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    Welcome to the official sticky for all sample chapters, books, and unreleased books that Brandon has put out on the internet. He has been gracious enough to allow people the opportunity to get to know his different works by providing samples of his different works. If you have knowledge of other links please let us know as we will try to keep this as up to date as humanly possible. Published Cosmere Books: Elantris: Elantris is a story based around the fallen city of Elantris. It centers around three view point characters who look to find what being a hero really means. Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 The Hope of Elantris: The Hope of Elantris is a short story based after the events of the main story line. Full Short Story Mistborn: Mistborn follows the life of a young woman who is learning about her powers with the help of a thieving crew who plans to overthrow the empire. Mistborn 1-The Final Empire: Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Mistborn 2-The Well of Ascension Sample Chapters: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Mistborn 3-The Hero of Ages: Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Mistborn-Alloy of Law: Prologue and Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Warbreaker: Full Book-Separated out by Chapters Different Versions of the Book Stormlight Archives 1-The Way of Kings: Prelude Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapters 9&11 Chapters 12&13 Published Non-Cosmere Books: Alcatraz 1-Alcatraz vs. The Evil Librarians: Foreword Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Alcatraz 2-Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener's Bones Foreword Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Alcatraz 3-Alcatraz Versus the Knights of Crystallia Foreword Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Alcatraz 4-Alcatraz Versus the Shattered Lens Foreward Chapter 2 Chapter 6 Infinity Blade: Awakening Infinity Blade: Awakening Sample Chapters Un-Published Works Scribbler/Rithmatist: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Liar of Partinel: More Samples Chap 1, version 3 Mistborn Prime Prologue: Prologue Final Empire Prime: Chapter 1 Mythwalker: Mythwalker (Warbreaker Prime) Firstborn: Full Story Defending Elysium: Full Story I Hate Dragons: Story Here Centrifugal: Story Here White Sand is available through signing up for Brandon's newsletter. Aether of Night is available through the request topic in our Unpublished Works forum.
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    Found at https://doitforthevinebud.tumblr.com/post/171971919356/meme-spren-tanoraqui-from-syls-point-of I related so hard because I devoured those horse books as a kid.
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    Somewhere after finishing WoR, I remember going online and seeing a thread on Reddit about creating a new thread called r/stormmoash. I was vaguely amused, I most certainly did not expect it to become what it has become today. Stormlight has had some less than True Hero™ characters. This complexity has always been part of what made me love the series. Some characters, like Shallan and Adolin as well as Elhokar are quite notably polarizing. I would count Dalinar in that group too post-Oathbringer. Some are more reviled: Sadeas, Amaram and Moash. To my surprise, opinion on Kaladin too seems to be quite divisive, mostly due to the existence of the previous characters. He is pointed out as being more traditionally heroic, in contrast to the other characters, on top of being depressing. He seems typically moral than the more complicated history of Dalinar and less fun to read or interact with than Adolin and Shallan. Some people have also taken issue with Kaladin's view of Lighteyes. Dalinar: I feel already tired of explaining my views on him. There are two new threads where I have put forward my views on him "moral miscalculations of Mr Sanderson in Oathbringer" by Parallax and "Dalinar's Genocide" by Hakusho Slick. Shallan and Adolin mostly come under heat because of their casual racism. Many seem to be thoroughly incensed by Adolin referring to Kaladin as "bridgeboy" as well as his comments on "the world changing" when "even darkeyes have access to Shardblade", the fact that he makes that comment about women having Shardblades also tends to draw frowns (although it is notable that he makes that comment in a positive manner, offering to teach Shallan how to properly wield a Shardblade) One of the most quoted things for hating against Shallan is the same scene with Adolin, where he makes the comment mentioned above about Shallan's worry about seeming feminine while lugging about a Shardblade. She responds by thinking "thank you for comparing all women to peasants".... Oof. There is the infamous boots scene with Tyn where she bullies Kaladin into giving her his boots. Before that, once again with Tyn, they both try on something (I forget, eye drops? lens? I think it was the former) to darken their eye colour so they could move about freely. Shallan is very excited to shed lighteyes propriety. Then she suddenly gets really worried that there might exist something to make darkeyes seem lighteyes. The point I'm trying to make by going on a spiel about these characters' various controversies is that these things are discussed. Negative opinions and accompanying evidence are examined, others' point of view seen as valid, arguments and counter-arguments are made, and so on. I'm not saying Moash isn't discussed. I've seen the threads and topics. For example, the Vyre discussions. I'm pointing that a disproportionately large amount of disliking Moash seems to have become popular simply due to trending. Oh yes, what he did was not okay but we have characters like Sadeas, Amaram and Roshone right there beside him. Moash killed Elhokar at a pivotal moment. Elhokar did genuinely try to change and was close to swearing his Ideals. Moash succeeded where the others (except Roshone, RIP Tien) didn't, as Sadeas failed in his Battle of the Tower plot and Amaram failed to dispose of Kaladin. But there are no threads or discussions simply dedicated to only hating on any of these other characters. I mean discussions like Shallan Davar disgust thread do exist but the Moash thing has gone out of control. Moash has the aforementioned very famous hashtag on reddit, where people simply drop in to say that they hate him with almost the same frequency that they say "I am Stick". There are discussions dedicated to simply hating on Moash. As well as various other such threads on who would kill Moash, etc. People casually drop "I hate Moash" or variations thereof, which get upvoted a lot. These comments often seem to be there for the sole purpose of getting upvotes. There has a become a cycle of *positivity* around the activity of dissing on this character. Here's the meat of the matter though, the name Moash actually doesn't seem to generate as much hatred as Sadeas or Amaram. It creates amusement. He isn't hated nearly as much as he is associated with lighthearted online banter. People make a "dynamic entry" with a post about how they hate Moash, generally get positive feedback and that's it. This is especially popular on forum games. (I have to admit to having dropped Moash's name in a similar manner but I did it to gauge receptiveness to disagreements against popular opinion during one of my first posts on this site. I had just come from reddit, I wanted to see how people would react. With burns or actual arguments. Thanks to AonEne for providing the latter.) People seem to find hating Moash funny. I'm genuinely curious (read: very worried) if someone will come and comment "I hate Moash, lol" or "this guy is #Moashdidnothingwrong" or just go "storm Moash" If you feel strongly about it, try to keep your comments restricted to Moash's actions against Elhokar and Kaladin. Edit 1: I forgot about the Shard's policy on cursewords. I think the real name of the reddit thread is obvious though Edit 2: minor grammatical corrections Edit 3: thank you for the upvotes, guys! Edit 4: I explain my rationale for creating this topic here: Edit 5: @AonEne's response to the same
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    I'm finally done with the blanket.
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    I think that I disagree with this. Been working through a reread and Shallan's whole situation has been one thing I keep thinking about. First, I think there's a difference between a simple illusion/act and a "persona". Brandon has explained that this whole development of personas is about a means for Shallan to use magic to escape the weight of the truth that she killed her mother, right? A big portion of OB Part 1 is about showing us how that problem developed. We catch up with Shallan very broken after her last truth in WoR, and then begin to see her use the personas to escape from the weight of it. I disagree that she was doing this before. The whole point really is that she needed a way to cope after what happened at the end of WoR. Before this, she simply avoided confronting the truth, and she can't do that the same way. So in Words of Radiance, Shallan isn't manifesting any personas, I think. This isn't Shallan creating a Shallan persona. (same for her confrontation of Tozbek or the mercenaries by the way) It's simply an illusion with a bit of acting. Veil is the same situation. Veil doesn't become a persona until Oathbringer. In Words of Radiance, Veil is simply a disguise that Shallan uses. I dunno how much this distinction matters... It just feels to me like we're going to far in questioning "who is the real Shallan." I think we know the real Shallan, more or less. As much as we can know anybody. Yeah, she still has some secrets in her past. But I don't think we're facing some big conspiracy where the "real Shallan" has been hidden from us all this time. I DO think there is a "Shallan persona", but I don't think it develops until sometime in OB. She gets so deep into Veil and Radiant. Pair that with the simple fact that she's a teenage girl who barely understands herself in the first place and it's easy to she why she would convince herself that "Shallan" is just another persona to tamper with. Basically she just has normal identity issues, compounded by a very broken childhood, and a very unhealthy magical way of dealing with them. Slight tangent... I don't think Shallan's healing means that she needs to "reintegrate" these personas. I don't think Veil or Radiant (or "Shallan") are splinters of some true identity that need to be fitted back together. They each contain pieces of who she really is, but only because she created them that way. They're just false identities that she created to hide from the truth of her past. I think her healing won't be about accepting "I am all of these people". It will be about... well, about what Wit explained in Girl Who Stood up. She doesn't need to draw all of these personas back into herself. She just needs to confront past. The use of personas will disappear when she no longer has need for them.
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    I honestly feel kinda bad posting this after Luna because her problem is so serious and mine is just my petty self. So a month ago I tried out for this solo. Every year our school holds a massive Variety Show and there's only one solo in it. Our middle school is 7-9th and they always give it to a 9th grader. I'm in 9th grade this year and I really thought I would get the solo. I sang Journey To The Past and my audition went super well. There were three other ninth graders that tried out for it. Two didn't stand a chance, but the other one was really good. I still thought I'd get it though because every time I've heard her sing, she's kinda quiet and not very expressive. Well, they posted the results the day before break and guess what, I didn't get it. I really, really thought I was going to get it and not getting it was really quite crushing. And yet... it wasn't. I spent the latter half of that school day trembling, my stomach literally hurting because I was so nervous for those results. I expected to get it though. And then when I didn't see my name on the list, I just kinda... died a little bit. My stomach stopped hurting, I stopped trembling; I just felt dead. Part of what hurts so much is that I expected to get it. And now that I haven't got it, I feel like there's something wrong with me and I'm really paranoid about what I did wrong. Was there something I could have done in my audition that would have made me get it? What do I lack? What was it specifically that made it so that I can't sing up there this February - something I have fantasized about since 7th grade? I've spent my entire life being told that I'm a good singer, but now I'm doubting all of that. I'm kinda full of myself. I have a tendency to think of myself as above other people. It's kind of a problem. But the thing is, I recognize that in myself and I really, really hate it. It's such a weird problem - I hate myself for loving myself too much. And now, with this happening, it's gotten worse. I think of myself at the best. And if I'm not, then I must just be awful. Every failure stings, but this one is really big and I don't really know what to do about it. So.... I don't know. I thought I had gotten over it over break, but at school today in choir, my stomach started hurting again and I nearly started crying because I just don't want to sing anymore. Part of it is that we have a new choir teacher and he's not nearly as good as our old one. So I suppose a lot of this can be contributed to me missing her. Anyway, thanks for reading through this, it's been eating at me for weeks. And for anyone wanting to know what I sound like, here's me singing Ocean Eyes. (I'm a soprano, so my low notes don't come out perfectly, but it sounds really good over all) New_Recording_2.mp3
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    People always forget that "Shallan" the persona, is also a lie. She created her before she went to the Shattered Plains, she is not "real" Shallan: Now, she does not completly morph into this new persona. While being at court for the first time she states: The "today" signifies clearly that on other days she is not that person. I called this persona somewhere else "Princess Shallan", but the courtwoman might actually be a more accurate description. The courtwoman is also quite snobbish, is infatuated by superficial beauty and can`t stand to see blood. No wonder Kaladin really hates her in WoR displaying this persona. The courtwoman is as much not integrated Shallan, as is Veil or Radiant. They are all (true) lies. Integrated, "real" Shallan, is all three personas together and more. This base identity is the cloth from which she can create new personas. Theoretically she could create more than those three, and at some times during OB she almost does. This discription fits the integrated actual Shallan, not the courtwoman. Her main characteristic is that she hates herself for seemingly bringing destruction to everyone she is close to. This is why she almost has a mental breakdown in Kholinar. Her selfhatred is the reason she flees from herself into these personas. I really wish she learns to accept herself in the next book.
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    it always struck me as a minor plot hole, but only now I finally decided to post it. One time she sees susebron has no tongue, and she resolves to teach him to read. the next time we see her, she has a table and a piece of chalk. Problem is, she is stripped and bathed before being brought to the god king, every night. This makes it quite difficult to hide anything about her. A piece of chalk is no problem, there are places in the human body where such a small item could be hidden and searching is considered very rude. Although it's also not clear how she got a piece of chalk in the royal palace, seeing how her life was; she has to ask for anything, and she is constantly spied upon by the servants, who serve the priests. But a board? that's way too big to hide like the chalk (ok, I'm sure there are some very few very specialized sex workers who could manage that with a small board, but it requires training; Siri certainly cannot). Also do note that the priests want to protect susebron and they were suspecting she was an assassin; the annotations also mention that the first night there was a soldier under the bed. they would make sure she had no knife, and they would find anything bigger than that, like a board. And the priests would certainly realize what she means to do with a board, and forbid her. It is also possible she left the board during the day, but if I recall correctly, she never figured out the palace layout. She wouldn't be able to find the chamber during the day. And if she did manage, she was always surrounded by servants. By the way, wouldn't Susebron have chalk stains on his fingers the next morning? wouldn't that make the priests suspicious?
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    @Shard of Thought You have a lovely voice! And I kinda know how you feel -- something similar happened with me when I was younger, though my experience was more borne of crippling naivete than anything else. I also just want to echo what Jaywalk and Nathrangking said. They've put it much better than I could! I'll just leave you (and anyone else who needs it) with an Emerson quote I love:
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    Mostly unrelated to your theory, but I'm really curious to know what happened to Shallan BEFORE the trauma of killing her mother. Typically (Lopen notwithstanding) potential radiants need to be broken, and the bond with their Spren helps to fill in those gaps. We think for most of the first few books that the thing that broke Shallan was the death of her mother and her father's subsequent abuse. But then we find out Shallan had already bonded Pattern and manifested him as a Shardblade in order to kill her mother (and the nameless Skybreaker). So what caused her to already be so broken, and at such a young age, that she attracted a Spren to bond with? Tough life Shallan's had.
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    They're all Shallan... All of them are equally bonkers. She's good at lying to herself but it's just illusion augmented dress up.
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    I hate that I have to post here again, but I need to vent in a major way. I had/ have a friend whom I have known since we were both quite young. Our meeting was memorable one to say the least. Over the years we were not best friend close, but we went to school on the same bus we would talk quite a bit and we got along well. Things changed when we got to high school and we went our separate ways. I wondered throughout high school what she was up to and admittedly I had a crush. After high school we reconnected and I admitted that I had had a crush on her. We stayed casual friends though I always got the sense that things were awkward between us. We continued on and I became aware that perhaps I was still crushing on her despite the passage of time. I tried to talk to her about it however she became defensive and ultimately put me on the defensive for in her words "making things about me." I tried to smooth things over, but she was having none of it. Ultimately, she blocked me on social media. I tried to reach out after and things crumbled when she began to try to move things in a direction that I was not ready for. I knew then that something was off in our dynamic and for a while I kept my distance, I was uncomfortable with the way things ended so I recently reached out to her and she told me that she did not realize that I felt as I did. That should have set off warning bells. However, I still hoped to salvage things. I broke down exactly how I felt and I told her that the best thing was to just keep things casual. She became even more aggressive than before and despite my attempts to cool things down in about a day things reached a breaking point. I told her that I did not feel a romantic love for her and would start a relationship of this kind. She lost it with me and cursed at me saying that she deserved to be loved and that she would block me again. I commented that I cared for her as a friend and that was all. I also asked what was wrong with wanting to just be friends. I left it at that. She did not respond to me and I took a day to think about this situation. It became painfully clear that there was something unhealthy going on in this relationship. I put an end to things and blocked her on social media. A friendship that had been on and off for almost 20 years imploded in a devastating way. At times I feel guilty and think if only I had tried harder things might have been different. Honestly, I don't know what to think about the whole thing. It hurt to see it ho, but I don't know that I could have maintained it on my own. The weight might have crushed me. This is not something that anybody else in the world knows about. I quietly carried this around inside for a long time. I don't know if I was wrong or right, but I do know that I cannot keep this hidden anymore. (I want to thank those who take the time to listen to my self-serving ramblings. What it means to you cannot begin to imagine!)
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    In-world our characters often speak of Divine Attributes as holdovers of Vorin theology with no other significance. They were supposedly modeled after what ancient peoples considered were the Heralds most notable noble characteristics. However, as the Final Desolation begins in earnest on Roshar people should begin seeing that some of those previously dismissed holdovers have more relevance than was once believed. The Divine Attributes are one of those ancient concepts I believe should regain relevance as the spren return to fulfill that ancient contract. I am of the opinion that the Divine Attributes have a definite and direct relationship with the Oaths a Knight Radiant speaks to solidify the Nahel Bond with their spren. Both of the Attributes are important, although they are applied differently. One involves what the Knight pledges, the other is what the Knight achieves by said pledge. The issue with my theory is of course that although we've seen at least one person from every Knight Radiant order we've only seen the words for half of them. However, I believe that it's a good sample size, especially considering that they are not on the same side of the Double Eye chart. Another issue is that they don't necessarily always map to primary secondary as listed. But I'll lay out the examples of the Oaths we do have and how they map to the attributes. People can then decide for themselves. Bondsmith: Pious/Guiding I will unite instead of divide. I will bring men together. “I will take responsibility for what I have done. If I must fall, I will rise each time a better man. ” These Oaths are a guide for how men should live, especially if they are a Knight Radiant and double that if they are Bondsmiths. In adhering to these Oaths a Bondsmith strengthens their connection to God, becoming more pious almost by default. Windrunner: Protecting/Leading I will protect those who cannot protect themselves. I will protect even those I hate, so long as it is right.-Kaladin This one is much more straightforward. Protection is what they are all about, it's even in the wording. In following these Oaths one becomes a better leader, for the essence of a good leader is one who cares about people, both those they serve and those they command. Note that this isn't the only way to lead, but the Windrunner does imply that this is either the best way or at least the only way that they will accept. Skybreaker: Just/Confident I will put the law before all else. There are other Oaths, they're the only Order for which we have their complete list. But to summarize, they are all about law. Justice. A budding Skybreaker chooses to follow the law, something external to themselves for they do not trust their own interpretation, fearing their own bias. Although they never completely lose this worldview their Oaths are designed towards making that Skybreaker more confident in their interpretation of law. What else is the Ideal of Crusade for if not to test a worldview against a reality and seeing what comes out the other side? Lightweaver: Creative/Honest The only Order that swears only one Ideal and advances on Truths instead, the honesty portion of the Divine attributes is obvious. The creativity portion is implied however. The spren of their order generally chose people who are creative already. As they shine light into the dark corners of their soul they are able to rise to greater heights of creativity, the better they can use the pain they find as fuel for their art. And since they sit on Cultivation's side of the double Eye, the better they grow. Edgedancer: Loving/Healing I will remember those who have been forgotten. I will listen to those who have been ignored. Though traditionally fierce and elegant on the battlefield, Edgedancers are best known for their healing prowess. They do so through acts of love. They love the people who are in need of it, the people for whom love has passed by and by doing so they heal. Even Nale, an insane Immortal, was touched by the healing of an Edgedancer, no awesomeness required. As an Edgedancer progresses they will be better able to heal wounds Stormlight cannot touch because their capacity for love grows with each Oath given. I suspect that the other Orders will follow a similar pattern and we have some indications of this through personality types. Jasnah seems wise, Renarin is Learned or at least has the potential to be, Venli has shown resolve more than once in the narrative and Taln is the most dependable human ever born. However without the words we cannot be 100% sure. There's even some uncertainty with the Orders we do have words for; that list is not complete. But I am more confident in those, using Skybreakers as a guide. I'm certainly willing to discuss places where we agree or disagree.
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    I know that if I were in line to receive a spike I'd want the guy performing the procedure to be as knowledgeable as possible, and a license would reassure me greatly. I know I don't want some amateur you tuber spiking me under nearly any circumstance. In every book instance we've seen someone recieving a spike it has been through either Shardic intervention or practitioners who have performed the procedure dozens of times at least. Harmony hates the practice so Shardic intervention is likely out, and nobody knows enough about Hemalurgic practices to ensure that one is getting the desired attributes. There are over 300 bind points in a human body and intent is a hit or miss process when it comes down to it. I mean I know I'd be pissed to have someone die to give me strength and I end up a bronze ferring for instance. Still weak but I'll never be cold again. Great if I know what power I got. Not so great if I never discover my new gift.
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    slogs in after disappearing for a month Haven't been working too much. But here's two things. Background for a contest. And my character Freude in uniform. She's a vayron. I'm using her in an rp I joined on a whim.
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    Cobb stepped out of the classroom. Another batch of cadets, waiting for their time to die. What were we even fighting for anymore? Cobb thought as he limped to his office. Those scudding Disputers, what were they thinking? If we didn't defend ourselves from the Krell then we would all be killed. We couldn't live like roaches anymore. With all the flaws of the DDF, it was the best hope we had to survive. Cobb sat down at his desk and saw a piece of paper written in what was obviously code. "Scudding spies!!" He exclaimed and tore the paper to shreds. He didn't have time to play mind games. Now to focus on the task at hand. These disrupters weren't worth the time we were spending. We needed more resources for flying and training not for dealing with people whose feelings were hurt that surviving meant that people died. Once we won the war then we could work on being "democratic"
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    Well, Abstusity is definately[sic] bad! Unless he's not... Matbe[sic] StrikerEZ! But then again, no. ---- Taifend sat quietly at the lunchroom table, casting furtive glances around as his fellow luncheoners. Relaxed cheer filled the air all around, a hundred conversations mingling into one loud hubbub. Not exactly the kind of thing Taifend cared for in particular, but nothing overtly threatening in any way. Nothing to suggest that there were traitors hiding in the mix. But traitors there were, masking their dark intentions under facades of friendliness. Colleagues, friends… well, not his friends. He didn’t have any friends. But other people’s friends, they could be traitors, working to bring down the DDF from the inside. He shouldn’t know this. If this was broadly known, there would be distrust and bad feeling everywhere. Many people were disgruntled with the First Citizens and the DDF- that didn’t make them evil, but people could very well turn against them for it. Civil war was the last thing they needed- fight amongst themselves, and the Krell could very well wipe them out completely.
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    @KidpenYou got me there. I suppose my fate is sealed then? However, I'm curious as to where you got a d14. They aren't manufactured by any group I know of. At least... not within the law. I'm calling you out, Kidpen! For illegal possession of dice whose side count is not sanctioned by the Treaty of Skymaw, I hereby motion for your summary and painful execution. Your machinations will die today. There will be no mercy.
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    We all know that our favorite depressed Windrunner attracts a bunch of windspren while doing funky shenanigans. We also have this part in Edgedancer when Lift grows a tree and attracts an abnormal amount of lifespren. So then, are lifespren to cultivationspren the same as windspren to honorspren? There's a WoB out there that states that the windspren are relevant to the manifestation of Shardplate for Kaladin, could the same be said for Lift and lifespren? To me it makes sense because I don't think a Radiant spren has enough Investiture to manifest both as Blade and Plate, so they need some similar, lesser spren to form up Shardplate. So then would there be not one, but two types ofspren per Order? One for the Nahel Bond, and the other one attracted by the Knight's Surgebinding? For Lightweavers, my candidate would be creationspren, as we have multiple scenes in which Shallan draws for a while and attracts more creationspren than she had ever seen. A tentative one for Dustbringers would be flamespren, maybe? We haven't seen many of them in action though. For Bondsmiths, I would go with gloryspren, pretty obviously. And then there's that scene after the Battle of Thaylen City, when Jasnah is surrounded by geometric-looking spren. Anyway, this list could probably be extended a while, but I think we should pay attention to sequences where a Radiant attracts a lot of lesser spren, more than usual. Thoughts on my wacky, barely-founded theory?
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    Hello everybody! I for one am pretty hyped for this game. At the moment the most suspicious person to me is (rolls d14) Abstrusity. @Abstrusity the fact that you haven't posted despite the cycle being up for a whole (checks time stamp) 7 minutes is rather suspicious. Any thoughts?
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    I agree that you shouldn't simply make a character LGBT just to check a box. However, you can always look for opportunities where such a character would better fit the story or add more to it than a straight\cisgender one. And I'm not talking about stories where the entire plot revolves around LGBT themes. I'm talking about much subtler ways that an LGBT protagonist could lend themself to the plot. To make a comparison, Vin in her original form was male. When Brandon began writing what we now know as Mistborn, he realized that a female protagonist would be a much better match than a male one.
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    @Honorless here it is bluntly and recently.
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    I'd rather get to new stuff. You could always just include a little summary of how the last part changed. That's fine with me. With the following week being shorter, the two subs will end up averaging out to the right lengths. And I get so caught up in your subs that I probably wouldn't even notice the extra words.
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    Yaaaaaaaaay Valentines Day!!! I’m still single..... BUT, I want you guys on the Shard to know, you guys are the best, and I love all y’all!
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    Here's a handy chart And good definitions https://coppermind.net/wiki/Surge
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    raw gems passivly absorb, but can be charged, and gems in people have to be charged, like metal minds almost
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    Or maybe like a Knight Radiant, pre-Nahel Bond. Interesting that they should be having this conversation, seeing as Shallan herself, in the loosest definition, might be considered mad- in fact, three times so. Each of Shallan's personas seems to be majorly flawed in their own way: We all know how Shallan is broken. She killed her mother. Her father treated her like she was untouchable, and she had to watch those around her tortured because of her father's rage. Brightness Radiant was modeled after Jasnah, who has her own set of problems. This is shown through the fact that she is a Radiant, and they need to have some “cracks” in order to form a Zahel bond with a spren. Veil might be the least broken out of all of Shallan’s personas. However, she does come off as a bit aloof, which might make it hard for her to make friends and acquaintances. Thinking about this lead me to a question: Many of the Cosmere characters, specifically the KR in the Stormlight Archive, are characterized majorly by flaws. Do each of Shallan’s personas have different souls? If each of her personas had a different soul in the Cognitive Realm, this could lead to some interesting possibilities. Maybe the "master persona" named Shallan could end up bonding with three different spren, making her some extra-powerful tri-spren radiant. (That's a total stretch, though.) Or, maybe because Brightness Radiant is modeled after an Elsecaller, conflict occurs between Brightness Radiant and Shallan, as Shallan is a Lightweaver. Also, I'm curious to see how Brightness Radiant and Veil appear in later Stormlight Archive books, especially because Shallan is going to try being herself more often than her other personas: Brightness Radiant and Veil might interfere with that plan... Just a theory, though. Thoughts?
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    I have a theory that a willing donor may mitigate some of those (due to intent being very important in the Cosmere), and having only one spike doesn’t seem to cause issues - otherwise I doubt Saze would have the Kandra give out Spike earrings. Vin’s Spike earring didn’t really cause her issues until Ruin started to get free. And yes, the idea isn’t that there would be a lot of these. It’s something that people who are already dying, and are planning to use medical intervention to speed it up, can do to give their families a literal piece of themselves to keep. Though I do foresee some members of poor families doing the procedure to give their children an inheritance. But, for the most part, I think they’d be sacred family heirlooms. I do think Feruchemical gold and Allomantic pewter spikes would save lives though. To use a medallion, you need to know what it is. If you have gold feruchemy or Pewter allomancy, it seems you can unconsciously use it in extreme situations. For people who are unconscious, or children too young to understand, the spikes could allow them to be saved. Children under a certain age will not be able to use medallions. So that is where many hospitals will look for people willing to donate those abilities.
  34. 2 points
    She probably told the priests she wanted to experiment with art and stuff, and since chalk would rub off before it could be used for communicating outside the palace, it was the safest option, so they decided to let it go.
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    Vivica was briefly comforted by the familiar walls and doors of one of the R&D Alleys, and she ran a few fingers along the patina of red and brown with a small smile. Why, just the other day, she'd found a visitor wandering through here; that had been fun. Maybe Vivica could invite Nox by when she found another visitor. The people who wandered in always had a special energy about them, a frantic, glorious staccato beat that some of the more standard experiment volunteers lacked. Vivica loved surprises. She especially loved being the surprise. Her fond reminiscence was brutally stripped away when Nox mentioned Grey. Grey and Sierra... She had left them. Left them for the fire. "I-I..." Vivica swallowed, hard, and gripped Nox's hand tighter. "I don't know. I told them - I told them! But they wouldn't listen, wouldn't listen to me. Just kept eating. And Sierra had just had such a lovely experiment too." She felt tears gather at the corners of her eyes. "It's all there, in the notes," she gave a little hiccup and wiped at her eyes. "Maybe they got out. Grey's so clever, you know. But I had to leave. I couldn't let myself die there, I just couldn't! I just came up with a new recipe today, and I haven't even gotten a chance to test it. I had to go. I had to go." She started down the Alley, still holding onto Nox's hand. The smell of smoke had managed to wend its way in here, too. Faint, but persistent. Her breath quickened. "The safe place, Nox," she said, fighting to keep herself from screaming. "Where is it?" @Voidus
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    First of all Fanboy fanatics do not rant, no we definitely and most assuredly do not! We expound! Yes! We definitely expound, at great length, mind you. Reading that last chapter in OB, I'm pretty sure that the overcharge is done by opening the perpendicularity. Possibly, but I'm none to sanguine about it. Stormfather was something of a one-off as Tanavast gave it his proxy when he died. So to speak. Because as I said, that is one big battery, supplying the needs of a city, a whole entire city! One gem at a time wouldn't make a millionth of a dent in the energy needs. In fact when they tried to infuse stormlight into it it had no visible effect. I believe that it was siphoned away so quickly into the 'wiring/strata' of the city it didn't even glimmer! I really don't think so. See that is the thing that was bothering me. The black one does more or less match the description of an Inkspren, but the white one doesn't look anything like a Reacher/Lightspren.
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    'Zkz' qhe 'wlvoodyvdi' qcv jmwwlvoove, rbm.
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    Just testing how to write things.
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    It would cancel both, since it's technically one vote with the power of two. There is no limit to the number of radios available.
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    Just to clarify, I am not trying to convince you to see Edelgard in a better light, and Rhea in a worse light. My intention was Edelgard's "worser" actions that I believe led you to see her so unfavorably did not take place on her run because Byleth was there bringing out her best. Just like (to me), Rhea's "worser" actions occurred in Crimson Flower because Byleth didn't inspire her to be "better". It is brought down to a defining moment. Same with my Age of Apoclypse example. One moment. One choice of the protagonist completely changes the other character's entire arc. So I will be happy to go at length in spoilers if you will like, but the TLDR portion is I feel Dalinar had the capability to change and be better all along. There are scenes that show as much. That shshshsh saw in Dalinar what no one else did, but it was there already. The tradegy for me is that in the world Dalinar was in, he did not have the time or space to nurture that side. That is why who stepped in, stepped in. The fact (to me) that she said it could have just as easily gone the other way, says to me that it had to be Dalinar at the end of the day that had to change. That he had to be the one to bring out that side of him. To be clear not saying he is not responsible for his actions. Just I do feel Dalinar was always capable of changing, and the Dalinar we know now and love was always possible and present. I think had circumstances been different, the Dalinar we know and love could have come to be on his own, without the memory loss.
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    me too. just because she was not interested in wayne, it didn't mean anything. I learned that she was lesbian in the commentary. and how many lines of text are devoted to her being lesbian? in the first book wax says that he doesn't think she is interested in any man. in the second, someone tells wayne that she has a girlfriend. and in the third wayne makes one single suggestion about it. since all those instances (and any i may have forgotten to include) are all related to wayne trying to hit on her to her dismay, I would that even if you wanted to have her sexuality as her dominant trait, then it's not being a lesbian, but being wayne's love interest for the first two books: Ranette: the gun-toting lesbian unrequited coprotagonist's love interest. not that she does much toting in the first place; she makes the guns, i don't remember her using them. I'd liken her to a sort of Q
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    First thank you. Second, its just that the past and a half has been so hard and unkind that for me to unburden all of that here at times felt unfair even though I know that all of you are the greatest and really do want to help.
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    FT raced down an alleyway, Narration flowing off of him like fog. Three lumbering jelly babies crashed through a pile of crates behind him.
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    This raises a question for me, slightly off topic so forgive me. Say someone broke a vase a century ago and everyone who thought of that vase as a vase has long died. Then someone else comes along, sees the shards and reconstructs the vase. Does that reconstructed vase get its same soul back via Spiritual Realm shenanigans or does it get a new soul?
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    Nath. You always feel comfortable posting here. If you don’t want to, don’t. But don’t think that anyone here will hold anything against you. We honestly just want to help. I sympathize Nath. Friendships falling apart. It hurts. It really does. Especially when it’s in such a violent manner. I feel bad for you, I really do. And I’m so sorry that you had to go through this. *hugs* *just keeps on hugging* You’re awesome okay? Remember that.
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    I posted a theory once way back, the wast majority of the post never made it to the board due to tenichal issues, one of the lines of reasoning that I think we're lost was about the attributes. The idea is that each nahel bond is represented by two mixtures of Honor and Cultivation, one that is mainly Honor and one that is mainly Cultivation. Matching the attributes to the double eye and walking clockwise the right hand side has orders with falling Honor and growing Cultivation, vice versa on the left hand side. On the top side you have orders where Honor is dominant and the bottom side where Cultivation is dominant. In This model honesty is a secondary attribute but is actually Honors attribute for lightweavers. Honor being the Almighty in Vorin Faith it makes sense for his attributes to become the Divine attributes regardless of what the demonized Raidiants consider primary/secondary.
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    Probably not the answer your looking for, but I'm betting he's just insane. Honestly the only way to figure something out might be to just ask Brandon yourself if anything is up.
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    I agree with pretty much with every thing you said exempt the part where you said that Sarene was annoying. i guess i see what you mean but i still don't totally agree.
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    They are absolutely glowing/lit from within somehow... Time to start digging!
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    I've thought it would be interesting if Shallan's final ideal was something along the lines of: "I am a lie" Not only is she stating a truth, but this ideal is similar to the final skybreaker ideal of "I am law" (though lightweaver ideals are different from the others, so...)
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