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    TO: All Silverlight staff and students, here is growing list of the classes that will be offered this Spring at Silverlight University. Art 160: Analysis of Cosmere Art. Art 170: Drawing Art 240: Selish Art-Investure connection Art 480: Preserving Art from the Court of the Gods, a Personal view from Professor Scoot. Accounting 378: Economic costs of Invested Abilities. Taught by Professor Steris Ladrian Anthro 100: Cultures of the Cosmere Anthro 220: Religions resulting from faulty historical filters. Taught by Professor Jasnah Kholin and Professor Lightsong. Bio 185: Overview of invested Flora and Fauna Bio 190: Surviving non-Scadrian field trips. Class equipment list includes sliver knife, aluminum dueling canes, and a gun. Note: Due to the inherent danger of the Threnody unit, all students have to sign a waver. Bio 215: Rosharian ecology Bio 235: Taldainian ecology Bio 240: Effects of investure on Human Anatomy and Physiology Bio 270: Singer Anatomy and Physiology Bio 275: Kandra Anatomy and Physiology. Taught by Professor Lann Bio 345: Vaxian microbiology Bio 400: Field Study of First of the Sun's Flora and Fauna: Prerequisites Include Bio 190 Business 380: Allomancy and sales. Chem 230: Metallurgy Chem 235: Allomantic Metallurgy Chem 350: Aonic transformative chemistry Chem 490/590: Chemistry of Soulcasting: All students are required to either have a soulcaster or be bonded to an inkspren or cryptic by the second week of class. Soulcasters can be rented from the book store. Computer Science 130: Creating Intelligence. All students are required to have the proper aluminum coated gloves for interaction with the TA. Taught by TA Nightblood Engr 120: Bridge design Engr 245: Rifles and anti-Allomancy weaponry. Taught by Dr. Ranette Engr 370: Airship design and construction lab Engr 450: Aonic computer design Fab Engr 265: Fabrial engines: Taught by Professor Navani Kholin with labs being run by the Ardents. Investure 101: Basic Realmic Theory. CoReq: with Bio 190 Investure 102: Manifestations of Investure on Major Shard Worlds Investure 103: Manifestations of Investure on Minor Shard Worlds Investure 205: The Metallic Arts. Guest Lecturer: Harmony, Formerly know as Sazed of Terris. Investure 215: Awakening and Biochromatic Breath. Taught by Professor Zahel Investure 225: Surgebinding. Colectured by Professor Dalinar Kholin, Professor Lift (if she happens to show up), and Professor Teft Investure 300: Hacking the Investure systems. Colectured by Professor Zahel, Professor Kelsier, and The Dean of Research, Lady Khriss Investure 450/Bio 450: Advanced Hemalurgic Theory Invested Engr 335: Aonic programming and development. Rotating lecturers from Sel. Note: All final projects have to be submitted to the Elantrians for Safety Testing. We do not want a repeat of the the killer swimming pool incident. Psyc 101: Wayne's world (of hats) Psyc 345: Singer forms and their effect on mental processes. Taught by Professor Venli Psyc 560: Lightweaving and Emotional Damage Physics 212: Allomancy Physics 309: Physical laws in the Cognitive Realm Physics 315: Gravitation. Taught by Professor Sezth and TA Nightblood PE 101: Shard Dueling: Shardblades can be rented from the books store or checked out from the rec center PE 106: Target Practice. Taught by Professor Venture of the Political Science Department Polisci 101: Governmental Theory: Taught by Professor Venture Polisci 210: How to rule without even trying. Taught by Professor Lightsong Polisci 400: Winning Friends and using assassins to take out the rest. Taught by Guest Lecturers Taravangien and Straff Venture Spren 101: Spren Identification Spren 200: The Nahel Bond Spren 350: Fabrials Spren 480: Spren society Theft 101: Con artist and Nobles: Taught by Professor Ladrian the Older Theft 205: Best place to stick a knife in a nobleman: Taught by Guest lecturer Kelsier Theft 315: Forgery. Taught by Professor Shai I am too tired to write any more. Please add more classes. All of Silverlight thanks you. Edit: I added some Mistborn stuff.
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    I'm back with a new load of cosmemes... This one's kind of dark, but so is Mistborn: This is pretty self-explanatory Mistborn stuff (WoA spoilers): Speaking of Mistborn, here's my biggest question from Secret History (spoilers): Don't get me started on this: I used @Zas678's face to make this one, technically, so credit goes to him, I guess (WoR Pattern stuff): I regret this one, but here goes the bandwagon: Dragons: Poor Sovereign (Bands of Mourning spoilers): Spoilers for Words of Radiance and Oathbringer: This is all of us: And I couldn't help but do this too (Well of Ascension spoilers): And a couple of Skyward memes (SPOILER WARNING FOR SKYWARD):
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    AG 5: One Final Blaze of Light Hello, and welcome to the 5th Anniversary Game! This game is special for a lot of reasons. It marks 5 years that we've been a community here on the Shard, and 4 years since I signed up for my first long-form game. It's been a crazy wonderful ride, and I've loved the community that we've built here, even if I haven't been around as much recently. This game is also significant for at least one other reason: over the past few months, I've been less and less involved in the Shard and the SE Community. When I started here, I was a college student, newly married, and full of energy. Now I'm graduated, with a full-time job and two children (and another on the way), and I'm finding it increasingly difficult to carve out space and time for SE games. I have writing projects I want to get to, children I want to spend time with, and ever-increasing responsibilities. Rather than keep telling myself that I'll be coming back in a month or two and eventually drifting off into full-fledged inactivity without ever saying goodbye, I've decided to officially retire. That way, I can do it on my own terms, instead of leaving you all in the lurch. So this game is sort of my swan song, and I have chosen to have one last Shard game, to wrap everything up. Bring the whole ponderous story of Hoid and the Shards of Adonalsium (first started by @A Joe in the Bush, who will actually be co-GMing this game with me) to a thrilling and stunning conclusion. But to do that, I'll need your help. These games are long, and complicated, and incredibly fun! But they don't work very well unless everybody stays active. So, if you sign up for this game, please stay active. This game will be an anonymous game, so please follow all of the rules for anonymous accounts: Reminder: Rules for Anonymous Accounts: At the start of the game, you will be issued an anonymous account. There are a number of rules associated with the use of an Anonymous Account. Please follow them carefully. Given the potential for abuse of Anonymous Accounts, any rule breaking using the accounts will be dealt with harshly. 1) Do not change the password of the anonymous account you are issued. Orlok, Joe and I will have access to all anonymous accounts for the duration of the game. 2) Do not use the anonymous accounts to PM any non-anonymous account, other than the accounts of the GMs. Please do not use your normal accounts to PM anonymous accounts. 3) Do not change anything cosmetic about the accounts, including member title, username, signature, and avatar. 4) Do not reveal your identity or explicitly claim to be another player. Without any further ado, I give you AG5: One Final Blaze of Light. Rules: Current Signup Count: 31 Pinch Hitters: 3 Signups will end at 1:00 AM, MST, January 14th: Quick Links:
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    Should probably replace Frost with Odium at this point but still I laughed
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    SETTING: In a theater in the lower levels of Urithiru, the assembled heads of state of Roshar and the cream of Alethi society sit waiting for the first round of the Cosmere Character Roast Tournament of Champions to begin. The soft whispers of behind the hand conjecture ceases as an aged man in robes of orange and white slowly makes his way across the darkened stage. As he reaches the center of the stage a spotrial of diamond white light shines down on him from above, casting dark pools of shadow across the hollows of his eyes.The seemingly animate corpse lifts his face and smiles beatifically as the white light twinkles in his kindly pale grey eyes. Thank you all so much for coming, some of you are positively Radiant (nods to Dalinar, Shallan, Malata and Bridge 4) Forgive my old fingers for drumming In my work, I've scarce made a dent I stand on that bridge between life, and the endless ocean of death* Sadly, it is I who must hold the knife and weep as you breathe your last breath Taravangian violently kicks over two barrels filled with infused garnets, splashing lurid red light across the stage, making his face and robes look like they are soaked in blood. I might have to kill 5 out of 10 to save 1 out of 5 from the void But 'tis better for one man to sin than for a people to be destroyed* A smokestone spotrial lights up the seat in the theater next to High Prince Adolin Kholin where a plump Thaylen woman sits. She jumps slightly and shields her eyes from the glare of the turbulently swirling argent light. Ah yes, there sits sweet little Yokska An accessory to a foppish young twit Tell me my brave little tailor what have you done except knit? You gave the Kholinar crew some intel and your home to use as a base But there's one truth to you I can tell though it might be difficult to face The only use for your mindless prattle Would be to bleed you out until you death rattle That's it for you, your round is ova Grab her, Mrall, and send her to Dova An emerald spotrial bursts alight, shining on a seemingly empty chair occupied by a white wig. Now to take down a myth, The Girl Who Looked Up, I'll give it a shot This one's covered in the Diagram with, The Psalm of the Full Chamber Pot "They'll take a girl, an explorer who decided to climb up a wall Then they'll adulate and adore her 'Cuz she wasn't afraid of the fall But what's there to laud in dumb curiosity and pride? I for one will not applaud when they should have just spanked her backside She Unleashed rampant destruction to bring the world what, a little more light? Seems she failed to make the deduction that the status quo was alright." Three spotrials cycling on and off, garnet, topaz and heliodor, paint Taravangian's form as he walks slowly towards the front of the stage. His form flashes red, blue and yellow white, his shadow spins around him as he lurches forward underlit by the the scattered field of garnet spheres. As he reaches the edge of the stage Taravangian slowly raises his hands like a crucified saint and the heliodor spotrial alone shines on him, bathing him in blinding yellow gold light. As he lifts up his head, his cheeks streaked with tears, his shadow slowly revolves towards the spotrial until it stretches out and blankets the audience and two pale eyes appear within the inky blackness of his shadow that is pointing the wrong way. As you can see this is no contest the true game here is the fate of Roshar It is time now that I confessed and told you who some of my friends are The Assassin in White, he worked for me but was alas, an inferior tool The Future, Moleach has let me foresee by means admittedly cruel. Look now at the golden cubes 'round my head, know you what this portends? Opposers of the Diagram should quake with dread Sja-Anat too, is one of my friends (gives a quick nod to his shadow, which winks back at him) Know too that I glory only in saving the remnant of a remnant of a piece Of the sad lot of all human kind and know that my pain for my crimes will not cease I'm a pragmatic man, more so than some And only on certain days could you say that I'm dumb I knew I couldn't beat them, so I had to join 'em to save what I can from my associate Odium So go ahead and curse me as the world is burning I'll shoulder the burden my actions are earning But know as your hypocritical insults are hurled I am the monster who will save this world* *All quotes are from WoK, Chapter 71 Recorded in Blood
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    Two event to consider together: 1) Jasnah discovered that Renarin's spren is corrupted by Sja-anat. She initially resolves to kill him then changes her mind and chooses compassion. Her spren indicates that this is right. 2) During the final battle of Oathbringer, Adolin sees men being tossed out of building with great force. When he goes to investigate, he finds Jasnah surrounded by glowing geometric shapes. The current theory is that this is Jasnah dismissing her Shardplate, which I am inclined to agree with. When taken together, it seems to me that Jasnah swore her fourth Oath soon after sparing Renarin. While it is possible that Jasnah had obtained Shardplate prior to this, the scene with Renarin is just too much of a game-changing decision on Jasnah's part for me to think that there wasn't an oath involved. This also would imply that the Elsecaller fourth Oath revolves around not letting logic rule 100% of the time. Furthermore, it also fits Jasnah's personality. With Kaladin, the two oaths we've seen have been sworn in the heat of the moment (I'm about to die, so I'm going to be dramatic and swear another oath and EXPLODE WITH POWER!). With Jasnah, she makes the right decision (spares Renarin), ponders on it while she's traveling to the building mentioned above, swears the oath, then uses her shiny new Shardplate to own these voidspren corrupted noobs. Any thoughts?
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    Uh, I ALSO found these on Facebook, but they're awesome, so...
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    I would buy this without hesitation This next one is an Edgedancer spoiler.
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    Fantastic raps so far, well done! This tournament is a blast. (Thanks, Ashspren!) Anyways, here I go: (This roast is a direct sequel to Taravangian's roast. Also, credit for the header and the other image goes to @hoiditthroughthegrapevine. Storms, it's great to have a graphics wiz as a teammate. )
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    This one isn’t specific to Sanderson books, but it’s all too accurate. (apologies if someone has posted this before. I don’t follow this thread as religiously as some others do )
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    Okay so let me explain... I was super bored yesterday, so I ended up doing this... You know how Brandon puts up those little percent bars on his website? I'm keeping track of those with the graph paper, and the spots around it will fill with stuff~ the title, cover, the pdf Brandon gives out with viewpoint and interlude characters laid out, etc.~ I might post again, in a few months, as it will inevitably fill slowly, but surely. (Also, I realized that the word Stormlight has 10 letters, so I colored the first 3 letter the color of the first three books, and will fill in number 4 once it's out. )
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    And now, on the 350th anniversary of Elendel's founding, we, the Ashmount Theaters, release a special production commemorating the life of The Survivor! Coming soon to theaters around Elendel, this play is based on the raising and training of The Survivor. Some of the accounts have been slightly adapted for release in theater, but the core of the story remains the same. A few scenes have been chosen to showcase this momentous play. We hope to see a full house on the release of the final performance. This is Ashmount. Ashmount hopes you have enjoyed this program.
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    All hold your breath for: (credits for the image to @Silva) At first we would like to thank you @Ashspren for organizing this and for making this even more interesting by adding twists. Especially I am still grateful, that you invited me to participate this round, despite not having won a single round (yet). As we are a team, we decided to post our raps together, you will find both behind the spoiler tag. Silva's is coloured blue, mine is green, so that you can keep them apart.
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    So today I was at work and was thinking about allomancy and FTL technology when I realized that speed bubbles compress space. I can't believe no one has mentioned this before, so I'll act as if this has been proposed before and try and add as much detail as possible. Since I had many hours to work this out, here's what I have: I am basing this on the idea that the cosmere still has einsteinian physics, because I don't think Brandon is just throwing out all that stuff. He's relying on that. And here, there was an idea for a FTL drive called the alcubierre drive. The basic idea is that while no THING can move faster than light, space-time can. So, like surfing a wave, you compress space in front of you, and expand space behind you, and end up going faster than light. So, what I realized is that a speed bubble can't be dilating time without dilating space to some degree or another. Obviously it's not a huge amount, because it's not affecting the people inside enough for anyone to go "huh, this is weird." But, if you're compressing time, you should also to some degree be compressing space as well, based on the whole idea of space-time. And that means with 2 bubbles, you could potentially achieve FTL travel. This idea has several things going for it, but obviously there's a bit more to this process than just a slider and a pulser in a rocket ship. First, this is a relatively viable method of FTL travel, given that unlike many other methods in stories, it doesn't break hard physics. The main issue in the real world is that we don't have a great way to compress space and expand space in the way that an alcubierre drive would require. But huh, look at that! Coincidentally, Bendalloy and Cadmium EXACTLY fit the bill for what you would need! It's almost as if Brandon read about the alcubierre drive at some point, and decided to create speed bubbles to fit the bill, so that they could be around as a power but then later on be realized for their greater potential! Even recently, he's mentioned that there's more to speed bubbles in relation to FTL travel that we haven't figured out yet, and we've gone on and on about the ability for cadmium to enable a "cryosleep" of sorts. This would exactly fit the bill for something reasonable for them to discover in the future once they have a better understanding of realmatics and physics. Speaking of which, real quick, I'll list off what Scadrial needs to get to to have this be a viable technology. First, they need to get an understanding of Einsteinian physics, specifically space-time. Furthermore, they need to understand that speed bubbles are locked on in location to things like the planet, or a moving train. This would allow them to extrapolate that a bubble would stay in place on a spaceship as well. Finally, they need to have completely mechanized the metallic arts in order to get the ship off the ground so that this drive will even work, because it won't work on a planet. Furthermore, I expect them to have figured out how to create spirit webs with allomantic powers that can draw more investiture than even lerasium mistborn would be able to, much less any allomancer born to their powers in that era. So, here's what I'm imagining Era 4 to look like. A long, thin ship stands up on the ground, surrounded by a large, ringed tower. The tower activates, each ring activating a constant upward steelpush on the ship, sending it up and up, faster and faster, like an allomantic rail gun. Once in space, the ship stores its weight as it determines its course by going through similar, larger rings in space. Then, in the back, a large, powerful cadmium bubble activates, and in the front, a similar bendalloy bubble activates. Space time is compressed in the front, and expanded in the back, sending the ship to speeds that are faster than light. In the middle of the long ship, between the large bubbles, smaller, nested cadmium bubbles multiplicatively slow down time for the people waiting through the voyage. It probably also has another form of propulsion, perhaps a solar sail or ionic engines or something. It could land something on a new planet by simply finding a large enough metal deposit to push against as it descends. Now, my hope is that either I will get the chance to ask him about space compression next time I see him, or that someone else will get around to asking it. Given that he worked with Peter closely on the physics of speed bubbles, and that an understanding of space time is fairly universal, I can't imagine that he would create a power like speed bubbles where they manipulate time in such a way, and NOT have it affect space as well, especially as it affecting space leads into exactly the sorts of discoveries we expect from scadrial at some point. Frankly, I'm more surprised that I can't seem to remember this being mentioned before. edit: oh, and I figured I should mention this thought about Era 4 here. Brandon has always made it clear Era 4 isn't going to be the Avengers. My thought is that instead, it's going to be more akin to Star Trek. With a more focused plot line.
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    Brandon finally confirmed it!
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    The Sibling was sleeping during the Weeping while the Chimney Sweeps were Sweeping, but Kaladin had a Salad in the Shower of the Tower when the fateful Hour struck and the Sibling was unstuck from the lumbering of his slumbering and the power in the tower turned back on. I have a disease, similar to Tourretes, where whenever I hear alliteration of certain variety I have to compose a Dr. Seuss like bit of nonsense. Please continue your discussion.
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    I don't know that I agree. Adolin used to be something of a playboy. Now, he's turned off even by the idea of Shallan illusioning herself as other women Adolin used to prefer a lot of shallow relationships, but is developing closer friendships with Kaladin, Skar, and Drehy. Adolin used to be a socialite and something of a dandy. Now, extreme fashion "doesn't fit" anymore and he's mostly rejected the others of his class. Adolin learned to accept and understand what his father meant by living the Codes, and backed him up when Sadeas betrayed them at the Tower Adolin once would have allowed himself to be bullied into the kingship. But with encouragement from Vivenna and Shallan, he's now looking for his own place in the world instead of the one Dalinar is projecting onto him. I think the only time in all of OB Adolin even thinks about dueling is to note that Shardblades aren't particularly good dueling weapons, but that instead they seem pretty specifically designed to kill thunderclasts. Dueling used to be something of an obsession of his. Most of all, I think Adolin used to be highly typical of Alethi society at the beginning of WoR. He certainly is not that anymore. Adolin is going to have to learn to find a place for himself moving forward.
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    It actually meant unite Adolin and Shallan. Honor really doesn't like Kaladin. Dalinar can retire now.
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    SA spoilers ahead. I have randomly drawn a picture of the scene where Kaladin fights the chasmfiend, and have decided to share it. Enjoy! Edit: Please give me any helpful criticism or ideas that you have so that I can make it as accurate and good looking as possible!
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    Jasnah may have already sworn her Fourth Ideal (for Shardplate) prior to Thaylen Fields. Earlier, in Urithiru, when she catches Shallan sketching instead of taking notes during one of Dalinar's meetings planning how to talk to the other world leaders about the Everstorm (and sketching Kaladin, no less), she rejects Shallan's suggestion that her wardship be considered over because she's a "full Radiant" now: "Radiant, yes. Full? Where's your armor?" I thought the obvious comeback would be, "Well, where's your armor then, if you're playing Senior Radiant?" but Shallan merely acts confused. Jasnah then goes on to make a list of the ways that Shallan has proven herself either immature or unreliable, and concludes by saying that in any case, Shallan's wardship as a scholar is separate from her path as a Radiant, where they're in different Orders anyway and that Jasnah probably isn't suited to be her mentor in that regard in any case. But it seems to me that someone like Jasnah would not drop that kind of line - "Where's your armor, then, Miss Full Radiant?" - without being prepared for the obvious "same to you" comeback. And "I never said I was one, either" seems like a lame comeback.
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    General RPing: KotC: RWBY: Actual cosmere memes: (it's like this is a thread for them or something)
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    Someone on Reddit who lives near Brandon posted a pic! https://reddit.com/r/Cosmere/comments/acocyt/oooooh_hemalurgy_chart/ Looks like the alloys are a lot more versatile than the elements, and holy crap the Spiritual and Temporal metals!!!!!! Edit: By stealing all abilities, does that mean lerasium can steal and hold all abilities at once in a single spike?!??!?!?!?!??!?!
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    I saw this and immediately thought "That wouldn't even include the entire Cosmere. That's blasphemy."
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    Kelsiers rap. I apologize for my bad Shakespearian language. I tried :-D
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    Hey, that seems a little... harsh. Forums are about discussion, as @SLNC correctly pointed out. This being said, not all of this thread seems super serious, so it's probably best for everyone's peace of mind to focus more on the posts we like and agree with and kind of shrug off the ones we think are too silly, too serious, or too wrong. The thing about the Internet that's both terrible and wonderful is that there are plenty of ways to ignore things you don't want in your life All this being said, you know who I want to see more of? Those old ardents who were doing measurements on spren. They were a cute elderly couple.
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    Probably been posted before but this one was in my memories today on Facebook
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    Couple more Roshar: Mistborn Era 1:
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    Greetings everyone, and welcome to Armedius Academy's 35th annual Melee! I'm your host, Tom Middleton. And I'm your co-commentator, Ron Howard. You can smell the scent of chalk dust in the air, eh, Ron? Absolutely, Tom. Armedius's finest Rithmatists will be taking the field shortly. This should be a fight for the ages. Indeed. Each and every one of these students has a shot at the gold. However, there can only be one winner. Ron, would you mind going over the rules for anyone just joining us? Of course Tom. The Rules: This is a free-for-all game, which means there are no teams this game. Your goal is to be the last player standing. In the event of a tie, the player with the most kills wins. This game takes place in two phases: the Preparation phase, and then up to 9 Rounds in the Game phase. Preparation Phase: In the preparation phase, students decide on what strategy to use, and form temporary alliances. This phase will last 48 hours, and begins once the game starts. In this phase, PMs are open. Feel free to contact anyone you like to talk strategy. Please include both myself and the impartial moderator when making these PMs. In addition, you must choose a defense to use in the main event. These will be explained later. Rounds: After the Preparation Phase, Round 1 will start. Each Round lasts 24 hours, and PMs are closed during them. Each round, you can submit one of these three actions: Line of Forbiddance: Defend a player, usually yourself, from one attack Line of Vigor: Attack another player Line of Making: Swarm a player with chalklings. During the next round, they will be unable to take any actions. Defense: During the Preparation Phase, you may choose one of the following Ballintain Defense: You cannot draw Lines of Forbiddance, but your LInes of Vigor deal double damage Matson Defense: Choose a player when you draw this defense. You learn what Defense that player is using. Taylor Defense: You cannot take any actions during Round 1. If you survive the first round, you gain an extra life. Miscellaneous: @Alvron will be our impartial moderator. The game will be starting Tuesday, January 8th at 4 PM Eastern Standard Time. Well put Ron. Let's sit back and watch as the contestants enter the stadium. Player List: Quick Links:
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    A few years ago, before Towers of Midnight was announced people were guessing what the title would be on Reddit. Here's my favorite.
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    Today is the one-year anniversary of me joining the shard (and my 1000th post) and I thought it’d be fitting to make a topic for people to put their favorite parts of this site, and how they joined. So how did you find, join, and what do you like/dislike, about the 17th Shard? For me, I was reaserching more about Dalinar for a book report, and the Coppermind had a link here. I just thought it’d be fun to see what this was all about, and honestly, it’s something I wouldn’t change for the world. So many awesome people from so many different places, united by a love of Sanderson’s books. You guys are all so great. I don’t think I’d be as happy or confident as I am now, or as good of a writer. I discovered the wonderful world of roleplaying, silly forum games, and discussion on other similar interests, and through that, made a ton of friends. So yeah, what’s your story?
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    Curiously that's what I thought in the beginning as well when I heard Maya was an Edgedancer's blade, but the more I think about it, the more I believe he'd be perfect Edgedancer material. I don't have much info about them at hand, but from what I can remember they're the most graceful of the Orders - and that's an attribute Adolin definitely has. Healing is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think about him, but neither was it with Lift in her first chapter in WoR. But: Adolin playes a part in healing/helping heal Shallan and Kaladin. Remember how much Kaladin hated lighteyes? Adolin (as well as Shallan) played a huge part in changing that. Also, their Oaths are about remembering the forgotten and listening to those who are ignored. The remembering part fits his family's background - where Dalinar forgot about Evi for a long time, Adolin always remembered her. He kept carrying her necklace as a good luck charm. And the listening part: Adolin was the first one to actually believe Kaladin about Amaram. (The first lighteyes, that is.) I think that somehow fits.
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    Did you ever hear the Tragedy of High Prince Dalinar the Blackthorn? I thought not. It's not a story the Radiants would tell you. It's a Singer legend. Dalinar was a High Prince of the Alethi, so powerful and so angry he could use the thrill to defeat opponents with shardplate and shardblade... He had such a mastery of the thrill that he could keep the family he cared about from dying. The thrill is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his family, which eventually, of course, he did. It's ironic he could protect his wife from others, but not himself.
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    Next in my ad hoc series of cute-animals-I-see-that-remind-me-of-a-Shard memes
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    New to the community, but I just wanted to post a picture of some fan art still in progress. Hark the heralds and happy holidays to all!
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    When you discover another sanderfan by referring to your ruler (the measuring instrument) as Rashek.
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    A bit late, but when Bit first changed his profile picture:
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    Okay, finally done with this. I decided to go with a Shakespearian Tragedy spin on things, and I'm afraid into turned into more of Galladon moping than spending time roasting his opponents, but I guess that fits Galladon. Edit: thanks to @Paranoid King for helping me with the fonts!
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    Alright, yon Shardlings, maybe you can help me make sense of something that's been bothering me for years and particularly this past month or so since I re-read SLA last. You'll have to bear with me through what will certainly be a large wall of text as I present the facts as I see them, the conclusions I've drawn, and some tangential speculation (cause this is my thread dammit and I'll speculate if I want). If reading the Stormlight Archive has taught me anything about Brandon's writing, its that to find where the big secrets are you should look at what he writes around. Look at the elephant in the room. And here in the first half of the series I don't think there's a bigger elephant in the room than Gavilar and, by extension, the Sons of Honor. For a man who we spent two books fighting a war over (20% of the series) we know remarkably little about him. He was certainly a man of secrets. Of all the secret societies we're aware of on Roshar, the Sons of Honor are the most secret to us, the readers. Gavilar gets very little screen time and much of that is early in the timeline of OB flashbacks. So what do we know about Gavilar Kholin, beyond the blindingly obvious (king of Alethkar, Navani's first husband, was assassinated by Szeth, etc)? I see Gavilar's life as taking place in 3 acts. Very early on (probably sometime before the first Dalinar flashback), Gavilar graduated from tribal warlord to aspirant King. Something, possibly the birth of Jasnah, inspired Gavilar to look beyond his own generational aspirations toward founding an Alethkar that would maintain continuity for generations. He did not want to Alexander the Great his way through life, choosing instead to Wilhelm I of Germany and organize and consolidate power in Alethkar, ostensibly for the first time in generations. I'm not sure how I feel about going around conquering your neighbors in the simple name of unity but as far as pre-Industrial warlords go Gavilar seems fairly forward-thinking, even if some of his philosophizing about dynasty and stability is after-the-fact justification for actions taken earlier in life. After uniting the Alethi under the Kholin banner, Gavilar spends much of the rest of his life attempting to politic his way into legitimacy, both among the highprinces and internationally. From here on out Gavilar effectively abandons the battlefield, choosing instead to tactically deploy the Blackthorn to prove a point when simple words fail. Judging purely by results, he is not very good at this, though we only really have one result to go by. When Tanalan and the Rift go into rebellion, Gavilar stalls them purely with his own politics, then later by deploying Dalinar to the Vedan and Herdazian borders to prove a point, then by using Dalinar to smash the rebellion outright. Not very politic. But the attempt was made and Gavilar was at least able to divorce himself from his younger warlord persona by shoving that onto Dalinar while adopting the airs of a politician himself. Somewhere in this time is where the third act of Gavilar's life begins, however, and where things relating to Gavilar start to get a little hazy. We know at some point, almost certainly after the unification of Alethkar, that three things happen concerning Gavilar: he joins the Sons of Honor, he starts receiving the Bondsmith visions, and he starts reading The [In-Universe] Way of Kings (in case it becomes relevant, I will hereafter refer to the in-universe Way of Kings by full name and to the book on my desk as TWoK). We do not know the order of occurrences here. We also do not know how many of the visions Gavilar received or if he actually swore any Bondsmith oaths, unless there's some WoB I'm unaware of. However, given the quotes above and their contexts, as well as clues given to us about how Gavilar went "strange" later in life, I suspect that he must have joined the Sons of Honor before he started receiving his visions. The first quote implies some purpose found, and the Sons of Honor would supply that while newly received visions would probably provide more questions than clarity. As to the second quote, I believe the visions qualify as "revelations" to be shared. It is worth noting that Gavilar was a lot less cagey than Dalinar about his visions. Mr T tells us directly that he'd been told of Gavilar's visions. And Amaram's response to the leaked visions at the feast in WoR... you know what I'm just gonna quote it. Amaram speaks with the air of having read the vision in question, despite it being one of many released just prior to the conversation and not actually being able to read the women's script. I realize that he could have had it read to him, but he's still really quick off the cuff with his spicy take on "And now I am dead, Odium has killed me. I am sorry." Almost as if he'd already known and parsed what Tanavast had said. This, combined with the fact that he conveniently shows up in the warcamps shortly after Dalinar having fits during the highstorms becomes public knowledge, leads me to believe that he had knowledge of Gavilar's visions and their contents. If Amaram knew their contents, it is likely that the body of the Sons of Honor knew their contents as well. Indeed it is possible that Mr T had associations with these guys prior to visiting Cultivation/Nightwatcher and that's how he knows about it too, but this is baseless speculation. The one person who does not know anything about these visions who, it seems to me, definitely should have is Navani. Failing to confide in Jasnah is understandable, to a degree. But is Gavilar really spending every highstorm apart from Navani after this starts happening? Even if there's not something more sinister going on, this illuminates exactly how rough their marriage was by this point. And if, as I believe, Gavilar's visions started before sending Dalinar to Rathelas, then he was ditching Navani every highstorm for at least five years before his death. Not that there are that many visions, necessarily, but my point is more that this was not attached to some shortly pre-death strangeness associated with Gavilar. His and Navani's issues, whatever they were, were not new when he died. This entire paragraph presupposes that Navani is not concealing information about Gavilar from Dalinar, and indeed her mention of Gavilar's black spheres seem to indicate that she's being up front with Dalinar. At this point I will move off Gavilar directly and address the Sons of Honor more directly. As I said in the opening of this (already horrendously long) post, we know next to nothing about the Sons of Honor. Mraize tells Shallan that Gavilar was a "driving force" in the expansion of the Sons of Honor. We know that Amaram was recruited by Gavilar into the Sons of Honor. I believe that Gavilar intended to recruit Dalinar especially after he started distinguishing himself on the Alethi frontier, but it was impractical while Dalinar was on the front lines and Dalinar became extraordinarily unreliable after Rathelas. I further believe that Amaram's presence on the Shattered Plains was specifically to recruit Dalinar, especially since his fits in the highstorms became public knowledge. As to the Sons of Honor's relationship with the other secret societies, I believe both the Skybreakers and the Ghostbloods opposed the Sons of Honor's attempts to usher in a Desolation. Obviously the Skybreakers tried to kill Amaram, and Gavilar expected assassins from the Ghostbloods. Incidentally, I think this is what set Jasnah at odds with the Ghostbloods: the Ghostbloods were trying to prevent Gavilar from starting a Desolation, and Jasnah was counter-assassinating their assassins, making a target (and an enemy) of herself. I think in a way, the Diagram is kind of an offshoot of the Sons of Honor. Gavilar and Mr T were friends, and Gavilar made Mr T aware at some point of his visions, but Mr T ended up taking a different path than the the Sons of Honor. The only other confirmed member is Restares, who on the one hand Amaram writes to as a superior in his letter to him at the end of WoR, but on the other Gavilar fairly easily suspects as being behind his own assassination after Thaidakar is eliminated as a suspect. Beyond these two tidbits we really know nothing about Restares. I also believe that Aesudan was a member of the Sons of Honor. My evidence is shaky but not nonexistent. My first supporting piece is the fact that Gavilar desperately wanted to marry Jasnah off to Amaram, and I suspect he was following the same behavioral pattern that Jasnah shows in trying to get as many Knights Radiant tied into House Kholin as possible. Elhokar says that Jasnah opposed his marriage to Aesudan, but there appears to be no opposition to it from Gavilar's corner. The second supporting piece are Aesudan's own words (of which we have precious few): Not only is Aesudan clearly aware of what Gavilar was up to in his later days than us readers are, she's gone totally next level with it. If it is true that Gavilar was attempting to bond an Unmade, and bear in mind here that I take everything Aesudan tells us with a pinch of copper, then this to me is strong evidence that Gavilar never progressed beyond proto-Radiance. And this leads into the problem what's been bothering me all this time. Mraize tells us that the entire mission of the Sons of Honor was to ignite a Desolation. Gavilar's words to Eshonai on the night of his assassination corroborate this, only extending that Gavilar and the Sons of Honor knew exactly what they were about. And again, if Gavilar really was trying to bond an Unmade, then he really really knew what he was about. Here's the thing: I get not understanding what Tanavast's visions were trying to show. They're fairly arcane and for a long time Dalinar takes them in the context of the life he's living. Dalinar spends two whole books thinking that he's being charged to unite the Alethi against the Parshendi, when in reality the scope is so much larger. He's supposed to unite the world against the void. This is an understandable misunderstanding. Its a mistake of scale, not of intent. But how in Damnation does Gavilar talk himself into thinking these same visions mean that he should take an active hand in kickstarting the Desolation? For the purpose of bringing back the Heralds and strengthening the Vorin Church? This is a massive gamble based on layers of misunderstanding. Firstly, the visions themselves are incompatible with modern Vorinism, and not just the part about Honor being dead. Secondly, like Nale and Ishar, they seem to be putting the cart before the horse in terms of how a Desolation starts based on a wild misunderstanding of the Oathpact. Nale and Ishar seem to think that the return of the Knights Radiant are somehow causal to the Desolation instead of being responsive to it, and the Sons of Honor seem to think that they can shepherd in a Desolation and that the Heralds and Knights Radiant will return, rather than a Desolation starting as a result of a weakening or breaking of the Oathpact. But regardless of what they thought they knew, if your conclusion is "yes let's start a Desolation" it seems pretty apparent to me that your reasoning has strayed somewhere. So, am I missing something somewhere that we know already? From what information we've been presented so far in the text, Gavilar's motives make less than no sense to me. Causing an event known to cause 90% extinction and risking 100% extinction in the name of Alethi and Vorin unity is not the act of a sane group of people. In fact, if you take the phrase "voidbringer" at face value, that is, someone who brings the void, then Gavilar and the Sons of Honor are by definition Voidbringers. Sure, Amaram goes full Voidbringer at Theylan Field, but on the face of things as we have it he's been a voidbringer for the better part of a decade by the time Theylan Field rolls around. This is what he was working towards. And I can't for the life of me figure out why.
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    In the exerpt of The Silence Divine that Brandon read from a while back, we learn that Ashyn has magic that involves a person getting infected with a disease, and that disease grants them powers as long as it is active in their system. We also have a WoB saying that in some cases, those diseases cause a flaw. This sounds suspiciously like the Nightwatcher's Boon/Curse mechanic. Since Ashyn is in the same solar system as Roshar, even though it doesn't have a Shard directly dwelling there, I propose that the magical influence of Honor and Cultivation dwelling on Roshar is nonetheless enough to have Ashyn follow many of the same concepts as Rosharan magic. 1. Brandon has said that the magic on Ashyn is the same basic principles, with the system being a little different. This theory would fit with that statement. 2. Bonds: On Roshar, people attain magic by forming a bond with a spren. On Ashyn, I theorize that they attain magic by forming a similar, weaker bond with bacteria or viruses. This bond allows them to use some version of the surges, perhaps in more limited ways. Then, once their immune system kills the infection, the bond breaks, and they need to reform it. In the reading, we see a woman changing a goblet of liquid into other types of liquid (Soulcasting/Transformation?) and others are able to float/fly (Gravitation?) or see the future (perhaps Odium's influence/Moelach?) 3. Boon/curse: On Roshar, people can go to the Nightwatcher and receive a boon and a curse. From the WoB above, at least some of the powers on Ashyn work the same way. You get the power to float a city, but you go deaf while having that power. 4. Echoes: (Wild speculation) I also theorize that the Echoes are from the accumulation of the dead bacteria's spiritwebs. We've never seen what happens if a spren permanently dies while being bonded to a Radiant. Since it seems likely that the Radiant and spren's spiritwebs are partially merged (more and more) as the bond grows, I'm thinking that if the spren dies, a piece of their spiritweb would be left in the Radiant. If this is the case, then the bacteria or viruses that are dying while bonded to the Corpsperson might be leaving behind tiny spiritwebs of their own. With enough time, that accumulation could cause the Echoes that they experience. Thoughts?
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    I stated this on another thread but I'd like some more opinions if possible. I also have no clue if there is any WoB on this. I think that Aimia is hiding a Dawnshard. The "Scouring of Aimia" was an accidental or purposeful activation of the Dawnshard which ended up devastating the island chains ecosystem but was shutdown before any more damage could be dealt. The book Mythica that talks about the Unmade mentions that Dai-Gonarthis might have had something to do with the Scouring, but the author Hessi admits that they do not know how. I think that Odium or Dai-Gonarthis found out that there was a Dawnshard on Aimia and went there to either take or destroy it, but instead it was activated causing the Scouring. Furthermore, during an interlude in Oathbringer, a ship crew that makes it to Akinah, The capital of Aimia, gets poisoned by a Sleepless agent on board. Before killing them, the Sleepless tells one of the crew that they are protecting a secret that could end worlds. What ended Ashyn? The Dawnshards. What do you guys think?
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    Q&A Why is duralumin feruchemy +30 points? - Jac That was mostly a convenience thing on my part, to lower the number of levels I had to work with. But in its defense, you can use it to manipulate people, so it's a bit like being an emotional allomancer. Have you ever wanted to end a relationship? Just store your connection and the girl's good as gone. I think it could have combat applications. It's one of the few powers that can turn an attacker into a friend. You don't need to drop them if you can take away their reason for attacking you. Plus, it's handy for worldhoppers, which everyone in the Alleyverse is. Our characters get to experience its full benefits. Also, what is the point-addage for Shardplate? - Jac They're pretty comparable to being a pewter misting in terms of enhanced strength, dexterity, and ability to take damage. So I'd say we're looking at around 40, maybe 35. They can't be flared and require time to put on, but they provide better speed and jumping ability than a pewter misting, so it balances out. Ways of harming them are pretty similar. They do break and need time to regrow, but that's not too different from the rest a Thug needs after taking too much. Plus, even if your plate is wrecked, it's possible the man inside is unharmed and can fight the next day. Not so for a Thug. Could we put the Index in a Google doc or the first post of this thread? Easier to keep track of that way. - Kidpen Will do. [Lots of comments about chromium compounders]. - Itiah, Ark, and co. Nicrosil and chromium are scored high enough they shouldn't be accessible anyway. Updates: - Changed kandra scoring system (let me know if you think it should go even lower. Trouble is, I know what an OP kandra looks like, and am trying to make them hard to make, but want to allow not OP ones. This puts the baseline possibly higher than it should be. I'm considering switching it to be a rank system, but multiplied by 10. I'm open to suggestions.) - Added other genetic enhancements to Centrifugal section - Changed Returned score. Returned don't need to eat or sleep*, and are functionally immortal. They can befriend animals. They can change their appearance to some extent. They're physically in great shape. And they can sacrifice themselves to save somebody. But that's it. I think the first part gives them some serious advantages, so they still score highly, but I'm taking them out of OP range. They'd be lower than 55, but immortality has got to count for something. Given the prevalence of investiture available in the Alleyverse, and the ability to stockpile, I don't think the need to be fed it counts as too much of a weakness. To Do: - Include general disclaimer about adding points for expertise, experience, and savantism, and taking them away for lack thereof in the final draft. - Tech and skills THE INDEX: THIRD DRAFT
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    WARNING! INCOMING ALDERANT WALLPOST! I've made it no secret that I'm totally into the idea of Jasnah and Kaladin. I have been casually since Way of Kings, and Oathbringer only cemented the idea in my head as not only viable, but an excellent opportunity for growth on both characters' parts. Before I get into why, I'm putting a segment in here as to what I look at when I make these kinds of judgments. On analysis: Moving on now to Kaladin and Jasnah. First, I'll look at each character individually, then move on to how they could work and grow together. Kaladin: Jasnah: Kaladin & Jasnah: And that's my 2 cents regarding this. Hope you enjoyed the post! Footnotes: N1.) Note: This is a callback to his earlier assertion in Way of Kings that no matter what happened to those around him, he always survived--a fact that made him severely depressed and melancholic. N2.) Again, this is a callback to Words of Radiance, when Kaladin said that Shallan and Adolin "fit." And both of these declarations are accompanying a time when Kaladin is at a low. First after the chasms, when Kaladin thought he'd killed Syl, then here, when Kaladin is beaten down by repeated failures--including his failure to save Amaram from himself, and Elhokar in Kholinar. N3.) Kaladin is subtly calling her out. An "eel" is someone who fights dirty, like Sadeas. N4.) Note the retraction and change of language here. This isn't "Oh, I'm going to rip this guy apart," this is "Oh, okay. This guy isn't going to simply roll over when I get stern." As most people she interacts with do. N5.) Jasnah does not ask. Jasnah demands, and others obey. In this paragraph, she asks Kaladin if he could train his squires. And sidenote for the shipper within: Jasnah compares the Windrunners to skyeels, and says she'd happily cuddle a skyeel. The fact that this comes immediately after Kaladin's confrontation and opposition, which should have upset her and made for a hostile encounter, could be significant.
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    Its Christmas season in the Cosmere, even though they do not have Christmas. Scadrial: Parents tell their children that if they are good, the Survivor and his crew will leave baywraps, small amounts of coins, or little vials of metals at the fire place or foot of the bed at the winter solstice. Death will visit if the children are bad and steal them away if they are bad. Harmony and the Kandra tell the Survivor and Death which children have been bad or good that year and are most often disguised as either a wolfhound or a Terris delivery man. Nathlis: Warbreaker the peaceful brings a huge tree into town and hands out food to those who are hungry, but beware the sword on his back, for he uses it to smite the rich who try and cheat the poor. Sel: The Elantrians hold a light festival in which the whole city modified with an Aon that turns it red and green for a week. It is literally lit up like a Christmas tree. Roshar: In Alethikar, Kelek will randomly build toys for children, Jezrien can be seen slaying Voidbringers at the darkest hour of the night, and Taln can be seen hauling the weapons of his enemies to distribute to his soldiers. In Azar, the child who writes the best essay and fills out his or her forms correctly gets to pick out a gift from a hat. in Urithiru, Shallan and the ardents soulcast a huge vat of mulled purple wine, Kaladin and Bridge Four dress up as an Iri myth of a man in a red and blue suit who has a cart pulled by Axehounds who distributes gifts to all the children. Adolin and Renarian are the helpers of Santnas claus. Dalinar locks himself in his office because he thinks the lights are a waste of Stormlight and has a war to plan. Lift attempts to eat all the food and Navani makes some Fabrials that give off a happy feeling. Syl dresses up with a little flopply hat that has bells. Pattern looks like a snowflake. The Stormfather does not care as long as Dalinar does not start singing.
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    Hello everyone, Welcome to the Fifth Cosmere Character Roast Battle Tournament: the Tournament of Champions! This is my thousandth post, and I really wanted to spend it on something that’s been so fun for me to be a part of. So, naturally, I chose this. I’d like to thank everyone who has participated in the Roast Battles. It’s really been up to you guys to keep this competition running. As I’ve said before, when I first started this, I didn’t think that I would get any participants, so looking at how many people have been a part of this makes me really happy. On my AMA, I was asked by how I got the inspiration for this. As I told him, my friends and I teasingly roast each other all the time, and because we’re huge book nerds, we ended up insulting each other’s favorite characters. From there, I decided to bring it to the forums where, finally, someone would know all of my obscure Cosmere references. So without further ado, I present… THE TOURNAMENT OF CHAMPIONS! If you are tagged in the list below, I am formally inviting you to join this tournament. This means that you made it to the semifinals (or within one vote) in your respective tournament(s). Please refrain from picking the character(s) you represented in a previous tournament. If you would like to participate, please reply with the character you would like to represent. If you would not like to participate in this tournament, that’s totally okay! Please make sure to PM me or reply confirming your forfeit. @Zath @Nictorius @Gray to @AonEne @Archer @I think I am here. @Herowannabe @Edgedancer Jak @Perspective @Felt @hoiditthroughthegrapevine @Silva @Paranoid King @BitBitio Here is a recap of the rules in case you need them: And one last thing to make this round extra special… what’s a roast battle without a few twists? Regardless of whether or not you’re participating, please fill out the following form to answer this question: What’s your idea of a twist to make one of these rounds a little more challenging? Use your imagination… I’m excited to see what everyone comes up with. Here’s the link: https://goo.gl/forms/mamgYXNuCnFmM0yB2 I’ll give everyone a week to submit their characters and twists. Again, thank you all so much. I can only hope that you’ve all enjoyed being a part of this as much as I have. I love running this competition, and it’s brought me closer to a lot of people in this amazing community of the Shard. Love, Ash
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