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    Where to begin? It is hard to express 3 years of awesomeness in so small a space. I would be remiss if I did not start by thanking everyone both old friends and new for making these 3 years epic!! @Toaster Retribution @Shard of Thought @Rebecca and other old friends from my first day you have made the shard like a home away from home. I look forward to logging on to the shard every day because of the awesome people who populate this forum. To my new friends like @Lunamor, @Mist, @Vapor and others whether it is interacting on The Last Post Wins, The fellowship of the thing RP, or even just regular interaction you keep things interesting for which I am most grateful! I'll be honest, I have had a rough three years, but through it all there was a constant that I was and am always able to rely on. That is the empathy of my fellow sharders which has helped me get through some extremely trying times. It is hard to imagine how much worse off I would be if I had never joined the Shard. If this place were a true shard it would be the shard of heart. That is what I have seen here, heart of the most tremendous sort. Each and every one of you has made my experience on the Shard truly incredible!! Here is to many more years of Shard epicness!!
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    I don’t know if anyone’s interested, but I’m taking a break from the Shard. This isn’t a decision I’ve made lightly, but I’ve deemed it necessary. I plan to return, but I can’t say when. While I won’t go into the details of why, know that it’s not because of the community. You guys were actually the strongest point against me leaving, because I didn’t want to say goodbye. But, unfortunately, the other reasons outweigh this one. So this is farewell, but hopefully not forever. This place, and all of the memories I’ve made, the people I’ve met, will stay in my thoughts. Hope to see you again soon. — The Awakened Salad *dramatically rides off into the sunset*
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    Today is my 3 year Shardiversary. I can’t believe I’ve been on this site for 3 years! Honestly, every moment on the Shard has been amazing. You are all incredible, incredible people, and I just want to say thanks for always being so kind and awesome! (And if you don’t think I’m talking to you, whoever is reading this, I AM because everyone here really is amazing!) I know I haven’t been on here as much recently (and I don’t know when/if that’s going to change), but I always feel welcome whenever I visit, so THANK YOU! This site really is an awesome place, in a big part because of the awesome people here. Whoever took the time to read that, thank you! Have an amazing day, love you all! <3
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    This popped into my head last night: *tortured voice* “why does everything I touch break?!” “Well, stop throwing plates at the window, then”
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    Sometimes I go down this rabbit hole of looking at old inactive accounts and I find myself feeling sad, which is weird, right? I’ve never spoken to these people before, never seen their posts, and they have no idea who I am. Still, looking at the piles of status updates, there’s this odd feeling of loss, and I can’t shake it. I wish I had the chance to know them, but I know that it probably won’t ever happen.
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    Well, everyone, it's been an honor, but I must leave. No, not permanently. Jeez, you guys are so uptight. I'm going on a backpacking trip tomorrow and the day after that. I'll be back late-ish Saturday to screenshot my notification count and complain. Until then... I invite you to answer these questions: Who wants to have a cameo (or full-on character) in my book, and if you would, what do you want them to be like?
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    "Five minutes," I said. "I'll just look over my notifications," I said.
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    I am no longer Radiant. I decided that my previous name was way too long.
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    Rhythm of war is done people! *celebration noises*
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    For any other D&D fans out there: Don’t know why this wasn’t already on the homebrew section of DnD Beyond. I had to go put it in myself. https://www.dndbeyond.com/monsters/983454-stick
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    To all those who see this, it is the one and only International Day of Friendship!
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    Well, I'm back. I'm sorry for just disappearing, but I just wasn't able to be on the shard over the summer. I would like to get back onto the shard, but I don't think I will be able to to be as active as I used to. Also, I don't think that I'm going to be able to get myself to go through the 600+ notifications that I have, so if there's anything that I missed, just tell me.
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    Just finished watching The Two Towers with my youngest brother, and man, Sam's speech at the end just hits different during these troubled times
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    Phew! Just got back from my first day at my first job. I'm tired, but pumped!
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    Do you know this annoying feeling when it’s late, you are already in bed and you want to read something on your Kindle, but you find out that it’s downstairs to where you can only get by getting up from your great and warm bed? Ugh, I hate it! (even though it’s my fault.)
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    Ok so I’m baaaack!!! Yay! I missed you all soooooo much! And I didn’t have phone because it got a little bit lost (but know I have it so it’s ok). And yes, my notifications are doing a great job:
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    Wow dang, coming back here after all this time is super nostalgic.
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    Did a really rough sketch of Lift stealing food
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    My Cousin and I: questioning whether or not the Vietnam War had a Draft Our Grandpa: Oh it had a draft all right
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    Out of nowhere my brain threw a scene of an immortal, incredibly powerful being walking up to some people to recruit them for help, then noticing they have a dog and lavishing SO MUCH ATTENTION on this pupper. “Ah yes world is ending or whatever blah bluh-so-cute who’s the best dog, you are, you are so fuzzy I love youuuu” *dog has rolled over to get belly rubs* *immortal being eagerly complies* *humans look at each other blankly as they receive exposition in a gooey voice with occasional breaks for the immortal to glance up and go slightly more serious before resuming scratching behind the dog’s ears* *dog is completely in love with this weird-smelling person* *humans have no idea what is happening* *immortal doesn’t care, the dog is clearly the most important priority*
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    Hmm... you know, I’m on vacation right now, and I think I’m going to take a break from the Shard. I’ve been meaning to for a while now, basically from the start of quarantine since I had nothing to do and the shard took over my life. Anyways, I’ll be gone until late Saturday night or Sunday, so if you need or ping me, it might be a second before I respond. See ya guys!
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    To all those who know of me, I have officially been on the Shard long enough to have performed over one thousand posts.
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    My original sketch of Hoid with colors
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    "I'm glad to be with you Samwise Gamgee. Here at the end of all things." Me: *cries softly* Guys... Sam let Frodo go this time... He didn't follow... (I half expected an "I'm going into the West alone!" "I know! And I'm going with you! " exchange again). I NEED A TOLKIEN PERSON TO TELL ME WHAT'S IN THE WEST PLEASE! IT'S ONE IN THE MORNING AND I HAVE BEEN ON THE VERGE OF TEARS (when not actually crying) FOR THE PAST HOUR AHHHHH. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I GET SAD I JUST TRY TO GET MORE SAD AND NOW MY GLASSES ARE COVERED IN THOSE ANNOYING SALT SPECKS. My soul.... (If you didn't pick up on it, I just finished the extended edition of the Return of the King. I watched it in one sitting and I'm so glad I did but MY SOUL). But the relationships between Sam and Frodo and Merry and Pippin... Sooooooo much better than any romance ever. Did I mention I love Aragorn? And yes, I've seen this before, but it's been ages. (Back when I was bad at putting things together and following multiple plot lines). And I'm really sorry for all these late night status updates written while I was half asleep and half crying. ... I'm going to go read... And clean my glasses...
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    I’ve been on a Star Wars kick for the last few days and today I decided to start watching all the movies and shows in chronological order. Almost every time a lightsaber shows up on screen I think: “Shardbearers can’t hold ground.”
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    Apparently, I am now part of a government of Old men. Whadda'ya know
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    Well. It’s over. Last night I finished A Memory of Light, the last book in the Wheel of Time. I wrote down the first thing I said out loud after closing the book, so I wouldn’t forget: “I have read through the Wheel of Time. I have read through... all... of the Wheel of Time. And heaven forbid I ever do it again.”
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    PSA from Wyn: If you haven't Yet signed up for Brandon Sanderson's newsletter, you should do so today For reasons
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    Well, here's my drawing of James Freeman, my character from the RP, 'The Knights Next Door'And, it's sideways. Well, ain't that lovely
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    I would highly, highly, recommended watching SGN (Some Good News). You can find it on YouTube and... It's amazing. Go watch it.
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    OH We share the same birthday! Haha! Look at that.
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    @revelryintheart drew Fadran and he is now my profile picture.
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    Ha. I know how to do this now. Thanks, @Channelknight Fadran!
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    צום קל, שיבנה בית המקדש במהרה בימינו
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    Me when I get back from having no internet service for 3 days and reading all the sample chapters
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    A little something for Pioneer Day here in Utah yesterday! Written with a Tactile Turn Gist in Birmingham Rose Overture.
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    Could you maybe check the Arcanum and Coppermind every now and then, while it is good that you are questioning things many of the answers can be found by searching them up or the character/object up on coppermind. The ones you can't find might not be on coppermind or we don't know and starting a topic about that can start some discussion and theorizing. Sorry if this seems passive aggressive I am just trying to point you towards some places that might hold the answers to your questions. I learnt lots about the cosmere by browsing them. https://coppermind.net/wiki/Coppermind:Welcome https://wob.coppermind.net/
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    Oh look I’m... something. A gerontarch? An arch of geronts? Well, in any case, I’ll be a savant soon, so I’ve got that to look forward to
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    I’m sorry for sooooo many status updates. I was learning how to draw cats and dogs and things got a little bit out of control as I was veeeeryyyy booooreeeeed.... I know. Now it looked as a huge mess, but I’m quite satisfied. (Some of them are actually quite nice for me.)
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    Hey, Dean! Happy, happier, happiest birthday!!!
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    Nobody go lighting any fires now, I’ll getcha.
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    Hey guys, you should all seriously consider joining the 17th Shard on Discord!
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    Every single time I see an account from 2012 in today's birthdays, I am extremely tempted to write "One of the Ancients has resurfaced" on their profile page.
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