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    I think there's a whole book about what Raoden would do...
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    For those interested (and to aid the discussion/theorizing) I re-listened and wrote up a quick quick transcription from around 6:40 minute of the video: This is the Venli/Eshonai book, right? But really it’s the Venli/Eshonai flashbacks, and the main book is focusing a lot more on another character. This just naturally happened during the writing process. There’s another character that ended up taking a lot of the time. It’s not a person who has a flashback sequence in the books. So, you can theorize on who that would be. It’s somebody who does not have a flashback sequence. So it’s not Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Szeth, Eshonai. But really it’s this character’s book mixed with flashbacks for Venli/Eshonai. … It really turned into this character’s book, a lot more than I was expecting. It was one of those happy accidents where I really liked how it turned out. But fans who go into this expecting something that’s as much Veni’s or Eshonai’s book as the last book was Dalinar’s book are probably going to be disappointed because it’s more of a split between these two characters. These three really. Venli and Eshonai in the flashbacks and then someone else in the present. … Hardcore fans, expect another character to really be the focus of this book.
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    There is a certain... symmetry in the ending of OB, that might also be relevant. See, on one side, we have Dalinar having his big moment in rejecting Odium. Then, he goes to Nergaoul and captures it in the Honor's Drop, a perfect gem. The end result is that Dalinar's side now has a gem in which a powerful spren of Odium is trapped, and one which softly glows with Voidlight. Dalinar asks Navani to study it. On the other side, Moash hunts down Jezrein. He stabs him with a special knife given to him by the Singers, and this breaks Jezrein's cycle of rebirth by capturing his "soul" in a gem at the end of the knife. That gem gains a soft glow. The end result is that Odium's side gets a gem in which a powerful "spren" of Honor is trapped, and one which softly glows with Stormlight. We don't know what they're gonna do with it, but suffice it to say that the Fused probably have plans. It is also interesting that Odium and/or the Fused go after Jezrein's soul only after Nergaoul is captured by Dalinar.
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    We’ve (somewhat) recently received the first of our official information about Rhythm of War. Here’s the publisher’s summary, from Amazon: An arms race was not what I’d been expecting, for sure. It caught me a little by surprise; had this been foreshadowed at all? We’ve seen bits and pieces of human advancement with fabrial science, but it seemed like the Fused worked with different tools entirely. (Thunderclasts vs Shardbearers, Fused vs Radiants, Voidlight vs Stormlight, Unmade vs... well, there’s no real analogue on the human’s side that I can see.) So what’s this arms race going to look like? After thinking a little more about it, I decided that there must be some hints in the first few books about the Fused side of the fabrial arms race. That’s just how Brandon rolls. So, what were they up to in Oathbringer that might be a portent of this? And there is one big mystery to their actions: the collection of Shardblades and Shardplate. They track down Eshonai’s body, they steal them from Moash and Graves. Perhaps they’re behind the request from the Iriali to recover Adolin’s Shardplate; now that Iri has aligned with the Fused, there may be more to this request than meets the eye. But we don’t see anyone using them in battle. The Fused wouldn’t be able to use the Plate; it would interfere with their magic. But we don’t see any of them using Blades, either. How does that tie in with fabrials? As I listed above, the Fused and the humans don’t simply copy each other; they have competing advancements. The Red Queen hypothesis, so to speak. Every Desolation, each side needs to come up with new tools and tactics to stay ahead of the other side’s tricks. This go-around, the Fused already unleashed the Everstorm. We’ve seen our hints of the Coalition developing more advanced fabrials, like flying ships (from one of the OB artwork pages). How are the Fused going to counter? I think they are going to make fabrials out of Shardblades and Shardplate. The essence of fabrial science is through trapping spren. We know that Shardblades are spren, and we have some pretty strong hints that Shardplate comes from lesser spren, as well, which I won’t dive into in this thread. What if the Fused are trapping unwilling deadeyes and making them run some powerful new fabrials? How does this “reveal the secrets of the ancient tower”? This gets down to the fabrials suffusing Urithiru and the gemstone pillar in the center. I suspect that it’s supposed to use an intelligent spren to power the city: specifically, the Sibling. (Another quick aside I won’t dive into: I believe Melishi was the Bondsmith of the Stormfather, and that the Sibling was not bonded, but their retreat caused the shutdown of the Urithiru tower’s fabrial system before Melishi brought about the Recreance. Lots of epigraphs I could quote, but I don’t want to lose focus from the theory just now.) As the humans try to understand what the Fused are making new fabrials, they’ll realize that it’s how the Sibling used to interact with Urithiru. There’s one more loose end that I think this ties up: the missing Blades and Plate. From Dalinar’s Feverstone Keep vision: That is just Stonewards and Windrunners who have achieved Blade and Plate (fourth Oath for Windrunners, presumably the same for Stonewards). I assume these were all the fourth-Oath-ers and fifth-Oath-ers; on top of them, you’ve definitely got third-Oather-ers running around somewhere with Blades and no Plate. And you’ve got the other six Orders with Shards. (No Bondsmith or Skybreaker blades). We can get a sense of scope from the modern Skybreaker order. From one of Szeth's tests in Oathbringer: That’s about a hundred total Skybreakers, a hundred fourth-Oath Stonewards, and two hundred fourth-oath Windrunners. If the other Orders are around those numbers, I’m gonna pull some numbers out of my posterior and estimate a thousands sets of Plate and two thousand Blades. That’s a lot of missing Shards. We know those Blades are still in the Physical Realm, at the very least: I’m wondering if this “arms race” is also going to be a literal race for armaments: there’s a stash of Blades and Plates somewhere on the continent, Katana Fleet style, and the heroes and Fused are racing to find them first. Where could they be, and who has them? I’d lean towards a Herald; there are a few of them still entirely unaccounted for, and of the parties to potentially collect and hide Shards, a Herald would be my top candidate to never use them and just bury them. TL;DR: in the “arms race,” the Fused will be using captured Blades and Plate to make new fabrials. The missing Blades and Plate from the Recreance will be found... but by whom?
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    My hypothesis are three: 1) Adolin acting as Kholin Highprince fighiting to recapture Kholinar; 2) Navani trying to reactivate Urithiru; 3) Rlain and the missing listeners;
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    I have no pets, but this is the next closest thing, the robot vacuum we affectionately call “Dirtbag”
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    A random compilation. MB spoilers (?): Bastille:
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    I want him to be Radiant-adjacent, with a unique situation. We need more cool stuff stuff happening with unique spren bonds.
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    Okay, so the idea of this is that rather than replying with full guesses, everyone just replies with any info on the subject they can find, and I'll add it to the main topic. There's enough information now that we should be able to piece some things together with a lot of certainty. I've numbered all of the WoBs I'm using in a spoiler at the bottom. Essentially all of these use RoW update 5, so read that if you haven't. What we know about the group format: Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Venli, and Szeth should each be included [3] Szeth Is very unlikely to be the main interlude character, as he already was in WoK Is either a minor PoV in Group 1 or is in Group 3, as his role in this book is comparable to his role in WoK, but should still be included as a PoV Venli Is a major PoV in Group 1 or is in Group 2, as she has a lot of viewpoints [18] Is more likely to be in Group 1, as her flashbacks start in Part 3, and Group 2 is not in Part 3 or 5 [1] Her group should be in Alethkar [18] Lift [12] Is either the very minor PoV in Group 1, the "through line" interlude PoV, or not in a group, as interlude characters have only been very minor viewpoints in the past If she is in a group, that group is in Urithiru Since Lift's group would need to be in Urithiru, and Venli has a very high likelihood of being in Group 1, in Alethkar, Lift would not be in Group 1, and thus, she should either be the main interlude character, or she does not have a place in the given format Dalinar Is either a minor PoV in group 1 or is in Group 3, as he had stuff being written after Group 2 was complete [1][6], and will have less viewpoints than he will in the next book [17] Is more likely to be in Group 3 because that group was finished between the two Reddit updates [1][2] Rysn is not one of the main characters [10] It is extremely likely that Adolin will be a PoV because we know that we will see Maya in RoW (unclear whether this refers to her in Shadesmar or just as a Shardblade) [7] Jasnah is either a minor PoV in Group 1 or is in Group 3 [9] Navani Is in Group 1, as her viewpoints were being written when that was the only group left to write [2][4] Should be a major PoV based on Brandon's wording, as he said that he's "been enjoying writing Navani recently." The "been" indicates that she has more than just "a few" viewpoints throughout the book, unlike the minor PoVs. [1][4] Might be the "main" character, as she was Brandon's favorite to write in late November [4][11] (This doesn't affect her group placement) A minor Group 1 character will get a story from Wit in Part 4, as Group 3 is not in Part 4, and Group two will have many viewpoints in Part 4 because that is during their climax [15][16] Since we know Jasnah and Wit will interact, and Wit will tell a story to a lesser PoV character in Group 1, this might suggest that Jasnah is in group 1, but it is entirely possible that this refers to two different scenes Nobody other than Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Szeth, Eshonai, Jasnah, Adolin, and Navani are allowed more than just a viewpoint "here and there" until SA Arc 2 [27] When he said "Eshonai" here, he probably meant Venli, as he claimed that OB would get a "moderate amount of... Eshonai," which we know was actually Venli We will get an Adolin viewpoint while he is with Shallan, and this could mean that they are in the same group, or it could mean Adolin has a viewpoint when they are all together at the beginning. Either way, Adolin cannot be in Group 3, as Group 3 doesn't get viewpoints until Part 3, and Dalinar is taking up a spot in Group 3, so Adolin and Shallan can't both be in that group. [1][19] What we can determine from WoB info alone: Beyond this, our reasoning has to become more abstract. This is where we have to consider what is the most likely to happen by including narrative reasons. Luckily, the template above narrows down our options quite a bit. List of likely character candidates that have not been considered above (to take the place of Character1 and Character2): Renarin - Future flashback character [22] Moash Actions in OB We expect there to be a higher focus on singers in RoW, and he is directly working with them Teft - Swore 3rd ideal in OB Rock Future novella [21] He is very unlikely, as Brandon said Rock's narrative wouldn't work in RoW [24] Rlain Disappearance at the end of OB was important [20] We expect there to be a higher focus on singers in RoW Ash Future flashback character [22] Unlikely because most Herald stuff is being saved for SA Arc 2 [26] Taln Future flashback character [22] Unlikely because most Herald stuff is being saved for SA Arc 2 [26] Lirin - PoV of RoW Chapter 1 [13] Herdazian general - Interlude in OB, and significant in RoW Chapter 1 [13] Taravangian - Deal made with Odium Vasher a Warbreaker scientist appears in RoW [23] He is unlikely to be more significant than just having an interlude because Brandon doesn't want to get to writing Nightblood until after SA5 [25] Important pairings: Shallan/Adolin - They are now married, which makes them likely to end up in the same group, and Brandon said that we will get an Adolin viewpoint while he is with Shallan, and although it is not completely clear if this refers to RoW or a later book, it greatly increases the chance. [19] This may occur in the beginning, when all of the characters are together, but either way, Adolin would not be in group 3. [1] Venli/Kaladin - Brandon said that the 3 major Group 1 PoVs form the core arc of the book. This makes me think that the 3rd spot should be either Shallan or Kaladin, as they already have big character arcs going. Since Group 1 includes Venli, this makes me lean much more towards Kaladin, as he already has unresolved points in his arc involving singers. [1] Looking over people's previous predictions, Kaladin being a major PoV in Group 1 also seems to be a general consensus. WoBs:
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    Currently most people seem to want a non-radiant main character, but personally I'd prefer him to be one, or something close.
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    If you think about it from a light and cut perspective, it makes sense. In a rough gemstone, light will leak from it randomly in all sorts of directions. When a gem's been cut correctly, light is bounced around the inside of the gem, and only (mostly) released in the desired direction, usually upward toward a "face". So with Stormlight, the energy is bounced around the inside of the gem instead of constantly escaping, and escapes less through most of the gem, containing the energy better, and slowing the leakage.
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    LG64: Night 2 - An International Incident The God King was a Librarian Curator! Vote Count God King (6): God King, Joe, Kynedath, Straw, Striker, Xino Experience (1): Sart Striker (1): Experience Night 2 has begun and will end in 24 hours. Get your actions in! Player List Experience - Shard Straw - Straw Kidpen - Arthur Smedry A Joe in the Bush - Porona Candemic Coda - ? Striker - ? Kynedath - Bartholomew Prescot Elandera - Rainier Zillah - ? xinoehp512 - ? Ironfire - Liability Sart - ? Elkanah - Karen Crystal Knight Silimatic Engineer Fifth Scholar - Sergey Karjakin, Russian ambassador and secret adviser to the Secretary of Defense Librarian Transporter The God King - Frank Librarian Curator Shqueeves - ?
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    Greetings all, I am sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been going through a lot. I met my best friend on the Stormlight Archive facebook group several years ago. She was very outgoing and friendly and had an AMAZING sense of humor and was so passionate about the Cosmere. Along with a handful of others, she and I helped admin a Cosmere: Theories group, dedicated to theorycraft and more serious discussion. Basically our whole friendship revolved around books as well as art. We even met and roomed together at JordanCon 2019, spending the whole time goofing off together and enjoying the fandom. Well. My best friend passed away mid-March, a couple days after my birthday. She was the one who supported my art by sending me the Sketchbox subscriptions and I sent her all the art I've made with those. I miss her a lot and I just wanted to remember her here before I post the first batch of art I've made since she passed. Let your friends know how much you love and appreciate them. No one is guaranteed tomorrow. Kokerlii and Sak A kitsen Mistwraith A nightmaw A songling Six Fanarts challenge, characters all suggested from people in the 17s discord. TenSoon, Sixth of the Dusk, Rock, Azure, Axies, Galladon.
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    I'M CONVERTING SOMEONE. IT'S FINALLY WORKING. Starting with Skyward because I have a hard copy, but she's interested in Mistborn and the rest.
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    And now my Stick memes Has this one been done?
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    From the album Colored Cosmere Symbols

    I thought of waiting til Pride Month, but what even is patience, so that didn’t happen. I probably made it harder for myself than I had to when making this - I shaded over the paper on one side while it was on top of my hardback Arcanum Unbounded, so the design showed, then indented the design with a pencil and flipped it over, using the indents as a line guide. There’s no way I’d have gotten them the right proportions free drawing. (They’re still not perfect.) But the colors were the easy part after that. If anyone wants me to do one in a specific color or set of colors, I will! Just tell me
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    After Words of Radiance comes out
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    Hi, first of all, sorry if this has already been discussed and I've just missed it. I was watching Brandon's interview on the dusty wheel this morning and one of the questions he was asked was about the character groupings for Rythm of War. He obviously didn't give much away but he did say that unlike with previous stormlight books, the flashback character wouldn't be the main character. The flashbacks will be split between Venli and Eshonai and of course Eshonai can't be the main character, but apparently Venli won't be either. Brandon said it wouldn't be any of the characters receiving a flashback sequence in the series and then I think listed Kaladin, Shallan, Dalinar, Eshonai and Szeth. So my question is, who do you think the main character will be? Do you think Brandon meant that it isn't one of the five listed characters or that it isn't any of the ten flashback characters? Unfortunately I don't have the exact wording for what Brandon said. I think it was one of the first questions he was asked in the video so I might listen to it again later to refresh my memory. I'm just really interested to know who people think this character could be. Could it be someone like Adolin who's already a common pov character in other books (but not really a main character), or a more minor character we haven't seen much of before, or someone like Renarin who will get flashbacks in the back five?
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    I have a similar yet different theory. I agree that the fabrials and unique spren are in fact critical to this arms race but I don't think it is just blades and plate that they are after. Roshar is famous for the large number of unique spren that it has. Some are worshiped and some are just odd but we have been introduced to a large number of highly varied spren over the past three books. In the final chapter of OB Dalinar captured one and gave it to one of Roshar's preeminent fabrial scholars. What if the race is over these unique spren? Specifically the unmade along with spren like Cusicesh and the knowledge of how to make them into fabrials? Shallan has demonstrated a knack for getting rid of them. Against that kind of opponent the fused are going to have to alter their original method of using them. Imagine what a diminishing thrill fabrial would do to an army.
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    One of the many long-awaited reveals that we expect to see in Rythyms of War is the consistency of living Shardplate. Just as a little context info, Shardplate's most straightforward use is that of deflecting blows from Shardblades. This is not the only use of Shardplate, however; the incredibly heavy armor grants the user increased strength and increased dexterity. Shardplate users are notable for their ability to hold Shardhammers--incredibly heavy hammers that no normal person could lift--and Shardbows-- which have an incredibly heavy drawback weight. This, as well as the fact that they can leap the chasms between plateaus on the Shattered Plains, and scale incredibly sheer cliffsides. Most shardbearers would agree that they would choose Shardplate over Shardblade every time (except possibly Adolin because he's awesome, but whatever). This seems to coincide with the fact that Radiants get their living Shardblades before they get their living Shardplates. This leads to the million-broam question: What is living Shardplate made of? I might have an answer. It's out of the question that it might be made of a spren, as you'll only hear the screaming of the dead spren when you wield a Shardblade, not wearing a Shardplate. This makes sense, because most Radiants will only bond one spren (there are exceptions, but not many). So what else could the Plates be made of? There are a few possibilities, but in my opinion, the most likely consistency of Shardplate is that of pure stormlight. It makes so much sense! Stormlight grants Radiants increased strength and dexterity when they breath it in. What else grants people strength and dexterity? Shardplate. If that seems like more of a coincidence than proof, then get this: Stormlight is required to make Shardplates regrow. In order to mend the Plates, they must be fed the same energy that powers the Radiants. Without stormlight, the Plates will also lose their power, becoming dead weight and ridding the Plate wearer of their increased power and speed. If this is true, then not only would the power of a bondsmith uniting the realms be a kind of turning-point for living shardplates, but we might also have a guess at what living Shardplate can do: Heal the wearer. Radiants can heal themselves by breathing in stormlight. If the Shardplates are made of stormlight, then would they even have to consciously heal themselves, or would it just happen automatically? But hey that's just a theory: A COSMERE theory. Thanks for reading!
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    I have waited so long, tried so hard, and finally, I did it
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    From the album Colored Cosmere Symbols

    Same thing, but with the ace colors, because it was the middle of the night and I felt like it. This one didn’t turn out as well, I didn’t have a gray pencil so I went with silver, which is annoying shiny in the picture. I also think a couple lines were worse in this one than they were the first time around. Ah well, it’s still better than 95% of what I draw. If anyone wants me to do one in a specific color or set of colors, I will! Just tell me
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    I... don't think there's a super in-depth reason for this, to be honest. It's about as many as Brandon can reasonably make work; 40 full Oaths, each having philosophical and emotional weight behind them is already a lot.
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    This is my spoiled, lovable excuse for a canine, Jack, eating feta cheese I gave him to stay still.
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    Brandon gave us an answer to this: here. @Pagerunner, you might find it interesting, I think, that the Elantris portrait and the Urithiru mural both depict perpendicularities.
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    Callor, Child of the Light and personal retainer to the Lord Captain Commander, Pedron Niall, stepped into the open plain. Or, at least, what was now an open plain. What the scene of carnage around him had been before was all but impossible to determine. It was those Aes Sedai witches, he knew, and not all female ones too; the eyewitness reports of the scouts which had been sent back did not deny the presence of male channelers, even under the shadow of the Hand of the Light. A truly frightening prospect, yet one he would have to stomach. The Children would need to redouble their vigilance against the witches and other Darkfriends, if the world had any chance of surviving these troubling times. Of course, few rulers saw the wisdom of this course of action, and those who did—mostly in Amadicia and Arad Doman—did so in fear of Niall’s armies instead of true belief. True belief would come later, he presumed, when they realised the vast scope of the threats against them. But for now, Callor was in the dark about what the future or even the past held. And judging from the expressions of the men and women who were slowly ringing him, they did not either. But such explanation as could be given, would. Welcome to MR41: Lord of Chaos! The rules should be fairly simple to explain, as it’s blackout, so just a few basic guidelines: - This MR runs on a single 48-hour cycle. Most players have one action a turn. - The setting is Wheel of Time. Most players will be channelers. The specific site is the nation of Amadicia in a location which was recently utterly destroyed by unknown forces. - A few other rules will be released C1, including those guiding PM usage. - The game needs exactly 14 players to run, and is anonymous. You may sign up either in this thread, or via a PM to myself and my co-GM @StrikerEZ entitled “MR41 Signup Request: [Your Name Here].” Please refer to the anonymous account rules, which govern your usage of the accounts and are replicated below for your reference. (I’m going to be a bit more lax about Rule #3, but the others remain in full force.) Given the restricted player counts, there will be a strictly enforced two-cycle inactivity filter. If you sign up, please participate. Anonymous Accounts There are a number of rules associated with the use of an Anonymous Account. Please follow them carefully. Given the potential for abuse of Anonymous Accounts, any rule breaking using the accounts will be dealt with harshly. 1) Do not change the password of the anonymous account you are issued. The IM and the GMs will have access to all anonymous accounts for the duration of the game being played. 2) Do not use the anonymous accounts to PM any non-anonymous account, other than the accounts of the GMs or the IM. Please do not use your normal accounts to PM anonymous accounts. 3) Do not tell any other player or individual associated with SE, whether you are playing or not playing the Anonymous Game. Player identities will be revealed after the game, not on the death of their avatar. Players must not reveal their own identity after their death, until the end of the game, including in the dead/spec doc. Part of the attraction of anonymous games is keeping identities obscured, and we'd like to eliminate any chance of information becoming known that undermines the integrity of the anonymity. 4) Do not change anything cosmetic about the accounts, including their member title, username, signature, and avatar. 5) Anonymous accounts have been restricted from posting outside the Roleplaying subforum, but must not be used to post in any thread other than the thread of the game they are currently being used in. If you would rather not play, you are welcome to publicly or privately request a spec doc. Signups will close in a week’s time on Thursday 9 April at 9 PM EDT. If we get enough players before this, the game will still start on schedule, but signups will remain open so anyone who still wants to play can join as a pinch-hitter. Good luck! I will keep a running count of the number of players signed up here: 14 (updated 07:17 Tuesday 7 April)
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    Something went around his shoulder, and Porana froze up immedietly. He knew that sensation, he had felt it half an hour ago when a ghost interupted his lunch with the Ambassador. Slowly, he turned his head to the side to see who was talking. It was him. "Oh, uh, hello mr president, hello again? I uh, I'll take that toheartbutIhavetogoBye!" Porona sprinted straight forward, away from the ghost of the man who thought themself alive, and ducked around a corner. He slammed himself into a wall, panting, and dug his phone out of his pocket. Shaking, he dialed his wife's number. "Honey, how do I perform an exorcism? I need to know right freaking now." ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ As I stated last night, voting for The_God_King.
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    Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States, was concerned about this death. Who would chill off a Russian ambassador? The man had seemed a good fellow, from the little dealings Calvin had had with him. It made no sense. He was so distracted, he almost bumped into a morose-looking figure. Calvin seemed to recall this was….Porona Candemic? An odd name, that, not that Calvin would judge a man by his name. He put his arm around Porona’s shoulder. “Now, now. Don’t mourn. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave. The best way you can honor your friend is through finding who did this. Cheer up.”
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    I want to actually have a real conversation. Not texting or typing or phone calls.
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    I went and watched and I am 80% sure that he was talking about Navani and about 15% sure it was Rlain in this one.
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    If its a listener book then I think Rlain could be a possibility with whatever he is doing with the other listeners. I think it could also be Adolin and exploring the (potential) bond with Maya. Edit: Just listened to it and he says that its somebody who has not a flashback sequence in any of the books
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    This had to be done Stormlight spoilers Kaladin uses the Surge of Gravitiation:
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    Hello all! Finally decided to join up and start getting involved, I've read pretty much all of the cosmere that's available but even after multiple rereads I love finding more details and more questions, so I'm excited to discuss that on here!
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    Now THAT is an arms race for you. Nice thinking.
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    YES! I LOVE BOB ROSS! On two-times speed, he's a weird sort of therapeutic. Also, Please tell me you've heard this before. I will literally have this on loop for hours.
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    There was this one time but.... We do not speak of such things
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    Bob Ross was too good for this world. We didn't deserve him. If I am 1/10 as kind as Bob Ross or Mr. Rogers, I will be a happy person.
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    Everyone would try to get quarantined on Ashyn so they could get powers out of their infection, supposing they got infected.
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    One theme of the Cosmere is that Shards, while holding enough power to put planets together, are bound by rules in such a way that lesser feats are forbidden. A Shard cannot simply speak into a person's mind. Ruin, a Shard that embodies decay, cannot simply make Scadrial wilt in a blink, even with no mind controlling Preservation. Preservation cannot simply stop fueling an allomancer. No Shard can stop gravity. The list goes on. They can do these things if they follow the appropiate constraints, however. Ruin can introduce thoughts into someone, but only if there is an opening through an hemalurgic spike or a broken mind. He could have destroyed Scadrial if part of its power had not been sequestered into atium. Preservation can't prevent an allomancer from drawing power from metal, but it can stop the mists from fueling someone tainted by Ruin. Gravity, as other natural laws, cannot be removed even by a Shard, but they can actively expend power in order to work against gravity so that the net effect is zero. While I can't come up with better examples for this premise, we have book references and wobs relating to the rules Shards must follow. From the Almighty in Way of Kings: From the Stormfather in Oathbringer: And this Wob clarifying that Shards are still bound by the natural laws: With this in mind, my question is: can Shards project themselves in the Physical Realm on demand, or do certain constraints need to be met? I tried to think about the moments when a Shard has shown themselves in the PR, and that I can recall they have always followed these rules: The location they project themselves into has to be particularly Invested/Connected with their own power. When they are projecting themselves, every individual has the same view of the projection. That is, they can't show a different view of themselves to different individuals at the same time. If both A and B can see C, they both see the same thing. IF they choose not to be seen by everyone, they can be seen only by individuals they have a Connection to, but they can't selectively not show themselves to a subset of those. The third rule is not a hard one. If it is followed, I believe the projection is less tangible than otherwise - it becomes just a vision, with no direct power over the PR at all. All of this is perhaps biased because the examples I draw are from Stormlight and Mistborn, in which all Shards are in different states of being bound/restrained, but it seems to me this would be a rational limitation on the way Shards can expose themselves in the PR. From Era 1, the projections we have seen are of Ruin and Preservation. Because of the nature of the planet, both P&R immediately comply with (1). Ruin has only shown himself to people with hemalurgic spikes in them (3). As seen in Chapter 58 of HoA, both Quellion and Spook see Ruin as Kelsier, and both have the same experience of him (2): Similarly, when Leras shows himself as the mistspirit, both Elend and Vin see the same thing as it slashes Elend. I think Leras' apparitions are a case of a general projection not satisfying (3): anyone at all could have seen it, that is why the mistspirit itself can affect the PR directly (draw in the ash, stab Elend), like a (lowercase) avatar. From Era 2, in Chapter 7 of Shadows of Self, Harmony can only be seen by Wax once he puts his hemalurgic earring in (3), not before, not after. No other observer so I can't say anything about (2). In Stormlight, we see a Shard in the Physical when Dalinar visits the Old Magic. I think Cultivation's body in the Valley is much like the mistspirit, fully physical not satisfying rule (3). It still happens in the Valley of all places, Cultivation's domain so to speak, satisfying (1), and with no other observer besides the Nightwatcher so I can't say anything about (2). In any case, no rules are explicitly broken. Then, we have Odium projecting himself at Thaylenah. He only shows himself under the Everstorm, because of rule (1). Venli, Amaram, Dalinar and the Fused all see the Odium say/do the same things (2). But not everyone sees Odium here, only those with some Connection to him (3), as neither Szeth nor Navani can see him. The Fused see him because they are of him, Dalinar because Odium has been influencing him through the Thrill for decades, Amaram because he made a pact with him. Finally, the other appareance of a Shard that I can think of is the Sand God in WS3, which happens over sand invested by Autonomy (1), and nothing else can be said about the rest of the rules. I would like to see additional thoughts to this idea, because I have not looked much into the particular examples and am wondering if there is an instance where these rules are not met. Particularly because I assume Avatars would be bound by them as well, so this could potentially help rule out certain people being Avatars if they don't meet this criterion.
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    LG64: Day 2 - Death of an Ambassador Fifth Scholar was a Librarian Transporter! Day 2 has begun and will end in 48 hours on April 4th at 6pm PDT. Get your votes and actions in! Also, as a reminder: Please don't PM during rollover. Player List Experience - Shard Straw - Straw Kidpen - Arthur Smedry A Joe in the Bush - Porona Candemic Coda - ? Striker - ? Kynedath - Bartholomew Prescot Elandera - Rainier Zillah - ? xinoehp512 - ? Ironfire - Liability Sart - ? Elkanah - Karen Crystal Knight Silimatic Engineer Fifth Scholar - Sergey Karjakin, Russian ambassador and secret adviser to the Secretary of Defense Librarian Transporter The God King - ? Shqueeves - ?
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    Hello, it’s necro time. The unofficial release date is May, right? Read the thread and I agree with the theory that I was shocked when they let Ezran lead without a regent. Like, he’s ten! You’re letting a 10yo on the throne?! What are you doing? Can’t wait to see how Aaravos is reborn. Also I keep saying it Aavaros. Edit: Sarai’s death was harrowing. (I am not sorry.)
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    I would like Adolin to become a Radiant, but I'm sure that I'll be happy whichever way Brandon takes it.
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    Well, that saves me from having to dig up what I've posted before about these murals. Brandon's explanation has always seemed obvious to me, and I've never understood why other explanations were being floated. This also kills the connections between the moons and the Sibling, since they're entirely based on the perpendicularity mural. Full text of Brandon's response, for those too lazy to click to Reddit: There was a big worldhopping hint that had gone unnoticed for a while in Elantris: Which Brandon later clarified as having to do with the murals: Here is the passage in question: There two murals are extremely similar - a blue, round object depicting a perpendicularity, open arms (which I believe is a depiction of Intent required to use the perp), and the hovering (which I'm less sure on, but I suspect it's about how using a perpendicularity is a form of transportation).
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    Hey everyone! So I, like many of you I'm sure, have been trying to successfully convert my wife to the Cosmere. Literally since I met her I've been trying to get her to read The Way of Kings but there never seemed to be a good time for her to jump into it - either she was reading something else, had too much work, or just couldn't commit to a 1000-page book whose series wasn't finished yet. However, we've recently figured out that she really enjoys being read aloud to - she likes the sound of my voice and it helps her relax after a long day (she's a high school English teacher dealing with teenage angst all day - please show her some sympathy here). So naturally, I finally sold her on tWoK and I've been reading it to her for the last few months, a bit at a time. At the moment, we're in part 2 and just read the scene where Dalinar experiences the first vision we see 'on-screen' where the Midnight Essence shows up and he fights it off with a fire poker. So here's another thing: my wife is absolutely hilarious and also has trouble remembering names (to be fair, Alethi names have a lot of -lin, -as, -nar suffixes), so I recently asked her to give me a breakdown of what she remembers each character as. Here's what she's got: Kaladin - Slaveboi - "He used to be soldierboi, now he's slaveboi, but I'm pretty sure by the end of all this he'll be shardboi" Shallan - Sneak - "She's so mean! She's just becoming friends with her to steal her magic jewellery. I don't like her." Dalinar - Jeffrey Dean Morgan - "He looks like JDM." Adolin - The Hot Brother - "He's kind of a slut right?" Renarin - The Awkward Brother Sylphrena - Manic Pixie Dream Girl Sadeas - B****boi - "He's the idiot with the bridges right? Yeah, he's a b****boi." Jasnah - Princess Jasmine - "She's a princess right? No? Yes - she's the daughter of Dead Kingy Boi." Gavilar - Dead Kingy Boi Szeth - The Michelin Man - "Because he's big and all in white!" "Tay, he's average size. Just his eyes are described as big." "Are you kidding me?" Elhokar - Boi King - "You're making sure to write these all as 'b-o-i', right?" Gaz - C***! - I know this board doesn't allow swearing - but she just straight-up shouted the c-word when I mentioned Gaz. The Stormfather - The Stormdaddy - "Make sure they know it's being said in an uncomfortably sexual way." Chasmfiends - Rock Lobsters Some early hot takes from Tay: - Dalinar killed Gavilar so that he could become king because he's in love with Gavilar's wife. - The shardbearer who Kaladin fights in the first chapter killed all of his men and enslaved Kaladin. - Sadeas is behind the cut saddle. - Kaladin and Syl are going to fall in love. - Kaladin is going to get a shardblade ("He's obviously going to get a shardblade Chris... don't mess with me here.") - Shallan already has a shardblade (!) - Shallan is going to feel too guilty to steal Jasnah's soul-caster OR "Princess Jasmine is going to catch her sneaking around and say 'Hey Sneak. Let's have a DMC about why you want to steal my magic jewellery.'" I also thought I'd pop back in on this thread every once in a while to update you with any fun observations she makes in the future, and thought this could be a nice place to share our experiences with introducing the series to the people in our lives and their reactions to us being insufferable and incorrigible nerds!
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    Hello! New in town and fairly new to the Cosmere. I’ve read The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Edgedancer, and at time of posting in chapter 17 of Oathbringer.
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