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    Y'all, I just made this drawing a million times better.
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    Thanks, but I think I probably could have added a bit more detail to it.
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    Almost halfway through with those! I'm pretty happy with how they've been turning out so far. My goal is to finish the Sharders by my Shardiversary.
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    Impressive as usual! I can only imagine what your sharder portraits will be like.
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    ...well...um...‘twas all part of my master plan! Phar is still adorable!
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    Face shape, eyes, similar assymetricicity of face
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    Woahhhhhhh this is really good. Definitely a different look from how I generally imagine them, but I like it a lot!
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    (just don't tell Star I said that)
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    Heather is legitimately my favorite CBST character, more, even, than my own. She is a masterpiece and I love her.
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    O...Kay. Apparently I can write depth into my characters and not even realize it.
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    Wow... I have zero artistic talent, so those look like my final product in a art contest.
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    Too bad Heather can’t love you back…
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    I absolutely LOVE this interpretation of Shallan.
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    i'm not even going to try to understand what happened
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    *Gandalf walks in* “Ah, a Hobbit! I thought they were all extinct!” *leans down to Star’s level* “Have you ever killed an orc?”
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    The drawing is excellent... but why does she have the proportions of a hobbit?
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    It's so simple and elegant, I love it.
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    My gurl, how you even. That is excellent.
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    Wow Elantris ponies! (Though Hrathen is a great character.)
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