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    Hey everyone! So I, like many of you I'm sure, have been trying to successfully convert my wife to the Cosmere. Literally since I met her I've been trying to get her to read The Way of Kings but there never seemed to be a good time for her to jump into it - either she was reading something else, had too much work, or just couldn't commit to a 1000-page book whose series wasn't finished yet. However, we've recently figured out that she really enjoys being read aloud to - she likes the sound of my voice and it helps her relax after a long day (she's a high school English teacher dealing with teenage angst all day - please show her some sympathy here). So naturally, I finally sold her on tWoK and I've been reading it to her for the last few months, a bit at a time. At the moment, we're in part 2 and just read the scene where Dalinar experiences the first vision we see 'on-screen' where the Midnight Essence shows up and he fights it off with a fire poker. So here's another thing: my wife is absolutely hilarious and also has trouble remembering names (to be fair, Alethi names have a lot of -lin, -as, -nar suffixes), so I recently asked her to give me a breakdown of what she remembers each character as. Here's what she's got: Kaladin - Slaveboi - "He used to be soldierboi, now he's slaveboi, but I'm pretty sure by the end of all this he'll be shardboi" Shallan - Sneak - "She's so mean! She's just becoming friends with her to steal her magic jewellery. I don't like her." Dalinar - Jeffrey Dean Morgan - "He looks like JDM." Adolin - The Hot Brother - "He's kind of a slut right?" Renarin - The Awkward Brother Sylphrena - Manic Pixie Dream Girl Sadeas - B****boi - "He's the idiot with the bridges right? Yeah, he's a b****boi." Jasnah - Princess Jasmine - "She's a princess right? No? Yes - she's the daughter of Dead Kingy Boi." Gavilar - Dead Kingy Boi Szeth - The Michelin Man - "Because he's big and all in white!" "Tay, he's average size. Just his eyes are described as big." "Are you kidding me?" Elhokar - Boi King - "You're making sure to write these all as 'b-o-i', right?" Gaz - C***! - I know this board doesn't allow swearing - but she just straight-up shouted the c-word when I mentioned Gaz. The Stormfather - The Stormdaddy - "Make sure they know it's being said in an uncomfortably sexual way." Chasmfiends - Rock Lobsters Some early hot takes from Tay: - Dalinar killed Gavilar so that he could become king because he's in love with Gavilar's wife. - The shardbearer who Kaladin fights in the first chapter killed all of his men and enslaved Kaladin. - Sadeas is behind the cut saddle. - Kaladin and Syl are going to fall in love. - Kaladin is going to get a shardblade ("He's obviously going to get a shardblade Chris... don't mess with me here.") - Shallan already has a shardblade (!) - Shallan is going to feel too guilty to steal Jasnah's soul-caster OR "Princess Jasmine is going to catch her sneaking around and say 'Hey Sneak. Let's have a DMC about why you want to steal my magic jewellery.'" I also thought I'd pop back in on this thread every once in a while to update you with any fun observations she makes in the future, and thought this could be a nice place to share our experiences with introducing the series to the people in our lives and their reactions to us being insufferable and incorrigible nerds!
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    We're starting to accrue bits and pieces of Stormlight Four. Here's what we've got so far. (Fair warning, nothing has gone through continuity editing yet, so everything in the readings is subject to change, of course.) March 30th, 2019. Planet ComicCon. A chapter about Lirin. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/386/#e12628 May 15th, 2019. Bonn, Germany. A rewritten version of the Lirin chapter. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/388/#e12676 July 20th, 2019. Video reading at SDCC. A scene with Venli. https://www.tor.com/2019/07/20/sdcc-brandon-sanderson-stormlight-archive-4-excerpt/ August 31st, 2019. DragonCon. Part of the prologue, from Navani's viewpoint. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/394/#e12852 October 15th, 2019. ICON. More of the prologue. https://clyp.it/lidyohcy November 26, 2019. Newsletter exclusive fiction. Stormlight Four excerpt. November 26, 2019. Starsight Release Party. Eshonai flashback, very rough in continuity. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/402/#e13303 December 10, 2019. Amazon released the publisher's summary. (This is the out-of-universe summary, not the back-cover in-universe text.) February 15, 2020. LTUE, Provo, Utah. Lift interlude. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/412-ltue-2020/#e13628 Brandon's also been regularly releasing lengthy update posts. I'll summarize the goodies from each of them: January 2nd, 2019. Discussing outlining in broad terms. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/absjnj/stormlight_book_four_update_1/ February 6th, 2019. Update on outline progress. Tentative title revealed: The Rhythm of War. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/anttqr/stormlight_book_four_update_2/ April 16th, 2019. Introduces the concept of plot "Arcs," which focus on relatively isolated groups of characters. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/bdzor2/stormlight_book_four_update_3/ June 20th, 2019. Part One (of five) written. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/c30ijp/stormlight_book_four_update_4/ August 26th, 2019. Arc Two written. Graphic of which Arc fits in with which Part. (https://i.imgur.com/tcE4p4Q.png). Flashbacks may switch from Eshonai to Venli. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/cvvs75/stormlight_book_4_update_5/ November 6, 2019. Purely a writing speed update, no juicy bits. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/du30gp/stormlight_book_four_update_6/ January 10, 2020. Book's done. Brandon might take a break from revisions to write a Rysn novella dealing with Aimia. https://www.reddit.com/r/Stormlight_Archive/comments/emxhgo/stormlight_book_four_update_7/ And then, we've got various miscellaneous tidbits. January 5th, 2018. One-year gap between Book Three and Book Four. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/315-general-reddit-2018/#e8979 September 19th, 2019. Wit will have a cooler epilogue than usual. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/360-legion-release-party/#e10802 August 28th, 2019. 90% confidence on Rhythm of War title. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/379-general-reddit-2019/#e12847 September 9, 2019. Kaladin and Jasnah will share a scene: https://twitter.com/BrandSanderson/status/1171220837103362049 September 26, 2019. Flashbacks will be a mix of Venli and Eshonai. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/380/#e12961 and https://wob.coppermind.net/events/380/#e12962 October 15, 2019. We'll learn more about how fabrials work. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/395/#e13408 October 18, 2019. We will get pictures of all Radiant spren except Bondsmiths. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/397/#e13108 and https://wob.coppermind.net/events/398/#e13249 October 18, 2019. Potentially more Azure. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/397/#e13137 October 26, 2019. Two more fashion pieces for the art. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/398/#e13250 January 10, 2020. Rysn interlude hasn't been written yet. Content will depend on whether or not her novella gets written. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/406/#e13578 January 25, 2020. During a YouTube Livestream, a first look at a Taln art piece in the style of OB's four Heralds. It may go in Stormlight Four, it may not. https://imgur.com/a/Dl7G3PA April 1, 2020. Venli/Eshonai are the flashback characters, but there's a third character who have a viewpoint focus in the present storyline. https://wob.coppermind.net/events/415/#e13633 I will endeavor to keep this up to date as new information or additional excerpts come out. If there’s something new, or anything important I’ve missed, please feel free to ping me.
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    We have some exciting news to announce today. So far in order to obtain some unpublished works of Brandon's, you'd have to email him through his sites, and his assistants would distribute them. Well now you won't need to wait for that, because now we will be in charge of distributing out Aether of Night! All you have to do is post in this topic (you'll need a 17S account, but that's it), and our staff will PM you the document. Once we do this, we'll remove your post here. We'll be using this topic as a to-do list for requests. Ideally since we have lots of staff members, we will get this out to you soon, within a week or two. With this change we are unpasswording the Aether of Night board, as now all of you will have access to it if you want it. You may discuss Aether of Night in the Cosmere Theories board, but tag your topic title with [Aether]. We hope you're excited about this, so many of you will be able to get this text in a much more obvious way now! You will receive a .docx file, and if you need to convert it into a .pdf or .epub, there are many converters to do that for you. (We are not distributing the prose version of White Sand, as that will continue to be distributed in Brandon's newsletters.) Thank you Dragonsteel for letting 17S do this!
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    The first book Mistborn Era 3 will open with a bank robbery. A coinshot bank robber will be flying over the city with a sack of money under one arm, raining bills down on the people below. The actual first line of narration will be: "Cash fell from the sky."
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    We've all taken jabs at trying to figure out what the Sibling may be about. The Community's Take General consensus is that there's three Shards on Roshar, and three Bondsmiths, so if the Stormfather, the Nightwatcher, and the Sibling are the three Bondsmith spren (which they are), then the Stormfather corresponds to Honor (which he does), the Nightwatcher to Cultivation (which "she" does), and the Sibling either corresponds to Odium, or is a mix in between Honor and Cultivation. For obvious reasons, it wouldn't make sense for the Sibling to be associated with Odium and still be a part of Surgebinding, so we tend to lean towards the "mix between Honor and Cultivation" more. Another general thing we tend to believe about the Sibling is that they are tied to Urithiru in some way, and may power even power the city. And the last well believed fact about the Sibling is that they are intricately tied to Stone. I know Calderis has a theory on why the Nightwatcher might be stone instead, but that's his to discuss. I'm gonna try and offer a different take on some of these points, and provide additional context to others. Whose magic is Surgebinding? The question asks it all. There's some fuzziness with what happened on Ashyn, but from what we know, the specific powerset of Radiant Surgebinding was first seen in the Honorblades. This implies that the exact specifics, at least, were first defined by Honor. If you look at the Heralds, we have 5 Male Heralds and 5 Female Heralds - a near perfect divide, with all the Male Heralds bunched up around what seems to be the Honor-half of the chart, whereas the Female Heralds bunched up around the Cultivation-half. Then we have spren copying Honorblades. This fact alone makes things very fuzzy. On one side, the spren are... essentially on a spectrum of Honor and Cultivation, with some spren having more Honor and others having more Cultivation. Yet others, like the Stormfather and Nightwatcher, are almost guaranteed to be nearly a 100% one or the other. But the pattern breaks a little if you try and match the spren to the Heralds. By association, a.) Windrunners, Skybreakers, Willshapers, Stonewards and Bondsmiths should be closer to Honor, whereas b.) Dustbringers, Edgedancers, Truthwatchers, Lightweavers and Elsecallers should lean towards Cultivation. And this works, until you look at the Bondsmiths. The Nightwatcher, who should practically be all Cultivation, is a Bondsmith spren, meaning that in Surgebinding, Cultivation is technically more present than Honor. This is despite Brandon telling us on atleast one occasion that the original Knights Radiants were focused more on Honor and his spren (which, depending on how you read it, could and couldn't conflict with Cultivation's presence in the magic). There's a third way of dividing the system too. You could theoretically say that Surgebinding is of both Shards because a.) All Radiants speak Oaths, which come from Honor, and b.) All Radiants have to grow over a total of five Oaths, which evokes the presence of Cultivation I'm going to put forth the idea that there is a third element here, but let's hold these two in mind, for now. When in doubt, stare at the Surgebinding Chart. When most people think of what the Surgebinding Chart tells us, they tend to think that all it tells us is that there are 10 orders, 10 Surges, and that each order gets 2 Surges, and that each Surge is shared between two orders, in a cyclic pattern. Usually, we tend to think that all the extra connections don't matter, and that they're there just for fluff. But, @Master_Moridinfound something interesting. The extra connections start making somewhat more sense once you pull in the Soulcasting Essences. Here's the full graph, and because not all of you are maniacs who have it by heart, I've gone forth and labeled it too: (it is definitely interesting that the whole thing looks like a gemstone) Smoke, for example, is connected to Fire, Wind, and Oil. Stone connects to metal, crystal (both come from the ground), water (crem), and flesh/meat/sinew (don't ask). They don't all immediately fall in place, because we think there's more weight to these connections in a metaphorical or philosophical sense, and there are also some thematic Order connections that we're wondering about. The Actual Theory However, an interesting thing happens when we zoom in on the Bondsmiths. Usually, when we think of the Bondsmiths, we think that they have two surges (Adhesion and Tension), and are adjacent to Windrunners (by Adhesion), and Stonewards (by Tension). Which is fine, except in the full chart, Bondsmiths don't have two, but three adjacent Orders: The Stormfather tells Dalinar that his is the power of Connection, so I can see why "Sinew" or "Flesh/Meat" could be associated with his order. But the interesting thing is the three (yep, three) essences they connect to - Wind, Stone, and Pulp/Wood/Plant Matter. I could sit here and establish a line of reasoning from the Essences to the three Bondsmith spren, but it's pretty simple from here on out. The Eila Stele mentions three Gods, of Wind, Spren and Stone. The Wind can pretty easily be attributed to the Stormfather, both because wind, and because his relation to Honorspren and the Windrunners. The Nightwatcher, by the virtue of color green, her home-base of the Valley and connection to Cultivation as "her heir", and indirectly through an excerpt from Rhythm of War, can associate with the Truthwatchers, the essence of Pulp/Wood/Plant Matter, and the "God of spren" from the Eila Stele. This leaves the Sibling, and Stone. So yes, I'm establishing a harder line of reasoning for why the Sibling should associate with Stone. But far more importantly, this establishes the Sibling and the Nightwatcher as being to the Stonewards and Truthwatchers what the Stormfather is to the Windrunners. And for more importantly, this can tell us a little bit more about the Sibling. Earlier, I established two components in Radiant Surgebinding: Oaths from Honor, and Growth from Cultivation. Which works, until you consider that Radiance actually has three elements - the third is that all Radiants are also completely dependent on Stormlight, which is responsible for the literal radiance in Radiance. And even before the death of Honor, the Stormfather is disproportionally more important than any other spren to Surgebinding, as he is the source of all Stormlight. So my theory: All three Bondsmith-spren are intricately tied to Radiance itself. a.) The Stormfather provides Stormlight, representing Honor's Power in Surgebinding b.) The Nightwatcher should be tied to Growth, representing Cultivation's association with Growth in Surgebinding c.) The Sibling should be the spren closely tied to Oaths themselves, representing Honor's association with Oaths in Surgebinding And this works on multiple levels. See, Stone being associated with the very concept of Oaths makes perfect sense - Stone is hard, and it weathers Storms but it doesn't break. An Oath, on a world where Honor resides, is this... abstract thing that must never be broken, and must weather all adversity. Perhaps this is also where the Oathstone of Truthless comes from culturally, and may have ties to Shin veneration of Stone. Another potential way this works is if you look at Stonewards and their attributes - Dependable and Resourceful. It also works if you look at Taln, who was the only one of the Heralds by Aharietam to have never bent his Oath and let the Singers pass. One thing that this implies is that out of the three Bondsmith, both the Stormfather and the Sibling are of Honor, and the Nightwatcher is of Cultivation. Another thing this implies is the reason why the Sibling may have gone to sleep, at least from a narrative perspective. We have two things we know about this: Oaths are about perception and belief - a Knight Radiant and their spren must believe in them and they mean what the KR and spren believe they should. From the Gem archive, we have at least one excerpt which says that the Knights Radiant may have been questioning their own worthiness (perhaps soon after Honor "raved" at them), and that this might be tied to something happening to the Sibling. The Stormfather mentions that "you" (which I read as the humans) "have hurt them enough" What I'm trying to get at, here, is that if the Sibling is... somehow intricately tied to the Oaths and the keeping of Oaths (Stone), then it makes complete sense that the mass breaking of Oaths at the Recreance was not pleasant for them. This means that as Radiants start speaking Oaths, the Sibling may start re-awakening. And if the Sibling is similarly tied to Urithiru, then the Sibling's re-awakening may be intricately tied to the re-awakening of Urithiru. This may be what the blob for RoW may be alluding to. In conclusion, here's the structure I'm implying: I want to dig into what I think this implies for the magic of Roshar in general here (including Voidbinding), but this is already too long, so for now this is it.
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    I think there's a whole book about what Raoden would do...
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    Alright, here goes nothing! Brace yourselves, Sharders, for some hastily crafted (and honestly not that good) memes of the same format!!! (Oh, and some pretty extreme spoilers so...)
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    No one is irredeemable. Anyone can change so long as they learn and grow and actually choose to do so. Dalinar hated himself for what he did. That's why he went to the Nightwatcher in the first place. That's what I think the screams are all about. He's writing a book to explain to the world the monster he was because he believes it should be known. That's what makes Dalinar being a good man so inspiring. He's taken responsibility for what he was, chosen that it should not be secret, and that he must always do better. The difference between him and the others isnt their actions. It's that they don't want to change. Sadeas threatened to continue doing the same things he had been doing right before he died. Dalinar offered Amaram the choice to change and stand with him, and Amaram said no and ate the gem. Moash literally killed a helpless stranger because they asked him to, and then gave up his name for power. The actions committed aren't the point. It's not about punishment, or justice, or who was worse. It's about choosing to be better. Edit: here's a very good thread on this topic from before, and I'm going to quote my post from it because I think it's relevant.
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    TOR just confirmed Stormlight 4 will be released 11.17 of 2020. Here's the cover summary they posted on the pre-order link landing page: After forming a coalition of human resistance against the enemy invasion, Dalinar Kholin and his Knights Radiant have spent a year fighting a protracted, brutal war. Neither side has gained an advantage. Now, as new technological discoveries begin to change the face of the war, the enemy prepares a bold and dangerous operation. The arms race that follows will challenge the very core of the Radiant ideals and potentially reveal the secrets of the ancient tower that was once the heart of their strength. Let us discus.
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    Quick update! So I told my wife about how excited everyone was getting on this board. This is generally how it went down: ME: "I got so many points! I went from Prelan to Babsk to Houselord and now I'm a Forescout!" TAY: "None of those mean a single thing to me." ME: "So how about I read to you again tonight? You can help me with my burgeoning career as a Cosmere comedian. Wait - does that make me Wit?" TAY: "No, Chris. It makes me Wit. You're just the vessel I use to share my genius with the masses." Either way, I read a good five chapters last night. Here are some of the zingers: ME READING: "'I can save her,' Kal said." TAY: *snorts* "Ha! No you can't. Why? Because character development, Slaveboi, that's why." Tay tries to convince me by way of a five minute conversation that the White Stripes predicted the plot of the book - "Think about it, Chris! 'I'm talking to myself at night because I can't forget'! Like the Stormdaddy is talking to JDM during the storms! I'm right." She has also predicted that Kaladin secretly killed Brightlord Wisitow when he was 13 - "Because... abuse? Or something. Slaveboi doesn't like Lighteyes anyways." She also came up with the following character names: Rock - Dwayne Johnston Wit - The Court Jester Brightlord Wisitow - Brightlord Wichita (this was the starting off point for her hot take on the White Stripes) Laral - Rosalind - "Rosamund. Because he's got unrequited love with her like Romeo and Rosamund. Wait - no. Rosalind. Rosamund is playing Moiraine." Lirin - Pop-Pop And last but not least, she came up with her title for The Way of Kings. I present to you: The Adventures of Slaveboi and Jeffrey Dean Morgan - Book One of the Stormlight Archive. That's all I've got for now! But if we're stuck at home with COVID-19 any time soon, I'm sure there will be more!
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    Realistic Supernatural Warfare Ideally, I would like to see how supernatural warfare works and how this effects things like tactics, strategy, supply-lines, goals, etc. I want to be shocked by Dalinar's military genius, horrified by Odium's countermove, and surprised when both plans fall apart. Really, the moment I'm looking for is the moment I got from the previous books where I go "OH, of course, that's how a magical war would go, why didn't I anticipate [exciting strategy/maneuver/important goal] before?!" Maps! Detailed explanations of battle strategy. How does the world adjust to technological warfare? Is it like WWI, when strategy was forced to change dramatically? Kaladin with Oroden (and Jasnah with Gavinor) I freely confess I am a sucker for family relationships in stories, particularly older brother/younger brother stories. Oroden and Gavinor are probably too young for too much to happen, but I do hope to see some touching scenes! Fabrial Science How does it work? What will we learn? What experiments will our main characters perform? I'm really looking forward to seeing some Sanderson-level ingenuity here. Can Radiant-spren work Fabrials? Do they have different effects? Ecological wonders I always look forward to the scenes in each book where new plants/animals and ecologies appear. The full aliveness of Roshar and all its wonders, as well as Shallan's drawings, are what made me fall in love with the Stormlight Archives and I want to see more! -- lots, lots more. I'm hoping to see more life cycles explained in this story. I have a feeling that there are some major, important ecological patterns that we haven't learned about. (Why don't we know what chasm fiends become when they pupate? Why was the ecological devastation of Aimia so important? Are there any animals with more complicated gemheart functions, like Singers? Does Roshar have an equivalent to the cat? In a world that's mostly water, what do the oceanic ecosystems look like?! What is crem, actually? Readers demand detailed answers to these important questions! Khriss I'd like to see her randomly and mysteriously walk in on Hoid, just to see him splutter in confusion for once. A Spren Being Born How precisely does this work? How do new "species" of spren emerge? More concretely, I would like to see if it's possible to cross two different types of spren. Do spren fall in love? Specifically, I would like to know if it's okay to vicariously continue my desire for a Kaladin-Shallan relationship by shipping Pattern and Syl. More on Chemoarish or Dai-Gonarthis I'm hoping to be horrifically surprised at an unfortunate moment. Adolin and Shallan having a marital spat (and making up) I don't buy the happy ever after in book three, so I'm anticipating problems that make people conclude the relationship is doomed, only for Adolin and Shallan to decide to work things out rather than just giving up. I want a twist up of the typical romance pattern. I'm hoping for a tale of two people realizing they ran into a marriage too quickly and screwed it up, but rather than divorcing, decide to try to make it work even though they aren't perfect for each other. Something going terribly right for Odium This is the fourth book in a five book arc; if he doesn't have things go his way at the end of this one, I will consider it a bit of a let-down. Ideally, I would like to end the book with my hopes brutally crushed, wondering how it is even possible for the heroes to survive the latest disaster. The more terrible, the better. The Annihilation of a City Ideally, I would like to see magic unleashed at a terrible scale, making the events of the Recreance seem more credible. (I'd prefer we had time to explore the city and get to now it's inhabitants first, so it will hurt more.) Jasnah Scheming I want to be impressed by Jasnah's cunning and clever plotting and see her out-maneuver everyone else in both politics and academics. New Forms for the Singers; Deeper Insight into the Rhythms Since this is a Singer book, I'm hoping to find out more about their culture, particularly their biology and history. Epic Rosharan Mythology Amazing myths; epic tales of wonder, with a hint of mystery -- preferably something from the Singers, or the Horneaters. I really love epic poetry and I think the Singers have to have some good poem-songs, so I'm hoping for something amazing. Renarin Point of View Chapters I don't know what to make of Renarin; he gets so little voice compared to the other characters that he's mostly a mystery to me. I don't understand his motivations or desires at all and I want to know more. Now that the big reveal has happened, hopefully he will become a bigger focus. I would very much like to see him make a critical academic discovery about fabrials that everyone else overlooks completely. On a side note, I want to hear more from Glys too... he doesn't have any personality yet. King Lunamor Rock the First You cannot make cryptic hints about a king uniting the peaks and not have it happen. Rock is the obvious choice! Long live King Numuhukumakiaki'aialunamor. More Kaladin, Bridge Four, and Syl I hope Kaladin continues to have a critical role in the plot and that we see him continue to grow. I'm hoping to see him adjusting from "Captain" to general in the war, being forced to take on more responsibility. I also hope to see him save someone important to him in this book. Have Venli move from unlikable to loved protagonist This one is critical. Currently, Venli is at 0.75 Moashes on my unlikability scale. She betrayed her people and her sister and was a prideful and shortsighted fool. I didn't even look for any redeeming features in her, because I didn't really expect her to be a main character. I hope by the end of the book that I will grow to like her as a person and she will move to at least 0.4 Kaladins. I hope to see her choices as a tragedy and less as a betrayal. I hope to see some touching moments between Venli, Eshonai, and their mother (and father?). I do want to see some heroism, and, since her order is focused on exploration, some amazing adventures. The Dawning Realization that the Twist was Oh so Obvious... and I Missed It...Again Otherwise, I would be forced to conclude that I have accidentally picked up a book by some other author.
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    Okay, so it seems that I'm not the only person who's come up with a version of this idea (hi, @Truthless of Shinovar!), but I presented the theory at JordanCon during the Cosmere Speculation panel, and it seems as though I should codify it in some sort of organized fashion so that all my crazy details can be seen. And also so I can go on record with this thing so when it actually happens you can all hate me. We all know Brandon has been moving the plot forward faster on Stormlight than most of us expected. So I think that Stormlight 5 is going to be the Knights Radiant vs. Rayse, final round. Rayse has freed himself from his entrapment on Braize and is ready to wreak some havoc on Roshar to make sure nobody there can challenge him (and root out Cultivation in the process). Ultimately, he will be defeated. I think he won't be re-trapped, though; I think he'll be killed. However, there is one important detail when it comes to killing Shardholders: Dropped Shards will Splinter naturally if not picked up. (Correction here: It's not an automatic given that a Shard will Splinter when dropped. There is a WoB (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/132/#e1877) that states a voluntarily dropped Shard could Splinter, or become self-aware, or any number of other things. None of them if applied to Odium are going to create Super Happy Fun Time for Roshar.) Imagine the chaos that would inflict upon Roshar's entire Investiture biome. That much Hatred Investiture (and no, I do not believe Rayse's nonsense about Passion) spreading out throughout the planet, loose, leaking into everything? It'd be a disaster. Cultivation has more than enough knowledge to be aware of this; certainly the Stormfather, Nightwatcher, and the Sibling are as well. I'd bet money that most, if not all, of the Radiant spren have a pretty good idea of it. So it's reasonable to expect that the KR will be aware of this danger when they take on Odium. They may even have a plan in place to try to re-trap him, but I expect that ultimately to fail. They'll have to kill him. There will be no other choice. What then happens when the Shard of Odium drops, ready to Splinter into a million pieces of Hatred and leak into the planet's Investiture irrevocably? Or become a self-aware monster spren? Or get absorbed by one or more of the Unmade? Or any number of other potentially apocalyptic results? Dalinar picks it up. He doesn't do it to gain power. He does it to protect his friends and family. He does it for Honor (though his decision may involve his bond with the Stormfather being broken) - because humans brought Odium to Roshar; it's only proper for a human to fix that mistake. Most of all, because he has managed to deny Odium's power before, he does it because he believes he's the best person to do so. He believes that he can resist the Shard's intent better than any other person on Roshar. He might even be right. So he picks up Odium, rips every last shred of power that Rayse Invested into Roshar, and leaves. There are several reasons why I think Brandon will take this route: 1. It's an interesting full circle to take for the character. He starts out life as the perfect scion of Odium, though he doesn't know it at the time. He's ruthless. He's violent. It's through a huge amount of experience and development that he learns to control and reject that side of him. He becomes a better man. Then as a result of becoming that better man, he takes on the embodiment of what warped his past in an attempt to shield others from the evil that tainted him. That's some serious heroic tragedy. 2. Brandon likes to hurt us. 3. So far, our experience of the "negative" Shardholders has been pretty after-the-fact. We never saw Ati before he picked up Ruin; likewise we don't know exactly how awful Rayse was before he picked up Odium. We've seen Harmony, yes, but he's been pretty Light Side so far. It will be much, much more interesting to take a character that the readers have a strong emotional investment in and have him take up an "evil" Shard. The impact of seeing our hero Dalinar slowly corrupted by Odium's influence as he becomes an overall Cosmere Big Bad will cause internal reader conflict, and that's a good way to tell a story.
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    Buckle up. It's graph time. Brandon made a comment recently at a convention that his writing career is now almost as long as Robert Jordan's was while he was writing the Wheel of Time. The first Wheel of Time book was published in 1990, and the last one before Jordan's death was in 2005. Brandon's first book was in 2005; by 2020, he'll eclipse Jordan's tenure. So, I decided to crunch some numbers and compare them. (I'm including projections for Skyward 2, assuming it's the same wordcount as the first book, and Stormlight 4 at 400,000 words for a November 2020 release.) Brandon has essentially had three writing careers in this time: 1) the Cosmere, 2) his non-Cosmere stuff, and 3) writing the final Wheel of Time Trilogy. Here's a comparison of Robert Jordan's writing speed to each of Brandon's careers, and Brandon's total speed. Notice that each line has a dashed average. This represents the average writing speed for that career. A couple things I found interesting: Robert Jordan had a significant drop off. You can see that sharp angle about five years in, between WoT books 6 and 7. He maintained that later speed fairly well, up til the end. I suspect you'll see that with many other successful authors, for reasons creative or personal, but... Brandon's total writing speed has remain essentially unchanged. He has matched Jordan's initial pace fairly well, and his total wordcount (solid line) stays pretty true to the average (dashed line). There's some funky stuff going on around WoT, where Brandon was working harder than usual, but that was making up for a bit of a slower start. (More on that later.) After WoT, his total writing speed and each of his career writing speeds have tracked their average very closely. Brandon's Cosmere career has remained remarkably consistent. Even though there was that huge slowdown with Cosmere books during WoT, the initial post-Mistborn push, with Warbreaker and Way of Kings releasing, was enough to keep things averaged out until Brandon could finish up WoT and write Words of Radiance. (The solid blue line gets well above the average at the 5-year mark, but stays pretty flat until the WoR release.) As he's settled in to his groove after WoT, it gets a little choppier, but that's an effect of writing bigger books. He's still writing the same amount of words. Brandon's non-Cosmere career has.... remained remarkably consistent. This career actually has two regimes, which is why I included multiple averages. The uppermost red dashed line is the total non-Cosmere average, and it rides well above the solid red line. This indicates that the trend is concave up; Brandon is writing more and more non-Cosmere than he used to. But it's not a gradual process; after WoT, he started working on stuff like Reckoners and Skyward. So I gave non-Cosmere another average trendline with two segments; you'll see the inflection point right around 3000 days, with the release of Rithmatist. Since then, he's been pretty consistent in the amount of non-Cosmere he wrote. Brandon's Wheel of Time career is pretty obscene. The green dashed line is essentially the same slope as the blue dashed line. Brandon wrote twice as hard as he used to when he started working on Wheel of Time. My man. I crunched the numbers. I can't deny them. Brandon's pumping out Cosmere books just as fast as he used to. But 2019 is the second year ever we have had no Cosmere stories published. (Not counting White Sand, since Brandon didn't write anything for those.) The first time it happened... 2018. It feels like we haven't been getting as much Cosmere, and so many stories have been waiting years for their resolutions. (The gap between Bands of Mourning and Lost Metal will be larger than between Alloy of Law and Shadows of Self. Rithmatist and Alcatraz have been hanging out forever, with the end always just around the corner. Even Legion, a novella trilogy, took seven years to complete.) I think the answer to this is scope creep. Brandon's not writing any slower, but his plans are getting bigger and bigger. Each Stormlight book is larger than the last. Plans are changing - Skyward was a secret project, followed up by Children of the Nameless as another Secret Project. We'll still get as many words; but waiting a long time for 1 Stormlight book book feels more painful than 3 Mistborn books totaling the a similar amount of words. Same thing for the non-Cosmere projects waiting for their finales; it's not that Brandon doesn't have time, it's that he devotes his time to a different project, instead. If we take Brandon's average writing rates (Cosmere: 191K words/year; non-Cosmere: 134K words/year), and we assume he's gonna be writing Stormlight (400K ea), Mistborn/Elantris (250K ea), and W&W/YA (120K ea), that gets us projected release dates of: This is all assuming he sticks to the average. Which, so far, has been a good long-term bet, but not a good short-term bet. So I'd expect these releases to be more clumped together, as he'll alternate what's getting focused time. My final projected Cosmere completion date is 2055. A nice, round 50 years. (My last estimate I put together, back when Brandon was working on Oathbringer, was in 2052. Over three years, the projection has moved back three years. Uh oh... let's not focus too much on that. I was much less rigorous in my analysis.) What we've seen from the Wheel of Time excursion, though, is that Brandon is not writing at his maximum capacity. About one-third of his WoT writing speed was transferred over to his current non-Cosmere work. (I'd guess the remaining two-thirds turned into family time, since he started having kids right around then. [Well, his wife started having kids. You know what I mean.]) If push comes to shove and Brandon decides to make a focused effort to knock out more Cosmere books, his pace can increase considerably, even without cutting back on his non-Cosmere writing hours. If he were to go full-speed ahead, nothing but Cosmere, I'd project a 2037 completion date; 32 years from start to finish. Obviously, it won't be that. (At the very least, he'd have to fit Rithmatist 2 in there, which would push the whole thing to 2039, somehow.) But based on Brandon's 15-year career so far, it looks like the Cosmere will last between 32 and 50 years. Which doesn't seem terribly unreasonable. In conclusion, please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to say anything about what Brandon should or shouldn't be writing. I just like the data, and I think we can learn a lot based on what Brandon has accomplished so far. He prides himself on his consistency. (That's his canned answer about how he writes so much; he's not fast, he's just consistent.) And that's exactly what the data shows.
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    My quarantine contribution: Peeps Before Death: I will protect peeps who cannot protect themselves.
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    Storm area 51 meme: Exists Sanderfans:
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    The Heralds whenever they come back for a Desolation:
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    This meme basically made itself
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    Man, all this stuff seems so contradictory. Gavilar: "I'll bring back the Parsh gods. It will save your people. I'm being selfless." Eshonai: "Bad idea." Amaram: "We're actually doing this to force the Heralds out of hiding." Nale: "Dude I'm right here." Gavilar: "Actually, we're doing this because I nEeD UnItY and threats are effective." Amaram: "Yeah, and it'll bring back Vorinism." Gavilar: "That's not what I said. But it'll bring back the Radiants, so...sure." Nale: "Ishar is NOT okay with that. But he's also not okay with returning the Parsh gods, so...why am I here?" Gavilar: "What do you suppose we do? Stormdaddy tells me we're doomed." Kalak: "Can we run away? Did that once with our last planet and it worked out for millennia." Nale: "The Wheel of Time turns...wait, wrong series." Gavilar: "Ohh, secrets I can exploit...how do we open a passage to another planet?" [REDACTED] Gavilar: "Look, I got this voidspren." Nale: "I'm not sure why I'm okay with this. But we need to go deeper." Amaram: "What's that got to do with HoNoR?" Gavilar: "Glad we're all on the same page." Szeth: "...did I miss a meeting?"
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    Me before I read Secret History:
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    Spoilers All Series, but I am POSITIVE I know the fate of Roshar
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    Shallan and Adolin: General Shard related:
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    There is a Stormlight 4 hopes thread, so I decided to make a Stormlight 4 fears thread. The question is simple: what don't you want to see in Stormlight four? I will start with three things: 1. Kaladin failing to say the fourth ideal again, and being killed while struggling to say the words. 2. Moash killing members of bridge four. 3. Love triangles of any kind.
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    Not sure if they would do war again right after Rhythm of War. Possible K words: Knight, Kingdom, Kaladin, Kale, King, Kangaroo, Ketchup, Kin, Kitty Possible middle words: of (probably), or, on Possible W words: Wit, Ways, Winds, Warlord, Watch, Wedding, Welfare, Whales (Spacewhales?), White My possible combinations: King of Wit, Kale of Whales, Knight of White (?), Kingdom of Winds, Kangaroo on Watch, etc.
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    I just looked at the front page of this again, and wow. I know you can post mediocre memes here and get tons of upvotes anyway, but there are posts in the sixties and eighties - and the memes aren’t bad ones, but jeeeeez. Anyway, here’s something to contribute. I DID NOT COME UP WITH THIS, DON’T CREDIT ME WITH IT. I DON’T KNOW WHO WROTE IT.
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    What do you guys think would be the search histories of various characters from Brandon's books? Here's one for Hoid... where is odium? how to survive beheading good stories to tell rosharans HOW DO I MAKE INSTANT NOODLES social no-nos on scadrial what to do if you think you've offended a shard how to hide from a shard how to keep instant noodles warm while on the run Silverlightmail.com Silverlightmail.com//create.an.account sounding cryptic in an email what is harmony's email account
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    That the description of Vorinism pretty much describes EXACTLY what is happening to the Fused? Here's a paragraph from Way of Kings, p852 wherein Kaladin is describing Vorinism and the retaking of the Tranquiline Halls. Is it just me or are there some surprising similarities?
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    He was free. All he had to do was take the next step. A voice in the back of his mind gnawed at his reasoning, sowing discomfort and doubt into his mind. Was this the right thing to do? He had already made up his mind. But was it the right choice? He squashed that voice, squashed it hard. He had no mercy towards the voices in his head, not after Ioc. This voice would never rise again. It helped to personalize the voices in one’s head. Turn the voices into people, then kill them, obliterate them, smash them into the ground, mix their blood with the dust. It always worked. Another voice began its attack on his decision. Would this next step bring him happiness? He destroyed this voice as well. He didn’t have a name. Not many others needed to refer to him as… anything, really. Several have asked what to call him, but the first time it happened… “What are you?” the frightened boy of five or six years asked, crying silently except for the words. “I am… a Friend,” He had responded. Since that day, he had gone by many things. That same boy had given him a joking nickname. He sometimes identified himself with the initials of that nickname. However, usually, he just went by Friend. It seemed to fit. Friend had no body. He was free. It had taken a long time to free himself from the bonds he had tied, but finally, Friend was free. So, because he had no body, to say he looked into the distance would be a lie. Instead, he simply thought, his thoughts having nothing to do with his surroundings. At present. He was floating above the Alleycity, a beige cloud stretching almost a mile long. It was a thin beige, however, so it was unlikely that anyone below would see and make anything of it. Friend rumbled internally. The next step would leave no return available. But, right now, there was always a return possible. Was it right? Yes. No. Another option? Maybe. Humans used past experience to guide their future decisions. Friend had no such luxury. His memory began nearly fifteen years ago. Beyond that, he had only impressions, but he sensed he had been around far, far longer than 15 years. What was he? That was a question that frequently plagued him. He had several theories. Was he an Entity? Maybe. That would explain how he had never felt comfortable in his own body, and how he was able to share minds. Was he a spren? That would explain his pure Investiture-related abilities, and how he could bond with humans. Was he a Shard? Very unlikely. Was he a Splinter? Also unlikely. Was he a child of the Nightwatcher? No, since she often acted as though he was older. Was he a child of a Shard, then? A human who wished for more and appealed to a higher power? That would explain his internal masculine identity, even if he had no body. Whatever he was, his first memory was one of fleeing. Dodging around a danger, a terrible force that threatened to pull Friend apart at every opportunity. Friend almost died, that first memory. Until in this chase around the planes of existence. Friend, worn out and unable to continue, stopped at a very special world. Very special. The Earth protected by mimes. Friend escaped to that planet, barely sifting passed the protective shell of silent, all-powerful clowns that protected this Earth. He was dying, then. He was about to die. On his arrival in Earth’s atmosphere, he slowed down time. Burning part of his own investiture to think faster than any other being. And friend reached out mentally to the beings on that Earth. And found the most vulnerable creature able to handle Friend’s power. For that instant, there was one newborn that would remain the newest person on Earth for only milliseconds. But it was enough. Without really knowing how, Friend had lodged himself into that baby’s brain, saving himself. At first, in the child’s beginning years, Friend had stuffed his entire existence into that baby’s mind, causing some unwanted side effects. Later, Friend discovered that he could leave a small part of his being to share the brain. The rest of him, he could travel the planes of existence again. And, the best part was, at any time Friend could shift his attention to the child, to look through the child’s eyes. Or, he could shift back to his main being, and look through his own eyes. The beige mist that was Friend could teleport instantaneously back to the child. The child could not teleport to him, however. It was fruitless to try any more than once. It was this one attempt, when the child was five or six, that Friend received his name. He pumped the child’s brain full of investiture, preparing to teleport, and the child had detected him. “Who are you?” a frightened boy of five or six years asked, crying silently except for the words. “I am… a Friend,” Later, the boy would give his mind neighbor a joking nickname. But that came later. It was around this time that Friend discovered the Alleyverse. It was amazing! An entire planet dedicated to the traveling between other planets! Friend had never seen anything so marvelous. Was it even a planet? Perhaps, perhaps not. It was difficult to see the entire thing. Friend wanted to know more. That’s when he ‘bonded’ his second person. A man named Nei’an. Nei’an was a special man. Impervious to pain, he was creative and more determined than any man had the right to be, Nei’an seemed the best person to explore the Alleyverse for Friend. So, Friend discovered how to send another bit of his being into Nei’an’s brain. And Nei’an had been a disappointment. He hadn’t realized the power he had been given. Instead of using Friend’s investiture to explore the Alleyverse, Nei’an ignored it and pranced around causing trouble. Friend was almost glad Nei’an died. However, Friend had gotten a taste of adventure, however unexpected that taste may have been. The child back on that certain Earth wasn’t nearly so interesting. Friend would have pulled out of that child’s brain if he knew how. Instead, he ignored the child, and sent another bit of power to another host in the Alleyverse. Naermen. She had been smarter with the power. He had been able to give more investiture to her, through the Nightwatcher. She recognized her power and used it. She used it too well. One week, she decided to ignore all the exciting things happening around her and meditate. Friend grew frustrated and bored and tried to make her join the action. This was during the seven Day War. That was when Naermen seized control of Friend and bonded him more fully. She became a beacon of power, able to switch from a beige cloud to her person at any time. She would have been able to access all of Freind’s investiture, instead of following her Nightwatcher’s curse, if she had searched for that. Instead, she died. And Friend was given a wonderful chance. The chance to own a body of his own. Naermen had gotten such a hold on Friend’s power that, when she left to the Cognitive, then Spiritual Realm, she left Friend with control of her body. It was a simple matter to heal up and awaken as Ioc. Friend lost the ability to shift his attention towards the child back at that certain Earth, but he didn’t care. He had his own body! Friend thought he was free. He killed. Oh, how he killed. He grew confident. He did as he wished, and when others got in the way of his goals, he killed them. Ioc was a failure. And it was to no fault of a second consciousness. No human shared this brain that Friend could put the blame on. Friend was a monster. He was glad when he was killed and imprisoned, his mind and power separated. Entrapped in metal. Metal is nowhere near as strong a prison as a human mind. Friend’s mind fled, back to the stagnant beige cloud he had left hovering above the Alleyverse before bonding Naermen. He retook control and looked to the child to see what had changed. The child was now a teenager. And Friend found he liked looking through the teen’s ryes more than he had liked looking through Naermen’s or Ioc’s. Part of him wanted to return to the boy, to take a break from it all. But a voice inside convinced Friend to try one more time at the Alleyverse. Vesuvius. Fred. Xena. Vesuvius. A villain from the start. Instead of using Friend's power, Vesuvius used Friend's mind, learning how to construct explosives. Vesuvius killed, maybe killing more than Ioc ever had. Fred. The armless pewterarm. Friend was glad about his choice here. Fred had a good soul, but… a tendency to get into trouble. Chewing through the ropes that bound those children to that bomb? Friend could never have been prouder. Xena. She… was often ignored. She was smart, witty, and had a mind to match Friend’s, but she never did anything exciting. Friend was growing bored, so he left her to her own devices more often than naught. After Ioc had died, Friend had despised violence. But right after he rebonded, he found himself bathing in it. And he enjoyed it. Vesuvius was fun to look through. Fred was hilarious. The way they both fought, Vesuvius with solemn precision, Fred with… that giraffe technique, Friend enjoyed it all. Until one day, he looked through Xena’s eyes. And he saw carnage. He felt her feelings. She hated it. And Friend remembered. He looked through the teenager’s eyes, back on the special Earth. He wasn’t innocent, completely, but he was infinitely better than a murderer. Friend knew he had to escape. But he had never been able to escape a mind. Unless the person died. Friend hated it, but he hatched a plan. He bonded others. A Grey Man here, a squad of henchmen there, a Lightweaver or so to finish it off. Vesuvius. Friend guided Vesuvius to find Frob. Frob lead those other people to Vesuvius. Vesuvius was beaten and blew himself up. Perfect. Fred. Friend was sad he had to kill Fred, but it was the only way. Fred had been kidnapped. It was a simple matter to lead the Lightweaver to Vesuvius’ hideout to spike him. It was the spike that was important. It was the fact that Fred died as a side effect. Friend had hated watching it, but it had to happen. Xena… when she was up in the mountains, he had sent the Grey Man to kill her. But, once again… He retook control of the Grey Man when she was least expecting it and used the assassin to kill her. Then, he had to clean up the loose ends. Frob and his gang were all dead from the battle, a convenient end. Friend could control the Grey Man directly, so he sent it to kill the Lightweaver. Then, he had the Grey Man fall on his own knife. And Friend was free. Free to leave the Alleyverse. His mind was made up. He had made friends with the people, though. He would miss them, those people he sometimes watched. One of them always had the longest thread hanging off their clothing. Friend would miss that. He had seen several personal messages sent out. He would miss those. He would miss all the guilds, all the subterfuge, all the planning. He would miss the bakeries, the creativity, and the leaders. He would miss it all. But if he stayed… Friend feared his life would not turn out how it was supposed to. He would go and watched his first human grow up. Friend would guide the youth through the events of a troubled world. “Thank you,” Friend thought, shifting his gaze downwards to the Alleyverse. “Thank you for being so wonderful, for letting me stay. Thank you for accepting me, and I’m sorry for when I took advantage of that. Thank you for everything.” Friend now shifted his attention upwards towards the stars. It was time. He would treasure the memories he had gotten here, but it was time to move on. A part of him would always be there, hanging over the Alleyverse. Friend, nicknamed Gancho Libre by the teenager, teleported away and landed in the head of the first bonded human, content with his decision. Farewell.
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    Teacher: you can't hear pictures. Sanderfans:
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    Hey y'all. So, for those of you who don't know, May is mental health awareness month. This is the third year now that I have made a post near the beginning of the month discussing this subject and trying to bring a close community even closer through raising awareness and bringing support to those who need it. This subject is especially important during "these dark times." (Which is what my little brother has been calling all of this). Anxiety, stress, frustration, fear, all are running high. During my time on the Shard, I've found that a lot of people on here have had problems with mental illness. I myself have dealt with some depression in the past, and I've always had pretty bad social anxiety. Mental illness is also very strong on both sides of my family, so I have grown up surrounded by it, whether I was aware of it at the time of not. So what I'm saying is, we're all in this together. More so now than ever. And so, like in years before, I encourage you to share your story. (Don't feel like you have to, though). Also, change your profile picture green for this month. (I think there's a green version of the 17th Shard symbol floating around somewhere from last year). Take care of yourselves, physically and mentally. We'll all do this together.
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    Okay so I saw a few of the Explain a Film Plot badly things earlier and thought they were funny, so I decided to do them for the cosmere books. I think some of them are funny, so I decided to share them. Hopefully it'll at least get a few laughs. If anyone has any more or any different ones, please post them. Spoilers for the cosmere, obviously. I'll label each one just in case though. The Final Empire: Well of Ascension: Hero of Ages: Alloy of Law: Shadows of Self: Bands of Morning: Warbreaker: Elantris: I couldn't think of any for Stormlight, hopefully someone else can
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    LG65: Term 1, Month 2 - What Is This Feeling There was a reason Onur Setyn had constant short-term amnesia, but he had forgotten it, of course. Thankfully, it didn’t interfere with his studies - he still had all his knowledge, just not the memories of learning any of it. He just had to keep a lot of notes on him at all times, and make sure to reference them regularly. It was truly difficult to get himself to social events. He sometimes wondered about what he’d forgotten, or how much life he’d lived already that was now gone from his recollections. But he forgot those questions, too. And so, for the first few weeks of University, he remained a content student. On one particularly chilly winter day, Onur decided to hole up in the Archives for the day and do as much studying as he could. He found his usual quiet corner and began to work, enjoying the soft sounds of shuffling papers and quills on parchment. It was such a lovely contrast from the blasting wind outside, he mused. After finishing one of his more complicated assignments, Onur Setyn stood and stretched. He scribbled a quick note to himself, reminding him where his study area was and what he was doing there, then set off on a brisk walk into the Stacks. But something else was in the Stacks, too. Just before Onur was about to turn back, when he’d ventured deep into the Stacks where no one else was, something stepped into his path. It was clothed like another student, but its body.... Onur hoped this wasn’t some being he merely had no memory of, he’d hate to be offensive, but it was so disturbing to look at that he couldn’t help but shudder. Its skin was almost melted-looking, not quite the right texture or shape for a human. Its eyes glowed red in the dim light, and as it smiled he could see its teeth were very, very sharp. “Um... hello?” he offered hesitantly. Even if it was dangerous, politeness could be useful. And if it was just some other species, he’d hate to offend one every time he saw one just because he’d forgotten their appearance every time. It smiled wider. “Interesting.” Onur took a few hesitant steps back as it stalked forward. “I’m terribly sorry for asking, but what are you? I forget things a lot, you see. I’m terribly sorry if I’ve asked you this before. I’m Onur Setyn, by the way.” The being shook his head. “No, you haven’t asked. Perfectly understandable, though, our kind isn’t especially prone to being seen very often. May I?” It offered a hand. Hesitantly, Onur stepped forward and clasped it, but the expected handshake came and went and the being didn’t let go. “Hmm,” it murmured, looking down at Onur’s hand. “What are you so insistent on forgetting, I wonder?” Onur blinked. “Um.” Then the - it hadn’t actually said what it was called, had it? The unknown species threw its head back and laughed. The laugh was chilling, inhuman, and the mere sound nearly made Onur panic. He tugged at the thing’s grip, now, trying to wrest himself free, but its grip was far stronger. “Oh, no need for any work to be done on this one,” it finally got out. “You’ll do it to yourself if I let you. Just removing a couple blocks here and... there.” It grinned. “Goodbye, Onur Setyn.” It released his hand and vanished around a bookcase, but Onur barely paid any attention. He remembered. There was a reason he had forgotten. A reason he’d blocked everything out of his mind, ever since that day three years ago. Images. The face of a young woman, golden-haired and beautiful but utterly terrified. A creek, the waters black as ink. The dead eyes of a corpse, staring up at the sky. S̷o̷u̷n̷d̷s̷.̷ ̷A̷ ̷h̷i̷g̷h̷ ̷d̷r̷a̷w̷n̷ ̷o̷u̷t̷ ̷s̷c̷r̷e̷a̷m̷.̷ ̷A̷ ̷m̷o̷t̷h̷e̷r̷ ̷w̷a̷i̷l̷i̷n̷g̷.̷ ̷T̷h̷e̷ ̷n̷e̷a̷r̷-̷s̷i̷l̷e̷n̷t̷ ̷s̷n̷i̷c̷k̷ ̷o̷f̷ ̷a̷ ̷k̷n̷i̷f̷e̷ ̷a̷g̷a̷i̷n̷s̷t̷ ̷a̷ ̷t̷h̷r̷o̷a̷t̷.̷ S҉e҉n҉s҉a҉t҉i҉o҉n҉s҉.҉ ҉A҉ ҉h҉e҉a҉d҉a҉c҉h҉e҉ ҉s҉o҉ ҉i҉n҉t҉e҉n҉s҉e҉ ҉h҉e҉ ҉n҉e҉a҉r҉l҉y҉ ҉d҉r҉o҉w҉n҉e҉d҉ ҉i҉n҉ ҉t҉h҉e҉ ҉p҉a҉i҉n҉.҉ ҉A҉ ҉t҉h҉r҉o҉a҉t҉ ҉t҉i҉g҉h҉t҉ ҉f҉r҉o҉m҉ ҉c҉r҉y҉i҉n҉g҉ ҉a҉n҉d҉ ҉h҉o҉a҉r҉s҉e҉ ҉f҉r҉o҉m҉ ҉y҉e҉l҉l҉i҉n҉g҉.҉ ҉B҉i҉t҉t҉e҉r҉,҉ ҉b҉i҉t҉t҉e҉r҉ ҉c҉o҉l҉d҉.҉ F̸̩̣̞͔̀̀̈́̇͒̊̈̈́e̷̡̹̯̠̺̪͊̀̎̽̏̔͗͗͘e̵̪͎̥̟̩̾ͅͅĺ̵̯̪̄̍ḭ̷̘̹̞̭͙͉̮̙͗̂͒͂́͘͝ņ̵͇̐̀͋͘͜͝g̵̻̼͑̉̕s̸̨̘̫̥͕̪̋̓͐̈͜.̸̛̖͈̪̲̠͕͎̻̹̄̕ ̵͓̉͛F̸̣͊̑̈́̕e̴̛̲̮̺̞͚̯̺̪̙͌̐͊̉̀̊́͜ą̵̠̮̥̞̱̠͈̹͚̀̈́́̉̎͌̾r̶̞̜̯̣̝̭̠̫͐͒̎̾̉͜.̴̬̈́́͂̃͗̑̍̈̈́ ̷̠̖̥̺̈́͆̈́Ä̸̞̖̟̲͎̯́͌̑͊̅͝͠͠͝ņ̷̥̞̻͇̞̺͔̺̇̒̈̒̓̋̀̆̕g̸̹͔͈͑̿ḙ̶̛̱̲̤̂̈́̿̆̽̐̒͌̕r̵̹̭͋̀.̶̡̧͎̭̝̱̦̺͛̎̊͂͒̈́̉̓̕ Ļ̷͚̤͓̥̗͐͒̐̀ǫ̷̨͖̻̫̦͈̟͎̂̌̔̓̾̑͛͜͠a̸̩̩̤̖̥̝̪̱̅̓́̀̏͜ţ̸̟̤͇̼͓͖͇̔͌̀̂͗̇͝h̴͚̾͗̉̑ī̶̖͊̔͝n̷̨̝̥̩̘̫̍̾̅̎͊̉̓͛͗͝ĝ̵͍̙̻͈̑̍͛͐̕͜.̵̻̤̻̬̯̰͛̂̉̈́ ̵̢̳̻͚̰͕͋̄̊͛͂̏͝Ḥ̵̡͍͔̠͎͍̼͎͆͛̒̓ą̴̢̮͕̼̬̭̩̔͑t̵̬͓̝͇̻̥̫̀͌͌͆̀e̵̻̯̼̗͆̈͊̒͋̅̔͜͝.̸̛̮̹͇̻̱̂̔̿́̚͠ ̴̦̼̹̺̟̈́͊͑̍̚͝͝͠ͅG̵̛̠̘͉̪̺͍̟̥̈̀̐̀́̈͑̀́ͅŗ̴̩̰͇̟͉̪̤͉̜̊̃̾̚i̸̻͈̖̊̉͜ḙ̴͓̤̅̾̊̏́̓̽̃͘̚f̴̧͈̺͍͉̠̩́̀̆̈͗̈́͜ͅ.̴̦̆̐̈́͋̇͊̎͒́ Onur Setyn was admitted to the Crockery later that day. Onur Setyn (Hemalurgic Headshot) went insane! Maern (Xino) was brought on the Horns, but the charges were dropped! Nethwyl Nox (Bard) was brought on the Horns and found guilty of Undignified Mischief! Catalan (Coda) was brought on the Horns and found guilty of Conduct Unbecoming! Term 1 Month 2 has begun! It will end Sunday, 3 May, at 12 PM PDT, and will have another 8 hour rollover. Clarifications: Also, slight rule change - to make things easier on us with tuition, we’re making it so you can’t decide to not attend the University until Month 2 of each term. If you’ve stated that you do not want to attend University in Term 1 Month 2, that will go into effect Term 2. Even if you do not attend University for a term, the tuition you would’ve had is frozen in place and if/when you choose to continue your attendance, your tuition will be that amount rather than for the most recent skipped term. We are going to be a little kind this first term in regards to the post/PM ratio and average the two months together rather than have the inflation occur per turn. This will not be the case for later months, so be watchful of how much you’re PMing each turn. Note: At any time, you can ask for an official vote count, and the GMs will provide one as soon as they see it. If you want to put in flavor actions, you totally can! Put them in your spreadsheet unless you have actual actions to submit, in which case you can put them in your GM PM instead. (You can also submit actions in your GM PM at any point and they will be noted, if the spreadsheet is giving you trouble. We’d just highly prefer if it were in the spreadsheet. ) Also, for everyone’s information, Bodyguard and Assassin prices have been adjusted since last game. They are higher, and will increase sharply as they are bought. (And no, sabotages and going insane are not usually distinguished and will not be in the future. It's just literally impossible for anyone to have gone insane this turn and I wanted to write an evil Skindancer. ) Player List1. @Haelbarde - Seòras (Edema Ruh) 2. @Elandera - Athdara, alchemist (Noble) 3. @Burnt Spaghetti - Bryn Aria (Commoner) 4. @DeTess - Evelyn Bryen (Commoner) 5. @Elkanah (Edema Ruh) 6. @Straw - Straw (Commoner) 7. @xinoehp512 - Maern (Commoner) 8. @Lord_Silberfarben - Lord Silberfarben (Commoner) 9. @Coda - Catalan, namer (Noble) 10. @Karnage - Lasko Veitch (Noble) 11. @Hemalurgic Headshot - Onur Setyn (Noble) Insane 12. @StrikerEZ - Ryykal Ladzo (Edema Ruh) 13. @Lumgol - Caia Irèn (Noble) 14. @Experience - Shard (Commoner) 15. @Devotary of Spontaneity - Vol, paranoid alchemist (Noble) 16. @CadCom - Cadaci (Edema Ruh) 17. @Sart - Sagaer Murtoy, accompanied by a child (Commoner) 18. @Furamirionind (Edema Ruh)19. @Zillah - Amila Tays (Commoner)20. @Araris Valerian - Arael Solon (Noble)21. @Rathmaskal - Rath (Commoner)22. @STINK - Ugfal the Three-Handed, with only two hands (Commoner) 23. @Kynedath - Traelynn Weeks, likes beets (Edema Ruh) 24. @Walin - Lin Wa (Commoner) 25. @GreenRover - Knighter Nune (Noble) 26. @Young Bard - Nethwyl Nox, pyromaniac (Commoner) 27. @TheMightyLopen - Leo (Noble)
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    We got to the end of Part 2! Here's some of the greatest hits up until Dalinar's choice to abdicate. Navani – Michelle-Pfeiffer-that-white-gold – “Not Michelle Pfeiffer… make sure they know it's Michelle-Pfeiffer-that-white-gold every time.” Chulls – Crab-cows – “It’s what they are, Chris!” ME: *reading about Kaladin thinking about abandoning the warcamps* TAY: If he’s going to abandon his friends in Bridge Four I’m done. He will be Traitorboi to me if he does that. ME: Knobweed- TAY: Ha! Knobweed. Sounds like pubes. That’s what I’m calling your pubes from now on. ME: So now that you’ve heard all of them – can you guess who wrote the letter in the epigraphs? TAY: *defeated* I dunno Chris. Is it the Court Jester? ME: Yes! TAY: Wait – really? Oh damnation I’m good at this! *after Bridge Four has chasm duty for the first time* TAY: Huh. Guess I was wrong. I seriously thought Slaveboi would be attacked by a Rock Lobster down there. ME: *knowing smile* ME: *describes Kaladin doing his first kata with a spear on chasm duty with Bridge Four* TAY: Weird flex, but ok. ME: *describing Dalinar smashing things with a hammer when he’s thinking* TAY: That’s some Perrin Aybara stuff right there. ME: *says ‘Brightlord’* TAY: Hey Chris hey. If there’s a brightlord is there a dumblord? Heh. *pauses* Sadeas. Sadeas is a dulllord. ME: *reads the word khokh and linil describing Dalinar’s glyphpair* TAY: Did you say cock? *laughs uproariously* And it’s in the shape of a tower too! Ha! Legitimately interested reactions (oohs and aahs - not just being funny) to: - Dalinar thinking that there’s a pattern to the Shattered Plains. - The Parshendi having grown their own armour - How spanreeds work
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    Somewhere after finishing WoR, I remember going online and seeing a thread on Reddit about creating a new thread called r/stormmoash. I was vaguely amused, I most certainly did not expect it to become what it has become today. Stormlight has had some less than True Hero™ characters. This complexity has always been part of what made me love the series. Some characters, like Shallan and Adolin as well as Elhokar are quite notably polarizing. I would count Dalinar in that group too post-Oathbringer. Some are more reviled: Sadeas, Amaram and Moash. To my surprise, opinion on Kaladin too seems to be quite divisive, mostly due to the existence of the previous characters. He is pointed out as being more traditionally heroic, in contrast to the other characters, on top of being depressing. He seems typically moral than the more complicated history of Dalinar and less fun to read or interact with than Adolin and Shallan. Some people have also taken issue with Kaladin's view of Lighteyes. Dalinar: I feel already tired of explaining my views on him. There are two new threads where I have put forward my views on him "moral miscalculations of Mr Sanderson in Oathbringer" by Parallax and "Dalinar's Genocide" by Hakusho Slick. Shallan and Adolin mostly come under heat because of their casual racism. Many seem to be thoroughly incensed by Adolin referring to Kaladin as "bridgeboy" as well as his comments on "the world changing" when "even darkeyes have access to Shardblade", the fact that he makes that comment about women having Shardblades also tends to draw frowns (although it is notable that he makes that comment in a positive manner, offering to teach Shallan how to properly wield a Shardblade) One of the most quoted things for hating against Shallan is the same scene with Adolin, where he makes the comment mentioned above about Shallan's worry about seeming feminine while lugging about a Shardblade. She responds by thinking "thank you for comparing all women to peasants".... Oof. There is the infamous boots scene with Tyn where she bullies Kaladin into giving her his boots. Before that, once again with Tyn, they both try on something (I forget, eye drops? lens? I think it was the former) to darken their eye colour so they could move about freely. Shallan is very excited to shed lighteyes propriety. Then she suddenly gets really worried that there might exist something to make darkeyes seem lighteyes. The point I'm trying to make by going on a spiel about these characters' various controversies is that these things are discussed. Negative opinions and accompanying evidence are examined, others' point of view seen as valid, arguments and counter-arguments are made, and so on. I'm not saying Moash isn't discussed. I've seen the threads and topics. For example, the Vyre discussions. I'm pointing that a disproportionately large amount of disliking Moash seems to have become popular simply due to trending. Oh yes, what he did was not okay but we have characters like Sadeas, Amaram and Roshone right there beside him. Moash killed Elhokar at a pivotal moment. Elhokar did genuinely try to change and was close to swearing his Ideals. Moash succeeded where the others (except Roshone, RIP Tien) didn't, as Sadeas failed in his Battle of the Tower plot and Amaram failed to dispose of Kaladin. But there are no threads or discussions simply dedicated to only hating on any of these other characters. I mean discussions like Shallan Davar disgust thread do exist but the Moash thing has gone out of control. Moash has the aforementioned very famous hashtag on reddit, where people simply drop in to say that they hate him with almost the same frequency that they say "I am Stick". There are discussions dedicated to simply hating on Moash. As well as various other such threads on who would kill Moash, etc. People casually drop "I hate Moash" or variations thereof, which get upvoted a lot. These comments often seem to be there for the sole purpose of getting upvotes. There has a become a cycle of *positivity* around the activity of dissing on this character. Here's the meat of the matter though, the name Moash actually doesn't seem to generate as much hatred as Sadeas or Amaram. It creates amusement. He isn't hated nearly as much as he is associated with lighthearted online banter. People make a "dynamic entry" with a post about how they hate Moash, generally get positive feedback and that's it. This is especially popular on forum games. (I have to admit to having dropped Moash's name in a similar manner but I did it to gauge receptiveness to disagreements against popular opinion during one of my first posts on this site. I had just come from reddit, I wanted to see how people would react. With burns or actual arguments. Thanks to AonEne for providing the latter.) People seem to find hating Moash funny. I'm genuinely curious (read: very worried) if someone will come and comment "I hate Moash, lol" or "this guy is #Moashdidnothingwrong" or just go "storm Moash" If you feel strongly about it, try to keep your comments restricted to Moash's actions against Elhokar and Kaladin. Edit 1: I forgot about the Shard's policy on cursewords. I think the real name of the reddit thread is obvious though Edit 2: minor grammatical corrections Edit 3: thank you for the upvotes, guys! Edit 4: I explain my rationale for creating this topic here: Edit 5: @AonEne's response to the same
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    Had some fun with this one
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    Even during a reread:
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    I found this on Facebook and thought it worth sharing.
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    If any of us lived on Roshar and bonded a spren: Dalinar and Shshshsh A Tough Choice: The story of the Rift, as told by a professional Worldsinger: Parenting done right:
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    Have some Warbreaker memes!
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    Memes. And a cute cat one because it's cute.
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    Who would win a KR civil war? Probably Odium.
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    That Jeffery Epstein killed himself. I'm sorry, when I first read the title, I thought it said "What is your Wildest Conspiracy Theory". I think Dalinar or Sazed will become the new Adonalsium. Probably Dalinar, as I think the "Unite Them" refers to the Shards, not the Alethi or Rosharans or Honor's Shards in particular. I think Odium will find a way to kill Cultivation before the end, shattering her. Dalinar will become Unity, and he will take up the pieces of Cultivation, Uniting them with Honor (Unity) to create something more powerful than Sayzed's Harmony, because his two pieces are not diametrically opposed. Maybe he would be called "Community". Binding and Growth combined. Odium is going to be facing two Shards who have collected two Shards each, and so he will be scared. I think Series two will be Odium finally deciding that if he is to beat them, he needs to combine shards. I'm guessing the one that makes the most sense for him to take would be Ambition, since he already shattered that one. He just needs to take its shards. Odium and Ambition = Destruction? Judgement? That will be the end of the second series. The Third Mistborn will be a cosmic crossover, so I'm thinking Sayzed and Dalinar will try to figure out a way to separate Dominion and Devotion, and each will get one. Dalinar will get Dominion, Sazed will get Devotion. Dalinar will have Dominion, Cultivation, and Honor/Unity, and will become Authority. Sazed will have Preservation, Ruin and Devotion, and will become Creation. Then its up to the other Shards at that point. They'll all likely oppose Odium, but some may actually oppose Sazed and Dalinar. And as an addendum to my original thought, in the end, at the final scene, Dalinar is mortally wounded, Sazed is dying, Odium is shattering, all the other Shards are shattered, and Kelsior will walk up and snag them all and become Adonalsium.
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    What Sarene felt like after stepping off the ship:
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