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    Ah, yes. Adorable, tormented, literally-spiked-through-the-head Marsh. What a cutie!
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    Why is everyone so good at art!?!
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    I'm not sure Lunamor would appreciate that.
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    Haha yup, I think it would be fun to do all ten orders, and maybe even Allomantic symbols. But first I need to get my hands on some Cosmere books for my quarantine/summer binge reading!
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    I know that this is a real quote, but when I see this, all I can think of is the musical Newsies when Katherine says "Like someone said, power tends to corrupt and absolute power-wait, wait, corrupts absolutely that is genius! But give me some time, I'll be twice as good as that 6 months from... never." In case you can't tell, I realllllllyy like theatre haha...
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    The expression on her face at the weird little pot of Shin grass is priceless! I can't wait to see more of the dresses that you add to this gallery.
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    *wistful sigh* He is though.
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    Thank you! It took me actually longer than I thought, because it was loading ages!
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    Have I seen anything more appropriate yet this week? I think not. Kudos! :-)
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    Yeah...well I live in Washington, so little luck there I'll just place the cute little bumblebee one I made, and keep the Cosmere ones for myself. That one I made was like 3-4 inches, but I definitely could have gone for a little smaller. That would be so fun to have all ten order symbols and all 19 Allomantic symbols on little colorful stones on my dresser.
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    This is fantastic! Imagine creating a couple dozen of these (assuming they're pretty small, like 1-2 inches) & leaving them at random places around town. I wonder how many people would notice, or know what the symbols are and mean ... I might try that.
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    This looks fantastic, very distinctive! Also, the shape reminds me of H. R. Giger's works, which is, of course, a compliment.
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    Well dang. Now I want to paint a rock!
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    That's really cool! Nice work!
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    Thanks I love that movie.
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    Huh, I never thought of them as parallels Very well drawn!
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    Oh my god, that looks marvelous!
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    This might be my favorite Wit art ever.
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    looks a bit like someone dropped a piece of concrete off the top of a building. It's nice art, but I personally don't think it's very shattered plains-ey.
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