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    Nice, nice! Clever idea, excellent execution. I would love some glam shots, sitting on a windowsill (Shallan half facing the camera) with a sketchpad, and then the same windowsill, this time Veil facing us, playing with a knife or something. You can do a lot of fun things with this, and I love it
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    The "Silly" face is the best. Poor Dalinar just doesn't know how to be silly.
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    Seeing him there, he reminds me of someone very dear to me, My horse.
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    I wanna be the very best Like no one ever was To sketch them is my real test To draw them is my cause! ...Ahem. What I mean to say is, these are incredibly awesome.
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    !! Thank you! I've been trying to get better at this and I don't think I would have pushed myself if I wasn't so inspired by Brandon's books. They got me out of a 5+ year art block. Like I don’t even know…how to say…how awesome it feels to want to do fan art of this stuff…just gahhh. Sorry for the rant but you were too storming kind!
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    The chasmfiend....it looks so cute.
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    Thank you! I’m probably going to take some better pictures at some point and am working on the sketchbook right now
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    Oh my gosh, this looks amazing! You were really creative with it. (Also, I love your expression - it looks perfect )
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    For your next one you should do: Cookies are food and a picture of Cookie Monster in front of a big cookie.
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    That's such high praise, thank you Thanks! Maybe more Kholin portraits will be coming in the future.
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    "You're the only one the voice in my head doesn't tell me to kill" Ah, Zane, what a charmer.
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    SiMon the Kandra wolfhound swears he heard a noise off to the left.
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    ... *error: word generator failed*
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    Alright everybody. I'm only going to say this once. This is totes adorbs.
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    Pun that has been covered in awesomesauce?
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    I don't even know what to say to this.
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    Eh, it's a fake unfortunately. But hey, so was Jasnahs! Way of Kings is probably the only book where making a replica that doesn't work is more accurate!
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    Ah, yes. Adorable, tormented, literally-spiked-through-the-head Marsh. What a cutie!
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    Why is everyone so good at art!?!
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    I love her braids, they look so shiny and realistic!
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    So cool! This is fantastic! I have been loving your series Natural History of Roshar.
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    That is so cool! That is one of my favorite scenes in OB, as Renarin is my fav.
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    Y'all, I just made this drawing a million times better.
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    He stole Pheo's hair...
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    Came for the amazing artwork, stayed for the amazing copyright statement
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    This is amazing and just so spot on. Coolest thing I've seen today, bravo. Please do more of these, you are so skilled!
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    This is exquisite. 10/10 would commission for my officers again.
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    Here. Happy you two? @Ark's Boyfriend
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    This might sound weird, but I love Lita's eyebrows in all your drawings of her. They're just so full of skepticism.
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    It is rare (to me at least) to find people who are not artists come up with detailed mental pictures when they read. Even I don't have one for the first or second read through, or first time I try sketching from memory. To me, Dalinar is tall (184/185cm; I'm guessing 177cm or so is average Alethi male which is pretty big for a pre-industrial society, since in 170cm was considered average in 1920 in my country) and very fit for his age, but in the warcamps there are many young men who are taller and more muscular. Dalinar gets by on his strength of personality. He may not be that much taller than most people, but when they speak to him, they leave with the impression that he's a lot bigger than he is because of his presence and aura of authority. I experimented with a number of hairstyles see what would fit Adolin the best. The first hand-drawn sketches I drew, in retrospect, resembled Fred from Scooby Doo (now that I think about it, Fred and Daphne could easily be recoloured into Adolin and Shallan). Rounded lines suggest softness and youth, and angular lines are better for conveying maturity. It was a bit of trial and error to settle on a style that compromised on his personality of boyish playfulness and adult competence. And one of the reasons why I kept re-working the picture was because there was always something that I wanted to change. You mentioned Adolin with hair product and I remembered that I did draw a variant of it, but painted over it because I thought it was too "princeling" and not enough mop. It looks silly, doesn't it? I think it makes him edge into prettyboy level rather than just being handsome. I think longer or "pretty" hair styles fit Renarin better.
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    If you rubbed Adolin's head, his hair would still look the same after as it did before. That is how I imagined it would be like when I drew it. Not curly hair, but thick and gets fluffy looking 3 hours after a trim from the barber. I drew the eye as a grey-ish blue, or how blue eyes look on Earth. I don't know if blue eyes on Roshar mean bright blue like gemstones, of it's just Radiants who have them. But Alethi are humans so I went with the more natural human look. But of course you can't really tell in low resolution. The original file when I was working on it was around 4000px wide. I like to explain why I drew certain features because I like seeing explanations from other people. Drawing a character in a stylised way means you condense your perceptions into an image, and summarise hundreds lines of text to convey one or two main traits. It's part of my process, and lets other people see what I see in a character and what parts of them struck me as significant and character defining. For example, some people would see "mop of hair" in Adolin's description and draw it all the way down to his forehead and covering his eyebrows, Bieber-style. To me, that would be too young since I would consider Adolin a man and not a boy. Some other people would have it shorter, 2cm below the hairline. But to me, that kind of Roman soldier haircut wouldn't fit Adolin because he never wanted to be a soldier, and he rebels against Dalinar's uniform regulations without actually breaking the rules... Yeah I think about these things when trying to draw a character design. Small things having meaning to me.
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    His spren knew better than to take the form of a shirt.
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    encore! I love it. I would not enjoy that alternate reality, though.
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    Wow... this is just too funny.. upvote 4 u
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    This one is my favorite, with Szeth right behind in 2nd place. Syl is just hilarious here!
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    That's really cool! I must admit, though, when I first saw it II though "What a cool Godzilla!" ...heh...heh...
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    You were *this* close to becoming a Rithmatist.
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    Cool! But make sure to check for spikes.
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    Thanks both of you! and thanks for checking out my site! =)
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    This is gorgeous! Definitely my new head canon.
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    ....why does Taravangian have a traffic cone on his head? and who was Au-nak? These are ADORABLE.
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    This is completely awesome. I recognized her at a glance from the main page's gallery display.
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    It looks like Kelsier is debating whether or not to cover her eyes and say "Guess who?"
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    I thought Jushu was holding poison. And then I realised its those Alethi coloured wines. *sigh*. I love the sphere. And Shallan's necklace. Oh, that necklace.
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    This is incredibly awesome. I love your depictions of these characters. Also, I can't help but imagine Helaran saying "Father, go to Damnation" with the exact face he's depicted with. Makes me laugh every time.
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    Permit me to say: All of these are awesome! Thank you so much!
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    Those were the three Jasnah used. Diamond, Ruby (fire, not garnet which is blood), and Smokestone.
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