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    I haven't even finished listening to this podcast and I've already been inspired to create this meme, thanks guys!
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    Guys another awesome and amazing podcast! Can I say that I love Dalinar and his family!? Adolin and Renarin's relationship really just plucks my heartstrings! My first read through of Way of Kings, my impression of Dalinar and his sons were that they have been close for a very long time. I didn't realize until one of you mentioned that Dalinar really only started to be a "father" since Cultivation pruning. I always felt bad for Evi, but I think she is/was a strong woman and I think that she is what Dalinar needed to grow, unfortunately she didn't deserve the treatment she got from Dalinar or Alethi society. I think that through Evi and the Kholins, Alethi familial society will change for the better. You can already see how close the Kholins are compared to any other Highprinces families. I believe even Shallan makes a comment on how she feels as if she is intruding of their family dynamic. I have a feeling that Renarin already knows what has happened to his mother by now and I also have a feeling that if Dalinar is taking the time to write and publish Oathbringer, that he would've told Adolin the fate of his mother in person. That isn't something that you wouldn't not tell your son. I know Dalinar can be a little emotionally stunted at times, but I think he would tell Adolin. I, ultimately, think that their relationship will grow stronger. They really can't afford not too. Dalinar is head of Knights Radiant; Adolin is married to a Radiant, and Renarin is one. So, they will be spending a lot of time together. Not to mention, the end of the world is at hand and I really think they have a deep love for each other. I have to say for all of Dalinar's faults, he must've shown what we are seeing in Dalinar now, as his family respect him and even love him and I can't imagine that this love just appeared after Cultivation's pruning. I think this Dalinar we see now is what he has always been, it was just hidden under his warmongering persona, which I believe is not totally his fault. Alethi society and the Thrill and probably Odium are partly to blame. It makes me wonder if Cultivation made sure Evi was sent into Dalinar's path, perhaps she could see how good Evi was for Dalinar in the long run? This is not to say that I at all excuse his past behaviors, I was simultaneously disgusted and fascinated by his past behavior. Anyways, yes, Evi is an amazingly strong woman that past Dalinar never deserved; she raised two strong men who will help change Alethi society for the better and helped their father become a better, more honorable man. And get those Alethi men to read (seriously, I dunno what I would do if I couldn't READ!!!!!) Dalinar Kholin and his family are the best! I can't wait to see Dalinar interacting with little Gavinor and of course more Adolin and Renarin povs! Yes Brandon, do it! Thanks guys, your the best and still the only podcast I listen to regularly!
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    First time listening to one of these podcasts and man now I wish I had started sooner! I think I was smiling and grinning almost throughout the whole thing while also working on some art stuff on photoshop (which crashed at the 43min mark I think...) I have to say I absolutely love all of your enthusiasm and the way you discuss the books. I have barely anyone irl to talk with about the Cosmere (though I'm working on getting two of my friends to read the books!) so 17th Shard is my place to relax after work now~ And to think I have so many shardcasts to go through makes me happy. I wholeheartedly agree on Renarin and how adorable the scene was where Jasnah tells him they'll find a way to get through it all. Reminded me of how my aunt let me know about my asperger's symptoms and how it's alright to be a bit different. I really hope we'll get some (=a lot of) Renarin's point of view in the next book! And more Adolin. And Kholins in general. About Adolin's friendships, I think he's becoming closer friends with Kaladin, slowly but still. And I think it'll be a good thing for both of them. I should've gone to sleep already... But I wanted to write this comment out now right after listening to the shardcast instead of waiting till tomorrow (when I probably wouldn't post it anymore). Who needs sleep when there is the whole cosmere to discuss! (Oh also, I think my mind was slightly blown when I heard you all pronounce the names of the characters. So far I've been reading the books and pronounced the names in my head like I would if reading in my own language so for a moment I didn't realise you were talking about Shallan at all:'D Most of the names were similar, but very eyeopening and interesting anyway!)
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    OMG the voices, lol! I really agreed with Shannon about Dalinar. I never understood the people that were upset over Dalinar's flashbacks. Everyone said he was a terrifying warrior and would pretty much stop at nothing. Suddenly it's shown and people think, "Woah, not cool!"? I didn't get it. It's a bad comparison, but reminded me of when the NFL didn't suspend Ray Rice over knocking out his fiancee until the video surfaced. Suddenly it's not ok because you saw him punch her? What did you expect?
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    Okay. Just have to say I am excited because I got both WtCCs before they did. And that never happens. But in all seriousness, another excellent episode. The Dalinar Kholin family is my favorite. I love them all. Following up from last time, Evi is the best. I am super grateful for her influence on all of them, but she deserved better for herself. I loved how you pointed out how Alethi society shaped them as a family. I actually think a podcast on Alethi culture and the Vorin church would be interesting. I also liked everything you said about their relationships with each other. And everything about Renarin. So basically I loved the whole thing.
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    Thanks. I posted on YouTube but realised my account name isn't my 17S name. I was generally sharing my thoughts on what was said. I feel I've fallen down the rabbit hole in joining the forum and watching the shardcast but I'm loving it.
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    I really loved listening to the shardcast. Stumbled across it yesterday after searching YouTube for podcasts ok on shards. Is it preferred to comment in the shardcast here or on YouTube?
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    It is heart-breaking that Evi died so young after a miserable life. But I am still holding out hope for some happy moments with her boys during Renarin's flash-backs. Seeing her through his eyes is one of the (many) things I am looking forward to in that book.
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    Precisely! I think we'll be fine once we get to Era 3. Mistborn and Stormlight are the most important series, it's getting there that might be somewhat painful.
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    Quick FYI: We already have seen another Truthwatcher: The Stump. That's how Jasnah determined that Renarin's spren had been corrupted.
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    @Onslaught Either's fine! I think we get more comments on youtube but more discussion on here, so take your pick! We read them all!
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    That's what I was saying I didn't remember the name of the first narrator so I just said he. "He really nailed the balance of overflowing positivity and creepiness. But Lightsong ... oh boy. Surf's up dude!!"
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