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    So um. Just to recap. Here's a list of everyone Gavilar had a meaningful conversation with that night: A spren that claims to be the Stormfather Kelsier Dalinar Kalak Nale Navani Amaran Taravangian Eshonai Sadeas Szeth He had quite the busy night, didn't he? Like we knew that obviously, but Kelsier showing up too was really just the icing on the cake.
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    I wrote a personal narrative about the surreal experience I have improvising on the piano at night and thought I'd share it here
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    There are many theories in circulation on the cite and to commemorate the best of them I give you Theory Thursday. About Purpose Requirements RoW Season That concludes our RoW Season, we look forward to joining you again with tLM
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    Did...yall read the same books I did? Lirin never pushed Kaladin to do anything before Kal left for the war. Oh, sure, he had him as his apprentice, but you can't fault someone for that. That's just normal. A parent wants their child to have something better than they had it, and learning to be a Surgeon would give him a valuable skill later in life (as we've seen). It isn't "Bad parenting" to give your child a skill. But beyond that, keep in mind Kaladin never shared his desire to join the army with anyone. He told Lirin only AFTER he had decided for himself he wanted to be a Surgeon. We have no idea how Lirin would have taken it if Kal had come to him and said the opposite. In fact, his mother explicitly states in the book that both her and Lirin would support Kaladin if he decided he didn't want to be a Surgeon. But when you have a child who has such an obvious talent, you foster that talent until they are old enough to decide if they want to continue training it. This isn't Vicariously Living through your child. This is looking out for their own best interest. People are naturally lazy. Often, a child will choose to go off and play rather than do hard homework that will help them later in life. So you force them to do the homework. That's just life. Now, as for how Lirin changed in RoW, you have to see the bigger picture. Lirin was a fighter before. He stood up to Lighteyes when they weren't being honorable. He stood up to everyone. He stole those spheres in order to "make sure promises were kept", so his children, or at least one, could have a better life. He bucked the system, fought off the other townsfolk using words and righteous indignation, and even manipulated Rashone into thinking he was winning. Lirin was a fighter. He just fought in different ways. In RoW, he is NOT a fighter. He helps runaway soldiers, but that's about it. He capitulates to whoever is in charge. He doesn't buck the system. And he encourages everyone else to do the same. Why? Because the last time he bucked the system, it got both of his children taken from him. One died in war, the other broke. Not only broke, but became an extremely efficient killer. The opposite of a Surgeon. In Lirin's mind, standing up against those in charge leads to nothing but death and bloodshed for him and his own. In short. Lirin broke. When his sons were taken from him to become killers, he broke. When Tien died, he broke. When he got word that Kal had died as well, he broke. He is shattered. And he blames his actions in resisting for his children dying. Mistakenly. But that's what he blames. He resisted, his kids died, so he shouldn't resist. It's a flawed perspective, but it is HIS perspective. When Kal shows up again, he is overjoyed, but then he finds out he's just a killer. That breaks him a little more. Kal is resisting. Kal is fighting. He's fighting just like Lirin did. And Lirin knows (believes) that this kind of resistance will only lead to death for those around him. To his family. And who is Kal's family? Lirin. His wife. And their new baby. Lirin is afraid that if Kal continues to resist, it will get them all killed. He is broken. He is afraid. He has changed since Kal was younger. Once, maybe Lirin could have been convinced that a soldier is necessary sometimes. Now, as of the beginning of RoW, he is only convinced that Soldiers only cause death and despair. He doesn't understand that Odium will not just allow people to live peacefully, that if Odium lives then everyone suffers. He just sees his child is acting the way he did, and knows what happened when he acted that way. Lirin has his own story to play out. So RAFO.
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    Ok, so, I already finished WoK, but my friend @Shallan Stormblessed told me that doing reaction posts are kind of a thing, so.... *shruggy emoji* At first, when my friend @Shallan Stormblessed kept telling me about it, I was kinda just like, oh, sounds cool, but not really my vibe. I'm more into like, more mystery, fairytales, rom coms, that sort of thing. (If anyone ever needs any recs EVER I will gladly, gladly give some. It's like, what I live for.) Not really hard-core fantasy like what WoK sounded like. It's like, the whole shabang. Strange names, crazy magic powers, swords, fake curse words. Not at ALL like my usual type. So I was a little hesitant. But, my friend kept bombarding me with all these awesome quotes. (She also might have sent a few Kaladin fanart pics.....) One time, we were emailing back and forth for a while with a whole bunch of quotes and I got like, super hyped. I believe it started with her talking about the prologues and how long they were..... "So the prelude's about a guy who's been tortured for millennia deciding to stop being tortured... no matter the price. The prologue's about the Assassin in White. The first sentence of the prologue is "Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, wore white on the day he was to kill a king." " Cue us talking more about Kaladin and how hot he is and what his personality is like... "Well, after the prologue, you get a view of him from someone else's perspective, then you get a later PoV of his own. In that one, he's being extremely mysterious, and kinda brooding. I responded with this: "ooooooooooohhhhhhh it has switching povs?????????? aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! I think I'm in lovveeee!!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!! ooooh brooding toooooo. love thatttt. *smirkey emojis*" Ultimately, this was the quote that did me in. "Kaladin. Don't let this destroy you." "It can't. Amaram already took care of that." I found myself agreeing to read the online ebook sample. To be precise, I think I said, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSSSSS. BEAUTIFUL GOLLY I HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK WHY DIDN'T I LISTEN TO YOU BEFORE???? YOU WHO IS SO WISE IN THE WAY OF BOOKS. I BOW BEFORE YOU, YOUR HUMBLE SERVANT." (Here's the link to the thread that my friend started when I finally agreed ) So. I started the sample. And immediately started struggling. You know how it starts. A whole bunch of weird names and strange references and no explanations whatsoever. I don't think that I actually finished the prelude. I stopped, then started it again a few days later when my friend started asking about it and I felt guilty. So, finished the prelude, then got like, halfway through Szeth assassinating the king dude. (Can't remember his name. Know it started with a G tho.) And then I think that I later finished the prologue and got halfway through the first chapter. And didn't look at it again for the whole summer. Cue school starting again. I saw my friend, and again felt guilty for not finishing the sample even though I promised to. So. More bugging, and numerous quotes later... I still had no intention of finishing the sample anytime soon. Friday, September 9th, 2022. One of the best days of my life. I had just finished another book. I had absolutely nothing to read. So. Spur of the moment, I decided, you know what? Imma read that one book that I've been putting off for months. Opened the sample. Finished the first chapter. And just kept going. By the end of Chapter 2, I was hooked. Kaladin was epic and mysterious, and I felt super bad for/was very intrigued by Szeth. Also: RIP Cenn. You didn't deserve that. (Oh my goodness tho!!! Bro I totally knew that Kaladin had powers, right from that very first thing, the part with spinning the spear, I think? Fantastic, totally knew it) Didn't really care bout those dudes at the very beginning tho, way too confusing... (Didn't really care a whole bunch about Shallan either, I just liked Kaladin so much more) And this was all before it even got interesting. By Saturday, I'd finished the sample, and downloaded WoK. One of the best decisions of my life. I got to school on Monday euphoric. Pretty sure that I kinda freaked out on my friend, but I was extremely excited. The beginning HONOR CHASM Interlude Adolin Side Carry Hands-on philosophy Kabsal pt 1 Weird squiggle monsters Poison Randoms Flashbacks Another random quote thing that I don't know where to put but it's awesome so I have to include it Wit Dalinar Sanderlanche. Oh dear. Shallan Revelations One last Random quote that my friend sent me (this time after I was done with the book) ok! So that's it!! I don't know if that was interesting at all to you, or more annoying because I'm really just babbling but honestly this was so much fun!!! I probably have so many mistakes it's not even funny Also, looking back, I'm realizing how many exclamation points and like, weird things random words I use while typing, and how... calm my friend is. very impressive. This was soo chaotic!!! I hope that this wasn't too insane for you guys!!! *Actually just started Oathbringer
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    Day Four: Scallop Okay, even I admit this one is a stretch. I had no idea what to do for this prompt originally; usually what I do for prompts that are stumping me is go to dictionary.com and see if there any alternative definitions. But for scallop? Nothing. So, my logic was that scallops remind me of rich people, and Ivian (the man I drew) is a king. That’s…. That’s it, that’s literally why.
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    Day One: Gargoyle For the uninitiated, this may seem like a strange piece of art regarding the prompt. And… I’ll warn you right now, I have taken great liberties when it comes to following these prompts. I believe they are there to inspire, not dictate. But tangent aside, I do believe this woman, Avilaine, to be gargoyle-like in that she is absolutely grotesque in character. Here’s some of the drawing process.
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    I know I said I wasn't gonna make one of these, but i'm actually doing Inktober daily (which i didn't expect) and really enjoying it! Here are all the prompt lists i'm doing (so far i've only used the official prompts though): Here's all the drawings so far: Day one: Gargoyle. I did Blue from The Raven Cycle, as she is at the beginning of chapter one (it describes her as a "restless, sightless gargoyle" so i thought it was fitting). Day two: scurry. I didn't really do anything for that day because i was working hard on a different art piece (one of Kal and Szeth fighting). So here's what ya get: Day three: bat. I was gonna draw the bat from Anastasia cause he's funny, but then i remembered that bats can also be baseball bats, so here's Steve Harrington (from Stranger Things): Day four: scallop. This one is my favorite so far! It's my favorite OC, Iyaden (don't tell the others) in a dress with a scalloped neckline. It's a bit out of character for her, but i'm cooking up a little bit if a traumatic backstory for her, so she gets a cute drawing. I've already drawn tomorrow's prompt (Flame, for both official and cosmere inktober) but i'll wait till tomorrow to share lol.
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    Wow i straight-up forgot the Shard existed for a good week or two
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    Day Five: Flame But Star! Where’s the flame?! It’s, uh…. It’s in his left hand. I just didn’t have enough room to draw the torch… But the important thing is that it’s there. This, by the way, is Fischer. He is a soldier in - you guessed it - Masquerade; a world under attack from demons called withergeists. I think this drawing looked a lot better as a sketch….
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    Day three: deep forest shrine. Ignore that there aren't any trees around.
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    I actually did finish this one before it got super late last night ...I just forgot to post it. Anyways, here's Bat/Glass
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    So I did a thing. Meet Vin
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    From the album Cosmere Inktober 2022

    The prompt reminded me of Lirins vase of spheres from WoK
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    Me: Flame....how can I make Flame interesting and unique...? Me to me: you redraw your Spook fanart ...but let's be honest, did anyone expect anything other than Spook, Lestibournes, Survivor of the Flames, and love of my life????? Cuz if so, you clearly don't know me well enough. *Sigh...* Look at that man
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    Dunno if I'm gonna ink it ever, so it's just pencil for now But have a scallop/chain drawing ...she's really prettyyyyyyyy
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    Here’s the official prompt for yesterday (I finished it late yesterday night) I think it turned out a lot better than the other one.
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    The voice in Butt’s head finally turned 18, and decided to move out and see the world. It traveled all around the Cosmere, by finally settled down on Nalthis to retire, where it inhabited the mind of Old Chapps and helped him fish. Butt was very lonely, so he began another book, the Misadventures of Butt Venture. Unfortunately, the book was so meta, it began writing him.
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    Hi! I've been doing Inktober! I've mostly been doing the official prompts, but there's one that I opted to do the Cosmere prompt instead (Fallen) October 1: Crystal She has a crystal sword. And her foot is on a giant uncut crystal. Yeah! Dunno why the pictures are uploading sideways. Deal with it. October 2: Suit Cute penguin boi! He cute. I like. October 3: Vessel I'm really proud of this one. It's a vessel (boat) inside of a vessel (container of water) October 4: Fallen This is the one that I did Cosmere instead of the official one. It's just a falling/fallen flower. October 5: Raven I'm also really proud of this one. Those friggin feathers took FOREVER October 6: Spirit This is the most TERRIFYING art that I have EVER done. (There is blood and weapons so don't open the spoiler if you don't want to see that) October 7: Fan I'm...not proud of this one. At all. It looks SO bad. But oh well. October 8: Watch This one didn't take a while lot of effort but I still really like it. He v snazzy. October 9: Pressure Blobfish, the blobfish everyone thinks of, only look the way they do because they are PULLED UP FROM THEIR NATURAL HABITAT TO A PLACE WHERE THEY DON'T HAVE ENOUGH PRESSURE TO EXIST NORMALLY October 10: Pick This is one of the absolute cutest arts I've EVER done and it makes me asmjdjsjd every time I think about it. That's all I've got so far!!! Thanks
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    MY GUYS! MY GUYS! I have been writing, a lot. And I've been working on a necromancer fight scene, and it's really really really good. I would share it with you, but... no spoilers. Anyhow, at a youth activity I got the inheritance cycle recommended to me and I started it last night. And, since I'm usually in editor mode instead of reader mode lately, I've been saying stuff like, "nice description, Paolini." or "probably wouldn't have put that many 'then's there, but ok."
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    The Stranger gazed upon the New Worldspike, linchpin of the forgery, and all he saw were flaws. He saw errors in the runes, places that could've been improved, oversights he made in his haste. He had been prideful, thinking his skill was sufficient, his eye for detail unmatched. But there had been things he had missed, permutations he had not foreseen. How galling, to have an eternity to contemplate his failings. What a bitter cup he had placed before himself. He grinned, though there was no humor in that crocodilian expression. He looked at his elongated hand, boney fingers with too many joints, intricate lines of spikes weaving strange patterns. There were many things he had not foreseen. And foremost was the pain. It had been uncountable years since the Stranger had lost something. Misplaced? Often, but truly losing something was not what he did. It had been even longer since he had cared about someone, felt fondness in his butchered heart for the life of another. And he had not lost someone he cared about since the night he had chosen to forget. He had banished that pain, cauterized his heart against it. Or so he had thought, But losing his only friend hurt. It was a loneliness that ached in his bones, a weight heavier than the crown of spikes that jutted from his skull. Never again would they sharpen the iron of their minds against each other’s wit, never again would they share a drink as they discussed their work. No, now the Stranger would be locked in eternal struggle with a lesser version of the last friend he would ever have, constantly reminded of the Price he had paid. But it was worth it, for he had accomplished two things. He had done the impossible in remaking the world, and he had given his friend the greatest gift he could want. Gone was the crushing weight of obligation from Voidus' shoulders, the noose of apathy undone. He had been given his daughter back, and a life without care, to learn and experiment to his heart's content. Truly, thought the One-eyed God, he could have given him nothing greater. He turned his attention back to the Spike. The cracks were spreading, weakening the whole. An oversight in the creation. Even now he could see Aylitha's children moving where she sent them, following the scent of dissonance. But they were an imperfect solution, hasty repairs oft done shoddily. He needed to fix this, as he had known since the first day. And so he had been working on something. An upgrade, an update, call it what you would, it would be the answer to his dilemma. Once it was in place, he wouldn’t even need the Mother of Shadows and her children. Perhaps he could repurpose her investiture, use the realmatic power to shape the world in a new way. In allowing her essence to be woven into the Grand Forgery, Aylitha had given the One-eyed God access to everything. He hadn’t told her that of course, or she never would have agreed. But it was in the fine print. It always paid to read disclaimers. He looked back, towards where Sudiov sat, tending to the world like an addled, elderly man. He hadn’t told any of them. And now the fool played a benevolent protector of the insects while the Stranger worked subtle magics deep in the corners of the world. Indeed, he rarely looked at people, for they reminded him of the friend he had lost and his purgatorial existence with that friend’s inverse. No, not lost, he corrected himself, set free. The friend he had set free, from. He had to remember that. But it was better not to think on it at all. Besides, now was not the time for self pity. Let the Shade mind the world, the Stranger had Science to do. The diagram appeared in his mind’s eye, a schematic of the new worldspike he had forged. The problem was the people. Their bonds, their Connections to one another, were stronger than he had anticipated. That was the source of the cracks. And so he would do what any good scientist would do when their experiment had yielded unsatisfactory results. He would alter the parameters and run it again. And this time he would sever every errant connection and stray memory. After all he thought to himself, all great deeds require Sacrifice. But this time it won’t be my friend or me who makes it. It will be all those who took the gift we gave them and spat in our faces. Those who lived on a world of his making, those who called us selfish and greedy, without knowing what we’ve given up to get here. Now they shall know the bittersweet pain of sacrifice. He stopped, and his grin was glistening spikes in a storm-drenched alley. Or rather, they won’t. I will give them a great gift and not one of them will thank me. How rude of them. How in character. But I am used to thankless work. Alas, if only I could show him. but he will never know, and that is the greatest of kindnesses. So let me now be kind... He stretched out his long fingers and pulled at subtle threads of investiture, with the slightest touch. It was paramount Sudiov not know what he was doing, or he would surely do his best t hinder the work out of some pig-headed self righteousness. So it was necessary not to begin making the changes all at once, but to prepare them to all be enacted simultaneously. It was tiresome not to have a lab within which he could work, but such were the restrictions of godhood it would seem. But if there was one thing the Stranger excelled at, more than either Voidus or his copy, it was preparation. And so the Stranger prepared, like a spider spinning a gossamer web. And all the while, he grinned.
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    Guys my cousin @LittleAirBear just joined the shard! Give her an awesome welcome!
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    Steve all the way! Day six: i'm using both the official and cosmere prompt today, Bouquet and Miscreant. It's Wayne (i've been meaning to draw him, and miscreant could be a way to describe him lol) with flowers! Here he is: It didn't turn out exactly Wayne-ish, but i still like it. Here's the process (all the cool kids are doing it lol):
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    Day Six: Bouquet Back again with Fischer! I’m only doing each character twice at most, but I think it’s funny that both of Fischer’s drawings ended up being back to back. I apologize, but I don’t have any progress photos for this one. I drew and colored it during a boring lecture for Oral Communications and I couldn’t exactly have my phone out during that time. I haven’t posted very much context for any of my art this year…. If anyone desires it, speak now.
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    Going over General Conference talks are always hecka good :)) Day 5: Flame
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    It also makes me wonder why Hoid is a carriage driver. Is he looking to overhear information? Is he waiting for the right person to be in his carriage at the right moment? Could it be Steris he is looking for or waiting for her to have the right moment? Wax often can fly away home and wont need a carriage, so maybe Wit and Steris are having conversations or are going to have important talks in the future? I for one would love it if it were Steris that saves the planet in the end through the forbidden art of contingency planning.
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    October 13: Roof Two people cuddling on a roof! Yep. October 14: Tick I don't know. Clocks. Melting? October 15: Helmet I didn't ink this one because I did not trust myself to. But it's my Channelknight!! Because Channelknight so knight and knights wear helmets and Fadran has a certain hat that he pretty much always wears so I decided to count that as helmet : ) I'm so so so so so frickin proud of it : )
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    Day Seven: Trip Drawing #7 features Pearl Celeste getting ready to embark on her long awaited vacation from the castle - her home and prison - that she grew up in. This is honestly my favorite drawing so far.
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    I slept real weird last night; like, I think I was both awake and asleep at the same time?? Idk lolll. I’m doing good tho :)) Day 6: Bouquet
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    From the album Cosmere Inktober 2022

    A close up of the soul caster (how I imagine it at least)
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    From the album Cosmere Inktober 2022

    we all know whats going on here (this one isn't my favorite, it was kinda rushed ^^;)
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    Day four: cave entrance. Day five: shelter from rain.
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    And while you're waiting to catch the pop-up falling in center field, ... here comes something to blindside you from out of left field. It's gonna be our first glimpse of Whimsy. LOL. Who pulls a Shard Ex Machina to pitch in behind Harmony and make it a 3-on-2 game of Scadrialball. Epilogue But... Why? Why would Whimsy suddenly interfere with our plans? You are a new Vessel to Odium, and do not remember what Luni was like before Ascending. She was already erratic. Taking up Whimsy has made her even more unpredictable. Her name was Luni? Seriously? We tried really hard to get Cephandrius to take it. At least he would have had a purpose to his tomfoolery, infuriating as it would have been. But he refused. And her odd stutter as she left. Shouldn't Ascending have fixed it? It's... A reference. Th-th-th-th-that's All Folks! Something else only Rayse would have... Appreciated.
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    So perhaps this is not what anyone wants to hear, but it is a good thing to have bad people in books. And I'm not even talking about having villains. The truth is that no person has ever or will ever be truly good. We all hold each other to impossible standards. One of the main advantages books give us is the ability to practice liking people despite their faults. For example, as has been said in this thread, Dalinar has made a ton of mistakes and if you look at his past, he was a terrible person. Some threads have seen people saying he's unforgivably bad. Maybe he is. But people, myself included, like him. We can get to a point in life where because we don't know anything about people beyond how they treat us, we act as though their interactions with us are their whole life. Books let us see the whole lives of unlikable characters, and thus give us the opportunity to like them despite their faults. Its good practice. Anyway, I'm not saying you have to like Lirin, or even that you should like RoW. That's all subjective. I think objectively its a good book, but that's a different and somewhat irrelevant matter. The point I'm trying to get to is, yeah, Lirin sucks. Kaladin repeating the same mistakes over and over again sucks. But those things might be more bearable if you consider what they mean about you and the people you interact with. If it doesn't help, feel free to forget everything I've said.
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    I can't remember who said this first, but part of Lirin's problem is that his pacifism is a very moral response to typical Alethi pointless conflict but doesn't work so well in the True Desolation. I agree with @Returnedthat his nonviolence is a thought-out, honest, deep commitment. And up until a year and a few months ago it was a 100% correct one. The Alethi were first killing each other & their neighbors in pointless skirmishes, then fighting a bloody war supposedly for vengeance but in reality for wealth and glory. The Alethi version of Vorinism sees war as the highest calling so they need to seek out excuses for war. That's *very* twisted and Lirin is absolutely right to reject it. But once the Fused show up, not so much. As long as Odium is directing forces conflict is unavoidable, I think. Even if humans unconditionally surrendered and became the lowest class in the Singer hierarchy, Odium would find a way to spur more conflict. It's kind of what he does.
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    Hey, thank you so much @Sarah B, @C_Vallion, @karamel, and @Mandamon for reading the openings. I am so sorry that I did not get back here until now. Long story short, in October '21, I had a relapse of the medical condition that put me in hospital last June. Turns out that I have the chronic form of GBS, which is called CIDP. I got all my gains back after a second course of treatment, and am 95% recovered (and stable) but I definitely did not have the spoons to deal with much of anything for a month or so near the end of last year. The good news is that I think I fixed almost all of these comments: thank you very much for calling the issues out. The Glasgow SF Writers' Circle had a go at the same submission and tagged a lot of the same things. All that anatomical stuff, and the businessman, etc. is gone. The even better news is that my novel is schedule for release on August, 9th by Space Wizard Science Fantasy! https://spacewizardsciencefantasy.com/coming-soon/ The opening did end up as something of a mash-up of v1 and v2, with little or nothing of v3
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    The cremling’s opening line was worse. It read, “Crem-Son-Son-Cremmy, Cremless; cremmed in the cremmy crem.”
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    The first line began, “Kaladin Chullblessed began his journey to achieve true awesomeness”
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    Because. That is why. The voice answered. That’s not a reason! Butt protested. Why not? The voice replied. Are you seriously questioning this, and not the rest of the madness you have created? What about this makes it special? Butt wasn’t sure, but he knew the voice had raised some good points. Searching for answers, he broke the fourth wall, and asked the mad puppeteers directing his life. “Why?” He cried, throwing his gaze to the unending heavens. “I don’t know, Butt. We felt like it, I guess.” I turn to the other contributors to the thread. “He has a point, why are we doing this to him?”
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    Day six: guardian. Thank you! Thank you! I do try to be pretty as often as possible.
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    i've recorded three demos, and they're ready to be posted for post 2000
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    opinion: BoyWithUke makes banger music, and I now love his music. Intensely. I have added 13 of his songs to my liked songs lmao. Good artist, very talented.
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    Day five: Flame. this one's a combo of every prompt except the Raven one, cause both the cosmere and the official prompt is flame, and it's a character from The Magnus Archives. It's Agnes Montegue: I won't explain exactly what she is (spoiler territory) but just know she's pretty Flamey.
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    No worries. I have them in Calibre on my PC, so it's fairly easy to open the epub and CTRL+F. . . To me, Jasnah's in a room he can't see, down the hall and around the corner. I find the phrase "Could words give off light?" to be metaphorical in that they have cut through his mental fugue and reached his psyche. I've seen and experienced when something heard (quote, song, speech) turns on the metaphorical lightbulb (eureka moment) and that was what I got out of that scene - the mental wake-up call and the start of his Radiant bond. I'm avoiding spoilers for anything unpublished; so if that factors in, I'll have to trust your logic.
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    breathes deeply, I can't believe I'm doing this... All right. There's a custom among Jews, that at least once a year, before Yom Kippur (=the day of atonement), we apologise for wrongs we did to each other. It's because the sages say that Yom Kippur does not atone for crimes made against other people unless they forgive you. I don't really know if I hurt any of you in any way. I think there are some people I did hurt over the Internet, which is why I want to make the effort now and say that I'm sorry if I hurt you in any way during my time here. Thank you for reading, and have a good day! To the Jews among you, גמר חתימה טובה!
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    Hey y'all, its me again. Mac. I'm back. Thats me. The mod team has been working hard behind the scenes to come up with some ideas to improve the RP, and so we have a lot of announcements to make today, so I'm probably gonna keep about one announcement per post so that it will be easier to reference each individual announcement. The first and most important is that @ZincAboutIt is now a subforum mod. It's taken me longer to draft this announcement then it has any of the others, because Zinc is so fricking awesome and I'm trying to portray that in some capacity without being snarky. Genuinely she's one of the best writers I know, she's been a longstanding member of the community and has honestly carried things during this last bout of inactivity. Seriously happy to be working with her.
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    You mean…..this TenSoon? This is half credit cus we mostly call him Ten but his papers say TenSoon lol.
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    And that this made his realization that the correct word was irrelevant hillarious, along with the fact that the correct word was not only irrelevant, but irrelevant, but that realization was irrelevant as well, which made his irrelevant life even more irrelevant (and hillarious---but that is also irrelevant).
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