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    Kelsier: I am the one thing you cannot kill. Lord Ruler: Oh my me…are you that stupid jingle that's been stuck in my head for the past 500 years? Kelsier: Lord Ruler: Kelsier: Kill me now, and I will never leave you alone.
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    2,222...woo? *rhymes*
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    I don't know if y'all know this, but I write poetry, so I figured I'd share one of my most recent works- Enjoy: A Remembrance of Youth Do you now remember the way it used to be? When we talked of the future, we saw infinity. A distant point we’d never see, But we were blinded by naivety Do you remember days and nights, beneath the vibrant sun? Time seemed to move so slowly, that it stood still for everyone. Months would pass like eons, a year would feel an age, Life felt an eternity, a book with no last page. But now days pass like seconds, the hours pass like grains of sand, And now we feel an urgency youth cannot understand. Do you ever think of things your youth would once recall, And find yourself unsure if they were ever real at all? What is it now within our lives that makes everything seem, A hazy recollection, or a memory of a dream? In youth, life was a corridor, our path was straight before, But now we’re standing at the end, and throw open the door. And finally you understand; this is that distant point. We walk on ground we cannot see, hoping we stay true, And every step you further take, youth seems a foolish view. And yet is it so foolish, to remember what’s behind? To search through dreamlike memories, seeking the truth we’ll find. Yes youth is behind us, a path we’ll not further tread, But know what is behind you, and you’ll know what lies ahead. Uncertainty is certain, as the curtain starts to rise, Upon the second act of that great play which is our lives Indeed there will be trouble, Toils, ails, and strife But if you’re seeking comfort, remember the beginning of life.
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    I'm writing my 2nd anniversary post a bit early because Saturday is Shabbat/Sabbath. Its been quite a ride being around here for two years. @AonEne, @Rebecca, @Archer, @Silva, @Toaster Retribution and others you have certainly made things interesting. Here is to another year gone and another year of games, theories, and other awesomeness to come!!
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    It’s my two year Shardiversary!!! It feels kinda weird having my two year, while most everyone else I know is having/recently had their one year.
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    So, everyone, I'm sadly going to girls' camp tomorrow and will be returning Thursday. This should not impact any roleplays or other things I'm involved in greatly except for V1 and Augury. V1 should be fine, but I apologize about Augury; if I have the chance I'll get on tomorrow and get out a post, if not I'll try to make kicking things off my first priority on Thor's Day when I get back.
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    Can you post here so I can upvote you out of spren level?
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    Greetings, everyone. Luna, Truthless, and Stick, all thought it would be a fun idea for me to draw how I picture some of you Sharders. It wouldn't be that intricate, but it;ll be fun. Anyone want me to do them?
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    I have an important announcement. Some of you may not be ready to handle the news I am about to give you, so to soften the blow, I've put it in the least frightening format possible. *deep breath* Here goes. (Don't say I didn't warn you...):
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    I have foregone the way of stick, in exchange for the leadership of The Furrets. All hail.
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    You know you're a Mistborn fan when... You buy a pewter watch, and make note of the metal it's made of (just in case).
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    https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Role_Play_(move) Best move.
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    Hi guys. I need some help. My current signature looks like this: I like it because it's unobtrusive and short. However, I have come to realize that it is also incredibly lackluster. So, I would like some feedback about how it could be improved. You've all seen the same sigs I have, what looks good to you? At this point, I'm pretty open to any and all suggestions about content, so if you have an idea for me, I would appreciate it if you'd comment below with it. I'm thinking of doing a full overhaul, so don't feel limited to the links and text I have now. As advance thanks for your assistance (and, because I'm sure you were expecting something more humerous than this when you responded to my summons) here's a random joke that you may peruse:
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    Concept: superhero setting where absolutely nobody cares about elections and politics because the government is far too stretched thin to enact new policies or change existing ones, and electing the president is largely just deciding which politician is going to be kidnapped by Captain Doomsday and held ransom for two hundred billion dollars. A few years back a whopping ten percent of the population showed up to the polls, but this all turned out to be part of a scheme by the nefarious villain Gerrymander and no one has bothered to so much as listen to a political podcast since then.
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    I got nine upvotes for this. I'm certainly not protesting, but someone explain.
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    Some Mistborn stuff I have at home.
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    Xino! You won the day yesterday for the first time! Congrats!
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    I find it sad that people are still visiting your profile even now, when it's been so long that you're probably never coming back. Why the heck does this months-long friendship affect us so much? Because of the mystery - the forever unanswered question of, "Where the Dusts did you go?" Because we still have hope that maybe, someday, we'll look at the Last Visited and it'll say something besides October 25, 2018? For some, it might be pure curiosity. Interest in this Sharder who legendarily went missing before their time. People follow you, too, even now. Wondering if you'll ever post again, wanting to be notified if you do. I find it sad as well that your rank will never change. No, you're not about to be married. Even though we turned it into a murder mystery and started the thread so many months later, you're not going to marry anyone. Location, drifting between insane and psychotic? I wonder if something happened to make you center on one side or the other. I hope not. I hope you're okay out there, not dead or crazy or hurt - though 'temporarily injured' might be better than 'fine, just never bothered to get on again because I got bored of you guys'. Sometimes I'm scared that that happened, or that it will happen with someone else. I believe the bonds I make here are just as important as normal ones. I wouldn't abandon the Shard unless I had no choice. I want to say you are the same way. Were the same way. But I've seen other people do it, so it's possible, as much as I wish it wasn't. You weren't here to see that I wasn't really in the DA or GBs, to see that I'm TUBA. You were never really involved in the Alleyverse, never especially loyal to the DA. I wonder if I could have convinced you to join TUBA. Another thing I wonder about is if it's mental health. I can understand that, if you just need to take a break. I still wish you'd tell us, but it's better than hurt or uncaring. If that's the case, I wonder if you read the parts of the Shard you can while logged out. I wonder if you notice the new roleplaying developments, if you knows Stars and Spheres exists, or Memories and Goodbyes - you were one of the main catalysts for that. If you read your page, these status updates as they're written. If you're reading this right now. Hi, Apollyon. We miss you, though I'm sure you've registered that by now. I just wish I knew what happened to you, regardless of the answer. I just wish it wasn't this not knowing, this unbearable, miserable hoping. I just wish I didn't have to wait without anything new. But it is. So I will. So we will, together.
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    So the other day something occurred to me. Don't you guys think they could make a really cool movie with Skyward? I hope that they don't unless it's under the right circumstances, because chances are whoever tries will just mess up the story and it won't be good: We don't need a repeat of Ender's Game. But still. I think it has so much potential. And honestly, that would be awesome.
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    Poll: would you be afraid of a supervillain if his "costume" was just a cardboard box he put over his head. If not, what if he's drawn a crude smiley face in marker on the front of the box. If not, what if there are no eye holes in the box because his powers allow him to perfectly sense everything within a mile radius of him without need for his other senses. If still not, what if he can choose to disintegrate anything around him into black dust at will. If still not, what if underneath his box he's actually a whirling, stirring mass of black dust in the rough shape of the human he once was before he disintegrated himself, now only clinging to life by sheer force of will and desire to crumble everything else in the world. If still not, please help me, because Box has been in my head all week and I'm scared.
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    Watching my Archive Of Our Own account like a hawk today because I have 665 total kudos and I need to be there if the number goes up by one.
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    This has to be the scariest thing I've ever seen.
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    I have evolved into a Gerontarch! The Purelake is MINE!!! Mwahahahahahahaha!!!! I shall have all of the fishes!!! All of them!!!
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    Me: I love Hamilton. It's written so beautifully, and it's so emotional... Charles Lee: I'm a general! WHEEEEE!!! Me: Sometimes.
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    Happy Birthday Butt!!! *hands bucket of confetti* Use it wisely.
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    My shardiversary is in ten days! What should I do?
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    Finally, after 3 amazing days of reading, I’ve finally finished the Reckoners!! I’ve delayed for a while now, but now I’ll get all of the obscure and random references to the books!!
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    It's not so much that I look at my old writing and cringe so much as I look at my old writing and wish I still had a quarter of the confidence to write such things without berating myself and deleting the word document.
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    I've nearly caught up with Calderis... excuse me HOW
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    Hm..right. So, I leave Tuesday morning and tomorrow I need to stop procrastinating and be productive with my time, meaning there isn't any other for sure time I'll be on the Shard for a while. Before that, though, I do need to get some things said for Alleyverse characters. Eiran and Freedom are taken care of. Eiran's doing some unspecified stuff to help and Freedom we're just going to say is wherever the most living citizens of Alleycity are. After most things are cleared up, Eiran is going to Newcago for a bit and Freedom is going to vanish. I'll figure out more explanation for both afterwards. Eve, however, is not at a vanishing point. Sorana, if you and Itiah could just treat her as an NPC, that would be great. Maybe she can even fall asleep. Whatever works best. I'm really sorry to leave her like this...there just wasn't any way that made sense with her character to have her leave. That should be it. I'll probably appear sometime tomorrow, but it's not a guarantee. If I don't, then, see you all in a month and I'll miss you!
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    Happy birthday Dapper!!! *sings happy birthday*
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    One thousand upvotes! Okay, this is insane, seriously. I've only been on the Shard since January! I don't know what to say, but thank you!!!!
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    OOHAY - When you remember someone is there and you're like 'oh hey'
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    Heeeey you're almost to 5,000! Don't forget like I did.
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    So today i realized my username for practically everything is Lord Ruler (legend) except for the one place where people will understand the reference. Not the sharpest tool in the shed
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    You know, the leaderboard has really gone downhill since I stopped being on it
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    Hey, thanks for following me!!
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    I have evolved into a Savant! *ties on blindfold and starts running into burning buildings* Only one short step left to becoming a Mistborn and ruler of the world!
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    I'm gonna be driving out of Mexico tommorow at four in the morning. I will proceed to spend the following two days at Universal Studios, and then another day driving. So I'm not sure how much I'll be on the 17th shard, unfortunately. I believe I'll have internet where I'm staying. But I'll spend a lot of the day out of the house. So you're just gonna have to deal with it if you're waiting for me.
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    "I (used to) curate the Alleyverse Wiki, which can be found here. Feel free to necro." "a mostly dead Nomic." "(Outdated) Era 2 Character" Your About Me seems really... gloomy.
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    You thought it was just Mantis Lords, But it was I! Sisters of Battle!
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