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    2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? ARK *cheerleaderish screams*
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    Hey y'all I'm nearly as steel inquisitor
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    Hey. You know where my favorite place on the 17th shard is?
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    I was scrolling through Theoryland looking for some info on Lift and found this pretty funny WoB. Well, I thought it was funny. I'll share it anyway.
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    Hey Voidus! Happy birthday, because even Hemalurgy gods need their birthday wishes sometimes. *Gives Cookie*
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    https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Role_Play_(move) Best move.
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    Hallelujah, it's Christmas break!! Finally gonna be able to finish that reread of Mistborn!
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    I have evolved into an Enefel! Not too sure what that is. Something to do with Elantris and maybe Hoid?
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    My reliability in activity here has not been amazing as of late. Particularly in the allyverse and puzzlehunt. Firstly, I would like to apologize to those groups of people. I have been promising future activity for the past 5 months, and every time I am asked about it, I say it's not long now before I can start being active. I think I have come to the realization that my schedule doesnt allow for something as time intensive as the puzzlehunt, and I dont think I will be able to participate in it in future. For the Allyverse, I would still like to get involved, and will be attempting to do so, but when I do, I will probably not be able to participate in the way I wanted. I will likely need to resign from any titles or special positions I have. I also will probably not be able to do as much back and forth RP that is very common in the allyverse. It will likely be a paragraph or 2, and that's it for the day. For SE - I have been active with, and SE has been my number one priority on the Shars for a while. However, my activity will be falling off a bit over the next few months. I am sure once I get reused to working full time my activity will come back up, but as SE has started becoming a significant distraction at work, I will probably be taking measures to ensure it doesnt lower my productivity. Now, if you care as to why my activity will be dropping, it is in the spoiler below for length (though it may not be very long... idk yet) Well, I think that's a pretty decent summary of my life right now. Ultamately, if I wanted to do the absolute best thing for my future, I should leave the Shard to focus on what i say above... but currently, this is what I use to calm myself from the rest of life. I just need to not let this be as time consuming as it has been. Thank you all for reading! Furamirionind
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    Hi anyone who bothers to read this, I'm gonna be on a cruise ship sometime from in the afternoon of the more Western-US timezones (idk how this will work, I think we're crossing one?) to around nine or ten days later. I should still have WiFi, but if it cuts out unexpectedly, I will be a very sad Ene then that's something anyone talking with me at the time should be prepared for, I guess. Sorry in advance about that.
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    Oh yes.... oh YES... I can feel the POWER coursing through my veins... for I have finished. I have finished Arcabum Unbounded, and with it, MY KNOWLEDGE OF THE COSMERE IS COMPLETE. I NOW KNOW. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (imagine what happened when Thanos got all six infinity stones. now hundredfold it)
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    Hey, I'm a member of the Cobalt Guard! Wait... NOO!!
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    Batman is a wonderful story for making us ask deep philosophical questions such as "What are the difference's between a superhero, a vigilante, and Arkham Asylum's one-man volunteer security department?"
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    Hey, I'm a Hazekiller! Come at me, mistings!
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    I have evolved into a Kandra!!!! Woot!!! Now I can finally achieve my life long dream of becoming an animagus! Technically. Just a really slow one.
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    I am a Forescout! Good thing I'm not fire...
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    Apparently can access the shard from school o_O, maybe it's time to get back into SE...
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    Ah, back at the top. Sorry, Lunamor
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    You know, soap carving has got to be the dirtiest but cleanest thing I've ever done; my desk is covered with soap shavings but my hands smell like lemons.
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    Somehow, I'm back. The Shard isn't blocked for me now. This could change at any moment. Hello again, folks!
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    I am now a theological error!
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    I have evolved into a Surgebinder!!! *makes illusions* *grows plants* *falls upwards* *lights things on fire* *turns stuff into cake* *glues things together* *ground-skates* *fixes broken stuff* *makes ground liquid* *gets stuck in Cognitive Realm*
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    Is my reluctance to actually post in threads here due to the fact that I don't know most of the people on this website anymore or social anxiety and fear of interrupting what I see as a closed conversation? Nonproductive speculation on this & more in today's overthinking hours with Mistrunner
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    What I am about to write here has been brewing in my head for some time now, and while it may be controversial, I feel that I must put this out there: I hate fan entitlement. In fact I absolutely despise this idea that fans of any given thing "Deserve" any given thing (except of course things like, GRRM and Pat Rothfuss actually finishing their series sometime this century). For instance, using an example that may be dear to most of us here on the Shard: The Lost Metal, and Children of the Nameless. Brandon had mentioned several times wanting to write TLM during late 2018 (after Starsight). However, as we now are aware, this didn't happen- because Brandon had accepted an opportunity to write a novella for Magic: The Gathering. Post its release I began noticing reactions of disappointment that Brandon had written this instead of TLM (A reaction I marginally agree with). Disappointment is a perfectly valid reaction, and I have no problem with being disappointed in something. However, it was when these reactions became viscerally more extreme that I began to have a problem in this specific example. Phrases like "A betrayal of the fans" began to be thrown around, along with the implication that Brandon had committed some sort of cardinal sin in accepting an offer to write lore for something he loves. This is where I feel like disappointment becomes something infinitely more irrational; when we get to this point where we feel that Brandon pushing back a Mistborn book is some kind of denial of our birthright (hehe, see what I did there?) Now, I want TLM as much as the next fellow, but in no way is Brandon writing a Free novella some sort of slight against us. And this is not the only fandom I've seen this whining (it is what it is, no use sugarcoating it), and entitled accusations in. (Star Wars fandom, anyone?) I don't think it's OK, or even warranted to be throwing out these kinds of accusations. I mean at least our favorite author actually writes! Thank you for coming to my TED Rant, Disagree with me all you may, (Or ya know, agree), but my opinion on this matter is pretty much final. - Wyndlerunner
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    I have to say, I love your name
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    Umm... I think this is how you do a status update, but basically I was gone for a few days, but now I’m a gyorn!! Bow down to my religious iron fist!!
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    Your member title should be “the one who hath been mentioned*
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    Kinda wish this site had a "dark mode". Sometimes the white seems to bright to me, even though I have adjusted it.
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    I love that this just happens to me
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    I find this fitting
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    Nearly at 2000! Can someone plz get a screenshot for me if I can't do it myself
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    You, sir, are a genius. This cookie selling has worked well.
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    How'd you become an Arcanist in twenty posts?
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    [Yesterday] *reads news update on cosmere movies. Begins hyperventilating, and cannot speak in normal sentences for the rest of the day.*
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