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    All the reader has to do is click on the thumbnails to view them full-size, Chouta. Your post is just fine. EDIT: And more entries.
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    Alright, here goes nothing! Brace yourselves, Sharders, for some hastily crafted (and honestly not that good) memes of the same format!!! (Oh, and some pretty extreme spoilers so...)
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    Its a bird, its a plane, wait no thats Kaladin falling the wrong way.
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    Hey, I’m new to the shard. I don’t know much about the source material as of yet, but I hope to have finished the first book by the time the game begins. If I can, I would like to join as Elmina Château!
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    I’m messing with the Diones for my alien species pages and thought I’d show you all the WIP! i know Morriumur’s face is supposed to have different features for each, but I only learned that after I drew this.
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    As both El and I need more time to finish our portions of the writeup, the aftermath is getting delayed again; sorry. In the interest of satisfying immediate curiosity, the Eliminators have won, but the writeup is proving quite involved and not easy to tackle quickly. We hope the end product is worth your time, which is the only reason we’re delaying
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    The sun was lower in the sky than it should be, and Kir was sure of it. Why was this night longer than any other night? “That’s the wrong question,” a voice boomed in his head. “The correct question is, have you considered that you had more time to live because of the longer night, before your existence was revoked?” Kir gulped. He had not considered that. Sadly, he would have no opportunity to, as the sun finally rose over Urithiru and he no longer existed, just as the Almighty GM had decreed. The reasons were to be filled in later, of course. But the insolence was up there. And the fact that someone had killed him. The GM considered a giant walrus killing him as the means of death, and ultimately decided against it. Why did it matter? The daylight hours were being frittered away, and Kir could have just died. Perhaps he did. Either way, he needed sleep and the players needed to decide who to butcher. Maybe they’d kill the giant walrus. Onyx Flamingo was killed! They were a Loyal Radiant Worldhopper! Day Eight has begun! It will last 47 hours, and end at 9:00 PM EST on 18 January 2020. There was an error in previous playerlists which showed Magenta Albatross as an Odium Sympathiser. This is not the case, and his alignment flip of Loyal Knight/Village was correct. PMs are still closed! Not that you’d get too much use out of them... Player List: 1. Amber Vulture: Jashi, Stormwarden Radiant Worldhopper 2. Amethyst Scorpion: Jesh, Lost Axehound Radiant Worldhopper 3. Chartreuse Penguin: Taladir, GamblerRadiant Worldhopper 4. Coral Swan: Germaine, Scholar Radiant Worldhopper 5. Cream Tuatara: Dfyan, Scholar Radiant Worldhopper 6. Emerald Falcon: Sein, Inquisitive Radiant Worldhopper 7. Indigo Weasel: Adhom Inem, Ardent 8. Ivory Dragonfly: Krask, Conspiracy Theorist Sympathizer Worldhopper 9. Magenta Albatross: Jonan Wikim, Lost Axehound (Gren) Radiant Worldhopper 10. Mauve Crocodile: Sernes, Paranoid Scout Radiant Worldhopper 11. Mint Heron: Sam, Once a Darkeyes Radiant Worldhopper 12. Onyx Flamingo: Kir, Kleptomaniac Scout Radiant Worldhopper 13. Opal Lion: Tnaidar, Scout Radiant Worldhopper 14. Pearl Chameleon: Purrl, Adolin’s Former Girlfriend Radiant Worldhopper 15. Plum Rhinoceros: Logalog, Scholar Sympathizer Worldhopper 16. Quartz Zebra: Arauna Khadal, Adolin’s Former Girlfriend Sympathizer Worldhopper 17. Saffron Iguana: Merinira, Scout Sympathizer Worldhopper 18. Sage Kangaroo: Gilglin, Ardent (Devotary of the Mind) Radiant Worldhopper 19. Salmon Meerkat: Cadamum, Ghostblood Recruit 20. Scarlet Octopus: Max Mercury, Past Lives Sympathizer Worldhopper 21. Sunburst Toucan: Tafud, Slightly Crazy Radiant Worldhopper 22. Taupe Gecko: Brana, Scholar Radiant Worldhopper 23. Turquoise Gorilla: Bomer, Gambler Radiant Worldhopper 24. Violet Axolotl: Adi, Anxious Good luck!
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    Hi! Some of you have already welcomed me. Im so grateful to you having taken the time to do so as I familiarized myself with navigating the Community before posting an introduction. I've been enjoying the Fan-Art the most these past couple of days. Especially the artwork of Skyward/Starsight, which the internet seems to be lacking. I beg the artists for more. The first book I read from Sanderson was The Way of Kings. Needless to say, I fell in Love. At the time, I was oblivious to what I had delved into as I was unaware of the fact that the Stormlight Archive was part of something WAY BIGGER than itself. I've read everything from the Cosmere with the exception of White Sand. Although, I did read it's excerpt from Arcanum Unbounded. Thank you again for being so welcoming.
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    Kaladin for sure. I mean, I love nearly every character in this series, but reading about Kaladin and his story is what helped me to realize that I have (seasonal) depression and lead to me seeking treatment, so he'll always be incredibly important to me.
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    Spoilers for Mistborn (both era one and two)
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    Her shadow is specifically moving towards the source of light rather than away from it like it should be. We know that Siah Aimians have shadows that behave the same way. Brandon has confirmed that they're happening for the same reason:
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    Szeth: former critic now most Zealous minister.
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    I forgot the name of the Day of Pentecost (from the Bible) and accidentally said the Day of Recreance instead... (none of my family has read Stormlight yet, so they didn't notice) I feel really dumb but am laughing at the same time.
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    When somebody holds your left hand and you do a dramatic gasp.
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    It's because Horneaters are human/singer hybrids. Some are genetically closer to singers, and so can see spren like singers can. Rock even mentions almost being able to hear the Rhythms.
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    I’ve seen memes, explain a plot badly, character comparisons, but I haven’t seen any sanderson puns. So here goes: A shu korathi man was shunned and cast out from sel, which is now dominated by the shu derethi. He goes to nalthis and gains a wealth of breath. He awakens a large, hollow half sphere. He gives it the command “destroy sel” The awakened object then goes out to destroy sel. It causes terror for three years. Then it is finally stopped for the most mysterious reason: it gave up. It felt emotions, and most of all, pity. It gives up because he feels bad for the people. The people then screamed from the hilltops “mercyfull dome-y!” i wonder if there are other terrible puns that can be made!
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    From the album The Longest Thread (Misadventures)

    Gotta love Astral. Top notch villain. I'm very excited to see her interact with... well, literally everyone on CBST. Star, you'd better watch out because your past self is coming back to haunt you.
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    What do you mean? I think you are the one not seeing what’s going on. Everyone is saying it’s because she’s partially in Shadesmar. I’m pointing out the fact that that may not be the case at all. There’s nothing confirmed on WoB saying it’s because it’s her shadow in Shadesmar. In the scene there are multiple shadows that form into inkspren. As I’ve said earlier I am trying to determine whether her shadow is in fact because of shadesmar or because it isn’t her shadow and is instead her Inkspren, ivory. I bring this up, because these things didn’t happen with Shallan as well. We don’t see her shadow acting strangely, while still in the PR. Just saying it could be possible it is her spren messing with her shadows. Because the split as well.
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    I always pictured the revel having a lotus eater kind of effect on everyone in its area of influence, willing participant or not
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    Week 3, Day 1: Guilt “Left! Right! Left! Left again!” Each word is punctuated by a ringing noise, as steel clashes against steel. Your footwork is impeccable, each step perfectly placed as you advance on your opponent. Each blow is carefully measured to not hurt your opponent - These are real, sharp swords, after all, and it wouldn’t do to injure each other when it’s just for training. “Wait, wait!” a feminine voice replies, taking a quick step back, the sword clattering to the floor as your last blow knocks it from their hand. The voice comes from your opponent, but her(?) form is… misty. You can’t quite grasp it. “I wasn’t ready.” “The world won’t wait for you to be ready,” a third person says. Masculine, lazy, he reclines at the foot of the stairs, watching you both with some amusement. “You want to be up here?” she asks, and even if you can’t see it, you can hear the scowl. “Not really,” he admits. “Unlike you, I’m not a masochist. I’m quite content to just lie here and watch you make fools of yourselves.” “If this is going to succeed, we need to be trained,” you say, and it takes you a moment to realise it’s your voice again. “That includes you.” You turn your blade on your opponent again. It’s heavier than you’re used to, but it’s a different type of sword than you’re used to. No matter, it was easy enough to adjust for it. Swordplay may not be your greatest strength, but it’s one you’re practised at. The woman sighs and picks her sword up again. You clash again and again, trying to display for her how you move from one form to the next, showing the proper footwork and hand positioning as you go. “Okay, that’s enough,” you say, stepping back. You walk over to the stairs and offer the blade to the third person in the room, handle-first. “Your turn. I’ll watch you spar, and correct you.” He sighs as he takes the blade and stands up. “You are far too serious for your own good. We’ll be fine.” “I’d rather be prepared than dead,” you reply, frowning. “Stop whining and get on with it. We’ll need to be strong enough to hold our own, if we’re to-” You shift in your sleep uncomfortably, as you pass from one dream to the next. Your next dream is red with fire, and black with suffocating smoke. The week begins the same way as the last, with a gnawing sense of dread and despair keeping you from sleeping properly, but now there’s something else there too - anticipation. You’ve been feeling weaker, more tired as the week comes to an end, and you know that, after receiving another Breath, you will be perfectly hale and hearty again. That thought spirals into more guilt again, as you remember what someone has to give up in order for you to feel better. Perhaps that is why you cast your vote against Kindsmile, a vague and ultimately small desire to stop more people giving away something they don’t fully understand. To prevent the world becoming a little smaller for someone. Was it the right choice? You don’t know. You’d like to believe it was, even if it might disappoint Kindsmile, Coinspender and Fatespinner. But there’s only so long you can be a neutral party without annoying everyone else with your inability to act. Hera drags you out of bed - thankfully not literally, for all the humiliation that would entail - and you are dressed in ceremonial fineries and all the accoutrements afforded to your station. The process is just as unsubtle as the last time. A tearful child briefly taunted with a glimpse of opulence, money exchanged for the gift of life, one they will damage their own life to give. Perhaps it will help them; perhaps not. You try to be kind and gentle. Perhaps it works, or perhaps the child has steeled themself (Himself? Herself? You can’t tell) to be ready. Either way, it is without incident. A normal occurrence for a god, utterly insignificant. You feel awful. Your mood improves immensely after being gifted the child’s Breath. As with last week, it revitalises you in ways that you never even realised you were feeling weary. You feel lighter in both mind and body, and your sense of the world around you sharpens. It takes a while for you to remember why you feel that way, about the ritual sacrifice you have just taken part in. That puts a damper on your day. You are taken into what passes as a throne room within your palace, where already there are a multitude of priests and guards milling around, making sure that people wait their turn properly for their attempt at a miracle, noting down all the petitioners and all their requests. Like all things you do, any responses you give to them will be scrutinised far more than you think is worthwhile. Subconsciously, everything you do has meaning. You wonder what meaning they would derive if you punched one of them. All-in-all, it’s just another week in your current life, another series of guilt-trips designed to make you hate yourself and life enough to want to end it for the sake of someone you barely know. Perhaps it is your restless night that has made you irritable. Or perhaps you’re just feeling sarcastic and introspective for the sake of it; you know that’s often enough the case. “My sister has-” Another person steps forward to beg. You start listening, promising that this time, you’ll pay attention. But he doesn’t realise that you’ve heard this story before. There’s nothing unique about his case, no novelty. You didn’t give your Breath away for this story before, and it would be unfair of you to give it away now. “My father’s very sick-” Susebron - The God-King - said that he liked the current set of gods. Was that because he thought we were good people, or just because we had a kind of balance? Did that mean that he didn’t want you to give away your breath, or was it just an offhand comment? Had he had a similar talk with all the other gods? “I’m worried about my mother, she’s not been out of bed-” Maybe you should do as some of the others have done, and create a kind of ‘system’ to decide, so it’s out of your hands. Maybe something like Fateweaver, where it’s up to the whims of fortune as to whether or not you live or die. Perhaps if you lived in the moment, instead of inside your own head, life would be simpler. “My son’s not doing so well-” The cases progress, each person coming forward to plead why you should die for their sake. You try to be attentive, but already they’re starting to blur into one, unrecognisable mass. You wonder how the previous batch of gods withstood this, week after week. Some of them, you read, had lived here for twenty years. You’re already jaded and depressed, and it’s only been two weeks. Were they selfish? Cowardly? Sterner, perhaps? Or was it too easy to just ignore the world, and pretend it didn’t exist, inside these opulent palaces? “I don’t want to die.” That last one. It cuts through you, resonates so strongly, it’s as though you were the one pleading for it, saying it along with the petitioner. Saying it to each one that comes up to you. ‘I’m sorry, but I don’t want to die either’. Are you allowed to be selfish, when they’re being selfish too? You could say ‘what if a more worthy case comes along, and I’ve already given my breath away?’ You know that would be a lie though. Comforting, maybe, until the quiet hours of the night when you’re just left with your treacherous, selfish thoughts. You tell Hera afterwards that you didn’t find anyone worthy of your Breath. You don’t tell her that you include yourself in that. Free Time Choose two Actions. I will no longer be suggesting things, so it’s up to you to decide! Motions for the Next Council Meeting Reduce Tax on Idrian Trade - Coinspender Send Party to Search for ‘Talaxin’ - Kindsmile Previous Motions
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    Exactly. I made that point. Her shadow was backwards in the prologue of WoR... she wasn’t in the cognitive realm. She was in a hallway in Kholinar palace.
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    Welcome to the shard @Truthwatch3r What is your favourite cosmere character so far?
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    I personally would like the books to be longer I get through them in about a week.
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    Welcome to the shard officially @Cosmoriente So basically you are all set and waiting for SA 4 to hit the shelves like all of us!
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    I wasn’t sure if I wanted to join or not since I haven’t read Alcatraz yet, but I can’t resist with how fun those rules are! I probably won’t be able to do any RP, partly because I haven’t read Alcatraz but also because the game will go by too fast for me to because of school. @The_God_King Welcome to SE! I’m glad to have you!
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    Which is an argument in favour of horneater forms as well. May be instead of going out in the highstorm, horneaters are selected to go swimming into the shardpool wherein they, then, bond with some spren granting them special abilities!
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    Agreed. Now that I think about it, I agree. Similar to how Parshendi are also closer to cognitive realm they also have not realised that the shardblades are dead spren. Although Rock might be more close to CR than singers/ listeners. Also welcome to the shard @KelStormblessed
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    Great question! Personally, I don't think Rock can see Shardblades as dead spren, but that could be a factor in why he is a chef, not a warrior.
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    YKYASW your aunt texts you at midnight last night after finishing Elantris (her first book by Sanderson) to say "I hate Hrathen. I love Hrathen. SO SO SO GOOD." and then sends you a list of cosmere books and asks if that's a good order to read them.
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    On the topic of Henry Cavill, I feel like with his history of playing super powered character protagonists (namely superman) it’d be super cool to see him play Steelheart in the proposed reckoners show. It’d be interesting to see this twisted superman figure played by the guy who played superman especially seeing how his version of the character was quite a bit darker than most versions already. Idk if anyone saw brightburn but the flipped super powered hero to villain premise played out so well for me and I reckon reckoners (no pun intended) could play out so well if it was done right. Just a shame it’s no longer in the works off the back of the state of sanderson
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    I have posted images many times using “choose files” it has always worked for me perfectly.
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    Are you referencing Ash (cutting things apART)?
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    Shadows go backwards in the CR. We know this from Oathbringer.
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    You are saying you did not love him enough before!?
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    You do know that the 2nd book had come out in 2010, right?
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    Yes he actually looks more cute than I had thought he would ! I just love Renarin more now !!
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    That is amazing! I love Renarin!
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    This is just awesome. Really makes me wish for a Stormlight anime.
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    Yes he has met Hoid for sure ! He told sigzil as much. The god of mischief!
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    It does not have to be a similar bond! It could be something different yet similar-ish. I also don’t think that horneaters would trap a spren in their gemheart or gemspilnter, seeing as how they worship them but their still could be some bond.
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    Makes me think of the thread about Horneater forms. Could they really have a gemstone and get different forms, be of them allowing you to see spren ? But may be their forms, unlike singer forms, are less potent and causes less outwardly changes to be very noticeable!?
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    I thought that not every horneater can see the spren! Rock is amongst those few who can.... Yes he mentioned something like the hot water lakes are normal water on the surface but after certain depth they are water of life. Gods live there and come to our world from there. So I think swimming at that depth in the shardpool somehow grants them the ability to see spren.
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