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    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
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    Now that`s a disturbing idea you have there I have the feeling, my new piece might look somewhat different than the other 2. Look I drew Kaladin during the storm !
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    The Ghostbloods: Council member: "Well, time to go to war!" Random Ghostblood member #24: "Why?" Council member: "Why not?"
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    What is this? Why does this exist?
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    What on Roshar am I looking at!?
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    A bit of animation for Jasnah too.
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    Rad, these totally look like keyframes for an animation (I made a repeating animated gif of them spoilered below): Seriously nice work, the poses are really good and the secondary trailing effects of momentum and speed showing in Lift's hair and sash are really well done. I also really like the glowing awesomeness.
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    Was this image taken before or after NASA got a look at Chasmfiends and NOPE'd their way out of the Cosmere?
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    The "Silly" face is the best. Poor Dalinar just doesn't know how to be silly.
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    Seeing him there, he reminds me of someone very dear to me, My horse.
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    I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was To sketch them is my real test To draw them is my cause! ...Ahem. What I mean to say is, these are incredibly awesome.
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    "Let me no longer hurt! Let me no longer weep! Dai-gonarthis Kermit! The Black Fisher Muppet Master holds my sorrow and consumes it!"
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    I love how in the middle of Cosmere-level conspiracies and conflicts, there are "forces involved in the developing instant noodles". Great art!
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    Wow thanks guys! Hemalurgic_Headshot don`t worry about the reputation I like being a skaa Nice nick btw! About accuracy, I used what I remembered from the book which I confess got a bit messy. In the end I knew only: 1.dark gray armor with no incrustations or whatever. 2. elements that overlap so nothing is exposed (it was amazingly hard to figure out the joint pieces) except the face guard slit. 3. Kholin blue cape (not sure about this one actually) 4. slightly curved blade, with wave like serration near the hilt and the hook for Oathbringer. Also I wanted it to look very different from any normal armor that could be used by a normal man. It`s stated i think, that you recognize a shardbearer immediately on the field. Well I made it recognizable and very heavy! I can`t imagine anyone moving in this, without active stormlight in it.The sharp edges were inspired by real metal shards, they tend to have these flat surfaces, that intersect with sharp edges. Good thing about books, I think Brandon said it somewhere, is that everyone can imagine his worlds differently. But I promise next time to do a better research maybe ask you guys about opinions. I`m a relatively new fan (1-2years) and I`m sure I can learn a lot from all of you. Big thanks again!
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    Perhaps add Hoid's face in the foreground and make it a selfie.
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    !! Thank you! I've been trying to get better at this and I don't think I would have pushed myself if I wasn't so inspired by Brandon's books. They got me out of a 5+ year art block. Like I don’t even know…how to say…how awesome it feels to want to do fan art of this stuff…just gahhh. Sorry for the rant but you were too storming kind!
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    The chasmfiend....it looks so cute.
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    For your next one you should do: Cookies are food and a picture of Cookie Monster in front of a big cookie.
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    That's such high praise, thank you Thanks! Maybe more Kholin portraits will be coming in the future.
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    "You're the only one the voice in my head doesn't tell me to kill" Ah, Zane, what a charmer.
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    Yeah! Most people just call Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor "Chef Nunchucks", so it's fine.
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    Amazing. I never knew how much I wanted this until just now. Bravo.
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    *Starts sweating profusely* Wha-what are you talking about? I am most definitely an Earthian... *whispers under breath* Lunamor to base, Lunamor to base, I have a problem...
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    This matches my head canon, given to me by @dnavenom. It matches great, and I love the art.
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    Doomslug is adorable and I want one.
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    I love the face. A moustASHE?
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    Hey, this is really great and more than how I imagined on my first reads. When I read the current WoR/OB timeline of him, I sometimes forgot to imagine how exactly scarred he must be in reality. A few here or there and a broken nose at most. I always thought, its gotta be way more than my imaginings.
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    I sucked some more stormlight today and this happened
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    CaptainRyan: I`m really happy when I make other people happy with my art, sure money are a necessity, but words such as... all I`ve read here, are the biggest inspiration. Give my thanks to your wife, girls are usually harder to please, so I`m 2 times happier she liked my Shallan! If I find more time, maybe a Patreon page would be good decision, but for now I`m free About the sharing and all that, be my guest! I wont mind some publicity. I agree with you that we need more Cosmere art. I`ll tell you, I keep wondering how a Parshendi would look like in their war form, this will be my hint for the next piece I`m doing. I can`t promise when it will be done, since I got a lot on my head atm, but I`ll do my best! Argent: I`m hidden in the deep province, you`ll never find me anyway! But I`m glad Kaladin solved the problem Don`t make me draw Dalinar without armor please!
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    pffff ahahaha no -shifty eyes-
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    Both hands up for that idea, too bad I can`t dedicate all my time for this, but I`ll try to update every now and than. That`s if I can decide what to do next There is so much to choose from! I`m accepting proposals
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    And by the expression on Kaladin's face you mean the "social-situation-I-cannot-solve-via-stabbing-people-help-me" expression? Yes, I agree. Lopen seems oblivious to the fact that his captain finds hugging a foreign gesture. Haha. Overall great drawing.
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    SiMon the Kandra wolfhound swears he heard a noise off to the left.
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    ... *error: word generator failed*
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    Alright everybody. I'm only going to say this once. This is totes adorbs.
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    Pun that has been covered in awesomesauce?
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    I don't even know what to say to this.
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    Eh, it's a fake unfortunately. But hey, so was Jasnahs! Way of Kings is probably the only book where making a replica that doesn't work is more accurate!
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    Came for the amazing artwork, stayed for the amazing copyright statement
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    These drawings give me life.
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    One of the little details I put in is the concentric circles above it’s head. It is my theory that they- concentration spren- will be the lesser spren tied to the Truthwatchers. If not, we’ll I guess I’ll have to change it.
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    His spren knew better than to take the form of a shirt.
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    This one is my favorite, with Szeth right behind in 2nd place. Syl is just hilarious here!
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    ....why does Taravangian have a traffic cone on his head? and who was Au-nak? These are ADORABLE.
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    This is incredibly awesome. I love your depictions of these characters. Also, I can't help but imagine Helaran saying "Father, go to Damnation" with the exact face he's depicted with. Makes me laugh every time.
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