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    And out of nowhere... I'm a Sentient Awakened Object. On your level now, Clearcut! Thanks, everyone who gave me upvotes. I'm saving a giant mushy you-all-rock-and-the-Shard-has-changed-my-life for my one year anniversary (I haven't even been here a year yet? Wow, feels like so long and yet so little at the same time...), but again, thanks. CELEBRATION TIME COME ON!
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    Life is...confusing. And hard. It’s weird to learn that like eighty percent of who you are has possibly been your mental disorder all along. *writes, deletes* Ugh. You can feel free to ignore this, I just thought I’d say it somewhere. Anyway. Part of my OCD is apparently perfectionism OCD, and to tackle it I need to do things quick and reckless and not avoid them just because I can’t do them to my own standards. So I’m going to join some RPs and write posts that might be short and that is okay. Storms, this feels awkward. I hereby conclude this update from Ene?
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    He's okay he's alive he's okay!!! I emailed him using my Powers™ and he answered and he's okay Ap is okay Ap is okay I can't stop saying it He said I can tell you guys and I can't even grammar right AP IS OKAYAYAHYS&&YYYYYYYy On a note so different I almost get mental whiplash, rest in peace to my rat Vivenna, she was a good old girl and I hope she wasn't in much pain. Also yum, someone brought doughnuts to Criminal Justice.
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    So anyway I discovered that at some point in my life I’ll time travel to the past and found a shirt business called Wound Up because everything on them is just pulled straight from my soul: (image ID for if Mosaic reads this) four shirts reading “sorry I’m very awkward sorry”, “don’t give up on your dreams, keep sleeping”, “out of my mind be back in five minutes”, and “it’s a beautiful day to stay indoors” Saw the first one and immediately thought Salad would love this
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    IMMA KNIGHT RADIANT NOW STORMS YEAH IMMA GROW PLANTS ALL OVER YOUR FACES MWAHAHAHA IMMA ALSO HEAL YOUR SCRATCHES WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT MWAHAHAHA oh I also have a shardblade now that’s cool too I guess (But seriously, I’m super excited about this! It’s been months since I last went up in rank, thank you guys so much for giving me upvotes!)
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    Hey, so remember when I went backpacking a while ago? Here are some pictures from that!!!
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    *is listening to Mistborn on Audible* I wish this had subtitles. *roughly 26 minutes later* Wait a minute- (I think that I still have Summer Brain Syndrome)
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    Well folks I'm at 3000 posts. 3 years 3000 posts. Huzzah!!
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    Sorry I haven't been active that much. I've been taking a break, my mental health isn't exactly where it should be at the moment, it's not great. I'll still come here occasionally, but I haven't been doing so well. Anyway, yeah. Bye for now.
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    Questioner So, the Shardplate, are those also spren or <specific> spren? Brandon Sanderson It's a RAFO! Footnote: The attentive reader will notice that Brandon's response suggests that Shardplate is made of RAFO. This is, in fact, unlikely to be the case. Shadows of Self Chicago signing (Oct. 12, 2015) That footnote though
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    Well another year has gone by. Tomorrow I'll be another year older. Where does the time go. Wherever it goes I want to thank the Shard for making the previous year awesome. Here is to an awesome upcoming year!!
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    Wow. two years! i have no words. I joined at 9:48 pm, exactly two years ago, so I’m a bit late it appears that I have some words
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    Hi ya'll! I was perusing the shard today and I thought I would just let you all know that I'm doing fine, still alive and all that. I was quoted a few times, so it's good to know that I haven't been forgotten . Life is still busy. School/homework has always taken up a lot of my time, and I think it'll be a while before things smooth out. I finally introduced my aunt Cassy to the cosmere though, and I've been meaning to make a thread about the experience, I just haven't found the time. To give you all a little preview, here's my favorite part of the whole conversation (I was very proud of myself for using this quote): Me: Now here's the big question. You take the blue pill, and you can go back to blissfully reading through Brandon's books. You wake up in your bed, and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill... you stay in Wonderland. And I show you just how deep this rabbit hole goes. Cassy: RED PILL!! I want the RED!!! Anyway, I really miss you all! I hope I can be on more often, even just to peruse. I'm really grateful for all of the friends I've made on here. You all are amazing. AC out!
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    Ok, so nine different people asked how my day was, but didn't actually listen to my answer, and my family has stress of their own, so I'm going to tell you guys about my day. I know you didn't ask, but, too bad. It's also kind of hilarious at points. Yup. Life just yeeted me today.
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    ok, I’m going to make this one status update so I don’t have to respond to 4 others. thank you @Bearer of all agonies @[email protected] @The Awakened Salad @Shard of Thought And all those who are considering creating a new one, I shall redirect you to here.
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    So, funny story! I got sushi for dinner, and my grandma came over, too. After dinner, my mom walked my grandma home while I spent about 15 minutes on the Shard cleaned up dinner. My mom came home and told me that a cat had followed her home! I ran out the front door to try and see it before it left, but I was apparently too late. I came back inside, finished cleaning up, then got started on homework. About 15-30 minutes later, my mom goes out into the garage and says, "Oh!" The cat had actually gone into the garage and was waiting right by the door! So, being the animal person I am, I let it zip past me into my house, and it, being a cat, began exploring indiscriminately, from the family room to the tiny bathroom. I eventually got it some tuna, which it devoured like it hadn't eaten for weeks. My mom posted on my city's Facebook page, and someone claimed him. I was really sad, because he was super sweet, cuddly, and adorable. (Mostly black with white sections.) Anyway, that's the reason I wished for a cat on the Nightwatcher's Boon/Bane thread. I'll probably upload some pictures at some point.
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    No one needs to look at this because it feels like an attention grab, but I've had an eventful day and just had to say this. We got gummy sharks for dessert and I ate mine humming the Jaws theme song. That's my confession for today.
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    Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination... I will unite instead of divide. I will bring men together. and with those sacred words spoken, I, Ark, become a bondsmith, one of only... five? On the shard. hmm.
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    I hope you all are doing well, with everything going on. Just wanted to let you know, that I know that you got this!
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    *wakes up* *the sun is rising* *i step out on to the roof to admire the orange sky bleeding into dark blue* *inhale* “NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP” I’m a dawnsinger y’all
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    Wondering for the 1000th time why I called myself The Awakened Salad. Not because I don’t like my username — I can’t imagine being called anything other than Salad at this point — I just have no idea where it came from. It confuddles me. Why am I awakened? Why am I a salad? I have no idea what my brain was doing when it came up with my name .
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    Okay... Why do I find this so blasted funny? Oof, and quality picture, as usual. Translation: Summary of Warbreaker: Vivenna: Oh no! Poor Siri! She must be so frightened and miserable right now! (Cut to Siri dancing on a table in a crop top with Susebron while Lightsong chants SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS and Hoid belts out Don't Stop Believing on a karaoke machine in the background). Also, I just preordered RoW! Yay!
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    That’s it, then. It’s been a year since you were on the Shard. There goes the ‘someone dared you to stay off the Shard for a year and you didn’t bother to tell us’ theory. Not sure whether I’m happy or sad that it was ruled out. Storm it, Ap. Come back to us
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    Guys, if you keep wishing me a happy birthday I'm going to run out of rep to give out! You all are awesome!!!
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    The day I won Is GONE I know this happened to Fadran already, but that's fine cause he already had like 10 others. I didn't, I won that one fair and square with a meme for my 1,000th post! And it's gone! (Does anyone else see it? Is it a temporary glitch? Am I gonna be dayless until I happen to post another thing that's funny?)
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    I don’t think I ever told anyone this last year, but I do ballet and I’m doing it again this year! If anyone else does ballet, well you probably won’t see this, but if you do you should tell me about it! Pros- Ballet is awesome for musicals and other dance stuff, it makes you as buff as your roll-playing characters and it surprises everyone when you tell them you do it. Cons-NOTHING!!!
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    I found this on Sanderson vending machine (the thread it's not an actual thing, unfortunately ) And I just.. Y'all need to watch this
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    I have been considering retiring from the shard and the alleyverse for a while now. My energy for it has been low, my motivation lower. But, instead of doing that, I'm going to give activity one last try! So ha ha sharders y'all are stuck with my beautiful personality for at least another week or so. Basically, to summarize: I'm gonna try to be active once again
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    Storms, I forgot to do something for my 1700th post! Well... Long Live the Shard! May another 1700 posts pass in happiness, fun, and most importantly, friendship!
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    This thought just randomly popped into my head so now you all have to suffer it too. ”Ah yes. My favorite Shakespearian play, BigmacBethany.”
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    Guys... it's National Read a Book Day. Our time has come.
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    "I regret to announce — this is The End. I am going now. I bid you all a very fond farewell. Goodbye."
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    Really weird thing just happened. We found a gecko in the fridge. We thought he was dead, but I was a little bit hopeful, so I very gently pulled him out and brought him to a sunny place in the garden to warm up. After a minute he started flexing his toes, and after a couple he made a few short jaunts where he ran about six inches up my arm in a bid for freedom. He'd become gray and discolored in the fridge, but his color was actually starting to come back somehow; finally he regained enough energy to spring unexpectedly out of my hand, leap into the grass, and take off at full speed quickly enough that I wouldn't have been able to catch him if I wanted to. It was a really weird, really interesting experience.
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    Gavinor: *Takes Firemoss* Looks like he's a...
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    Hey everyone! I’m back! Finally! I’m ok, sorry about that, and thank you for worrying about me. I only have time to post this, and I’ll be back tomorrow! Phew! A week was a long time off the shard. See you tomorrow!
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    Ack! There goes my thousandth post.... Whoops... We'll just pretend the AMA was for my thousandth post, it's fine.
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    Can someone please tell me why these notifications are worded in such a creepy way?
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    Life goal: learn how to english. I mean, seriously. Why is English so difficult? I read all the time. I should know how it works! But noooooooo. *sigh*
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    Me: hmmm I shall do some writing today Also me: *lies on bed questioning the nature of reality for five hours* Me: oh well, I’ll just do it tomorrow
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    Long ago, man sought to be as gods. All-knowing. All-powerful. Immortal. For their pride, they were destroyed. In their pride, they destroyed human civilization- and nearly all of humanity along with it. But humanity has a nasty habit of forgetting the past. And those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it. Eternal Book One of the Keyed Trilogy Coming soon.
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    https://i.imgur.com/5VPUTWH.png Sympathy.
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    I happen to be stressing out about school again, so I may be gone for a bit. This may span from 2-22 hours (isn't that fun to say )
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    Hello! It is my duty as a heavenly deity to make sure mortals are being intelligent If you are seeing this you are most likely alive. If you are alive, (and reading this) you could very well be one of the 57% of people with access to the web, who also own a pet, mainly a cat or dog. If you own a cat or dog give them a belly rub, or a scratch behind the ears. If you own any other kind of pet go and do something nice for them. Pets are people too.
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    Some of the dumb typos I’ve made when trying to log in: The Awakened Sadlad The Awakebed Lad The Awakened Sad The Awakened Dad
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    So... you guys were planning to SPAM ME while I was away?!? Well guess what? You gone dun failed! I only have eight notifications and half of them are you guys talking on that status update about spamming me! You goofed! You scored on yourself! Fumbled the ball and lost you the game! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! (Also I'm back a day early. Sue me).
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    I turned my ugly hand drawn profile pic into a fancy computer made one!
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