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    So there’s something I really need to get off my chest. I originally didn’t bother correcting people on this because I honestly didn’t expect to fit in so well here and become so invested in this community. But eventually I didn’t correct people soon enough and things spiraled out of control and it would have been too awkward at that point to correct them. That wasn’t ok of me, and I am very sorry. What I’d like to say is that I’m female, always have been, always plan on being. Again, I’m extremely sorry I went so long without correcting this and will make sure to do so in the future.
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    I find it sad that people are still visiting your profile even now, when it's been so long that you're probably never coming back. Why the heck does this months-long friendship affect us so much? Because of the mystery - the forever unanswered question of, "Where the Dusts did you go?" Because we still have hope that maybe, someday, we'll look at the Last Visited and it'll say something besides October 25, 2018? For some, it might be pure curiosity. Interest in this Sharder who legendarily went missing before their time. People follow you, too, even now. Wondering if you'll ever post again, wanting to be notified if you do. I find it sad as well that your rank will never change. No, you're not about to be married. Even though we turned it into a murder mystery and started the thread so many months later, you're not going to marry anyone. Location, drifting between insane and psychotic? I wonder if something happened to make you center on one side or the other. I hope not. I hope you're okay out there, not dead or crazy or hurt - though 'temporarily injured' might be better than 'fine, just never bothered to get on again because I got bored of you guys'. Sometimes I'm scared that that happened, or that it will happen with someone else. I believe the bonds I make here are just as important as normal ones. I wouldn't abandon the Shard unless I had no choice. I want to say you are the same way. Were the same way. But I've seen other people do it, so it's possible, as much as I wish it wasn't. You weren't here to see that I wasn't really in the DA or GBs, to see that I'm TUBA. You were never really involved in the Alleyverse, never especially loyal to the DA. I wonder if I could have convinced you to join TUBA. Another thing I wonder about is if it's mental health. I can understand that, if you just need to take a break. I still wish you'd tell us, but it's better than hurt or uncaring. If that's the case, I wonder if you read the parts of the Shard you can while logged out. I wonder if you notice the new roleplaying developments, if you knows Stars and Spheres exists, or Memories and Goodbyes - you were one of the main catalysts for that. If you read your page, these status updates as they're written. If you're reading this right now. Hi, Apollyon. We miss you, though I'm sure you've registered that by now. I just wish I knew what happened to you, regardless of the answer. I just wish it wasn't this not knowing, this unbearable, miserable hoping. I just wish I didn't have to wait without anything new. But it is. So I will. So we will, together.
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    Warning: I'm about to go deep, so only read the contents of the spoiler if you think you can handle it. I needed to let out some steam, and this was as good a way as I could find. (It relates to what happened in Germany yesterday, if that influences your decision one way or the other.) On a more positive note, cookies for all. Nothing makes things better than cookies. Except maybe plain chocolate. It's pretty close.
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    I'm in a strangely (for me, I hope this is normal for you ) happy and bubbly move. So please join me in complimenting everyone! Everyone deserves to feel love, and you're all awesome!
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    So, I'm leaving to go on my mission tomorrow (October 9th) at around 12:00. However, I think I'll need to set up my phone so that it's a missionary phone, which I think involves setting up a missionary filter, which probably means I will have to stop Sharding before then. Anyways, thank you everyone for being such an awesome community, and thank you for all of your support for me and my memes. Goodbye, everyone. I'll be back in 2 years. *poof*
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    I made a birthday card for my mom... She called me a nerd.
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    Drawing with touchpads is starting to become less horrible. Sylphrena here might not look great and could probably use some cleaning up around the edges, but she resembles something beyond blobs. That's successful art by my definition.
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    Woohoo! 100 reputation! I am already king, but lord is good too! Cookie dough rocks! Men of RP's, of threads, My brothers, I see in your eyes the same upvotes that would make me proud, a day may come when 17th shard fais, an hour of wolves and of shattered sheilds when 17th shard comes crashing down. But it is not this day, this day we post! By all that we hold dear on this good forum, I bid thee stand! 17th sharders! There is my speech.
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    Here's some eyes for everyone. Notice, they're all different. And something funny I found. It's the weekend, laugh a little.
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    Hello Chaos. I don't know how well you know me, and I'm sorry if this annoys you, but I just want to say thank you for running this crazy, confusing, beautiful place that is the 17th shard. Thank you for creating shardcasts for us all to enjoy. And thank you for putting up with our crap. You're the best!
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    I’ve been here for a year! It's been great and I hope for many more.
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    Kelsier: I am Hope Dalinar: I am Unity Me: I am the Soprano Section! (courtesy of @I Don't Know)
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    I put a potato with a smiley face on my English teacher's desk of Friday. He out it in his pencil holder thing. It made my storming day. And yes, I brought a potato to school.
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    When you get around to posting the art that’s been sitting in your room for a year
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    I won’t be one much tomorrow, I have to go on a band trip to supervise the middle schoolers. And by that I mean that I have to stack their cases under the bus and not abuse my power. (The directors told them to listen to us high school helpers as if we were directors. Can I force them to read Sanderson?)
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    @Nathrangking @Blessed peace חג שמח! Hope you haven't had too much wind or rain. Let's see how messed up the Hebrew formatting gets this time...
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    Oh no. I'm a Stone Shaman. Guys, I think Szeth is gonna kill me. Oh no.
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    @Silva @Nathrangking and everybody else, sorry and gmar khatima tova
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    I have now reached the "depressed and binge-reading every melodramatic fan fiction in sight" phase of my annual life cycle. It is now a matter of sheer chance and environmental factors whether I remain in this state for the duration of the year or whether I emerge from it as a true Angst Author in my own right. Isn't nature fascinating?
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    The next highstorm will be tomorrow.
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    All right, everyone! Only four more days until Inktober! This is the first time I'm doing this, 'cause this is the first October that my art is actually worth posting! Yay hard work! (and lots and lots of time spent procrastinating... ) So, for any of you that don't know what it is, Inktober is a little challenge where you have a prompt for each day of the month and then you draw something in ink based on that prompt. Me being the CBST/Fallen enthusiast that I am will obviously have each and every drawing related to one of the two RP's. I've already planned out all my drawings. I was a little hesitant to do this at first, 'cause I knew it would be hard to pump out a drawing every single day and in a new medium that I've never done before but one of my friends convinced me to do it, so here we are! I am curious as to how you would like me to post my stuff. I could make a thread for all my art, or I could post them to the Gallery when I finish them. I think I'll do the former (and if so, does anyone know where I would put that thread?) but I wanna see what you guys think.
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    Well... I have over fifty followers now... Um... *shrinks back into the shadows* Anyways. Thank you guys so much! I love this place, and can easily call many people on here friends. The Knights of the Cosmere are a bit like a family to me now, and i don't know what i would do without such a great group of people like all of you. May Honor be with you, Tesh (It's been a long time since I've ended something like that)...
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    Hey, I'm a stonewarden! Beware, for a highstorm comes!
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    Thought I would just give everyone a quick update, so... Hello everyone! I'm alive. Life's kinda crazy right now, but you know how it goes. *shrugs* Everything's been pretty great recently. Super happy, which is always good. Hope everyone else is doing well! Reading something good, enjoying life, etc etc. Because I needed an excuse to actually post this, I'm just going to ask a quick question: what's a song that's stuck in your head right now?
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    We'll miss you Mac. But to quote your about me: Pippin Took Someone watching a sharder leave: I didn't think it would end this way. Gandalf the White Me: End? No, the journey doesn't end here. Leaving the shard is just another path. One that we all may take. The white blue home page of this website shuts off, and all turns to black glass... then you see it! Pippin Took Someone watching a sharder leave: What? Mac? See what? Gandalf the White Me: New hobbies... and beyond. Different friends, and another start. Pippin Took Someone watching a sharder leave: Well, that isn't so bad. Gandalf the White Me: [smiles] No... no, it isn't.
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    *laughs maniacally* I’m now a Torturer of Heralds! Anybody got a spare Herald I can use?
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    "Brandon Sanderson brings people together"- my Roomate
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    The feel when you see a review on Amazon that cites both Skyward and Oathbringer as "Trash"
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    I passed FeatherWriter!! Didn't she have a cult or something back in the day of Queen Elsa Steelheart and Twi?
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    Yes! I’m a soulcaster now. *trys to soulcast more reputation* *nothing happens* *chucks gemstones across the room*
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    I accidentally unfollowed all of you. Oops. So I re followed everyone.
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    *looks at About Me* *is disappointed with self*
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    Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Cryptics, Patterns, true lies, mmmmmmmmmmmmm. No Mating...... (I'm a Cryptic! Yay!)
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    I've completed my first Inktober drawing! I'll post it in Creator's Corner.
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    Ookla the ingenious, @Ooktapus The Fierce, @Silva and other jewish sharders a shana tova to you. May this coming year be better than that which has come and gone!
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    So you decided to compliment a bunch of people through status updates, did you? WELL GUESS WHAT SNEAK ATTACK you’re awesome too.
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    Hey Lith. I know we haven't really interacted that much, and most of that was through Ax. A bit in Reckoners, but I was never active over there. The only other thing was the Of Gods and Men, and I haven't been there for who knows how long. But I'm glad that you're DMing for us. Because you're great, to be frank. You're kind and funny and thoughtful. You make people laugh. You think things through, you do your best to accommodate people. Thanks man.
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    Why do you think that it is less? We have seen her grow trees and heal large groups of people and slide around for hours.
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    I'm officially boycotting the Alleyverse PM
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