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    I just discovered how amazing Kermit memes are, so naturally I made a whole bunch. Spoilered for size.
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    OB spoilers. As always, I hope these haven't been done before:
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    I don't know why I do this
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    Not to be a buzzkill, but we have a WoB, that reswearing the oaths (like with Kaladin) only works with the original knight. For anyone else something "extra" would be needed. So oaths alone do not work. I can post the WoB later if you would like to see it.
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    Odium did not make a deal with Honor. Honor pulled a Preservation and did something to trap him. Odium has no word he has to keep. And (According to the Coppermind) if he destroys Braize, he is free to leave the Roshar system. I agree that the reason is probably that destroying it may leave him vulnerable to Cultivation. As to them teaming up, I don't think Cultivation is that useful in a fight. She seems more of a background character that pulls the strings. Also, remember, Odium killed two shards before, Devotion and Dominion, so if she helped Honor more, she may have just ended up being splintered.
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    Respectfully I disagree. Kaladin doesn't need another Syl...because he already has Syl. And then Sanderson makes it pretty clear at the end of Oathbringer that Shallan is going to be his new Tien. Combine those two with what Bridge Four and Adolin constantly try to do for the man (provide companionship, hope, and overall attempts to elevate his emotional state), I don't think he needs a partner to do that. A support system isn't made up entirely of "cheerleaders" after all. You need mentors (Kaladin's parents and Dalinar), cheerleaders (Syl and Shallan), peers, friends and allies (Adolin and Bridge Four (specifically Rock and Teft)), and those who love you but aren't afraid to hide the truth either. Kaladin is missing that last category, and someone like Jasnah could fill it pretty well. Conversely, Jasnah's view of things is both too grand and too myopic at the same time. She's either utterly focused on defending her family or those she sees as "hers," or utterly focused on saving the world. We've seen very little middle ground from her. Being queen of Alethkar will definitely help in this regard, but so would a relationship (romantic or otherwise) with Kaladin since he probably wouldn't allow her to forget that the world consists of more than just her family.
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