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    I have a joke about the 4th ideal of the Windrunners but I'm not ready to say the words.
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    If you're out of the loop, Brandon always planned to write a Stormlight novella between Oathbringer and Rhythm of War, which is now a Kickstarter reward. It was going to be Rysn novella, and it was going to involve traveling to Aimia. The name that was floating around for it was Wandersail, but Brandon didn't like that title since that wasn't what the story was about. Well, what is the story about? A freaking Dawnshard. Cover by Ben McSweeney and Isaac Stewart. Art and design are not final. Maybe check out our Coppermind article on Dawnshards, but I'll give you a quick rundown. Dawnshards are mythical objects to modern Roshar. In Jasnah's notes on the Voidbringers in The Way of Kings, she noted that talk of Dawnshards were prevalent in early mythologies. The Poem of Ista said: "Taking the Dawnshard, known to bind any creature voidish or mortal, he crawled up the steps crafted for Heralds, ten strides tall apiece, toward the grand temple above." As far as powers go, that's most of what we know about them. Honor, in the vision at the end of book one, worried how mankind would survive the struggle against Odium without Dawnshards, which sort of suggests they were inaccessible. Then there's this quote from the Stormfather in Oathbringer: In other words, we know so little about Dawnshards, but they are very important, and subject to intense speculation. There were theories like that a Dawnshard broke the Shattered Plains, and much more, some involving the Unmade. There was a Dawnshard in Aimia in the past, which was why it was protected so well. And in Shardcast, we sure joked a Dawnshard was in the undersea caverns of Aimia. Maybe we'll get to just see that. I'm hyped, let's go.
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    Update 7/13: Tonight Brandon put out Stormlight 4 Update #9 which says much of what we say here, elaborating that Isaac and Peter have "months" of work left to do on the book. He also said the Stormlight novella's title will be announced tomorrow, and there's a livestream Thursday. He reiterated plans we've reported here: Songs of the Dead revision this week, then after, Skyward 3, and Lost Metal starting January 1. After that, then it's Stormlight 5 time, which will be roughly the halfway point of the cosmere. Last night, Brandon finished his work on Rhythm of War, the fourth Stormlight Archive novel. On a screenshot saying "The End," you can see the word count is 459,629 words, which is a bit longer than Oathbringer's 454,000 words. Brandon shared in a Facebook comment that there are 112 chapters, plus interludes, and the prologue and epilogue. Brandon also said in his post that though the book releases in full on November (specifically, November 17th), preview chapters are coming before then. His tweet says "preview chapters soon." Hooray! Now, in previous news posts, some commenters have asked why they can't just read the ebook of this next week, so I thought I'd explain some things to the best of my ability as to what is happening next for the book. Please, anyone in the comments who know more than I do, comment away, I'd love to know more! Though Brandon is done, there's a lot more work to be done from people on Brandon's team as well as Tor. First up will be typesetting the Word document to look like an actual book. Then there's proofreading that needs to be done. There are Tor proofreaders, Peter (Brandon's assistant), but also there is a "gamma read" which is a proofread pass to a bit of a wider set of people, similar to the beta read. These books are really long, and even with so many eyes on the book, there are still typos in the final result. This is a super important phase. Nowadays, with Dragonsteel Entertainment being a reasonably big operation, Brandon doesn't need to micromanage this step, and Peter can deal with this. So while Brandon is done, the text isn't quite done yet. What else? Well, we need the art to all be finalized. I'm not exactly sure when the art needs to be turned in, but with every Stormlight book, there's tons of in-world art. Art takes a long time. I imagine plenty has been started already, but it might not be done quite yet. After all, we still don't have the US cover art. But I imagine the sheer weight of interior art takes a long time. Next up, there's the audiobook. Over half of Starsight's sales were audiobooks, if I recall correctly, so this is likely a large fraction of the audience. Oathbringer's audiobook is 55 hours, 5 minutes. I have to imagine actually recording it, doing multiple takes of sections, and editing it takes a very long time to record these mammoth audiobooks. Coming off editing Shardcast taking triple to quadruple the time for me to edit those, I have to believe the audiobooks are a huge undertaking. Of course, the audiobook can be recorded once the text is finalized, and once the art is done, printing can begin. You might still ask why you can't read the book after the text is finished. That's a fair question! But it occurred to me: the New York Times Bestseller list is a huge deal for advertising a book. From my understanding, you want to release all the editions of the book at the same time so they all count to the bestseller list. It would be a bad look to have the fourth Stormlight book not be a #1 bestseller. So, there are some important economic and industry reasons why we can't read it immediately. It sucks, but it is what it is. I know the wait has been brutal, but this is actually very fast for us to get the book out by November, and lots of people are putting in a lot of effort to get it to you. Still, we'll get preview chapters soon, which will be great! In Brandon's recent newsletter, he released a brand-new chapter of Rhythm of War, and if you sign up for the newsletter, it'll be sent to you! You can discuss it in our Rhythm of War spoiler board! Article image: the Gollancz cover of Rhythm of War, by Sam Green.
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    Preface, this is going to be long but it's important. I'm new to the forums and haven't had a chance to get to know people personally but I wanted to create this topic because I've seen some discussion surrounding Gavilar that I wasn't comfortable with. Rather than continuing in those threads I'm creating this to center the discussion of Gavilar and his treatment of those close to him here. If you feel like you are in an abusive relationship, Trust your gut, you can get support here: 1−800−799−7233 First I'm going to refer to some of the National Domestic Violence Hotline's criteria for abuse that I believe are relevant to the Prologue chapter: Just because someone does something that is on this list does not mean it is abuse. There can be a single instance of abuse or continued abuse. However, I think we can establish that the severity of a single action is what would make the action abusive, whereas continued actions from the list of criteria qualifies as abuse. Prologue: This is setting the reader up for what is coming. It's establishing that Navani isn't feeling like she belongs at Gavilar's side. BS notes that her anxieties/insecurities have gotten worse lately. In a healthy relationship she would be able to express this to her husband and he would be able to reassure her anxieties. This does not happen. This is number (2) from the segment above. He does not trust her. More evidence of lack of trust And more. Clearly this is a pattern, yeah? One time is circumstance, two times is coincidence, three times is a patter. Brandon is drilling this lack of trust from Gavilar into us. This is clearly (3) he has threatened her without resorting to physical abuse... yet. A glimpse into why she may deserve the abuse (spoiler, no one deserves the abuse, that's a sign of abuse). Number (7) he is accusing her of cheating, and is jealous of her relationship with Dalinar. No matter how founded it is. This is (4) he is humiliating her by twisting a once compassionate gesture into mockery. He is blaming her for the abuse (5) Wow, this is a lot all in one. He is calling her names, belittling her, and humiliating her for something she loves (1 and 4). Then he concludes with telling her that she isn't worthy of their relationship (8) This is the only quote I've pulled that I feel like is any stretch to call it abuse. But her internal monologue here "Don't let his lies become your truth. Fight it" Screams that he has been gaslighting her for an extended period of time. Here's what I find the most important part of the chapter, it's not evidence of actual abuse. It's showing how we normalize it. Our society and many of us normalize the behaviors I listed above. We say what Navani says that this was an "argument" and that they "bring out the worst in eachother". This is not the case, this is abuse, we need to recognize it for what it is, and not be afraid to call it that. We can have a whole long discussion about the justification or rationalization of what it is, but that just enables abusers. Allowing abusers to get away with these kinds of behaviors only protects them. We as a society need to do better by providing support for their victims and safe exits for them to leave their abuse. I'm not an professional in the field or anything close to an expert. Please, if you feel like there is abuse in your relationship, Trust your gut, reach out to someone -- You can reach out to me if you want. If you're looking for professional support you can contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline by calling 1−800−799−7233 If you are being abused or have been abused you need to know this. You do not deserve it, there is nothing that can make that true. No one deserves abuse.
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    For the new Chapters:
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    Made this a couple days ago but realized i probably couldn't put it in cremposting. Thank you so much for creating a meme page where RoW spoilers are fine!
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    One of my most enjoyable memories of Oathbringer's pre-release was the Meme thread on the OB spoiler board here on 17th Shard. I saw a new meme on one of the threads here already, so I figured, it is time. Here are three memes I'm going to start the thread with. I'm sure you all will make better ones as the chapters come out. I look forward to seeing them.
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    If you upvote this post you must upvote ^ this... but... Edit: I'm doing more of these. I'm so sorry.
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    Kaladin's potential romantic interests seem to be a much greater focus this time around. Bye bye shallan now we got Lyn? Kara?? and best of all Leshwi???????
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    About Lirin. Not gonna somehow justify his attitude towards Dalinar, but this scene painfully reminded the readers that Lirin is the father of his son. Kaladin was just as disrespectful towards Dalinar and other lighteyes in TWOK and WoR as Lirin now. The same blood, the same genes, the same disrespectful and judging manners.
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    Not to dogpile, but I think that to certain worldviews, Lirin is a coward, in much the same way that Szeth is a murderer, Dalinar is a tyrant, Kaladin is dangerous (shash brand), etc. Worldviews impact the way that people are seen. Lirin operates from a very strong moral code--one against death and violence. His entire bent is to save lives, not take them or lose them in death and battle. He doesn't care who his overlords are; he only cares about doing his job. To people who believe that war is the solution, Lirin is a coward. Lirin would not protest the Nazi regime; he would be an Oskar Schindler, trying to save lives without directly defying the system that is taking them. Lirin would not advocate for a war to save his people, because the singers are also his people--people are his people. As a surgeon, he just wants the killing to cease. To some, that is cowardice; to others, it is the highest moral courage. I don't think Brandon is going to force a particular interpretation on people.
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    I don't know that I agree with that assessment. He reminds me of my mom. Her older brother suffered serious injuries in the Vietnam war and she worked at the VA hospital for 30 years treating war veterans. When you see that side of warfare, the human cost of it, for that long it really makes you think differently about what is actually worth sending your young men and women off to die for. So what you perceive as cowardice I perceive as a totally accurate portrayal of a pacifist medical professional. You can, of course, continue to read Lirin's perspective as cowardly. There isn't a wrong way to read a book, but I thought a different perspective on him might add to the discussion in a positive way.
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    Hello I bring alignment charts because they’re fun Warbreaker spoilers because it has come to my attention that we need more Warbreaker (and Elantris, and Rithmatist, and I haven’t read Alcatraz (yes, I’m sorry) but probably Alcatraz as well) memes.
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    This is an article from our wonderful friends at Cosmere.es, the Spanish cosmere fansite, translated into English for you to read. The original article is here, written by the lovely Ysondra. Today, I want to share with you guys a really special interview for me. Back in 2006, shortly before Brandon published in Spain and before I discovered him. I had a personal blog and spent a lot of time playing something called MUD and World of Warcraft. I’ve always been fascinated by illustrations for fantasy and science fiction works, and my blog had a space dedicated to listing my favorite artists. I had two separate lists: one for established artists, and one for younger artists who I thought showed great promise. One of the artists on my second list was someone called “Breathing2004”, who I discovered thanks to a Blizzard fanart contest. He was an impressive artist, and I was in love with his art from the first fanart I saw. It’s a small world, and 14 years later, Jian Guo did the covers for the Chinese editions of Brandon Sanderson’s books (among other popular authors) and now he’s working with Dragonsteel on the tenth anniversary editions. Top left: Elantris Chinese cover, by Jian Guo. Top right: The Emperor's Soul Chinese cover, by Jian Guo. Bottom: The Way of Kings Chinese cover, by Jian Guo. Just like we all enjoyed the illustrations he did for the capital letters at the start of each Warbreaker chapter last year, this year we get to see his interpretation of the chapter arches in each chapter of the 10th anniversary edition of The Way of Kings which is funded by a Kickstarter. [Editor's note: the Kickstarter ends Friday! -Eric] Big thanks to Isaac Stewart who gave us the chapter arches images from the Prologue which you can see below when we talk more about Jian Guo’s work with Dragonsteel. We want to give a special thanks to Javier Altayó. This interview would not be possible without the help of this marvelous translator. Altayó was born in 1978 in Sabadell and received his degree in Mandarin translation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He also studied Chinese language and culture at the University of Peking (Beijing, China) and has lived in Taipei, Taiwan for more than a decade where he works as a teacher and a translator. We want to thank him again, from the bottom of our hearts, for making this interview possible. If you like science fiction, you’ll surely know his work (though you might not have noticed) because he translated the majority of Cixin Liu’s work to Spanish for Nova including The Three Body Problem, The Dark Forest, Ball Lightning, and The Wandering Earth, and we can’t wait for his next translation of The Supernova Era which comes out October 15th. We also want to send a heartfelt thank you to Jian Guo for not only giving us his time, but also sharing with us some exclusive sketches that you can enjoy while reading along. Now, please join me in getting to know Jian Guo. I hope you’re left as fascinated by his art as we have been! You’ll discover his art ranges from the faceted style that resembles stained glass to art inspired by contemporary painters such as Picasso. If you like his work, please make sure to check out his DeviantArt and ArtStation accounts, because they’re impressive. Celestial Palace, by Jian Guo Interview with Jian Guo, artist for the 19th anniversary editions of Warbreaker and The Way of Kings Translated into Spanish by Xavier Altayó. Translated to English by Bea. To start, I wanted to say thank you for giving us your time. I’ve been in love with your work since 2006 or 2007 when I found you in the World of Warcraft forums. I had a blog (which I still have) where I put my favorite professional illustrators and promising artists. You were among the promising artists, and it’s an honor to have the opportunity to interview you, not only because of your work for the Chinese covers of Sanderson’s books, but because of what your art means to me. Even though we don’t know Madarin, Sasori and I have several Chinese editions of Sanderson’s books at home just to admire the covers. Of the ones we have, I have to say Elantris, Warbreaker, and The Way of Kings are our favorites. Botanica Xu signed our copy of Elantris and also sent us one of your autographs because they knew how much we liked your art! Ysondra’s collection of Chinese books! From left to right, Chinese editions illustrated by Jian Guo: The Way of Kings, Warbreaker, Elantris, The Emperor’s Soul, and Infinity Blade Cosmere.es: Before we came to know you as Jian Guo, many of us knew you as Breathing2004, but we didn’t know much else about you. Could you tell us a little about yourself? Where did you get the nickname Breathing2004? In 2004 I was trying to upload things to a website called GFXartist and I realized I didn’t have a username. My intention with my paintings is that looking at them is as easy as breathing, so from there I took “Breathing” and since I had to use letters and numbers, I ended up calling myself “Breathing2004.” Cosmere.es: The first illustration of yours I saw was a fanart for World of Warcraft in 2006 or 2007. This, along with the rest of your portfolio, makes me ask: what influence have video games, fantasy literature, and science fiction had on you? What are your favorite books and video games? I guess my first contact with quality science fiction was through a Chinese magazine called Science Fiction World. Video games came later, when I had a computer. I think my first online video game had to be World of Warcraft. I loved it from the first moment and even still, it holds a special place with me. Because I loved it, I would do art related to it from time to time. I didn’t know this was called fanart until later. As for science fiction, I like Asimov novels (for example The Caves of Steel, The Last Question), Tales of Earthsea by Ursula K. Leguin, and the Dark Elf Trilogy by R. A. Salvatore; as for video games, I have a weakness for the games by Black Isle Studios and Blizzard. Sci-Fi World Magazine covers, by Jian Guo. From left to right: ABdiel, Hercules, Pegasus, The Fallen Angel. Cosmere.es: When would you say your career started? When you started doing fanart for World of Warcraft? Or were you known before then? I’ve liked to draw since I was a kid. At the beginning I was limited to coloring or coping, of course. I didn’t start learning digital drawing until I graduated university and started to work. I bought my first Wacom drawing tablet with my paycheck and started taking my first steps following tutorials in magazines. The first place I uploaded work to was a Chinese website called huoshen.com. Later, I went to foreign sites like “cgtalk” or “gfxartist”. At the time, everything I did was original work. I didn’t start with fan art until I became a fan of World of Warcraft. The story of Pandaria, Emperor Shaohao, by Jian Guo Cosmere.es: Could you tell us about your creative process from the inspiration to the sketches to sitting down to start working and finally the finished product? At first I conceived and matured all my drawings in my mind before I sat at my computer. I didn’t take any time in between. So basically, I did it all in a row which left the concept and composition of the work very simplistic. Over time, I developed a habit of sketching on the computer and drawing in layers. The commercial commissions I’ve taken in the last few years have been especially helpful with integrating my own ideas into what the commissioner has requested in their reference material or textual descriptions. Oni Tensei, by Jian Guo Cosmere.es: How would you describe your style’s evolution? How did you start making these spectacular illustrations that look like stained glass? When I first started digital illustration, I set out to imitate the expressive techniques popular at the time: thick, realistic strokes. Later, when I found myself stuck, I I took advantage of my studies in university and my previous work experience in architectural design which had centered on flat, geometric shapes. I tried to use the techniques I already knew to evolve my style. At the same time, I looked for inspiration in the polychrome stained glass common in European churches, in art nouveau, in art deco, and in the ornamental motifs from traditional Chinese painting so bit by bit I could find a direction that, combined with the requirements of narrative expression, led me to my current style. Some work inspired by Tolkien, by Jian Guo Cosmere.es: How did you come into contact with Brandon Sanderson’s work? Do you have a favorite? The publisher of The Way of Kings offered me the chance to draw its cover while they were working on its publication. At the time, I had done very few covers. It all went really fast: I didn’t have time to read the whole text and I had to get an idea from the key fragments they gave me. But by the end, it didn’t seem to be a bad method. This was my first contact with Sanderson’s work. After I received a copy of the book and sat down to read the whole novel, I was completely fascinated. In the following years, they translated several more of his books and I did the covers of some of them. My favorites are The Emperor’s Soul and Warbreaker. The former I like because of its Asian influence and due its cute and strong protagonist. The latter captivated me with its chromatic magic and the contrast of the two main protagonists. It’s also very well written. Jian Guo work in the Tenth Anniversary leatherbound for The Way of Kings. Image from Dragonsteel Entertainment. Left to right: Chapter arch, Chinese Way of Kings cover which will be in the gallery of artists, and a second chapter arch. Image credit: Dragonsteel. Prologue chapter arch for The Way of Kings leatherbound. Final design may be different and is subject to change. Knights Radiant Poster by Jian Guo. Progress shot is to the left, final is to the right. You can buy this poster here. It's pretty great! Infinity Blade cover, by Jian Guo. Left is the progress shot, the right is the final version. Cosmere.es: We are in love with the covers you’ve done, not just for the Cosmere, but also for Infinity Blade. But, the work you’ve done for the 10th anniversary edition of Warbreaker with the capital letters is impressive. How was working with Isaac Stewart and the Dragonsteel team? I’m very grateful to Sanderson and Isaac for entrusting me with the design of several important motifs. Isaac in particular is extremely patient and also very precise in asking for what he wants. He’s there to guide me during each commission so by the end of the piece, the final product is the fruit of our joint effort. He’s been a huge help. Jian Guo's Warbreaker cover. Left is a progress shot, right is the final version. Drop cap for E for the Warbreaker leatherbound, by Jian Guo. Different letters appear at the beginning of each chapter. by Jian Guo. Left is an in-progress shot, the right is the final. Cosmere.es: What is the situation with fantasy and science fiction literature in China? Are they heavily edited genres? How many people read them? Are they considered part of the general literature? How are they received by the public? They published a ton of science fiction and fantasy books at the beginning of the year from both Chinese and foreign authors. Any book related to big cinematic releases or that has received an important award in the specialized worlds for literature also makes its way here. Since the success of Cixin Liu’s Three Body Problem Trilogy translation on the global level, various other Chinese works have been translated and met success on the international market. In regards to the Chinese market, despite the limitation of prices and the lack of robust alternatives, I can’t say reading physical books is very popular. Instead, excellent fantasy titles are accessed through online reading platforms or other internet platforms. They often gain public recognition and then are adapted to series, movies, or games. Specific Chinese sub-genres have also emerged: xiuxian stories (stories where the hero trains to reach immortality) chuanyue stories (stories where the hero suddenly finds themself transported to another time or world), and zhongtian stories (stories about everyday agricultural life or farmers) all of which are interesting. Fantasy and science fiction have slowly been gaining ground and have become important genres however fantasy is seen as more serious and science fiction is considered pure escapism and is popular with young people. The Three Body Problem cover by Jian Guo Cosmere.es: Which other authors, Chinese or worldwide, would you like to work with? Of the forgein works that get to China, the majority of them are from authors who write in English, but I’d like to work with writers from all over the world. I don’t want to limit myself to English language authors. I want to draw beautiful and interesting covers and illustrations for authors who write in whichever language. But, to do that, you have to recognize the huge amount of work for translators, who open the door to these opportunities to see other worlds of fantasy. Arthur C. Clarke covers by Jian Guo Cosmere.es: We’re getting more and more books from Chinese, or Chinese-origin people in Europe and the US, which has been cool because reading books from diverse sources gives us an enriching point of view. We’ve seen your illustrations inspired by Cixin Liu’s work. Will you do the official covers for his new novels? Cixin Liu’s work usually has several editions in China. I would love to have the opportunity to illustrate one of his magnificent books. And I would also, humbly, like to enrich the works of other excellent writers as much as I can. Cosmere.es: Which other Chinese authors who are unknown in the West do you suggest? I usually read forgein literature, but not too long ago I read Tales of Tarsylia by Wu Miao and Sishige, the new compilation of stories by Qitongren, both of which I liked a lot. For about a year I’ve followed the podcast series Desert Wolf by Kennedy Xu, Lord of the Mysteries by Yuan Ye, and the series Ghost Blows out the Light by Zhang Muye. And all of Liu’s work is amazing, without having to say. Cosmere.es: Thank you so much for your time and sharing your impressions with us. We sincerely hope to continue enjoying your art and that you continue to give life to the Cosmere. Aside from everything we’ve said and before we say goodbye, is there anything else you’d like to mention? I wish to continue having the chance to contribute my particular style of illustration to more amazing work and to thereby bring the cultures of the East and West closer together by portraying the beauty of the world. Sanderson’s work is outstanding, as we all know, so I look forward to working with him in the future. That’s been our interview with Jian Guo! We hope you all have enjoyed it. I have to say it was a challenge to decide which images to include between the hundreds he’s published in his galleries over the years. Even though we couldn’t include more, he’s done a lot more covers for other writers and other, beautiful original work which you can see on his DeviantArt (don’t miss it! You’ll love it!) where he’s the most active. Having the chance to talk with Jian Guo after so many years as a fan of his art, thanks to the generosity of Javier Altayó, has been a little dream come true. So, if you liked this interview, don’t forget to say thank you to him for making this all possible. Thank you, Xavier, we love you! And thank you Cosmere.es and Ysondra for letting us post this in English, and Bea for translating! -Eric
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    Spoiler free memes Cosmere Spoilers
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    Nice catch! Fixed?! (sorry for poor editing skills)
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    Whenever I post here I’m always worried that someone’s already made these memes, so I’m faced with the internal struggle of whether or not to post. But I made a bunch, so I may as well put them somewhere.
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    I cannot believe no one has done this before but:
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    Hey guys! Brandon did another signing livestream yesterday (#12, more Warbreaker signature pages), so here's a quick recap of what we learned or got confirmations about. Also, the stream was literally too hot to handle! Dawnshard news The novella formerly known as Wandersail and now known as Dawnshard will follow Rysn as she travels to Aimia, and will actually teach us some stuff about the Dawnshards! Also, Lopen might be showing up as a secondary POV, though it is unclear whether he will actually join her on the trip. Brandon plans to start writing that this coming Monday, and "will feel bad" if the ebook is not out before Rhythm of War even though the novella itself "is not super integrated with the book." The book itself will probably be available as a hardcover later on, but for now the only way to get your hands on a physical copy is through the Kickstarter. If Arcanum Unbounded II ever becomes a thing, Dawnshard will likely be the backbone of it, so those on a tight budget might want to just grab the ebook for now. An audiobook of the novella (and anything else that goes into AU2) is also likely. Rhythm of War news Speaking of Rysn, she also gets an interlude in the next Stormlight installment, Rhythm of War. Brandon calls it a "very different sort of interlude," and apparently it doesn't spoil the novella somehow, though readers of the novella will appreciate said interlude more. My money, personally, is on the interlude being some kind of retelling of the Aimia adventure, and for whatever reason Rysn can't tell us everything about. How do you think this will work out? Leave us a comment below and also ring the bell to be notified of any future videos, wait, no, sorry, this YouTube stuff is getting to my head. Future plans None of this is super new, but here's a mixed bag of news and announcements: Alcatraz 6 is "done, being illustrated as we speak," should happen sometime in 2021. Brandon still needs to fix the ending of Apocalypse Guard. He thinks he has a pretty good idea about how to do that, just needs to find 2-3 weeks of free time "in the coming months." Brandon is doing a revision on Songs of the Dead (the story formerly known as Death by Pizza). Horneater, the Rock novella that takes place between Stormlight #4 and #5 is still planned for the future. Picture books of Hoid's stories might also happen in the future, though no concrete plans. Snapshot got "really close to being greenlit as a movie" but the option fell through last year. Without it to drive a non-cosmere story collection, Brandon and his team kind of slacked off on putting one together; it's still probably going to happen, they have all the art commissioned for it, and will include a couple of short stories Brandon has been sending to magazines under a false name, to see if he can get them to pick them up. There are "some cool new talks around Snapshot" apparently too, so we'll see. Guest appearance by Karen & Peter Finally, the stream ended with about an hour of Karen and Peter Ahlstrom (Brandon's continuity editor and primary editor) answering some question and doing a bit of show & tell. Recapping all of it doesn't do it justice, but you can watch the segment starting at the 1:02:21 mark. What you can expect there is a preview of the much-coveted Karen-maintained Dragonsteel Wiki (you can see a couple of screenshots below), as well as several examples of the kinds of things Peter works on (he gave examples of his edits to The Way of Kings, in preparation for the anniversary edition). Oh, and I guess we got a small preview of a document called Master Cosmere Timeline.xlsx, not sure that was about, probably unimportant, don't worry about it. Minor non-plot spoilers for all published Stormlight books.
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    go easy on me it's my first cosmeme/crempost
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    I'm curious to see who gets this joke.
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    This theory is more like two theories that are loosely connected. My first theory is born from the ravings of Jezrien, when he is in the form of the Ahu on the beggar's porch in Kholinar: These three quotes from Jezrien seemingly establish several things: Jeizren hears voices in his head, much like Dalinar's and Szeth's. These voices have been confirmed by WoB to be tied somehow to the realmatics of the Cosmere, and I don't think it would be terribly contentious to say that they're specifically tied to the regional conditions found on Roshar. Seeing Dalinar's suffering, Jezrien leaps to the assumption that it is the consequence of one of the Unmade. He is correct on this, as Dalinar's actions at the Rift were being influenced by Nergaoul. In his third quote, Jezrien shows surprising wisdom given his current state. He is acknowledging responsibility for his actions, in a way which parallels Dalinar's moment of triumph at the battle of Thaylen Field, where Dalinar rejects Odium and accepts responsibility for being driven to kill by Nergaoul. In addition, Jezrien disturbingly seems to describe being tortured by the Unmade. Looking at theses statements, it becomes easy to wonder whether the Unmade have had a hand in Jezrien's current condition. After all, he seems to be correctly conflating Dalinar's experiences with his own. Additionally, Jezrien's emphasized use of "we" in the third quote can be interpreted to refer to himself and Dalinar, but perhaps it could refer to all of the Heralds. However, something's definitely not fitting the picture here. Although Dalinar was under Nergaoul's influence during the actions which led him to hear these voices, Szeth wasn't. The commonality between Dalinar's and Szeth's conditions doesn't seem to be the Unmade, but rather the regret they hold over the slaughter they have committed. To explain this, I bring you this quote from Chapter 90 of Oathbringer: Notice, first of all, that Szeth's case is actually weaker than Dalinar's. Szeth doesn't hear his voices as constantly as Dalinar does, but rather when he closes his eyes or when he thinks about them—they're in the back of his mind, and they don't dominate his thoughts unless he clears his other senses. Secondly, notice that Nale claims Szeth's condition is related to the powers he held. The powers of a Herald. My conclusion may be controversial, and I see room for doubt despite with the evidence I have presented above, but I believe that part of the Herald's madness comes from torture by the Unmade. I still believe that regret plays a large role in the madness experienced by Dalinar, Jezrien, and Szeth. After all, Odium's speech to Dalinar seems to claim that he would escape his regrets and the voices in his mind if he gave in to his control and that of Nergaoul. The Thrill seems to prevent people from feeling remorse. I believe that these voices don't come from the Unmade, but rather from the profound pain of denying their influence and recognizing the horrors they have forced you to do. It is some form of backlash after Connecting with the investure of one of the Unmade. Szeth experienced this same phenomenon because he drew upon powers tied to Jezrien. It's clear that Jezrien regrets something. His voices must represent some group of people, and he explicitly states that it was his fault that he "attracted", "befriended", and "courted" one of the Unmade. But as far as we know, Jezrien isn't some sort of mass murderer, right? At least, I doubt he regrets killing the Voidbringers who threatened humanity. Instead, I turn to Kaladin for this one. As a Windrunner, Kaladin must share some characteristics with Jezrien. The whole ideology of his order is modeled after Jezrien. Now imagine how Kaladin would feel if his "weakness" lead to the return of a Desolation and the deaths of thousands. Thus, I think Jezrien, much like Kaladin, has regrets over the people he failed to save. The screams he hears in his head are the people (perhaps both human and parsh) who died in battle because Jezrien gave in to torture. More specifically, this torture associated with one of the Unmade, who Jezrien could have blamed in the same manner that Dalinar could have blamed Nergaoul for his murders. A have a variant to this theory, which I'm not sure I fully believe, but which think deserves some thought: the Unmade were un-made from the Heralds. They are twisted, warped, and corrupted aspects of the Herald's souls that have been separated throughout their many millennia of torture. This explains why Jezrien says that they "ripped my brain out and made it dance! I watched." This might also explain why Ishar is said to be "whole": there is no Unmade created from him. (Thus 9 Unmade and 10 Heralds) Regardless of whether they were created from the Heralds, I believe that each of the Unmade were bound to a certain Herald, and that they inhabited Braize between the Desolations. This would give them the ability to be directly involved in the torture of the Heralds. I'm also not sure if it makes sense in the first place for the Unmade to have hung around between Desolations, since they would be the lone forces of Odium and would leave themselves vulnerable to the Knights Radiant. That said, there's an excellent counterpoint for this in the Midnight Essence from Dalinar's vision. One of the Knights in the vision says: Dang, now I'm dying to know what she was about to say about Harkaylain. Since that info is missing, the implications are rather ambiguous. It would be a reasonable argument to say that this implies that Re-shephir is being contained on Roshar at the time, but also that Harkaylain is taking the appearance of the Essence as a sign that one of the Heralds has broken and that the Unmade has been allowed to return. Anyway, that little debate aside, my theory is that Ishar is the Herald not associated with one of the Unmade, because of this WoB that Bondsmiths do not have a corollary among the Unmade. This means that, until Taln's breaking in Way of Kings, only eight of the Unmade were on Roshar, and leads to my second theory: that one of the Unmade, specifically Chemoarish, has been missing from Roshar. This probably seems like the wildest claim I've made yet, but it comes from analysis of Hessi's Mythica. While Hessi certainly seems to hit the nail on the head quite often, she admits that she isn't completely confident in her findings. Notably, she was only able to confidently name eight of the nine Unmade. However, she does accurately propose Dai-gonarthis as the ninth Unmade. But as a twist from Sanderson, this doesn't make very much sense. He cannot expect us to doubt that Dai-gonarthis was one of the Unmade, since he has been referenced many other times as the Black Fisher. Sanderson could, instead, be telling us that Dai-gonarthis is more sneaky and less well-known, but this is odd because Hessi was able to tie it to the scouring of Aimia. Instead, I think that this is a misdirection. Hessi worries that "There are many legends and names that I could have misinterpreted, conflating two Unmade into one." Conversely, I believe that she has made the opposite mistake in an attempt to reach the value of 9. Why? Let's take a look at all the information we have on the Unmade outside of Mythica and see how Hessi stacks up: Ashertmarn: the Heart of the Revel, whom we see in action. Hessi's ideas are supported. Ba-Ado-Mishram: mentioned in the epigraph of chapter 80 by one of the Radiants who left behind a gemstone. Supports Hessi's claim that she empowered the Parsh during the False Desolation, and implies that Melishi somehow severed this connection and captured her. Chemoarish: Nothing. This name is never mentioned by any character outside Mythica, although somebody in Bavland swears by the Dustmother (which Hessi claims is a nickname for Chemoarish). This, however, is not a concrete indication that the "Dustmother" is an Unmade. Dai-Gonarthis: mentioned a Death Rattle, which also calls it the Black Fisher. Jezrien also refers to the Black Fisher. Despite Hessi's doubts, it is unequivocally an Unmade. Moelach: first described by Taravangian as the source of the Death Rattles. Jezrien says he can feel Moelach scraping at time. Hessi was spot-on with this one. Nergaoul: also first described by Taravangian. Literally seen in the open and captured by Dalinar at the end of Oathbringer. Completely follows Hessi's description. Re-Shephir: her Midnight Essence is seen in Dalinar's vision, and then she is mentioned in a death rattle as the Midnight Mother. Shallan encounters her in Urithiru. Hessi correctly named her but didn't seem to know much about her characteristics. Sja-Anat: we see her active in Kholinar during Oathbringer, corrupting various spren. Fits Hessi's description. Yelig-nar: Nohadon describes Yelig-nar killing his servants. We see him in Oathbringer inhabiting Aesudan and then Amaram. Hessi was also pretty spot-on about him. After seeing this, doesn't Chemoarish kind of jump out at you? We have seen hard, textual evidence for all eight of the other Unmade, but Chemoarish has never even been mentioned. In addition, we have evidence of all other Unmade besides Yelig-nar being present on Roshar before the onset of the new Desolation: Ashertmarn probably was in Kholinar even before the True Desolation began, Ba-Ad-Mishram is imprisoned, Dai-Gonarthis did something to Aimia, Moelach and Nergaoul have been drifting around, Re-Shephir was in Urithiru, and Hessi seems to have documentation of Sja-Anat's influence on villages. Finally, this is what Hessi herself has to say about Chemoarish: I do not believe that this is a coincidence. Chemoarish may be the real name of one of the Unmade, but the myths ascribed to Chemoarish over the past 4500 years are actually myths about the Nightwatcher. The mish-mashing of Chemoarish lore from before Aherietiam and the lore of the Nightwatcher is what makes her so hard for Hessi to characterize. This makes sense considering the opinion that those in Vorin culture have of the Nightwatcher and the Old Magic being evil and pagan. Instead, I think that one of the Unmade, quite probably Chemoarish, has been trapped on Braize up until the moment that Taln broke under his torture. This explains their absence from the past 4500 years of mythology and lore, during which they should have been roaming free to influence the world. If this theory is true, I'm excited to see what their true nature might be. TL;DR: Jezrien's ravings seem to indicate he was tortured by one of the Unmade, so I think that the Unmade were actually trapped on Braize between desolations. Ishar doesn't have an Unmade counterpart, leading to 9 Unmade. Taln, however, does have a counterpart who has been stuck on Braize for 4500 years. This is why Hessi is only able to pin down 8 Unmade in Mythica, and why we have conspicuously little information about Chemoarish. Edit 2: It just occurred to me that Chemoarish may not have only been mixed together with the Nightwatcher, but with Chanarach, patron herald of the Dustbringers. They're names are kind of similar, and this could be why Chemoarish is called the Dustmother. If this is true, then the figure that Hessi calls Chemoarish is actually born from confusing the mythologies of the Nightwatcher, Chanarach, and the actual Unmade Chemoarish.
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    When you just found out that RoW is released
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    Hey everyone! So I, like many of you I'm sure, have been trying to successfully convert my wife to the Cosmere. Literally since I met her I've been trying to get her to read The Way of Kings but there never seemed to be a good time for her to jump into it - either she was reading something else, had too much work, or just couldn't commit to a 1000-page book whose series wasn't finished yet. However, we've recently figured out that she really enjoys being read aloud to - she likes the sound of my voice and it helps her relax after a long day (she's a high school English teacher dealing with teenage angst all day - please show her some sympathy here). So naturally, I finally sold her on tWoK and I've been reading it to her for the last few months, a bit at a time. At the moment, we're in part 2 and just read the scene where Dalinar experiences the first vision we see 'on-screen' where the Midnight Essence shows up and he fights it off with a fire poker. So here's another thing: my wife is absolutely hilarious and also has trouble remembering names (to be fair, Alethi names have a lot of -lin, -as, -nar suffixes), so I recently asked her to give me a breakdown of what she remembers each character as. Here's what she's got: Kaladin - Slaveboi - "He used to be soldierboi, now he's slaveboi, but I'm pretty sure by the end of all this he'll be shardboi" Shallan - Sneak - "She's so mean! She's just becoming friends with her to steal her magic jewellery. I don't like her." Dalinar - Jeffrey Dean Morgan - "He looks like JDM." Adolin - The Hot Brother - "He's kind of a slut right?" Renarin - The Awkward Brother Sylphrena - Manic Pixie Dream Girl Sadeas - B****boi - "He's the idiot with the bridges right? Yeah, he's a b****boi." Jasnah - Princess Jasmine - "She's a princess right? No? Yes - she's the daughter of Dead Kingy Boi." Gavilar - Dead Kingy Boi Szeth - The Michelin Man - "Because he's big and all in white!" "Tay, he's average size. Just his eyes are described as big." "Are you kidding me?" Elhokar - Boi King - "You're making sure to write these all as 'b-o-i', right?" Gaz - C***! - I know this board doesn't allow swearing - but she just straight-up shouted the c-word when I mentioned Gaz. The Stormfather - The Stormdaddy - "Make sure they know it's being said in an uncomfortably sexual way." Chasmfiends - Rock Lobsters Some early hot takes from Tay: - Dalinar killed Gavilar so that he could become king because he's in love with Gavilar's wife. - The shardbearer who Kaladin fights in the first chapter killed all of his men and enslaved Kaladin. - Sadeas is behind the cut saddle. - Kaladin and Syl are going to fall in love. - Kaladin is going to get a shardblade ("He's obviously going to get a shardblade Chris... don't mess with me here.") - Shallan already has a shardblade (!) - Shallan is going to feel too guilty to steal Jasnah's soul-caster OR "Princess Jasmine is going to catch her sneaking around and say 'Hey Sneak. Let's have a DMC about why you want to steal my magic jewellery.'" I also thought I'd pop back in on this thread every once in a while to update you with any fun observations she makes in the future, and thought this could be a nice place to share our experiences with introducing the series to the people in our lives and their reactions to us being insufferable and incorrigible nerds!
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    Whoa guys. The novella is called Dawnshard. It's still a Rysn novella, but wow. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/dragonsteel/the-way-of-kings-10th-anniversary-leatherbound-edition/posts/2893136
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    I've been enjoying the time skip very much - it feels fresh and exciting, like really catching up with these characters, learning something new about them again. It's great for me, because whatever was skipped, no matter how cool it sounds, is what Brandon decided was less exciting than whatever happens in the rest of the book. I'm psyched!
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    From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    A fixed version of my Kaladin/Syl drawing I posted on Tumblr.
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    Good day one and all! As promised, here is Tay's take on your questions. We will continue to make our way through Words of Radiance and try to contribute regularly in this long, hard 110 day waiting period between now and when Rhythm of War is finally released. In the meantime, enjoy Comedy Stormlight Archive Wife (as she has been graciously dubbed by the members of this forum) once again. Tay: Okay, so Szeth is going to like, go and try to kill Dalinar, but Dalinar's "godly goodness" is going to win him over! And he's going to fight by Dalinar's side. Me: That's an... interesting take. This has been censored because of the many swears - just know that these were not Cosmere-appropriate when she said them. Tay: Ungh. Sadeas can (verb) my (appendage). He's just going to be stupid and like plotting dumb (excrement) like how to take down Dalinar or take down the King (because I'm pretty sure he still wants to do that). I think he's just going to be plotting and manipulative and stuff behind the scenes. I bet he's going to be really pissy that Dalinar outsmarted him and go away on the battlefield - and he's going to try to take it out on Dalinar in any way he can because he's slimy and underhanded and has a little (appendage). Rock Lobsters Tay: Rock lobsters are a common feature of the... Cosmere? Yes, the Cosmere. I think everybody needs to understand that I have very in-depth knowledge of the - um - flora and fauna of... this... society. Me: Would you like to elaborate some more on the flora and fauna of Roshar? Other than rock lobsters of course, since you know so much about them. Tay: Oh yes I know all about them. Also there are chorls. Me: Yes, chulls. Crab-cows. Tay: Yes. There are plants that shrink in Highstorms. Yes, that's most of them. I guess you could say I'm a botanical expert. Spren Tay: I don't understand spren! This is something I'm still not getting. Spen are giant freakshows that try to terrorise you and kill you like what happen to Jasnah in the prologue and then take you into the Spooky-Spook? But they can also be super cute like Syl and make sassy comments on your shoulder and everyone finds her endearing! OR you can trap them in lamps! I'm not understanding the spren situation and it upsets me. As a result, what kind of spren do I want to see introduced? I don't know! Maybe something that makes sense of what spren are! Kadolin Tay: While I'm really hoping for love at first sight - I don't think that's going to happen. *discussion ensues where I remind her that Kaladin and Adolin have met before in Book 1 on two occasions - Sadeas' warcamp and on the Tower where Kaladin does the Bavarian Fire Drill* Tay: Oh yes! I remember - he sees him on the battlefield and Adolin's all like "who tf this slontze?" Yes. While I want them to fall madly in love with each other at first sight, I don't think that's going to happen. I feel like Adolin's going to be kind of pissy about some low-born guy just swanning in and getting a seat at the table. I think he rates himself a good guy, but he's a judgemental (appendage) really. I also think Adolin's going to be suspicious of Kaladin and his intentions. Why would you just happen to save us - why would you, Slaveboi, risk your own life to save us? Adolin doesn't understand that Kaladin's all magical and stuff and has an honor issue. Me: Everyone on Roshar has an honor issue. Tay: But yeah, he's going to be super suspicious of Kaladin. And then maybe if they can get past that, they can be homies. But that's Adolin's thing to get over, not Kaladin.
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    Just when I thought we'd seen the last of the literal Bridge Four, Brandon goes and transforms it into a storming flying ship! I love how ubiquitous Windrunners and Edgedancers are now, and Lift trying to mimic the gracefulness of other Edgedancers is adorable. I have no idea what to make of the Shallan section. I thought a year of having a solid relationship with Adolin and having her brothers around would help her mental state, but she still seems in a not too healthy spot. I can't even fathom what truth her personas was referring, I thought we had learned everything there was to learn about her past. All in all, two fantastic chapters.
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    My dislike of Gavilar grew throughout the prologue, but the part about forcing Jasnah to marry Amaram made me feel particularly inclined to stab him for some reason. Also, this line from Gavilar made me think... specifically of what Gavilar said right before he died in the WoK proloque: So, um, how sure are we that Gavilar is staying dead?
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    Lots of news in the past hour, so let's cover them on the quick! First, Tor.com has published the Prologue & Chapter 1: Calluses of Rhythm of War! You can go read them on their website, and also bookmark the Rhythm of War index, because new chapters will be dropping every Tuesday at 9 AM Eastern. You can discuss this set of chapters in our Prologue and Chapter 1 discussion thread. Normally, this would be news enough, but today we also have a SDCC video of Brandon reading from Chapters 7 & 8 from the new Stormlight doorstopper (also embedded below, for your convenience). Note that the second half of the video is a brief Q&A that's full of spoilers. All of the questions were selected from this Reddit thread from about a month ago, if you want to go read some of the discussion around them. In less explosive news, Brandon sat down with Alison Flood of The Guardian and did an interview. Dawnshard, the new Stormlight novella taking place between Oathbringer and Rhythm of War has jumped to 20% in just about 3 days, so that seems to be going well. And finally, Isaac posted a new Kickstarter update a couple of days ago, it includes some of Ben McSweeney's sticker illustrations and some actual photos of the leatherbound.
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    I wonder if the epigraphs for one of the parts will be from jasnah's interview of the heralds
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    Ok, so I realize that I am submitting this way early, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to tomorrow, so here it is! Good luck, @Lunamor, @Fezzik, and @Matrim's Dice!!! May the best roast win!
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    You all were so interested in Dawnshards and Aimia that you broke the Coppermind for a bit. I think it seems better but I'm monitoring this now
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    The synopsis changed and this changes everything!!! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0765326388/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    Here's a discussion thread on RoW Prologue and Chapter 1. You can read them here: https://www.tor.com/2020/07/23/read-rhythm-of-war-by-brandon-sanderson-prologue-and-chapter-one/ A new chapter (or two) will go live every Tuesday at 9am Eastern.
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    Kaladin in Chapter 3.
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    I pictured it like: Lyn has a crush on their tough and mysterious leader. Syl: She has a crush on you, ask her out. Kaladin: No. Test: Just do it, son. Kaladin: Fine. Lyn, meet me for dinner. Lyn: Uh, yes sir? Then she finds out his mysteriousness is just depression and total focus on the war and his men, he's unable to be honest and open up to her, they never quite leave the subordinate/commander dynamic, so she breaks up with him. Anyway, Kalalyn happening and ending in two sentences definitely got a chuckle out of me. And I like the idea of Skar and Lyn @Harbour! Hopefully still a possibility!
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    Well repeatedly severing a Radiant's spine as a way to incapacitate them is a really smart tactic that I hadn't considered before, also really gruesome to think about. Now, that being said I wonder if there is some sort of protective barrier that's totally not made of lesser spren, can prevent those sorts attacks, and totally isn't going to happen in this book *cough* *cough*. But in all seriousness the fact that the fused are using that tactic now is a pretty strong indicator that Living Shardplate is happening this book.
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    Oh, wow, that is a big addition. How'd you manage to catch that? Quoted below, for those too lazy to click the link: That has some big clues for the character groupings, which I think I'll take to the character grouping thread.
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    ...until you find out it's the name of a chicken "We came to Aimia, through all, through all of that... To find a Dawnshard... And it's just this?" Rysn sputtered. "Don't be so disappointed," the scarred Thaylen replied calmly. "He's not a Dawnshard, just simply Dawnshard, and he's a good widdle chick-chick, isn't he? Oh yes, he is." He stroked the chicken's head, which cooed softly. "Besides, Dawnshard's actually harder to find on Roshar than what you are looking for. He's the only one of his kind here, but the Dawnshards that came here in the days before Heralds, ah, that is a different story... As well you would know, Sleepless One."
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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    This is actually from a while ago when I was planning to concept some fruits of Roshar, but one thing after another, and this just fizzled out. Seeing how I won't be going back to it anymore, I want to put this potential Rosharan plants idea out there - hiding underground to avoid high storms, and emerging only when mature... like peanuts! :D
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    And KalaLyn is over bevor it was ever shipped ...
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