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    Me: I'll just read one more chapter of Oathbringer before I go to sleep. Chapter 120 - The Spear That Would Not Break:
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    Person: *sees a book ending in ‘of War’ and runs over* The Art of War:
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    Here is my entry for #sailormoonredraw
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    May is almost over, but that doesn’t mean the conversation on mental health has to or should stop. I think sometimes we fall into the trap of thinking that nothing bad will happen to us or to the people around us. That our loved ones would never be going through anything bad, because we’d know, right? I’ve fallen into that trap too many times, and I still feel guilty. It’s hard, strangely hard, to see the signs that someone is going through something. But please, please try. Read up on signs that may indicate that there may be something lurking beneath the surface, and ask people if they’re doing okay. Let them know that you care. Not all of the signs will apply to everyone, so it’s not a good idea to dismiss someone because they don’t fit into a checklist. Also, remember to listen with an open mind, should someone choose to confide in you. If they seem uncomfortable, don’t push them. Opening up about this stuff can be absolutely terrifying, and it probably won’t all come out at once. There’s nothing wrong with taking small steps. It takes a lot of courage to open up and speak about things sometimes, and those feelings need to be respected. It’s hard to know what to say. There are so many times where I’ve wished I could say the right words, and the other person’s pain would just go away. Honestly, I don’t think that any such words exist. But listening, trying to understand, and reiterating that you care helps. Be patient, because sometimes even getting a few words out can be challenging. If the person is being rushed, it may just lead to feelings of guilt and inadequacy, and then lead them to be even less likely to open up. It can be extremely difficult to tell what someone's going through, especially if we don't know them that well, or dislike them. I'm not saying that you have to like everybody, but please, be kind. Be kind, because the alternatives can hurt far more than you may have intended. The state of mental health can be a slippery slope. The definition of “normal” can slowly change, until it becomes... not so healthy. Maybe you didn’t realise until after a long time. But it’s never too late. It became hardwired into my brain to just say “I’m okay” whenever someone asked how I was doing. Even if I wanted to tell them how I truly felt, I just couldn’t. It was awful and frustrating and it’s still a part of me today. But, taking that first step is important. Whether it be in real life or anonymously online in a place like this. It’s hard. I know it’s hard. If you can’t say the words, you could try writing them down. You don’t have to say everything right away. I used to think like that, and the thought of just spilling everything out of myself was extremely overwhelming. Even admitting that something might not be right to someone might be terrifying. But I cannot stress enough that talking about it helps. It helps more than I ever imagined. No, it’s not a magical fix that will make everything disappear, but it helps. If you don’t feel comfortable talking about it to someone you know, there are plenty of places online where you can anonymously, or hotlines you can call if you need to. Please, even if it’s the hardest thing ever, even if it scares you, even if you don’t want to bother anyone, even if you think your problems aren’t that bad and that no one will care, if you feel at all like you need help, please reach out for support. Asking for help isn't selfish. Asking for help isn't weak. You deserve to be happy. One of the biggest challenge mental health awareness faces is the lack of information. We’ve come far, but there’s still a long way to go. No matter how big or small, whether it’s in real life or online, your voice matters. There’s so much more I want to say but I don’t want this post to get too long. But please remember, you are loved, you are cared for, you are important, and the world is a better place with you in it. It’s a long and tough journey, and there will be setbacks, but it is possible to get better, things will get better, as long as you keep trying. The most important step a person can take is always the next one.
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    I was outed? When? I thought we agreed to keep my alignment quiet, Pyro. What's the point in busing the three of you if you go and reveal my alignment?...
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    Lerasi walked through the streets of Elendel, careful to watch for signs someone was tailing her. Her handlers had missed the scheduled meeting to discuss what she’d learned about the People’s Republic of Elendel’s plans with the allomancers and feruchemists they were recruiting. It had been almost a year since they’d overthrown the old government and installed a military regime. Lerasi and the other Loyalists were doing everything they could to tear the regime down, which is how she’d found herself being recruited into a secret force of metalborn. She checked her pocket watch as she walked past the meeting point one more time. It was the time that her handlers were supposed to meet her several days ago. She’d finally received a message from them a few days ago. Apparently they’d almost been caught by the PRE’s hazekillers and had to abort the mission. Lerasi shuddered at the thought of having been there when it happened. Lerasi opened the door to the abandoned building and began to make her way to the meeting room. She tapped bronze to check for any signs of allomancy nearby. Thankfully, she didn’t feel anything, so she opened the door and walked in. There was no one there. Before she had time to react, a hand was around her mouth and someone threw her to the ground. A tall man walked into the center of the room from where he’d been hiding in a shadowed corner. Lerasi’s heart stopped for a moment. They’d found her, they must’ve set her up, she was going to die- “Are you alone?” The man said calmly. Lerasi looked up at him, careful to not move too much lest the people holding her down thought she was trying to escape. “As if I’d ever tell you.” She spat at him. He smiled. “That’s what I wanted to hear.” ~ The group of metalborn had been gathered altogether for the first time since they’d all been recruited. People of all ages and from all over the Elendel Basin had been gathered in Elendel to become the peacekeepers for the fledgling republic. A tall man stood in front of the group, their eyes focused intently on him. “I have gathered you all here today,” he said, his eyes scanning across the people before him, “because there are traitors amongst us.” He held up a hand to prevent the whispers that were already spreading through the group. “Lock the doors,” he said to the hazekillers at the edges of the room. “The building has been locked down. There are enough rations here to keep us all alive for the next...month or so. No one is leaving until we have rooted out the traitors amongst us.” He smiled. “I hope you enjoy your stay.” ~ Welcome to Long Game 66: A Struggle for Power! This is a spiritual successor to the game I ran last summer, LG56. This game will be run by me and my fantastic co-GM @Young Bard with @Fifth Scholar as our wonderful IM. I’ll be posting the rules down below, but I’m not sure how great the formatting is going to be when I try to put them in here. If you want to read the rules with much better formatting, you can do so here. Signups will end on Wednesday, June 3rd at 9 pm CDT. The game will start around 10 pm CDT. ~ Rules: Player List: Quick Links:
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    I finished the first Mistborn book just a few days ago and was inspired immediately. Especially by the end I got quite emotional so I was trying to capture that in a picture of Vin. "When you remember me , please remember that. Remember how to smile." Hope you like it.
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    Hello everyone! I have a very nit-picky observation/ question, so I thought about posting it on reddit, but at the same time, I thought maybe it's the right reason to sign up for this forum. Re-reading the Way of Kings I found something that bothered me even on my previous read, and that is the inconsistency surrounding Gavilar’s reputation as a swordsman and duelist, and his later loss of appetite for these activities. In the Way of Kings, but I’m reasonably sure that in the next two books as well, there are several mentions about Gavilar being a master swordsman, someone who like and engaged in dueling. On the other hand, we are told about 0 such duels, yet we are told on numerous occasions that Dalinar was the fighter and the duelist, while Gavilar was the leader. Presumably in their effort to conquer Kholinar and becoming Highprince, Gavilar did his fair share of fighting, we know almost nothing about these years, but we do see quite a few glimpses of the unification wars, yet at that point Gavilar is already transitioning more and more towards being only a political leader, and maybe a war-strategist, but certainly not a duelist. Few quotes: “It was said few men could rival Gavilar Kholin’s swordsmanship” – Szeth – Way of Kings- Prologue Not an exact quote “You didn’t duel a Highprince. It just wasn’t something that’s done” – Adolin – Way of Kings (There are also references in the series, that it wouldn’t be proper for a king or leader to duel someone below his station) Not an exact quote: “He started to refuse duels, you know… near the end” Elhokar to Dalinar – Way of Kings. (Sadeas has a similar comment also in Way of Kings. “Gavilar had been the leader, the momentum and the essence of their conquest, but Dalinar had been the warrior. Their opponents had surrendered to Gavilar’s rule, but the Blackthorn, he was the man who had scattered them, the one who had dueled their leaders and slain their best shardbearers” – Dalinar – Way of Kings” – Assault of the Tower plateau In the Dalinar flashbacks in Oathbringer, I clearly remember that when Tanalan (leader of the Rift) was challenged to a duel, it was obvious Dalinar would be the one taking him on, and then Tanalan asked what if he kills Dalinar? And the answer was “then Sadeas gets a crack at you”. So the option of Gavilar dueling an enemy leader, (Highprince and/or shardbearer) isn’t even entertained, and this was way back in the year 1141, towards the end of the unification wars, so towards the end of the period where we could reasonably expect Gavilar to engage in a duel. Elhokar wasn’t even born yet (only in 1147), not sure if Gavilar was already king, or just Hihgprince and the de facto leader of the Alethi, being the leader of the coalition poised to unite Alethkar. The second Rift uprising was in 1163, Gavilar stayed at home and sent Dalinar once again to deal with it. The timeline of the early wars is fuzzy, but we have at least the exact time for the Rift uprisings. Gavilar may have been a duelist in the early year, before Elhokar was born. But in the time Elhokar could remember, he was already king, and hasn’t been doing any in-person fighting on the battlefield in years. So, if he’s not challenging enemy shardbearers, who could he have dueled? It’s fairly clearly stated that challenging a Highprince was a very rare occurrence, challenging a King should be even more so by that logic. Maybe his closest allies could challenge him for friendly duels, but Dalinar and Sadeas certainly make no such remark; some of the other Highprinces maybe? Wouldn’t that be strange, a former enemy, whom he defeated in the unification wars, challenging him for a “friendly duel”. He could have dueled ardents for sport, I guess, but he would be the one challenging in those situations. All in all, I know this is a next level nitpick, but I think Gavilar couldn’t have possibly had many duels in the lifetime of his son, so it could be noticeable for Elhokar that his father lost his appetite for sword-fighting "near the end". What do you think? Am I missing something?
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    I noticed in chapter 121 of Oathbringer Moash was “...enjoying the peaceful rhythm of pick on stone”. Later in chapter 122 of Oathbringer “...the numbness drove him to keep working, to hear that steady beat of metal on stone that let him pass between times”. I think there may have been a few other references of Moash zoning out and I wasn’t sure if that been discussed before; I wonder if Moash is tuning in to hypno-Singing?
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    Hey 17th Shard! As you may know, this month is pride month! I did this thread last year, and I got a suggestion (*cough* @AonEne *cough*) to do it again! I am an Ally, which means I am straight but I support this crazy idea called equal rights. Love is love. I would like to hear your stories about coming out, supporting others or just positive messages! While I am an Ally, I am still trying to figure out if I am asexual or not. But I feel like I can’t judge something that I haven’t experienced yet. I’m not saying that you can’t determine what and who you are at a young age, this is just my personal opinion. If you’re younger and you know you’re asexual, that is great! Be proud of it! Be you! Again, this is just me and my opinions. Don’t take offense!
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    I actually think about this a lot. When he first met a fused, they mentioned "Moash" is a listener name, so I think that was foreshadowing on Brandons part. (he then changes his name to better fit with the singers too right?) He was also given an honor blade. I wouldn't be surprised if he starts to hear the rhythms. Also, Im pretty sure the Singers don't separate crem from their storm water, which means he's been ingesting it. I have a completely unfounded theory that if a human were to ingest Crem, and get over/deal with the initial sickness, they would start to grow a gemheart (I remember a WoB or something that said listeners got the nutrients for gemhearts through crem). I think this will happen with Moash. This WoB also makes me wonder. Since Moash is a listener name, he probably has some listener heritage: (I know Rafo's aren't a confirmation, but I still think its worth some note) Edit: Okay I found that WoB
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    Happy Pride Month! I’m Ene and I’m panromantic asexual. It took me a confusing while to get here - at first I was a homophobic straight person, then an ally, then “oh crap I like someone who’s gender fluid what does this meeeeeeean”, then “oh my goodness asexuality is a thing? Where have you been my entire life” while figuring out my romantic orientation. I am beyond happy to know what I am, and everything about being ace feels very right, from the culture to the flag colors to all the puns I can make now. I want to help other people feel that same rightness and joy, and that’s why pride is such a great thing. Yay for normalizing this stuff! Yay for letting people talk about it and experiment (wow I just failed to spell that like three times) with what they call themselves, their sexuality, and their gender! I also just want to say, for anyone else who might be religious and scared that God hates you...He doesn’t. He will never hate his children. He wants the best for them; for them to find eternal companionship and feel right in their own skin, to be called the name they want and marry who they love. I choose to believe that, because I know He loves me, and that He loves all of you too. Yeeeeeeeeee *stereotypically eats cake* Edit: also guys, it’s all cool to change your pfp for pride, but don’t make it a flashing rainbow gif because they can cause seizures or hurt peoples’ eyes.
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    Well, let's just check the Order of Actions that I put in the rules! *Sees that I never made an Order of Actions That is a very good question! Let me slam my face into a wall a few times and see if any logical thoughts pop out.
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    Two AM: Galdo held one hand in the air, silently begging for calm as he dumped more Brass flakes down his throat. His brother Calo let go of his ankle and stepped back, shaking his head to recover from the Nicrobursted Soothing Galdo had just unleashed on the 40 or so people in the room. “I’m right sorry for having to remove all of your emotions like that, but I’m afraid I’ve been contracted to keep the good Lord Silberfarben alive, and I can’t do that when there’s a gunfight happening.” He scanned the crowd until he found his liege lord over by the buffet. The man was still alive, though he was desperately holding onto Nahr’s chest as the man bled out. Flogs was approaching the two as well. “Lord ‘Farben can take care of himself.” A man stepped out of the crowd and doffed his hat. “Ah’ll pay ye double whatever that prick is offering you. Ah’m fairly certain that those murders were performed by a Faceless Immortal.” The crowd gasped and began to murmur among themselves as the man stepped up onto the table behind them. “Mah name’s Dowser, and I saw her attack. A blonde looker who moved faster than thought. She shot a man, then vanished into the crowd.” “Then we must flee!” Lord Karn stepped forward as well, raising his cane. “We cannot fight a Faceless Immortal, we must leave while we still live!” The crowds voice increased as many people began to shove their way to the main entryway of the grand ballroom. They were cut off by the large Sooner Flogs jumping over their heads, and landing at the doors holding Nahr’s corpse. “No one’s going no where.” He held up the corpse by the neck, letting blood drip to the floor. “I recognize this man. ‘E was a constable. We don’t know how many more might be in here. We’re not leaving until I’m sure there’s none left.” The crowd broke out into yelling, some at Flogs, others at each other. A gunshot rang out, and everyone ducked, leaving only Lord Hadrian Penrod standing, a gun pointing upward. “Lord Karn tried to get everyone to flee.” He lowered his gun to point at Karn. “Obviously he wanted us to leave so that he could escape with evidence of all of your corruption. We should defend ourselves from him.” Karn slowly stood back up, staring at his accuser. “I am no Constable Hadrian. I am just an honest man who fears for his life.” “Fat chance!” Muriel sprung upwards and grabbed his arm as Variel snatched his cane. “I agree with Penrod, we need ta give this conner the axe!” Karn stepped away from Muriel, pulling her toward him, then ducked and spun, lifting her off her feet and flinging her into Variel. The two collapsed as he snatched his cane out of the air. He settled back into a relaxed stance and looked back to Hadrian. “I am no Constable Hadrian. I am just a very skilled man, who will defend his right to life. Lord Hadrian Penrod scratched his chin and examined the man. Finally he nodded, and opened his mouth to respond. He was cut off by a gunshot. A hole opened in his throat, and he staggered forward, falling to one knee, then to his side. The crowd burst away from him as more screaming broke out. Galdo hurriedly grabbed at his final vial of Brass flakes and ripped off the cork. He tipped his head back and poured the concoction into his mouth. Someone grabbed him by the hair and pulled him further backwards off the table. He gagged as he tried to yell, but a knife slipped across his neck, filling his throat. He dropped to the ground and barely got a glimpse of a shifting body running away from him before fading away. Welcome everyone except Araris Valerian to Hour 2! He was a Criminal Gossip! Karnage was lynched, but survived! Awake players: 26 Votes required to Disperse the Party: 16 Vote Count: Fura (1): Straw God King (3): Archivist, Experience, Reading Karnage (6): Araris, Brightness, Emi, Fura, Pyromancer, Sart, Striker Matrim (1): Hemalurgic Pyromancer (1): God King Sart (4): DeTess, Karnage, Matrim, Xino Straw(1): Arraenae, Orlok, wilson Dispersal Votes (1/18): Elkanah Player List
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    We <3 Frosting A little Era 5 Vivica and Bennington for your viewing pleasure.
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    Post analysis up to this point. I had hoped to break this down by player, and work through them. Will do so tomorrow, as doubt we'll get much of use out of the rest of this cycle. Summary for those who can't be bothered to read it (there are easter eggs in there. Please read it. it took hours). Straw, Pyro, Fura pretty clearly evil. Think BR and Shard of Reading also likely evil as a result. It would be nice if scanners and vigilantes hit these people today, if they feel kind. Whole set of village reads in my analysis - read it! I'll summarise better when it isn't 2:30am and when I do the posts by player.
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    Hm ... Elantrians, honestly. They glow, don't age, can do all kind of mystic stuff with the Aon Dor and have an ancient sparkling city they live in.
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    I was assured this would work. Forgive me if it doesn't. Up to the beginning of page five so far, but wanted to post what I had before finishing. Conclusions and links to follow when I've caught up, but for now, Straw, Pyro. Posts by game Cycle Posts by turn Player: Key content: Thoughts on content: Alignment indicative: Vote: Retractions: 1 D1 1 Silberfarben Hasn't received PM N/A NAI 2 D1 2 Elkanah Welcomes all to game N/A NAI 3 D1 3 DeTess Elims need to kill Bleeder, Bleeder needs to keep Elims alive. Can't trust Bodyguard protection. Elims might want to double tap anyoen with bodyguard protection. Focus of village should be on eliminators, not Bleeder. Mild village. Suggests that he was trying to give advice to eliminator team in mutual interest. Mild village 4 D1 4 Elkanah Jokes about dispersing Less likely for eliminator to joke about it Mild village 5 D1 5 Silberfarben RP N/A NAI 6 D1 6 Emi Asks if we are playing in this thread Eliminator with so little knowledge would ask elim doc Moderate village read 7 D1 7 Silberfarben Confirms we are playing in this thread N/A NAI 8 D1 8 DeTess Dscribes thread creation each cycle N/A NAI 9 D1 9 Straw Responds to DeTess' post. Corrects DeTess stating that Flogs is a role scanner, saying that's what renowned are. Also recommends Flogs be careful. Says we shouldn't trust anyone who has survived. Says focusing on Bleeder would probably be a waste of effort. Gut read against "probably". Possible Renowned? Very mild evil 10 D1 10 Coda Lots of players. Tells Flogs not to die. Feels like a comment to appear good, not add value Mild to moderate evil 11 D1 11 Matrim Asks how many eliminators there normally are. Suggests 3/1 ratio. Unsure. Genuine question or attempt to appear as confused villager. Unsure. 12 D1 12 Straw Responds to Matrim. Says normally 20%-25% eliminators. Suggests seven or eight. N/A. Reconsider if Straw flips evil. NAI 13 D1 13 Karnage Suggests we need to get rid of 7-8 constables if Straw to be believed. Questions whether Elkanah's joke about dispersing was a sign for future constables. Less likely that Straw and Karnage on the same team if one evil. Think genuine uncertainty around constables, but unclear. Very mild village 14 D1 14 Matrim Also questions whether Elkanah's joke was serious. Very marginally less likely Matrim and Karnage on the same team if either evil. NAI 15 D1 15 Emi Apologises for asking questions, asks what we are meant to do. Genuine uncertainty Moderate village read 16 D1 16 Matrim Says also wondering what to do. Thinks first cycle about gut reads and waiting for mistakes. Jokes about being a villager. Thinks eliminators will bandwagon because they have a doc. Some village, some evil. Think naivity around bandwagon suggests possible non-eliminator. Mild village read 17 D1 17 Kynedath Says we need to look for people acting in a suspicious manner. Says we're unlikely to hit an eliminator D1, but lynching D1 is a big way to gain info. Won't vote on D1 for moral reasons.Says poke voting may be less likely. Is going to try to be more active. Contradictory, but appears to be consistent with previous behaviour. NAI 18 D1 18 Emi Thanks Kynedath N/A NAI 19 D1 19 Elkanah Explains disperse vote a joke. Says game doesn't start properly until C3 Disagree with C3. Possible attempt to prevent analysis. Unlikely. NAI 20 D1 20 Matrim Says he recieved a notification that Xino posted, but no post N/A NAI 21 D1 21 Straw Says we should try our hardest for a D1 lynch despite limited information. D1 vote gives basis for future discussion. Checked the rules and elims do have a doc. Says Eliminators unlikely to bandwagon. Agree re D1 lynch. Checking rules for elim doc feels forced. Mild evil 22 D1 22 Elkanah Says they like no retraction mechanic. Expresses belief in Kynedath re activity. N/A NAI 23 D1 23 Matrim Says he won't be low profile N/A NAI 24 D1 24 Xino Rules analysis. Suggests Flogs actually better off sharing identity with constables. Nothing at all controversial. Post to appear active? V. mild evil 25 D1 25 Emi Says Xino's post contains a lot of information. Again, feels genuine Mild village 26 D1 26 Elkanah Dowser has normal village win condition. Says game information heavy. With gambling tycoons, c. 34 lives in game. None NAI 27 D1 27 Striker Welcomes new players. Asks Joe about PM mechanic. Says Xino stated his thoughts on the game. Suggests possibly 9 eliminators, because Joe is a troll. Less likely evil if Straw evil NAI 28 D1 28 Matrim Asks further re PM mechanic N/A NAI 29 D1 29 HH Says many kills each cycle. Says C1 lynch may be a bit much, but opportunity for village to direct a kill. No vote. Absence fo vote despite conclusion interesting. Ignores strong eliminator ability to direct early lynch. Mild evil 30 D1 30 Straw Agrees that nine eliminators is a possibility if strong village or weak eliminator team. Poke votes Araris Sensible analysis Mild village Araris 31 D1 31 Mist Says 3 vote lynch requirement only C1. Says Bleeder won't want to kill too many eliminators too quickly. N/A NAI 32 D1 32 Matrim Asks whether Straw has miscounted N/A NAI 33 D1 33 Straw Clarifies to Matrim his poke vote N/A NAI 34 D1 34 wilson rp. roleclaims gossip. gut reads against straw and karnage. votes straw. in character with wilson having fun. very mild village straw 35 D1 35 Straw Asks why Wilson has bad gut read against Karnage and himself. Says Xino's post bothers him. Makes sensible point re Xino - agree. Yet keeps poke vote and doesn't vote based on what botehrs him? Unsure. 36 D1 36 Pyro Says he is going to be less active as he doesn't want to die early. Not helpful to village. Obfuscates reads. Mild evil 37 D1 37 wilson says a gut read is a gut read. not able to explain it. doesnt feel a need to justify herself. nai 38 D1 38 Matrim Confuses Straw's poke vote. Votes on Straw. Quick to leap on misunderstanding. Unlikely to be on a team with Straw. Possibly too eager for a lynch? Unsure - revisit if Straw dies Straw 39 D1 39 Straw Tells Pyro his playstyle isn't useful. Explains poke vote. Agree re play style. Very mild village 40 D1 40 wilson explains straws poke vote. n/a nai 41 D1 41 Pyro Complains about Straw being suspicious of those who post less. Remains committed to it. Overacting? Seems committed to low involvement playstyle. Mild evil 42 D1 42 Xino Finishes rule review. Still no engagement with actual players. Very mild evil 43 D1 43 Straw Questions whether Matrim was trying to get a lynch train started on him Seems to be genuine confusion from Matrim. Excuse to cast suspicion on him? Still has poke vote on Araris. Very mild evil 44 D1 44 Dot RP N/A NAI 45 D1 45 Matrim Retracts from Straw, poke votes on Archivist following Straw's pattern. Yet less likely that Straw and Matrim on the same team. NAI Archivist Straw 46 D1 46 Elkanah Says their point was more lynches to lylo. Therefore more information. Sensible enough NAI 47 D1 47 wilson explains her posting style n/a nai 48 D1 48 Karnage Votes on Fura. Asks whether Wilson's style is to confuse people. Seems like honest question NAI Fura 49 D1 49 wilson explains her style and why shes doing it agree wholeheartedly nai 50 D1 50 Devotary Says killing anyone who survives a lynch could be killing Flogs Fair observation NAI 51 D1 51 Karnage Responds positively to Wilson n/a NAI 52 D1 52 Pyro Congratulates Karnage on post count Waste of thread... NAI 53 D1 53 Matrim Congratulates Straw on post count Waste of thread... NAI 54 D1 54 Bugsy Says he will be inactive this cycle due to essay N/A NAI 55 D1 55 BR Complains about too many posts. Mixes up village an eliminator names. Says eliminator team would be hilariously big with seven or eight people. Have muslynched for mixing names before. Worth watching. Agrees with Straw that team probably not bigger than seven or eight. Possible that on same team if evil, trying to sell smaller team? Mild evil 56 D1 56 Orlok Votes on Straw as third vote. Has missed Matrim's retraction. Is an idiot. Can't even read properly. Village 57 D1 57 Pyro Questions whether game could have fewer elims than normal to make village paranoid. Not helpful to state - shouldn't be lowering people's guard. Moderate evil. 58 D1 58 Straw Says village win if bleeder also dead. Asks Orlok's reasoning for vote. Moves discussion on. NAI 59 D1 59 Emi Says they're going to sleep N/A NAI 60 D1 60 Orlok Vote on Straw is gut. Wanted to make three vote lynch. See above. Clearly an idiot. Village 61 D1 61 Fura Tells Pyro never played a game where he died C1. Says he has complained about C1 death every game, so NAI. Votes on Karnage in retailiation Useful information. NAI Karnage 62 D1 62 Pyro Says worst he has been is neutral. Lists early deaths. Sympathy appeal. Reminds everyone never evil - so can't be this time? Moderate evil. Pyro 63 D1 63 Fura Says Pyro's early deaths all ages ago. Says Striker became more active after repeatedly dying early. Still no vote on Pyro? Unsure 64 D1 64 Striker Comments on previous early deaths N/A NAI 65 D1 65 Matrim Asks if he can PM Joe whenever Seems genuine confusion Strong village 66 D1 66 Fura Answers Matrim N/A NAI 67 D1 67 Pyro Thinks renowned are alignment scanners. If evil would know this not to be case Mild village 68 D1 68 Karnage Poke votes God King, retracts from Fura for posting Not helpful use of votes. Consistent. NAI God King Fura 69 D1 69 Arraenae Win con analysis. Useful information. NAI 70 D1 70 Araris Votes on Karnage for poke voting only Fair enough vote. Mild village Karnage 71 D1 71 Orlok Multiquote. Thinks Emi village. Worried about Xino, Coda, Straw, Pyro Needs to get some sleep Village 72 D1 72 Matrim Says his vote is staying on Archivist, but agrees with Orlok re worry about Coda Seems to believe in poke votes. NAI 73 D1 73 Elkanah Says Coda's behaviour is standard for them. Won't vote on KArnage as tunnelled on them last game. Useful information. NAI 74 D1 74 Pyro Again says he has never been mafia. Says he is disappointed not to be soemthing interesting. Very strong gut against this. EVIL 75 D1 75 Matrim Asks what NAI means Would probably be asked in elim doc if in one Mild village 76 D1 76 Elkanah Apologises for using acronym N/A NAI 77 D1 77 Straw Says language picked up by Orlok is normal for him. Says suspicious of Xino, Pyro, Karnage. Will be fine with Pyro if he starts posting. Lots of connections. NAI 78 D1 78 Arraenae Tells Orlok that people are saving PMs True, misses Orlok's point NAI 79 D1 79 Pyro Does basic role analysis Not alignment indicative posting. Doesn't give information on relationships between players. NAI 80 D1 80 Fura Does elim count analysis. Suggests 9 eliminators. V useful post. High elim count - not downplaying Mild village 81 D1 81 Straw Asks Pyro for reads. Asks Orlok why he village reads Emi. V sensible post re Pyro. Mild village 82 D1 82 Straw Answers Joe N/A NAI 83 D1 83 Matrim Asks Straw if he passed his test N/A NAI 84 D1 84 Pyro Says Wilson being weird makes it hard to read her. Queries whether this is her point? Thinks Matrim playing oddly. Village reads Karnage. Says Straw and Orlok making a big deal of his posting differently, but Straw being reasonable. Can't spell my name. Disagree with most of his analysis, but appreciate him putting it there Unsure 85 D1 85 Sart Vote count. Votes on Straw for not giving his own reads, and to force a vote. Thinks Karnage playing normally. Agree with him. Mild village Straw 86 D1 86 Matrim Says he poke voted Archivist. Says Straw leaving vote on Araris is odd. Poke voting isn't useful. Fair observation re Straw. Unsure 87 D1 87 Pyro Votes on Straw for leaving vote on Araris Better than nothing Unsure - revisit if Straw dies Straw 88 D1 88 Straw Replies to Araris, says he has given thoughts on players. Gives further reads. Kynedath village for helping players. HH elim read due to waffle. NAI on Coda. Araris suspicious. Wilson suspiciousish. Then says "Araris posted?" Moves vote to Xino. Great that giving reads. V useful. Araris read then question whether they've posted v. odd. Ask about this. Unsure but useful Xino Araris 89 D1 89 Pyro Elkanah posting a lot not saying much. Moves vote from Straw to Elkanah Vote on Straw NAI. Possibly distancing. Unsure Elkanah Straw 90 D1 90 Karnage Asks what is wrong with poke voting. Says Orlok shouldn't think they are a villager just because he forgot the elim doc exists. Identifies Pyro's post trying to slip under the radar. No vote on Pyro for this? Village gut on this post. Moderate village read 91 D1 91 Xino Vote count. Gives reads. Trusts Elkanah on gut. Says he doesn't agree with Orlok's vote on Straw. Sart vote based on false information. Votes on Sart for bandwagonning. Seems justifiable belief. Mild village Sart 92 D1 92 Araris Defends Sart, suspicious of Xino. Fair enough. Mild village 93 D1 93 Matrim Village read Straw for honest contributions. Village reads Pyro. Slight elim reads on Sart and Araris. Elim read on Elkanah for joke. Xino gut village. Still poke voting Archivist Elim read on Elkanah odd. Misunderstanding of game makes me think doesn't have a team. Mild village 94 D1 94 Elkanah Says doesn't want to lynch active players N/A NAI 95 D1 95 God King Says he is lurking. Terrible strategy. That he's admitting to it is less likely if evil. Mild village 96 D1 96 BR Points out to Matrim that eliminators less likely to make jokes. Reads it as NAI for Elkanah. Doesn't want to lynch Straw when he is this active. Thinks Pyro NAI. Village vibe for Fura. Defends Pyro again. Strong connection with Pyro Moderate evil. 97 D1 97 Pyro Informs BR that when retractign a vote you have to place a new one N/A NAI 98 D1 98 BR Correcting misunderstanding N/A NAI 99 D1 99 Kynedath Rules analysis. Dispersion less important than had initially thought. Reads: BR neutral, but post suspicious. Xino not suspicious for going through roles. Like Straw's activity. Doesn't like lynch on Karnage. Suspicious of DeTess. Bad gut on God King. Reads feel genuine. Agree re Karnage. Disagree re DeTess. Mild village. Edit - appears I was lied to. Still, it has kept lines separate - you'll have to do your best to interpret it. Edit II - by the grace of our IM, I have replaced the horrifying mess that was here with the sheet including cells.
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    Spoilered for length
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    Okay, just to clarify, because this might be hard to pick up on without prior experience: Straw and Pyro are trolling. They have given up on convincing people that they are village and are now trying to confuse everybody instead. Don't take anything they say at face value. It's generally considered acceptable to do this -- encouraged, even -- as long as it doesn't cross the line into griefing.
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    I sure can. A Few things about the Extortionist Role, if an Extortionist targets Player A and tells them to Player B, I do three things: 1) I check if Player A can legally take that action. If so, they use that action to target player B. 2) If they can't, I check if they are taking a different action. If so, they use that action on player B. 3) If they aren't taking an action, I see if they have any actions available for them to take. They choose one at random and use it. In your scenario, you are having Extortionist Carol tell Constable Adam to target random player Bob. I would have to check if Adam can legally perform the Constable kill. If Constable Dave is already performing the Constable kill, then that action is spoken for, and Adam can't use it. The only way you would be able to redirect the Constable's kill is if you found the constable who was already doing the kill. If Two or more Extortionists target the same player, and give them contradictory orders, I will flip a coin to determine which one takes precedence. If an Extortionist tries to make a player take an illegal action, they will not be told they failed. The only feedback an Extortionist will get is if they get roleblocked.
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    There's just under 12 hours left in this Turn, and I am astounded by the level of activity. Good job guys!
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    QF = Quick Fix MR = Mid-Range LG = Long Game More info can be found here Also, that whole thread I just linked is a great resource for new players. It has a lexicon, etiquette guide, and the SE rules.
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    Mistborn Stormlight Archives Wheel of Time
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    Five AM “My dear Constable, I do believe that your presence here is putting many innocent and powerful people of Elendel at risk.” Lord Gavin Verduex was not innocent, but was definitely powerful. “I think that if you really want to serve the public, you should take your friends, and vanish.” “Good Sir, I am afraid that you have me mistaken.” Lord Pyro smiled, every inch the pleasant aristocrat. “I am no constable. Just an art lover like yourself.” “It would be safer because we would feel safe enough to leave. We all now know that the incorrigible Winsting Innate is a scoundrel and a liar. I’m sure we would all be happy to leave him to Dowser’s Immortal.” “Scoundrel he may be, I cannot leave him to die. He is our rightful lord, not a criminal like you.” Gavin reared back and pressed his hands to his face. “Me!? You accuse me of being a criminal?” Pyro folded his arms and nodded sharply. “I do so accuse you sir. You are a Criminal, a blackmailer, and a cheat.” Gavin lowered his hands and whipped his coat off revealing two aluminum revolvers. The crowd gasped and surged forward. “Sir Constable! I demand you retract that libel right now, or face me on the dueling grounds!” “By law good lord, you must declare a second in order to duel me.” Pyro dropped his own coat, revealing his own gun, not aluminum, but still nicely small. “I name Xino as mine.” Xino fell off his chair. “What? Me? Why me?” “Because I know you’re too cowardly to shoot me in the back and claim that Gavin shot me.” Xino slowly got to their feet. “Well that’s true.” “Ha!” Gavin scanned the crowd. “Good Lord Laborn, will you do me the great honour of being my second?” Lord Laborn stepped forward and bowed deeply to both duelists. “It would bring me great joy to support you in this endeavour Lord Gavin.” mad watcher scurried up to the four of them. “ooh, can me do the count down? me love to do the countdown part of things!” Gavin snorted, and turned away followed by Laborn. People began to clear away from his line of fire. “Feel free mad watcher.” Pyro nodded his ascent, and dragged Xino with him away from Gavin.” “alrighty tighty, youre both just about far apart. gavin, take another step. half another step gavey. there we go!” Gavin snarled, and mad watcher just snickered. “i’m going to count down from 7, and when i say shoots, you shoots! any questions? too bad! 7, 6, 54321 shoots!” Both men jumped, turned, and let off a series of wild shots. Gavin fell backwards, 2 bullets in his chest. Xino fell to his side, clutching at the groove in his hip. Laborn fell backwards, clutching his bleeding shoulder. Pyro stood blinking at Laborn. “Ah, apologies for shooting good sir. It was not my intent.” Welcome to the 5th Hour! You guys nearly managed a three way tie a couple of times this cycle. Keep trying for one! I believe in you! Hemalurgic Headshot was lynched! They were a Criminal Extortionist! Xino was attacked, but survived! Bugsy was attacked, but survived! Awake players: 17 Votes required to Disperse the Party: 10 Vote Count: Coda (2): DeTess, TJ Shade Pyro (4): Silberfarben, The God King, Emi, HH HH (5): Megasif, Sart, Bugsy, Kynedath, Pyro Wilson (0): Wilson Sart (3): Bugsy, Matrim, Experience Dispersal Votes (0/11): Player List:
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    Four AM Hopefully this writeup will be added in within 24 hours of now. Welcome to the 4th Hour! Lord Winsting has joined the party! So, Karnage bet me his Yellow Lightsaber that he would die during Two AM, and he lost. Elkanah had smuggled him, so I made a joke about him soothing Karnange and making it harder for Karnage to fight back when he was attacked. Elky asked me if he managed to steal anything from him, so I decided to give him the Yellow Lightsaber, which is now in the possession of the 5th Octant Constable. Arraenae was killed! They were a Criminal Gossip! Karnage was killed! They were Flogs, a Criminal Gambling Tycoon! Elkanah was lynched! They were Dowser, a Criminal Smuggler! Awake players: 18 Votes required to Disperse the Party: 11 Vote Count: Pyro (5): Elkanah, Arraenae, TGK, Coda, Emi Elkanah (13): wilson, Matrim, Kynedath, HH, Karnage, Devotary, Pyro, Sart, Xino, DeTess, Bugsy, Archivist, Mist, Brightness Dispersal Votes (0/13): Player List:
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    It is an interesting question. Elhokar made a large number of highly public mistakes during his reign. From the Roshone affair to the paranoia surrounding and the subsequent saddle girth investigation he succeeded in embarrassing himself as well driving away his loyal subjects and supporters. The question remains however "was he a bad king?" A critical problem with monarchy is that no one knows what kind of person the next guy is going to be. Also since monarch can easily rule for many decades there is no way of telling if the temperament of the person in charge is suited for the current crisis. Plenty of the worst monarchs were not actually bad people. They simply attained their thrones at times where their skills and temperaments proved a hindrance rather then a help. In theory a monarch can step down. However doing so is generally a highly disruptive move that can result in some really devastating consequences. Also the abdicated monarch is often assassinated. As such many monarchs have good cause and incentive to not step down even if they are objectively terrible at their jobs. With this in mind let us turn our attention to Elhokar. How bad was he as a king? What made him that way? How would we see him if he had inherited a better kingdom? To start with let us gather what we know about him personally as well as the policies he championed during his reign. According to Danalan(one of Adolin's numerous exes) Elhokar made a complete mess of the royal codes. Those who new how to cajole him could get anything passed into law. He also is known for his role in the Roshone affair where he allowed an unscrupulous man to manipulate him for personal gain and then get off mostly free(what Roshone did was probably treason by exerting an improper influence over the throne for personal gain) and for the girth fiasco which gained Sadeas personal power at the expense of Dalinar positioning matters so that his two most loyal supporters were acting against each other. He kept the kingdom together by declaring the war of reckoning with mixed results. He also had a buried humility. According to his wife "Your father had grand plans, but you... all you ever wanted to do was sit in his shadow." . It is also worth noting that he asked the captain of his guard, a darkeyes, how to do a better job. While he may have claimed to Kaladin that he wanted to be a good king the truth of the matter was that I think he would have been happier as a well off scholar or artist. He may not have been a great king but the truth is that he was at least a good person. To examine what this means a little bit further lets us examine an alternate world were no desolation was coming and Gavilar was not assassinated. In this case would Elhokar have been a bad king? Assuming Gavilar had lived he would probably have set up a more successful independent bureaucracy that was loyal to him(like in Azir a nation he studied and admired) the same for military. Many of the highprines were of age with him and would also have passed on leaving another generation of people who did not have clear memories of what it was like to be truly independent. Dalinar's legacy(assuming he did eventually pull himself together) would have resulted in a strong Alethi military with many elements loyal to the king rather then any highprince making open revolt difficult. Additionally Gavilar(with the aid of Navani and Jasnah) could insure that his son was surrounded by competent and loyal advisors who could keep his mistakes to a minimum and minimize the repercussions of those mistakes. This is an optimistic view but is it an unrealistic one? In summary was there anything anyone could have done differently?
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    Hi. I'm Shawn. I only just discovered this site and am excited to start exploring. I'm also a little hesitant as I'm going to try my best to avoid spoilers for the books I haven't read yet. I had considered waiting until I have a few more Sanderson novels on my shelf before joining but at the rate that the man writes, I'm afraid I'd never catch up. Not that, that's a bad thing. So with that said, here I am. I'm not sure how active I'll be on here as I am currently in a state of transition (for the better, I hope), but I'd still like to become a part of this community nevertheless. It's pretty cool that Brandon himself endorses this fan site which made me want to join all the more. My first Sanderson novel was The Way of Kings which I discovered entirely by mistake in some big chain bookstore. I recognized the cover art by one of my favorite artists, Michael Whelan, and the hardcover had been mistakenly priced down (by a lot) so I bought it as an impulse before a long car ride. I had never heard of Brandon before that but that was 10 years ago I've been a fan ever since. Seriously, the Stormlight books so far are the best fantasy novels I have ever read and I regularly refer to The Way of Kings as my favorite novel of all time. Despite having discovered his work so long ago, I still haven't read most of his other books. Other than the three Stormlight novels released so far and Edgedancer, I have only just recently started on the first Mistborn trilogy and even though I don't think it is nearly as good as Stormlight, I am still thoroughly enjoying the series so far (I'm on book 2). I would like to continue reading his Cosmere stories so feel free to share any recommendations on where I should explore next. I even find myself interested in his YA novels which is a genre that I've never had any interest in exploring before. Alright. That's enough out of me. Long-winded introduction coming to an abrupt end in 3, 2, 1...
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    "Professor Esserethel" He said clearly, speaking into an intercom on the outside of the hospital doors. "Just here to follow up on some research." The nurse hadn't even bothered to wait for the answer properly, as soon as they'd heard his voice the door had buzzed and clicked open. He gave the intercom a smile before heading in, giving a short wave to the nurse once he was inside and asking him if he'd like a coffee. "No thanks." The nurse said with a yawn. "Almost change of shift for me and it'll be hard enough to sleep through the festival without caffeine." The Professor gave him a sympathetic smile before heading on to the cognitive wards. Sometimes he'd check in on some of the patients in the Physical wards, but the combinations of Resealers, Artifabrians, Radiants, Epics, Elantrians and doctors could deal with most physical ailments so easily that there was barely a need to ask them what had happened. Diagnostics were criminally undervalued in the Professors opinion. Just because you could fix something didn't mean you should stop trying to understand it, who knew how many observations had been missed because someone in the Physical department had simply scribbled an Aon Ien over someone. The Professor rarely went there anymore unless he had some specific research in mind. "Ah well." He muttered to himself as his footsteps echoed down the silent hallways. "The cognitive wards are more interesting anyway." Mental problems were much harder to deal with, even utilizing Investiture could only get you so far. But even beyond the complexities of the psychological analysis there, the Professor had derived many interesting insights from those in the Cognitive wards. Some of them had a very... unique way of looking at the world. But those unique outlooks could be useful for reexamining basic assumptions and arriving at new conclusions. Mostly though, the Professor just found them more interesting company than other people. He gave a small wave at the nurses station as he passed it, receiving some unsurprised expressions in return along with a few requests for coffee from those who weren't due to finish their shifts for a while longer. "You could at least pretend that you didn't expect me." He said with mock outrage as he saw the row of cups already lined up and waiting on the desk. "Too tired to pretend." One of them said back, eyes fluttering closed. "Caffeine first, then I'll pretend to be super surprised." Shaking his head as he left, the Professor made his way to the staff kitchen and set about preparing the various cups before pulling two extras from one of the cupboards. With practiced motions he went down the line, pausing for a moment to remember if Emily took sugar in hers. She hadn't been at the station but her cup had been out, so he assumed she was on shift. Shrugging to himself he put one teaspoon in and hoped he'd be forgiven if he'd butchered her usual drink. Though generally they seemed to be tired enough to drink anything with caffeine in it so perhaps she wouldn't even notice. "Anything new?" He asked as he made his way back and began setting the cups in front of those who'd asked for them. "Nothing too exciting." Sam replied. "Not by your standards anyway. Couple of new patients in but you'll need to come in properly if you want to see them." The Professor gave an understanding nod. Letting him in to see patients he'd spoken to before was one thing but even for him there were limits, they wouldn't just give him a new patients medical records without reason. "I'll be heading in for a chat then." He said. "Give my apologies to Emily when she gets back if I ruined her coffee." Still in good humor, he made his way down to a familiar door and gave a soft tap on the door frame. "Vivica?" He asked, gently by firmly enough to be heard. "Are you still up? I've got coffee for us, sorry none for you though Bennington." @ZincAboutIt
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    Yup! My primer on wood in the home! fancy hardback binding and great photos. Schiffer always does a great job with full color nonfiction books! If anyone is curious, the book is here.
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    I would say Lightweavers. Soulcasting is OP, manipulation of waveforms is OP (or heck, illusion crafting alone is quite powerful on its own), apparently they can cheer up & provide spiritual sustenance to people, and seem to have some form of limited clairvoyance perhaps as a Spiritual manifestation of their Surges
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    Oh, locky's viewing the thread. We talked about you a bunch in the elim doc! It's more pages then the thread.
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    ah yes. the saying the wrong name issue that affects many from large families. "wilson - me mean orlok - me mean ... you! get over here!"
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    I think the differentiation that needs to be made it's between Elhokar as a person, Elhokar as a king, and Elhokar as king of Alethkar. Elhokar as a person was surprisingly humble for a light eyes (not that he's extremely humble, but relatively). In many ways this was a detriment to him being a king because Alethkar runs on strength and war. As a king he was actually not that bad. Yes he struggled when he first took the throne, but in the end he was able to hold together a very new kingdom. I think if he was in a less aggressive and more thoughtful culture he could've flourished. Tl:dr Elhokar is not a bad person or king, he's just a bad king for Alethkar
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    The bus excreted dynamite. _ ._ _ , _ ._ (_ ' ( ` )_ .__) ( ( ( ) `) ) _) (__ (_ (_ . _) _) ,__) ^ `~~`\ ' . /`~~` /.\ ; ; / . \ / \ ____|_|______/_ __ \_____________
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    Okay. Let's look through all the possible scenarios for Karnage and Straw’s alignment. 1. Karnage is Flogs, and Straw is a Constable. Bleeder can scan Karnage to see if they are Flogs. Once they get verification of that, Bleeder will attempt to kill Karnage. To win, Bleeder only needs to kill two people, Flogs and Winsting, which means that Bleeder can afford to spam kills against Flogs until one breaks through. I don't think that Karnage will be able to successfully coordinate bodyguard protects long enough to stay alive the whole game. For one thing, Karnage assumes that there are at least two bodyguards in the game. This is a Joe game. Nothing is guaranteed. Secondly, Karnage assumes that at least two bodyguards will be willing to protect him. If, like he assumes, there is one Constable bodyguard and one Criminal bodyguard, I'm not sure that the Constable bodyguard would bother. In this scenario, Karnage just outed Straw. That probably burned through any goodwill the Constables might have towards them. The Constables have every reason to expect that Karnage will continue trying to lynch them. What's more, even assuming that there are at least two bodyguards in the game, and assuming that they are willing to protect Karnage, I don't see this arrangement working out for long. What if the bodyguards don't want to use their 1 PM solely to check in on Karnage? What if a bodyguard finds some other villager who they also think is likely to die? What if a bodyguard goes inactive and forgets to submit a protective order? For all of those reasons, I assume that Karnage is not going to live very long. Bleeder has every incentive to keep attacking them until they are dead. If we assume that Karnage is Flogs, I don't think it's worth lynching them to verify, because of this likely death. We will know their alignment once Bleeder kills them. I expect it’ll take three cycles, max. If they’re miraculously still alive by then, we can re-evaluate the situation. 2. Karnage is a Criminal, and Straw is a Constable. In this case Karnage would’ve guessed and is trying to play Flogs to absorb a Bleeder kill. Very unlikely. 3. Karnage is a Constable, and Straw is a Criminal. Bleeder can scan Karnage to see if they’re Flogs, and they will see that no, Karnage is a Constable. Once they find that out, Bleeder has no reason to try to kill Karnage. In fact, Bleeder loses if the party disperses too early, so Bleeder benefits by keeping a Constable Karnage around. Alternatively, Bleeder attacks Karnage without checking. I still don't think the double bodyguard plan will work out, so I still expect Karnage to die. (The only way for the Constable team to fake a result like this would be for them to spend multiple night kills on Karnage, while also protecting them, which means they spend a lot of resources to gain very little.) There are several ways to see this scenario is likely. If Bleeder does not attack Karnage, then we lynch Karnage. if Straw’s alignment is found to be village, either through an alignment scan or lynch, then we lynch Karnage. If Bleeder attacks Karnage and Karnage dies, then obviously we will know Karnage’s alignment. We can do all of that without having to lynch Karnage this cycle. If this scenario turns out to be true, we probably can learn things about the Constable team. There are certain players who I cannot see agreeing to this plan, which means that we can rule them out if they have similar times of online activity as Karnage. 4. Karnage is a Constable, and Straw is a Constable. Bleeder can scan Karnage to see if they’re Flogs, and they will see that no, Karnage is a Constable. Once they find that out, Bleeder has no reason to try to kill Karnage. In fact, Bleeder loses if the party disperses too early, so Bleeder benefits by keeping a Constable Karnage around. Alternatively, Bleeder attacks Karnage without checking. I still don't think the double bodyguard plan will work out, so I still expect Karnage to die. In this case, the Constable team would basically be trading Straw’s life for Karnage. I'm not sure why they would do that, because we can still use the methods outlined in scenario 3 to get an idea of Karnage's alignment, and then the Constable team would have basically traded in two lives for nothing. I really don't think this is likely. 5. Karnage is Bleeder, and Straw is a Constable. Bleeder is automatically protected against kills as if they had a bodyguard. It's possible this means that Karnage would be able to attack themselves and survive, and get a writeup saying that they were attacked and survived. I could even see Joe giving the single serial killer role an extra life just to make sure that they don't die early in a scenario like what just happened here. Again, this is a Joe game, so role distributions are likely to be trolly, but it's not impossible. This scenario is actually the hardest to disprove. If we lynch Straw, and find that he is a Constable, that would mean this is scenario 1 or 5. One way to disprove a situation like this would be if we found every single bodyguard in the game, and they said that none of them were protecting Karnage on a cycle that they were attacked. This would be really hard to do, for obvious reasons. Another way would be for Flogs to counterclaim, but in that case Karnage would kill the counterclaimer and be halfway to completing their wincon. We’d probably lynch Karnage the next turn, but that’s closer than I’d like for things to get. Out of all the scenarios that have been outlined, this is the only one that can't be immediately disproven or doesn't have negative effects for Karnage. If we assume that Karnage is a rational actor, then this becomes much more likely. 6. Karnage is Bleeder, and Straw is a Criminal. If Straw flips Criminal when Karnage claimed that he's a Constable, then the next obvious lynch target is Karnage. This scenario is really, really unlikely. 7. Karnage is Bleeder, and Straw is Flogs. Well, why try to get Straw lynched then if Straw is immune to the lynch? Near impossible.
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    i should hope people can roleclaim cuz if they cant that certainly makes my gossip claim awwwwwkkwwwwaaaaard.
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    Hello everyone, I'm new here. Started reading the Stormlight Archive a couple years back, currently working through Mistborn. I am simply amazed with Sanderson's books, like I could read them all day and sometimes actually do, ups, but they turned my mind just completely upside down. Honestly, don't think I've ever read books before these that have captured my heart and soul so completely. Anyways, just wanted to say hi and am honestly so looking forward to discuss everything Cosmere here because none of my friends have ever read or even heard of Brandon's books (kinda upset about that) but I am just in desperate need to talk to some people who appreciate his work as much as I do. Have a great day
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    Welcome to the Shard! It is perhaps not necessary to paste the entire coppermind article into your post. Instead, link it or reference it (i.e. Look up the Coppermind article on the Knight Radiant Ordres). The formatting gets weird, and really, we can all go look ourselves Which Order is most useful depends on what you want to use them for, imo. Combat? Windrunners, Stonewards, Dustbringers, perhaps. Maybe Lightweavers. Knowledge, artistic ability, visionary? Lightweavers and Elsecallers. Leadership abilities? Windrunners and Bondsmiths. Edgedancers and Truthwatchers are great medics and Edgedancers can feed armies. Etc etc.
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    Hello humans. I’ve been reading Coppermind off and on for the past year and somehow didn’t realize 17thshard was a thing????? Happy to be part of this community! The Cosmere has to be one of the absolute best universes created by any author!
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    The biggest problem with Elhokar as a king - one who inherited a newly "united" Alethkar, with twelve highprinces bound under a single ruler above them - is that he lacked the necessary qualities of leadership to continue getting the highprinces to pay more than lip service to the throne. Gavilar had a force of personality which inspired personal devotion, most critically and early from two enormously talented allies in his brother Dalinar (martial ability) and Torol Sadeas (political ruthlessness). Once the other highprinces had submitted to a kingship, it would have been very, very Alethi for there to be a triumvirate power struggle the way it played out multiple times in history: the common goal having been achieved leading to infighting to be the last one standing on top. And in fact, this is more or less what happened once Gavilar died - except that Dalinar stayed firm to his promise to himself never to take the throne, resulting in him defending Elhokar's position on it and making him a proxy for the throne between himself and Sadeas. The Elhokar we see in TWoK and WoR knows and resents the fact that he's essentially a puppet between the two of them, but the only way he could think of to try to change that was his passive-aggressive "frame Dalinar for an assassination attempt and have Sadeas in charge of investigating it" maneuver in TWoK, and then in WoR (after Dalinar forcefully demonstrated to him that he could kill him and take the throne any time he wanted to... but wasn't going to... Which was nice, but also reinforcing just how much of a puppet he was), by wallowing in self-pity. Dalinar and Kaladin have to constantly save the day while he does little but get in their way by periodically having a "but I'M the KING!" type of fit of pique that makes things temporarily worse. He's painfully aware of the qualities he needs, but does not possess, to be more like his father: qualities he sees in Kaladin, of heroism, of inspiring others to follow, of being sensitive to the character of other people. When drunk at the end of WoR, he pleads with Kaladin to "teach him", as if it were something that could be learned by imitation or emulation. What we see of him in Oathbringer is him finally coming to terms with not who he should be, but who he is and who he can be. (This undoubtedly is what attracted Cryptics to him.) He wants to be a good king. He simply had to discover what that meant for him, and not trying to act like someone he wasn't - Gavilar or Kaladin - when at a deep level, he could not emulate them because he wasn't built to work like them. It began with him finally not focusing all the time on how to gain the respect of others or the mere appearance of it, but instead focusing on the well-being of his country and its people and letting the right people do the things they were best at. Unfortunately, we'll never see his transformation progress.
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    I wouldn't know about that. Sure, there's plenty of people in this forum who are fellow mormons from utah, but brandon's got millions of fans worldwide, they can't be all mormons from utah. admittedly, i don't have any idea about the demography of brandon's average fanbase, but i assume it should be quite differentiated. furthermore, brandon already made clear that he writes what he wants to write and he does not chase the public. he made a lot of speeches about it, that if you write what you think the public will want instead, you won't have passion in your writing, and the quality of it will drop. he mentioned a point in his life when he tried to write a grimdark novel because they were the fashion at the time, and it didn't work at all, and he decided afterwards that he would write for his own sake, and if he never got published for it, that was fine. He's also pretty rich by this point, so if he were to alienate half of his fanbase - with a subsequent drop in sales - it wouldn't impact him. no, brandon often writes stuff because he wants to try it. he may want to try a gay male protagonist at some point, or he may not. i'm pretty sure pressure from the fanbase either way won't factor hugely in his decision.
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    The shark-blimp rose majestically into the air, full on the blood of innocents. _.-"{ .-*'`` ``*-'-. ___ .-. .-*'` ________ '.\/ / ====* (( , | Free Wifi | -=| ( `-'.._'. |________| .'/\ \ , '-.,_____ _____.-' '-' , [_____]=8
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    Grace popped a party popper with a smile.
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    Silence shrugged and vanished into thin air.
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    This is not something i can answer. elbereth! wilson is being mean to me!
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