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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    The Common Skyeel nests high up on vertical surfaces such as cliffs, walls, and underneath roofs to keep its young safe from scavengers and predators. In this sketch, the Skyeel pup looks exactly like the adult, just miniaturized, in the same ways that marlins are on Earth. I've made 2 other Skyeel metamorphosis possibilities, and demonstrated them with 2 other Skyeel designs, Greater Skyeel, Lesser Skyeel (very creative at naming things, I am :P)
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    A infographic map created of Brandon Sanderson's Cosmere. Detailing magic systems, shards states and planets.
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    The entire fandom in a shellnut
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    So, I'm feeling happy. Could be the sudden absence of the slight headache I've had all day. Could be having just gotten back from Teen Author Boot Camp, which was AWESOME because I got to meet amazing people (read: Sharders) and also free stuff and of course the talks. Duh. Orrrrrr it could be the fact that as of tomorrow, I've officially been a part of this wonderful, friendly, funny community for a year. A RUSTING YEAR, GUYS. Three hundred and sixty-five days after that spur-of-the-moment join, thirty-one people thought I was interesting enough to follow (or heck, just felt obligated to), there were thirteen days when people really loved what I had to say, one thousand thirty-eight times when someone visibly enjoyed a post of mine, and I'm in a countless number of PMs where I can talk to hilarious and intelligent people anytime we're both on. I lead a Great Guild, have participated in and started a few forum games, roleplay like crazy - starting several of those as well - and am known by an affectionate nickname. The Shard introduced me to Housepets and some good authors. It gave me an outlet for my love of RWBY and obviously Brandon Sanderson's books. It lets me share anything I need to - personal problem, original joke, fanfiction, random idea - and then it helps, laughs, reads, or considers as appropriate. It's a clean fandom, for the most part, and one I don't know if I'd have survived without. And of course, it's the Sharders who facilitate all that. I can't name you all. I won't even try. But there are some of you whom I have to mention. You've been too great. Archer. Archer, Archer, Archer. For inviting me to join TUBA. Always being a good friend. Always there with advice, support, love, fantastic humor, everything for everyone. You gave me leadership advice - were prepared to give it to me before I even asked - and talked with me when I needed about personal stuff. From Empty Quiver's beginning to assisting negotiations out of scary spots with TFA, rabbirds and corrupted ducks to Klo and his wrench...at this point, just seeing that you posted makes me smile. If I had an older brother, I'd want it to be you. Thank you so, so much. Tesh. I don't want to get repetitive, but you know what I said in the KotC chat. Love ya, sule. When you're ready, I will be waiting. Mistspren...Mist, you've always been such a great friend. Your characters sweep me away. Your willingness to talk and RAFO in equal measure, your mastery of seemingly everything a roleplayer could think of, the way you joke. You'd better know how awesome you are. Witless, having fun at college? Don't forget to visit every now and then, or a horde of upvote-wielding Sharders will show up at your door! Storytelling, comforting, roleplaying, you throw yourself into whatever you do with obvious eagerness. The dictionary definition of epic is you. Mraize, or Meeker as you are now. I haven't spoken to you in much depth lately, and I know you parted ways from our gang for reasons that make perfect sense. That doesn't mean the time I had with you was any less fun, and I look at Journey to the Unclaimed Hills with fondness. Your plots are crazy good, and you haven't run out of that playfully mysterious charm yet. Please never do. Ink! THANK YOU for Housepets. Wasn't it also you who convinced me I was a shipper? That was the right choice. Your roleplay enthusiasm, your determination to stand up for what you believe in and bravery in doing so in front of those you know, your offhand comments that sometimes randomly make my day, these are all things that make up Inklingspren. When you come back to us, I'mma hug you. (BoS, would you mind sending him this - even if not the whole thing, this portion? I'd be indebted.) Wait a sec, does Potency count? If not, too bad, y'all get to read about her anyway. Po, I'll keep it simple. You're funny, sweet, aware, and I feel irrationally safer when you're driving me around on a four-wheeler than when my dad is. You don't make fun of me for not knowing certain nerdy stuff. You introduced me to RWBY. I'd go on, but I said I'd keep it simple. Must not fantasize about Po's laugh. Noooooo. Stoooop iiiit. Ax? You're just plain awesome. Ap, if you come back, I miss your company. Zath, HOLY CRAP YOU ROCK. Ash, I'll miss you so much. Fire, your writing is insane and so's your music. Sami, Cole, Phoenix, you've made Knights of the Cosmere a third home (TUBA being a second). Okdes, Arlin, Cae, for V1. Everyone I haven't mentioned yet who's a TUBAist, for being in the best guild and for various other great attributes. Voidus, I have to bring up your humor and devious intelligence. Stick is pretty amazing; same with Lith. Every active Homeless, for making the Alleyverse the craziest family I'm a member of. Jay, Scintil, SF, for today and every other while we're at it. [Anyone I somehow missed], you know I love you too. I just have an awful memory and can't rant about everyone forever, as much as I may want to. I love you all. The Shard is the best. *raises glass of water* To next year being even better than the first! WOO!
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    From the album My Mistborn Stuff

    I was looking through an old journal of mine and I found this. It's Marsh's eye. Underneath it was written, "Oh, gosh... why did I draw a picture? And it's so perfect too. So now, every time I look at it I will feel terrible because his eyes were so beautiful and deep and now they're gone. Marsh's beauty... it's not something you can find with a glance. You have to dig a little bit. He's strong, even if he doesn't see that sometimes. He's such a hero. And he deserves a happy ending."
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    So we know, that after Shallan read Mraize’s letter, Pattern said: “Secrets. There are lies in this letter.” I wanted to figure out what exactly could those lies be. I assume those are “meaningful” lies, not incorrect wording or something like that, but a deliberate attempt to tell Shallan something wrong, that can lead her the wrong way. I also assume that Pattern isn’t an ultimate detector of lies just because they are lies. He just sees patterns in all things, so he sees some misconnections and illogical statements, that’s why he says there are lies in the letter. I also don’t think that “lies” are similar to “hiding something”. So my assumption is that the lies in this letter are major and intentional. So, here is the whole letter (spoilered for length). TLDR: Sons on Honor want to bring Desolations and Heralds back. That’s obviously the truth, as stated in text and by WoBs. Skybreakers want to prevent the Desolations. That’s obviously the truth too. Heralds cannot be viewed as allies. There was an opinion somewhere on this forum, that this statement might be lies, but I disagree. All Heralds have different goals and have different states of mind - whos ally can Jezrien be, for example (he was alive when the letter was written)? Ash doesn’t seem to care too. Nale is an enemy to team Honor, others are playing their own games too. So, I think this thesis is also the truth. Shallan’s mother was involved with Skybreakers. This could be the lie, but I don’t think it is. It looks logical and makes sense. But if we imagine it was a lie - why mention it in the first place? What goal is he accomplishing by telling this lie to Shallan? I struggle to come up with an idea. Helaran was involved with Skybreakers. And this is the one I think is the lie. I will explain my PoV below. This Skybreakers reveal makes absolutely no sense to me. There are a lot contradictions to the facts we know so far. Let’s analyze this reveal from a logical standpoint. I will list all the details or statements, that I find doubtful or weird, provide them all with all possible explanations I can see, and try to disprove them: 1. Helaran’s Shardblade. a). The Shardblade is alive. i) The Shardblade is Helaran’s spren. If his Shardblade comes from his spren, then he must be at least 3rd level Skybreaker (which actually already is a lie, because the letter says he wanted to prove himself worthy of a spren bond), and in this case a 3rd level Skybreaker managed to get killed with a single face blow of a common spear, not using a single surge before his death. Did he forget to take infused spheres with him? ii). The Shardblade is other Radiant’s spren. If some other Radiant had borrowed Helaran his Shardblade, why didn’t they summon that Shardblade back after Helaran’s death? b). The Shardblade is dead. If Helaran isn’t bonded to a spren, as the letter itself states, then his Shardblade must be dead. This is the most likely case, if Skybreakers reveal is true. But it still doesn’t make sense to me. Why would Knights Radiant order keep a dead Shardblade? Why give it to a potential member of the order or whomever else? They have a lot of members of 3+ level wielding living Blades that can do such kind of job much more effectively. Why would Skybreakers need a Shardbearer wielding specifically dead Blade for any kind of job? The only possible reason for that could be if they needed to kill someone, who hasn’t committed any crimes, so this action wouldn’t damage their bonds. But wouldn’t it? If they don’t do it themselves but order someone else to do it, are their spren OK with that? All right, if giving an order to kill an innocent doesn’t damage the bond, why don’t they exploit their 3rd Oath, so that several 3rd level Skybreakers swear to follow Nale’s judgement, like Szeth sworn to follow Dalinar, and everyone wins? Nale’s bond is fine, as long as he doesn’t take frags for himself, members’ bonds are fine too, as they follow the chosen source of law. There was also an opinion somewhere on this forum, that Nale gave him the Blade to prevent him from bonding a spren. Again, doesn’t make sense. If Nale doesn’t want Helaran to bond a spren, why not just kill him? Well, you would say Helaran didn’t commit any crimes. But what does he do with his Shardblade then? If he never kills innocent people with his Shardblade, then why can’t he be replaced by a 3rd level Skybreaker, that can do absolutely the same more effectively? And if Helaran has ever killed an innocent man with his Blade, then Nale easily can just kill him and take his Blade back. And then give it to the next potential Surgebinder to lure him into the same trap. 2. Nale was impressed by Helaran. And here I want to know why. Because I am not impressed by Helaran yet. I know that Shallan thinks very well of him, but what did he do? I am not going to judge his actions or whatever, I just want to know, how could Helaran impress the Herald of Justice, that he had to recruit him to the Knights Radiant order by “display of great power and Shards”? All right, we don’t know what he did, but we have some of his quotes: He doesn’t speak about justice, he doesn’t listen to Lin’s explanations, he doesn’t seem to be rational and willing to do the right thing from the perspective of law. He speaks about vengeance, he is angry, he laughs, barks, summons his Shardblade and so on. He also says, that there are things, that are more important than his father’s crimes. Could something be more important than a crime to a Skybreaker? I don’t know, how this kind of behavior could have impressed Nale. 3. The timeline. The above quoted scene is from 5.5 years ago, and Helaran already has a Shardblade in it. So he has presumably joined Skybreakers more than 4 years prior to his death. So the conclusions are: i) The man that has impressed Nale himself couldn’t prove being worthy of a spren bond during more than 4 years. ii) That same man was 4 years a Shardbearer. Kaladin was 4 years a spearman. Blade and Plate are much more powerful weapons than a common spear. Still, Helaran died to Kaladin, given the same amount of time for training. Helaran has impressed Nale? 4. The whole point of proving worthy of a spren bond. As I understood from the text, wielding a dead Blade prevents one from bonding a spren. Also, I think that proving yourself worthy of bonding a highspren by killing 20 innocent people just passing by is not a terribly good decision. Well, all right, most of them attacked him, so it could count as self defence, but what did Cenn do? He was only 15, and Helaran trampled him with his horse. And by the way, was his horse also given to him by Skybreakers? 5. Some quotes about his business. It sounds strange to me, that Hoid could have said “doing things he finds very important” about being a member of Knights Radiant. I would read this as “playing his toys” or something like that. It’s just a strange wording, to me. I would say that it’s more likely be worded as “becoming someone” or “having an important mission” or something like that. And also it is strange, that Helaran has eyes, watching Lin. Would he have them, if he was a Skybreaker acolyte? All right, maybe Skybreakers would be interested in Lin’s crimes, but how wouldn’t they then notice Shallan and finish her mother’s job? And if Helaran truly thought Skybreakers’ mission important, wouldn’t he then tried to finish it too? Also, at this point of story Helaran is in Alethkar. Other times they mention his whereabouts they are in Jah Keved - Northgrip and Valath. Considering that Skybreakers’ fortress is in Purelake, it is strange, how far he is always from there. Another quote from Helaran himself: He also says that it’s a “work to do”. So it feels like this is the work that can be finished, not an ongoing process of eliminating Surgebinders and progressing as a KR. And notice also that he uses the pronoun “we”, and says that he will tell Shallan about it someday. Skybreakers don’t seem like a team doing the same job to me, and I also don’t think he would like to tell Shallan, that he is one of the Lost Radiants, killing other potential Lost Radiants to prevent the return of the Desolations. So, that’s my list of questions to Mraize, if you could say so. Well, if Helaran wasn’t a Skybreaker, then who? Either the Ghostbloods or the Diagram member. I personally think the Diagram makes more sense, but the Ghostbloods would be interesting too. I really don’t know, so would be nice if you could provide your opinions on the matter. I will share my thoughts on this. The Diagram Pros: It would perfectly explain the horse and the Shards, also his statements of “we have an important work to do” – it looks very much like how Moash and Graves worded their motives, and also Hoid’s “does things he finds important”, which could be explained as “kid playing revolution”. We also know that Mr T knew about Helaran: (btw, I think it’s not about teaching Shallan surgebinding, but about teaching her use her Shardblade) Another interesting thing to me is that “Patriots” chapter, in which Kaladin meets Graves follows the chapter in which Hoid tells Shallan about Helaran. It was 3.5 years ago, and then: So we have a chapter, that states that Helaran was in Alethkar 3.5 years ago, and in the next chapter Danlan says she was in Kholinar 3 years ago, and she is a member of the Diagram. Cons: It’s still not clear, why Mraize would lie to cover up the Diagram. My assumption is that Mraize’s main bounty is information, and he just doesn’t want to give away a huge chunk of it, when he can give away almost nothing, because Shallan will discover the Skybreakers soon anyway from Szeth/Lift. Also, no clear reason for the Diagram to kill Amaram. The Ghostbloods Pros: Explains why Mraize lies to Shallan about it. Interesting option plot-wise, because it could be that Ghostbloods had sent Helaran to his death on purpose, if they were aware of Kaladin (they were aware of Tien, so we can assume the same about Kaladin). Cons: The assault was quite dumb for the Ghostbloods. Doesn’t explain the horse and the Shards. Lin was a member too, and he ordered Helaran’s assassination. I would like to hear your opinions on the matter, but I regarding the Ghostbloods I would very much appreciate if you tried to avoid spoilers from the other Cosmere books, as I haven't yet read them. I understand, that the Ghostbloods are Cosmere aware guys, but I'm not.
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    Respectfully, this is a logical fallacy. To state that Adolin won't show infatuation typical of young western people because of his upbringing, while purporting that Shallan's "apparently western" signs of infatuation are valid implies selective reasoning, which is poor grounds for discussion. If we are to assume that the romance works for Shallan and Adolin because it is recognizable, then that same feature must apply to both parties. If it does not apply to one it does not apply to either. If Adolin doesn't express infatuation like "we westerners" would expect, then that means we don't know what romance actually looks like on Roshar, and therefore your argument is undermined because we therefore can't establish that Adolin and Shallan love each other because we don't know what that would look like. I would argue that we do know what Rosharan love and romance look like. We have Dalinar and Navani. We have Sadeas and Ialai. These are both couples that were clearly in love given their highlights in the text, and both couples express that love very differently. When I look at Shallan and Kaladin, for example--I don't see "love". I also don't see "lust." I see two people who form a very intimate connection from which love could bloom. Shallan and Adolin, however, don't read as "love" to me either--Adolin just doesn't think of Shallan during his viewpoints, Adolin shows several signs that he's uncomfortable with her, and whenever things get deeply personal between them (which is rare), he deflects the discussion from that topic to something completely different or more surface-level. I believe he cares for her, but I don't believe he loves her. Shallan, on the other hand, I believe she might have come to love Adolin, but is so fragmented mentally that she can't realistically determine what she really wants. When two-thirds of a person lean one way and the other third has to force them to "fall in line," that doesn't scream to me that she loves Adolin, the phrase that comes to mind is "methinks she doth protest too much." Further, it appears that you expect total honesty from Shallan, and use the fact that she does not to excuse away any potential problems with Adolin's relationship from his standpoint--basically, you're placing the blame for any problems in the relationship on one person, and this is another fallacy. Relationships take two to work, and when there are problems, it's almost always because both people are at fault to some degree. And this is regardless of Shallan's Radiant status, her entire set up is making those around her trust her. That was the entire point of her going to the Shattered Plains in WoR, to convince the Kholins to trust her so that she could continue Jasnah's work. She didn't go for the marriage--that was a convenient side benefit that would help her family--she went to continue Jasnah's work posthumously. And considering how the Radiants were fairly universally reviled by Vorin culture, do you really blame her for hiding that fact? I don't. Adolin, it appears, didn't either, considering Radiance is something he's deeply envious of throughout Oathbringer. That said, Shallan does keep some things hidden from Adolin. For example, that she's committed parenticide. That's...actually a pretty big deal. If she truly was in love with him and had his best interests at heart (as the return is spoken so often for Adolin as manifestation that he is truly in love with her), then why wouldn't she tell him that? Him telling her he murdered Sadeas was the perfect opening for her to reveal that bit of information. And yet, she stays silent. The obvious reason here is that she's afraid of him levaing, but if she truly loved him, wouldn't she want him to know what he was getting himself into? But then again, if we don't know what infatuation truly looks like on Roshar, then we don't actually know if she loves him, or he her, and we are therefore back to ground zero. Now, back to the topic at hand (since for some reason any discussion of any member of ASK seems to involve the other two)... Concerning Kaladin's love life, I am going to start off by saying I wholeheartedly disagree with anyone who tries to use his depression as a reason why he can't have a relationship. If you've never experienced chronic depression, or you're not a therapist or psychiatrist who sees people who experience it regularly, then sit down and shut up because you have no idea what you are talking about. Depressed people need reasons to keep going. Often times, our reasons are other people, and it's feeling isolated and alone that causes us to commit suicide. Moving on from that, I really do think that narratively-wise, a relationship would be good for Kaladin. I don't think a casual, "drops into his lap" romance would benefit the plot--basically, you're taking a random NPC and making their entire purpose to be Kaladin's love interest, intermediate or final. That's narratively silly. So, no, I don't think Kaladin should settle down for some "nice darkeyed girl" or some "widow" who just needs a man to take care of her. I do think, however, that Kaladin needs someone who can show him the light. Who can say, "hey, you deserve happiness too. Maybe that's with me and maybe it's not, but you deserve happiness just as much as these other people." Because really, that's Kaladin's biggest problem. He blames himself for his brother's--and everyone who's died under his protection's--deaths. He doesn't need a woman who will sacrifice herself to save him--that action would just get twisted in his head as another failure, another reason why he was worthless. He had this woman who loved him and he let her die. What he needs, is someone who can show him that the opposite is true. That it's not his fault. That he has worth as a person. Take, for example, some of his last few lines at the battle of Thaylen City: There are three key phrases here that indicate that his final acceptance is not born out of "not loving" Shallan, but rather that he feels he was never really worth it anyway (in other words, that his acceptance is born out of his depression, rather than a lack of interest): 1) Some people could celebrate despite the scars...He merely wished he knew how they did it. 2) "You'll be all right." "I always am." 3) "He squinted down at Shallan and Adolin, and found that he couldn't be bitter. He didn't feel resignation either. Instead he felt...agreement? In quick succession, there are three alarming indicators of Kaladin's depression, and I'd like to expound on them one at a time. First, not understanding how people celebrate when things are bad. People with depression--especially long term, chronic depression--have difficulty seeing hope. Life becomes about just making it through the day, just taking one more step, just one more. The thought process becomes one of "I can't do anything right, but as long as I can get as long as I can just do this one thing, I'm not giving up." They become unable to see the joy or the good in things because they are so entrapped within their world of gray that even the bright lights are dimmed by comparison. Second, always being okay. Someone suffering from a chronic illness (be it depression or any other form of mental or physical illness) lives in a constant struggle. So long as they keep going, so long as they keep getting up when the fall or get knocked down, they are okay--because not being okay means admitting defeat. In the case of someone with depression (at least in the psychological mindset), not being okay means giving up. Accepting that life is just crap, or that they're too tired to continue on, or that their jaded worldview of their own lack of worth is the correct view, and that the world would either a) be better without them b ) wouldn't care if they disappeared, or c) isn't worth caring about any more. All three are very, very dangerous lines of thought, and the line "I'm always okay" is one I have said so often it's almost a mantra. "I'll be okay. Things aren't okay right now, but I'll be okay. I'm always okay, you don't have to worry about me." Third, and this is probably the most subjectively contentious, is that this "agreement" he feels is not one of a lack of love for Shallan, as he later expresses to Syl, but rather that this agreement is a confirmation of his own worldview. He isn't bitter, because he was never really worth the attention. He isn't resigned, because her choice isn't a burden. She simply chose, and by choosing, proved to him that he wasn't worth the effort. And this isn't an idea I'm pulling out of my rear, either--since Way of Kings, Kaladin has struggled with a sense of worth, of believing that he had value. You see this at it's worst when he nearly gives up and throws himself into the honorchasm, where he believes that there's no point to continuing. His worldview at that point is so warped, that for a second he even thinks that Syl thinks he should commit suicide by bringing him the blackbane leaf. This is somewhat averted at the end of Way of Kings, where this is his final line: As someone who struggles with depression, this line was so profound. For once, I felt that someone had finally managed to truly depict what depression was actually like. Kaladin had a victory, one he desperately needed. And for now, that's enough. But life isn't like a fairy tale. Life continues on past that victory, and depression wears away at the good feelings that victory brings with an insidious file. Eventually, Kaladin starts to revert to that same way of thinking, that same pattern of thought that life is a constant struggle and that he's just trying to get through. He has Bridge Four, but he's also responsible for them now and Dalinar is forcing him to place them at risk. Kaladin is a strong individual, and he keeps going, trying to do the right thing, but he does slip up again. The "wretch" returns in his cell. And that's one of the reasons why the Chasms scene with Shallan is so powerful for Kaladin! And I will let the scene speak for itself, because it is one of the most powerful scenes in all of Brandon's books. Now, to be clear, I think Kaladin fell for her a bit here. I also think, that this shows just why Kaladin needs someone in his life--not Bridge Four, someone who is intimate in his life, who knows his darkness and who can help him smile. Shallan does this, which is one reason I so adamantly support them together. However, for Kaladin it is not learning to accept sacrifice that is his next step, but rather I believe that his next step is to accept that, unlike Odium's insidious promise of taking the fault for wrongs committed, it's that Kaladin is not at fault for things that have happened--such as Tien's death. Such as the slaves that he gave hope to. Such as the hundreds of people whose lives he has made better just by virtue of being in them. Odium's promise is only a counterfeit mirror. So, yes. I think Kaladin does need a love interest. I think he needs the intimacy of a deep relationship, and when I speak of intimacy, I'm not talking about sex--I'm talking of the deep, emotional connection that two people can share, the connection that bonds people together and shows them that they are important. I think he needs someone who can remind him that he is not the sum of his failures, but rather that people love him and admire him for the strength he has. Bridge Four, for all their love--they can't accomplish this. They have their own families, their own lives. They are his friends, but what will benefit Kaladin the most is someone a hell of a lot closer than friend. Narratively, who could that be? I've already said that introducing a character for that purpose doesn't make sense from an authorial standpoint. It could perform the above, but it's a shallow way to do it. It works for side characters of less importance (see Breeze and Alrianne), but it doesn't work from a main character standpoint because, by default, that means that the author would have to spend time developing that relationship, turning that new character into someone more important to the plot by virtue of exposure. I've already indicated previously that I think Jasnah could be a good match for this process, and obviously I've encouraged the idea that a Shallan-Kaladin relationship is a good idea. That said, who else could it be? I don't know. I don't think it would be Tarah--Tarah is someone from the past, and Kaladin's blaming himself for past failures is a huge part of his depression. Bringing back someone who would only remind him of those failures wouldn't be a great step forward in my opinion. That said, I do think that bringing Tarah back for closure, much like Laral was brought back for closure, would be a good idea, especially if it catalyzes Kaladin into accepting a situation where he can progress with someone else. As for who else it could be? Well, I don't know yet. By virtue of his narrative importance, I'm inclined to think it's someone we've already seen on screen to this point--but Lift isn't mature enough, mentally or age-wise. So we'll have to wait and see, but I think a relationship (notice I say relationship, not necessarily romance) is a very important step for Kaladin.
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    Have you heard the good news? Orlok loves you, and he wants you to love and know him. He offers you his peace and joy under his rule as benevolent dictator. Those who recognize his rule shall receive his blessings, as indeed I have. If Orlok offers so much, why don't people take it? The Problem with Disbelievers Everybody is born with a tendency towards freedom. They seek to reject Orlok in fears that serving him will reduce the freedom they cherish so much in life. What they don't realize is that nobody is free, not as long as they remain slave to the meat-impulses left in their brain that are the leftovers of thousands of years of the evolutionary process. It affects all aspects of life, a constant temptation and scourge. Orlok Tsubodi has transcended these urges, and can teach you to overcome them too. Embrace him as a leader, recognize that his decision-making process is free of these taints, and you too shall be freed from those base emotions that control you. Accept him as supreme leader and you too shall know freedom. PM me today if you wish to learn more about receiving the blessings of a mod.
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    More importantly- Why is Hoid?
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    It's not Odium or Everstorms, oh no. It suddenly occurred to me that there are no dogs or cats on Roshar. (NO axehounds do NOT count). No pup pups! No mew mews! No wonder all our characters are so stressed out. Kaladin doesn't need a hug, he needs a husky! Seriously, he's such as dog person. And don't act like Jasnah wouldn't admire a cat. So when they find themselves depressed, confused, burdened, and/or isolated, they can at least get a wet nose boop and a demand to be petted to distract them. I demand the worldhoppers address this problem immediately. I can't be that hard to transport animals through interplanetary space dimensions, right? i mean horses made it through. In fact let's take this to the next level. This is the plan to defeat Odium. We will cover him in golden retriever puppies. You can't have that much hatred when you're covered in puppies.
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    More like: Who is Hoid? - by Trell Who is Trell? - By Hoid Where are the pancakes? - By Lift
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    Huh, Okay. . . That's not Good. Roadwalker was Banned! He was Temptation! Jondesu was Banned! He was Herowannabe's Disciple! Walin has joined the Game! PM'S ARE NOW PERMANENTLY CLOSED! (See Player list for details.) Also, a number of small scale changes have been effected across several roles. We apologize for any disasters this causes. Turn ends in 48 hours.
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    This will be somewhat lengthy, a little bit rambling, and possibly quite petty. almost a year ago I decided I liked a certain girl, she was funny nice and I had introduced her to her first Sanderson book (the Emporer's Soul) a few months later I asked her if she wanted to attend the Skyward release party with me that night we decided to start dating. I find that she is more often than not factoring into my longterm plans and I into hers. Now you might be saying "TFA, what part of this is bad news" well it's not, yet. Unfortunately, I have a beef with her family. As a rule, I strive to expect honor from those I interact with as well as giving them a chance to live up to it. On several occasions he had ignored her when she wanted to talk in favor of a video game, he imposes ridiculous and nonsensical curfews that range from 8:00 PM to 2:00 AM with no apparent pattern or reason. She is an adult who lives at home who has acted out once 8 years ago. However, I trusted his judgment and trying to remind myself that he was just doing his best, that he was just attempting to shelter her from a cruel world. But yesterday he asked me not to see her for a week. Now a week isn't long but the idea of him trying to control her really bothers me, she is an adult, admittedly one that lives under his roof, but still. I cannot see control as honorable it is against a lot of stuff I believe in but it seems her sister and her father is always trying to manipulate her through her unconditional love towards them. The last thing I want is to come between her and her family, I don't want to be the person that drives a wedge between them but I find it increasingly hard to respect him. I tend to think of life as a game of chess, every move is important (some more than others) and sometimes when one focuses on a few pieces one gets outmaneuvered and into trouble. It's better to separate yourself and look at the whole board and make calculated and informed decisions that move you towards goals or protect me from others. But more and more I find that view him as an opponent, one whose goals clash with my own. I find myself weighing moves to outmaneuver him, all while protecting myself from potential offensives. I know this is as nonsensical as an 8:00 curfew on a Friday, perhaps more so, but I can't seem to help it. This piece of me scares me, it sees friends, enemies, and strangers as pieces to be manipulated. It is coldly calculating and Machiavellian. I don't think I want to be that person though. I am constantly questioning who I am and how I factor into the world. And more importantly, I can't help wondering if I'm secretly a villain in disguise. I worry that when I am an immoral scumbag who masquerades as a paragon (or at the least a practitioner) of ethics. There is a quote from Hamlet that comes to mind, "That one may smile, and smile, and be a villain" I wonder if this describes me.
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    Player List Countdown Timer Note that the Countdown timer changes based off your timezone. As in it is only accurate for PST players. I apologize. Remember that while PM’s are open, you MAY NOT EVER PM ANON ACCOUNTS. They may not PM you either. Please include both GM’s in all your PM’s. There will be a lynch today. Remember that there is a 0 vote minimum for the lynch, and that tied vote will result in a coinflip.
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    The swimming through gold thing makes sense now.
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    I'll do you one better- How is Hoid?
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    The ten orders as policemen Windrunner: Leads a Swat team, will always jump a bullet to save someone else, survived far longer than anyone expected Elsecaller: Code-breaker, complains to the mafia for making his job too easy Skybreaker: If he were to melt down all his medals, he could make a life size statue of himself, which he doesn't do cuz' that's against regulations Dustbringer: Opens fire at anything from mass murder to jaywalking, was suspended from the force several times Stoneward: Content to keep patrolling the same road for years, never sleeps or drinks on the job. Edgedancer: Police detective, solves all the cases everyone else gave up on Lightweaver: Police mole, some suspect he's a double agent, turns out to be a triple Truthwatcher: Interrogator, can get the truth out of anyone with that stare of hers Bondsmith: Runs the station, takes responsibility for the Dustbringers' behavior Willshaper: Left the force after two months, too repetitive
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    The False Allure of Godhood A dirty secret the Mods don’t want you to know is that the spikes that come with the position grant few powers beyond the reach of the site. Yet why is it that most Mods, and even a few people that are not Mods, feel the need to claim divinity? In a word: power. Or, perhaps more accurately, control. To stabilise their realms, ancient rulers invoked supposedly divine guidance to justify their tyranny, and a few were successful in casting themselves as gods in the process. Is that different from what has happened here? The invidious control of the Mods has spread nefariously beyond original, smaller spheres of influence. After Alvron announced his Gods of Luck and Chance, animal cracker purchases rose by 50% in a few short months among SEers. Orlok’s influence is clear—an open High Priest arguing for his Church of Enlightenment is all that is required to notice his pervasive influence. Perhaps Wilson has retreated to the Shadows, but few forget her feats in days past, and even now she rallies her PR Agents and Heralds to herself, seeking influence anew. How can SE survive the war in “heaven” that will assuredly ensue? The Great Hero of Latter Days Our answer lies in the precedent established by our most recently retired mod: Seonid. Despite reaching a pinnacle of power, he limited his expansion to merely embodying Hoid, and letting his characters roam the Cosmere. Using his powers only for the good of others, he planted a great Vegetable Garden ere he left, full of all manner of living things which he entrusted to SE to nourish. However, half of his crop of beets has already been lost this year to the impending War in Heaven. Is this how the most powerful among us should be treating a humble and retired Mod? I encourage all of SE to rally behind Seonid and his precedent of noninterventionism, seeking the cultivation of our games and the resolution of the senseless conflict gripping the upper echelons of the Modhood. It is by this virtue alone that I, and perhaps all of you, may survive unscathed. Listen not to the lies of the High Priest; she may have abandoned her soul to Orlok, but we all need not. The impending war may be turned aside if all act together, and there is no need to cling to any one person in the hope that they will help you survive the coming conflict. Trust to yourself, and you may truly live. Or join me. I turn away nobody who is willing, and provide free Invested objects to any seeking to mediate disputes. The ASWA is selective, but you all have the inherent capacity to become servants of a Higher Cause—the abolition of inter-Shardic conflict. RP aside, I hope to review the thread and post something substantial tonight. Hopefully I will also respond to everyone else’s concerns at that time as well.
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    I know, right? Anyway, I know there's a lot to talk about, with 2 spambots dead, and the PM role killed, but there's something more important I need to set straight. How dare you. You pray to your false god, and speak out against those you see as your competition. Yet, in your haste, you forget to mention the most powerful and righteous god of all. Me. It is by my hand that this forum has come to exist, painstakingly built over the process of years. It is by my hand that these people have learned the skills of deception and analysis, rising up the ranks in order to become a skilled Eliminator. And it is by my hand that other such as Wilson, Alv, and even your precious Orlok have been able to build a name for themselves under my shadow. Orlok exists because I made them. And they gain a following because I allow them to have a following. Remember that, young priest, and do not forget who the true creator of these forums are next time.
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    From the album My Mistborn Stuff

    I swear I will never get over this man. We love you, Marshmallow!
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    Ok, so a bit of thought. There are 23 players, 24 if you count me. This means we have... probably like 5 spammers, maybe? 6 seems a few too many, although it is possible. Granted, 6 might be more likely if the other eliminator roles are as powerful as having a free anonymous account. But then again, they also have a convert... so I'd say 5 or 6 eliminators out of 23/24 people. That's quite a few, especially in a game as confusing and as low information as this one. We already hold an advantage due to the fact that the spammers don't know any abilities of ours, except for mine, as things stand right now. Someone has already mentioned the importance of being very careful about revealing the specific abilities we have in PMs. I probably would not have revealed my ability either if I had known that this account would be cleared as village. I might have waited until day 2 or 3 to reveal it. However, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Obviously, part of the reason this account cannot have PMs with others is to prevent it from becoming a hub of village information, and to prevent mayoring. There's also some significant risk involved in any kind of player claiming on my part, as it would probably only be a matter of time before I either got killed or converted. I hesitate to suggest that people should attempt to figure out who I am, and then PM their roles and abilities to my true account, as that could easily backfire if you guess the wrong person and share role with a spammer. I also hesitate to give any hints to my true identity, for risk of the spammers attacking me in a similar way. So for now, I think just keeping me as a trust individual should be fine. If my account is a true risk of being lynched, I will use this account in conjunction with my true account in order to prove my identity. Oh, and a quick thing: If you have a role, make sure you use it. With 5 or 6 spammers, we cannot afford to not use our abilities, even with the very real possibility that the spammer abilities will cause it to backfire on us. We have too much to gain. Make sure you use your ability intelligently and smartly, don't just use it at random. Try to figure out clever ways of using them, as we cannot suggest ways of using your abilities. It's pretty much up to you and your creativity and diligence.
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    Kaladin in The Way of Kings: Teft: so...should we go save that Dalinar guy? Kaladin: ehhh...he's probably not that important. Let's just go be fugitives.
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    I am brand new to 17th shard, but far from new to reading Sanderson. I wasn't a big reader until I was given the Mistborn trilogy box set for Christmas 2012. This began my debilitating binge-reading addiction. Mistborn have been my favorite books since that first readthrough, and as I jumped into other Sanderson books, Elantris and Warbreaker, he was firmly planted in place as my favorite author. I had been putting off reading the Stormlight Archive, because I really like to binge-read full series together, so I typically wait until they are all released. However, I've been looking at that copy of The Way of Kings sitting on my shelf and waiting to be devoured for nine years. It was time. That book has moved with me in and out of college dorms and across the country, and I have just been putting off the glory I knew was contained within. Anyway I started off the year knowing I wanted to reread all of my Sanderson treasures so I could then jump into the new ones. I was consistently buying his books as soon as they were available in paperback, but waiting to read them until I was certain the series were complete. I could wait no longer. I started the year rereading Warbreaker. I took a little detour and read the Kingkiller Chronicles (because Brandon had an endoresment on the cover), while listening to all of Wheel of Time on audiobook as well. I then binged all 6 Mistborn with the Arcanum Unbounded supplements. Two scenes in particular from the Mistborn Secret History WRENCHED. MY SOUL. ASUNDER. So I had to heal from my binge hangover. Now I'm mid-Stormlight and revelling in the glory of a new Sanderson world. So that's what now brings me to the forum! I'm excited to find connections and theories that I haven't made, as well as confirmation of my feelings (yes, it's ok to cry when ghosts of your favorite characters try to comfort the characters you've been living through vicariously). Happy to be here, and hope this first post wasn't too long!
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    I don't really know where to put this, its not a meme, but it's about me..me. but you're my community so I must share Anyway I present to you Mr and Mrs Extesian
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    Crimsn Chanarch was lynched! They were Vodiyehi! Tiny Wilson was killed by Babaji! They were aa Eliminator Discussion Leader! Player List (9+2) Crimsn Chanarach: Aranduensis, Cadmium Compounder, xinoehp512, Kidpen, Rae, Maill, Bard, Eland, alVoidus (5) Seventh Saint: Seventh Saint, Sapphire Elephant, Steel, Rathmaskal, Crimsn Chanarach (1) Cadmium Compounder: I think I am here (1) Aranduensis: Mailliw772, (2) alVoidus: Adavantos, Araris Valerian (1) Sapphire Elephant: Furamirionind
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    So I recently asked Brandon on Reddit about how Hoid sent the letters to Frost and vice versa during stormlight. He got back to me with this " He's not using it, but there is active trade between several of the planets (and a version of a postal service.)". So that had me wondering what other kind of parallels there were in the cognitive realm. Like how huge is trade in between realms, I assume pretty large. Here are the messages.
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    If the in-world Oathbringer is published between SA3 and SA4, then they will definitely know. Even if they don't read it/have it read to them themselves, other people they know will read it and know it - I just don't see how it could remain a secret. I would hope that Dalinar would be honest with them before his book is published, otherwise that'd be pretty cruel.
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    The ten orders on a flight: The Windrunner listens attentively to the flight crew's safety instructions and spends the flight studying the safety card. In the case of unexpected loss of cabin pressure they would help others first. The Skybreaker tells other people to take out their headphones and listen to the crew's instructions. Gets annoyed at the Willshaper for running up and down the aisle. The Dustbringer is the kid behind you kicking your seat. The Edgedancer switches seats with the Truthwatcher because they asked nicely. They also give the Dustbringer a toy to make them calm down. The Willshaper ignores the seat belt sign and sneaks back to where the crew keeps the snacks and drinks. They spend the rest of the flight looking out the window happily munching on pretzels and drinking dangerous amounts of ginger ale. The Truthwatcher foresaw they would sit in front of the Dustbringer, so they asked the Edgedancer to change seats with them. But they can't get any shuteye because now they're in the seat next to the Willshaper and wake up every time they have to get up to pee from drinking too much ginger ale. The Lightweaver gets up to shenanigans impersonating the pilot and copilot, walking around during the flight casually asking who's flying the plane right now. The Skybreaker is not amused. The Elsecaller is only on the flight to conduct research on human behaviour in confined spaces over longer periods of time. When they get bored they think of ways of improving the plane's design. The Stoneward puts on Avatar, immediately falls asleep, and doesn't wake up until the plane has landed. The Bondsmith is scared of flying and can't wait for the pilot to unite the plane with the ground again. Bonus round for what some of the spren are up to: The Honorspren turns into a tiny plane and zips around the cabin sticking people's plastic cups to their tray tables. The Cultivationspren thinks about the beautiful garden they could grow out of all the luggage on board. The Cryptic humms happily when they realize the airline lied about extra leg room. They then hide in the bathroom and observe human behaviour. They yell "No Mating!" when a couple tries to join the mile high club. The Stormfather grumbles about it not being right that everyone is flying these days.
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    It's random, but it was 12 when me and friend came up with this. We thought it was hilarious, but in hindsight... Monday: Mistborn. Everything is bleak and it doesn't matter in the end and life is pain and death and there is no hope for survival... Tuesday: Stormlight. Off to a better start and your feeling confident, but... there's... so much... more... left to go... Wednesday: Warbreaker: Stuck in the middle, some good elements, but mostly just... there. Thursday: Elantris. We're there. Almost. Very close, but laced with elements of longing. Friday: Wax and Wayne. Ahhhh... If any of you have any ideas for Saturday and Sunday, I'm open! (Of course, this is my opinion, so if anyone has another and wants to share it, please do!)
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    Narrator Archer slowly retracted his question. He looked around, the hair on the back of his neck standing on end. His years of foruming experience had honed his senses into razor blades of sensory detection. He knew the feeling that was churning in his gut. He knew it, and he feared it. "Tread lightly," he whispered to his imaginary companion. "It appears that we have stumbled upon an inside joke." He cautiously checked the posts behind him. They were full of references he did not understand. "And it is very possible," he continued, "that my presence is ruining it."
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    When you slide around your house in socks pretending to be an edgedancer.
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    @Alderant Thank you for your post. I'm sorry you are going through this and I'm glad you are feeling better on some days. You are a good person that cares for even strangers online and your post is proof of that. Especially when you do it on a forum that people seem to misinterpret everything you say, it doesn't change the fact that your own personal intention is purely good. I'll tell you now that I'm proof you are helping others by expressing your own pain, and you'll never know how many more people will read your words, even lurkers, in the future. You have affected people positively with this. Now about Kaladin, depression and his love life, I feel it's very dangerous to even comment because of all the people relating and projecting unto his pain, I feel there is responsibility for even the smallest detail said here, but I'll try. He needs help, from a person that will truly understand him. Logic dictates that will be an intimate relationship, to be understood so deeply, but maybe it doesn't necessarily needs to be a romantic one. (just like how in real life a therapist or a true friend isn't) - I'd personally want this to be Jasnah. But whoever his romantic interest will be, they will have to understand him just as intimately, because it's a darkness that will always be there and they will need to fight it together during the times when it will resurface. It has to be someone that truly understands his internal agony and I'm definately sure Sanderson feels the responsibility of it, of making this character and bringing them in their right state of mind before this romance actually happens. But first and foremost, the most important step is the next one. Kaladin needs to understand he needs help and seek it.
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    From the album RP Doodles

    In honor of the alternate universe horror thread starting up, here's my character, Renata. Doesn't she just look thrilled to be here?
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    Hm. If someone were to have a statement like that in their signature, I reckon they must be the incarnation of darkness and evil themselves. I wonder what such a malicious manifestation is up to, now. Sparks! My cover is blown. Unless... Burn you, Gammalv! You caught me! Now everyone will realize I'm Aman's #1 Fan / President of his Harem Fan Club. You hear that, senpai? Pls notice me.
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    Hello Everyone I am completely new here and a bit lost - i just know that i am not supposed to accept any cookies that are offered to me My favourite series by Brandon Sanderson is: Alcatraz vs. the evil Librarians and The Way of Kings (just about to read the 2nd half of Words of Radiance for the 1st time) I also really liked: The Rithmatist The Emperor's Soul Warbreaker Legion Still have to read a lot of his books, including Skyward, but I'll get to it The Final Empire and I have a bit of a difficult relationship so far (about 1/3 in) but we will see how this turns out
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    I actually don't know if this counts as fanart or something, but here are some attempts at the women's script from the vorin nations. Of course it's just transcripted English, but I thought this would be cool. Also, thanks to @Harakeke for the amazing work at deciphering this beautiful script. Has anyone else been practising this writing system and found anything that looks cool? or IDK, just give feedback and share something related if you want!
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    To be fair, I don't really think Gammalv or ITIAH has said or done anything particularly trolly (though I'm still upset about those RoW Spoilers ). But if you're using trolliness as a qualifier for eliminatorness, then I'll happily accept the label for myself. Also, Steel. While I doubt I'll ever be able to parse whether or not it's you or your clone talking, and subsequently never be able to develop trust towards you in general, I have a more critical lead. HIGH PRIEST OF LORD TEKIEL! I demand you answer for the crime of baking a sharp metal object into this cookie you gifted me! @High Priest of Lord Tekiel Hello Meta! Long time no see! Honestly a bit surprised you haven't PM'd me already. I do qualify as one of your old buddies, don't I? Don't I...? ...please.
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    Gammalv leaned back in his chair, a forgotten plate of half eaten nachos lay on a stand next to him. In front of Gammalv his computer screen glowed with energy as it displayed the latest copy of Rhythms of War, the fourth book in the all important Stormlight series. Never in his wildest dreams did he think he would be one of the lucky few to be an alpha reader. Gamma level was the most he had ever dared hope for but here he was reading a rough draft of one of the most highly anticipated books on his favorite forum. Thinking of the 17th Shard Gammalv tabbed over to it, refreshed the page and noted the recent topic listings was once more filled with Spam. Sighing, Gammalv started to squash a couple of the spambots but found his thoughts drifting back to the book. He had only read a couple of words for the next chapter but it was looking like one of the best, a Gaz chapter. Gammalv had long wondered how Gaz had lost his left eye and it looked like this chapter might just answer his question not to mention that Gammalv could do with something to take his mind off the last chapter. Who thought that Wyndle would die of all spren? Another Mod will take care of these Bots I’m sure. Gammalv thought as he tabbed back to Rhythms of War. He just had to know what happened next.
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    I'm new here, and I don't understand a lot. I've posted a couple of topics, but apparently I'm a spren? (hopefully highspren) And people are gyorns? They preach Derethi teaching, or is it just ceremonial? I'm so confused!
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    Hello. I will be signing up as Guest103492.
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    I apologize for any confusion my clone may have caused. I go to use the toilet for 5 minutes... I knocked him out better this time, and he has returned back to the closet This is what I get for growing a clone just to have extra organs. Smh.
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    Hi. I'm Steeldancer's identical twin. Or clone, he refuses to tell me which I am. Anyway, I'll sign up as meetsinglemennearyou.
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    Dalinar decides to write a (biography? philosophy?) that he entitles Oathbringer. Passages are quoted throughout the book. I imagine that this work will be finished by book 4 and we will get to see its impact.
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    The ten orders when they stumble upon a cat: Windrunner: Protects the cat from dogs and other dangers. Is now known among the locals as “Catman”. Skybreaker: Calls pest control, the local shelters, and all potential cat owning families within the area. Willshaper: Makes the cat a loyal companion to protect them on their adventures. Names the cat “Dirt” cause why not. Elsecaller: Uses the cat to study the effects of caffeine on the brain. This has happened several times before, so many cats now roam the city attacking all who smell of coffee. Truthwatcher: Really wants to pet the kitty, but foresees that the cat will scratch them if they do so. Sometimes still pets the kitty anyways. Bondsmith: Unites all of the cats together to form Voltron. Stonesmith: Has a soft spot for cats, but is terrified of them. Stands rigidly still as the cat rubs against their legs. Edgedancer: Adopts the cat. Already has adopted dozens of forgotten cats. Dustbringer: Harnesses the sheer destructive power of the cat to knock things off shelves everywhere. Lightweaver: Lightweaves the cat into a fierce lion and claims that they rescued it from poachers.
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    For my 2000th post, I am going to post my first memes. They are some of my favorite quotes from The Stormlight Archive in much different situations. Enjoy! (Spoilers ahead!)
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