's luck, improvisation and believing in the universe.
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    A while back I took the Cosmere symbol into Photoshop and changed it a bit from the original black-and-white photo. I think it turned out nice. The 16-sided star looks nice overlapping the silver I think.
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    Sixth of the Dusk spoiler:
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    Now this is a pretty crazy out there theory that someone will definitely prove wrong, but none of my friends read these books and I needed someplace to share this thought. What if Oathbringer is the Sibling? I could be mistaken here, but I’m pretty sure that there was only one Bondsmith at the time of the Recreance, but I don’t think it ever tells us which spren is the one who is bonded. I think that the Bondsmith was bonded to the Sibling, then broke their oath like the other Knights Radiant, leaving the sibling behind as a shardblade. This could explain why The Stormfather refuses to be summoned as a blade. He remembers what happened, and is sure that Dalinar will break his oath, leaving him dead, which I don’t think would happen unless he were manifesting in the physical realm as a blade. It could also help explain why Oathbringer doesn’t hate Dalinar as much, as Dalinar is probably someone who could have forged a bond with him in the first place. I also like the thought of a Bondsmith blade being named Oathbringer.
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    Me before I read Secret History:
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    Shallan and Adolin: General Shard related:
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    I'm going on this premise: Odium always asks from people to commit to him alone. Odium converted some Singers to join his cause against Honor and Cultivation, by convincing them to fight against the Humans. He makes these Singers Cognitive Shadows, and they become the Fused. The Fused can Voidbind, or atleast use a version of Surgebinding. One approach to becoming a Cognitive Shadow is to get an infusion of investiture in between the time when your physical body dies and when you pass on into the Beyond. Knight Radiants get an infusion of Honor's investiture when they first speak any of their Oaths. This could also possibly true in Voidbinding, in which case the infusion is of Odium's investiture. I was looking through the Death Rattles, and I came across this one: And I can't help but wonder if this is the initiation oath for a Singer to become a cognitive shadow upon death, and become one of the Fused. The death is my life. The Singer only speaks this upon death, and accepts investiture from Odium to become a Cognitive Shadow. In doing so, they accept that they will never again be truly alive. They accept their death, and it will be the only life they know going forward. The strength becomes my weakness. The old source of their strength, their belief in denying Odium and trust in the wisdom of other, ancient Singers/Honor/Cultivation is now their weakness. Following those old paths will only lead them further from their conviction in Odium. The journey has ended. They have given themselves over to Odium, and absolve themselves of any responsibility going forward. Their journey has ended, they have arrived in a place in their life from where what they want will actually be achieved. Or maybe their Journey has ended, they no longer fight to get somewhere in life, now they fight for a prize they personally will never get. They fight for their descendents. This imo would be genius manipulation by Odium. He literally makes people fight for something they will never get. And the ones they believe they are fighting for don't even know if they want it anymore. The modern singers don't even remeber how this fight started and would be willing to stay with the Humans in peace. But the Fused say "No, we are doing this because you want this, even though you don't know you want this, so come here, listen to our preachers tell you what you should want so that we can fight for it and you can join us. Trust us, we know better." The other possible interpretation is that this from the perspective of a Radiant who has utterly given up - and to me it seems extremely unlikely, as the whole journey of a Radiant is to utterly and truly believe that they will not give up despite their pain and will keep going inspite of it.
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    From the album My Mistborn Stuff

    Today I did some digging in an old box in my room and I found this that I put together a year ago. Ah, Zane. What an interesting character.
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    Could have sworn the password was up up down down left right left right a b start
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    I listened to the latest episode of Shardcast, and I got interested in this particular WoB: The podcasters discussed this a little bit, and connected Brandons response to Kelsier, since Kelsier somehow being involved with the Ghostblods is a common theory. But if it was Kelsier, we wouldn’t be pretty close. We would be there. But someone close to Kelsier? Someone who has been seen as a Survivor, like Kelsier. That someone is Spook. We know that Spook is Cosmere-aware. We also know that he left his position as king and disappeared. But we do not know where he went after that, or what he is up to. I suggest that he became a Ghostblood. Furthermore, I think Spook is a word that has something to do with ghosts (not sure about this, please correct me if it isnt so). If so, that is another connection. What do you guys think?
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    Basics: Factions: Roles: GM Notes: The Game will start on July 27th, at 4:00 PM. This date is subject to change. This game is a rerun of LG32 and LG2. Player List: Spectator List:
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    So I'e been moving backward on the forums reading things that seemed interested in and two things related to Rysn stood out. One was someone liking the idea of her taking a larger role (which would be cool) but being uncomfortable with her regaining the ability to walk. And the other was someone speculating on her becoming a Bondsmith by binding the Nightwatcher. My idea is that at some point things start to become desperate and people could really use another Bondsmith but the Nightwatcher and the Sibling will not get involved. And then Rysn goes to the Nightwatcher and makes a wish. "I wish to fight beside those people who I didnt interact with before this book and bring them together in defiance of Odium. Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination." And the Nightwatcher grants her boon and becomes bound to her. But the cost would be that stormlight would not repair the damage done to her body by the fall. She would have to live with it. She probably could use Stormlight to gain some mobility. But she would still be something something not certain how to correctly make a point which would be respectful to people with disabilities. Also one idea is that Stormlight would let her walk again but this capacity would always fade when the storm quited.
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    My name is Notchbeard and I have Cosmere addiction. I finished Wheel of Time 4 months ago and thought hmm I wonder if Sanderson's own books are any good and got in over my head. I came here for help. Here is what I have read in the 4 months since I picked up Mr Sanderson's fine works: Warbreaker Final Empire Well of Ascension Hero of Ages Way of Kings Words of Radiance Edgedancer Oathbringer I am starting Mistborn Era 2 now then I will read Elantris. Not sure where I will go from there. I feel like Sazed on his quest to find faiths, only my quest is to read these stories until I KNOW WHAT CEPHANDRIUS IS DOING!!! At this point I dont care which series he writes books for as long as it reveals more of our favorite storytellers true purpose/identity. Hello fellow addicts, I am now invested enough in this author to even spend time online theorycrafting. Toodles.
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    Think we can call the poll at this point. Results: 1. Would you support the new world plot proposed by Fatebreaker? Yes - 16 No - 0 2. How long should the plot last 1 Era - 1 2 Eras - 15 3+ Eras (If possible please explain) - 0 N/A - 0 3. When should this plot start? Era 4 - 7 Era 5 - 6 Era 6 or later - 2 N/A - 1 Unanimous approval that the plot should happen at some point (Nicely done @Fatebreaker), general consensus on a 2-era long plot. Some contention around whether the plot should start in era 4 or 5, I think we may be able to compromise a bit by having it take a background role in era 4, as @MetaTerminal suggested, with another main plot at the fore acting as something of a distraction. Maybe a small number of characters involved and actually aware of what the DA is planning, some espionage and counterespionage activities going on to try to work out what is actually happening but the main focus of most characters will be on a different main plot. And then Era 5 for when the change actually takes effect and the plot comes to the fore. Thoughts? Anyone strongly opposed to that or has an alternative suggestion?
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    I got slapped in the face with a horrific bout of insomnia last week and haven't been working on my daily stuff. Tomorrow I want to try to get back into it. Maybe. Here's one I did a few days ago, though.
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    Hai! I was the first one there to get his sign, so I could ask him a question. I asked "Would Leras recognize Vax?" and he answered thar yeah, he would. What do you think? It is the only WoB we have on Vax for now, so it could be important. Vax is not just some random memory from Ati, it is know by more Vessels, so maybe it has to do something with the Shattering? (I tried to link a pic, but the page doesnt allow me to since I'm very new)
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    From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    She's kinda pretty when she's mad, isn't she? I had a lot of fun drawing this bad chull Narrator. I gotta get me that armor....
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    Something had changed in the Northern wind’s hangar. There was still a lot of shouting and running around and accusations, but to Cole it seemed like some direction had appeared. People where asking questions and establishing Alibis, rather than rushing about spouting rumours and chasing monkeys. Or whatever those pets of Quill where supposed to be. Most of the day passed without serious incidents she needed to get involved in, until at the end of the day. A large group of workers had gathered once their shifts where over, and their discussion was quickly becoming more heated. “I’m telling you, Second of the sky is up to something! He left early, probably to plan his nefarious plans!” One person conjected. “No, it’s Auseor that’s been manipulating things behind the scenes.” A second voice interjected. “Everyone, I’ve found proof of Stick’s actions.” Auseor approached the group. “I found this in her locker. Behold, the tools of sabotage!” He set down a large toolbox with a clunk and opened it. “And would you look here? A detailed blueprint of the bridge with red circles marking where it was sabotaged!” She turned towards the foreman. “I’m certain there’s more proof to be found, but this seems fairly conclusive, no?” Cole shook her head in disappointment. “I’d have expected better of you, Stick. Someone call the police. They’ll handle the rest.” “But.. but.. You’ve got it all wrong!” Stick protested. “Yes, those tools are mine, as is the map, but I’m not the saboteur, I swear! Please, you have to believe me!” But no one did. *** The next morning the workers arrived to find the hangar doors sealed. A very frustrated looking foreman Cole was waiting at the doors flanked by two officers. Once everyone had gathered, she spoke up. “As I’m certain will come to nbo one’s surprise by now, the saboteurs have struck again, likely in revenge for our finally catching one of their’s yesterday. Someone took a frying pan to the communications equipment and scared away all the messenger pigeons. The reason I’m gathering all of you here is because someone else detonated a dung-packed explosive in the mess hall.”she held up a couple of slips of paper. “We know that some of you where in the mess hall this evening. I’d like everyone that left a message to come forward and claim theirs.” An uncomfortable silence settled over the group. “If you feel too embarrassed about the contents now, maybe you should have thought about that before making improbably claims about your physique or sharing snippets of your fiction. You can either come forward now, or these gentlemen here will start collecting samples of your handwriting to figure it out the hard way, and I’ll make certain you get assigned to cleaning the mess that used to be the crew’s mess.” A moment more of silence, then various workers and crew-members started coming forward to claim their message. *** The crew mess has been sabotaged The communications hut has been sabotaged _stick_ has been fired. They were an NITC engineer Lopen is visiting the hospital Vote tally: (2) Alvron: MrakeDarshall, , _Stick_, (3) _Stick_: StrikerEZ, Amanuensis,Devotary of Spontaneity (2) Devotary of Spontaneity: TheMightyLopen (1) Burnt Spaghetti: shanerockes, (Not so) anonymous messages: Airship parts: player list This cycle ends Sunday 21st of July, 12:00 (noon) Amsterdam time.
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    Blackbane stared at the Shadowblaze in disbelief. "Is that what I think it is?" "Yes." replied Elysian in a bored tone. "Would you like to see it up close?" "What do you..." Without warning, the Shadowblaze flew into Blackbane. He coughed, sputtered, and then, his eyes glowed white. "Forgotten!" cried Jerm Apple. From behind him, a low voice monotoned. "Took you long enough to figure it out." Jeeves stepped out of the shadows, and started strangling Jerm. Hordes of chalklings began pouring into the camp. The remaining three soldiers made a break for it. Unfortunately, Lumgol wasn't fast enough, and was quickly devoured. "What do you want us to do with the other two?" asked the Forgotten inhabiting Blackbane's body. "They're of no consequence to us. We have all the Dynamite, so there's not threat to the Tower." declared Elysian."The Circle has been shattered. We have won." The camp was Overrun! Lumgol was killed in the chaos. They were a Rithmatist Ventyl was killed. They were a Rithmatist Someone was turned into a Forgotten! The Forgotten outnumber the Rithmatists. There is no way for the remaining Rithmatists to win, so the game is over. Player List:
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    Unfortunately for the foreman, things didn’t quiet down after Elandera’s arrest. Quite the opposite in fact, with the saboteurs stepping up their campaign of destruction the workers had become more paranoid, and it was well before lunch that she got called in to mediate another big dispute before it turned into an all-out brawl. “Foreman, Third of Sunset was a pretty vocal part of the incident of yesterday, some of us think that’s…” “Quill’s odd creatures have been seen ranging through the airship where they don’t belong, he could have easily trained them to…” “Foreman!” “Foreman!” “Ms. Cole, if you’ve got a moment, our investigation so far has brought some interesting facts to life.” The calm voice nevertheless cut easily through the workers’ shouts. Unnoticed by all, a man in a civilian suit had walked up to the group and was now brandishing a badge. “It has come to our attention that mr. Thousantoo has something of a criminal record. We’d like to take him in for questioning.” The foreman nodded at the officer, then turned her attention back to the workers. “Do any of you have anything credible to contribute to his investigation?” “Something that does not have anything to do with mr. Quill’s monkeys, or whatever they are.” She interjected before anyone could speak. The group remained silent. “Allright officer, mr. Thousantoo is all yours.” *** Mika was sitting in the ship’s laboratory, waiting for his coat to be returned. One of the ship’s biologists had asked if they could borrow it, as he’d been pretty close to a saboteur and they hoped to find some clue as to their identities. Mika was fine with that. After the incident with the brig, the guards had been reassigned to keep an eye on the various volatile substances in and around the ship, and guarding the various chemicals in the lab seemed to him to be the safest posting by far. The lab itself was a miracle of modern size, containing in its small space everything an aspiring biologist or chemist would need to do their work. Mika glanced idly over the glass bottles with arcane labels and large warnings, the various machines for heating, diluting and observing the various samples, the panicked albatross flying into the room… Quiet work quickly turned into panicked chaos as more birds filled the room, trashing sensitive equipment and spilling various chemicals everywhere. Shouts of “get them out!” “Open a window” and “AAAAH, my eyes!” filled the room. Mika sighed as he got up to help the researchers. “This was supposed to have been a quiet and dignified posting.” he muttered as he opened the nearest window and started shooing the birds out. *** Vote count Ax's boyfriend(2): Lopen, burnt Drake(2): stick, BrightnessRadiant Burnt(2): Araris, devotary Alvron(1): Drake stick(1): strikerEZ Ax was fired. He was an NITC messenger Brightness radiant was hospitalized. She is a biologist The aviary was sabotaged The laboratory was sabotaged Araris Valerian is visiting the hospital this cycle. A message was left on the notice board in the crew mess: Airship parts: player list This cycle ends Friday 19th of July, 12:00 (noon) Amsterdam time.
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    "Okay," said Caden. "I know I may have been stealing from the camp supply, but is that really such a big deal. I mean, we're all against the Forgotten, right?" The remaining soldiers stared at him in dead silence. "Okay, why don't I offer you these Bribes to change your mind." Again, there was silence. "Uh... well... crud. I'll just be going then?" Unfortunately for the Thief, Caden would not be going anywhere anymore. Vote Count: Cadmium Compounder (4): Araris Valerian, Ventyl, Shqueeves, Snipexe Snipexe (1): Alvron Cadmium Compounder was lynched. He was a Thief. Known Roles: Camp Supply: Items Taken: The Strength of the Wild Chalklings is still at 3. This night will end on Wednesday July 17th at 7:00 PM CDT.
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    I have foregone the way of stick, in exchange for the leadership of The Furrets. All hail.
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    Wardell was doing the numbers. He had organized the camp's defense meticulously. Nothing could go wrong, and since he had organized it, it wouldn't be so bad if he didn't guard tonight. After all, they needed all the Chalk they could get, so what was the harm in him stockpiling some? He examined his surroundings, and noticed something odd. There was a clearing in the forest, and strange symbols were etched around it. In the center, stood a beautiful clock, its gears exposed to the outside world, but still running. Next to it, in a small colorful circle, rested a Shadowblaze. Wardell didn't understand the significance of this place. What was it doing here? The Shadowblaze stirred, then thrashed wildly. Wardell turned around, and swore. A horde of Wild Chalklings had overcome the defenses. He tried to figure out where he had miscalculated, but couldn't think of anything. He rushed back inside his tent. There, underneath the covers, was a device of his own making. It was a two-way radio. He had a friend back at High Command, who he had tasked with investigating the group. With any luck, they might now know the identity of one of the Forgotten. The tiny radio was his only means of communication. Wild chalklings were swarming over it. He dispelled them quickly, grabbing the device. He was about to flip the switch, when something bit him. Another stray chalking? No, there were too many for that. A Forgotten was entering the room, and was summoning more minions. Thinking quickly, he threw the radio away from the Forgotten, into the Camp Supply. Perhaps the town could make use of it. It was too late for him. StrikerEZ has died. He was a Rithmatist. The Camp was Overrun! Camp Supply: Items Taken: Known Items: Fragile Items: Player List: This Day will end on July 16th at 7:00PM CDT. Good luck.
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    So it's a fun theory! But (you knew there'd be a but, didn't you? Because it's me)... The Sibling was withdrawing before the Recreance. Its withdrawal and the evacuation of Urithiru were featured in the gemstone archives, which had to have been recorded prior to, not only the Recreance, but whatever Melishi's plan was. Also, as others have stated, Bondsmiths didn't get Shardblades. My personal theory is that the Sibling was withdrawing because it was unbonded at the time--the generation only had one Bondsmith. And the one that was bonded was the Stormfather. He's called a survivor of the Recreance, after all. In addition, I believe that Tanavast chose his own death at that time so that his Cognitive Shadow would be able to merge with the Stormfather and save him, preventing him from being a deadeye or whatever would happen to him as a mindless spren.
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    I gotta say the cutest thing in the cosmere would be Chiri-Chiri, because tiny Investiture-eating flying thing is adorable.
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    @Lord Furret @everybodyelse
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    I peeked out of the preparation room, feeling ready to scream from nerves. It's finally happening what if something goes wrong what if TFA turns up dead what if Ap secretly hates me AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. My internal freaking out wasn't dampened by the knowledge that I had gone crazy over this, telling everyone I knew and many people I didn't to attend. If this wedding sucked or something went wrong, there would probably be someone here to witness it. "Stop it," an amused voice ordered me, and then two arms pulled me back in and shoved the door shut. "It's all going to be fine. TFA is all right, Ap definitely doesn't secretly hate you, and if anything goes wrong then we can fix it. Okay, Ene? WE CAN FIX IT." Trying to slow my hyperventilating, I turned to face Safire Dretve. Her dress shifted in a soft gradient from bottom to top, dark gray to light gray to blue, with slits cut into the back. Extending from those slits were a pair of feathered gray wings, now folded flat on her back. Little blue ribbons tied more feathers into her equally blue hair. She grinned at me, knowing all my worries as if I'd said them out loud. Perks of being a telepath. "Saph's right," Ryfne said calmly from the side, where she sat with a smirking Ieiea Tylei. Ryfne wore an intricate red blouse, beads sewn into the material, with a black skirt and leggings. A shiny belt was hung with Poke Balls, and a streak of red marked her hair. "Everyone is like this when they get married. You'll be okay." Ieiea laughed. "You've always been more stable than the rest of us. It's weird to see you freaking out now." She was in forest green, with purple embroidery of letters spilling across it - dense near the top, then scattering to a few and then none closer to the bottom. Her wordspren, Phrase, lay on her left arm like a tattoo, with a denser concentration of letters and symbols at the shoulder and lessening down by her wrist. "Oh, thanks," I muttered back. Logically, I knew they made sense. Emotionally? That would be no. I paced anxiously over to the room's mirror, a giant hanging construction, and checked my appearance again. I did have to admit that I liked the dress; white satin, it swept down to my feet and rippled elegantly. It was long-sleeved, for the Vorin guests - even though I wasn't Vorin myself - and modest. Golden, embroidered dragons, each unique, swooped and dove, flamed and clawed around the bottom edge; Aons of the same color encircled my neckline, with Aon Ene prominent in the center. Tiny chains of linked infinity symbols looped the wrists. Silk gloves, also white, went up to my elbow, and I had on pale blue slippers. A silver chain necklace boasted a blue teardrop jewel, which glowed with Creationlight that Ieiea had agreed to infuse. My jeans were concealed by the dress. Turning back to the waiting three, I winced. "I'm going to trip and fall in my bouquet or something." The offending blossoms were Marewill flowers, their petals matching my necklace. The door was suddenly thrown open, and in marched Diona Rokni like a highstorm. A dark blue dress veiled gloves of golden silk, which reached to her wrists. A gold earring, Pathian in design, pierced one ear; a necklace of the same metal - likely holding health - hung loosely. A blue-winged kingfisher with a yellow chest perched on her shoulder. Rwendeh was well-groomed, and somehow it suited Diona to have a bird with her. She gave me one look, and I could feel my bravery and calm mounting. It was Rioting, of course, but I welcomed it. I knew they were right; it was extremely unlikely that any of my insane scenarios would actually take place. Diona's boost helped. I closed my eyes, drew in a long breath, and exhaled. Opening my eyes, I felt my emotions return to normal - with an elevation in excitement that I didn't think came from Allomancy. Thanks, I mouthed at her. She smiled back, but it didn't go to her eyes. None of her happiness did these days, thanks to her childhood and the events at the Fulfillment's base; there was always a hidden melancholy. For now, that had been erased from her face, and when she spoke her voice was tinged with interest. "So, when do you plan to go out there and greet people? Because, y'know, they're arriving." I let out a little yelp. "They ARE? Already? But it's like half an hour before the ceremony!" "That...is pretty normal, actually, for weddings," Ryfne pointed out, while Safire tried to hide her giggles. Ieiea didn't even do that. "Erm. Okay. All right. I will...go out there and talk to them! Yes! Small talk!" I gave banishing the last threads of my anxiety one more shot before grabbing the door handle. Shooting a glance behind me at the four of them, I opened it and stepped out. I was greeted by a chapel smothered in color. White streamers dangled from every available surface. Stormlight shone through blue and gold filters, illuminating the open hall of Omi Chapel through the clever use of mirrors and lamps. The pews, with their dark wood backs and red velvet seats, were set in rows facing the podium. Outside, in Silverlight Meadow, I knew tables were draped with white showed off their gleaming silverware, centerpieces of more Marewill blossoms decorating them every few place settings. I glanced to the side and froze. Leaning against the wall was a young man in a simple black-and-white suit with a light gray tie. As he saw me, he straightened and grinned, saluting me. I sighed, but hid a smile. "Hey, Mond. What are you doing here?" "Attending your wedding?" he tried innocently. "When you were expressly told not to come, because you'd cause havoc?" Mond smirked, his act dropping as easily as a raindrop. "You say that like I ever listen to you." "Fair," I allowed. "Just don't ruin anything, or I'll kill you." "You do that, Ene. You do that." His smirk widened. We both knew his semblance would prevent me from killing him, if I got up the nerve to try. I made a shooing motion, biting my lips together so I wouldn't laugh, and watched Mond saunter off in the other direction. Then I turned, squared my shoulders, and moved toward the door. *half an hour later* I stood now right outside Omi Chapel, shivering in the lamentations of the wind. With no father to hand me off present, Gati was doing it for me. He was male at the moment, with a tuxedo the same yellow as his eyes, but I'd seen it shift to a full-on dress occasionally. He gave me a fatherly wink and squeezed my hand as the first notes of Forever Fall began playing inside; we stepped forward, through the doors, which were at that moment flung open by Lurchers. "Once, like a dream, you lo-ooked at me, and e-very-ything felt new..." It was like a dream. I proceeded up the aisle, finding faces I knew among the masses on the benches. Replay, giving me a quiet thumbs-up; Yd, with her gauzy, pale yellow dress patterned with green glyphs across the shoulders and down the back, Ene the seon drifting just above her; Deteca with her bright peach-colored gown, lacking any ornamentation yet still beautiful; so many others, all watching me. "Some people fall in love for life; others never get it right - love's fickle when it calls..." TFA waited at the podium, ready to say the vows and join Ap and I together - wed. On either side, sand masters swirled designs in the air, and Lightweavers prepared to shoot off fake fireworks. Was I ready? No, I was still panicked! Diona's Rioting had worn off long ago and I was NOT READY FOR THIS. "One thing that I know for suuuure, longer than our lives endure; yoooooou're myyyyy -" Strangely, Ap wasn't standing next to TFA. His white outfit should've been easy to pick out, but it wasn't. As we approached, I couldn't find him. "...Fore~ver~ FAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLL -" The volume of the music screeched up, and as the last word - fall - played, something fell in front of me, landing crumpled and distraught on the floor. Silence hit. All anyone could do was stare. We'd found Apollyon. He was dead.
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    As I'm the first to post, it's an honor to open this round of the tournament. *bows deeply* Start humming and make room for the unbelievable, noble and majestic Melody (I have to admit it's been the hardest rap I've written so far. I spent a few hours staring at an empty sheet of paper, but here you are. As I won't have to time to revise it tomorrow, it's as good as it will get.)
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    When you wear a " run like bridge four " shirt to volleyball practice
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    Lita stood in a frozen moment, staring into the Stranger’s eyes. The spike in his left socket glowed, and the black well of his right eye deepened into a darkness she had no name for. Eternal, terrible. Powerful. She felt the lightning before it struck, ozone fizzing on her tongue, lifting the hair on her skin. It split the sky, a white rift in the darkness and rain. The Coin froze in midair, and the image of the spiked skull sparkled with cold finality. Both faces. “So be it,” the Stranger whispered, and his voice was a vein of metal beneath the earth, a vein of dark blood deep beneath the skin - surging and visceral and inevitable. He moved toward her with the casual grace of a predator who had forgotten what it was to be afraid. The Stranger was inertia, was the step forward. His left hand slid back a fraction, long spike held in practiced fingers. Lita caught the last flicker of lightning along its edge: bright, hard, and sharp. Then he was before her, and Lita was reminded of their first meeting, when his Shade had offered her the Coin. He had been close then. He was closer now. Lita felt the air bend before him, rippling against her. She could hear his breathing - measured, but deep. The barest edge of one of his sleeves brushed against the inside of her arm as he crossed the last few inches between them. Tin raged within her, but she could feel her reserve running thin. Not much left now. The intensity of her flare slipped the barest fraction, but it was enough. Enough for the emotions she had shoved away to come rushing back in full. The first was terror. For one sliver of a moment she was Lita Attar again: young and lost and woefully out of her depth. Wait! Her mind shrieked. Wait! Too late. The spike plunged deep into her, the fragile skin of her torso parting with a traitorous ease. Lita heard it, heard the metal grind against one of her ribs, felt the sound reverberate through her body with a dense wetness. The world slowed around her, and she could have counted each drop of rain in the air. She felt her body curve around the impact, felt her mouth open in a scream. A light mist of blood painted the tattered grey of the Stranger’s coat. Pain. She had thought she knew agony before. Fool. Everything was pain, hot, thunderous, singing in her ears, sawing her nerves. Lita tasted copper in her mouth, and the world began to blur and darken. Tin raced through her, the last flames of her flare burning higher, hotter, harder, stoked by the Storm. Her mind began unspooling, fleeing from itself, anything to make it end. She was still screaming, head tilted back. Rain hit her tongue, mixing with the blood. Over the Stranger’s shoulder, the Coin glittered, the spiked skull grinning its mirthless grin at her. Let this be a reminder to you… a reminder of Sacrifice. Her Tin ran out, and darkness consumed her. @Fatebreaker @Voidus
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    Well one of the theories about it has to be correct, so someone on this forum is correct. We just don't know which one.
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    From the album My Mistborn Stuff

    Yes! More Marsh stuff! I designed this a while ago and deigned it not worth posting but... it totally is. Gotta have more Marsh things in the world.
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    Hmmmm, I'd probably use Braize since it's basically already hell lol.
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    Interesting, I hadn't given this much thought in the past, but this thread made me go back and re-read that part. It is a three key sequence, so VIN or DOX would fit if it was a simple letter cypher. "Apparently these symbols spell out something the Lord Ruler would have understood." Well, The Sovereign, anyway, who we now know was Kelsier. So, what three key sequence would be meaningful to him, that he could also pass down through his priests? We're told the door is made of stone, as the walls were, with circles carved into it, and symbols inlaid in silver inside of the circles. The symbols are not recognized by Wax as any script familiar to him, nor does Allik. We aren't told how many circles there are, or what pattern they're in, or if any of them repeat. The entire place was presumably built by the priests of the Sovereign, and the passcode sequence, as correctly remembered by Edwarn, was passed down from the lips of a dying priest, to a "doomed Hunter", to Allik's ship's captain when drunk, and then to him. Allik and his captain may or may not know the Hunters' language or script, but Edwarn certainly does not. So I doubt it's an alphabetic cypher to spell out a 3-letter name. What three symbol thing would be meaningful to Kelsier, yet communicable not just to his priests but three times removed, passed through a tavern story, forced out by torture, and Connection medallion based translation? The only symbol described is the second one, when Edwarn tells Wax, while pointing, "the one with the triangular shape." The first and third buttons he only indicates by pointing, and we as readers are not privy to even a similarly vague description of the indicated symbols. That simple description suggests that shape was important to the mnemonic description, perhaps the only one. If there were lots of triangles in the door, how easily would that information have been accurately passed "from the lips of a dying priest" to a Hunter with drunkenly loose lips and then to an airship captain forced to reveal it under torture, when she'd probably still try to give as little detail as possible? The description would have to have been something like, "and then the triangle shaped one in the upper right", and that is harder to remember. And yet, they can't be simple geometric shapes - square, circle, triangle, etc. - like they use for testing pre-literate children IRL, or Wax wouldn't think of them as "symbols". He'd call them "shapes". As for the idea that they could be Aons, I looked at the list of them on the Coppermind, and none of them are what I would describe as "the one with the triangular shape." They're all too complex to describe in terms of a simple shape, but none of them are at all triangular in layout (some are as close as being "diamond shaped", but more than one).
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    She was trying to imagine what the Enemy cared about most, they seemed to want her to leave the city, but then they had called her here as well. Did they even know that she would feel it? No, they had known. They had been waiting for her, tried to manipulate her when she arrived. But they had tried to direct her towards a part of the city, the Enemy of stone. So they wanted that destroyed and used her to do it? But they did care about the rest of the city. That was good. She imagined the city in flames, the other stone buildings melting beneath the inferno she would unleash upon them. Storms. The Voice resounded again. She wanted to burn that voice. Wanted her silence back. What was it even saying? She knew of storms but it felt different, like that Pretender who had worn the shape of other things, but had not been other things. Perhaps crawling on the ground made it harder for them to think. Perhaps the air was dirtier down there and that was why they all came up with such strange ideas. She felt another rush of pressure against her, wordless this time but an order nonetheless. She felt it seize the body, not her body any longer, and stop it now, retracting the earlier order. I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry. She felt an urge to cock her head at that. Confusion briefly tamping down the fires of her hatred at the Voice that continued to speak. Understanding transcended language here, but she still felt that she didn't understand what the Voice was saying. Was it pitying her? That made her angrier still. But it felt like it was pitying her for what it had done to her. That didn't make sense, if it didn't like a thing then why had it done it? I’m so sorry. The Voice echoed again. If it didn't want this done then it should undo it. How could the Voice not understand such simple things? She had assumed that she was an Enemy to the Enemy as well, it hadn't run when she had first met it after all, it had tried to fight back. The Enemy then had made sense, it knew she was an Enemy as well and knew that it could not flee her so it fought. But now the Enemy seemed different. It didn't understand anything, didn't understand the joys of Living. It had fled from her at that other city, tried to flee from her here. The first time I Rioted you, it was by accident. She remembered the first time she had felt the Enemy. It had been calling all her Kindred towards it, stoking their hatred and rage. She thought she might have even liked the Enemy if it hadn't made her so angry. She still would have had to hunt them, but they had been a good hunt, a good fight. But it had definitely been trying to get the Kindred to attack it, trying to draw them away from the rest of the city, just as it was asking her to do now. Was it trying to lie? I-I was angry. And I Rioted everyone. It hadn't seemed angry, it had seemed purposeful, determined. Only the second time she'd met the Enemy had it seemed Angry at something, that time it didn't even seem to intend to call her, it had seemed an accident. Something began to dawn on her at that moment, it seemed somehow easier to think here, in this place where she had nothing else. Where she couldn't live properly without recalling the past. The Enemy she'd met that first time, she definitely believed that she'd killed it. She had destroyed them until nothing was left to return from, enough that even she wouldn't be able to come back from it. How then was the Enemy still alive? And why did they seem so different the next time she met them? And the second time, it was blackmail. She felt the intention of the Voices words. When it said the second time it meant this time. But this was the third time the Enemy had called to her. Could this Enemy be different to the one she had first fought? This was my fault, though, this control, I’m sorry. Do you even understand me? I know you can think, but... It still wasn't making sense. It kept wishing that it didn't do a thing that it did, but then why did it do it? Was someone controlling the Enemy like it was controlling her? She wanted to tell it that she didn't understand it in the least, but she also felt that wasn't quite what it meant. It wanted to know if she could hear it. And I don’t want to let you go now, because I know you want to kill me. But, believe me, I really don’t want to do this. Why would her wanting to kill it stop it from letting her go? And if it didn't want to do it then why was it doing it? Did it not want to Live? Did it not wish to enjoy the thrill of a chase or the invigoration of battle? So many questions, and the Voice wasn't answering any. Why did it talk to her if it wasn't going to explain anything? It didn't give her commands, didn't tell her what to do or what to think. So why speak? She reached back towards the voice, the same way she had reached out to her Kindred when she had been connected to them. It was harder now, harder to do unless she was told to do it. That rankled, but she never backed down before a challenge. She forced her voice back towards it until she felt it reach a presence. Why do you say lies as though they were true? You say you want something but do a different thing. You... you are not the one who called me first? The one who stood here and fought? That one understood. You don't understand. @I think I am here.
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    Here's a little sketch of what is, without a doubt, the cutest thing in the Cosmere, Vasher's awakened lifeless squirrel, Fallen Rope (that's the command phrase, so might as well call this little cutie that). Awakened with the command "Run around. Make noise. Bite things which aren't me." I think Zahel would be great at kids' birthday parties.
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    Taking the Dawnshard, known to bind any creature voidish or mortal, he crawled up the steps crafted for Heralds, ten strides tall apiece, toward the grand temple above. has everyone always assumed this was speaking about one of the Sleepless? I just reread the quote in another post and it hit me with a completely different perspective than every other time I’ve read it. Heralds are normal sized folk lol... but maybe their steps are ten stride tall apiece for a cremling? Just a thought. Please correct me if I’ve missed something.
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    Figured I should probably put up a bio for the Phoenix given everything that's going on, since some people weren't here during the SDW and the profile is buried in a PM somewhere. Name: Phoenix Abilities: Hemalurgic: Feruchemical Iron, Feruchemical brass(x10), Feruchemical gold(x10), Allomantic gold(x10), Allomantic brass(x10), Gravitation(x10), physical speed(x20). Skills: Expert Flier, very practiced with all of her abilities, Intelligent. Weaknesses: Prideful and an obsessive hunter. Very little can gain her attention while she is focused on a hunt. Hemalurgy: Has a large number of spikes, enough to be manipulated by powerful emotional Allomancy, but has stability spikes to combat this weakness to some degree. Physical characteristics: An enormous bird with large, amber eyes and reddish-gold feathers which burst into flame while she is utilizing her abilities. Her figure is often hidden entirely behind flames while she is in a serious battle. Home planet: Unknown Guild: Created by the DA, but is not a part of the Guild Backstory: One of the few unique creations in the DA, the Phoenix has yet to be replicated beyond a single specimen. She was given a cave in a mountain near the Alleycity as a roost, where she slept for a number of years before finally being awoken during the Seven Days War by an immense Rioting. She attacked the city, destroying large sections of it and killing a number of fighters from the war, including Rashan who was the first that she ever dubbed the Enemy. Many years later she was called to the Oasis city when Max performed a large scale Rioting there, she believed him to be the return of her Enemy and attacked the city, eventually breaking the barrier down completely and spreading destruction before finally leaving, unable to find her Enemy.
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    The air cooled around them, and Lita breathed a grateful sigh before wiping her brow on her sleeve again. The air isn't the only thing in this alley that's cold, she thought, looking at Voidus. Waiting was the right move - certainly the smartest move, but still. People were dying in there. Tin allowed Lita to hear far more than she would have liked from the buildings surrounding PlasmaCore. People screamed, and everywhere the hot, hungry sound of fire chewed through the plaster and timber of tenements and shops. And are you going to go save them, Lita? She breathed out through her nose and looked down at the blackened ring surrounding her feet. No, no she would not. Lita was no hero, and she had never been. She was a spy, a creature of the shadows. Corrupted, down to the core. A memory floated to the surface of her mind, perhaps called by the sudden cool breeze. Lita could see the dappled green of the Village, so quiet, yet so alive. "She's already been corrupted," one of the robed men had said to his companion. Lita burned tin, the several yards of distance between them seeming like nothing at all. "Twinborn - dangerous. If we had raised her here, maybe it would be different, but the girl's father is a man of ill repute. A Soother. She's already spent too much time as an outsider." "The girl isn't even ten yet," the other man countered. "This place is her birthright, as much as yours or mine, Fadwyn. How can you pass judgment so early? Did you even read her letter? She believes her mother doesn't even know she's alive." Fadwyn shook his head, the disdain in his voice shifting towards pity. " Poor little fool," he said, pulling the letter out from within his robes and unfolding it. "Better to let her keep her delusion. Think about it Deshwym - you know how word travels here. What do you think would happen when she learned her mother never wanted her in the first place? That she was a mistake? That Ve--" But Lita had already extinguished her tin, turning her back on the cool green of the Village and disappearing into the steel and cobblestone snarl that was Elendel. An outsider - a mistake. Tears dripped onto her starched collar as she ran. Lita blinked, realizing she'd been staring at the ground. She raised her head, and as she did so she felt a slight wetness gather in the corner of her eye, pushing at the lashes there. Frustrated, she stoked her tin, the sudden rush of sensation shoving her emotions into the background to make room for a flood of new information. The tear became mere moisture in her eye - a nuisance, but hardly worth thinking about. Lita brushed it away with an indifferent flick of her finger and watched as the Phoenix descended rapidly on PlasmaCore. She pulled the Coin back out of her sock and flipped it once, opening her palm to reveal the image of the scales. Action. Reaction. Consequences. She wandered over to Laurelai. "I don't suppose it would be too optimistic to hope that the tavern will survive all this?" Lita waved her hand toward the Phoenix with a grim smile. "I still intend to cash in on that drink."
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    Except science has no bearing on cuteness as cuteness is an emotion felt by humans and science can not generally account for subjective individual feelings. Additionally things shaped like infants are generally regarded as humans as cute regardless of how helpless they are. Also are you telling me that every time you call your girlfriend cute you are saying she is helpless?
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    Hmm, no, this is definitely interesting. I did a search for the word "soil" in The Way of Kings, and there are only a few places where the word appears - and some of those places are ones where it makes sense (e.g. when Vstim is talking about the actual soil in Shinnovar). So let's go over those. So this is coming from Tukks, Kaladin's... I don't remember, some kind of mentor?, from the army. Perhaps it's worth looking into him a little more? Interlude 4: Rysn has three references to "soil," but all of them are proper - e.g. Vstim telling Rysn that the soft ground under her feet is called soil, Rysn musing about its strangeness, and Vstim instructing her to get plenty of soil for her grass. So we'll skip those. Interlude 6: Szeth has Szeth thinking about his time back in Shinnovar, with buildings "built with clay and soil." He also wonders how the people in the East could avoid walking on stone, since they have no soil here. So nothing odd here. This is the passage @Sand Master was referring to, obviously. The ardent in question is not thoroughly described, so here's what we know about him from the previous couple of pages: He is "short white-robed ardent Dalinar didn't know" He takes offense in Au-nak's (the Natan man Hatham was talking with) comment that "religion is but an excuse. Or perhaps a justification." He has some knowledge of Sesemalex Dar and the Emuli. In his words: “The city’s pattern is central to the Emuli religion,” the ardent said. “They claim it is their ancestral homeland, a gift to them from the Heralds. And the Tukari are led by that god-priest of theirs, Tezim. So the conflict is religious in nature.” He mocks and/or insults Au-Nak, referring to him as an "insufferable bore." Dalinar calls him bold for insulting "a man Hatham wants to do business with." It turns out the ardent belongs to Hatham and was playing a political game when insulting the Natan. And this is where something interesting happens... It is very possible that we are overthinking things here, but I think it's certainly possible that that the ardent here is not referring to the ardentia when he talks about "our goodwill" or that "we will speak with you again"
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