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    Announcement Regarding my Retirement from the Alleyverse RP: This is the third variation of this post that I have written so far. Alas, I have not gotten any better at it. I was not sure where to post this. There was a chance that it would get buried in the Homeless PM if I put it there, so I decided putting it on my profile would be better. Besides, this really is a status update. I love the Alleyverse. The community has been kind to me. It has been both my pleasure and my honour to RP with all of you. However, it takes a lot of my time and energy to do everything that I do in the Alleyverse. I have come to realize that my lifestyle, the amount of time I spend reading, writing, and thinking about Alleyverse related stuff, is unsustainable. So, I have decided to retire. After Era Two ends, I will be severely limiting my involvement in the Alleyverse RP. As part of this, I will be stepping down from my position as RP leader, and forfeiting all titles and roles associated to my involvement in any Alleyverse guilds (namely TUBA). To make it easier on everyone, I have decided to do this process gradually. I am committed to helping the transition process into the next era go smoothly, so up until about a week after the era begins, I will maintain my regular presence in the Alleyverse, assisting with the compilation of the list, RPing with characters (of which I will have none in E3), and providing input and ideas on planning threads. Up until that point, it’s business as normal. It would be unfair of me to abandon you during what will surely be a busy time. But once everything is up and running, I will quietly slip out the back door. My biggest worry about following through with this plan was what would happen to the list. Thankfully, Ookla the Meeker (formerly known as Mraize) has volunteered to take on the job. In future, you can expect to see him responding to posts on the Character Thread. I am not leaving forever (so save your goodbyes!). In future, I intend to visit the Shard once a week, probably on weekends. You may still see me on the forums, participating in the longest thread or roast battles. Anything that I enjoy but does not require long-term commitment. To a limited extent, I will still participate in social PMs. TUBA’s rarely gets used for anything on-topic anyways. But once again, my presence will be sporadic. Alleyverse PMs I will likely mute and/or put on read. If you would like to contact me, the best way will be to DM me through discord. I have not decided how active I will be on there yet. Or, you could send me a PM and wait until the next time I am on. There is no need to make this into a big deal. But if anyone has any questions, requests, or comments, you are welcome to post them. I would be happy to clarify anything that I need to. Thank you for your time.
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    Kelsier: I am the one thing you cannot kill. Lord Ruler: Oh my me…are you that stupid jingle that's been stuck in my head for the past 500 years? Kelsier: Lord Ruler: Kelsier: Kill me now, and I will never leave you alone.
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    90 digits of pi! My sanity is now fully in question!
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    Sweet dreams are made of cheese Who am I to dis a Brie?
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    I'm feeling profound. Here's something someone I know said today: "My decisions are like onions, made of many different layers, and some people like them while others don't." It's pretty true if you think about it...
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    Rain is so weird (when not considering the science behind it). It's water, falling from the sky. You can't say that's not strange. It's great, but strange.
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    Well... Hi. I've been secluded in my own role play for long enough. I'm going to get slowly come back into the fourms, now. So... Hi, everybody! It's really weird posting this.
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    Completely slipped my mind yesterday, but yesterday was the one year marker of the Knights of the Cosmere. We are still an active role play (kinda), which is sayin a lot.
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    Regarding the reversed names: Its my fault. I'm officially announcing it, I did it first. I wasn't expecting all of this insanity. The way I did it is obviously the correct way, where you capitalize the letter at the beginning only.
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    Hey, I’m at 666 reputation! This is the job I’ve always wanted
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    So I had a dream a couple of nights ago where I had Ruby's semblance (superspeed) and @AxeliustheGreat was there, and somehow he could boost me with duralumin, and I was looking at him and grinning and saying "DURALUMIN SEMBLANCE" and being hyped. He rolled his eyes, which I must say is a spot-on Ax from what I know about him. For some reason, there were also these YouTubers I watch who were randomly there - this whole thing taking place on my street - who I left my phone with. I was scared I'd drop it or it'd get lost, I guess. It was a weird dream.
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    I’m nearing 1000 posts. I have 2 more to use for “Important” stuff. And I have no idea what to do... January 9th is the day I want to do it but.... ahhh I’ll think of something. Maybe drawing RP characters and making an Album? That idea I had a while ago, and just let it run itself? whatever the case, it’s happening, one way or another. BRAIN START STORMING BRAINSTORMING!!!!
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    The three great frustrations of life are unrequited love, realization that you will never impact the history of humanity in a meaningful manner, and people saying they liked your story on Archive Of Our Own without leaving a kudos.
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    From this day forward, I am on hiatus from the Shard for an indefinite period of time at the advent of Christmas Break. KotC who can contact me on Google Hangouts, please keep me up with the times on RP#2. We need that done by the end of the year! Good night to you all, it's been a pleasure to be here! I'll be back at some point, maybe within the next couple months!
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    Back in the earlier days of the Reckoners RP, I came up with a profile for an Epic with the self-explanatory name Writer's Block, a villain of the purest form and a true agent of chaos. Well, I think I've run into his just-as-evil-twin: Perfectionisto. He strikes writers with the uncontrollable compulsion to erase everything they've written that day and replace it with text that they will inevitably delete the following day. And let me tell you, I am really starting to hope the Reckoners get that guy.
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    Super Bowl LIII is coming up! Chiefs vs Saints... who are you rooting for?
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    "Who the heck is this guy and how does he have so many posts I've never seen?" -every person who joined the forum in the past year, seeing me on the front page.
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    Hang on a sec. You linked my sounds of silence parody as your current favorite parody? Thanks, man! I might take you up on your challenge to expand it. I actually like Silence, so I figured I'd have to rewrite the entire song to a more positive tone if I posted it in the musical thread.
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    Uh... looks like I missed out on a lot.
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    Everyone say it with me now: RENARIN DESERVES MORE SCREEN TIME
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    I just now deciphered your contact methods thing. Took me long enough.
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    It strikes me as very unfair that you joined over a month after me, and you not only won the day the day after joining, you also have 120 reputation, four followers, and hilarious contact methods. It's even worse when you consider that this is all completely earned, and it doesn't feel like you got anything unearned.
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    Words cannot express how much I love your username.
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    It just occurred to me that all my status updates are single, therefore trying to find a date by putting themselves out there. I am the greatest third wheel of all time.
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    Did you know your acronym, Itiah, is a palindrome for Haiti?
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    Ok, so I know why Eris, Mailnaise, and Kelsier'sGodComplex are following me, but where did you two come from, Xavier Iriarte (sick name) and Squallwing?
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    Thanks for following me fam, Renarin is great
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    Can I just say thank you to my two follows!
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    99 bottles of pop on the wall, 99 bottles of pop! You take one down, pass it around 98 bottles of pop on the wall. 98 bottles of pop on the wall 98 bottles of pop! you take one down pass it around 97 bottles of pop on the wall
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    Happy new year! (was almost late)
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    For those who are interested in seeing and commenting on my latest work head over to the creative corner and Unamed Story synopsis.
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    999 posts... the thousandth will be up soon.
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    This account is advertising spam? How a-bot that.
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    Hey this is my little sister! She's great, and new to the cosmere! Love ya, sis
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    You have successfully aged a year. Which brings you a year closer to... Death. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOPEN.
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    Oh, why are there only 24 hours in a day!? I need more time to cut down my "to read" list
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