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    I have come to a realization. Now that I live at an altitude of over 6,000 feet, I can call many people "airsick lowlanders."
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I don't know you well, but hey, you deserve to be wished this. You do a ton for this site and the fandom, and I don't think anyone can dispute that!
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    Happy fourth of July! Goodnight.
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    I consulted a few people and came to a decision. I'm going to post again. We can't know how long it will be until the wedding, and it's already been forever, so that's that! I'm going on a posting frenzy!
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    "As hilarious as this is, I think I got my username in 2003. (13 year old me is dumb.)" - Chaos That's the year I was born. The age gap here scares me.
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    So... uhh... my shardic access is now extremely limited Me and my parents were talking last night and I told them about being a furry. We had a long talk, and they said they still loved me and everything, and everything is okay, but they decided to remove the news app (which is how I get to the shard in a very roundabout way) from my phone, which is how I shard most of the time. So... I won't be on very much, if at all. However, I still read everything in mail, which is mostly shard, so I'll be keeping up on everything. My temporary solution is to text bit what I want to say and have him copy/paste into all of the roleplays. It's not a perfect system, but it'll have to do. So that's why I'm going to be inactive. See ya all! Hopefully all goes back to normal soon...
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    So Kidpen wanted this, it’s 20 QUESTIONS FOR INK’S 1000th POST!!! rules: 1: game ends on 20 questions, answer, or by noon tomorrow MST. (For reference this is posted about 7pm ish) 2: i reserve the right to RAFO. 3: Y/N question format. and... uhh... that’s it.
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    Heeeeeey Everyone, Sorry about being gone so long again. I suck. Homework overwhelmed me. See below status update. I'll try not to let it happen again, but I don't control what homework I get OR my Internet access, so. Sorry.
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    So, I'm an Ookla now. This is going to be interesting
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    Are you properly confused yet?
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    This is about 21 days early, but otherwise I'm likely to forget to say anything. I'm going away for around a week and a half, not that long, though still an absence. I think I'll be back for Ookla season if nothing changes. Since this is otherwise extremely dry and honestly downright informative, enjoy a poor attempt at a joke that has no connection to anything: What's brown and sticky? And people? Try not to start another war this time ...
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    The other day I was looking at a friend of mine’s essay on Eric Clapton. It was a decent piece, with a strong message about his music changing people’s lives. I was enjoying it, right up until the very end. In the last paragraph, a sentence or two from the bottom, was the most horrifying sight I’ve ever seen. For context, up until then the text had all been in a nice, simple Calibri font. Easy to read, good for comprehension. But the second last sentence had obviously been cut-and-pasted into the document. It was in a different font. It was Times. New. Roman. I was enraged! Such sacrilegious fonts can not be permitted to roam the pages of a formal document. I had to do something. Luckily, my pen was close at hand. Even closer though was my crossbow. With the bellow of rage, I swung it towards the essay. Sighting the horrid sentence, I pulled the trigger, blasting the first few words to smithereens! Again I fired, taking out the middle. Shot after shot rained down upon the paper, like ants at a picnic. My eyes glazed over. The world turned red. I think I blacked out, because the next thing I knew I was waking up on the floor of my kitchen with a pounding headache and the taste of bile in my mouth. Unsteadily getting to my feet, I stumbled over to the table to see what I had done. It was glorious. The offending sentence had been mutilated beyond any recognition. In its place was a thick rip, filled with bolts. The only word that had even partially survived was at the very end, the word ‘defuse’. It’s last letter still hung on to the page, spared by fate from my rampage. I probably would have razed it too, but I was too weary at that point. So yeah. I shot the serif. But I didn’t shoot the defuse ‘e’. This is a work of fiction. Please don't actually do this. Your friends will be upset if you do. Always store you crossbow and ammunition separately. Any relation to persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All fonts are good, IRL I actually like me a good serif once and a while.
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    Um... hey guys! Spherelight here, ready to join the mess.
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    At four today, I saw my first Marvel movie! It was Black Panther, and is really good. So, yay! And I started reading The Great Hunt, and took a big test today in English!
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    Hey, Winter. Do you remember the Alleyverse? Would you have any interest in joining again?
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    Your stormlight card game remake is cool! I'll probably give it a try.
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    Your title doesn't make sense any more...
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    So, my two thousandth post is coming up, and.... I have no idea what to do with it. Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Happy night 1 of Chanukah @Ookla the ingenious, @Ooktapus The Fierce, @Nathrangking, and all the other Jews of Shard I don't know about!
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    Why do homework when you can eat bread?
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    Fabulous Ooklas, everyone! This year shall be profitable for hunting... However, the definitive winner of the Ookla Prize would have to be @Ookla the Poet Killer.
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    You have an excellent name/profile picture.
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    Is www.harbingeroftruth.com actually your stuff? Cause it's awesome!
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    I've officially finished catching up, minus most of The Last Post Wins because nope. Now I can get started on actually roleplaying!
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    Hey everyone! I’m not going to be on the Shard for the next 6-7 days, and if I am, my involvement will be limited. Just wanted to let everyone know in case there are RPs, roasts, or anything else. ~ Ash
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    Hey guys. I have three emotions inside me right now. (Well, three main ones, anyway. Apprehension is the first. If you had the number of things to catch up on that I do right now, you'd be freaking out too. The second is excitement. I'M BACK! The third is shame. I've been gone for over a week and a half. I've hindered the progress of AT LEAST one roleplay to at least a small degree, and I've missed a lot. There are certain obligations that worry me more than others, but all are important in whatever amount, and I wasn't here for them or you. I am so, so sorry. At least I can say I had reasons - I was under a lot of stress from TONS of schoolwork, getting rats on Friday, discovering that one rat must have been pregnant when we got her because surprise you have four rats for the price of two now, and then coming home today to find that the two-day-old babies are absent from the cage. No sign of em. Dead? Eaten by their mother? WHO KNOWS, but they're not there anymore, so that didn't last long. All that and more. So at least I wasn't gone for nothing. I just...I'm sorry. Now I'm going to go try and catch up, because I only have an hour tonight. Sigh.
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    I’m reaching my 1000th post pretty quickly, and I want to do it on my shardiversary, so I’m going to only be posting in certain threads. I’m still going to be reading longest thread, last post wins etc, but I’m just going to be posting in Game of Guilds, Bad Day, and other threads. So that’s why I’m going to be less active on the forum part. just a heads up for everyone.
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    Let's put it this way: I listen to a podcast called The Pen Addict. The tagline? "There are worse addictions, right?"
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    Yay! I hit 50 reputation. For some people that might not be much, but I've been a member for less than 2 months, so I'm fairly happy with that.
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    Good Morning World! I say, even though you never respond you heartless sphere.
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    Thanks mate. I appreciate it. Nice fish by the way.
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    And here he is in all his rage-filled glory. Honestly he is the moodiest child and I love him to death. Here's to a long and prosperous life, Kaladin. Or should I say "Kala-fin." Heh. Time to throw myself into a chasm.
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    Soon to be posting pictures/adventures of my new betta fish, Kaladin! Yes, he is just as moody, dramatic, and lovable as his namesake.
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    Profile picture by whomever created this piece of ART like hot dang. Let me know if y'all know who I can thank for blessing the internet with this.
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    SUPER SMASH BROTHERS ULTIMATE IS OUT AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, dunno why I put it as a status update but I'm hyped. my new name and profile pic are Galeem from the story mode. I haven't got the chance to play it yet but it'll be arriving in the mail sometime today and I JUST CAN'T WAIT COME TO ME NOW!!! Also, if anybody else has a Switch and you know your friend code (I sure don't know mine), and want to be my friend on the switch, pm me or put it here. if you want. no pressure though.
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    It’s time to vote for the winner of the Fourth Cosmere Character Roast Battle Tournament! https://goo.gl/forms/mQJ1ZydgQJtRTno52 Awesome job to @Herowannabe and @Paranoid King on their raps.
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    *looks at your profile pic* *chokes* I love it. Adorable little Christmas tree.
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    @Ookla the [your choice] @Nathrangking @Ooktapus The Fierce happy Chanukah y'all!
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    Hello! You haven't technically joined yet, but your account is still here!
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    Man walks into Azish clinic, says he's disillusioned with the world. He says the world is an empty place, with no interesting or original stories. Azish doctor says "Treatment is simple. Go see the great Worldsinger Pagliacci. He will make you feel better." The man bursts into tears. "But, doctor" He says, "I am Pagliacci."
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    @Nohadon, your old account it still around!
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    Now it’s time for the 3-month shardiversary!
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    Incoming 500th post... what to do? I've had multiple good ideas come up, not all of them from me.
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