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    Everything we know about RoW... Here are a few things you didn't mention: Navani was the most enjoyable for him to write recently (Nov. 26) There is a scene where Dalinar is being flown to a different part of the world by non-Kaladin Windrunners Jasnah has a couple viewpoints - (transcribed below) Rysn will not be a main character, but will have an interlude Group 2 climax is in Part 4, Group 3 climax is near the epilogue, and Group 1 climax is in the normal spot Scientist that was in Warbreaker will be in RoW, talking about some things he got wrong There wasn't room for Rock's narrative that would have been in his novella in RoW Brandon chose Bulgarian cover art that depicts Shallan and Adolin in Shadesmar The author of in-world Rhythm of War is not human There is a character moment in RoW that Brandon had planned from from the beginning as one of the two or three pillar scenes of the entire series, a moment like which we will not get again until SA 7 or 8
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    I'm genuinely intrigued by some of the changes made to Mistborn, It'll be weird that Shan isn't an Elariel, but honestly I can deal with that.
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    Looking at the original source, I think Brandon's phrasing is ambiguous enough that it could be either way. I.e. "this character only has one viewpoint in part 4 but has more in other parts" or "this character only has one viewpoint in the book which is in part 4". I don't think it is fair to call it a "glaring misquotation" as it is a reasonable, if potentially incorrect, interpretation.
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    Ugh, I’m just going to blame Arcanum for not tagging things properly since that’s what I mainly relied on to find things that didn’t mention Rhythm off War in the WoB.
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    I don't think the worldhopping kandra has been identified?
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    We're going to see novella progress bars during the Kickstarter. It's literally going to be the next thing Brandon works on. I'm not too worried about that. And if we don't get novella progress bars during the Kickstarter, yeah, that'd be bad, for sure.
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    I think it's pretty unfair to compare the leatherbound Kickstarter to Kickstarters not managed by Dragonsteel directly. Brandon has always been very consistent in his Stormlight plans and books, and knows it would be his top priority. Maybe the book you wanted, sure, but again, he's always executed Stormlight solidly. I think this is pretty unnecessarily harsh. Lost Metal will be one of the things right after Stormlight 4, and it's in the very near future. Seems good to me. Sure, if the novella fails, then I'm right there with you complaining about it, but I think your comment is much harsher than I'd put it.
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    Lost Metal has been a year away for five years now. I'll wait until a progress bar pops up before getting my hopes up. Lost Metal has become the new Warbreaker and Elantris sequels; always just on the horizon, but never quite the right time to do it, apparently. Brandon has a good sense of how long it takes to write a book once he starts working on it, but his future project list changes about once a month. Since Stormlight is almost over, I expect he knows what's going to come next; Skyward 3 is my guess, since he has to keep both his publishers happy and Tor just got a big ol' book. But after Skyward 3... who knows. Maybe he'll take longer than expected on it, and "need" to go straight to Skyward 4. Maybe one of his other side projects, like Dark One (with its big TV show just around the corner) or the Mistborn screenplay (which nobody will buy) or Apocalypse Guard (which he's figured out for sure this time) or new audiobook content for finished series (since everyone's been clamoring for more Legion and Reckoners) or Adamant or Silence Divine or who knows what other Secret Project jump up on the priority list and bump everything else out. Incidentally, this pattern also has me concerned about the Stormlight novella for the leatherbound Kickstarter. The other Cosmere Kickstarter projects haven't come close to keeping their timetables, because they offered products that had yet to be developed and the creators haven't been able to hold to those production timelines. The House War expansion will be three years late on what was supposed to a be a 1-year wait, but at least it's being manufactured right now. I've flat-out written off the $50 I spent on the Stormlight art book from the Kaladin soundtrack, since they're back to square 1 on that again. I was expecting an Kickstarter done by Dragonsteel would be more professional and not have those issues, but here we are, about to pay for a novella that hasn't been written yet by an author who has not demonstrated he can write a given book in a timely manner. Yes, he's always publishing something, but often it's not what he had planned to publish a year before. When he finishes a book, next he writes whatever he's passionate about writing at that moment. When he's shared plans before on social media or in States of the Sanderson, it's always been informal, so there's nothing wrong about breaking that "promise." But once we give him our money, he will actually be making a real promise to write this novella; we'd better hope we get lucky and he gets passionate about the novella in the middle of other Stormlight work. Before the replies come in, of course Brandon is allowed to write what he wants to write. When he says "here's what I'm gonna write," I have not said "he should write this instead." What I am saying is: "I doubt that. Fans, don't count your chickens until he's started writing them."
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    They ARE rather short novels... Three months to write, three months to revise, three to six months to get it from there to boookshelves? Seems possible. Not sure how long previous Era 2 books have taken to write.
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    So awesome! Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait for the Lost Metal!
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    Let's try to get that stuff that's not on Arcanum into Arcanum, @ChickenLiberty. Want to help with that?
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    Have you read the prose version? It's a whole lot better. Definitely better than the GN.
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    I’m not sure how I feel about the changes to Shan. I liked how in the book Vin became obsessed with Elend, when she was supposed to be focused on other things. I do approve of Ham being a woman though. He is a good character to change for that role, and I think it makes a lot of sense.
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    I give it four hours until it's fully funded, all stretch goals unlocked.
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    Great review! I felt the same about Dark One. It reminded me a lot of how I feel when reading a Stormlight book, in the sense that it felt almost too long at times, and while I couldn't get through it fast enough (in the best way possible - usually the faster I read something, the more I like it), I didn't want it to end. Paul was a character unlike any Sanderson has created so far, and I'm both curious and scared to see how far he'll go to change the Narrative now. I'm still not sure I trust his sister, even after everything. And the kingdom of the Light have some shady stuff going on now...pun intended. Overall this was a major win for Sanderson in terms of quality. Now if only we can get more people to read it...
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    Fingers crossed he’ll actually get through Lost Metal! I’ve been waiting for that for years.
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    My money's on this being Rlain, personally. He seems like he has a lot of potential, but we haven't seen a lot from him so far. Plus, it fits with the whole Parshendi focus of the book.
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    You might want to go check your source on this; as it stands, it's a glaring misquotation.
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    That may be, but it's the only way to purchase the superior (numbered) copy of The Way of Kings. The novelty collectors, you're right, are rewarded heavily for being in on the kickstarter. My only point is that the rare book collectors (I think the true audience of a kickstarter for a limited edition book) are somewhat forgotten.
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    (Since the quoting system is bugging out) In response to Argent's above comment: "Are you upset Dragonsteel isn't making as much money out of numbered copies as they could be? I've always liked the fact that Brandon doesn't bump the price just because a given book has a number written on it, that's always seemed like an artificial way to create scarcity and drive people to buy stuff at a higher price, when said stuff doesn't actually cost more to produce." Not at all. I'm disappointed that the limited edition looks and is functionally no different from the copies that will be sold indefinitely. The beauty of a luxury edition in many people's eyes is its ability to go up in value, but when more are constantly being made and sold that are functionally and aesthetically identical, yours (that you paid $300 dollars more for than the later retail copies) will always be lassoed to the retail price because it's only differentiated by a number (If the numbered were a different color, that might even be sufficient to create a sort of first-edition for collectors, but that's not the case here). So, I guess what I dislike is exactly what you seem to think they're not doing, that Dragonsteel or whomever is bumping the price by $300, "just because a given book has a number written on it... [as] an artificial way to create scarcity and drive people to buy stuff at a higher price, when said stuff doesn't actually cost more to produce." All the stickers and pins and such aside, the book collectors who care to buy the superior copy are rewarded very little for over twice the cost (see Subterranean Press, Grim Oak Press, lettered vs numbered editions).
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    Are you upset Dragonsteel isn't making as much money out of numbered copies as they could be? I've always liked the fact that Brandon doesn't bump the price just because a given book has a number written on it, that's always seemed like an artificial way to create scarcity and drive people to buy stuff at a higher price, when said stuff doesn't actually cost more to produce.
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    @GoWibble Agreed! Actually hoping to put together a more elaborated article on reading order soon... @Iarwainiel Yep! Thanks for the catch. Added the link.
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    The upvotes are back!
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    Under the heading Reading Order, is there supposed to be a hyperlink in the phrase, " For an interactive reading guide, see this page."? Maybe something got missed? (Just trying to be helpful.)
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    For reading order, I would also suggest Sixth of the Dust before Oathbringer and Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell before the Bands of Mourning
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    I will say that Brandon has long regretted not making Ham a woman. I think it'll be okay and he'll keep the essence of those characters.
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    The changes he's proposing aren't necessarily mutually exclusive with Vin pursuing Elend despite her true mission. In the proposed version she's supposed to be focusing on influencing Shan to take actions that will further the crew's plans and romancing Elend would risk alienating Shan.
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    The oaths have issues, the idea that the order primarily responsible for law has personal oaths is a problem. For example here is the third ideal according to the Coppermind: "a specific oath to dedicate oneself to a greater truth, either a code or, sometimes, a person." Not only this isn't particularly relevant for what the order does, it in fact contradicts it ("a government of laws, not of men"). This is not fixed by replacing the person you dedicate yourself to from Nale to Dalinar. Then there is a broader issue that Brandon is confusing justice with law ... I think the two are interchangeable, ingenuity has the benefit of being nearly confirmed as a shard by Brandon a while back. And let's not forget that Lightweavers can soulcast as well.
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    Great looking books and I love that Sanderson self publishes his special editions. I only wish he did more to separate the $500 numbered / First Edition/ First Print copies from the unnumbered, later print copies that seem to be limitless, because that's a steep incline in price for an exponential print run; and not being able to tell them apart easily is the only thing keeping his books from becoming commodities in the collectible world. That's not to say I'm not excited (I've been googling "Way of Kings kickstarter" for a month), it's just somewhat disappointing that Dragonsteel still hasn't figured out how to put value into a limited edition. And by that, I mean: what is my incentive to pay $500 for a book that is functionally and aesthetically equal to both the copies selling for $200 and to the copies that are going to be sold for $150-200 for a seemingly indefinite time on his store (assuming this release will be treated the same as other Dragonsteel releases)? There's a reason why the $75 Subterranean Press Lies of Locke Lamora (a far less famous author) are selling for $600+, while Sanderson Dragonsteel books are sitting right around their original sale price, and that reason is not just the scarcity created by a numbered book (if that were all it took, Dragonsteel books wouldn't have the resale problems they do), but differentiation of that numbered book from the unnumbered, unlimited editions.
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    Sanderson has since commented on the DO stuff. If I'm interpreting Sanderson correctly (it was late last night and I was tired), Historic Prophecies looks like it's the graphic novel but in book form while Forgotten seems to be what the podcast idea turned into/is.
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    Edit: Never mind, I thought the dramatised audios were new because they had a recent release date, but they're not.
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    One of the best Shardcasts you've done so far! The Windrunner vs. Elsecaller genocide debate was epic! I took the quiz 3 times. Consensus is Edgedancer with Truthwatcher as a very close second. Makes sense...I was a scientist for a while (PhD in Biochem), but left the research world to be a statistician with a health care company to have a more direct impact on helping people. Applied science for the common good rather than pure science.
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    The issues with excluded middle (or proof by contradiction, they're logically equivalent) are that : 1) They are often used to show that an object exists without ever describing it (just saying that it exists because it cannot not exist). This is an issue when you want to use the object. It can be especially annoying for (fundamental) computer sciencist. I won't go into details, but you can show that programming and proving are the same thing. Thus, using the contradiction to prove something is like telling that "there is a program that solves your problem, because it cannot not exists. But I haven't the faintest clue about what it looks like". 2) Many, many proofs using contradiction can be rewritten without it. Sometimes it's painfull, somestimes it's not. But using contradiction makes us not even consider the possibility that we could do it, and as I've said in 1) a proof not using the contradiction is often a much more usefull (and informative) proof. Well, one could argue that math were made to describe the universe, so it's only logical that the universe can be expressed in math terms. On the other hand, if you consided maths to be the propostions that logically derives from a set of axioms, then maths is very little knowledge : you "know" that those axioms leads to those properties, but that's no knowledge at all regarding our reality. It's just formal logics. (But that's a debate regarding what is truth, not so much about maths ^^) Well... we are peer-reviewing maths articles, and that's for a reason . The issue with formal proof is that it allows only for very small "steps" in a proof (if masochist curious, you can google first order logic). In almost every proof you've written in your life, you skipped or merged many of those steps. And that's the right thing to do (if you want to write every small steps, you use a proof assistant like Coq, so that the machine can check you proof - because almost no human will like such a proof) ! But it can also lead to some proofs we thougt were right being discovered wrong many years later - that's what happened to the four colors theorem for exemple : in 1859, Kempe thougt he had a correct proof, it was considered as such during ten years, and then proven wrong by someone else. (Yeah, I'm kind of a math addict ^^)
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    Probably only Tier 4 will have a limit.
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    Fun episode. Regarding the excitement about getting to see a Lightweaver that is stage presentation oriented as opposed to visual arts oriented: <cough>Hoid<cough>. I suppose one might argue that he wasn't yet technically a Lightweaver during the grand tellings of Fleet, or Wandersail, or The Girl Who Looked Up, but does the spren actualize the Radiant or does the Radiant actualize the spren?
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    Im not sure how kickstarter works yet, but is there a limit on how many backers they'll be taking for tier 3? Or they'll be taking as many as possible until it ends by august 7? Thanks.
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    Haven’t decided on T3 or T4 but I’ll definitely be getting this!
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    i'm going to pretend I understood that
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    Alarm set, going for T4... Because I tied for both the Elsecaller and Windrunner orders on the quiz (58% on both) and the only reasonable solution is to get both orders .....and every other to be sure I have all the relevant goodies. #Windcaller what a awesome order name!
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    *deletes Tinder account in favour of a Coppermind one*
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    I just watched Shardcast on YouTube, and followed the link to this article. I was all ready to correct the biology (I'm a biology teacher by training), but ... well, LadyLameness is actually an expert and there was nothing to correct. Nice job. I do feel obligated to point out that since transfused leukocytes are not only useless to the recipient, but actively damaging in some cases (as our esteemed author says), they're generally removed in a process called "leukodepletion." I used to work for the company that invented leukocyte depleting filters for transfused blood. Also, consider that Shallan was actually a Radiant when she cut herself open and started to bleed out. She didn't remember it consciously, but she had manifested her Blade years before. Even if the Soulcast blood harmed her, she might have been able to heal herself with Stormlight without realizing it, just as Kaladin and Dalinar both did.
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    This is a phenomenon that reappears in every Surge's applications. I've gone into some of them in this thread. To melt stone and make a staircase like the Aharietiam Stoneward did in OB, you need to fundamentally alter the coefficients of molecular bonding between all molecules in an specified area, apply energy balance effects to maintain system temperature, and then generate an infinitely complex field of forces to act on each molecule individually to shape your object's boundary. Even a relatively straightforward force-manipulating Surge like Gravitation has its funkiness: the "half-lashing" leaving you weightless and the way the Reverse Lashings work imply changing the direction of existing gravitational forces; but nothing's shooting off into space due to the rotation of the planet, so the magic's math is always balancing that out. And there's the "spiritual link to the ground" mentioned in the Ars Arcanum as a fuzzy explanation of what exactly is affected and why. Rosharan magic is fundamentally more complex than many of Brandon's magic systems. It's the idea of "causes" vs "effects." Allomancy from Mistborn is an excellent example of "causes" - a narrowly specified magical phenomenon which can be applied in different ways. Steelpushing may be tough to sort out, but at the end of the day, it's the addition of an new force within the existing system of kinematics. Surgebinding is an "effect" - it's going to accomplish something particular, as it is defined, and anything that stands in its way is going to be accounted for in the background. TVTropes even has a page for this concept: Required Secondary Powers. Brandon hangs a lampshade on all of this with Surges being based in perception, not just in-universe fundamental physics: Mistborn's magic systems are like Microsoft Excel. You get your library of functions, and you can use them individually or in combination to build your nice spreadsheet. But you need to know how all of Excel's functions work to use them. Allomancy has steelpushing, Feruchemy has weight-changing; they're both handy individually, but put them together, and there you go, you've got tricks built up from these building blocks. Stormlight's magic systems are like Facebook. You can upload pictures, create groups, etc.; but you don't need to know how Facebook is coded or how its databases work. There's a user interface that has been built into the website that lets you accomplish what you need to. Surgebinding's "user interface" was, first and foremost, developed by the author; there must be an in-universe mechanism for accomplish it, presumably from the magic's Shard, but the concept is required by the kind of magic Brandon wants to put in his books. I wouldn't say Stormlight's magic is necessarily limited by this contrast. Dalinar, especially, has been doing... browser extensions, I guess? I don't know how to continue the analogy. There are ways to break the system, but the existence of the system itself means that you can do biology-related effects without being a molecular biologist, or gravity-related effects without being a quantum physicist.
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