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    The first book Mistborn Era 3 will open with a bank robbery. A coinshot bank robber will be flying over the city with a sack of money under one arm, raining bills down on the people below. The actual first line of narration will be: "Cash fell from the sky."
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    I'll take a swing at the mental health angle, since that's a large part of what I do. Kaladin is pretty straightforward so I'll agree on depression absolutely. Shallan is kind of impossible to diagnose. She doesn't have PTSD, although that term gets overused extensively by the lay community. I would classify her as "childhood trauma", with everything else being a coping mechanism related to that. She's demonstrated avoidance mechanisms, and occasional panic attacks as a result. She has something like a borderline personality disorder also occurring. The "multiple personalities" thing seems to be more a side effect of overuse of her illusion magic than an organic cause as Hoid seems immediately familiar with her problems. I think "Anger Management / Rage" are more the core mental health problems of Dalinar's psychological functioning. Dalinar uses alcohol as a means to an end (self-treating other mental health anguishes), rather than as an end to itself. It is a substance misuse problem, but I wouldn't qualify it as a classic addiction scenario. Indeed he has shown the ability to stop alcohol consumption rather rapidly at multiple points, and doesn't have that constant desire/craving to consume alcohol that is so central to addiction. Teft is a much better example of true substance abuse disorder, the craving to use is always there and he fears regressing into addiction whenever he has free time or expendable income. Alcohol is something Dalinar uses to retreat from the anguish of Evi's loss and later to hide of the re-awakening thrill he feels at Vedenar, he doesn't have a single minded fixation on using alcohol itself just to use it though. Also the alcohol benders are a fairly recent change for him, Dalinar's rage and the consequences of him letting it out have been a black mark on his career as far back as we have flashbacks though.Szeth has a cult mentality. That's not necessarily a diagnosis, but his need to follow an authority it is the source of his problems. For Renarin I'd note that Aspergers as a terminology has been phased out. Autism spectrum (high functioning) would probably be the more correct term. Even with that diagnosis though, I'm not completely convinced. Renarin has certainly shown a large degree of social awkwardness and likely has a history of bullying, but we haven't seen him grossly misunderstanding social cues from others though or acting unusually inappropriate in social settings beyond excessive fidgeting. Jasnah we don't know enough about. She had some sort of acute "madness" as a child, but the fact that it hasn't recurred makes a diagnosis of schizophrenia pretty unlikely. I think she also had some sort of traumatic event occur as child, and the extreme anger+violence she showed to the potential rapist/murderers in Khabranth, along with her comment about learning that even those you love can hurt you probably offers us a sad clue of what kind of trauma she experienced. It will likely be many books before we get a clear picture of her past though. Taln seems like a classic PTSD case. Even after his mind was temporarily restored by Dalinar's rush of stormlight and he started talking lucidly and hopefully, Ash later notes that the sights and sounds of battle reduced him to a catatonic crying mess. He seems like the classic soldier case of PTSD. We'll probably see more of this later. Ash is OCD. Her compulsion is to destroy any images of herself. The scene where she forces herself to look downwards because she knows that if she sees any images of herself she will need to destroy them is a giveaway. It's not a thing she chooses to do, it's a compulsive behavior.
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    Update #6 just dropped! No new plot information, but it looks like we can be cautiously optimistic about a 2020 release!!
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    Oathbringer: BoM
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    Spoilers All Series, but I am POSITIVE I know the fate of Roshar
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    With Queen Tsa. I think Hoid's story of the Moon Gods is describing the shardic Soap Opera that went down. The short version of the story is that a very clever mortal queen tricked the celestial entity that is female and color-coded Green to trade places for a day, only to later discover that it was all a scam to have a night and a child with the male celestial being color-coded White. That translates to Cultivation voluntarily giving up her Shard (which they can do by WOB), temporarily entrusting it to a Mortal so that she (cultivation) could experience Mortal life again. This put Honor in a pickle, because the rationale behind how he is Oaths (like the non-interference deal among the Shards) is based on the Fact that Cultivation and his Wife are the same being, and suddenly that was no longer the case. Now, whether he made any actual Choice to "mingle" with the Temporary Cultivation, or if their mutual Investment in Roshar caused it automatically, I cant really say. But either way, he had made multiple Oaths in the past that were now in conflict: Either his pre-existing marriage trumps the Shardic Deal, or Possessing a Shard takes precedence. Either he had made a baby with a woman that he was not married to, or he had Co-habitated with another Shard and violated the agreement between the 16 that supersedes his mortal marriage. *Note: This is based on the assumption that Honor was rationalizing staying with Cultivation via their pre-existing marriage, that it would not be "interference" to settle with your own spouse. There are a few fun possible implications of this: Queen Tsa would then be a Sliver Queen Tsa might have then been Unmade. Having that sort of direct Connection to Honor and Cultivation could explain why Ba-Ado-Mishram is uniquely able to Channel Voidlight, or why Sja-Anat is able to Corrupt Spren that are made of some mix of Honor and Cultivation. Nohadon could be of this bloodline. WOB is that Vessels can have Babies, and that it would have effects. We know that Nohadon was "Someone Special" even among surgebinders and kings, and was not a Herald (but per that vision at least was indeed a Surgebinder). Kaladin might be of this bloodline. WOB says that the Stormfather calling Kaladin, specifically, a Son of Tanavast is significant. This would explain why. Queen Tsa...Tsa..T.S.A.... The Stormlight Archive? Queen Tsa is the hidden secret of The Stormlight Archive? EDIT: Went ahead and started a thread to kick the idea around
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    ... I KNEW I didn't search for that! Side note, but this also implies that Harmony can send text messages once they have the technology.
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    Tleir was unused to all this … dryness. It wasn’t right for a woman to spend so much time away from the Purelake. The sooner Brightness Drella could be found, the sooner Tleir could find her way home. For now though, it was a life of stony ground, cold weather, and dim light, with the only water coming from those all-too-frequent Highstorms. Such were the sacrifices required for a woman who gotten far too deep into debt. Tleir elected to take a walk during the night. Adolin had almost been killed last night, but surely Brightness Drella wasn’t on any assassin’s hit list. The need to take a break from the hasty Alethi was overwhelming. King Elhokar was insistent that the Ghostbloods be exterminated immediately, but Tleir couldn’t see why this whole situation couldn’t be resolved over a nice bowl of fish stew. Besides, she thought bitterly, Sebarial deserved whatever that Shardbearer had been trying to do. As soon as the thought crossed her mind, she took a deep breath and tried to think of happy memories from the Purelake. Tleir was so focused on these recollections, she didn’t notice where she was going until she found herself near the chasm where Hymnyes had died the day before. Someone else was already here, reaching their hand out in what seemed like a friendly gesture. Tleir briefly began to walk towards the obscured figure, but quickly changed her mind when a six foot, wickedly curved blade dropped into that outstretched hand. Three months in these Vun Makak blessed warcamps, and she still refused to wear shoes. There were no lakes to dip her feet in, but there was no way she would cover her feet in such a restrictive manner. This was, at times, inconvenient. Her feet were calloused enough that mere walking wasn’t painful, but running barefoot on the rough stone ground was another story. Running away from the angry Shardbearer, Tleir briefly considered whether it may have been expedient to commission some sort of footwear for special occasions. The rest of her concentration was focused on finding a good place to hide. Risking a quick glance behind her, she saw that the Shardbearer was now far too close. There would be no time to reach a tent before she was caught and killed. There would be only one chance to escape, short of fighting the Shardbearer and inevitably dying. Offering a silent prayer to Nu Ralik, Tleir dove to the ground and rolled, narrowly dodging a horizontal slice. Stumbling to her feet, she raced towards the chasm. Ellarel had survived a fall, so surely she could as well. Perhaps the Shardbearer wouldn’t be willing to follow. When she reached the edge of the cliff, she hesitated for a second too long. One swing of the blade later, and Tleir found herself unable to feel her lower right leg. More hurriedly than she’d done anything else in her life, Tleir allowed herself to tumble into the chasm, attempting to land on her now useless right leg. She plummeted through the air and crashed into the ground right foot first, shattering every dead bone. Despite the pain, she forced herself to crawl a few meters away from the landing site and hide deep in the shadows. Far above, the Shardbearer sighed and dismissed their blade. It wasn’t worth it to continue chasing after their target tonight. Brightness Deeli Dohila simply hated her name. The storming alliteration, and the hair's breadth away it was from rhyming lended itself far too well to nicknames of the most annoying sort. It was so hard to get respect when you would go from reveling in the success of your latest scheme to being referred as Brightness DD by Queen Aesudan herself. She sighed as she walked through the halls of the palace. She still didn’t know why she had been called there. The note seemed to indicate it was from the King, but the messenger had been strangely mute on the topic. He escorted her as she made her way to the location indicated in the missive. Even if there was only the smallest chance it was in reality the King, or one of the Kholins, it would be a mistake to ignore the message. She turned the corner of the hallway, then entered a small room. It was small, dank, seemingly unused. A bizarre location for a meeting with a Brightlady of the Fourth Dahn. She had turned to ask the messenger if she was in the right location, when she found the dagger planted in her side. Her breath caught, the pain unfurling through her body as blood blossomed from the wound. She fell to her knees, desperately praying to the Almighty. Her hands scrambled to patch the wound, to cover the rivers of blood as they spread over the field of orange lace on her side, then fell still. Three sharp knocks came on the door to the bridgeman barracks. Lopen stirred, muttering groggily. “We’re supposed to be day shift. Teft, see what that guy wants?” The door had already been opened by a surprised Sigzil, though, who eyed the newcomer warily. His clothes were not akin to anything he had seen in the Alethi courts, but the basic design was Vorin, albeit in the style of a military uniform similar to Dalinar’s, and not frilled with the lace favoured by so much of lighteyed society. It was underneath a bulky blue jacket, with an odd insignia on its breast, and the hood sporting the same pattern drawn up over the man’s head, casting his face in shadow. There was no sword at his side, though Lopen did note the array of knives hanging around his belt and the equally impressive number mostly hidden, which his clothing betrayed. The visitor inclined his head to the lounging bridgemen. “Hello,” he stated simply. “I am looking for somebody to take me to the Highprince of War. It is an urgent matter, and I have something to deliver to him. As you are his guards, will you escort me to him?” “I assume you’re delivering that hefty package of knives inside your coat to him, gancho?” Lopen called back, his hand resting casually on his spear. “I’m afraid the Highprince will have to wait to receive those another day.” He raised an eyebrow at Teft, who slid over and placed himself between the door and the man, who remained at ease. Lopen found himself annoyed at the insolent posture—he looked more like a haughty street merchant sizing up customers than a man surrounded by highly capable fighters. “What do you want? Who are you?” he repeated. Smiling slightly, the man drew back his hood, revealing a face weathered by the years, yet which retained all its vigour in the discerning eye cast upon the bridgemen each in turn. Sigzil beside him squirmed at the gaze, averting his eyes, but Lopen grit his teeth and looked back into them, burning with frustration, which overrode the other feelings within him. “Your bravery is admirable, if unnecessary,” the newcomer replied easily. “If you must know, it is a letter, and contains nothing more than a missive from another who need not immediately concern you. Its contents, regardless, are not for your ears.” He frowned at the second question. “I am known as Domand, but that is not important. The information I have for Dalinar is important. If you’re quite done with me, will you take me to him? I do not lie in saying that my counsel is urgent.” “Not with that coat on, gancho,” Lopen replied. “Every knife you have stays here, and don’t think we’re dumb enough to mi—” Lopen’s voice cut off as a Shardblade appeared in Domand’s hand. “I do not need such instruments anyway,” he said slowly. “I have this—if I wanted to, I could slaughter him and you. Your loyalty is admirable, but it approaches foolhardiness. Let’s go to Dalinar.” Sart was attacked, but survived! Furamirionind was killed! He was a Noble with a Painrial. Day 3 has begun! It will end in approximately 47 hours, at 9 PM EST on Monday 18 November. Any PM which STINK began is no longer open. All other spanreed PMs may be continually used, though no new ones may be opened this cycle. There will be a lynch today, with no vote minimum to kill. Thanks once again to Devotary and Snip for help with the writeup. Good luck! Player List:
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    I'm a sucker for a good landscape. Today had one of those sunrises that just makes my soul ache and I wanted to grab people and make them appreciate it. Extra clear air quality. The mountains were a deeper indigo at their bottoms, but then at their peaks the red morning light was doing that awesome thing where the mountains looked purple and orange at the same time, in a way I can't describe well. Not mixed or in a gradient, but as if two colors were occupying the same spot. Above them the sky was doing a quick fade from pink to light blue, and a flawlessly round, bright white moon just punched through the picture.
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    One of the times Hoid got mixed up in religion he was just trying to hasten the invention of instant noodles and got a little carried away
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    You want ridiculous?! I'll give you ridiculous! (quoting myself from a previous post)
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    A! @Elbereth Gilthoniel! (Warning, image-heavy meme)
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    Okay, this one wins, period: I am. In shock.
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    Elrond sighed. “We are agreed, then,” he said finally, glad to have the discussion finished with for now. “Rath shall go.” The sun was setting, now, flaring the brilliant autumn leaves even redder but leaving the courtyard below in shadows. They had talked for hours upon hours, trying to decide after even Ulmo failed who might have a chance not to be corrupted. They’d finally settled on Rath, a dwarf from the Lonely Mountain who had come bringing dire tidings. He’d be going back in that direction regardless, and the Council thought that perhaps if the powerful could be corrupted so easily, the weak and insignificant might have more of a chance. Elrond looked at the Ring hanging around Gwendolyn’s neck - even he could feel its pull for a moment, and he wondered if it would be better not to keep it far from this Council, in case it could somehow be influencing their minds. But he knew that was foolishness. The Ring could not see or hear. It could only allure and corrupt. And it seemed to have corrupted even a Vala, which he’d not thought possible. Even if it could not touch his thoughts, he would not venture near it. Just to be safe. The first frosts of winter had begun to bite by the time the Fellowship finally set off. Rath smiled, breathing in the crisp air. Rivendell has been a lovely comfort, to be sure, but he was glad to be going out into the world again. Too much calm, too many Elves. Couldn’t turn a corner without seeing one, and he couldn’t help but feel that they were always watching him. “Let’s go, then,” the dwarf said, impatient with farewells, and started walking without a backward glance. He could hear his companions following behind. A motley lot, he reflected, but perhaps enough to get the job done. He could only hope: hope that none of them were already corrupted by the Ring, hope that Sauron’s servants could not find them, hope that they would make it in time to save Middle Earth. He could only hope. Ulmo was not with them, of course. He had no need for it: he was in every spring and stream, any water that touched the Sea. And beside, the Fellowship had made it clear he was not wanted among their number. That was fine - he had only been there, in truth, to bring his Chosen onto this Fellowship if he could. The world would rest on them yet more than him, now. He hoped they would be up to the task. Rath was one of the Free People of Arda! Vote Count: Aman (2): Kas, Striker Bard (1): Coda Elbereth (1): Straw Rath (3): Aman, Fifth, Wonko Wibble (1): Bard Cycle 3 has begun; etc etc sorry but I’ve got to go!
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    Here's my line of logic: 1. Warbreaker, and thus Vasher and Nightblood, is a prologue to the SA. 2. If Warbreaker is a prologue, Awakening is going to have to be described at some point during the 10 book SA. 3. The back 5 books are the perfect point to introduce a new magic system that can compliment the existing systems. (Especially if book 5 ends with the destruction of Roshar and escape to Nalthis.) 4. Lift is also important. In a world of no highstorms, she will be possibly the only Radiant who can reliably use their Surgebinding. (I imagine some Radiants will have issue using Breaths to fuel Suregbinding.) Put all that together and what do you get? Vasher Awakens a cupcake with his Divine Breath, Lift eats said cupcake, and thus becomes a Returned Edgedancer Awakener wielder of Nightblood. If Odium is not dead by that point, the rest of the SA is about him fleeing in terror.
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    I had my first wrestling match of the season! I lost, but that guy was REALLY buff! I didn't get pinned! He almost strangled me though! Also, the braces I got last tuesday have almost stopped hurting my teeth enough that I can eat regular food! Wrestling is fun! Ramen is delicious! I don't know why I'm putting an exclamation point after every sentence! YAY!
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    This theory is terrifyingly plausible sounding. If I were an author I would want to make my readers grow to love the world itself and then show them how it died. I always thought would be extra horrifying if we had gotten to know Alderaan before it was destroyed... Even the fact that the Herald's viewpoints are saved for books 5-10 makes sense! They were refugees and their viewpoints would fit into a post-apocalypse story nicely, as a comparison. You win Most Horrifying Theory. Now someone please disprove it quickly, for my sanity...
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    I've fallen in love with this meme format @Shard of Thought @ZincAboutIt
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    I'm sorry, but "Character: Atheist" got a chuckle out of me "Please hand me the salt," Jasnah said, atheistically.
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    Welcome to the Shard! One comment on Hoid, we don't know that he's actually able to perform Sand Mastery, we just know that he has some sand. Brandon has mentioned that even if you can't Master it, the stuff makes for a handy sort of Investiture Radar because it will react to any 'kinetic' Investiture used in its vicinity. As @RShara said, there really hasn't been much multi-world magic actually seen other than Hoid, in the sense of a character having direct access to multiple systems and using them in combination. Brandon has said that he thinks he's included at least one instance of hemalurgy being used off Scadrail but it's not meant to be noticeable, but that would potentially count if our mystery spiked person also had access to a non-Scadrian magic system. Brandon has confirmed it outside the books. Vasher has tried using Stormlight to Awaken but hasn't worked it out yet, but he's able to survive off it just fine in place of consuming the usual Breath per week. It's actually why he chose to go to Roshar in the first place, because it's much easier and less distasteful to get Investiture to feed his Divine Breath there. Brandon confirmed (again outside the books) that the man in the lighthouse is the hoed who shows Raoden and the others the way to the pool above Elantris and is then placed in it. Somehow he survived the transition to the Cognitive Realm and he wound up joining the Ire. It's possible they had a hand in his survival. There are a couple visual clues to his identity, the bald head, the fact that Kaladin thinks he looks really old and the fact that he 'looks Shin' which is a pretty good indication of a worldhopper who's not trying very hard to blend in. His name's also very Aonic-sounding. And then there's the real big hint: He swears by 'Merciful Domi' when he realizes Kaladin is a Surgebinder. Yes, but that means that he's got a bit of Odium's Investiture mixed in with what he's doing, so it's a combination of magic that's not 'natural', even if it's magic from the same planetary system rather than entirely different worlds. Brandon confirmed that Renarin's got some Voidbinding ability which is likely (but not confirmed) to be related to his apparent inability to use Illumination. We know that the metal comes from a Shard and it's one that we already know about, and 'Trell' and this Shard are one and the same. The most common theory and the one best supported by the evidence is that the metal comes from Autonomy.
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    I never understood why people find Shallan chapters boring. To be honest, in The Way of Kings I had kind of trouble time reading the part 2 of the book thanks to her absence. The fact she was outside Shattared Plains made them even more refreshing, loved the fact she was there to actually seal Jasnah soulcast and how everything ends, this arc has pretty much the three best plot twists of this book: Kabsal been one of the ghostbloods (and Shallan's father been related to them as well), Taravangian been Szeth's hidden master and of course the most important one, the Parshman actually been the voidbringers (this one was mindblowing af). The story plot that I never enjoyed was Kaladin's. Not because of the character, cause I love him. But never find his chapters interesting at all (except his flashbacks), like it was just him trying to survive alongside with his crewmates, it was the chapters with the least impact to Stormlight world-building and main arc (fight against Parshman and gods). I loved how the things end though, beautiful and even poetic. In the next books Shallan joined shattared plains, so we didn't have the refreshment of seeing other places anymore, but her journey until the city was nice, and even after she finally gets there, we still having funny moments and interactions with her and Adolin and Kaladin. And of course, she still had a cool story arc discovering about voidbringers, ghostbloods and trying to find Urithiru, she was like pretty much the character who made the whole story to progress. I agree her chapters on Oathbringer was a step down, but to be honest I just didn't find this book as enjoyable as the first two. The first part of the book was fine, with Kaladin expedition trough Alethkar and Dalinar trying to be a politician, and also Shallan trying to investigate about the Unmade along with Adolin. But the second part of the book was a bit filler, it was essentially just Shallan and Kaladin trying to organize their own orders with only Moash and Dalinar making the story to really progress. I have no idea why only her chapters were the boring ones, when she was pretty much in the same story arc with 2 other characters (Kaladin and Adolin) during 2 parts of the book. I kinda understand why people might find both Kholinar invasion and Shadesmar arc boring, but not specially her chapters been the only boring ones.
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    We know that there is Spren that live in the sea so is it possible that the Parshendi, if they attract the right Spren could transform into a Merman type form. If this is possible I could imagine a scenario were a group of Parshendi go sick of all the constant desolation's and escaped to the sea were the Fused and Heralds wouldn't be able to find them.
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    The earth is watching the big prowl the zombie lizard The sunset The sun at noon entropy king pokey hat spikey floor Cold center evening fork stabby bed the US east coast Dark skyscrapers nocturnal end of winter
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    Wildest Current Theory: That Endowment Created/Invented the Returned using the Heralds as a template (or vice verse). Then she sent arranged for Returned to visit Roshar, who helped the Local Spren develop the Radiant Orders (note the Five Ideals, which is Endowment/Nalthis's magic number). Later she sent another wave of Returned (the Five Scholars) to Roshar to use the Radiant Shardblades as a template for Nightblood. All this was made possible by a complicit (if not actively coordinating) Cultivation, with the ultimate goal of creating Nightblood (ie Chekhov's Shardblade), a weapon conceived by mortals (giving the other Shards deniability) that is capable of defeating a Shard Vessel.
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    Yuriel smiled, gracefully accepting the nomination. “I promise you,” she said in a clear voice, “the Ring has no power to corrupt me now. I will see it destroyed no matter the cost. This I swear.” She meant it. After seeing her husband go mad from the Ring, and after what she’d had to do to stop him... Revenge was worth the cost at any price. She glanced over at Gwendolyn, who was staring intensely at whatever was in her hands - some kind of tool, but she wasn’t certain what. The girl seemed strange, but Yuriel hadn’t seen true madness in her eyes. Not yet, at least. But she would be watching. Elrond smiles at her. “You are excused from the Council if you wish,” he said. “I know you have many preparations to make.” She rose to her feet and bowed. “I will take my leave, then. Thank you.” She walked out unhurriedly, but her steps quickened once she was out of sight. She had so much to do - so many decisions to make! Perhaps she would take a few items with her to sell if she could? Although she wasn’t sure if she would find any customers out in such wildernesses as she heard the world now was. Later that day, Aranmir came to Elrond with a request. Elrond considered, then nodded. “Yuriel may be needed to help with the craftsmanship,” he noted. “She’ll be displeased to be taken away from her preparations, but she’ll have to manage.” Aranmir nodded. “Thank you, Lord Elrond. I’m sorry to trouble you, but...” “It is an important matter,” Elrond replied. “It will be done.” She hadn’t left Imladris in... Yuriel had lost track of the centuries. Not since her husband died, at least, and that was long ago indeed. She looked askance at the trees surrounding them, grown wild and strange. She wasn’t used to seeing wilderness completely untouched by friendly hands, left to its own devices. Even from what she remembered, the world had seemed... more ordered, then. Now it was wild and dark. She lay in her bedroll, staring up at the stars and listening to the breath of her sleeping companions. Elbereth, watch over me, she prayed to the glimmers of light above. Keep our journey safe and our hearts free from corruption or despair. The stars gave no response, but she hadn’t expected them to. Yuriel knew Elbereth had heard, regardless. She could only hope it would be enough. Amanuensis was one of the Free People of Arda! Cycle 4 has begun. It will end in 47 hours. Vote Count Aman (4): Aragorn, Bard, Pejidot , Striker Burnt (1): Fifth Elbereth (1): Straw Fifth (2): Coda, Wonko Straw (1): Kas Player List Have fun!
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    You're presupposing that your conclusion is true here in order to create an anagram that proves itself. In other words, you're doing your logic backwards. Also, as far as I'm aware Brandon has never confirmed that the anagram in Adonalsium is anything but a coincidence. We know where Brandon got the name from and it's entirely possible he picked the exact tweaks he made to the original word for aesthetic reasons that have nothing to do with creating anagrams. Not being a test does not require that they'd already tried it and succeeded, it just means they knew what the orb was supposed to do and they expected it to work the way it did. The same could be said for Odium's splintering of Devotion and Dominion; he knew what he wanted to do, he wasn't 'testing' whether he could splinter a Shard but he was actively splintering a Shard and it worked out, just not quite like he'd hoped in the long term. Just like the Ire and the orb. For your theory to work you'd also need to explain how the Ire managed to find a Shard that was in a position to be taken. They only moved on Preservation because they knew that Leras was about to die and the Shard would be open for the taking. The only force we know that's in a position to actually kill other Shards is Odium and he's been trapped for thousands of years. Literally all Investiture other than the Dor comes from the Spiritual Realm, some of it just condenses in Physical form. Allomancy's power comes from the Spiritual and metal seen Cognitively glows because of the power trying to come through it from the Spiritual, Stormlight glows because of power flowing through from the Spiritual, Selish magics originally would have drawn power from the Spiritual Realm before Odium stuffed it into the Cognitive Realm and created the massive Investiture plasma storm that is the Dor... Also, you're conflating two different things here. Khriss describes Taldain and Vax together in the process of Initiation, that is how you get access to magic associated with those places. She's not saying anything about where the Investiture in those systems comes from. Literally all we know is that Initiation on Taldain and Vax are different from any other system mentioned in that Ars Arcanum entry.
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    This is the fourth of a planned nine posts outlining the model for the remaining six shards, and it is this post which contains the most speculation, as it covers three of those six. Before we go into that though, I wish to note two things. First is that recently Wisdom was revealed to not be a shard name but to still be a fairly accurate description of a shard that might exist. This actually works well with this theory, as these aren't supposed to be the exact names, but rather the descriptions of the shards. This also supports the theory of Honour being a reference for the others with each Order matching a shard (or maybe more, which I will elaborate on later), with the Wisdomesque shard being combined with Honour to form Wisdom with the Elsecaller Order reference. Either way Wisdom will be used as the main name for this shard in this, but alternatives, like Logic, Foresight, etc. could be used also. Second is that I am working on a revision to the example graphic above with more detail and some corrections based on further thoughts, but this will still take a while. It basically is going to be a summary of all nine posts. However this will take some time to do and I have a lot of high priority things to do. Now, lets look at this last group, the shard which describe "HOW you should THINK". Lets start with Odium. Odium is in the CHAOS section. What does that mean? In typical - and inaccurate - fashion, lets consider the diametrically opposed ideas. That is, the ideas typically considered diametrically opposed: logic, and emotion. So CHAOS in this case is emotion. Note that the bottom of this post will hopefully address an issue with that, but also explain why this breakdown makes sense. Odium is the Chaotic, any method shard. Or in other words, the emotional focused on the immediate future shard. The idea of emotion in the now. How do you feel right now? Are you angry, happy, sad? Then take actions according to those feelings. Strike out now! Or is some patience warranted? Yes ... Yes ... A little patience, a little planning, but let your heart do the thinking. Revenge is a dish best served cold, but maybe room temperature is better. Unless, of course, you stop caring about that because something else is stirring your feelings. (Odium - short term heart thinking) Next up in this section is the Chaos, the right way shard. The shard of Dreams, Goals, Desires, Optimism. The world is AMAZING! The world has so many amazing things in it! And the world can be even more than that! Look to the future, what in the future would make your heart sing? What could you do to make that world brighter, better, more complex and beautiful? Don't think small, short term changes. Think of how you can change the future, and the nature of the future, into a world that will make everyone's heart sing. Dream BIG! AND DON'T LET ANYTHING CHANGE YOUR GOALS! Obstacles can be overcome! Just stick to it! (Dreams - long term heart thinking) Now then, ORDER in this case would be logic. Thinking things through. And there are, as mentioned, two approaches to that. Short term logical thinking is Pragmatism. Or Logic, Realism. Keep your eyes on the ground. Don't look to the future - the present is already complicated enough. Adapt and change, let your goals be guided by what is happening in the moment. (Pragmatism - short term cold logic) Long term logical thinking is Wisdom. Or Logic, Insight, Foresight. The future can be known if you apply enough thought to it, and the future has an ideal state. You should work towards that state, and take the right steps to achieve it. What you feel might seem important, but what you need to focus on is the future, and how to get there even if your heart would rather you do something else. (Wisdom - long term cold logic) In this structure Odium and Dreams think with their hearts - they feel, because feeling is living. I think the Chaos shards are all about passion, the chaos, any method shards especially, but that is hopefully going to be covered in the seventh and eighth posts. Odium and Dreams think logic is important, and will use logic, but they won't let them get in the way of the heart, the thing that makes people people. Wisdom and Pragmatism, on the other hand, are about cold, impersonal logic. Feeling is important, yes, but don't let it be what guides you. Do you want to get things done? Then THINK. Odium and Pragmatism are focused on the now, because the now is what matters, and the immediate, controllable future. Adjust what your end goals are if you need to, but do what the present requires. They look at where they are now, and a little ways ahead, because often times your actions will have results in the immediate future that you need to take into account if you want what you want to happen to happen. The distant future - time on the scale of the universe, not planets which to shards are short lived (for the immediate future to a shard is probably longer than the current amount of time that has elapsed since the shattering) - is fickle and will change, so don't try to fully control it now. It will take care of itself. Dreams and Wisdom, however, think the future is what matters. Set your eyes on goals that will change history and the nature of everything! Your actions in the present must touch the future, or why act at all? And don't let difficulties now dissuade you. There will be complications, but the future, and the state you want it, are what matters. (Now, I can see an objection to Odium being focused on the present, when his power explicitly covers seeing the future to some extent, and Odium himself has a long term plan. My point, however, is that Ruin also allowed seeing the future - and Elend saw very far - but Ruin is mostly focused on decay, and has in theory weaker future sight than Preservation. Ruin has a goal and can think several steps in advance to achieve it, but that goal is still mainly focused on achieving a result in the now. Odium likewise is focused on a goal of destroying the other shards, but that itself is actually an incredably short sighted goal in the present, and his lack of foresight in what his actions have done shows that, while he can see further into the future than Honour - which isn't surprising, as Honour can't change how he will act based on what he knows, so Honour is fundamentally restricted - his goals are still narrow, selfish, and short sighted, its just that to a shard short sighted is still on the range of thousands of years.) As these shards are about how you think they are actually highly compatible with the other shards, and act mainly to determine if they make wise, logical choices, or more emotional ones, as well as if their goals are more short term or long term. Honour and Odium (*Kaladin and Syl and Yixli*) work well as they are the idea of making oaths because you care, and making them rashly and based on the heart. Honour and Wisdom (well, Wisdomesque) make a shard who makes carefully thought out promises. And so Dreams becomes the shard that, with others, directs them to use their powers to build up (or for Ruin, constructively tear down) to make a better, structured, heartfelt feature. And Pragmatism with other shards makes them focus more on the strictest logical structure to their actions, letting the future take care of itself but making sure things are running smoothly in the present. A final note: Emotion and Logic are not incompatible, and it is a mistake to think they are. It is possible to have a wise heart, to feel emotions that your mind supports and agrees with. It is just that often they are in opposition, but that doesn't mean they always are. However, as people often think this way, and the power was very likely split according to human (and other) beliefs, if the people of Yolen thought as I believe they did that chaos is passion, and order is logic, it would make sense that the power would split along those lines.
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    I'm not sure annoying is the best word for Lift. While you may find her such, it is far more subjective than any of the other character traits. I would use something like immature or childish/child-like, especially since she asked the Nightwatcher not to change or grow older. We've also seen hints of Jasnah's past insanity and Lift's past as a thief, which seems like they could be in the backstory column. Jasnah's especially, as she's already in her thirties.
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    Hello! I am ProgrammerA10. Hopefully you haven't seen me on the Discord server, but if you have had that misfortune, then you probably know that I enjoy the Cosmere and have absolutely no opinions or theories worth listening to, but you're going to hear them anyway. The best character is Lightsong, Wax and Steris have the best romance, Wayne is overrated (only a little overrated, but still), Steel-Steel is the best Twinborn combination, and Scadrial is the best planet, followed closely by Threnody. Despite any rumors you may have heard, my attempts to read the future of the Cosmere via atium savantism are not the only reason that atium is the lost metal. The similarly-purposed experiments with trained monkeys, typewriters, and Fortune Compounding were not as unethical as you have been led to believe, nor were they successful. I have seen Hoid in concert three times, and am currently in possession of the Vax novel, the only success of the aforementioned monkey business. I have not read it, primarily because it has Mistborn 12 spoilers. My most closely held belief is that good evening is the best way to greet someone, regardless of time of day. My current all-consuming quest is discovering the secrets of speed bubble cooldown times, especially as they relate to full Mistborn, figuring out what the hinted way to boost Allomancy via Feruchemy is, learning what the difference between F-Zinc mental-speed and F-Steel mental-speed-to-match-your-physical-speed is, and finding out what the heck is going on with Pinnacle Ferrings.
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    I'm... frankly a little taken aback. Based on your sarcasm and your refusal to "argue further" (were we arguing?), I seem to have offended you in some way, yet I've no idea how I managed to do so, even after rereading the conversation. I did explicitly state that that my "theory" was headcanon. I was just giving my personal opinion, which I then backed up with arguments. I only mentioned my opinion because I wanted to put it forth as another possible perspective. I did not mean to by so doing, insult either you or your theory, just offer an alternative that will never be proven either way. I agree that "The greater bring, if it exists at all, would exist outside and Beyond Adonalsium's universe." I thought that was a given... (?) I was arguing that Adonalsium does not have the property of Aseity and that, since he obviously does not, he cannot be "all-powerful," since you cannot have one without the other. (A being which is not necessary must have come into existence, since it came into existence, some other power must have made it or allowed it to be formed. Hence, it is a secondary being and less powerful than whatever caused it to exist.) Any all-powerful being must also have necessary existence, otherwise it could not possibly be all-powerful. Adonalsium does NOT have necessary existence, hence he cannot be all powerful. So yes, aseity is not necessary -- in fact, I would say it can be demonstrated that Adonalsium does not possess it.
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    Nope. Personally, Adonalsium could also turn out to be something akin to a "Shard" of something greater. As some might say "it's turtles all the way down". Gods as pieces of gods as pieces of gods as pieces of gods.....
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    @Calderis the weaker the initial non-interference pact, the stronger the argument that Odium's plan makes no sense. After all it means the coalition against him will form sooner rather than later. Also you miss my point, to illustrate it take an extreme case: suppose Odium is wildly successful he manages to escape his prison on Braize, splinters Cultivation, Harmony, Endowment and Autonomy. There are still six shards out there, they are not going to sit as he gets to them one by one. They would get together and attack him and if Odium is afraid of Harmony, he should be terrified senseless from a combined six shard attack.
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    Brandon stole my ideas before I had them. I wrote a fantasy book a while back. It hasn't been published yet, but I'm working on the second one, now. I wrote it, oh, four or five years ago? I only started reading anything Brandon Sanderson in 2018, so I'd never heard of the Stormlight Archive at that point. But I'm going through my old book and I realize just how many ideas I had that are in The Stormlight Archive. Here are a few. Fantasy world, which is one planet out of many, each with their own magic? Check Very powerful storms that circle the continent which is secretly caused by (or at least related to) the death of a godlike being? Check Magic systems created by spiritual bonds with the spirits of the Forces of Nature? Check Humans actually being from another world but it's been so long that nobody remembers that and Humans have basically driven the local population into small, out of the way settlements? Check A branch of the local population having a connection to magic that causes them to alter their forms? Check Knights that are called based on their character and who are granted great power and who can fall if they break their oaths? Check Oh the details are very different, and none of the characters are even remotely similar. It certainly doesn't feel like Roshar. But my goodness, the concepts are too close for comfort. I read through it and it feels like I ripped off the Stormlight Archive, even though I'd never heard of Brandon Sanderson when I wrote the thing. Granted, it is no where near the quality of the Stormlight Archive, but that just means that not only did Brandon steal my ideas before I had them, but he did them better than I did! That's very disheartening. On a happy note, the sequel is going well, and I should have Part 1 of Book 2 done soon. So I've got that going for me.
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    YKYASFW... you apologize for wrong number texts by saying that you had your earrings in when you sent them you hear 'spiked' (insert food) and wonder why someone would want to give food superpowers, before realizing that's not what they meant someone asks you for book reccomendations and you wordlessly hand them a list of branderbooks you draw aons in your notebooks when you're bored you have alethi glyphs doodled on everything you own
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    BOOM BOOM BOOM The Stranger hammered the metal before him with blow after blow of his black iron hammer. He worked and shaped it, filling the air with showers of sparks. BOOM BOOM BOOM He focused his will on the shape, Pulling and Pushing on the metal with precision even as he struck it. There would be no room for error, not even a fraction. This spike would be his greatest endeavor yet, and if he succeeded no one would ever know. BOOM BOOM BOOM As he worked he heard the voice of his friend echoing in his mind. Tired, oh so tired. BOOM BOOM BOOM He saw the city below him, regarding him with terror even as he slew the one who sought to destroy everything. BOOM BOOM BOOM He saw the bowler held in his hands as he stood in the Hall of Legends. BOOM BOOM BOOM He saw the eyes of Laurelai gazing upon the one who loved her most with a boundless fear. BOOM BOOM BOOM BANG!!! The last blow hit the metal harder than the othersstopped and closed his eyes, focusing on the cool metal of the hammer in his hand. Now was not the time to lose focus, not with so much at stake. The work must continue if the world was to be corrected. And so the Stranger refocused his will and steadied his mind. Then he set once more to work, the echoes fading in to the cold darkness. BOOM BOOM BOOM
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    Please don’t strike me down for double-posting! I have a good reason! Edit for clarification - these forums gave out cake to newcomers as a tradition.
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    For a non-destruction person, I’d say Harmony fits it pretty well. Except, of course, destroying Wax’s mental health.
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    M eating the muffin: I have no idea what she is actually trying to say. “Well thank you, Professor Starched-briefs.” Hah. 0 “Could they trust Mystery Caller?” A fair enough question, but since they haven’t heard from Mystery caller it hardly seems to matter. Might make more sense to have Q wonder if this person is going to get in touch again, and if they’re going to provide anything useful when they do. Wait, and now Mystery Caller reappears just as Q is thinking about him, in a “speak of the Devil” sort of way? I think this is only the second time we’ve heard from MC—unless I missed a call?—but Q reacts (looking at the android’s features) like this is something that happens all the time. It also seems odd that MC immediately begins to berate them. “She had seen the lie too.” Maybe WRS, but I have no idea what the lie is, although I get the impression that I should. P9 “M reached out an hammered” should be “and” P10 – Okay, putting my “cop’s kid” hat on for a second: It’s possible that they just missed, but police don’t fire warning shots (certainly not in a crowded area!) An officer doesn’t pull the trigger unless they mean to deal lethal force – it’s how they’re trained. Q would work with police enough in his profession that I assume he would know this – although British police don’t use guns, so maybe he doesn’t, I guess? Same page, “snapped E briskly” – this is absolutely a nitpick, bud I’d go with either “snapped” or “briskly” here. No need for both and it feels clunky. “beeline” is usually written as one word, not two. Top of p11 “Q’s clown clothes layers padded somewhat him” – might want to take a look at the order your here of words. Heat of the moment and all, but throwing himself under the truck, unless maybe he was trying to take cover from continuing gunfire, seems like a really bad idea in a foot chase. I thought K had only put out a general APB? If so why the (I’m assuming) helicopter? Q sees harnesses being thrown down from the helicopter, and then thinks about the mystery caller and I don’t quite get the connection. Unless it’s not a police helicopter? I’m only making that conclusion because Q seems to be thinking of it as an escape route. “The spectators saw guns and began to fire…” Okay but there have been multiple shots fired already. I’m loving the “khaki brigade” description. Also the Tweedle twins. In fact, pretty much all of these nicknames are great. That being said, there are rather a lot of them… Overall, I enjoyed the chapter – the pacing was good and the blocking was clear. I am also very glad that it seems to have ended with Q&M moving towards something, rather than being another obstacle that keeps them from their ultimate goal (although I was concerned for a while that things were going to grind to a halt again in the aftermath, being arrested tends to do that. Ahem, or so I've been told anyway.) My major concern is that the groundwork doesn’t seem to have been laid for the appearance of the helicopter. I assumed that it was a police helicopter and only changed that assumption because Q decided it was a rescue and, in what seemed to me like quite the leap of logic, assumed it was connected to Mystery Caller, who really has not been that much of a presence in the story as of yet. If this is indeed the caller’s doing, then I think we need a little more from MC before it happens. MC's made two phone calls, one of which made vague promises of help but didn't share any actual information, and one of which promised no help at all but did pass on message that Q&M both thought was false. I'm not sure that quite gets us to "sends a helicopter into a firefight with law enforcement" territory. I have a theory about who MC might be. It's half-baked and probably dead-wrong, but it's nice to feel that I now have enough information to start forming theories! (Or, from some of the other comments upthread, maybe I'm less dead wrong than I thought...) Speaking of that firefight, I alluded to this in my comments above, but there is a whole lot of reckless gunfire going on. Aside from the “no warning shots” bit, it seems terribly reckless to be firing into a crowded area unless there’s some sort of immediate threat, which Q&M really don’t present. They run from the police but offer very little in the way of actual violence (and Q seems to come from a place of relative privilege, to boot). Absolutely they’d be chased if they ran from police, but tasers, pepper spray, and K9 units are more probably the order of the day. Also, and this isn’t related to this chapter in specific, but I have been starting to wonder what TT has been doing this whole time. I realise she’s probably been badly hurt, but surely she (and/or BR’s wife) have some sort of agency in this? Who knows, maybe in the next chapter we’ll find out who’s in the helicopter and I’ll have to eat my words! I had to read this a couple of times before realizing it was a memory. I assumed so, and didn't have a problem with it not being made explicit. WRS, I think. Worked for me, anyway - I assume we mean J and Q's son. Yeah, this struck me as a bit odd to think of, it's not a reference from this book I don't think - maybe book 1? - and this is the first time we've heard of her. I stumbled on this too. I mean, I know the expression, but I had no idea why Ei was saying it until I read @industrialistDragon's comment about the catchphrase, about which I had forgotten. Also LOOK AT ME I COMPLETED A CRITIQUE ACTUALLY KIND OF ON TIME What am I going to do now that I don't have a huge backlog of stuff to get through (er, with the exception of hawkedup, sorry, I am still working on that!) I might have to start actually writing or something. Madness I say...
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    Sorry to revive a dead thread, but oh my goodness the pilot came out and it's to die for! I may or may not have watched it half a dozen times so far...
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    He was more able to affect those memories during the transfer between the metalmind and the person.
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    Sorry for the double-post, but...
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    The writeup for this cycle has been edited in! I encourage you to read it before the new cycle’s, for chronological consistency.
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    There's this interesting WoB: i don't think the Mist Spirit's case should be taken as an example. It was Leras but it was also Leras' Cognitive Shadow. Leras sacrificed a large chunk of his Cognitive self to create Ruin's prison, what was left was a Cognitive impression. Leras was dead, in a way, but he also hadn't died yet, as we see in HoA and Secret History.
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    DND podcast that Archer, Lith, Per, and Eluvianii like? Well that’s enough of a recommendation for me. I’ll add it to the increasingly long list of things I must watch.
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