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    The first book Mistborn Era 3 will open with a bank robbery. A coinshot bank robber will be flying over the city with a sack of money under one arm, raining bills down on the people below. The actual first line of narration will be: "Cash fell from the sky."
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    I'm not sure PR is the right word there. PR implies spin, manipulation, obfuscation. I'm not going to tell you how to feel, but you may have tricked yourself here. You dislike Shallan because of her character. Therefore when she does something you like, or find impressive, you have the impression that Sanderson is forcing you to like her. In reality, you like her (on this issue, not necessarily in general). This isn't a PR move, this is a change in character for Shallan, or a demonstration of what she could be. I have to tell you; mental illness does not give you a get out of jail free card. I'm not sure how much experience you have dealing with people who have mental illnesses, but the opposite is usually true. You get blamed for more things because you have a mental illness. Attributions of failings that people give to your illness. You aren't hated for these things, but you cannot grow beyond them. It is a horrible thing that society does. You also fundamentally misunderstand how her disorder works. It's not that she is the "real Shallan" only when doing good things. She is always the real Shallan. All of these things are her, and she is responsible in any form for the actions of any other. It's the internal struggle between the various aspects, the decision within herself to decide what she wants, and not to switch or be subsumed that defines her. Sympathy should be extended to those with disadvantaged backgrounds, but it doesn't stretch forever, and doesn't truly excuse actions. A savvy reader or observer is able to quickly determine whether a person's background is be used, or coming to the forefront naturally. As someone mentioned, Renarin is a back five person. He is a side character for the moment. I would be cautious in assuming that Shallan's disorder is anything similar to Renarin's. There will, and are, differences. She hasn't stolen anything from him. What you say could be read as, "People with autism are the same as people with multiple personalities." Having her interact and be reviewed positively by the Kholins isn't a manipulation. I haven't found any interaction between any Kholin and Shallan remotely unreasonable. They are based in the character traits of both. If you feel like any interaction is unearned by Shallan, that's your business, but I don't see any support for it. And the Kholins have been shown very publicly in book two to have not have good judgment on people. The last part I understand; lots of people dont like Shallan, and feel like OB should have had less of her. She should have given more space to Dalinar, or Kaladin, or anyone else. I wish there was less of her. That being said, much of her interaction with Adolin and the other characters made sense. It was logical that Shallan, who has ample experience dealing with expectations and internal demands, helps Adolin be who he wants to be. And ultimately, she just supports his decision; she says that he should do what he wants, that he doesnt have to be his father. But she also says he can be. She has no stake in his choice. I'm not here shilling for Shallan. I am against the sort of close-minded dismissal you presented.
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    Okay, this is kind of a long story, so bear with me, it's funny. I have Show Choir in the mornings on Tuesday and Thursdays and we're singing Linus and Lucy - ya know, from Peanuts. (I know it doesn't have words, we're singing it on "dah'" and "dot" and stuff) And for some reason, my tired, morning brain made me picture a bunch of inquisitors walking through the ash and singing this song in four parts. But wait, it gets better. As I continued to explore the idea in my mind, I got something like this. It gets weirder as it goes on. Ruin: Marsh, you're on Soprano 1. Marsh: *groans* But Ruin! Ruin: We need your falsetto! Marsh: *grumbles* Ruin: WE DIDN'T SPIKE ADAM LEVINE SO YOU COULD WASTE THAT GIFT! So yeah, you know you're a Sanderfan when you think of something like that.
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    Update #6 just dropped! No new plot information, but it looks like we can be cautiously optimistic about a 2020 release!!
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    Let's start with some basic facts and my assumptions about the third magic system on Roshar: Fabrials are part of the third magic system (WoB) There is more to Cultivation's magic than Old Magic (WoB) and the green mist surrounding Cultivation and Nightwatcher seems to be Cultivationlight (WoB) Given that there are 30 magic systems on Roshar, I assume Cultivation's magic is also part of the third magic system Lift's boon seems to be the ability to use Cultivation's magic (WoB). There are also off-screen users of the same magic – I think the most reasonable candidate are the Sleepless, which are kind of Cultivation's agents (WoB) For Lift, food is the focus allowing her access to external Investiture (like metal on Scadrial, WoB). The exact type of accessed Investiture is a RAFO (WoB), but I assume this is Cultivationlight. If so, it can power Surgebinding (just like Stormlight can power fabrials) Given their short descriptions in Poem of Ista and their connection to Aimia (WoB), the Dawnshards seem vital for Surge fabrial creation I think the relation between Dawnshards and Surge fabrials is somehow similar to Honorblades and Shardblades/Shardplates (Surgebinding fabrial-like items) I assume that the analogy between Surge fabrials and Sharblades goes even further – the spren in these fabrials (unlike in modern fabrials) don't seem to be bound in the gemstones, but form the metal (godmetal) parts of the fabrial (Soulcaster chains, Oathgate keyhole). Or example, breaking the gemstones doesn't destroy the Soulcaster, but breaking the chains does. Gemstones are there to power and control the device (the latter also provides some analogy with bonding a dead Shardblade) What potential effects might Cultivation's magic provide? Here is the list of possible candidates I came up with – as you might suspect, they're generally very spren/fabrial–oriented: Wyndle believes that Lift exists partially in Cognitive Realm and this is supported by the fact that her shadow behaves abnormally with respect to the sun (WoB). It allows her to interact with spren in untypical ways (e.g. touch them). This is possibly the effect of Cultivationlight in her body If the magic system is inspired by the Dawnshards, imprisoning spren might be a part of it (an effect similar to what Timbre does to the Voidspren in Venli's gemheart). Lift even says this to Wyndle: It seems like a friendly teasing, but this might be foreshadowing hidden in plain sight Fixing broken Surge fabrials. Just like Stormlight is used for Shardplate regeneration, Cultivationlight might potentially be used to regrow fabrials (e.g. a broken Soulcaster) Continuing with the regrowth theme, I think Cultivationlight might be the key to reviving deadeyes Changing fabrial settings. Oathgates are currently tied to Urithiru route only, but it seems possible that they once provided transport between each other. Some Soulcasters provide many modes, but most are locked in one (safety measure?). I think Cultivation's magic might be the solution here, allowing its users to change fabrial's behavior I have absolutely no idea how Cultivation's magic can be obtained by humans (except by Nightwatcher's boon), but I believe there are multiple reasons why Adolin would be the perfect candidate for the first guy to achieve it: Killing Sadeas. At first it seems like an unnecessary plot with little to no payoff. But it proves that Adolin has the right mindset – he is ready to make a hard decision that would benefit all in the future (something that Cultivation would probably called “pruning” instead of murder). Such actions directly violate the First Ideal, but I don't think Cultivation's magic would have this type of restrictions. It would allow her agents to operate outside the bounds of Honor's oaths. Just look at Arclo killing two Skybreakers that followed him – it's not technically necessary (he admits it's barely self-defense), but, given their mission to eliminate Radiants, it saves lives in the long run Accepting necessary evil is something Shallan struggles with and Adolin could really help her with this. Kaladin could use some help as well It could potentially help him revive Maya Dalinar is a Surgebinder and Renarin is a quasi-Voidbinder – it would fit if Adolin had access to the third magic system (beyond fabrials, obviously). Also Dalinar can repair items with Tension/Adhesion and Renarin can heal people – it would be really interesting if Adolin could revive spren and fix fabrials Dalinar has access to huge amounts of Stormlight and Navani has the necessary knowledge, but Adolin might provide the catalyst to reboot Urithiru and wake the Sibling up
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    This is entirely a Tinfoil Hat theory. It could be, I havent found anything specific to make it impossible, but that's because it is mostly based on vague hints and themes and an interpretation of one of Hoid's stories. But it would explain quite a bit using known realmic mechanics and cosmere themes. I think I know what broke Honor, what changed in those last days that made him doubt himself, doubt the Radiants, abdicate the creation of Spren, prepare the Stormfather as his heir, create the Visions, and apparently weakened him enough for Shattering, etc: I think he had an affair. With Queen Tsa. I think Hoid's story of the Moon Gods is describing the shardic Soap Opera that went down. The short version of the story is that a very clever mortal queen tricked the celestial entity that is female and color-coded Green to trade places for a day, only to later discover that it was all a scam to have a night and a child with the male celestial being color-coded White. That translates to Cultivation voluntarily giving up her Shard (which they can do by WOB), temporarily entrusting it to a Mortal so that she (Cultivation) could experience Mortal life again. This put Honor in a pickle, because the rationale behind how he is keeping his Oaths (like the non-interference deal among the Shards) is based on the Fact that Cultivation and his Wife are the same being, and suddenly that was no longer the case. Now, whether he made any actual Choice to "mingle" with the Temporary Cultivation, or if their mutual Investment in Roshar caused it automatically, I cant really say. But either way, he had made multiple Oaths in the past that were now in conflict: Either his pre-existing marriage trumps the Shardic Deal, or Possessing a Shard takes precedence. Either he had made a baby with a woman that he was not married to, or he had Co-habitated with another Shard and violated the agreement between the 16 that supersedes his mortal marriage. This is the sort of internal conflict that can drive ordinary folks crazy, but for Tanavast it brought him firmly in conflict with his own Shardic Intent, and by a means that is done and in the past and impossible to repair (without time travel). Note: This is based on the assumption that Honor was rationalizing staying with Cultivation via their pre-existing marriage, that it would not be "interference" to settle with your own spouse. There are a few fun possible implications of this: Queen Tsa would then be a Sliver Queen Tsa might have then been Unmade. Having that sort of direct Connection to Honor and Cultivation could explain why Ba-Ado-Mishram is uniquely able to Channel Voidlight, or why Sja-Anat is able to Corrupt Spren that are made of some mix of Honor and Cultivation. Nohadon could be of this bloodline. WOB is that Vessels can have Babies, and that it would have effects. We know that Nohadon was "Someone Special" even among surgebinders and kings, and was not a Herald (but per that vision at least was indeed a Surgebinder). Kaladin might be of this bloodline. WOB says that the Stormfather calling Kaladin, specifically, a Son of Tanavast is significant. This would explain why. EDIT: The Dawnshards are the literal Children of Honor and Cultivation, and one is different from the rest because that was is the child of Honor and Tsa. Queen Tsa...Tsa..T.S.A.... The Stormlight Archive? Queen Tsa is the hidden secret of The Stormlight Archive?
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    And if you're reading information specifically designed to find the characters people dislike, your not going to find the ones who like her. There's a large number of people that I've talked to that Shallan is the thing that for them hooked them on SA in the first place. What you're experiencing is called confirmation bias.
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    Considering the number of people who say Shallan is their favorite character (I'm not among them) and find her exceptionally relatable, I have to vehemently disagree. This is subjective. This doesn't work for you. I very much doubt Brandon agrees, because the "changes" Shallan has undergone have been a linear and progressive character arc. That's not rebranding. That's growth.
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    Kay watched the argument with fascination. Already, all these fancy Bright Lords and Ladies, plus a Purelaker and some sort of hairy cremling, had been unable to reach a decision. Of course, no mortal was capable of truly making a decision. The will of the Almighty had always prevailed. Amidst the frantic shouting on both sides of the argument, Kay heard someone yelling for both Brightness Ellarel and Brightness Hymnyes to accept the judgement of the Almighty. A bit of a hasty sentiment, to be sure. The judgement of the Almighty could not be taken for granted, after all. Still, Kay echoed the call, as did the people around her. Kay saw in their faces that this decision was driven more by bloodlust than respect for the Almighty, but at least the correct choice was being made. It seemed that the remainder of the supposedly noble mob supported the plan to place agency in the hands of another. Each condemned Brightlady was seized by four others, and the two women were carried to the nearest chasm. Kay ran ahead of the others, finding a spot on a nearby permanent bridge from which to witness the fate of those who rejected the Heralds’s teachings. Hymnyes and Ellarel had barely time for a brief yell of surprise before the crazed ardent, with a willing mob of Alethi sympathisers, sent them teetering over the chasm’s edge. Ellarel felt herself grit her teeth; the nothingness underneath her was freeing, but the rapidly approaching ground, which she normally welcomed as a source of stability, seemed a prospect wholly unappealing. Beside her, Brightness Hymnyes screeched, her voice losing its natural melody it so frequently employed to sing hymns to the Almighty in favour of a hoarse squawk which contained all the terror a noblewoman pushed off a cliff should rightfully experience. Ellarel looked down, with alarm seeing the rocky floor of the chasm rushing up at her, and offered up a brief prayer to the Almighty. And perhaps it was heard. Noblewomen met ground with a sickening thud, their outstretched bodies connecting with a freshly killed set of Parshendi corpses. The pain was blinding and all-consuming, yet after minutes of agony slowly subsiding to numbness, both ladies realised the relative softness of the dead parshman soldiers on which they had fallen had spared their lives. Ellarel made an attempt at movement, and found her left arm and leg to be incapable of motion, and her ribcage was set aflame by every shuddering breath she drew. Falling back down, she dragged herself over to the fallen Brightness Hymnyes, who was softly humming “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty,” a familiar Vorin song of praise. Ironically, the fourth verse of the tune popped into her head, and she began to softly sing to the unconscious Hymnyes, adopting a mocking tone. “Praise the Almighty, who prospers your work and defends you; Surely his goodness and honour shall daily attend you. Ponder anew what the Almighty can do, as with his pow’r he befriends you.” The Almighty was prospering her work, Ellarel thought bitterly, gazing at the steep walls of the cavern. They could just as well be a prison. What he seemed to have done was saved her from one death to send her into another, and no amount of pondering would change that reality—it was not a question of if the chasmfiends would find her, but when. She kicked the lethargic Hymnyes, then bit back a stream of curses as pins and needles shot up her bad leg. “Get up,” she said harshly. “We need to get moving.” The only response was a mutter of dissent, and a rustling behind her. Ellarel swerved, and came face to face with a crazed Hymnyes, who had picked up a dagger from the corpse of a fallen Parshendi. Ellarel did not have to do much to dodge—she tried to jump out of the way, but yelped as her legs gave way from under her, sending her sprawling in a heap to the ground. Hymnyes’ wild strike passed clear over her head, and the woman overbalanced, her own injuries showing as her hip and knee buckled, leaving her kneeling next to Ellarel. Breathing hard, the two women held their daggers, Hymnyes’ from the corpse, and Ellarel from a concealed region of her safepouch. Neither was able to crawl an inch closer to her adversary, but they were both within arm’s reach. Ellarel’s training as a scribe had made her fingers fast and agile: in spite of her exhaustion, the piton in her hand flashed, and its sharp edge did its quick work on the Brightlady’s arm. Hymnyes howled, dropping her dagger, frantically attempting to staunch the flow of blood from her arm. Ellarel, for her part, left the dying figure behind her, the vain pleas that Ellarel help prolong her life echoing in her ears as she slowly gathered herself energy and crawled away from the dying wretch behind her. The Almighty, it seemed, had chosen her. Perhaps his goodness did attend her, hidden though it was. Yet she had no way of dragging her exhausted frame back up the cavern. “Help up there?” she called to the sky, scarcely daring to hope for a reply. From high above, a knotted rope ladder dropped to her feet. “The Almighty has given you the victory, blessed one,” the echoing voice of the ardent Kay came back immediately. “Therefore come up, to be fed and cared for. We do not wish you harm any longer.” Mraize grinned at the sight of the woman, the blood dripping over her form as she emerged from the Chasms. It seemed that the Ghostblood’s work was being done for them. He watched from his perch on the roof of a barracks, his spyglass held tightly hands. When he finally confirmed that the woman was indeed Ellarel, he turned to the man standing to his left. He was a messenger from one of the more deeply embedded cells, and was bearing news of the other woman. “Dead?” The man nodded. “Was it them?” “No blade” Mraize nodded. Despite how convenient an early death of their adversary would have been, it would have been far too suspicious for one with knowledge of his sect to die from a mere fall. Mraize’s gaze fell to the horizon, to the Shattered Plains in the distance, and the group returning with Ellarel. “Let them know, tonight the axe hounds are to be let loose.” The man nodded, then retreated. Mraize sighed. He felt it was a tad early to be starting the killing, but the incident had only confirmed how at each other’s throats the nobles were. It would only be in the Ghostbloods’ favor to toss some fuel on the flames, lest they themselves become consumed. Butt Ad Venture was lynched! He was a Noble without any items! Vote Count: Venture (4): Elandera, Rath, Fura, Drake Elandera (4): Venture, Araris, Striker, Sart, El Stink (1): HH El (1): Coda Night 1 has begun, and will end in approximately 23 hours, at 9 PM EST on Wednesday 13 November. PMs are closed, except for Spanreeds. If you are using your Spanreed tonight, submit your order via GM PM before sending any PMs. Keep in mind all PMs must have *all* the GMs in them. Please and thank you Please don’t be last-minute with your actions like with your votes, or I as GM will find some way to drive you as equally insane as the two-seconds-before-rollover submissions make me, and I’m a creative person. Please in the future inform me if you’re going to be sending in anything literally last-minute. Thank you Special thanks to Devotary and Snip for helping with the first and third sections of the writeup, respectively. Collaborative writing is wonderful, and you should spread some upvotes around to them. Good luck! Player List:
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    I'm afraid you will find this outline fully operational when your friends arrive.
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    Thank you. For reference, we know of two orders per WoB that would accept a Machiavellian, which is in direct opposition to the first oath as presented by Teft. The Skybreakers, and Elsecallers. And I doubt they're alone. The Willshapers would accept Adolin's actions for one, and because of this Epigraph... I don't think the Edgedancers are all pacifists, or that they would have a problem with what he did. His actions were directly inspired by a man who had killed thousands of people who Adolin was responsible for, and many of whom were friends that he actually cared for. Pacifists don't inspire terror, and aren't known for "deadliness." I think the Edgedancers were Mama Bears. They don't want to have to hurt anyone... But if you mess with the people they care for...
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    MR38: Corruption, Spreading The Council debated long that day, as the sun made her slow trek across the sky. During moments of respite for refreshment, members murmured to each other, trying in vain to find the very best to be in this Fellowship which Elrond had proposed. Suspicion ran high, and all feared the Ring’s corrupting power. Who truly could take the Ring and be safe? The Ringbearer certainly did not seem unaffected. Many proposed themselves, for they were arrogant or brave enough to believe in their own character. But consensus was slow to come. As the sun fell, Elrond stood before the Council. “It is not required of us to decide each member today, for we have time yet to speak, but I ask that we begin to name the Fellowship, so that they may begin preparations, and we may have accomplished something of use in all this great debate.” He turned his gaze on Scar. “Bring forth the Ring,” he instructed, pointing to the pedestal in front of him. “Why should I?” Scar said belligerently, and Elrond noticed the flush of drunkenness on her cheeks. “It’s mine, ain’t it? I’m the Ringbearer! I keep the Ring!” “All the more reason to give it up,” Elrond said with a forbidding frown. “Attachment to the Ring will only make its corruption easier. It is only temporary, besides.” “I’m not scared of you,” Scar muttered, but reluctantly got up and placed the Ring in its place. There was silence for a moment. The Ring was tiny, and yet its presence dominated the room and left all feeling uneasy. Astranwir was the first to speak. “If I might suggest Bombur?” Elrond turned a skeptical eye on him, alongside much of the rest of the council. Bombur heard his name and looked over, but couldn’t speak as his mouth was presently full. “I will second that,” Beren said unexpectedly. “He showed great courage in helping to restore the Lonely Mountain, I am told. And besides, Sauron’s servants will not suspect him for returning in that direction. Mordor is not far from there.” Bombur finally finished chewing. “So long as I can take Dronlir with me!” he declared. “I shan’t be going anywhere without my trust porters.” “The party must remain small,” Elrond said. “Dronlir may go, but not all the rest, I should think. You shall need to be walking for this, not being carried.” “Fine,” Bombur allowed. “So! Who else, then?” A young elf leapt into the chamber, seemingly out of nowhere. Elrond had known a few watched from the edges, but he trusted that fate would ensure any who needed to be here would be, and thought little more. “I, Coda, wish to venture on this quest,” the elf said loudly. “I have managed to sneak into this meeting without notice! I am obviously fit to join the Ringbearer’s party.” Elrond smiled faintly, but the rest of the council was staring at this Coda with expressions ranging from stern to shocked. He wilted a little. “Let me join the quest. Please?” Bombur laughed, suddenly and loudly. “Yes, let him join! Such bravery should be rewarded. He has the look of strength about him. Why not?” Elrond considered, seeing little disagreement from the rest of the council. “Perhaps he was indeed brought to be on the Fellowship by fate. Very well.” Nightingales sang, and a sense of tranquil twilight was falling over Imladris. “We ought to adjourn for the night, then, and meet again when we are rested and fresh to consider who else ought to go. For the moment, Bombur, Dronlir, Coda, come forward.” Bombur’s porters assisted him forward. He somehow managed to stand with only Dronlir’s support as the rest drew back, his eyes fixed on the Ring. Elrond hesitated. The gleam in Bombur’s eyes was disconcerting, and yet... he was better to keep the Ring than Scar, he thought. “Take the Ring, Bombur. Keep it safe, and never, ever put it on.” Bombur nodded gravely. He reached one pudgy hand forward to take the Ring and slip it into a pocket, which Elrond could only hope contained no food. “Go, then,” he said to the council, cutting off Scar’s protest. “We will meet again tomorrow.” He sat thoughtfully as the others began to file out of the chamber, considering the day. The council was... unorthodox, he had to admit, but perhaps the old ways could not work here. Even with Vilya, the way was unclear to him, and all he could do was trust the council to guide the fate of Middle Earth. Bombur made his way out, accompanied by his porters (of course), and this new man, Coda. “Come with me back to my room,” he said. “If we’re on this Fellowship now, we ought to get to know each other!” Coda smiled and came with him. “I’m no one special, I was just... curious, that’s all. I heard there was this important council, and when I heard what was happening, I just couldn’t resist. I want to do something important.” Bombur was lowered carefully down onto his bed, and he dismissed his porters except for Dronlir. “I know how that is,” he agreed. “That’s why I joined the quest to take back the Lonely Mountain, after all! Needed to prove myself. Well, I’ve done that now, and I’m happy enough with my life. I’m not even sure I really want to go on this Quest, or if I trust Elrond’s advice.” He reached into his pocket and brought out the Ring, staring at it in his palm. “Such a beautiful thing, this,” he said. “Whatever else you can say about him, Sauron was a master craftsman. Not quite as good as the Seven Rings, certainly, but powerful nevertheless.” “What does it do?” Coda asked curiously. “I mean, I got that it’s powerful, but what kind of powerful?” Bombur considered. “I don’t actually know. Dronlir, did I miss something at the council?” “I don’t think so,” Dronlir replied. “They all said it was powerful and evil, but I admit I don’t really know what that means.” Bombur shrugged. “Well, only one way to find out, I suppose.” The Ring looked too tiny to fit his finger, but he tried to force it over his pinky anyway, and as he did it seemed to change size until it fit perfectly. “Bombur!” Dronlir exclaimed. “Oh no - what if Sauron got him?” Bombur blinked. “I’m right here,” he said, and then noticed that he was in fact not there at all. “Oh. Huh.” He slipped the Ring off again. “Invisibility,” Coda said. “That’s its power.” Bombur grinned. “Maybe this is even more powerful than the Seven! Oh, that will be useful. Here, Dronlir, you try it on - let me see what it looks like from the outside!” Dronlir smiled eagerly, accepting the Ring and sliding it on. And then he was gone - absolutely invisible, no trace at all left. Coda yelped as something tugged at his arm. “Hey, stop that!” Bombur chortled. Dronlir appeared as he slid off the Ring, smiling broadly. “Here, your turn!” he said, handing the Ring to Coda. Coda slid the Ring on happily, disappearing just as Dronlir had. This time it was Dronlir’s turn to yelp as his hair was tugged. “Oy!” “Now, enough of that,” Bombur said genially. “I won’t have infighting in this Fellowship! But really, why didn’t they tell us what it could do?” Dronlir nodded, adding, “Why couldn’t just one person sneak into Mordor wearing the Ring and take it all the way to Mount Doom without Sauron noticing?” Coda appeared, and gave the Ring back to Bombur with a nod of thanks. “One person might not be enough?” he suggested. “But I definitely think at least someone should be wearing the Ring all the time. That way if we get attacked, that person can get away even if the rest of us don’t.” Bombur nodded enthusiastically. “Wonderful! We’re agreed, then. Dronlir! Get some food, I’m feeling hungry again.” Dronlir dipped his head and left. Coda took his leave as well, promising to return to talk more tomorrow night. Bombur settled back onto his pillows. It had been a good day, he thought. The food here was just so good. Idly, he played with the Ring in his pocket, slipping it on and off again. And far away, in the land of Mordor, Sauron knew his thoughts, and smiled. Coda (Coda), Fifth Scholar (Bombur), and Elandera (Dronlir) were elected to the Fellowship of the Ring! They were all Corrupted! The Corrupted have won! Vote count Fifth (2): Hael, Straw Coda (2): Coda, Fifth Elandera (2): Elandera, Wonko Striker (1): Striker Assuming Wilson approves when she sees the results, the game will be restarting in just under 24 hours. During this time you may drop out or join if you wish to. If you want to change character, that’s also fine. Unless you tell me you are dropping out, I will assume you wish to play again. There will most likely be a change to the rules around ties, or perhaps the Soothe, but I’ll hold off on what exactly the change will be until I have a chance to talk with Wilson. (And to clarify, don’t take me to mean the Corrupted won only because the game was broken. It’s probably unbalanced, but their win lands squarely on their own shoulders - and the village’s for allowing the possibility of a three-way tie.) Congratulations to the Corrupted on their win! Also, special thanks to Fifth and Kas (along with others) for doing so much PM RP that I felt truly immersed in the world in a way I never have. I hope the RP keeps up next game, because it’s been absolutely fantastic thus far! Player List Doc Links Corrupted Spectators (Master Spreadsheet reserved for reuse)
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    Mraize has slippers when he meets Ash in Oathbringer. I have been fascinated by this ever since. And you are my favorite arcanist/God Beyond! We are friends! SA is so much more than just the Kholins and Shallan. Moash/Kaladin, the war in Alethkar, Cosmere lore, Ishar on the rise, Nale on Team Odium, the Singers revolution, Mraize and his shady stuff, more Radiants, more Unmade, Vivenna and Vasher, the Sibling, Taravangian playing all sides, Cultivation and Hoid meddling, the Heralds trying to survive, Axies & Rysn, Anaram as a Cognitive Shadow (ok, probably not, but I can hope). Thing is, even if I was displeased with the Kholins and Shallan, which Im really not, I would have had tons of cool things to look forward too.
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    Regarding that terrible Trump comparison, never compare politics and art. It's two very different things. Which is also why that should be left out of this, but I feel like it calls for pointing out that that's not a good argument. Regarding Adolin, I have some issues with his arc. The story constantly seems to push him away from responsibility. He was going to become highprince in Way of Kings, didn't happen. He was going to become king in Oathbringer, didn't happen. He was going to take responsibility for the murder of Sadeas - didn't happen (yet). Damnation, he didn't even choose his wife on his own. Jasnah had to do that for him. I'm not saying I dislike him as a character. He's great at making other characters shine, and the arcs of Kaladin, Shallan and Dalinar owe him a great deal. But his own arc has been kinda empty. That said, I could totally imagine all this being set-up for when he finally can't get away anymore and has to take responsibility. I trust Brandon as a story-teller, so I hope it will all make sense looking at it afterwards.
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    With Queen Tsa. I think Hoid's story of the Moon Gods is describing the shardic Soap Opera that went down. The short version of the story is that a very clever mortal queen tricked the celestial entity that is female and color-coded Green to trade places for a day, only to later discover that it was all a scam to have a night and a child with the male celestial being color-coded White. That translates to Cultivation voluntarily giving up her Shard (which they can do by WOB), temporarily entrusting it to a Mortal so that she (cultivation) could experience Mortal life again. This put Honor in a pickle, because the rationale behind how he is Oaths (like the non-interference deal among the Shards) is based on the Fact that Cultivation and his Wife are the same being, and suddenly that was no longer the case. Now, whether he made any actual Choice to "mingle" with the Temporary Cultivation, or if their mutual Investment in Roshar caused it automatically, I cant really say. But either way, he had made multiple Oaths in the past that were now in conflict: Either his pre-existing marriage trumps the Shardic Deal, or Possessing a Shard takes precedence. Either he had made a baby with a woman that he was not married to, or he had Co-habitated with another Shard and violated the agreement between the 16 that supersedes his mortal marriage. *Note: This is based on the assumption that Honor was rationalizing staying with Cultivation via their pre-existing marriage, that it would not be "interference" to settle with your own spouse. There are a few fun possible implications of this: Queen Tsa would then be a Sliver Queen Tsa might have then been Unmade. Having that sort of direct Connection to Honor and Cultivation could explain why Ba-Ado-Mishram is uniquely able to Channel Voidlight, or why Sja-Anat is able to Corrupt Spren that are made of some mix of Honor and Cultivation. Nohadon could be of this bloodline. WOB is that Vessels can have Babies, and that it would have effects. We know that Nohadon was "Someone Special" even among surgebinders and kings, and was not a Herald (but per that vision at least was indeed a Surgebinder). Kaladin might be of this bloodline. WOB says that the Stormfather calling Kaladin, specifically, a Son of Tanavast is significant. This would explain why. Queen Tsa...Tsa..T.S.A.... The Stormlight Archive? Queen Tsa is the hidden secret of The Stormlight Archive? EDIT: Went ahead and started a thread to kick the idea around
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    Brandon did not make any changes to try and mitigate the "fake death" stuff. The change to that fight was purely a Kaladin character bit, and we've been outright told that the. Echanics of the ending in both versions would work on Canon. Szeth dies either way, and he'd have revived via the healing either way. The entire point was about Kaladin's character. And I hate it. For two reasons. First, and a little less important is for combat reasons. In the new version Kaladin makes a spear thrust. In the middle of that very fast and very short action, he notices that Szeth is not attempting to block and so he tries to redirect the direction of his strike to miss.... And strikes Szeth's hand causing him to drop the Honorblade. With a spear thrust the more natural reaction is to just stop the thrust, not redirect, and more importantly it's insanely fast and with stormlight despite their reaction speed being seemingly accelerated so is their physical movement... So in maybe a tenth of a second Kal notices that Szeth isn't going to block his "feint" of a thrust and redirects it unnaturally because he realizes he doesn't actually want to kill Szeth... The original ending feels like a more natural flow of combat and would actually have played very well into Kaladin's character with Kaladin feeling conflicted about his actions... Which leads me to my second and much much bigger gripe. The new ending actively undermines Kaladin's character. It makes Kaladin entirely too perfect in that he somehow can tell that a man who has been a persistent threat, killed the leaders of half the world, attempted to kill Dalinar multiple times, and previously Kaladin is somehow not someone who needs to die when Kaladin literally just saved Dalinar and came upon Szeth mid murder attempt... And the after his somehow psychic decision to spare a man who by all logic he should have killed he (at Syl's urging) chooses to save a weapon over the the man he just decided he shouldn't kill. In both endings Szeth chooses to die. In the second ending, Kaladin decides that he shouldn't kill Szeth and then let's him die anyway to save a weapon... How is that in any way better?
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    When you're listening to your Disney playlist and Go the Distance from Hercules comes up and you suddenly have the mental image of yourself in a mistcloak running down the street while singing it. Also, when, after you finish your HoA re-read, you text your friends saying, "All my friends are dead."
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    Just imagine Nightblood learning about the Evil on Threnody. He's probably gonna burst a groove on his blade from excitement. NB : " Evilllllllllllllllllllllll " "Szeth, did you hear that ? Let's ditch this place , we need to go to Threnody " Szeth : " No , Sword Nimi , I have pledged my allegiance to Dalinar Kholin and intend to follow him till he releases me or till I die " NB : " Screw that Dalinar guy, didn't you try to murder him twice ? Come on , let's ditch this place . There's an ENTIRE CONTINENT FULL OF PURE ,PURE EVIL THERE . AN ENTIRE CONTINENT, SZETH . I think I know the route there , Vasher knew it better but I can manage. We probably won't be lost for long .Let's go " Szeth : " I'm afraid I can't do that , Sword Nimi . Nin-Son-God told me that you are to remain here until or unless your true master demands you back. " NB : " Oh come on , both of them are so boring . Please , pretty pleaseeeeee . Are you angry I accidentally tried to eat your soul ? I promise I won't do that ever again. " Szeth : " sigh "
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    Highprince Sebarial, Upon further correspondence with the agents planted in our midst—the Ghostbloods who we have identified—their close-lipped silenced and stiff denials only serve to confirm my suspicion that it was they who tried to assassinate you. The Highprince of Investigation agrees with me, and adds that after our raids in which we were able to capture a Ghostblood spy, the camps have had an undercurrent of activity, and the organisation appears ready to make a counter-strike. It is apparent that some of the men around us will not hesitate to knife us in our sleep, and so the only thing we may do is stab them first. That said, the increased security around your warcamp is impressive, and reassures me that the next strike will not come near you. I can only hope it does not fall on me. Keep up your spirits, and tell your troops to be vigilant for absent or suspicious-looking men these next few days. Our continual cohesion in these times is imperative. Elhokar, King of Alethkar Mraize looked around the small circle of men and women huddled inside the stone-walked tavern. His voice was silky and soft, yet carried an undercurrent of pure rage within its low whisper. “Alright,” he said, fighting to keep his rage down. “Which one of you thought it would be a good idea to go out and cut a hole in a Highprince’s wall? You’re all capable Shardwielders, which is why you have the Shards to begin with, so you know the consequences of doing something like this! You know a stunt like this would attract attention! Why? Why would you expose our entire network?” He swept his gaze from side to side. The members looked startled, as Mraize rarely had trouble keeping control of himself, but not afraid—just as they had been trained. Their eyes stared back into his, and one of them replied. “None of us carved that hole.” “It was in the shape of three diamonds,” Mraize hissed. “How could that not be your doing?” “The same three diamonds which we are never to carve into anything important or permanent or official?” “I…” Maize faltered. “Are you saying we’re being framed for this?” “What else could it be?” another Shardwielder sighed. “We’ve already told you that we’re blameless in this, and you’d perhaps literally chew our heads off if we lied; that’s the only other option. Either the king wants a scapegoat for something he ordered himself, or else a third party wants us both weakened to the point of death.” “This is true,” Mraize conceded. “Which is why it will become essential that we kill the king without delay. He is the head directing Alethkar’s efforts against us, and his death will cut that head off, leaving the body, as large as it may be, to writhe.” Mraize felt his voice grow in power. He had to be right about this. “Your new task is to get yourself into his court, convince your way through or slaughter the other guards, and kill him. We cannot afford to let this drag on any longer, or we will all be found separately and killed. And finally, find that Shardbearer who actually cut the hole. I want his Blade!” Three crashes of mugs slamming against the table in agreement greeted Mraize’s ears, and five seconds later the tavern was deserted, the only sign of previous habitation the faint beer flecks on the table and the hushed, echoing whispers of a conspiracy gone wrong. Day 1 has begun! It will end in about 47 hours at 9 PM EST (-4:00 UTC) on Tuesday 12 November. All role PMs should be sent out! Thank you to Devotary and Snip. A brief reminder that one-on-one PMs are closed, unless you have a Spanreed and use it during the Night turn. There will be a lynch today, with no vote minimum to kill. Ties will result in a random death. The updated rules may be found here. Good luck to all! Player List:
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    I literally have tears in my eyes right now. So that’s what the thing on YKYASW is. Time to try it myself... (the first sentence is me every time) I would be too, Lightsong. Is it...shipping Vivenna and Zane? Or is Zane causing the end of the world? Or both? Give me your bad Zanenna fanfics, AI, it’s hilarious. Except Syl didn’t say crem, I had to edit. (Syl is secretly Odium’s champion 2020?!) Voidlight is Darklight now I guess. I feel like I’m missing a reference (Odium is an Awakened Blade 2020?!?!) This feels like the way Brandon would end the whole cosmere, with lines like that, tbh. (Ene discovers the end of the cosmere 2019?!) That second line of dialogue is on point though. And YOU CAN’T STOP THERE, WHAT DID HE DO? Awaken the city to chase its inhabitants? (Raoden dooms Sel 2020whenever?!?! Though let’s be honest the sequel won’t be written for like ten years so probably 2030whenever) I will probably make more of these, they’re gold.
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    Quick rundown on a subtheory to a post I'm hoping to make later - using Illumination and Progression, Truthwatchers can reshape life, and possibly mutate things. One of the possible uses for their powers - besides possibly using Illumination and Progression to see the progression of things - is to use Illumination to plot a course for something to grow, and then using Progression to cause them to grow along that path. One of the Fused - which only have access to a single surge - was able to grow blades, etc, from their bodies, which are not normally part of Singer anatomy in that way, as their carapace is not typically a bladed weapon. But that morphology could in theory develop, and so they made those parts of themselves grow that way, implying that that Fused might have the surge of Progression and used it to grow their blade Lightweavers use Illumination and Transformation to transform people into the ideal they could be (which is also slightly horrifying if they can also make you change into the darkest version of yourself if that is what they see you as, so maybe Shallan's dad was changed by her). So if Illumination and Transformation can transform someone's soul according to what the Lightweaver convinces them they can be, what could Illumination paired with Progression do? Progression allows for seeds to sprout and grow, not only healing things. They are also paired strongly with Cultivation, which is about shaping growth. So Progression as affecting somethings age or living state isn't impossible With this idea, I propose a Truthwatcher can use their abilities to see how something could progress, change how it will progress, and then help it along that line, so long as it isn't too far from what they could be. Lets end this off with a crazy theory then: the Truthwatchers might have been responsible for allowing humans and Singers to interbreed, or changed some Singers into Horneaters, possibly in secret to save them. I'm not saying they did, only that it is a possibility. Either way, I think Truthwatchers can use their powers to shape life.
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    Spoilers All Series, but I am POSITIVE I know the fate of Roshar
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    That Jeffery Epstein killed himself. I'm sorry, when I first read the title, I thought it said "What is your Wildest Conspiracy Theory". I think Dalinar or Sazed will become the new Adonalsium. Probably Dalinar, as I think the "Unite Them" refers to the Shards, not the Alethi or Rosharans or Honor's Shards in particular. I think Odium will find a way to kill Cultivation before the end, shattering her. Dalinar will become Unity, and he will take up the pieces of Cultivation, Uniting them with Honor (Unity) to create something more powerful than Sayzed's Harmony, because his two pieces are not diametrically opposed. Maybe he would be called "Community". Binding and Growth combined. Odium is going to be facing two Shards who have collected two Shards each, and so he will be scared. I think Series two will be Odium finally deciding that if he is to beat them, he needs to combine shards. I'm guessing the one that makes the most sense for him to take would be Ambition, since he already shattered that one. He just needs to take its shards. Odium and Ambition = Destruction? Judgement? That will be the end of the second series. The Third Mistborn will be a cosmic crossover, so I'm thinking Sayzed and Dalinar will try to figure out a way to separate Dominion and Devotion, and each will get one. Dalinar will get Dominion, Sazed will get Devotion. Dalinar will have Dominion, Cultivation, and Honor/Unity, and will become Authority. Sazed will have Preservation, Ruin and Devotion, and will become Creation. Then its up to the other Shards at that point. They'll all likely oppose Odium, but some may actually oppose Sazed and Dalinar. And as an addendum to my original thought, in the end, at the final scene, Dalinar is mortally wounded, Sazed is dying, Odium is shattering, all the other Shards are shattered, and Kelsior will walk up and snag them all and become Adonalsium.
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    Once broken, now whole, sealed with gold, sealed whole now, broken once I hope I got the grammer for the ketek right.
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    Again, this is on you. Those threads exist. Discussion of Shallan and her motivations, and her choices, and all of it have been extensive, and the love triangle is only a fraction of that. If you haven't seen those discussions, that's a matter of what you choose to read. Shallan didn't steal anything from Renarin. Their stories are completely different, and Renarin was never intended to be a focus character until the second arc of stormlight. The story were getting of him is exactly as intended. As is Shallan's. The reason her story "changes" every book is because she's a classic fish out of water. She's a reactive character, driven by fear, who's jumping from situation to situation and just trying to deal. Her character has been remarkably consistent in that she's making it up as she goes along and trying to convince herself she's far more capable than she is. And there are real repercussions to her actions because of that. I absolutely believe Renarin's storyline will be special, just like all of the others have been unique. These claims, based on your feelings about a character you've repeatedly said you skipped reading large chunks of her narrative are the reason people are so frustrated here. You claim to hate Shallan enough to have skipped reading chunks if her narrative, but you also know so much about her that you can say with confidence that she's poorly written, and steals the narrative of other characters. You can't have it both ways. You either didn't read it, and don't know what part she plays relative to the others, or you did, and dislike it, which is still your opinion. You have every right to dislike Shallan for whatever reason you wish. But when you make claims about lack of discussion about her, which are false, or that she's stolen the narratives of others (which would somehow require you to know Brandon's plans) you're not just insulting the books and Brandon, but your insulting the people who have taken an active role in the discussions you say don't exist about both her, and the supposedly stolen narratives. With that said, I'm going to just say, I hope you find something you do enjoy reading, and enjoy whatever discussion you find in the future. I won't be a part of it.
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    Ellarel would not be attending the feast tonight. All those months worked and spheres saved to purchase a havah styled in the latest fashion and an appointment with a hair stylist squandered in a matter of hours by a few suspicious nobles. The medics had not been able to attend her immediately, as they were busy tending the more life-threatening wounds of Kholin soldiers injured during the day’s fighting. Still, Ellarel was a lighteyes, and within a few hours her broken bones had been splint and a bed provided. The attending medic assured her that she would be walking again in a few weeks. That was several weeks too late for Ellarel. Tonight had been her best chance of getting to meet Adolin, but now that opportunity had passed. Perhaps she could apply to be a scribe for the Kholins. They had been willing to take care of her injuries, so at least they knew who she was. She resolved to try once the Ghostbloods were crushed and her broken bones healed. Perhaps the Almighty would smile on her once again. The medics had let her keep the knife she’d used to kill Brightness Hymnyes. The blade was still too bloody to put back in her safepouch, so the weapon lay on the bed next to her unbroken arm. Ellarel replayed the memory of piercing Hymnyes arm in her head, imagining that she would do the same to the cowards who had attacked Highprince Sebarial. She barely even noticed when a young man wearing Kholin blue strode into the tent, escorted by four members of the Cobalt Guard. Adolin paused when he saw that one person receiving medical attention was not a member of the Kholin army, or even the Kholin warcamp. He walked closer to her bed in the corner of the tent. “Where did you sustain your injuries?” he asked. Ellarel jolted upright, making her head swim and sending blinding flashes of pain shooting up her broken arm and leg. She had gotten to meet Adolin Kholin after all! She tried to take in every detail through blurry eyes. His crisply tailored Kholin uniform, newly donned after the day’s battle. His exotic blonde-black hair, the same colour as hers. His piercing blue eyes, looking directly at her. The closest member of the Cobalt Guard, swinging a knife down towards his neck. Ellarel screamed and grabbed the knife with her left hand, pain momentarily forgotten as she leaped out at the traitorous bodyguard. Alarmed, Adolin stepped out of the way, narrowly avoiding the strike from behind. The Ghostblood’s blade kept going, embedding itself deep into Ellarel’s heart. The last thing she saw before being whisked away to Shadesmar was Adolin rushing off to apprehend the assassin. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “I must congratulate you, Darrel,” the smooth voice of Arrdel came to Domand’s ears, his accent refined and perfectly in tune with the strange speech of Roshar—then again, he was a native. “You came here yourself to ensure that a conflagration was stirred up. Well, you certainly succeeded, but this hardly seems to be the work you intended.” He chuckled softly to himself, rubbing his hands together against the chill of the night air. Domand inclined his head gravely as they walked on, a shadow to the casual eye, though inwardly he seethed. What was Arrdel doing away from his tasks in Marabethia? And how did he think he could maintain the paper-thin glass of Alethkar against the repeated hammer blows of the coming Desolation? The stupidity of the Alethi elite could hardly be pinned upon him. “It will have to do, Arrdel,” he spoke aloud. “My subterfuge has united the country, in an odd sort of way, but any unity is better than none, and while they did unite in fear and not fraternity, the former will often produce the latter. You know why I do what I do—Cultivation watches this planet, but indirectly, and a challenge from the Father of Hate may break her in the end. The only way to stop Odium’s attack is deterrence. And for that we need a Unifier, one which I intend to create out of this mess, who can pick up Honour and thrust Odium away from this system, before he causes more harm than he already has.” “Drive him away? Like the Oathpact?” Arrdel retorted. “It is a frail patch on an old wound. Eventually, we will need to let it scar for it to heal at all.” Darrel looked at Arrdel, aghast. One of the ASWA’s most significant triumphs in thousands of years—the Oathpact keeping Odium bound to Braize—was a “frail patch?” “You overstep yourself,” he said flatly. “Honour and Cultivation can and must check Odiun’s growing strength. I care not for how it is done, so long as it is. However, if you believe an immediate war with casualties in the millions will solve Shardic disputes properly, then perhaps you do not belong in this group anymore.” Arrdel’s eyes flashed, but he said nothing more. “Let us hope that you are right, and that the Ghostbloods provide the distraction and the unifying force we need for this, then. For now, I must return to Marabethia. I must say, I have missed you in the field of work lately—it is good to see you getting your hands dirty now, instead of the Council of Seven. Peace be with you and your works.” “And also with you and yours,” Darrel whispered into the cold night, pacing his way back to the stone bunker in his solitary camp. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Elandera was killed! She was a Noble with a Pain Knife! Day 2 has begun, and will end in approximately 47 hours, at 9 PM EST on Friday 15 November. Spanreed PMs begun during the Night may be used at Day; however, new ones may not be created. Also, questions about your items are best asked at a time not equivalent to two minutes from rollover. Thank you for your cooperation. Good luck! Player List:
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    I would agree with you if everyone were playing by the rules. So far he has 4 shards down, and another engaged. (Devotion, Dominion, Ambition, and Honor down, and Cultivation actively threatened.) Two more have merged and effectively neutralized each other, and those two are being actively engaged by another bad actor. (Harmony for 2 and Autonomy for Trell) The only other shard we know for sure, is happily sitting at home with her fingers in her ears saying "this is fine." We also know that there's another Shard that is just now going, "maybe something needs to happen" So of the 10 shards we know, 4 are dead and splintered, 5 are actively fighting each other, and one other is is convinced that there's not a problem. And we only have hints of a single Shard that's even looked at the Cosmere and thought "somethings not right." With all the talk of odium's love of Fortune, I think he'd have tried something subtler if he believed everyone else was going to sit back and follow the rules.
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    Mistborn spoilers: What do you call a candy that makes Inquisitors less angry?
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    so light weavers have control over wave forms like light and sound so could they make radio transitions. it not as farfetched as it first seems radio was have more in comin with light than sound does (there both electromagnetic waves) and we know that the sergebinding can fill in some gaps like Vails in walking animation in WoR and the spern bond can can be used to desirer the pattern. so what do you guys think
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    I'm a sucker for a good landscape. Today had one of those sunrises that just makes my soul ache and I wanted to grab people and make them appreciate it. Extra clear air quality. The mountains were a deeper indigo at their bottoms, but then at their peaks the red morning light was doing that awesome thing where the mountains looked purple and orange at the same time, in a way I can't describe well. Not mixed or in a gradient, but as if two colors were occupying the same spot. Above them the sky was doing a quick fade from pink to light blue, and a flawlessly round, bright white moon just punched through the picture.
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    One of the times Hoid got mixed up in religion he was just trying to hasten the invention of instant noodles and got a little carried away
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    Just kept trying until it gave 6 unique ones. The Shard of Death.
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    Hehe, enjoy a Mistborn- Star Wars cross over Move aside Shallan. I haven't had this much fun in a while
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    Here's the AI- you just have to type in a prompt and it will generate a couple paragraphs. https://talktotransformer.com/ And Here's some more Ai-light Archives I guess according to AI, Shallan can make the stick fire. Szeth-son-son-Vallano wore white on the day he was to kill a king, but he was actually wearing purple. As a result, he was punished for his heresy How many other lies have we been told by Brandon? How did the AI come up with something inspiring? And now Some rather interesting AI Mistborn
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    When you discover https://talktotransformer.com/ and this happens: It's trying so hard to write about the Stormlight Archive.
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    Several reasons 1) He is physically incapable of harming others. 2) He may be powerful, but shards are nearly omnipotent. If he started taking serious action against odium, he would draw his attention, which is exactly what he is trying to avoid. 3) It may not align with his goals. as Hoid himself has stated, he will watch the world burn in order to achieve them, albeit with tears in his eyes. 4) For all we know he has been taking steps to counter Odium. We have seen very little of him throughout the series, and his intent as well as his actions have been kept mysterious. I don't think it's fair to say that he has done almost nothing to stop Odium because we do not have all of the facts.
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    When you read someone else's questions for Brandon and realize that you aren’t the nerd everyone thinks you are.
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    That's... The "love triangle" is such a minor part of the plot. There's a lot more to Shallan than that, and I'd have actually enjoyed her character more if it hadn't happened. I hope you're not serious. Making assumptions on other people's perception of a character that you have admittedly skipped portions on their narrative is... Kind of gross?
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    You got me good. And hey. Combine this with the other theory about the End of Roshar, and maybe Ash literally falls from the sky in Era 3!
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    So I had a bit of a bad month, I'm not going to get into specifics but my mother found out I was struggling mentally and was more open than I thought she was going to be. The support she's given over the past 2 days (it's been short so far) has been more than I've noticed before. Now, we aren't an outspoken family but we always know we are there and that's true so far. Talking about things does make it better and, hopefully, this continues and I can get out of the mental rut I'm currently in. I'm trying to stay positive and distracted though, I'm sure everyone will help in this circumstance.
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