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    No one is irredeemable. Anyone can change so long as they learn and grow and actually choose to do so. Dalinar hated himself for what he did. That's why he went to the Nightwatcher in the first place. That's what I think the screams are all about. He's writing a book to explain to the world the monster he was because he believes it should be known. That's what makes Dalinar being a good man so inspiring. He's taken responsibility for what he was, chosen that it should not be secret, and that he must always do better. The difference between him and the others isnt their actions. It's that they don't want to change. Sadeas threatened to continue doing the same things he had been doing right before he died. Dalinar offered Amaram the choice to change and stand with him, and Amaram said no and ate the gem. Moash literally killed a helpless stranger because they asked him to, and then gave up his name for power. The actions committed aren't the point. It's not about punishment, or justice, or who was worse. It's about choosing to be better. Edit: here's a very good thread on this topic from before, and I'm going to quote my post from it because I think it's relevant.
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    That the description of Vorinism pretty much describes EXACTLY what is happening to the Fused? Here's a paragraph from Way of Kings, p852 wherein Kaladin is describing Vorinism and the retaking of the Tranquiline Halls. Is it just me or are there some surprising similarities?
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    Here’s my masterpiece. I’ll be in the class for a little bit longer, but I think the teacher wants to erase it at the end, so if you want clarifying pictures ask really quickly while I can still take them. (I’d spoiler for size, but I’m not sure I can on mobile, or if I could it would be hard.)
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    Hey guys, I'm going to get straight to the point: I've come to realize that it's time for me to leave the shard. I can't really balance the shard and real life things, especially with how university stuff is picking up for me now as I start the application process. Too many of my responsibilities off the shard are getting neglected, and after this weekend when a few things came crashing down around me I realized that my priorities are too focused on the shard and that I need to get my life in order and make that more of a priority. I've been with this community since the beginning and I'm going to miss it a lot, but unfortunately I need to focus on other things. I will still be present on discord, if anyone wishes to contact me, but I won't be on the shard anymore. While eventually, i.e. several years from now, there is a small chance that I could come back, I wouldn't plan on it. I will stay until wednesday to wrap up a few things, but come wednesday morning I won't respond to anything else. I love you guys, and I love this community, but sadly it's time for me to go. I wish you all success in your lives, and please, have a cookie on me! -Mac
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    I was gonna do this for my 5,000th post, but then I decided to do a poem, but I still wanted to do this. And so we have a bunch of Sanderson memes in the same format. My favorite format. Mistborn Spoilers: Stormlight Spoilers: Elantris: Edit: AGH! It posted before I could finish! Ah, well...
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    Happy day for me (well, it's been a few weeks but I'm still in disbelief.) After three years of struggling, I finally turned in my Master's Thesis. Felt really good going to the office and handing them the printed copies. What does this have to do with being a Sanderfan, you ask? Three years is a long time. In my acknowledgements page, at the very bottom: "Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination. The most important words a graduate student can write are the next words."
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    Another atla meme Adolin and the gang.
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    The last Sanderson meme I'm making before I leave on my mission. Goodbye everyone! I'll be back in 2 years!
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    More memes Warnings: Spoilers for The Hero of Ages, Words of Radiance and very mild spoilers for Shadows of Self.
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    Kaladin in Oathbringer part 4:
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    !!!!! Guys I'm so excited about this !!!!!! So I got the White Sand manuscript with Brandon Sanderson's newsletter, and, around the same time, I saw a video on how to bind books. So I had the Crazy idea to reformat, print, and bind the unpublished, non-canon prose version of White Sand! I know this is probably pushing copyright laws a little, but it's not like I made any money off it -- in fact, the whole project probably cost me like $35 -- and I only made one and it took such a long time and I'm so happy and it's done!!!!! The formatting took a really long time, actually (Word is storming difficult to work with) and I gained a healthy appreciation for publishers
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    A stand had been erected on a street corner. Emblazoned across the canopy were bold black letters reading, "THE ALLEYVERSE POST." Piles of newspaper were arranged inside it, and a bored looking man sat reading a book. A small sign read, "One newspaper costs 75 cents or any other standard equivalent."
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    Ooh, I like this prompt for many reasons. How do you portray literal homelessness, but also keep the context that this is within the Alleyverse? For this one I tried to make it both. So the next time you see a homeless person on the street, maybe there’s more than meets the eye to them Inktober #4:
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    I got my brother to start Mistborn but now he's on WoA and I keep starting conversations with him but then remember that spoilers are a thing. "Why is Zane so weird?" me: "Long answer or short answer?" "Uhhh short? me:"Spoilers." "Long?" Me: "More in depth spoilers."
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    And he made the choice for that action while under an extreme magical influence towards destruction, changed his mind in the middle of the Rift and couldn't stop things because Sadeas had pushed the plan even further than him. Was haunted by it and hated himself for it and drove himself into a pit of alcoholic self destruction. Went to the Nightwatcher trying to find a way to earn forgiveness, and instead forgot everything. Was honored as a hero, because no one else involved told the truth, and the society as a whole accepted the complete destruction and burning of a city's inhabitants as justified for the murder of one woman. Then he remembered it all, fell back into despair and then pushed through it to write a book to tell the world about the monster he was as a warning to not be like him. Dalinar as he was was a product of the mockery of "Honor" that is Alethi society. The destruction of the Rift was not secret. Just the reasons for it, and it was not solely on him. Despite what he thinks. That doesn't justify what he did, but I find it interesting that you object to the lack of representation of his victims when that is true because the society accepts it. The only person advocating for those peoples lives being wasted, and it being the tragedy it is, is Dalinar himself via the book he's writing. I don't expect to convince you. I've been down this road before. And I understand it. There are things that, for personal reasons, I can't forgive. That doesn't mean they're unforgivable, or that people aren't capable of change though. But change is a choice, as is accepting that that change has occurred. Redemption and forgiveness are a pair of locks. The door doesn't open up unless both sides are willing.
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    Digital ink today! Used a little red here, but I wanted to illustrate the spirit-web corruption of hemalurgy. Day 2 "Soul" featuring Lita.
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    Better late than never! This was very cathartic to draw after a terribly busy day.
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    Hello! I've been remaking some of the maps from the Stormlight Archive books the past few weeks and posting them to Reddit. People there seemed to like them, and suggested that I also post them here so that others can see them as well. So here I am, doing just that. So far I've adapted 3 of the maps in the series into my own style. The main Roshar map, a map of Shadesmar, and most recently a map of Alethkar. All 3 of them were a lot of fun to make and turned out really well. I've received some interest in people buying prints of these, but I'm unsure how to go about requesting permission to print these out and sell them, and don't want to step on any toes. If anyone knows a bit about how I'd contact Brandon or Dragonsteel Entertainment to request permission, I'd really appreciate it. And while it's a long shot, I'd also love to ask them what they think about including one of these in their 10th Anniversary editions of Way of Kings or Words of Radiance. (I think the images might have been compressed when I uploaded them, so here they are in my Google Drive, uncompressed: Alethkar: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1plOlOIFv8d-B0kM9CrJO_Vs7cimGMhEZ/view?usp=drivesdk Roshar: https://drive.google.com/file/d/10RAxGyBKuFX_xiagJ6YIDXDPofrL4N-I/view?usp=drivesdk Shadesmar: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Tx_WcUFkjveL0B3QXfhQtHF18mU3HhgD/view?usp=drivesdk
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    I know I’ve posted this elsewhere, but...
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    Welp, I'm leaving on a LDS mission tomorrow so all see you all in two years. It just would have felt weird not to say bye. I'll enjoy catching up when I get back. Happy discussion and may all your theories be correct. (I chose to do this in cosmere discussion since this is where I spend all my time).
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    I just looked at the front page of this again, and wow. I know you can post mediocre memes here and get tons of upvotes anyway, but there are posts in the sixties and eighties - and the memes aren’t bad ones, but jeeeeez. Anyway, here’s something to contribute. I DID NOT COME UP WITH THIS, DON’T CREDIT ME WITH IT. I DON’T KNOW WHO WROTE IT.
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    Words of Radiance spoilers
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    Beautiful song, Sorana! I’ve said more in our PM Ooh, insanity. Can’t wait to see what amazing art people make to this prompt! Here is my Inktober #3:
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    So, this is no drawing, because I can't draw. Therefore it basically has nothing to do with the Inktober, and the last thing I want to is steal the attention from all of our great artists. Still, when I drove home today there was a song in the radio, and I found myself changing the lyrics to fit all of you. What I am trying to say is thank you. For being here, for giving the Alleyverse it's soul. For giving me a place where I can just be for a while. You are great, never let yourself being told different, or think that you aren't worth everything this world can offer you.
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    Perks of being Australian: Can answer two Inktobers in one day For this prompt, I went more along the routes of ‘sDNA’ or Spiritual DNA that denotes the spiritweb and soul. Please excuse my traitorous use of colours
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    That happened to me last week... I can't even begin to comprehend the fact that only more pain lies ahead. (Fun (emotional) fact: Elend means misery in German). WHEN YOU FINALLY FINISH YOUR MISTCLOAK AND IT'S SO STORMING BEAUTIFUL YOU RUN AROUND YOUR HOUSE IN IT FIVE MINUTES. It's entirely hand sewed. I'm wearing it for Halloween.
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    When your first thought upon seeing the cover for this game is that it is an allomantic metal.
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    >> Welcome to the A.C.E. Records Database. Please enter qualifications. --------- Deb Stancel closed her laptop and rubbed at her temples, squinting into the bottom of her cup and wrinkling her nose at the light dusting of coffee grinds sitting there. She glanced at her watch - a real watch, none of those absurd fabrial devices some Rosharans swore by - and sighed. Half-past nine. With one final glance at her watch, Deb rose from her desk and tugged at the end of her uniform jacket. It was a deep olive green with orange trim, and it matched her pants. Indeed, it matched nearly everything in her cramped little office, as was fitting. This was Alleycity Excavation, and those were Alleycity Excavation's colors. If she was lucky, she'd find a few more competent souls to pad ACE's ranks today, and a few more orange and green coveralls would get churned out for them. No such thing as luck, she reminded herself, smoothing her hair as she rounded the desk and headed for the door. She needn't have bothered; her hair was already as smooth as a sheet of ice, her bun a perfect ring of blonde. A place for everything, and everything in its place. That was how things got done - that was efficiency. And if Deborah Stancel was one thing, she was efficient. She slid a clipboard and pencil off the end of her desk before turning the knob on her door and walking out into the hallway. People scurried this way and that, accountants, engineers, pencil-pushers. They bobbed their heads to her as she passed them, and she returned each nod with one of her own. Smaller, of course, but still. Decorum was to be rewarded. Everything in its place. As she neared the large meeting room at the end of the hall, she spied Farren, one of her assistants. He gave her a deep nod, then straightened up to look her in the eyes. "Ma'am," he said briskly, awaiting her reply. The corner of her mouth quirked up just a bit. "Good morning Farren. Has anyone arrived yet?" "Not yet, Ma'am," Farren said. "Though, it is only nine thirty. The recruitment ad specified a ten o'clock start time." "Nine thirty-six, to be precise," Deb corrected. "It is always important to be precise, Farren. Still," she said, catching him before he could apologize, "you are right. Arriving too early is inefficient. Let us wait then, and see who has answered our call." Farren looked at her, a question in his eyes, though he did not voice it aloud. Deb sniffed a little. "Speak, then. I can practically hear you thinking." Her assistant blushed a bit, but did as he was told. "Waiting, well, it just seems a bit... dramatic for you, Ma'am." Deb raised an eyebrow at Farren, almost cracking a true smile at the young man. "Contrary to popular opinion, Farren, I am human. Allow me this one failing." Farren blushed deeper and cleared his throat. "Perhaps I should go in and, um, wait for you then, Ma'am. Let the applicants know what to expect. If... if, um, that's alright with you, of course." Deb jerked her chin at the door. "Best not to keep them waiting then," she said, and watched as the young man slipped gratefully into the meeting room. She would have laughed, but then, it was not the time for laughter. Not here, not now. Not with what was at stake. Whatever is down there, we'll need all our wits about us. All the wits we can get. Laughter was for later. For now, she waited.
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    I will go into further detail in a later post, but for now, please tell me your opinion on this assessment: (Note: my initial analysis can be found here.)
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    You can't change the past. What matters is the future. People who refuse to learn from their past actions are a problem, and need to be dealt with. People who have learned from their past and taken responsibility for their actions should not be instantly trusted, but they should be given the chance to prove they've changed. Focusing on what has happened leads to punishments that only reinforce horrible systems and perpetuate poverty, and crime, and repetition. Ostracizing someone for their past is a wonderful way to make sure they repeat it. Support and guidance towards rehabilitation are much better options with documented better results. Incarceration should serve the purpose of rehabilitation, and long term incarceration and execution should only be used in the cases of truly unrepentant monsters who refuse or are incapable of changing. You cannot change the past. You can shape the future. Looking backwards as anything more than to learn from history is a purely emotional pitfall, and does immeasurable harm in the name of salving outrage, that will never be truly quelled. Dalinar refuses to let his actions be laid at the feet of anyone or anything other than himself. His confession isn't meant as atonement, but as a lesson to prevent people falling into the same traps he did. It is a warning and a condemnation of the society that called him a hero at the time. Journey before Destination. The journey doesn't stop. Deciding what someone else's destination should be because you disagree with where their journey began is... Short sighted and emotionally driven, and ultimately does more harm than good.
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    Kaladin is going to be bonded by Yixli, the voidspren that he met while travelling with the Parshmen. I have been convinced of this since I first read the scene where he meets her, and I am going to justify why I think this is going to happen, and the possible implications it will have on the story: She is described as similar to Syl, a young spren woman, with key differences highlighted - her colour, moving by pulling the ground up to her rather than flying, etc. - she is the opposite of Syl in an obvious way She spoke highly of him to the Fused before he was found out - her bitterness, along with her interest in him, might make her inclined to try and bring him to heel as punishment for her punishment. So we have both interest expressed in him, praise given about him to her masters, and then punishment for being deceived - thus she would have a reason to have Kaladin on her mind Kaladin is both Honourable and Passionate - I think his passion is what would entice Yixli, especially if she bonds him on orders from Odium to try and turn one of Dalinar's most honourable knights to Odium, showing the difference between the two, but also allowing for the similarities - and the possibility Kaladin can find a way to combine the two and so show the good of passion as well as remaining Honourable SYL initiated the bond with Kaladin, he didn't have a say in the matter, only in progressing the bond. Therefore it seems the Spren have the ability to start the bond, and so if Yixli wanted to bond Kaladin, or was ordered to do so due to Kaladin's passion, she could do so without Kaladin's input. There is no indication that only one spren can bond someone at a time, that bonding a spren prevents others from doing likewise - the only similarity was the Midnight Mother trying to replace Pattern in Shallan, but that could be a case of trying to form a bond and then break the other due to the Midnight Mother's strength - her bond being so powerful it would prevent lower level spren from maintaining the bond, like a thick rope needed at the binding point and preventing thinner ones from being attached - as well as her being similar to a Cryptic, trying to bond to the same point in Shallan Pattern is bonded to, and so another type of spren, or a weaker one, would bond to a different part of the soul. Other magic systems have shown that multiple magic-granting bonds can be maintained at the same time, even of the same type (Warbreaker, Mistborn, Sixth of the Dusk, etc.) [Edit] Also, there is no indication that she needed to remove Pattern, only that she was trying to Syl is jealous of other spren expressing interest in Kaladin, and even batted away gloryspren which flew too close - this scene is right after he escapes from the group where he met Yixli, foreshadowing both Syl's jealousy as well as linking it to Yixli - and if Syl was battering away lesser spren, how would she feel about a voidspren It will allow for voidbinding to be explored - see here for more musings - as well as noted above the positive aspects of passion, once the negative are faced, as well as having a voidspren on hand to act as a So, what do you think? Do you think this is likely, or unlikely, or impossible? If she does bond him, what do you think will be the dynamic between them, and between her and Syl? Thanks! [Edit] Also, Yixli is similar in sound to "Yi - xS - Ly", or in other words Y-S-L ---> S-Y-L, so Syl. She is Syl's foil, and so having her interact with Syl, and competing for Kaladin, would make sense. :-)
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    In honour of one of the great DA experimenters, Mac. We will miss you! Inktober #7:
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    For our very own @MetaTerminal
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    Who else could fit today’s prompt but dear Vivica (and Bennington!)? ”Insanity”
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    --Jasnah Kholin, Words of Radiance.
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    Not sure if a lot of these have been done before Wok LoTR Harry Potter Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, The Witch, The Wardrobe
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    It has come to my attention recently that the timeline in the Alleyverse is a little fuzzy. For too long have we squinted into the past, wondering how long ago this or that came into occurrence. For too long have we failed to coordinate with our friends for a meeting time, and are thus unable to consume Hemalurgic or non-Hemalurgic baked items together. No longer. For I have a proposal for a calendar: a simple calendar that charts the course of the Alleyverse, from the start of the RP to today. The system is thus: a 360-day year, with 12 months in a year. No leap days. Each month is named after a guild, and each month has 30 days. Newcagus (Newcago Court) Alla (Dark Alley) Cantony (Canton of Combat) Liebrus (Liebrary) Phantus (the Ghostbloods) Gildus (the Ghostbloods - I went with the alternate name, the Gilded Rose, since it made a better name) Stinatus (Sticknaughts) Tubarus (TUBA) Kepery (the Keepers) Sentinalia (the Sentinels) Diagrama (the Diagramists) Witrosa (Church of the White Rose) Scholus (Scholar’s Guild) The first solid date that cannot be altered is the reveal of TUBA’s identity - thus, this is the first day of the new calendar. The first of Newcagus, 1 ATR (after TUBA reveal) is the day TUBA was officially revealed. Eras are either as long as their real-time duration, or longer (when taking into account timeskips). Theoretically, we could also have an era that everyone agrees ahead of time is shorter than the real-time duration. Other Dates: Rules of Warfare created: 26th of Scholus, 1 BTR (26/12/-1) Calm Before The Storm begins: 13th of Newcagus, 1 ATR (13/1/1) SDW starts: 5th of Cantony, 1 ATR (5/3/1) SDW ends: 12th of Cantony, 1 ATR (12/3/1) 16YP ends: 12th of Cantony, 17 ATR (12/3/17) Ghostblood Acquisition: 1st of Liebrus, 17 ATR (1/4/17) Great Game begins: 1st of Sentinalia, 17 ATR (1/9/17) Voidus Released: 17th of Cantony, 18 ATR (17/3/18) One-Year Interval Ends: 17th of Cantony, 19 ATR (17/3/19) Church of Whiterose Attacked: 7th of Phantus, 19 ATR (7/4/19) A Shadowed Dawn Begins: 17th of Phantus, 19 ATR (19/3/19) Era 3 Ends: 18th of Phantus, 19 ATR (30/10/19) E3-E4 Timeskip Ends: 18th of Witrosa, 19 ATR (18/11/19) Into the Dark Begins: 23rd of Witrosa, 19 ATR (23/11/19) I also propose that the end of each era (12th of Cantony, 17th of Cantony, 18th of Phantus, and the 26th of Scholus) be public holidays. It gives the world a sense of history and we could get some cool parties and threads out of them. Hopefully, when people start event threads, they can note which day the thread begins, which will help to make timelines more sense. Below are the dates of the main threads and RT - I will update it every day. INTO THE DARK DATE: 24th of Witrosa, 19 ATR. City Scenes: 12th of Scholus, 19 ATR. What do people think of this proposal?
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    Unite all the planets in the system. And then unite all the solar systems in the cosmere. And then unite all of Brandon sandersons worlds. And then unite all literature. And then unite the fiction and real worlds. That's the entire plot of the SA. Calling it now
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