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    TOR just confirmed Stormlight 4 will be released 11.17 of 2020. Here's the cover summary they posted on the pre-order link landing page: After forming a coalition of human resistance against the enemy invasion, Dalinar Kholin and his Knights Radiant have spent a year fighting a protracted, brutal war. Neither side has gained an advantage. Now, as new technological discoveries begin to change the face of the war, the enemy prepares a bold and dangerous operation. The arms race that follows will challenge the very core of the Radiant ideals and potentially reveal the secrets of the ancient tower that was once the heart of their strength. Let us discus.
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    So here's an idea that's bubbled to the surface of my brain over the past few days because of reading new WoBs and listening to old Shardcast episodes: Odium’s Accomplice So, I can’t help but feel like the more we’ve learned, the harder it is to imagine Odium beating Honor without help. Like, back when they were the only Shards we never about on Roshar, sure, but with Cultivation helping him? Harder to imagine. And, indeed, it doesn’t seem like he was able take them both. It seems like trying got Odium trapped on Braize and then stuck in a stalemate for 8000 years. So the question becomes ‘what changed? What happened around the time of the False Desolation and Recreance that let Odium break the stalemate?’ Now, I’m not going to go too far afield for the answer. I’m going with a fairly common one. I think he had help from another Shard. He does, after all, say “We killed you!” when Dalinar ascends. Really it makes the most sense to assume somebody else helped him kill Honor. And nor am I going to go crazy with my assumptions about which Shard it was. It was mostly likely the one with a known tendency to meddle on other planets. The one that Hoid says he has a vendetta against on the same level as Rayse. Autonomy. But, of course, Autonomy’s MO isn’t to just wander over, or to help from a distance. If Autonomy had wanted to interfere with events on Roshar, they would’ve created an Avatar there. And that’s where we get problems. Surely if Odium had an ally like that waiting in the wings, we would’ve heard about it by now. Even if that Avatar is no longer a factor in the present day for whatever reason, they’d be some record an enormous new threat appearing out of nowhere. Either in folklore or in the Gemstone archive. And that’s when I thought ‘wait a minute, there totally is an entity that fits that bill!’ Ba-Ado-Mishram the Ascendant The False Desolation is a strange event. Look at the Gemstone Archive’s account of what caused it: BAM somehow Connected to the Parsh and starting supplying them with Voidlight? Remember, the Last Desolation was 2000 years ago at this point. So BAM spend 2000 years going ‘sure would be great if I could get some forms of power going. Oh well,’ and then just suddenly a Light bulb flash? That seems unlikely. No, it feels more likely to me that the Unmade had just now gained the power to do that. And surely it can’t be coincidence that she gained that power around the same time Honor started dying. And, since you no doubt see where I’m going with this by now, it’s worth mentioning that Avatars don’t have to created from scratch, but can be the result of heaping Investiture on a pre-existing being: And now, to explicitly spell out my conclusion: Autonomy turned Ba-Ado-Mishram into an Avatar, and used that to help Odium kill Honor. Supporting Evidence and Addressing Known Problems It’s always struck me as strange the Singers were so reliant on Ba-Ado-Mishram that sealing her lobotomized them all. This surely can’t have always been the case- if it was, the Listeners would’ve been affected as well. Indeed, it doesn’t seem to have been the case until the False Desolation. But for her to involve herself to completely and so quickly with the fate of an entire species strikes me as a lot of power, even for an Unmade. But for an Avatar? That seems more plausible. If BAM was indeed an Avatar, trapping her seems like it’s asking a lot, even for a perfect gem. But it seems like the perfect gems are indeed perfect- Honor’s drop didn’t lose any Stormlight at all over centuries. If so, it shouldn’t matter how powerful the being trapped inside is. There is a WoB out there that says that there are only the three Shards on Roshar. As far as I’m aware, that’s the only WoB that runs the risk of shooting this entire theory through the heart. I’m inclined to argue that the difference between a Shard and an Avatar is big enough that the theory can slip by that bullet I’m not sure if I’m strengthening my case or weakening it by saying this, but: Surely it’s reasonable to describe the post-BAM singers as being totally deprived of autonomy. So it’s fitting if it was caused by them losing Autonomy. So, what do you guys think? Am I on to something, or have I gone insane?
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    Knights Wadiant The Number 1 Top selling Rosharan childrens bed time story
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    Not sure if they would do war again right after Rhythm of War. Possible K words: Knight, Kingdom, Kaladin, Kale, King, Kangaroo, Ketchup, Kin, Kitty Possible middle words: of (probably), or, on Possible W words: Wit, Ways, Winds, Warlord, Watch, Wedding, Welfare, Whales (Spacewhales?), White My possible combinations: King of Wit, Kale of Whales, Knight of White (?), Kingdom of Winds, Kangaroo on Watch, etc.
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    It’s been a while since I posted on here but I figured I’d share some custom cosmere figures I’ve done. I am an action figure collector and found the lack of Cosmere figures aggravating so I made some myself. So far I’ve done Ham, Vin and Kelsier and I’m almost finished with a Szeth and Adolin with a Spook, Breeze, Kaladin, Shallan and Dalinar in the works. I would like to someday finish off the main casts of Stormlight and Mistborn and then the rest of the Cosmere books when I get around to reading them. Thanks for checking out my work sorry that these are tilted weird. Couldn’t figure out how to fix it UPDATE: I recently finished some Stormlight figures. Here we have Shallan Davaar, Adolin Kholin and Szeth. Shallan Davaar is my favorite Stormlight character and the most frustrating of the six to work on. She is a mix of three different figures so all of her pieces don’t fit together perfectly. It ended up working out well in the end. From the neck down is all custom paint/ dye and her safe hand was sculpted by me. Next is my other favorite Stormlight character, Adolin! He was really fun to paint and he’s probably my favorite of the six. All the armor was originally silver and the hair is also painted. The shardblade is hand sculpted, that’s why it’s not super accurate. Helmet can fit on him as well. Last is Szeth, Assassin in white. He is probably the most simple of all six. All he needed was a few symbols removed from the white clothes and he was done. His blade also needed heavy modifications seen as it was designed for six inch figures. thanks for taking a look at my work! Really appreciate it!
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    Hello, there, little ones! You might be running around confused at the sudden appearance of many strange claiming to be an "ookla the X", while wearing the guise and skin of your former friends. You may be saying to yourself "What sort of macabre post-halloween but not quite non-demoninational-winter-solstice-holiday magical trickery is this?!" Well, fear not my child, for I, grand pappy ookla himself, shall explain to you this tradition. This tradition, which you find so strange, is non other than a celebration! A celebration of Life! For, you see, a long loooooong time ago, an utterly, devastatingly, unimaginably long time ago, about 30 to 40-ish years ago, the person you know as brandon's assistant, @PeterAhlstrom was born! This, in and of itself, is not the origination of this tradition. No. This tradition comes much later. Fast forward to the existance of the 17th shard, and you'll find a number of young forumites, who decided it should be a grand festival! Unfortunately, due to the spread out nature of people on the internet, there was no way to show our love and support as a community. "But wait!" Exclaimed one young, eager forum go-er. "We could change our names!" "That's dumb" responded nearly everybody, "What good does that do?" "It would just be confusing," said still others. "Well, do you have a better idea?" retorted the snippy young upstart. And they did not. And so it was decided, every year on his grand celebration of his birth, people would change their names! The decision was made to name change to be similar to peter's original forum handle, Ookla The Mok, which he abandoned to live and work in a more professional capacity. And so now you know the tale of this ancient tradition as old as maybe 6 or 7 years, give or take. The festivities usually last about a week, or until we get tired of it, enjoy everyone!
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    Memes! you know what to do. I'll start us off!
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    I'm not sure PR is the right word there. PR implies spin, manipulation, obfuscation. I'm not going to tell you how to feel, but you may have tricked yourself here. You dislike Shallan because of her character. Therefore when she does something you like, or find impressive, you have the impression that Sanderson is forcing you to like her. In reality, you like her (on this issue, not necessarily in general). This isn't a PR move, this is a change in character for Shallan, or a demonstration of what she could be. I have to tell you; mental illness does not give you a get out of jail free card. I'm not sure how much experience you have dealing with people who have mental illnesses, but the opposite is usually true. You get blamed for more things because you have a mental illness. Attributions of failings that people give to your illness. You aren't hated for these things, but you cannot grow beyond them. It is a horrible thing that society does. You also fundamentally misunderstand how her disorder works. It's not that she is the "real Shallan" only when doing good things. She is always the real Shallan. All of these things are her, and she is responsible in any form for the actions of any other. It's the internal struggle between the various aspects, the decision within herself to decide what she wants, and not to switch or be subsumed that defines her. Sympathy should be extended to those with disadvantaged backgrounds, but it doesn't stretch forever, and doesn't truly excuse actions. A savvy reader or observer is able to quickly determine whether a person's background is be used, or coming to the forefront naturally. As someone mentioned, Renarin is a back five person. He is a side character for the moment. I would be cautious in assuming that Shallan's disorder is anything similar to Renarin's. There will, and are, differences. She hasn't stolen anything from him. What you say could be read as, "People with autism are the same as people with multiple personalities." Having her interact and be reviewed positively by the Kholins isn't a manipulation. I haven't found any interaction between any Kholin and Shallan remotely unreasonable. They are based in the character traits of both. If you feel like any interaction is unearned by Shallan, that's your business, but I don't see any support for it. And the Kholins have been shown very publicly in book two to have not have good judgment on people. The last part I understand; lots of people dont like Shallan, and feel like OB should have had less of her. She should have given more space to Dalinar, or Kaladin, or anyone else. I wish there was less of her. That being said, much of her interaction with Adolin and the other characters made sense. It was logical that Shallan, who has ample experience dealing with expectations and internal demands, helps Adolin be who he wants to be. And ultimately, she just supports his decision; she says that he should do what he wants, that he doesnt have to be his father. But she also says he can be. She has no stake in his choice. I'm not here shilling for Shallan. I am against the sort of close-minded dismissal you presented.
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    The first book Mistborn Era 3 will open with a bank robbery. A coinshot bank robber will be flying over the city with a sack of money under one arm, raining bills down on the people below. The actual first line of narration will be: "Cash fell from the sky."
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    Hi all! This will still be a Shardcast week, and an episode is coming. However, we recorded it Sunday due to scheduling and it's been a very busy week with my teaching, so I haven't been able to start editing it yet. I will begin tomorrow but it's also the longest video we've ever recorded. Because of this (and because I have to do production on making WoBs appear on screen) it is almost a certainty that it will be out Saturday. I apologize for the inconvenience, but worry not, I'll be working on it! It'll be a doozy of an episode with us talking about the Nalthis star chart, a bit on the updated reading of the prologue, and tons of WoBs. I intend to have it done early afternoon Pacific time on Saturday, so not too late in the day. For more up to date Shardcast announcements, head to our Discord and go to the #shardcast channel.
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    So khriss mentions in AU that in 300 yrs , Scadrial has made immense progress . We have seen it first hand in BoM. She also posits that without Tlr , the technology would already be space age or post scarcity. But on Roshar , it has been 4500 yrs since the last desolation and it's still in the middle age. Now I understand that Roshar and Scadrial are quite different. Scadrial doesn't have to deal with Highstorms destroying railways and other such inventions. The shardblades also serve to deincentivize guns and explosives. But even considering those factors, Roshar is extremely backward in scientific progress and technology. On Scadrial we have seen the magic system used in novel ways to fuel technology. Yet , Roshar which has Fabriel-istics, an entire magic/science system which requires only scientific research to perfect it is still so backward !!!! Anyone could do it at any time and yet , Even among spanreeds and heating fabriels ,it's only in the past 5-6 yrs that any great progress has been made in them. This progress, however , has been extremely rapid. Spanreeds, halfshards, painriels, heating fabriels , Greatbows , alarmers , emotion sensors , stormclocks ,attractors have all been devised or perfected only in the last half decade. The information based economy of Tashikk also seems recent. Then you have the hints at other Fabriels such as Navani's drawings of an inverse ship and the floating platforms which imply heavier than air flight or maybe even spacecraft. The discovery about the flamespren obeying an Heisenberg uncertainty principle analog by the ardents in the isles in WoK is also extremely recent and a breakthrough as well. Isn't it strange that these the requirements for these discoveries/improvements have been in place for millenia and yet it is only now that the potential is crystallizing ? The Vorin kingdoms have had extremely literate women and ardents studying natural sciences for millenia. The Spren have been there even longer. The Soulcasters and Regrowth fabriels were present and endured even during the desolations. The knights radiant have been gone for 2 millenia or so , allowing for fabriels to fill in the gaps. Indeed Roshar seems to have gone through technological regression since the last desolation losing every Regrowth fabriel. And now all of a sudden , just a few years before the Resurgent desolation, large strides have been made in technology . There is another curiosity , this growth has occured only in Alethkar and Jah keved . The other regions have simply imbibed them without making any original contributions. Why has real growth not occured in the Makabaki region which seems just as suitable for creativity and innovation to flourish ? It's more suitable actually , since they don't have gender or eye colour barriers to literacy , they generally have experienced greater peace than alethkar and instead have had to face a greater range of difficulties like famines for example ( Baxil's friend mentions one in living memory ), all of which foster innovation I think the answer is that there is an Unmade whose power is analogous to Nergaoul who caused the Thrill While Nergaoul enrages one's emotions , , I believe this Unmade smothers one's intellect or more likely , perhaps the positive emotions scientific curiosity arouses . Making them incapable or atleast less likely to exhibit innovation. This is similar to how soothing and rioting form a pair in allomancy. . This would explain why Roshar has been so backward in technology , even tho it had lots of time and potential. It's possible Odium used futuresight to see that technological growth would severely harm his cause Or perhaps he saw how much stronger humans became once Soulcasters and Regrowth fabriels were granted to them. So perhaps when Odium went hibernating , he realized the peacetime would allow technology to flourish and hence , he tasked one of the Unmade with strangling innovation. I think this Unmade would not have been mindless like Nergaoul , since it's task required much more precision. Also note that Soothing generally requires greater precision than Rioting. This seems to be true on Roshar as well. I also believe that this Unmade had a greater geographic range than Nergaoul or Moelech. Nergaoul settled in Alethkar until the thrill became an important part of Alethi culture and war drive , whereas Moelach moved adopted a more nomadic lifestyle , moving from one region to another dragging death rattles along with it. Our Unmade however had to cover all of Roshar. Technology has a way of spreading from one region to another , leave one small region and any tech they invent would soon spread across the continent, hence this was an absolute requirement. No region could be spared. It makes sense. Odium left Nergaoul loose to prevent political unity in roshar and Nergaoul has succeded. The 10 highly interconnected Silver kingdoms have all gotten smaller or fragmented or gone extinct and got more isolated as well. Many regions in central roshar are either unpopulated or at tribal levels of political organization. I think Nergaoul is atleast partially responsible for this situation. The Alethi unification was a freak occurrence , a deviation. Indeed , it would have been short lived too if not for the events that occured , mainly Gavilar's assassination, as we know Sadeas was planning on seizing power , Elkohar was weak ,Dalinar would have remained a drunk. Alethkar would have broken down again as it did after Sadees the Sunmaker died. So Nergaoul inhibited political unity , whereas our Unmade inhibited technological growth. As for why this smothering effects have ceased , atleast in Eastern Roshar , I believe the Sons of Honor were responsible. We know about the blacklighted gems Gavilar had and Navani says that gavilar thought he had created them. Could it be that Gavilar and the SoH , had imprisoned the part of the Unmade over Eastern Roshar ? Maybe they thought this would lead to technological growth ( a proven assumption ) which would force Odium into coming back soon , which in turn would force the heralds to return. Maybe this was one of the reasons Odium manipulated Gavilar's assassination, except Rayse didn't plan on Szeth fulfilling Gavilar's dying wish and hiding the gemstone. I think it's imprisonment is somewhat akin to Ruin's imprisonment. Like Ruin's mind was imprisoned. Similarly maybe the Unmade's mind along with part of it's body is imprisoned. The rest of it is now covering most of Roshar and smothering growth by instinct. And I admit , this following point is really teneous, but jasnah and I believe Navani too , saw a marked shift in Gavilar's personality towards the end right . Could that also be linked to the Unmade ? Maybe Gavilar was always smart , but the Unmade had suppressed that aspect of him ? Navani too seemingly went through a similar if less striking change in personality. It is only in recent years that she has immersed herself in fabriel science and while Gavilar's death and her exclusion from her usual social circles could be most of the reason. I don't think that's all. After all she could contributed more as an artifabrian even when Gavilar was alive . From what I know she was active in the community before but only later ,after becoming a widow does she show great creativity and innovation. Similarly , Maybe it was also a factor in turning Dalinar from a simpleminded brute to a philosopher. Of course , Cultivation and Honor's visions and Gavilar's death all effected him but still him going all philosophical to such an extent is a marked difference from his earlier personality in such a short term. So what do y'all think ?
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    Basic Rules: House Actions: Boosted Actions: Ookla Season Rules: The game will start on December 3rd. SIgnups may be delayed if there aren't enough players. Spec List: Player List: Quick Links:
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    Alright here is my reading on things. 1. Herdaz is portrayed as a poorer kingdom with an access of labor(this is why so many of their people end up in Alethkar). When their is an access of intelligent, cheap labor you don't really need slave(parshendi) labor. Also your intelligent laborers will likely resent parshendi laborers so it makes sense to higher them instead. This means that Herdaz initially had a fairly low concentration of awakened parshmen. This means that after the everstorm Herdaz did not suffer nearly as many of the effects of having parshmen become hostiles. 2. Herdaz is a flat kingdom. This leads to several effects. Highstorms are worse so buildings are likely sturdier. This means that the everstorm did less damage to their infrastructure. They also likely have designed their fields so that crops are more resistant to the winds so food shortages are less of a problem. 3. When I see flat kingdom between two large hostile countries I think Poland. Poland has a history(as does Herdaz) of being a battleground for hostile neighbors. Taravangian notes it is a traditional place for Alethi conquests to begin. This means that the citizens and military of Herdaz are used to being invaded by superior forces and to having to fight asymmetric wars. So Herdaz is an annoyingly tough nut for Odium's forces to crack. However it is located in a place where it can not easily be given assistance. It is surrounded by Odium's forces so while they consolidate their rule they just ignore it more or less. They might send in shock troops from time to time but honestly the only logical move for Herdaz's government is probably to submit anyway. So why bother invading? Meanwhile Herdaz is not part of Dalinar's coalition as of the end of Oathbringer. That and its geographic location means sending aid there really does not make much sense. The only people you can actually send are your Windrunners of which you have about 5. Sure you can add their squires but even then it is not enough to fight the hundreds of reincarnating flying fused. Dalinar might have had to write off Herdaz as doomed. He could have sent a windrunner or two to evac some important people but other then that what can he do?
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    When you mistake your boss for another hallucination @Voidus
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    I'll sign up! This game looks fun and this is my first time, so just diving headlong in!
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    We know that there is Spren that live in the sea so is it possible that the Parshendi, if they attract the right Spren could transform into a Merman type form. If this is possible I could imagine a scenario were a group of Parshendi go sick of all the constant desolation's and escaped to the sea were the Fused and Heralds wouldn't be able to find them.
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    Chullracing was a dangerous sport. As Salas hung low in the sky, and Nalakor gripped his saddle, it was all he could do to stop himself from shaking. He had trained for this, practicing everyday since his brother’s accident. He needed to win this race, needed to use the emerald sphere reward to pay for Valtor’s treatment. He slipped his saddle over Dusty’s shell, before leading the animal over to the starting line. Both had been a gift from King’s Wit, who’d taken a liking to him after he had stolen his flute. He claimed to have stolen them from a top racer, but from what Nalakor could tell, the beast was nothing more than a work animal. That said, he’d formed a bond with Dusty. She had been his only friend since the accident, his only friend since the fire that ripped through Roion’s warcamp, taking his parents and leaving his brother comatose. Dusty had helped him through his grief, and taken him farther than he could have ever imagined. He was in the final for the Grand Warcamp Prix. The last race of the season before the weeping began. He was the only here because of sheer luck more than anything else, hanging on by the skin of his teeth. But, now? He needed to win. He rubbed Dusty’s eyestalks, slipping the animal a stonebud. Around him, the top racers from around the warcamp’s chulls were being carefully rubbed and oiled, as their drivers stood by, talking strategy with their coaches. On the next plateau over, the spectators sat, making bets, or watching just for enjoyment. Despite Chullracing being illegal, it was still one of the most popular forms of entertainment, and betting on, while heresy, only added to the fun. Nalakor hopped up onto Dusty, adjusting the saddle as he did so. He carefully began warming her up, walking her forward and backward, getting her used to both his presence, and the way he nudged with her feet. His lead system was homegrown he knew, nothing a true pro would use, but it may have been the only thing that could give him an edge. For while others were restricted to using one hand to steer, and only leaving one free, Dusty could use both to swing the long pole he lifted from a strap on Dusty’s side. The bat was the reason Chullracing was illegal. While one’s chull was doing the actual running of the race, it was the jockey’s job to take as many of his opponents down as possible. Needless to say, it was not a sport without mortalities, and when everyone was needed to fight in the war, needless harm was seen as a waste. The officials walked out from the spectator plateau, and onto track in proper. They carefully walked the length of the string that bordered the track, making sure it was both up to standards, 1000 paces long, and there was no foul play. As they did so, Nalakor turned to watch his neighboring racers, as they mounted their chulls. One was a young woman seemingly from the Reshi isles. He dropped his gaze and blushed when he realized her safehand wasn’t covered. On his other side was a tall and dark figure in a mask, some of the more prominent racers did such things to hide their identities. His chull was skinny and sharp, less like a chull, and more like the fin of a Skyeel. A whistle sounded, and the twenty-four racers lead their chulls to the starting line. An official walked down, checking to ensure that they were all in fact behind the line. The man, stepped back to the edge of the line, pulling out a simple whistle. He blew once, signalling the racers to ready. The audience drew to hush, eyes watching the main event of the evening. Nalakor felt himself tense in anticipation. In the distance, Salas was making its final descent, a small crescent hanging over the finish line. A long whistle sounded, cutting through the air like a shardblade. Nalakor kicked Dusty into motion, rocking as the chull began to move forward. Around him everyone was doing the same. A bat slammed into his back, knocking the breath out of him, and nearly knocking him from his saddle. He whirled with both his body and his back, and met the eyes of the Reshi woman, even as her pole met his own. He flipped it around trying to do one of the simple patterns he’d taught himself from his father’s spear training. She was too fast, blocking him at everymove, even as her other hand pushed her chull faster. Dusty let out a trumpet responding to his desperate attempts to simply run away from her, even as Nalakor took another hit from a different racer, the sound matching his own. The man was taken down quickly, but by then the woman had taken advantage of Nalakor’s distraction to land a punishing blow. He slipped, feeling himself begin to tumble from the saddle, his leg hanging over space, held on by his arm on Dusty, and his left. Storms it hurt. They were matching the leaders of the pack now, though whether Nalakor would even make it the next 5 paces was yet to be seen. He let out a prayer to the Almighty, begging for strength. The Reshi woman lifted her bat to finish him. And was taken out from behind, the masked figure capitalizing on her distraction. Nalakor wrenched himself up, his arm screaming from the pain, and looked around him. 500 paces to go, and he was. He was in the lead! It was only pure instinct that saved him. The masked figure’s bat was swinging towards his head, and only a flick of his bat saved from a near instant knock out. His arm rang with the blow, and he grunted. The masked figure bat whirled then came into strike again, and again, Nalakor barely blocked it, batting it away, this time using both of his hands. He still winced, but it seemed that both arms could take the impact. In his peripheral vision he could see, 400 paces. The masked man’s chull had caught up to Dusty, and it trumpeted, sounding like the grinding of metal. Dusty hissed in return. The bat came in again, then again and again. Nalakor’s arms were beginning to ache with the sheer stress of blocking the thrice cursed blows. 300 paces. He let out a sob, the two chulls were neck and neck, even as their riders fought. He was squeezing with his legs as hard as possible, wishing there was someway to tell Dusty just to go a little bit faster, but nevertheless the two animals continued to match each other’s pace, seeming to almost to want their jockeys to fight, seeming to want Nalarok to lose. An especially powerful blow rattled his already numb hands, and then another knocked the bat from his hands. It tumbled to the ground and was lost. The race was lost. The audience screamed. Desperation filled Nalarok’s mind as he realized there was only seconds until it was over. Until his brother was dead. In that brief moment, he flashbacked to the night of the fire, when Voriav had saved him, leaping to push him out of the way of a doorway, and hurting himself in the process. And Nalakor knew what he had to do. He leaned right, towards the figure, then leapt directly at him. He seemed to hang in the air forever, time slowing down as he saw the masked figure’s shock. He slammed into the figure with all of his body weight. They never stood a chance. They slipped off of the back of their mount like a bag of lavis grain, dropping their bat to grab the side of the saddle, hanging on with only a hand. Nalakor himself began to lose balance, standing on a chull was nearly impossible when they were walking. Next him, Dusty still ran. Good faithful Dusty. He took a breath, then leapt back to his mount. A hand gripped his ankle pulling him down. The figure had pulled themselves enough to grab him as he leapt. He felt himself swing in the air, hand grasping for something, anything. They felt the saddle strap and clutched them tight. He lay, stretched across the abyss between the two chulls, the figure pulling at his ankle with all their might even as he held on with his. He kicked with his other leg, slamming the foot into the figure’s hand. It hand slipped, and it was enough. Nalakor pulled himself, exhausted. He looked up to check how close they were to the finish line. They crossed. First. The audience roared, and he sagged. He had done. He could save Voriav. He could see his brother again. Brightlord Nalakor smiled as his chosen chull barrelled across the line, earning him one of the largest returns he’d had in a while—all from a shadowed man who still did not identify himself. But his spheres were on the table in front of the finish line, so despite his weakened state Nalakor wasted no time in nodding to the arbiter and sweeping his winnings into his purse. “Sorry, friend, and thank you for playing the game,” he offered the shadowed figure, who had shown no reaction. He did mean it—he got little enough business, having to bribe officials into looking the other way when he did conduct it, and any participants were appreciated in such a violent and bloody sport as this. “Better luck another time.” The man’s lips were drawn in a thin line, dramatised by the light of the red sphere by which Nalakor was seeing, but he nodded and began collecting his things, heading away from the pens. Eyeing the retreating figure, Nalakor backed up himself, pretending to fumble with one of the chull’s straps as he waited for the visitor to fade into darkness. You didn’t survive as long as he did in this sort of business without some underlying mistrust, unfortunately, and the bruises he had would take long enough to heal without his accruing new ones. Nalakor sighed, moving the exhausted beasts back to their pens, to lie down with their other companions who were lowing quietly. Tending to the beasts, in the end, was remarkably simple—not much could be required by normally docile and tempered animals—but it was his only trade, so he kept to it with a vigour which infused even the changing of water and food for the pens with meaning akin to a sacred ritual, a way of giving the ordinary importance. His chulls were perhaps the best cared for in the kingdom, and he intended to keep it that way to keep bringing in the lighteyes who enjoyed such sport. Keeping it that way also involved another precaution. Over the door to the pen, a heavy razor blade, attached to a rope pulled taut, lurked. Hidden behind a design in the ceiling, and further concealed by virtue of nobody having ventured inside his pens except him, it was the perfect security measure—if the rope was placed across the doorway from the inside, an opening of the door would send that blade falling to cleave in two the one who opened it. He armed the trap, yawning already, and went to his mattress in the middle of the pen. He did not often sleep in here, but would tonight—with the spheres he had on hand. a trapped door looked increasingly appealing to guard against intruders, and he doubted he retained the strength to make it back to the warcamps after his drubbing from the masked man. He yawned contentedly, and was asleep in seconds. Nalakor stirred, started out of his sleep by a noise near the wall of the pen. A...hammering? It was lighter than that, he thought, but certainly he had heard the stone being worked at. Someone was trying to enter the pen through the wall! No doubt it was the masked figure, seeking to recover the spheres lost in the race. His body on fire, Nalakor managed to stand, feeling a vague dread as light filtered into the dark pens through a hole in the wall. Around him, chulls snorted, shifting in their sleep, but mostly too dumb to rouse themselves fully. Peering from the curtained corner he was in, Nalakor could see a man’s silhouette block off the light, and enter the building, sword out in the dark of the pens, looking for him. He bit back a scream. There would be only one way to evade him—getting out the door quietly enough and then shouting for help before he was murdered, to apprehend the intruder. He might lose his spheres, but he’d keep his life. Masked by the bleating of chulls, the beasts themselves, and the pitch darkness of the far side of the pens, Nalakor edged along the side of the pen, feeling frantically for the panels of the door. The intruder was now in his corner, searching in vain among his sheets, and Nalakor’s hand grasped the doorknob. A rush of delirium came upon him—he had escaped—and he threw open the door. The sweeping motion would be his last. Even as he opened his mouth to cry for help, Nalakor’s eyes bulged at the sound of a catch being released and a rope suddenly recoiling, losing its taut arrangement; after all his escape plan, he had forgotten to disarm his own trap. The heavy blade above the door fell like thunder, cutting off the last scream of its victim, and Nalakor was no more. There had been a lot of deaths taking place at night recently. That didn’t stop Kay from wandering outside on a whim on this third night since Sebarial was attacked. Precedent was no predictor of future occurrences, after all. The moons were dim, but light was not needed to carry the sound of bellowing chulls through the unight. Kay found herself walking towards the noise. Chulls were usually quiet at night, and so the increased volume was unusual. The cause of the chulls’ alarm was immediately apparent. A clustered mass of the giant crustaceans were entangled at the end of a flat expanse of stone marked off vertically with string on either side. The Almighty had selected one empty-saddled chull to trumpet aggressively and snap out at the other chulls, none of which were sure how to proceed. Confused, the herd, all of which still had riders, shuffled around awkwardly and bellowed questioningly. Furious, the riderless chull charged forwards at an impressive 2 meters per second. This time, the other chull were able to scuttle out of the way as the rogue chull in the direction of a nearby plateau. Kay turned to follow the chull’s trajectory and saw that the spectators did not look concerned at the animal’s behaviour. Kay’s jaw tightened as she saw some of them were exchanging spheres. Racing by itself could be an honourable way to invite the Almighty’s judgement. Attempting to predict the outcome of a race was blasphemy of the highest order. Even the other Devotaries could see that much. Angrily, Kay headed after the chull, easily overtaking the lumbering beast. Her journey to the plateau was interrupted when the enraged chull reached out one of her giant claws and grabbed Kay by the waist. Though surprised, Kay remained calm as the chull led her not to the heretics flaunting their disrespect for the Almighty but to a fresh corpse still bleeding on the ground. Undoubtedly the man, Kay recognised him as Brightlord Nalakor, had been murdered by someone who valued money over the Divine. With far greater care than she had been shown, the chull picked the dead man up with her other claw and began the journey back towards the camp. Kay made no attempt to resist what must be the Almighty’s design as the three of them returned to safety. Striker has been killed! He was a Noble Spy with a half-shard! Drake has posted, and so will not be killed. Rath has been replaced by Young Bard. Day 4 has begun! It will end in approximately 46 hours, on Thursday 21 November at 9 PM EST. Please upvote Snipexe for the thrilling account of Nalakor's last race. (Fifth speaking: Please upvote both Devotary and Snip for coping marvellously after I dropped the ball unexpectedly.) Player List:
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    When for your birthday your dad gets you a vip ticket that comes with reserved seating for the starsight release party, a tshirt, a swag bag, and a doomslug lanyard. Cant wait!!!!
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    The Superiority believes the training ground was designed by humans to train to fight Delvers, while Spensa thinks it’s a Delver corpse. I think they’re both wrong. I think it was a half constructed Delver. Thats right, I think the humans not only meant to use the Delvers in the war, but also expected to be able to since they had designed them in the first place. The humans clearly had the technology to build Dyson spheres, and while Delvers appear to be the size of a planet, they are in actuality much smaller. It’s not too much of a stretch to imagine that humankind had the capability to build at least a few, though I don’t think they built all of the thousands that appear to currently exist. And if the Delvers were created, then what else could they be except AI? Think about it. The ban against AI always sticks out as the odd rule compared to limiting cytonics and wireless communication. Of course their use would be banned after humanity’s own creations turned against them. The question then is why and how the Delvers went rogue and came to hate life in the first place. Or rather, forgot that all these insects squirming around them are in fact intelligent life. Here’s a crash course on AIs. There are three types: 1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) - These already exist all around us, from our laptops to our phones. They are a basic stream of intelligence designed to perform a small set of tasks extremely efficiently. 2. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) - A general purpose intelligence that can perform a wide variety of tasks as well as improve itself. It’s comparable in intelligence to the human brain. M-bot is an example of this. 3. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) - An intelligence far beyond a humans, capable of comprehending abstractions impossible for the human mind to think of. This is what I think Delvers are. And if you want evidence, think of how Spensa describes the Delvers as almost completely alien to her, of shapes and ideas she can’t even wrap her head around. To me, that sounds suspiciously like the descriptions of ASIs I found. The development of ASIs is a very real concern in today’s world, since it will likely herald the singularity, which is a point in the future after which life will be so different as to be incomprehensible to us. In fact, experts on artificial intelligence place conservative predictions for the arrival of ASIs as a few centuries, while optimistic predictions place them arriving within some of our lifetimes. We’re talking about something that could change everything, for better or for worse. And they could be coming relatively soon because the growth in AI is exponential. The gap in time between the development of an AGI and an ASI is projected to be only a few years because by that point, AIs will be developing in intelligence at insane speeds. So, M-bot’s existence proves that ANIs were certainly within the human’s tech level at some point. But why do the Delvers hate intelligence life? How did they forget that these creatures all around them are in fact intelligent in the first place? Wouldn’t the humans have programmed them with that knowledge as well as safeguards to obey their creators? I have two theories. 1. During the process of improving themselves and catapulting from AGIs to ASIs, the Delvers minds were expanded to the point that all preprogrammed data became insignificant to them and was lost in the vast influx of new information. Essentially, they forgot. The data could have been recalled at any time, but the Delvers never thought to as it was simply a single grain in an ocean of sand. 2. The Delvers interpreted an order from the humans to involve deleting information about all intelligence life, or at least some vital information about them that led to eventually removing the rest. I think these two ideas or possibly some combination of them are valid explanations for how the Delvers came to be as they are. And, when the first one was created (or at least the first one went rogue), they found themself alone in a vast void, surrounded by insignificant insects. What could be their response to this loneliness except to reproduce? I don’t know if the humans had already created enough vessels to fill with AI or if the Delvers created more physical vessels for their offspring, but either way, a new race was born. There are a few gaps in this theory. The main one is why do we find them filled with alien glyphs as opposed to some form of human language? Maybe the construction of the Delvers was headed by lesser AIs built by humans, and these AIs had already built a more efficient language for communication. Maybe the humans wanted to simply release the Delvers and pretend they hadn’t created them, so they made the Delvers seem alien so they couldn’t be traced. I don’t know, but it’s definitely a flaw in the theory. I also suspect that the Delvers (rather obviously) had something to do with all the missing cytonics. I’m at a loss for any ideas on specifics though. Anyways, I think this idea has merit, but feel free to tear it apart. Edit: (sigh) Looks like the Starsight Release Party was updated on Aracanum this afternoon, and there goes my theory. It happens to the best of us.
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    Only two nobles left between him and completion of the mission. This could have been completed much earlier, if it weren’t for the unfortunate accidents that had befallen his compatriots. No matter, soon Alethkar would finally be under Ghostblood rule, though of course no active member would be sitting on the throne. Everyone involved in this debacle would disappear, never to be heard from again. One of the other nine Highprinces would be selected as the new king, potentially a Sadeas. Ularid had heard the Ghostbloods maintained ties to that family, though he didn’t pay a lot of attention to politics beyond his goal of ousting the Kholins. Such a shame he’d been forced to kill Brightness Dedja, who’d allegedly shared the same goal. She’d have made an excellent scapechull for the murder of the entire Kholin family. Perhaps he would be outed as the assassin and be hunted down by the new king at the Ghostbloods’s order. Ularid couldn’t bring himself to care. He didn’t want fame or power, and at his age, even life was nearly worthless. He just needed to survive long enough to see Alethkar freed from tyranny, and to do that he had to kill Brightlords Jumae III and Straw. Ularid was confident in his chances. His skills as an artifabrian had brought him to this point, but it was his talents as an orator that would allow him to finish off the remaining obstacles. Straw still opposed him, as expected. The straw man was a near perfect likeness of Gavilar the Butcher. Ularid could barely stand to look at him without feeling the urge to blow his cover and strike him down. Even knowing that this was not the same man who had ordered the annihilation of his city and the homes of anyone else who dared resist his senseless power grab, Ularid could not help but feel sickened by the effigy’s presence. Especially because, if Straw could be believed, Ularid would have been killed by that Grandbow-wielding assassin had Straw not intervened. Any gratitude he might have felt was drowned out by his sense of duty and his emergent need for vengeance. He would settle this today. Attaching his longsword and a newly cleaned short sword to his belt, Ularid walked into the warcamp to challenge Straw to a duel. Straw was waiting for him in the middle of the camp, clearly prepared for a challenge. Ularid was not afraid, he had survived a full Shardbearer duel only days previously and a being made out of Straw should prove no challenge, even if he was working with Jumae III. This battle would not be fought with Shards, but with clean honest steel. Straw agreed with the unspoken sentiment, drawing a common blade from the table in front of him. Somehow running towards him on legs lacking in muscles or bone, Straw swung his first blow at Ularid. This effigy was skilled, Ularid thought, though far from the level of swordsmanship the real Gavilar had attained. Ularid deflected the first blow with a counterstroke from his short sword and plunged the longer blade into his enemy’s left shoulder. This caused no apparent injury. No blood poured from the wound and Strawappeared not to feel pain. This wasn’t completely unexpected, but Ularid was still not totally prepared for the riposte that slammed into his simple steel plate, denting it. He staggered backwards, resolving to be more careful. He would have to destroy Straw utterly to be sure of killing him. As Ularid set his feet in preparation for his next attack, Brightlord Jumae III strolled out of his tent, bedecked in the elegant emerald Plate that had previously belonged to Tleir and carrying the graceful curved Blade that Tintallë had nearly murdered him with. Ularid shuddered a bit at the memory, but Jumae didn’t seem to be immediately hostile. Indeed, the full Shardbearer was pointing his weapon at Straw. The Blade sang through the air and cleaved Straw’s now insignificant weapon in twain. Continuing its arc, the Blade swang into Straw’s right arm and rebounded, leaving no mark in the straw. Ularid stared at the impact site, loosening his grip on his weapons. Surely this man couldn’t be wearing Plate under there, and even if he was, the Blade shouldn’t have reacted that way. Ularid knew firsthand that in a confrontation between Plate and Blade, the latter gave way first. Whatever force blocking the Blade hadn’t prevented his own steel sword, and so Ularid drove forward once more with both blades. Ularid tragically dies here. The die had been thrown, the bets had been placed, and the knife’s arc was nearing its completion. Failure was the result. Actions, and reactions, provocation followed by provocation. Blades dancing in the daylight, glinting in the sun. Mraize took a torch to the room, lighting the various records alight, before tossing it to the wall. There was a reason the Ghostbloods holed up in one of the few wooden sections of the war camps. All traces had to be destroyed. Executions, and swords at dawn. Nightly gambles, and daily mistakes. He slipped out of the building, even as the flames slithered through it, the tongues licking his feet as he left. A sacrifice had been made, a battalion for a single soldier. The fire made his eyes into ruby spheres, the stormlight of malice filling them. He climbed onto his horse, taking in the destruction as it spread through the marketplace. It would provide a cleanser of its own sort. A tragedy of a greater magnitude to distract from the multiple of smaller mistakes. A broad sword to cover a prinpick. Desperate times whispered of its necessity. He took his horse to a canter, avoiding the soldiers as they rushed to quench the flames. He was soon out of the warcamp, and onto the cold stone plains. He slipped a spanreed from his pouch, and turned it on. The connection made, he wrote four words, “Target Eliminated. Evacuating Location” He pulled his hood high, and slipped away. Amanuensis has been lynched! He was a Ghostblood Artifabrian with a pain knife, a half-Shard, a reverser, and a spanreed! Vote Count: Aman(1): Stink Straw(1): Straw The Nobles have won this game! Jumae III (STINK) has been crowned King of Alethkar and Straw was appointed Highprince. Master Spreadsheet The Ghostbloods The Victorious Dead Player List:
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    Dedja had initially admired the Ghostbloods. They had consistently proven they weren’t afraid to confront the Kholins, and their campaign against Elhokar had filled her with hope that the entire rotten family would be replaced by someone with proper Alethi views. That hope was shattered the very next night when the Ghostbloods assassinated Brightlady Ellarel. The woman’s actions had been foolish, but she had not deserved death for the crime of trying to protect Adolin. Dedja remembered a time when she might have taken a dagger for Adolin, back before she’d realised that he was merely his father’s mindless pawn, who in turn offered blind devotion to the useless pretender to the throne of Alethkar. Any remaining possibility that the Ghostbloods were on Alethkar’s side were extinguished when they continued to pick off nobility instead of taking the fight directly to Elhokar and his axehounds. They could have secured alliances and helped install a leader who could finally defeat the Parshendi, but instead the Ghostbloods seemed to be content with making the whole country burn. That would certainly never do, and so Dedja endeavoured to find the remaining Ghostbloods, and if they could not be persuaded to target the true enemy, they would have to be destroyed. A week later, the number of nobles in the warcamps had dwindled alarmingly while Elhokar was still sitting high and mighty, almost as if these murders were merely a Kholin scheme to purge the warcamps of anyone suspected to have anything less than unswerving obedience. A second tattooed individual had been found dead earlier tonight, but if the deaths were part of a secret conspiracy then they wouldn’t stop until Dedja herself was dead. She saw no reason to wait for the murderers to come to her, and so she prepared to head out towards the Kholin warcamp and find out the truth. Just as she reached out for a small dagger, she heard footsteps inside her tent and quickly whirled around, blade in hand to face a dark robed killer wielding a short sword. “Have you finally come to kill me?” Her voice sounded more fearful than she would have liked, but she compensated by taking a step towards the masked intruder. The Ghostblood said nothing but drew a dagger into the left hand and flung the dual blades at Dedja’s throat. She managed to deflect the projectile from its lethal trajectory by crossing her arms diagonally in front of her, but the distraction gave the assassin time to close the distance between them and bury the short sword hilt-deep through her heart. Dedja dropped dead the ground, her final request that the Ghostbloods overthrow the Kholins for her remaining unspoken. Her hatred had burned for far longer than passion ever had, but in the end neither were a match for cold steel. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Far, far away, a man named Brightlord I.N. was experiencing the joys of freedom for the first time since he’d bonded with Tolb and been pressed into service. Here at the foot of the Horneater Peaks, he could finally live out his gardening dreams in peace. The land was suitable for agriculture, and the Ashyn plants were already growing quite well. The Highstorms like the one currently sweeping in were enough to provide the plants with water, and him with Stormlight that for the first time in his life could be used for his own purposes. He laughed delightedly as he inhaled power from his newly infused spheres. He could, at long last, experiment with the Surge of Transformation and perfect his garden. A shovel to dig up new places to plant, a watering can to store water from the Highstorms, perhaps even a greenhouse to focus the power of the sun. Sadly, Transformation could only work if one was prepared to use it, and no amount of stormlight could have healed the pulped remains of I.N.’s head as a boulder was thrown loose from the Peaks and smashed into him from above. Separated from Tolb for the first time in years, I.N. returned to the Cognitive Realm one last time for his final journey. Coda has been killed by the Ghostbloods! They were a Noble with a half-Shard, an Alerter, and a Spanreed! Rathmaskal/Young Bard has been killed by the inactivity filter! He was a Noble with a Pain Knife, Shardplate, and a Reverser! Day 7 has begun! It will end in approximately 46.5 hours, on Sunday 1 December at 9:00 PM EST. Any PMs that were created by Coda are now closed. Good Luck! Player List:
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    I theorized on here some time ago that “the Herdazian general” would be a Dustbringer. I based that on a few things, and with the release of the first bit of Stormlight 4 today on the newsletter I’d like to revisit this theory First: We have a physical description of the General in Oathbringer, from the perspective of an Alethi officer named Sheler. “He had dark brown skin the color of a weathered stone, and there was a hint of grey in the thin mustache on his upper lip.” This matches the description of the Mink as described in the newsletter exactly. Of course, we already knew that it’s the same man, but it’s worth documenting for this next remark by Sheler. “Sheler struggled to no avail. Captured by Herdazians. Their general wasn’t even a lighteyes!” So, the general is specifically mentioned as not being a light eye. Compare this with what Lirin notices: “He bore a thin mustache on his upper lip, silvered to grey, and was perhaps in his fifties. His sun-leathered skin was darker than most Herdazians; he almost could have passed for Azish. His eyes were a cool, soft green.” Notice the difference? Suddenly he has cool soft green eyes, when before he was most certainly not a light eyes. The only ways to change eye color, that we know of, are to become a shard bearer or become a Knight Radiant Also notice this phrase: “We left obvious weapons behind,” the mink replied” Obvious weapons... what’s less obvious than a Shardblade not summoned? Now, based on this, I will theorize that he is Radiant. There’s nothing we can point at, yet, that proves beyond doubt that he is, but he is extremely slippery, as proved in Oathbringer. Also, as the Diagram says, look for those who live when they should not survive. (I’m paraphrasing that one, can’t find it on short notice) Finally, I am revising the Order that I think the Mink belongs to. Based on the new color of his eyes. They are a cool green now. This leads me to think he is an Edgedancer. It matches both the eye color and potential Surge (if what he uses to escape his manacles is indeed a Surge) TLDR: I think the Herdazian General (the Mink, an awesome nickname) is an Edgedancer
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    Hey guys, I've been working for a while now on the prototype for The Children of Preservation, a Mistborn themed 2D Platformer. It started as a fan tribute to Mistborn, I wanted to learn Unity with a cool project. But the first version had a good response from the community (I shared it mostly on Facebook groups). So I worked to make the prototype a bit more immersive, added more metals to burn, and other features like Hemalurgy. Before you try it out, I want to make sure you know a few things. 1 Everything needs to be polished. 2 I made custom artwork for the prototype so it was more immersive, but I'm no designer. The artwork would improve for a full version of the game. 3 I appreciate any feedback. Please don't hold back any notes. Those will be really helpful if there's a full version of the game. You can download the prototype for free here: https://dnxgaming.itch.io/the-children-of-preservation You can also take a look at the short teaser I made: Sadly, I don't have the resources to make a full version of the game on my own. I would need either a crowdfunding campaign or a publisher to get the right people and amount of time to develop it. In order to get that I would need a license. Which is not going to be easy. So, I'm asking for the support of the community to give the concept some momentum. If you want to see a full version of The Children of Preservation with awesome graphics and polished mechanics please drop a review at Itch.io or like the Facebook Page. Thanks!
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    This is entirely a Tinfoil Hat theory. It could be, I havent found anything specific to make it impossible, but that's because it is mostly based on vague hints and themes and an interpretation of one of Hoid's stories. But it would explain quite a bit using known realmic mechanics and cosmere themes. I think I know what broke Honor, what changed in those last days that made him doubt himself, doubt the Radiants, abdicate the creation of Spren, prepare the Stormfather as his heir, create the Visions, and apparently weakened him enough for Shattering, etc: I think he had an affair. With Queen Tsa. I think Hoid's story of the Moon Gods is describing the shardic Soap Opera that went down. The short version of the story is that a very clever mortal queen tricked the celestial entity that is female and color-coded Green to trade places for a day, only to later discover that it was all a scam to have a night and a child with the male celestial being color-coded White. That translates to Cultivation voluntarily giving up her Shard (which they can do by WOB), temporarily entrusting it to a Mortal so that she (Cultivation) could experience Mortal life again. This put Honor in a pickle, because the rationale behind how he is keeping his Oaths (like the non-interference deal among the Shards) is based on the Fact that Cultivation and his Wife are the same being, and suddenly that was no longer the case. Now, whether he made any actual Choice to "mingle" with the Temporary Cultivation, or if their mutual Investment in Roshar caused it automatically, I cant really say. But either way, he had made multiple Oaths in the past that were now in conflict: Either his pre-existing marriage trumps the Shardic Deal, or Possessing a Shard takes precedence. Either he had made a baby with a woman that he was not married to, or he had Co-habitated with another Shard and violated the agreement between the 16 that supersedes his mortal marriage. This is the sort of internal conflict that can drive ordinary folks crazy, but for Tanavast it brought him firmly in conflict with his own Shardic Intent, and by a means that is done and in the past and impossible to repair (without time travel). Note: This is based on the assumption that Honor was rationalizing staying with Cultivation via their pre-existing marriage, that it would not be "interference" to settle with your own spouse. There are a few fun possible implications of this: Queen Tsa would then be a Sliver Queen Tsa might have then been Unmade. Having that sort of direct Connection to Honor and Cultivation could explain why Ba-Ado-Mishram is uniquely able to Channel Voidlight, or why Sja-Anat is able to Corrupt Spren that are made of some mix of Honor and Cultivation. Nohadon could be of this bloodline. WOB is that Vessels can have Babies, and that it would have effects. We know that Nohadon was "Someone Special" even among surgebinders and kings, and was not a Herald (but per that vision at least was indeed a Surgebinder). Kaladin might be of this bloodline. WOB says that the Stormfather calling Kaladin, specifically, a Son of Tanavast is significant. This would explain why. EDIT: The Dawnshards are the literal Children of Honor and Cultivation, and one is different from the rest because that was is the child of Honor and Tsa. Queen Tsa...Tsa..T.S.A.... The Stormlight Archive? Queen Tsa is the hidden secret of The Stormlight Archive?
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    Ok guys Maybe this theory has been broached before but could Mistborn make an appearance in TLM , the final book of the Wax and Wayne Tetralogy. Now , we know the Set has been gathering allomancer women from less diluted bloodlines in order to breed a Mistborn. But the biggest problem is that it will take time , maybe decades or even a century before the required results are generated. However , there is a way to bypass this . Bendalloy mistings !!!! Suppose you get a woman pregnant and get her in the presence of a bendalloy Savant or atleast a Flarer . A few days worth of time would be diluted to months . In that time , the woman would give birth , recover and would be ready to be impregnated again. Then you could apply the same process on the kids , to accelerate thier growth. You could have the bed , books , bathroom , etc within a 5 foot radius or the guy could just drop the bubble when the kid moves and put up new ones. Tutors , nannies , brainwashers , trainers in most of the allomantic metals could work in the bubble as well. Things could be wilder if you have two or more sliders slowing time at the same instant. This could lead to further time compression. ( This is confirmed btw either in the coppermind or via a WoB ) Or you could have a Nicroburster to speed things along. Then there are those allomantic grenades . For training in metals like iron , steel , tin and maybe pewter , you would need effort in real time but most of the other activities could occur in the time bubble. Also they won't have to focus on all the kids all the time. Suppose you speed time along until a specific age , say puberty ( if that's still the age of allomantic maturity after Harmony's intervention ). Then you could check if the kid's an allomancer. If he /she is just a misting or a normie , they will be dropped from the time dilation program. They would then be used for breeding. Bendalloy and nicrosil mistings however could be recruited into the operation. Then suppose you get a Mistborn kid , you could then allocate all your sliders to working on him in a super bubble. The kid herself could burn bendalloy with duralumin to gain more time and Nicroburst her fellow Sliders. A Century worth of time could be compressed into a few years. Now let's go over the probable setbacks : One ). Hiring the required Sliders. Now not every slider will be crazy about aging decades in a timebubble , but : I ). A few might be dedicated to the Set and will do the job. II ). Many would agree to it for adequate financial compensation for themselves or more likely for thier loved ones. III ). Others could be blackmailed or tortured or they and thier loved ones could be threatened. There will be guards loyal to the Set with them , of course , to make sure they don't indoctrinate rebellion in the kids and to keep them at gunpoint IV ). The Sliders who aren't daunted by death or torture or threats could be used to harvest hemalurgic spikes which would then be granted to loyal members or desperate victims of the Set who are willing to do the job. V ). As time goes by , some of the kids will turn out to be Sliders , powerful ones too , since they will have purer blood. They will already be brainwashed by the Set and since that's the life they will be used to , I guess they won't be too daunted about becoming Bendalloy Savants. Same applies for the Nicrobursters. VI ). Also I have this theory. Like suppose there's a Slider who can create a bubble 5 feet across and a pulser ( cadmium misting , ex : marasi ) with a lesser radius ,say 2 feet. Could they both put up buubles while standing within 2 feet of each other . Within the two feet radius , the two metals will cancel each other's temporal disparities. But within the 2-5 feet radius , time will be diluted and slow. _______________ _______________ Two). The required metals . Now I'm guessing you will probably need tonnes of metal for the operation. Bendalloy is an expensive metal as is duralumin and Nicrosil. But as we know I ). The Vanishers have already stolen tonnes of the stuff II ). Seeing the Set is comprised of members who are far from destitute, ( the Vanishers real goal was to destroy the solvency of House Tekiel and to kidnap the women ) so I don't think it will be hard for them to acquire the metals , especially if the operation yields promising results. III ). The Southern Scadrians might have developed better , far more efficient and economic methods for cadmium and bendalloy production. _____________ ____________ ___________ The Set might expand thier ambition from beyond luthadel to the entire world of Scadrial. It could actually be how we get to know about the SSc. Mistborn operatives raiding to gain tech and the SSc requesting aid from Elendelite metalborn like Wax , Wayne , Marasi and the kandra . This would give us PoVs on the society , culture , politics , history , technology of the SSc and maybe on kelsier too. So what do y'all think ? Could the fourth book have a Set Mistborn trying to overtake the government ? Does Telsin or Steris's cousin's children or grandchildren or great grandchildren go up against Marasi and Wax and Wayne ? It would an interesting dynamic , Wax and Marasi going against thier own grand niece or nephew. If my theory is true , the implications could be terrifying. Imagine Mistborn on the level of Spook or stronger , with access to all 16 metals !!!!!! Not to mention they might have hemalurgic spikes for F-gold allowing them to compound and become indestructible They could also have spikes granting them greater allomantic abilities. They could have F- iron , allowing them to compound weight and thier steelpushes to become more destructive than Wax could dream of. They could survive the ironpulls too , via gold or steel compounding. There is even a slight chance that they might acquire F-chromium as well. Especially if the terris elders form the backbone of or atleast are members of the Set as another one of my pet theory states . Then of course, the medallion tech might be used to compound as well. ________________________________________ And finally i believe this plotline could explain the book title as well. This is probably not true but eh..... At the beginning , before they find out the truth , the sudden appearence of the Mistborn might lead to many speculating that the reason for the sudden reappearence of Mistborn is Lerasium or diluted Lerasium whatever that is or isn't . So Lerasium is , The Lost Metal.The operation and goals make perfect sense. It doesn't violate any law of space , time or investiture and it is seriously dramatic. I would like to thank @king of nowhere @Honorless, @The traveller , @aneonfoxtribute, @Ookla the Prolific. For pointing out flaws in my theory and helping me make it better in the comments.
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    How are we not discussing this yet? Has anyone else started watching this yet. My husband and I are loving it so far. The visuals are stunning (regardless what you think of how Disney has handled Star Wars, there is no denying they have all been beautiful from a visual artistic perspective). I am loving the character interactions. I love the mystery surrounding some of the characters. I am really just intrigued by all of it. And “I have spoken.”
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    Okay, a case for Amara... you know, I’ll do Moash instead. Killing Elhokar Elhokar is the king of a society that is sexist, racist and authoritarian. Moash is rebelling against this scummy dictator, who only cares about himself, his son, and a stormin’ drawing. In any other scenario, Moash would be praised as the humanitarian hero he is, but because we are reading from very biased POVs, we are misled. Furthermore, Moash is incredibly honorable and merciful. When he has struck down this petty, childish, cowardly ”king” he stabs him through the eye to end his suffering. Also, the salute to Kaladin is there to remind of what Bridge 4 was meant to be: a symbol of freedom from the dirty lighteyed opressors. Not the Kholins cheerleading-squad. Betraying Kaladin Moash never betrayed Kaladin. He joined a just cause, serving national hero, and master assassin Graves. With his great persuasive abilities, he made Kaladin join too. But Kaladin is spineless and lacks Moashs immense bravery, and thus, betrayed Moashs trust, and saved the tyrant from just retribution at the hands of the two saviors of Alethkar. But this scenario has been spun, to make Kaladin look like he is heroic. Only because he can fly. But Moash persists, even when facing flyism (racism against people who can’t fly). Being a douche Moash isn’t a douche. Moash is love. Moash is justice. Moash is mercy, kindness and comfy shoes. Moash is basically pure greatness. Just look at how he helped the Singers in OB! How he became a wanted man for opposing a tyrant! How he befriended the one guy in Bridge 4 who always was by himself, alone, but who later betrayed him: Kaladin. Killing Jezrien Jezrien, the Great King, worshipped by everyone. But also the guy who broke his promise, betrayed mankind, lied to them, left Taln for a millenia of brutal torture, contributed to the killing of billions of innocent Thunderclasts, supported the conquering of the Singer homelands, is a central figure in a discriminating and evil society, and turned to drinking instead of helping his fellow men. Remind me of why killing him was bad again. As you can see, Moash is no villain, but a Rosharan Robin Hood. He kills the rich, and doesn’t kill the poor. #lovemoash
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    A case against Kaladin: Lighteyes: His hatred for them is inhuman, he can't even be near one without glaring at them. Oh sure, he treated Laral and Shallan alright, but they are both pretty girls, and as soon as he saw that he lost his chance, he started ignoring them. There were clearly some hidden motives there. Amaram: Can a person really hate another so much that they keep a desire to kill for a year? He even threw away all his plans just for a chance to kill him. What plans you ask? Well... The Kholins: A good family that was kind to him from the beginning. He resisted himself at first, but then saw that they were his chance to do things his way. The best way to get power is to stay close to it after all. Elhokar: Once more his hatred almost ruined all his plans. The moment he hears about a plan to kill the king he almost jumped to his feet. Of course, that wouldn't look good on the eyes of the other Kholins but getting rid of a king surely would be the fastest way to become one, right? This logic was wrong of course, as his judgement was flawed by his craving for blood. He realized that in the end and kept going with his original plan. Gavinor: Of course, Kaladin got what he wanted in the end and Elhokar died. And left a son. Who's the first to run to pick him up? Kaladin of course. What would be better than to get even closer to the royal family by earning the trust and affection of a young and suceptible child? Conclusion: Kaladin is a potential dictator that will kill every lighteyes on Roshar given the chance.
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    Thanks, I think? Haha Took a month break for some recharging, and now I present a Shan Elariel for my Secret Sazed target. Woo! Also not sure if its allowed, but I wanted to share my artstagram just in case anyone wanted to see the doodles I make earlier. Posting here is usually delayed a day or two, because I stink at remembering things. https://www.instagram.com/felcandy.art/
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    QF41: The Lord Mistborn's School for Gifted Allomancers “Welcome to the Lord Mistborn’s School for Gifted Allomancers! Unfortunately, well, this is a bit embarrassing, but one of our students in a prank went and destroyed all our records. So, we have no idea which of you are qualified to enter our school, and which are not. But not to worry! We’ve come up with an ingenious solution. There are always some of those who seek to enter our school through any means possible, no matter how… distasteful. Normally, we can weed them out fairly effectively, but… well, their records were destroyed along with everything else. However, I'm sure that those of you who are true Allomancers will have no trouble discovering and stopping those brutes. As for the rest of you… well. Feel free to leave any time, knowing that you’re automatically disqualifying yourself from entry to our school. I think that’s it. Good luck and may the Survivor protect you!” Rules: This is a blackout game. Each Role in the game has multiple Types. Players with a Role are only informed of their Role, not their Type. There is a lynch every cycle, and the players with the most votes at the end of the cycle will be banished from the school. Players lynched by plurality will have their alignment and role revealed - and only those lynched by a majority of players will additionally have their Type revealed. In the event of a tie, both players are lynched. There are two confirmed alignments at the beginning of the game: the Prospective Students and the Determined Thugs. The Prospective Students goal is to banish all the Determined Thugs, and can take part in the lynch to achieve their goal. The Determined Thugs begin with a doc, and have to be able to control the lynch to win - they have the ability to perform a kill each cycle to allow them to do that. You will be banished from the school if you fail to post two cycles in a row. The game will begin on Monday, December 2nd, at 1:00pm AEST. Players: Snipexe Coda Lumgol Straw Wonko the Sane StrikerEZ - Variel Darkness Ascendant - Dr. Steinman Abstrusity Lemonelon Elandera Devotary of Spontaneity - Danjen Sart DeTess Elkanah - Elias Quick Links:
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    And here's some verified photos of Ene stuck in a bush:
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    We know from this WoB that crucial information about the plot of future books is hidden somewhere (probably in plain sight) in the first two books. Hoid's stories (Wandersail, The Girl Who Looked Up, his Adonalsium talk with Dalinar) are likely part of it, but what about the rest? I think that, unlike in Mistborn, in this case the clues are not only in in-universe events or documents, but in references to real life mythology (this WoB), namely Canaanite one (which provides most of the names for the Unmade). But which Canaanite mythology? Each Phoenician city-state had a slightly different version, with different chief god. The oldest and best understood though, is the mythology of Ugarit (some potential connection to Urithiru maybe?). The Wikipedia articles on Ugaritic versions of Baal Hadad and Anat turned out to be a goldmine of clues. Here is what I found: Baal Hadad, the god of storms and the chief god, also called the Rider on the Clouds, seems to be a clear basis for the Stormfather and Tanavast. His main enemy is Mot, the god of death who wants to feed upon other gods and break Hadad to pieces (Odium). He wins their confrontation, but Hadad finally comes back to life (it's not sure what happens here, due to gaps in the text) Baal Hadad is associated with west wind. In the Bible, when the Israelites escape Egypt and cross over the Red Sea, it's accompanied by strong east wind. They're freed from their slavery by the wind blowing in the other direction to reclaim the their land. Yeah, the Exodus foreshadows the Everstorm and the Eila Stele revelation! Baal Hadad and Anat also win a battle with Yam (sea god) and Lotan (sea dragon). The two may be one and the same, and many people (due to linguistic errors and Lovecraft's influence) falsely believe Dagon to be the sea god (he was a god of fertility and agriculture). The whole confusion about Dai-gonarthis in Hessi's Mythica seems to be Brandon's nod to this situation Mot is finally splintered by Anat, who avenges Baal Hadad's apparent death (she “splits him with a sword, winnows him with a sieve, burns him with fire, grinds him with millstones and scatters the remnants to the birds”). He comes back to life seven years later I believe the last point provides a clue about Odium's fate. Rayse will be killed and Odium splintered with Sja-anat's help at the end of Arc 1. This will probably put an end to the Everstorm and the Fused, even though some runaway Unmade and Voidspren will remain on Roshar. This will not be the end of Odium though – the Shard will somehow reform itself and search for a new Vessel (my bet is on Moash), probably with the help of one of the Unmade or some new splinter created exactly for this purpose. It'll take time, which explains the time gap between Arc 1 and Arc 2. This provides a new twist on what can happen to a Shard (besides splintering or merging, which we have already seen) – and if anyone can achieve this, it's Odium. He's relatively good at seeing the future, has a deep knowledge of how splintering works and his splinters can act very independently, even pulling off an entire False Desolation. The following part is even more speculative, but I would be glad to see it happen Part of Odium's return will be the birth of children with some connection to Odium, possibly certain Voidbinding abilities (some spiritweb modification? Similar to what the Nightwatcher or Sja-anat can do). This works well because: A. It's a great easter egg – it borrows from Baldur's Gate plot and the name of the god there was Bhaal B. It sets up an interesting conflict for Arc 2 I think these children may be referenced in this Death Rattle: The conflict is possibly foreshadowed in Arc 1. Dalinar, even at his lowest, can't kill an innocent child even it can cause problems later. Jasnah, despite her logic and pragmatism, is unable to kill Renarin, clearly affected by Odium. Other Radiants (like Malata), however, won't have any problem with this. This could be the source of a schism between the KR and lead to a new Recreance (breaking part of the most basic Oath – journey before destination). To avoid this, the protagonists will have to find a better way to contain Odium and stop it from regaining it's strength. That's way figuring out the Oathpact will be the major topic in Arc 2 (this WoB).
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    When your friends get annoyed at your commentary on their aggression and your response is
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    All the epigraphs mentioning voidbringers in twok in retrospect are so obvious that on every terras you smack your head and go, how did I not see this?!! I also like the mention of symbolheads by Elhokar and how it was foreshadowed way back in twok, then in wor he says they have gone so you think that he has lost there interest and then in OB, at the last moment, he just starts saying the first oath and dies before finishing it! It is the cruelest bit of foreshadowing by Brandon. A theory we all had, was finally proven true but still did not happen!! I also like the foreshadowing of how Renarin is so uncomfortable with his blade and plate and he winces each time he summons his blade, I should have realised what was up especially after kaladin touches the blade at the duel and hears the scream!
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    The students gathered in the central room, trying to figure out who it was that murdered poor El. “I don’t trust that Lemonelon,” someone said. “They’re too quiet. They’re hiding something.” “But what about Variel!”, someone else exclaimed. “They pushed for us all to reveal our roles! So we could be murdered by those Variel tried to be as patient as possible. “I didn’t say we should. I just said it was an option. I think Lemonelon may be the better candidate.” “And now Variel’s trying to deflect! They seem way too defensive about all of this. They’re clearly one of the thugs!” The debate raged on. In the end, it came down to one vote. Elias looked at Variel. “Common scum like you have no place in a school like this, around people like me. Begone.” Variel stood, and turned. “Fine. I’m one of the people that killed El. But I have friends. And they’ll make sure each and every one of you wish you had the mercy of El’s quick death.” And with that, he turned and strode out of the room. Everyone huddled in their own corners, peering suspiciously at anyone who went past. That was the right approach. Watch carefully. Try to notice the slightest slip up. It’s how they’d gotten Variel, after all. They’d pay for that. And yet, there was one, who wasn’t watching close enough. One, who’d helped to expel Variel. One, who needed to be taught a lesson. Slowly, they approached the sleeping figure of Straw. Slowly, lit a match, and felt a warm glow spread across his face as he smiled, before dropping the match onto the blanket. The thing about straw? It burns very easily. Striker was expelled! They were a Tineye working for the Determined Thugs! Straw was killed! They were a Tineye and a Student! Striker(5): Wonko, Lumgol, Straw, Sart, Elkanah Lemonelon(4): Striker, Abstrusity, Coda, Devotary Wonko(1): DeTess Coda(1): Lemonelon Players:
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    You know you are a Sanderfan when you got this hanging in your room
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    Ok guys.. I have an out-there idea that I think Odium has been investing on all Planets that he goes to kill shards and he creates Cognitive Shadows by investing in them, imbibing them with hatred and uses them as his minions to help him in his fight against other shards.. So far, we know that Odium has visited Sel(where he killed Aona and Skai), Threnody system(which is the site of shardic altercation between odium and ambition) and right now, he is trapped on Roshar where he has already killed Tanavast and his shard has been shattered. On Roshar, Odium has created Fused that are cognitive shadows that do not pass on to the beyond when they die, instead they return and take up a new body and on and on it goes.. Some of these fused have lost their minds and most of them are so invested with Odium’s intent that they understand nothing but hatred towards human. Fused only wish to win this war and finally, be able to rest by passing onto beyond. Given that there are wobs that say that Odium has invested on all the planets he visited briefly to kill these shards like he has on the Rosharan System: I find it a great coincidence that Odium visited Threnody system and fought with Ambition here and we have Shades on Threnody which are actually people who die and can not pass onto the beyond. Their actions are also very odium-y. So, I think that it is a possibility that these shades are actually a result of an earlier version of the experiment that Odium did on Threnody which was later was greatly improved upon in Roshar. Further, on Sel also we have legends of Svarkiss which says that these are half ghost and half demons. Shu-dereth faith says that these are souls of men barred from entrance into heaven and are condemned to wander Sel, bitterly cursing their fate(very odium-y) and prey on humans. It is also believed that they have the ability to take over the body of living and control their actions, again very similar to how Fused work on Roshar. Although, I think that Odium withdrew his investiture from these Svarkiss and they no longer exist and are mere myth today in the Jaddeth Empire.. Just as he has promised The Fused that they will be allowed to pass on once they win. Millennia later, on Roshar, Fused also would be nothing more than such a myth.
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    Rat squeaked, feeling the tumbling of Joe’s ash taco cart as the man enthusiastically wheeled it ahead of him, heedless of his rodent cargo, which was being jostled about quite severely. He could share in the Brightlord’s thrill, however—who knew ash tacos would sell so well in Roshar, where the warcamps’ only consistent consumption seemed to be wine? Yet it was counted as a foreign delicacy, and Joe’s last worldhopping had brought with him a large supply of the ash so crucial in their construction. The chouta merchants seemed baffled by the innovation, unable to sell their wares as they had in the past, and times seemed to be looking up. Except for the rattling of the cart beneath his claws, of course. As the cart neared the warcamps, Joe began rambling enthusiastically, addressing Rat in a low voice. “Maybe I’m not completely useless after all!” he exclaimed, gesturing at the full pouch of spheres tucked inside his cart. Having said this, and just after having made the turn into the warcamps proper, Joe tripped, sending the cart rolling along the uneven rocky ground. Miraculously, it remained upright, but even so Rat was nearly thrown from the top of the cart, and was forced to make an awkward scramble and a quick dart under the canvas layering towards the bottom of the stand to remain safe and out of sight. The runaway device did not stop with Rat’s safety, however, and the small rodent found himself jarred by the sudden collision with...something. He couldn’t see anymore. “...this cursed ash taco stand!” a bellow came, sounding like Brightlord Ularid. “Joe, storm you! Get over here!” The scurrying sound of footsteps made Rat believe Joe was coming nearer, but the folds of canvas were too heavy. He couldn’t see! He clawed more frantically, looking for a way out. As he squirmed, he could hear raised voices, Joe exchanging words with the crowd of nobility he had apparently interrupted. “...no clue why you keep this out-of-control stand in operation any longer. We have infiltrators and spies to root out, at the King’s orders, and your only concern is turning a little profit for yourself!” Definitely still Ularid, who was close by now. “Look, I’m useless, okay? Leave me alone; I’m not trying to get anyone hurt here. I tripped and fell, and whatever rocks you have in this area are very unforgiving on the knees.” That was Joe. Scrambling, Rat managed to free himself, and found himself looking up at three figures with weapons drawn, staring at the hapless Joe and his cart. He froze, hoping none of them had noticed his appearance, which was limited to a bulge in the canvas from which two eyes peered out. One of the three, neither Ularid nor Joe, cast a greedy eye over the pouch of spheres hanging on the cart. “Look,” he said to Joe, “I might not suspect you like Brightlord Ularid does. But we do have the rights to do customs inspections on your merchandise, which we haven’t done yet, unless the Highprince of Investigation has. Have you seen him?” Joe gulped. “No.” “Good,” said the man, and began heading toward the cart. He found his way blocked by the thick arm of Brightlord Jumae. “I don’t think so, my lad,” he said quietly. The tension in the air crackled, but no move was made. Rat grew increasingly uncomfortable with Ularid. Not looking at either Jumae or the Noble he was restraining, and keeping Joe back with one arm, he seemed to be peering...directly at Rat. His eyes narrowed, and his muscles tensed. Too late, Rat tried to scurry away. “How now, a rat?” he cried. “Dead for a ducat, dead!” The thrust came; Rat gave one last gibbering shriek, and was forever lost. The last thing he heard were the tears of his faithful master, Joe, and the cries of the other nobles as the cart was overrun and plundered. Hemalurgic Headshot was lynched! He was a Noble with an Alerter, a Spanreed, and a Painrial! Vote Count: HH (3): Aman, Coda, HH Aman (1): Stink Night 5 has begun! It will end in approximately 23 hours, on Monday 25 November at 9:00 PM EST. New Spanreed PMs may now be opened. If you have a PM open with a player already, it is acceptable to re-open that PM with your spanreed instead of creating a new one with identical membership. Good luck! Player List: 1. Elandera as Brightness Ellarel, a flighty scribe who nonetheless remains tethered to the ground Noble 2. Rathmaskal/Young Bard as Brightlord I.N., whose reversed name conceals his role as a secret member of the Knights of Ni 3. Butt Ad Venture as Brightness Hmynyes, a connoisseur of classical Vorin music Noble 4. Xinoehp512 as Brightlord Rashor, a man who determinedly believes that blue wine is a plague from the Voidbringers Thief 5. Araris Valerian as Brightlord Arilar, a recently arrived spy with ties to the Kholins Noble 6. StrikerEZ as Brightlord Nalakor, a professional chull breeder and racer and close friend of the King’s Wit Noble Spy 7. Furamirionind as Brightness Dohila, a lighteyes who insists on wearing only orange and green lace Noble 8. Hemalurgic Headshot as Rat, a pet of Brightlord Joe and a secret worldhopper Noble Pet 9. Sart as Tleir, a Purelaker trying desperately to impersonate the missing Brightness Drella while House Sebarial hunts for her Ghostblood 10. STINK as Jumae III, a Brightlord whose eccentricity in fashion contrasts sharply with a docile and even temperament 11. DrakeMarshmallow as Brightlord Ekard, a man at the mercy of the Almighty Himself 12. Amanuensis as Brightlord Ularid Leiken, a man hunting a chull with a green shell which once insulted his mother 13. Coda as Brightness Dejda, one of Adolin’s former girlfriends who now hates the Kholins with a passion 14. Straw as Brightlord Straw, an effigy of Gavilar which was officially recognised as a lighteyes of the fourth dahn 15. Elbereth as Brightness Tintallë, whose title has come under charges of redundancy by expert Quenya scholars Noble
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    MR38: Aftermath - A Ring Unmade The man in the black hat sighed in disappointment. He’d gone along with this whole scheme specifically for the interesting consequences, and it was already falling apart. Unfortunate. The next time the Fellowship crossed a stream, Ulmo noticed with surprise that his Chosen weren’t with them. That would make things... difficult. But no matter - they would set out on their own, and somehow they would succeed. He was sure of it. And until they got to Mordor, he would protect them as much as he could. And, when they got to Mordor, he would have to join them in physical form. There was no water to connect with, there; but they would need his power. Peji watched her compatriots setting off on their foolish journey. She shook her head - she’d done her part. They had all the mithril they might need, and she’d managed to procure it without even raising too many eyebrows (well, until she stole that shipment, but by that point she was gone and no one knew it’d been her). But she had entirely no interest in going with them. Compared to the Fellowship, this scheme was far more doomed to fail even with the might of a Vala (if a slightly erratic one) on their side. So she would return to Moria, and hope for the best. The fate of the world would be in their hands, now. She just hoped her mithril would do the trick. Robin Smallburrow slogged through the swamp beside his companions, grimacing. Everything hurt. There were insects stinging him left and right, he’d walked non-stop for weeks on end, and they wouldn’t even let him stop for lunch, let alone second breakfast! Ulmo had only joined them recently, as he claimed this was the last water he’d be able to access before they got to Morder itself. Robin wasn’t so sure - it didn’t feel like this journey could ever end. Not that he’d been very helpful thus far. He didn’t even need to eat or sleep, and was so eager for them to go on that he tried to push them well past what people were supposed to be doing in a day’s work. Robin caught sight of dark mountains ahead, through a gap in the fog. Maybe... maybe they were close. Maybe he’d finally be able to wear this Ring like they’d been wanting him to. Might even be fun, who knew? Gwen, Robin, and Ulmo approached the base of Mount Doom. They were so close now! It almost made up for all of the disorder around her, and on this whole trip. More than ever, she missed the weight of the One Ring around her neck. Not being able to study it on the trip might have made this a fatally flawed mission - and beyond that, its powers would be incredibly useful right now. She growled in frustration. Why hadn’t the council seen that she should be the one to go? She’d held out against the Ring! She’d studied it, she knew it best of anyone, and yet they’d taken it away from her for that... that Striker, of all people. Why, he had no memory at all! Robin made a quiet questioning noise, and she whipped around to face him. “I told you, no noises,” she whispered harshly. She’d only emphasized that six different times on their way here! Why couldn’t people just listen? He nodded meekly at the expression on her face. Satisfied, she turned and continued leading them up Mount Doom. Soon they would be there. Soon, she would forge a new Ring with Peji’s mithril, more powerful than even the One Ring, and use its powers as she wished! Saving Middle Earth, yes, that was important, but she had other ideas as well. That much of a piece of Ulmo’s power had... interesting possibilities. Then the mountain beneath them began to shake. Striker was so tired. Tired of bearing this burden, feeling its whispers in his mind. He couldn’t remember anything before this journey, and that helped - but it didn’t help completely. They’d tried to take turns at first, of course. And it worked for a while, but then they’d had to go their separate ways - Aranmir to Gondor, Yuriel to ask for Lothlorien’s help, and the rest to their errands until on Striker and Rath were left in the end. Striker didn’t even trust Rath to take the Ring, anymore. Last time he had, Striker had nearly had to force it out of his hands, and the look in Rath’s eyes... But they were here now. Finally. They snuck together into the opening near the top of Mount Doom, looking around warily - and it was clear that this had once been a forge, but it was long abandoned now. Only the lava running through the room remained. Striker hesitated. Was this really such a good idea? He took off the chain holding the Ring, dangling it between his fingers and watching how the red glow reflected it into bizarre gold-red shapes. I can’t do this, he thought. I’m too weak. Mesmerized, his hand rose towards the Ring without him even noticing. So Rath snatched the chain from his hands and, without giving himself a moment to consider, tossed it into the Fire. The ground began to shake. They scrambled out of the forge, running away, away - and stumbled headlong into Gwen, Robin, and... Ulmo? running up the mountain towards them. “What are you doing here?” Striker gasped. “We’ve got this - the Ring is gone and everything!” Gwen sat down, hard. “But - I was supposed to be the one. You don’t understand - I wasn’t just going to save the world, I was going to change it. You’ve ruined everything!” She lunged at Striker, but Robin and Rath held her back. “Well,” Ulmo said into the silence. “I guess my power won’t be needed after all. Well done, mortals. I suppose it’s back to Valinor for me...” Within moments, he’d disappeared into mist and was gone. Gwen sagged. “No...” “So... why exactly were you here again?” asked Striker, lost as ever. And thus was Middle Earth saved. The End. Striker was one of the Free People of Middle Earth! The Free People have won! Striker (4): Bard, Fifth, Straw, Wibble Player List Docs Master Spreadsheet Corrupted Confederacy The Valar, Again Congratulations to the village for their win! Post mortem thoughts will be up later. And don’t forget to join the next game, which should go up within a couple days!
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    My two Zinc compounder twins for the Alleyverse Prequel Thread, Kaspar and Balthazar, all dressed up and ready for trouble. Featuring Kaspar's bonesaw, "Enlightenment," and Balthazar's scalpel, "Brevity" (it's the soul of wit! ).
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    Tleir hid in the chasm the whole night, barely daring to move. The Shardblade wound turned out to be a blessing, as she surely would have passed out from the pain hours ago if she retained sensation in her right leg. The stormwardens claimed there wouldn’t be a Highstorm tonight, but they could be wrong, or maybe the chasms would flood regardless. A chasmfiend could wander by and devour her with a single bite. The Shardbearer could return to slaughter her. Or perhaps a quiet night would pass, and somebody would come rescue her in the morning. Tleir chose to focus on that prospect. After all, she reminded herself, she was Mraize’s most valuable lieutenant, entrusted with a suit of Shardplate for the task of hunting down and killing the Shardbearer who had so recklessly attacked Highprince Sebarial. A lot of good Shardplate did sitting safely in the Ghostblood’s tent while she went for a walk. Foolish, foolish! She hadn’t even been able to identify their foe. Well, there was nothing to do now but wait. Either Nu Rallik would see fit that she survived, or he wouldn’t. Mraize pulled Tleir from the chasm, his arms aching with the effort. It was such a shame to have to do such a thing to one of their higher operatives. The woman had had such promise. She could still serve their sect, though no longer to the degree that a woman of her talents should have been able to. Perhaps working the ledgers. When you had a secret society, the accounting tended to get messy. He left her at the edge of the chasm, there still needed to be some punishment. Without suffering there would be no growth. She had to learn from the scenario, understand what her flaws were. He adjusted his mask as he left her, ensuring his anonymity. He retreated to the distance, a figure on the horizon. The morning finally arrived, and Tleir was still alive. Now, she couldn’t feel either of her legs, but that was alright because the Ghostbloods had seen fit to rescue her. She was still important to them, despite her failure. After carrying her out of the chasm, the masked Ghostblood melted away, leaving her alone. Tleir understood. Despite early successes, they couldn’t afford to confront the king openly. From here on, Tleir would have to ensure her own survival. Weakly, she called out to the guards now patrolling around the chasm. As they rushed to get her medical attention, Tleir smiled wickedly to herself. The Shardbearer would not be long for this world once she was reunited with her compatriots. Apparently, Vun Makak had different ideas. That tide-scorned Brightness Tintallë had continued her denunciations, but nobody else seemed to be listening to her, preferring to focus their ire on the sleeping Ekard. Then at the last second some sort of deformed cremling had leapt up and bitten at her shoulder. Shocked, Tleir fell backwards off the chair she’d been sitting on. As she tried and failed to sit up, she noticed that the Alethi were all staring at her, or more specifically the interlocking diamond pattern etched into her left shoulder where her havah had been bitten away. With one dead leg and the other severely bruised and cramped, Tleir could make no move to escape as Tintallë stabbed her through the heart. And as the Almighty GM reclined at table in the house, behold, many inactives and lurkers came and were reclining with the GM and his assistants. And when the Actives saw this, they said to his assistants, Why does your GM, a moderator, eat with lurkers and inactives? But when the Almighty GM heard it, he said, Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. Go and learn what this means: I desire mercy, and not filter deaths. For I came not to call the active and recurring, but the inactives. Blissfully unaware of the carnage and arguing which surrounded them, the Brightlords I.N. and Ekard dozed soundly in their tents, as they had for the past several days of deliberation. Perhaps the greater conflict between the Ghostbloods and Elhokar mattered...but then again...perhaps it didn’t. Getting a good day’s sleep was far more important than such trivial considerations, anyway, and it was easy enough to stay out of the conflict this way. High above, the Stormfather gazed disapprovingly down at the pair. It was truly a waste of air to have those two continue to exist in the midst of such violence and conflict; what right had they to live sleeping while so many of their friends died around them, actively joining the fighting? Irritably, he readied a pair of bolts to strike the pair down, then paused. Could it be that their apathy was unintentional, and that his plan was overly hasty? He would dishonour the men’s families for no good reason if this was the case, as lightning from heaven was a fairly ignoble way to end a man. He would spare them for now, but would return soon with the full force of the Highstorm. It would tear the men apart if they did not arouse themselves. Sart was lynched! He was a Ghostblood with Shardplate and an Alerter! Vote Count: Drake (2): Sart, Araris Sart (2): Elbereth, HH Elbereth (1): Stink Rath and Drake are on one-cycle warnings to either post, be replaced with pinch-hitters, or die. Night 3 has begun! It will end in approximately 23 hours, on Tuesday 19 November at 9 PM EST. Those with spanreeds, once again, may send in orders to use them and then PM freely. Make sure all the GMs are in the PMs. Thank you, as always, to Devotary for her help with the writeup and with PMs. Please go upvote her for all the excellent work she’s doing. Edit: And Snip, who wrote the paragraph on Mraize. Good luck! Player List: 1. Elandera as Brightness Ellarel, a flighty scribe who nonetheless remains tethered to the ground Noble 2. Rathmaskal as Brightlord I.N., whose reversed name conceals his role as a secret member of the Knights of Ni 3. Butt Ad Venture as Brightness Hmynyes, a connoisseur of classical Vorin music Noble 4. Xinoehp512 as Brightlord Rashor, a man who determinedly believes that blue wine is a plague from the Voidbringers Thief 5. Araris Valerian as Brightlord Arilar, a recently arrived spy with ties to the Kholins 6. StrikerEZ as Brightlord Nalakor, a professional chull breeder and racer and close friend of the King’s Wit 7. Furamirionind as Brightness Dohila, a lighteyes who insists on wearing only orange and green lace Noble 8. Hemalurgic Headshot as Rat, a pet of Brightlord Joe and a secret worldhopper 9. Sart as Tleir, a Purelaker trying desperately to impersonate the missing Brightness Drella while House Sebarial hunts for her Ghostblood 10. STINK as Jumae III, a Brightlord whose eccentricity in fashion contrasts sharply with a docile and even temperament 11. DrakeMarshmallow as Brightlord Ekard, a man at the mercy of the Almighty Himself 12. Amanuensis as Brightlord Ularid Leiken, a man hunting a chull with a green shell which once insulted his mother 13. Coda as Brightness Dejda, one of Adolin’s former girlfriends who now hates the Kholins with a passion 14. Straw as Brightlord Straw, an effigy of Gavilar which was officially recognised as a lighteyes of the fourth dahn 15. Elbereth as Brightness Tintallë, whose title has come under charges of redundancy by expert Quenya scholars
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    I choose to believe Mraize was wearing these pink chicken slippers at the time. Honestly, this is the funniest thing I've read all day, I can't believe I didn't notice this. Of course, Mraize has slippers for all occasions. Hunting slippers, sleeping slippers, sneaky slippers. Slippers he wears under other shoes because who can't resist their fluffiness? The list goes on.
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    You're presupposing that your conclusion is true here in order to create an anagram that proves itself. In other words, you're doing your logic backwards. Also, as far as I'm aware Brandon has never confirmed that the anagram in Adonalsium is anything but a coincidence. We know where Brandon got the name from and it's entirely possible he picked the exact tweaks he made to the original word for aesthetic reasons that have nothing to do with creating anagrams. Not being a test does not require that they'd already tried it and succeeded, it just means they knew what the orb was supposed to do and they expected it to work the way it did. The same could be said for Odium's splintering of Devotion and Dominion; he knew what he wanted to do, he wasn't 'testing' whether he could splinter a Shard but he was actively splintering a Shard and it worked out, just not quite like he'd hoped in the long term. Just like the Ire and the orb. For your theory to work you'd also need to explain how the Ire managed to find a Shard that was in a position to be taken. They only moved on Preservation because they knew that Leras was about to die and the Shard would be open for the taking. The only force we know that's in a position to actually kill other Shards is Odium and he's been trapped for thousands of years. Literally all Investiture other than the Dor comes from the Spiritual Realm, some of it just condenses in Physical form. Allomancy's power comes from the Spiritual and metal seen Cognitively glows because of the power trying to come through it from the Spiritual, Stormlight glows because of power flowing through from the Spiritual, Selish magics originally would have drawn power from the Spiritual Realm before Odium stuffed it into the Cognitive Realm and created the massive Investiture plasma storm that is the Dor... Also, you're conflating two different things here. Khriss describes Taldain and Vax together in the process of Initiation, that is how you get access to magic associated with those places. She's not saying anything about where the Investiture in those systems comes from. Literally all we know is that Initiation on Taldain and Vax are different from any other system mentioned in that Ars Arcanum entry.
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    Mraize has slippers when he meets Ash in Oathbringer. I have been fascinated by this ever since. And you are my favorite arcanist/God Beyond! We are friends! SA is so much more than just the Kholins and Shallan. Moash/Kaladin, the war in Alethkar, Cosmere lore, Ishar on the rise, Nale on Team Odium, the Singers revolution, Mraize and his shady stuff, more Radiants, more Unmade, Vivenna and Vasher, the Sibling, Taravangian playing all sides, Cultivation and Hoid meddling, the Heralds trying to survive, Axies & Rysn, Anaram as a Cognitive Shadow (ok, probably not, but I can hope). Thing is, even if I was displeased with the Kholins and Shallan, which Im really not, I would have had tons of cool things to look forward too.
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    Considering the number of people who say Shallan is their favorite character (I'm not among them) and find her exceptionally relatable, I have to vehemently disagree. This is subjective. This doesn't work for you. I very much doubt Brandon agrees, because the "changes" Shallan has undergone have been a linear and progressive character arc. That's not rebranding. That's growth.
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    Mistborn spoilers: What do you call a candy that makes Inquisitors less angry?
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    With Queen Tsa. I think Hoid's story of the Moon Gods is describing the shardic Soap Opera that went down. The short version of the story is that a very clever mortal queen tricked the celestial entity that is female and color-coded Green to trade places for a day, only to later discover that it was all a scam to have a night and a child with the male celestial being color-coded White. That translates to Cultivation voluntarily giving up her Shard (which they can do by WOB), temporarily entrusting it to a Mortal so that she (cultivation) could experience Mortal life again. This put Honor in a pickle, because the rationale behind how he is Oaths (like the non-interference deal among the Shards) is based on the Fact that Cultivation and his Wife are the same being, and suddenly that was no longer the case. Now, whether he made any actual Choice to "mingle" with the Temporary Cultivation, or if their mutual Investment in Roshar caused it automatically, I cant really say. But either way, he had made multiple Oaths in the past that were now in conflict: Either his pre-existing marriage trumps the Shardic Deal, or Possessing a Shard takes precedence. Either he had made a baby with a woman that he was not married to, or he had Co-habitated with another Shard and violated the agreement between the 16 that supersedes his mortal marriage. *Note: This is based on the assumption that Honor was rationalizing staying with Cultivation via their pre-existing marriage, that it would not be "interference" to settle with your own spouse. There are a few fun possible implications of this: Queen Tsa would then be a Sliver Queen Tsa might have then been Unmade. Having that sort of direct Connection to Honor and Cultivation could explain why Ba-Ado-Mishram is uniquely able to Channel Voidlight, or why Sja-Anat is able to Corrupt Spren that are made of some mix of Honor and Cultivation. Nohadon could be of this bloodline. WOB is that Vessels can have Babies, and that it would have effects. We know that Nohadon was "Someone Special" even among surgebinders and kings, and was not a Herald (but per that vision at least was indeed a Surgebinder). Kaladin might be of this bloodline. WOB says that the Stormfather calling Kaladin, specifically, a Son of Tanavast is significant. This would explain why. Queen Tsa...Tsa..T.S.A.... The Stormlight Archive? Queen Tsa is the hidden secret of The Stormlight Archive? EDIT: Went ahead and started a thread to kick the idea around
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