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    As of this minute (if I remember correctly) I have been part of this wonderful community known as the 17th Shard for one year, three hundred sixty five days, eight thousand seven hundred sixty hours, five hundred twenty five thousand six hundred minutes, or thirty one million five hundred thirty six thousand seconds*. During those tens of millions of seconds, I have posted two thousand nine hundred and forty eight times. As those hundreds of thousands of minutes have passed, people have indepenently expressed that something I said was worthy of a slight reward known as reputation nine hundred and fifty six times. Whilst those thousands of hours went by, I have posted eighty six status updates before this. Throughout those three hundred and sixty five days, twenty five people have expressed that they care enough about what I say enough to follow me. In that one year that I have been here, I have been given the most reputation in one day a total of three times. in the time I have been here four(?) people I knew left the shard. Apollyon: you left at an inopportune time, but we had fun planning the wedding that never happened. thank you for that. Bean: we had some fun times at tHI, you always kept us on our toes never knowing when we would have to pull Benson our of the drink. Thank you. Ink: You might come back, if/when you do, I am sorry for all the time you’ll spend combing through notifications. You created a vessel where people could lose The Game without derailing anything. Thank you. Gancho: we had fun in the Mission Flight, Leviathan. Thank you for that. For those mentioned here: @AonEne you have been with me every step of the path that brought me here, from me asking about Red Winged Blackbird Years In your AMA to the fiery Nomic election that only recently ended. You are an amazing friend. @Blessing of Potency you have spurred so much of my love for RWBY and have participated in endless debates about ships. Don’t stop being you. @Lunamor your ability to come up with randomness amazes me. You give so much to tLT and tLPW. Never stop the random addition of *channel switches* “learning to use a special rat toilet” @RayOfSunshine you hath been mentioned! @Shard of Thought your drawings never cease to amaze me and you seem to always have another. Even though I fought against it the whole time, the tLT Plot was fun to read. I do hope you win the Cosmic Battle and Save the Thread. @Truthless of Shinovar you are the other main randomness factor in tLT and you sure do love to *wins*. Please infinitivize more third person singular verbs! Bit, Fire, Sora, Hoid, Ash, Ax, Rebecca, and anyone else I forgot, you guys are all awesome and it means so much to be able to call you friends. Thank you. I just can’t believe it’s been one year already and at the same time it feels like so much longer. I thank all of you who read this from the bottom of my heart for enriching this community. -DoomStick The Last Post *ish
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    Ark is an Idiot A screenplay by Ark1002 Ark: "Hey, guys, what should I do today?" Everyone on ALQ: "GET ON THE ALLEYVERSE!" Ark: "Ok, sure, why not." We zoom in on our hero, typing 17th shard into the search bar. His face is concentrated with a laser focus. Nothing him will stop him from posting on the Alleyverse. He scrolls down to the section labeled community, holding his hand posed over the Alleyverse button. And then he goes to Forum Games and Random Stuff. Ark: "I'll get to it later." Everyone on ALQ: *sighs* We zoom in on the moronic main character, who has just clicked on the thread labeled Hurt and Heal- Cosmere Nations. He begins typing Hurt Elendel, heal no one. Then stops, and moves his mouse to the top. He puts a quote box. In it, he types. Ark: "Sorry in advance about the long post" As he finishes his quote box, what seems like a thousand voices in unison rise up, all saying one thing Everyone on ALQ: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARK We go back to the idiot, who has proceeded to type two paragraphs. The curtain closes. Scene two We return to the stupid thick skulled nitwit typing feverishly. He has written eight paragraphs... on a post that could be done with "Hurt Elendel, Heal no one". Finally, he clicks submit, sitting back. Ark: "Ah, that was fun. But wasn't there something I was supposed to do?" Everyone on ALQ: "Yes! Respond to the main plot!" Ark sits back in his chair, musing. Ark: "Yes, yes, I really do think there was something else to respond to." Everyone on ALQ: "ALLEYVERSE!!" Ark: "Oh, that's it! I'll respond to all the ALQ posts!" Everyone on ALQ: "YESSSSSS!!" We zoom in on our hero, sitting at his desk, clicking on the Alleyverse subforum, on All Lights Quenched. He goes to the last page, looks at it. Then begins typing in a quote box. Ark: "Could someone tell me what's going on?" We watch as the moron proceeds to type three sentences that don't respond to anyone, and leaves the thread to post on art. Ark: "Nailed it!" Everyone on ALQ: *Frothing at the mouth and howling in rage* We zoom away from the idiot main character as he posts a mildly rude comment on art someone worked hard on. The curtains close. The End
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    I find it sad that people are still visiting your profile even now, when it's been so long that you're probably never coming back. Why the heck does this months-long friendship affect us so much? Because of the mystery - the forever unanswered question of, "Where the Dusts did you go?" Because we still have hope that maybe, someday, we'll look at the Last Visited and it'll say something besides October 25, 2018? For some, it might be pure curiosity. Interest in this Sharder who legendarily went missing before their time. People follow you, too, even now. Wondering if you'll ever post again, wanting to be notified if you do. I find it sad as well that your rank will never change. No, you're not about to be married. Even though we turned it into a murder mystery and started the thread so many months later, you're not going to marry anyone. Location, drifting between insane and psychotic? I wonder if something happened to make you center on one side or the other. I hope not. I hope you're okay out there, not dead or crazy or hurt - though 'temporarily injured' might be better than 'fine, just never bothered to get on again because I got bored of you guys'. Sometimes I'm scared that that happened, or that it will happen with someone else. I believe the bonds I make here are just as important as normal ones. I wouldn't abandon the Shard unless I had no choice. I want to say you are the same way. Were the same way. But I've seen other people do it, so it's possible, as much as I wish it wasn't. You weren't here to see that I wasn't really in the DA or GBs, to see that I'm TUBA. You were never really involved in the Alleyverse, never especially loyal to the DA. I wonder if I could have convinced you to join TUBA. Another thing I wonder about is if it's mental health. I can understand that, if you just need to take a break. I still wish you'd tell us, but it's better than hurt or uncaring. If that's the case, I wonder if you read the parts of the Shard you can while logged out. I wonder if you notice the new roleplaying developments, if you knows Stars and Spheres exists, or Memories and Goodbyes - you were one of the main catalysts for that. If you read your page, these status updates as they're written. If you're reading this right now. Hi, Apollyon. We miss you, though I'm sure you've registered that by now. I just wish I knew what happened to you, regardless of the answer. I just wish it wasn't this not knowing, this unbearable, miserable hoping. I just wish I didn't have to wait without anything new. But it is. So I will. So we will, together.
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    I'm writing my 2nd anniversary post a bit early because Saturday is Shabbat/Sabbath. Its been quite a ride being around here for two years. @AonEne, @Rebecca, @Archer, @Silva, @Toaster Retribution and others you have certainly made things interesting. Here is to another year gone and another year of games, theories, and other awesomeness to come!!
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    Well, I am now officially, a college student. So, as of Monday, I may be slightly less active, so as to keep up with classes. I'll try to keep up on my RP obligations though, so fear not.
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    @Truthless of Shinovar your name is mine
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    Greetings, everyone. Luna, Truthless, and Stick, all thought it would be a fun idea for me to draw how I picture some of you Sharders. It wouldn't be that intricate, but it;ll be fun. Anyone want me to do them?
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    Some Mistborn stuff I have at home.
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    Well dang. I played slip'n'slide-kickball today, and near the start a ran to a base, but apparently fell backwards onto my head. I remember that it happened, but I don't remember it happening, if that makes sense. Anyway, I'm fine, but my brain is just a teensy bit cloudy, and probably not working at full capacity .
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    House points will be awarded to whoever can guess who this is. Hint: she is one of my characters.
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    Well another year another birthday. This year was full of ups and downs. Here is to community that made things easier to bear and to another year that should beat out the previous one!!
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    Hi guys. I need some help. My current signature looks like this: I like it because it's unobtrusive and short. However, I have come to realize that it is also incredibly lackluster. So, I would like some feedback about how it could be improved. You've all seen the same sigs I have, what looks good to you? At this point, I'm pretty open to any and all suggestions about content, so if you have an idea for me, I would appreciate it if you'd comment below with it. I'm thinking of doing a full overhaul, so don't feel limited to the links and text I have now. As advance thanks for your assistance (and, because I'm sure you were expecting something more humerous than this when you responded to my summons) here's a random joke that you may peruse:
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    Me: I love Hamilton. It's written so beautifully, and it's so emotional... Charles Lee: I'm a general! WHEEEEE!!! Me: Sometimes.
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    Unstoppable force (my desire for brownies) vs immovable object (the knowledge that my roommates would inevitably eat them all as soon as they exited the oven)
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    I’ve been demoted! I go from being an amazing King’s Wit to being a stuffy old bald guy that sucks happiness and joy from all everyone. Even my emoji’s bald.
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    I have evolved into a Dawnsinger! Ahem... *in an opera singing voice* DAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN!!!!
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    Thank you everyone who wished me a happy birthday! Today when few people took a moment to acknowledge my existence many here did make my day feel like less of a drag and lonely occurrence I found myself most grateful for a moment of your time!! Thanks again for keeping things interesting!
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    "So for this setting, Kobold, I'm going for a sort of 1920s/1930s aesthetic in a fantasy world-" "ZEPPELINS!" "...yeah, there could be rigid airships, but also some other stereotypical features of the era, you know, like flappers-" "THEY CAN DANCE ON BOARD ZEPPELINS!" "...yeah, maybe, and maybe something with Prohibition and the Mob-" "SPEAKEASIES ON BOARD ZEPPELINS!" "...ahem, and maybe have some fantasy versions of famous individuals of the era..." "Ooh, actually, you know which individual definitely needs to have a representative in this fantasy world?" "Who?" "COUNT FERDINAND VON ZEPPELIN!!"
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    Cyrus Albright ladies and gentlemen!
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    Happy birthday, Ink. We miss you.
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    Hi, everyone! I'm writing a summary of the CBST-verse right now, and if anyone wants to read it to know what the heck I draw all the time and just what went down on TLT, I'd be totally willing to send it to ya.
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    *sighs* and with this last memento, I bid farewell to @RayOfSunshine. Goodbye.
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    guys.. if I get two more upvotes I'm gonna have to change my name back...
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    I just need to keep a work in progress here real quick don’t have time sorry for the notif Oh, Cassie thought, and tried to hide her wince. She hadn’t even thought of what it would be like for Joy, unable to show herself to anyone else and with her Radiant, once her only link to the world, not able to see her or feel her emotion pulses either. She’d only focused on the fact that it wasn’t much of a change for herself, not having verbally interacted with her spren much. Wow, that was awful of me. “It’s okay, Flid.” Turning to Leona, she mustered a shrug and said, “I summoned my Blade - by instinct, I guess - when the Nightwatcher did...this.” She gestured to herself vaguely. “And I could see it then, so I guess it doesn’t count when it’s a Shard? But I’ve never tried to summon Plate.”
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    With school, 17th sharding has become a dangerous activity, for both myself and my grade point average. Therefore, I am removing the 17th Shard from my bookmarks bar! Now this shouldn't affect my activity at all, I mean, currently I have 10 tabs open to the Shard. But I am still removing the Shard from my bookmarks. It's too dangerous.
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    Yee (and I cannot stress this enough) haw.
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    Aha! I have just been promoted from "Chief Sheep Herder" to: "Chief Sheep Herder Herder" Or "Chief Sheep Herderer" for short!!!
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    Oh hey, I'm a Bloodsealer! By the way, I'm doing blood donations to hospitals! Any generous souls around willing to donate?
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    Just curious, WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?! Cheers, BoS.
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    Idea: deliberately fracturing your psyche into multiple personalities so each fragment can learn a different kind of magic. (Assuming different kinds of magic are best suited to different personality types, as is often the case in fantasy.)
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    Welp, school starts tomorrow. Goodbye summer.... Goodbye unlimited drawing time!
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    I posted my first fan art for my 1 year cosmere joining anniversary. I wasn’t sure if I was going to post this because I’m not super confident in my art, but I remember was some of you said when I shared my handerffle picture and decided to try something new. I’m open to suggestions. (Especially from you Star, I like your art.)
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    Xino! You won the day yesterday for the first time! Congrats!
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    Heyo, I know you don't know me, but happy Birthday! Also, we have the same Birthday! I know a lot of people miss you, and I hope to meet you someday!
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    One thousand upvotes! Okay, this is insane, seriously. I've only been on the Shard since January! I don't know what to say, but thank you!!!!
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROSHARAN AC!!!!! (You have no idea how many times I almost accidentally just used your real name right then)I
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    Hello, thanks for following me!! Any friend of SoT is a friend of mine!!
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    (Yes, I beat Luna to it this time) Happy birthday!!!!
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    Can we all take a moment to mourn Cyanic
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    Hey y’all, I’m back. I don’t know if anyone will see this, but it’s been a really busy summer for me because of moving out of state and all that. I didn’t have much time or energy to do much on here, but now that school’s started I’m going pick it up again. Yeah! ... I hope. I will try at least.
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    Hello people's of the 17th Shard. I've been gone since late April, but I'm back now, and I have missed this place.
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    Haaaaaaaaaappy birthday to you!!
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    Just in case you missed it:
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    Happy birthday! *hands a cake with extra sparklers* Also, @BookishOcelot, I think you’d really like Mailnaise’s rank
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