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    You were *this* close to becoming a Rithmatist.
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    This is so cool! Those tattoos are amazing! How did you do the eye-spikes? Is it just disks of foil (in which case how did you get them to stay????) or are they wrapped around something?
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    Absolutely amazing! I declare you an honorary Ghostblood.
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    I tried quoting ElendVenture for the edit on the first one, but it created a new message and I didn’t realize until I posted... *Sigh*
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    It’s not my fault it’s green.
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    Sanderson should hire you to do cover and endpage art. I am not kidding. There is some serious talent.
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    This is my favourite knife in the Cosmere next to Nazh’s knife.
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    This is really cool! I really want to make a custom t-shirt which is the doomslug t-shirt but with that
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    Cool 3d model of doomslug! Are you going to animate it? If you are, it would be great to see it crawling over a Super Mario style mushroom. Really nice model.
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    Has science gone too far? Is this image real or fake?
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    That's super cute, nice work!
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    Don't know about master, but I truly appreciate the sentiment!
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    You noticed the fish souls!
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    Mmm. I'm gonna have fish souls for dinner But, honestly, this is really good. You've reinforced my belief artists are a seperate species.
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    Dude. This is awesome.
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    Cool! Not sure about the age difference, but I like it! My Jasnah headcanon has a tad darker skin, but it still looks great.
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    "you came in the wrong neighborhood" (cit.)
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    Undwear yes, Manties no. Just kidding, you seriously can do what ever you want with the art, but if you do turn it into underwear don't say who did the design, capiche?
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    Well what'd you know. A really cool Sanderson picture in a shape pretty much perfect for a phone background, and me without one...
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    Seriously, your art needs to go on the Coppermind at least!
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    just gotta get in here one more time and tell you how incredible this piece is. I think about it every time dalinar has a scene. You are a True Master.
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