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    Feels like we haven't had one of these posts in some time, doesn't it? In reality it's only been ~3 weeks but it feels nice to get back to something resembling a normal schedule. Nothing lasts, unfortunately, as we have something like 8 commissions in the works right now (many of which are simple, but still), but that's a problem for future mysterious-author-of-these-posts, not present mysterious-author-of-these-posts (this sentence makes a lot more sense on Patreon, where you can't check who is writing the posts, just go with it here). That should be enough padding, let's look at some art! For the month of May our patrons wanted to see the Lightwoven story of The Girl Who Looked Up, but as it is told to us in the Oathbringer chapter 82: The Girl Who Stood Up - when Hoid finds Shallan hiding in a Kholinar house, and helps her finish the story beyond the earlier version we got, the one where the moral is that the wall was there to keep the girl's people in. In the Hoid-assisted version, the girl ventures out, steals some of God's Light, and brings it back to her people so they don't have to live in darkness... and in the process brings the storms as well. For this piece we decided to work with barlydoodles on Tumblr. They have some truly excellent (fan)art, including this silly comic about Shallan wanting to do a Bridge Four sexy calendar and Kaladin absolutely perishing. You can see the exquisite work yourselves, but what is not immediately obvious is that they threw in the additional, standalone portrait of the girl for free, and without being asked to do - just for fun! Barly (?) was great to work with, and you should expect more from them in the future when we land on the right prompt.
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    This is a theory I've been chewing on for a while but haven't wanted to post because I haven't had the time to put all the pieces together. Anyway, here goes: SPOILERS THROUGH RHYTHM OF WAR (I think) TLDR Ba Ado Mishram was the child of Honor and Cultivation, the common ground between singers and spren. The Heralds communed with her to some degree, perhaps tricking or trading with her, and she helped them access the Surges. This violated the agreement between the human refugees that bound them in Shinovar and forbade them to use the Surges (in the eyes of the singers at least) - and was the initial spren betrayal the Fused speak of. In retaliation, the singers went to Odium and became the Fused, sparking the first Desolation. The Heralds went to Honor and forged the Oathpact to enable them to fight the Fused and seal them in Braize. In the course of the war, the Fused were able to help Odium Unmake Mishram into Ba Ado Mishram. This is the singer betrayal the spren speak of, which led to many spren mimicing what Honor had done with the Heralds, and the beginning of the Radiants. Cultivation and Honor then had another child, this time made to represent the common ground between humans and spren - Mishram's younger Sibling. A lot of the evidence I've based this on from the text is drawn from the two in-world myths in the title, 'Queen Tsa and the cleverest of the three moons' and 'The Girl Who Looked Up". If you want to get into the weeds, keep reading. Myths of Roshar Firstly, we need to be establish the connection between these two tales, so let's look at what both of the myths are about: The tale of Queen Tsa is a story about a woman who escapes the bounds set forth for her and her people by travelling to the heavens. She is aware that going to the heavens is forbidden for mortals, but still she ascends (by tricking the green moon Mishim to trade places with her). She eventually returns to the world, however she is carrying the child of Nomon, the blue moon god of her people. Her son bears the "mantle of the heavens" and she believes he will lead her people to glory. The tale of The Girl Who Looked Up is a story about a young woman who escapes the bounds set forth for her and her people by travelling beyond the Wall. She is aware that going beyond the Wall is forbidden for her people, but still she ascends. She looks over the wall to and sees God's Light. She returns to the world, but first she steals a piece of God's Own Light and flees back home with it. As a result, the storms start coming - but her people now have Light. My conclusion is probably quite obvious by now... Queen Tsa is The Girl Who Looked Up Or, at least, the two represent the same person/people. While Queen Tsa may be an actual historical figure in Roshar, it's important to remember that Hoid - ancient, magical Hoid - is the one telling the tale.. And he's not above exercising artistic license when he wants to. Hoid is also the teller of the second iteration of the Girl Who Looked Up not long after this scene, the version which includes the Girl's people having "light renewed." (Oathbringer, 82) If that doesn't convince you, here are a few of the symbolic ties between Tsa and the Girl. i) Looking Up Like the Girl, Tsa quite literally spends her story looking up at the heavens and hatching her scheme to get there: she is literally a girl who looks up. Both Tsa and the Girl are warned against their quest: The Queen herself says that all know the eyes of mortals would burn at the sights, their minds run mad at the language of the heavens. The Girl questions several people on the Wall and is told: "There is a wall. Do not go beyond it, or you shall die.” (Oathbringer, 25) Both the Girl and the Queen reach for the sky: The Girl by climbing the "high, terrible wall stretching toward the moons. Blocking the sky..." (Oathbringer, 25) The Queen by designing "high towers for her city, built to reach ever upward, grasping toward the sky." (Oathbringer, 67) ii) Turning White In the myth of the Girl at the point at which she starts climbing the Wall, Shallan notices that the Girl's hair is white, and is unsure if it had always been. Brandon has stated there is some significance to this. In the story of Tsa, the Queen is represented in Hoid's smoke by a white tower while Mishim is represented by a green moon. Once they trade places however, Shallan notes that: "the moon had become white, and the single straight tower he made by swiping up in the smoke was instead pale green." (Oathbringer, 67) In both stories, the transition/appearance of white occurs after the protagonist sets out on their journey to the other side. iii) The Red Scarf In the myth of the Girl, we are told: "a vibrant red scarf grew around the girl’s neck, twin tails extending far behind her". (Oathbringer, 25) The significance of this scarf is hard to see until you look into the history of the scarf itself. It originated in Ancient Egypt and was worn by Queen Nefertiti. I think this is meant to draw yet another symbolic connection between the Girl and Queen Tsa, as she too wears the mantle of a Queen. As for the colour red, more on that later.* Lastly, when Shallan finds Hoid telling the story of Queen Tsa and the three moons in Kholinar: "He was dressed, strangely, in a soldier’s uniform—Sadeas’s livery, with the coat unbuttoned and a colored scarf around his neck." (Oathbringer, 67) iv) The Crime Both the Girl and the Queen commit a crime (or at least something that is viewed in world as morally wrong) once they reach the other side. The Queen breaks her promise not to look upon the sights of the heavens: "Tsa! Your word is broken!" (Oathbringer, 67) The Girl steals a piece of God's Light. v) The Light Both return home with a keepsake from the other side. The Girl returns to her village with the piece of God's Light, bringing with her the storms. We are told that the Light once taken could not be put back and that "each storm brought light renewed" and [of her people] "now they could see". In other words, her people now had Light eternal thanks to her gambit. The Queen carries a child of Nomon, one of the gods, who bears the "mantle of the heavens". The story elaborates that all descendants of this son bear this mantle (the blue skin) - or you could say all of her people now bear the mantle of the heavens. Symbolically, heaven's mantle usually refers to the stars themselves - or starlight. So all of her people now bear the Light of the heavens after her gambit. So if these two stories are about the same characters and events, what are they about? Who do they represent? We know of the history of the human refugees led by the Heralds, who were bound in Shinovar and likely warned against tampering with the Surges after the destruction of their home planet. We know that the First Desolation was sparked by some sort of betrayal by the spren involving the humans: "The betrayal of spren has brought us here/They gave their Surges to human heirs" (Words of Radiance, 28) Who is Queen Tsa/The Girl representing? What about Mishim, God's Light, the child of Nomon and Tsa? The Heralds & Ba Ado Mishram 1) The people of Tsa's kingdom = the people of the village = human refugees from Ashyn The Village and the world are both the strictly designated areas of the denizens of Tsa and the Girl's world, and they are forbidden to leave it. From what we know of the original Ashynite refugees, this is exactly what Shinovar was to them: humans were supposed to stay in the grassy, earth-like area designed for them - to this day the Shin curse stonewalkers ( the rest of Roshar is basically stone and crem). Another parallel is found in the fact that the people in the Girl's village lived in darkness - there was no Light. In much the same way, Shinovar is known to have no spren, and the ancient human refugees had no bonds to Rosharan spren - no Investiture - no Light. However, this story is not purely a physical one - much like the history of Roshar was not. 2) The City/World = The Village = Shinovar/the minds of men Queen Tsa's home city/the whole world parallels the village the girl lives in: the Village is described as being in the shadow of the great Wall - one villager says it's not a wall: "That’s just the way the sky is over there.” (Oathbringer, 25) The Wall is so huge the villagers almost seem to live beneath it, in the same way Tsa and her people live literally below the heavens. And while the humans did literally expand out of Shinovar into Roshar, but the rest of the tale - the theft of Light, the mantle of the heavens - doesn't quite add up with any purely physical objects in Rosharan history. We have known since Words of Radiance that the ancient singers felt the spren had betrayed them. This has been expanded on in subsequent books as we know the singers manipulated the Surges - using Stoneshaping etc. - and had some sort of bonds with the spren like all native Rosharan life. That ancient betrayal that sparked the war, and a cycle of betrayals. The spren betrayal, in the listener's words was that: "They gave their Surges to human heirs" (Words of Radiance, 28) We also know how spren bonds work now - human minds are linked to spren, which pulls them into the Physical Realm through the Connection. It is a meeting of minds that grants spren presence in the Physical Realm in exchange for granting humans Surges. This is why I believe the darkness the people of the Girl's village is representative of Cognitive darkness - the humans had no access to the Surges, to Stormlight - they lived in darkness. For further evidence we can look to the singers in this tale. 3) The creatures who lived beyond the Wall = the singers "She climbed down the steps...she hid among the creatures who lived on this side." (Oathbringer, 82) There are creatures who live beyond the wall, in "God's Light" (Oathbringer, 82) unlike the Girl's people living in the land of shadows. On the Physical level, this is accurate with what we know of Rosharan history - the ancient singers lived in Roshar, filled with spren and Investiture while the humans lived in earth-like Shinovar. It also tallies with what we've heard about the bonds between men and spren vs those between singers and spren.These realms are meant to represent the minds of men and singers respectively: at this point in time, humans had no Connection to the spren of Roshar - there was a barrier between their minds and those of the spren. Singers however, cannot provide what the humans can: The spren betrayed us, it's often felt. Our minds are too close to their realm That gives us our forms, but more is then Demanded by the smartest spren, We can't provide what the humans lend, Though broth are we, their meat is men (Words of Radiance, 32) According to this, the ancient spren betrayed the singers because singers minds were too close to their realm (Shadesmar), and the sapient spren desired more: human connection. Much as we are told that Mishim "doesn’t want to be in the sky" and longs to come down among mortals and do all the things "she had watched from afar" (Oathbringer, 67). As for Nomon, in the tale we see how Mishim's brothers enjoy the company of Tsa, in a way they never seemed to with Mishim. This seems to parallel the sentiments of the singers as they realise the humans - like Queen Tsa - have more to offer the spren than they do; this suggests Nomon himself represents the spren. As for Mishim...more on that later/ 4) Queen Tsa = The Girl Who Looked Up = The Heralds Now, if the setting is ancient Shinovar then while the Girl/Queen of the people could represent an actual queen, she more likely represents the leaders of the humans living in Shinovar: the Heralds. After all, it is the Girl who is responsible for stealing the piece of God's Light, the coming of the storms, and "tearing down the wall" (Oathbringer, 25). In the RoW Nale visions, we see what is presumably the forging of the Oathpact (as it is the earliest vision). In it, Jezrien and Ishar invite Nale to take some charge, a duty that he accepts with honor - the Oathpact. Jezrien claims, "We will fix what we've broken." (Rhythm of War, 47) This seems to indicate that Jezrien and Ishar - at least - were responsible for starting the Desolations. We also infer that Nale was opposed to whatever Jezrien and Ishar did that "broke" something and started the war, as Jezrien claims he was correct all along. Let's combine this with what we already know about the start of the Desolations: 1) The spren betrayed the singers by giving their "Surges to human heirs" 2) The humans betrayed the singers in some way involving the spren "they were a people forlorn, without a home...their betrayal extended even to our gods: to spren, stone, and wind." (Oathbringer, 111) 3) Some of the Heralds were responsible for breaking something, which started the Desolations So what did the ancient humans break? We know the Heralds were their leaders, and that squares with Jezrien's reference to what they broke when talking to Nale. In the story of the Girl, she steals a piece of God's Light. This leads to the breaking of the wall, the barrier between the land of shadows and the land of Light - and the Storms come as a punishment. It seems that the Heralds - the ancient humans - violated their agreement, they broke their word. "Tsa! Your word is broken!" (Oathbringer, 67) The Heralds broke their word by (in the eyes of the Fused) stealing the spren/Surges, breaking the barrier between men and spren and, which led to the Desolations. The Girl crossed the barrier between lands and stole Light, which led to the Wall being torn down and the Storms coming as punishment. After breaking their Pact with the singers, Jezrien and Ishar hatched a plan to forge a new one that might fix what they had ruined.= 5) The Sky = Beyond the Wall = Roshar/Shadesmar It follows that the Heavens and the land beyond the Wall are one and the same. The land beyond the Wall is illuminated by God's Light, which seems to tally with the heavens which are lit by starlight - and also the presence of the gods Nomon and Salas. 6) Tsa & Nomon's Child = The Piece of God's Light = Surges Both the Girl and the Queen journey to the 'Other Side' and return with something: the Girl steals a piece of God's Light, which she brings to her people providing Light eternal - "each storm brought light renewed, for it could never be put back, now that it had been taken." (Oathbringer, 82) The Queen returns to her land pregnant with Nomon's child, and gives birth to a son who will lead her people. He is said to bear "the mantle of the heavens" meaning the blue skin of Natanatan which mimics the blue light of Nomon's moon. In the story, Nomon is a god however; that blue light is God's light, one that his son carries. We are also told that "that is why to this day, the people of Natanatan have skin of a faintly blue shade.": Queen Tsa's people bear God's Light to this day. The key difference between the two tales is how this is obtained: the Girl steals a piece of God's Light, whereas Nomon seems to have delighted in Tsa's company - that was no theft. The only victim in the tale of Tsa is Mishim; she is the one who is tricked by Queen Tsa, she is the one who experiences "Loss." (Oathbringer, 67) She experiences the loss of "Nomon's kindness" (Oathbringer, 67): the loss of her bond with her brothers. To experience loss is to have something taken away: the Girl steals God's Light; the Queen steals God's affection. So what is God's Light? What is this thing that The Girl/Tsa/the Heralds stole? It's pretty clear, given what Light is in the real (cosmere) world - Investiture. Bonds. Or, as a Rosharan might say, Surges. These two stories - taken as one tale about the Heralds - rhyme very well with in-world canon we know, which I alluded to earlier. Let's take the two stories, strip them of their figurative facade and see what we're left with. To recap: Queen Tsa = The Girl = The Heralds The World = The Village/land of shadows = Shinovar/minds of men creatures beyond the wall = ? = singers Nomon = God's Light = spren Nomon's son = Piece of God's Light = Surges Storms = Desolations Mishim = ? = ? So, the Heralds lived and led the humans Shinovar, and were strictly forbidden from venturing beyond Shinovar and their minds from Connecting with spren and accessing Surges. Despite the warnings of some of their peers, the Heralds decide to breach the barrier between men and spren. They trick Mishim (?) into helping them access the Surges. Mishim feels betrayed by the Heralds, and claims that they broke their word. The damage is done, and the barrier between the minds of men and the spren is broken. The Desolations start as a result of this. However, every Desolation brings back the light renewed* (in this case I believe it alludes to the fact that the Heralds return with each Desolation/storm). So who is Mishim in the cosmere, this mysterious being that allowed the Heralds to access the Surges (a piece of God's Light)? Where is she in the story of the Girl Who Looked Up? We know that Mishim was the victim of loss in Tsa's story, so we simply have to look for a similar victim in the Girl's story: who did the Girl steal God's Light from? There are 2 answers to that question. 1) God's Light ("girl in the scarves slipping up to the grand source of light, then breaking off a little piece in her hand." (Oathbringer, 82) 2) The creatures beyond the Wall (aka the singers) The second is the easiest to comprehend: it fits with what we know of the lore. The Heralds/ancient humans stole (in the eyes of the singers) the Surges/Connection to Rosharan spren from the ancient singers - this is the betrayal that started the Desolations. It also works if we insert the singers in the tale of Tsa: Mishim (the singer) is jealous of Tsa's connection with her brothers Nomon and Salas: "‘Feasting?’ Her siblings had never feasted with her before." (Oathbringer, 67) "‘Songs?’ Her siblings had never sung with her before." (Oathbringer, 67) "Mishim...now knew another mortal emotion. Loss." (Oathbringer, 67) Mishim is jealous of and betrayed by the human Tsa's Connection with Nomon in the same way the singers are jealous of and betrayed by humans Connection to spren, whose "meat is men" . Tsa offers Nomon companionship that Mishim cannot, singing and feasting with him - just as the humans offer what the singers cannot: "We can't provide what the humans lend" (Words of Radiance, 32) The first is a bit murkier, but also makes sense with cosmere mechanics. You might ask how you can steal from a being made of God's Light, or how a piece of that being could grant one Surges. But we do have sapient beings made of 'God's Light' (Investiture), with whom a Connection can grant access to Surgebinding: spren. How can these two answers coexist? How can the Heralds have taken the Connection to Rosharan spren from a spren and taken it from the singers? Simple: Mishim was a spren who represented the Connection between the singers and the spren. We know that such spren can exist from Rhythm of War, because that is exactly what the Sibling is: "My song...the common ground, the Sibling said. Between humans and spren. That is … that is why I was created." (Rhythm of War, 110) The Sibling is the child of Honor and Cultivation, made to be the emulsifier between humans and spren. If Honor and Cultivation created such a being for the humans, is it not possible that they did the same aeons before? Either that, or they found the spren already in existence - the singers being native to Roshar, it is possible that such a spren arose naturally. If it didn't, if this mysterious elder spren was indeed born of Honor and Cultivation, then the spren made by Honor and Cultivation to bridge the gap between spren and humans is not the only child - he is the Sibling. A last piece of evidence - the chapter with the tale of Queen Tsa is titled 'Mishim' and begins with this epigraph: "This generation has had only one Bondsmith, and some blame the divisions among us upon this fact." (Oathbringer, 67) We know now that this was the Sibling's Bondsmith, which seems appropriate for a chapter revealing lore about the character I believe to have been its predecessor. Let's turn back to the tale of Tsa and apply this new knowledge: at the end of the story, Mishim hears a new song which she recognises as the song of Nomon's child with Tsa . She feels loss - a spren that represents the Connection between singers and spren experiences the loss of light at the hands of the humans. This works perfectly as symbolism for the singers ancient loss and betrayal. However, it still leaves us with one final question: who is/was Mishim? Who was this great spren of Connection, that represented the Connection of the minds of the entire singer species to the spren? Hmmmm.... "Ba-Ado-Mishram...Connected herself to the entire singer species." (Rhythm of War, 73) "Ba-Ado-Mishram has somehow Connected with the parsh people," (Oathbringer, 80) 7) Mishram = Mishim The first and most obvious connection here is the similarity of the two names Mishim/Mishram. Beyond this, let's look at everything we know about Ba Ado Mishram from the books: i) The Heralds know Ba Ado Mishram personally: "please find Mishram and release her. Not just for her own good. For the good of all spren." (Rhythm of War, 97) NOTE: Kalak calls her 'Mishram', not 'Ba Ado Mishram' as the Fused, Sja-Anat and other Voidspren do. ii) She is consistently described as crafty/cunning/intelligent: "Ba-Ado-Mishram, who had granted forms to the singers during the False Desolation—were crafty and conniving." (Rhythm of War, I-2) "She is said to have been keen of mind, a highprincess among the enemy forces" (Oathbringer, 106) iii) She is trapped in a prison (the gem) and presumably wants to escape. Now lets look at how Mishim, the green moon is described: i) "the third moon is the cleverest." (Oathbringer, 35) ii) "she doesn’t want to be in the sky, sir. She wants to escape." (Oathbringer, 35) iii) "everybody knows that Mishim—the third moon—is the most clever and wily of the moons.” (Oathbringer, 35) iv) "Mishim is always looking for a chance to escape her duty.” (Oathbringer, 67) v) “Everyone knows that Mishim is the cleverest of the three moons." (Oathbringer, 67) vi) "The queen was pious, but the moon was crafty." (Oathbringer, 67) [NOTE: Ishar is famously pious, and less famously crafty] vii) “As always, Mishim was hatching a scheme." (Oathbringer, 67) I find it too much of a coincidence that two characters with such similar names are consistently described with the same language. Furthermore, the characterisation of Mishim as a kind of rebel fits with what we know of Ba Ado Mishram, who led the singers in the False Desolation without Odium and the Voidspren. It also explains how and why Ba Ado Mishram was able to Connect herself to the minds of the entire singer species during the False Desolation. Her having been the spren of Connection between singers and spren, it makes sense that she would retain this capacity - and that binding her in the way they did would have some adverse effects on the singers: "Yes. That terrible act touched the souls of all who belong to Roshar. Spren too." (Rhythm of War, 49) "By capturing Ba-Ado-Mishram—locking her in a gemstone—humankind had stolen the minds of the singers in ancient times." (Rhythm of War, 24) Even the language of the Recreance in this quote seems to echo the myth of the Girl: humans stole God's Light from the minds of the singers. And Mishram, "though still crafty, has never again left her place." (Oathbringer, 67) Conclusion So that's my theory. Ba Ado Mishram - once called Mishram - was a spren who represented the common ground between singers and spren. The Heralds communed with her to some degree, perhaps tricking her, and this let them access the Surges. This act violated the agreement between the singers and the human refugees (in the eyes of the singers at least) - this was the initial spren betrayal the Fused speak of. In retaliation, the singers went to Odium and became the Fused, sparking the first Desolation. The Heralds in turn went to Honor and forged the Oathpact to enable them to fight the Fused and seal them in Braize. During the course of the war, Odium was able to Unmake Mishram, God's Own Light, into Bad Ado Mishram. This is the great singer betrayal that the spren speak of, that led to many spren mimicing what Honor had done with the Heralds, and the beginning of the Radiants. Finally, it is possible that Mishram was actually the first born child of Cultivation and Honor, created specifically to represent the bond between singers and spren. Centuries later, when the spren started making human Surgenbinders, Ishar came to Honor to help force order upon them (making the Radiant orders). At this point, Cultivation and Honor had another child, this time made to represent the common ground between humans and spren. They made the Sibling. If you made it this far thanks for reading, can't believe I actually typed this whole essay and someone actually read it. Excited for y'all to tear holes in it it!
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    Came up with this all by myself. Hoid: So, I was on the planet where Elantris is...you know, with the Seons? Khriss: Yeah, it's called Sel. Hoid: And I saw a little colorful ocean creature swimming around with fins. Khriss:....You mean a fish? Hoid: Yeah, and it had some really cool rocks. And I asked it for one. And you know what? Khriss: ....What? Hoid: It didn't give me any of them! Khriss:.....Okay. Stop bothering me. Hoid: I guess it was just a little selfish. Khriss:........
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    I want to address this because I think it misses a very important angle - a cultural (or racial, or sexual, you name it) background we don't currently have within our team is a skill. Even if we weren't looking for anything else (and we do), this alone would be valuable. It not only helps us understand and moderate our community better, it helps tremendously in growing it as well, attracting people who might've never joined otherwise, or ones who would've joined and just lurked, uncomfortable to fully open up. You say that diversity shouldn't matter, only skill should, and I hear what you are saying - but this is also a view that, in my opinion, missed important nuances in the reality of the situation. I don't want to dig too much into this here and now, but you establish a scenario here that's not necessarily true. You say that if the only skilled people are of one group, we should take from that group - but this premise is not necessarily true, not all "skilled" people are from one group, it's entirely possible (very likely, even) that a big reason we don't have a more diverse Staff is because we've never put in the effort to find those quiet people and invite them in. Just some food for thought
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    So it's well past midnight for me, and things just aren't working. I've been taking medication to help me sleep, but those seemingly aren't working anymore. I just sit and stare and think and think and it goes on for hours now. It's been days and I haven't actually rested. Scud's been hard over here. I don't know why, but it's just all really bad. It's not that things are happening, even. Nothing's happening. I'm not doing anything. Nobody else is doing anything. Like... life is about doing, right? Then what the hell am I living for? I've ranted before, and you always have some kind words to share. I appreciate them so much. You let me know that I'm safe here, that I can talk, that you can listen. That means the world to me - what little world there is left, anyways. But it's not enough to just... fix it. Right now my eyes are too tired to stay open but everything else is too awake to even stop moving for a second or two. This horrible ache in my chest just won't go away, no matter how many times I try to breathe it out or think my way through it. Anxiety's that one pebble in the heel of your shoe sometimes, and itsomehow that's just as bad as the massive, gutting kinds. When I have real panic attacks I can scream, cry, get it all out... with this I just shake. And wait. The problem isn't that there's nobody there for me. The problem is that there isn't anybody here for me. It's been epochs since I last had an actual hug from a real friend that actually meant something more than just a quick goodbye. As a physical touch sort of fella, I can comfortably just sort of... cuddle with people. Obviously not a weird way. Just to let each other know that we've got our backs. We're safe. So please don't discontinue your messages and encouragement. That's not what I'm trying to say. It's just that I'm surrounded by all you amazing people but also so alone at the same time. I can't sleep. I can't write. I can't draw. I can't play my piano. When I dream it's about horrible things - just nightmare after nightmare full of panic and anxiety. For once I just want to be sick and feel justified doing absolutely nothing, but I'm not. It's all my fault that I'm never going outside and breathing fresh air and moving these god-forsaken bones and muscles of mine. It's my fault that I won't be going to college this semester and finally getting a move on in real life. It's my fault that not a cell left within me has the will to do anything at all anymore. It's probably my fault I don't have any real friends anyway. Sorry for rambling. Thank you for your time.
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    So, I've been thinking a lot about non-permanence and love lately, specifically when it relates to memory. Life changes. People change. We as individuals change. I used to despise romance. Now I don't. Some of those changes are big. Some are small. Some are small, but seem big, or vice versa, depending on age and worldview and how they affect us. Have you ever seen someone after a few months and they've got a different haircut, or the way they act has changed, and it throws you off? Or you visit an older family member, and are surprised to find that somewhere along the line, you've caught up with or surpassed them in height? Or maybe that loved one's memory is not as strong as it used to be. Maybe you have the same conversation more than once in a space of time that makes your heart break, just a little, because you already know. You remember. But they don't. Not anymore. When I was younger, I took a lot of pictures on a road trip. This was shortly after I learned that my grandmother had dementia. It wasn't bad, not then. But all the same, it made me realize, one day, I might not remember this place. Or these people. So I took those pictures to have a slice of tangible memory. A shard of permanence. I still take pictures. Not as much as I did back then, but I still try to capture the moments where I can. My perspective has changed, somewhat. Because pictures are great. But it's what they make me remember that I want to keep. The flutter of happiness I feel when I see a picture of my friends and I having fun, being silly, back when we didn't have cares or worries. The bittersweetness of remembering the days when my grandparents were younger and more active, and I didn't know what growing old meant. That strange feeling of seeing a picture of someone you like, and knowing it has a meaning for you that it may never have for them, and learning to be okay with that, but still hoping. Life can feel like it stretches on forever, sometimes. Or it can feel like a mere heartbeat in the face of eternity. Many's the time I've said that our concept of years and days is a social construct, and maybe I'm misusing that concept. But time is. And we only have so much of it, and our lives will change during it, in so many ways. So enjoy it. Tell people you love them, or show them, or do both. It can be the best thing someone hears or experiences. Those are things that I've struggled with. I still struggle with it. Saying 'I love you' can be such a weighted phrase in a good and bad way. But it's so important. The times I've been told 'I love you' are some of my best memories, even if they happened in situations that were... not the best. Knowing I was loved in those moments changes them in retrospect. All this is a really long, round-about way to say the last two paragraphs. I have no idea if it's coherent. But I needed to say it.
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    Stormlight in general Kelsier spoilers because who dont love Kelsier?? Mistborn era 1 but not that much
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    Maya's Statements I think we are misinterpreting one of Maya's statements, or rather, we've been deliberately misled about what it should mean. After the trial, where we learned that the Recreance was a conscious choice by the Knights and their spren together, Brandon hits us with this little sequence to show how the bond between Adolin and Maya is developing: Cool, Maya and Adolin can communicate! So, when we get this next, we just assume it's correct too: Unfortunately, I think we've still got it wrong. But wait, you say, didn't Adolin just understand Maya correctly a few lines ago? Except, figuring out Maya was trying to say the First Ideal, versus interpreting her justification for the Recreance, are completely different things. The statement that they abandoned their oaths "to save us from something worse" is only ever said by Adolin, and we've been tricked into thinking his interpretations are correct! But one (easy) guess doesn't make him an expert at understanding Maya. In fact, note that Maya doesn't nod here, like she did previously. I think that Maya is too exhausted to correct Adolin, and their bond isn't strong enough yet for full communication. The Recreance In fact, I'm willing to propose that the entire idea of the Recreance being undertaken to prevent humans from destroying Roshar is conjecture by modern characters (and readers). Consider: The statement that "they tried to protect the world" here is just conjecture by the Stormfather, who is not all knowing. In fact, he even states here that he only "understands now" because of the influence of Dalinar's bond. We know humans with Surgebinding (and Dawnshards) have the capacity to destroy worlds. We also know the Recreance happened after the final generation of Knights learned about this fact. However, this doesn't mean one was the cause of the other, only that Brandon likes putting these two facts next to each other. My turn to conjecture... So, I personally believe Maya's statement "To save … save…" actually refers to something else the Knights Radiant were trying to do. What specifically, I can only guess. Honor was apparently dying, so were they trying to save him? Did they think Honor was going insane because they were over-using the Surges (like Saidin)? Was he being overrun by Odium because too much of his Investiture was being spent elsewhere? Or, was something happening in Shadesmar, and the spren needed to break their bonds to return there and save their home? Perhaps they were trying to save Ba-Ado-Mishram and/or the singers, after whatever they did to trap her went wrong. If there were no more Radiants, would whatever they accidentally did to the singers stop? Then again, just like how "Stren" was Maya trying to say "Strength", maybe she's actually trying to say something else here. "To savor the delicacies of Shadesmar again... oh no Ba-Ado-Mishram messed everything up and we're deadeyes now, oops" Final Thoughts Whatever the reason, I think there is more to the Recreance than 'apparently we broke our previous planet, let's give up here too'. We're sure to learn more in book 5, be it through Ba-Ado-Mishram, Maya and Adolin's developing bond, the Heralds, or something unexpected.
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    Well, it is that time of year. I have been a member of the shard for 5 years half a decade of my life has been spent here!! This last year has been more unusual than most even in the Covid years. I moved abroad and was stuck in a situation that Odium would have been proud of. It was a dark time, and I leaned on all of you, especially @Frustration and @DramaQueen to get through it. That took me time to get through and when I came out the other side well I was changed. I RP'd with new friends like @The Wandering Wizard and others and old like @Channelknight Fadran. I was published again after I had given up any and all hope while the rejections continued. I will be reaching out to Tor this week to see if they will have me and the saga of authorship continues. This year has been a journey that saw me date and break up in a traumatic way that almost had me believing that I should not even bother trying to find love. Then 10 weeks ago I met the woman that I fell head over heels in love with. That got me writing poetry inspired by her that I have been posting. If I really broke down everything from the past year I might be here until the next. All of you are as far as I'm concerned friends and family in a way though we have never met. Keep being awesome and let's make this next year more incredible than the last!!!
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    Just discovered Google Street View, and oh man, it is incredible. I could spend all day playing with this.
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    I had the funniest dream. When i woke up and remembered it i actually started cackling. If you'd like to hear it: First thing i remember is i'm at a picnic with my family. We were sitting on a big hill watching fireworks and eating sandwiches when all of a sudden, Zendaya and Tom Holland show up! Now, Zendaya is my absolute biggest celebrity crush and if i could choose one person to meet it'd probably be her, and i was like "OMG ZENDAYA" and tried to give her a big hug (as i imagine most people would in that situation), and she was about to hug me, but then Tom was like "back off, child" and in my head i was like "wtf tom i'm a teenager who just met their idol and i wanna give her a hug?? Why are you doing this to me ;-;" but i didn't say anything out loud cause getting snapped at by Tom Holland, even if it's just in your dream, is a little scary lmao. Anyway, they sat at our picnic for a while, but every time i tried to hug Zendaya Tom would literally growl at me and i'd get scared. Eventually we went back to my house, and it turns out in the dream that my dad was a dragon breeder! It was actually pretty cool, cause in my dream i made up a ton of different dragon species and stuff. But Zendaya and Tom were not impressed, and Tom was getting kind of annoyed at us for some reason? And i kept trying to hug Zendaya but Tom would get mad. So at some point i went up to my room, and when i came back down, the rest of my family had turned the entryway of our house into a permanent mini obstacle course, and i was kinda mad cause our house was totally different and no one had told me this was gonna happen. And then as i was walking up the stairs Tom and Zendaya left, and as they were walking out the door i yelled "ZENDAYA I LOVE YOU" Kinda desperately, and she made little heart fingers at me and i was happy for a minute :D And then i woke up and started laughing cause the dream was so bizzare lmao. That's all :)
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    This week, I went through one of easily the most challenging things I will ever have to face. Some background: At FSY, through sheer coincidence, I met and befriended a non-binary named River. River was not that outgoing, but we became fast friends, got each others numbers, and I have stayed in contact with them since FSY over a month ago. A few weeks ago, before my trip, they dubbed me as their 'adoptive older brother,' meaning we became such good friends, we became siblings. They are my little sister, I am their older brother. Now for the story: On Tuesday, July 26, at around 1:15 PM, they randomly texted me "i love you dude." I thought this random, and said as such. They responded that they just felt like saying it. They then said that if "anything happens to me, don't miss me, ok?" Of course, me, being too smart for my own good, read between the lines instantly, grasping the true meaning behind both these texts. And what I realized, terrified me. I suspected at that moment that River was going to try and take their own life. I instantly got off my game, and went to my room. I eventually got them to call me, and I was told that it had already gone further than a plan. River had drank glass cleaner in an attempt to end their life. I immediately asked them to seek help, to call 911, to call somebody. They stubbornly refused. After much persuasion, I got them to contact their sister. (As some quick context, River's mother was the cause of all of this. River's mother is toxic, manipulative, and does not deserve to be River's or anyone's mother.) River's sister was aware of how River's mother acted, but called her anyways. During our FaceTime, River's mom bursts into the room and shouts, "What did you just swallow?" River looks up, and does not respond. Their mother repeats the question. Then River looks down, and hangs up the facetime. I know what's about to happen. I text River. No response. I call River. I get sent to voicemail. I have not heard anything from anyone through any means about them. I know with 85% certainty that River is probably still alive, and in a mental hospital, without phone privileges (hence the radio silence), recuperating. And I am still terrified. Completely. River is my little sister. I don't care what anyone says. We are siblings, and I love them. And if I find out that River is no longer on this world, if I find out that they are never going to text me again, I don't know what I'll do. I will attempt to make River's mother's life hell, regardless of the status of River's life. I apologize for the dramatics at the end here. But it is the truth. And there's the story. It's Friday, and I haven't heard anything. I'm going to keep being peppy and upbeat across the site, as per usual. I will not dampen anyone's moods except with this post. If you wish to offer condolences, please don't dampen the mood on other threads for my sake. PM me or SU about it and mention me. Or reply to this one. Thank you.
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    Well, It's year three. Man it feels like two years was only yesterday. I really haven't done anything spectacular myself so I'll just skip to thanking everybody. @Experience @Mist @Condensation @Vapor @DramaQueen @Chinkoln @dannnnnnex @Enter a username @AonEne @Knight of Iron @Tesh @Slowswift You guys are all the absolute best and I cannot express my gratitude enough. New this year I have to say I've really enjoyed having @Robin Sedai @The Wandering Wizard @xinoehp512 @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Szeth_Pancakes @Szeth's Facepalm @The Storming Stormfather @Mage @Flying @Landing Sequence on the shard you are all such wonderful people and I look forward to spending more time with you. Special thanks this year goes out to Nameless and Channelknight Fadran @Nameless I know we've had a lot of arguments this year, but of everyone on the shard, there is no one I would rather have them with than you. Thank you man, it's been a honor to have someone like you here. @Channelknight Fadran Lad I do not have the words to convey how much knowing you has helped me, and I hope I never forget you. I've probably missed some of you, please forgive me, I am a dumb man sometimes and I meant nothing of it. Current statistics
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    RoW General Stormlight Archive Mistborn Era 1
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    Minor Mistborn Era 2 (probably doesn't matter tho)
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    I'm going to be offline for about a week because I'm going to fsy!
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    Taraganvian uses his control of Odium to save Kharbranth. He then fulfills his lifelong dream of opening a chouta stand. Odium's horrible intent forces him to make hatefullly bad chouta. Kaladin frequents the chouta stand, because his overdeveloped sense of protectiveness won't allow his to stand by while Taravangian's heart is broken for lack of customers. He ropes the other Windrunners into buying nasty chouta too, and they are all really mad and go find Rock to replace him as their leader and make them Horneater stew. Rock then ascends to Honor and the battle between Honor and Odium becomes a competition between two restaurants. Everyone moves on with their lives, except for the two eternal cooks, locked in their perpetual struggle, until Kaladin dies of old age and Odium instantly goes out of business. That is how Honor defeats Odium forever.
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    GUESS WHO FINALLY GOT A JOB im going to be trained as a registered behavioral technician and working with kids with autism
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    I'm referring to this statement: I do not think this is relevant. Now, I would say if you took that statement as true and you really went down that path and its implications, I think that can lead to some dark stuff. But let's not get into that. Let's assume that's true for the sake of argument. So what? Let's say hypothetically 95% of Brandon fans are male (this is of course not true, but roll with me). Does that mean we should not actively search out female fans for potential staff positions? Of course not. That's why your point is irrelevant. Regardless of how things are proportioned, intentionally looking for skilled people of various backgrounds to join us is good. Women exist and they should feel welcome here. Let's have gender diversity. Let's have racial diversity. Let's have religious diversity, etc. We need people from a variety of backgrounds so we as a staff can make good judgments and decisions. It's easy to see examples of this being the case, so let's talk about religious diversity. Would people want every staff member to be religious? Every staff member to be LDS? Every staff member to be an atheist? Of course not. You certainly want a mix of that to make sure our decisions respect religious people and nonreligious people together, because they both groups that matter. You can easily imagine this same logic applying to many other qualities that we list. Having diversity means we have less bias on staff. This is good! We would be doing a huge disservice to everyone here if we didn't try to address biases. It's impossible for us to not have biases and distinct perspectives, but we can make sure we have a team where we can balance these things and make effective, fair calls that live up to our ideals in our Code of Conduct. I want to back up a second and talk about skill, as you keep mentioning it. You say "skill" should be the only factor that should be relevant. Argent, LewsTherinTelescope, and I have explained faults in this, but okay, let's assume that is also true. What does it mean to be skilled, particularly in a staff/moderation standpoint? Imagine a programming job. You want to hire the best programmer. Say you create a test to evaluate the skills you want this person to have, and you give it to your candidates. You score it traditionally, from 0 to 100. Let's say one is at the top at a 95/100, and others are in a band in the high-80s. Okay, so we have someone who definitely scored in a class of their own. (We don't need to get into the details of creating the test fairly and grading, but that is a whole thing.) So you maybe say, cool, let's get that person. They are the best, they have the most technical skill. But then you call their references and you learn that though they are indeed very skilled, there was some conflict at their previous work that involved them, and they don't have the best team dynamic. That may not necessarily be a problem, but this position is in a team of ten people. This could lead to problems. Maybe the person who placed second in the test had effusive references and showed good team leadership. Now the choice is not as obvious as to which is the "best" candidate. It could be the person who had the most technical ability, but not necessarily, and maybe the slight difference in technical ability between the two candidates is not a sufficient difference to appreciably matter. That's just two competing things, and it's already kind of complicated to determine who the "best" person is. There's probably a threshold where the delta in technical skill matters enough that the first place person is best, but that's probably fuzzy. (Though I imagine tech companies probably use a lot of analytics to quantify and evaluate these.) In reality, it's not just two qualities that are being balanced, it's tons. Instead of a 0 to 100 scale, it's maybe twenty 0 to 100 scales, and almost assuredly no one is to score the best in every conceivable desirable quality. It gets messy and nonobvious who the best is. For moderation, I think it's harder than a position that has some objective, demonstrable technical skill. We want people who are passionate about Brandon's works, who work well in a team, who have good judgment. These are hard to evaluate and not clear-cut. For passion about Brandon's works, that can manifest in very different ways. A person who read every book 20x times is not necessarily "better" than someone who read them twice. Do you need to read every book? Not necessarily. Is a candidate worse for not reading, say, Snapshot or Sixth of the Dusk? Not necessarily. They could be awesome in other ways. What about working in a team? That could be demonstrated in many ways, but again, I don't think it's clear-cut. You don't need to have worked on a team like this to do well here (in fact, many of our staff had not done something like this before). Certainly if someone did have a lot of experience working in a team, that can be nice, but that isn't the only way to do things. And those are just two things. There are many, many other qualities that could lead to a person being a great staff member. It's actually really complicated to determine what is "best". So I find this notion that you keep referring to about skill being the only thing that matters seems... Simplistic. You always need to balance the qualities you want. There won't necessarily be a clear best, most skillful. There could be, but certainly not necessarily. Much more likely there are people coming in with different backgrounds, skills, and passions that are not directly comparable and we would need to make difficult choices from there. So I'm just saying, "pick the most skilled" is easy to say, but super complicated in practice. Perhaps your meaning is going as follows: if more people are from one group then, by absolute numbers, there are more good candidates from that group. Which, sure, but that doesn't invalidate that there are surely other candidates from other groups who are also great, which we can now capture much better due to random chance with this questionnaire. But more importantly, this does not mean we aren't going avoid staffing, say, a white cishet males anymore. So if anyone is reading this, that's you, and you're wondering if you can still apply, of course! We are not going to be avoiding amazing candidates here. All we are doing is intentionally thinking about our practices and identifying barriers to diversity, so that people of any group--who are qualified and awesome, as that must exist--can be found and included. That's what diversity, equity, and inclusion is about. There is no way there are not people of most any group you can think of who can be passionate about Brandon's works and have qualities we are looking for, and we'd like to find them. And for anyone worried that this is a big change, it really isn't. We have long done things like this in many respects, such as gender, time zone, and race/ethnicity, and more. It has always been a factor. Now we can just more intentionally do the same thing with this questionnaire. I realize I wrote way too much here, and you stated you wanted to bow out, so my sincere apologies on that. You are always welcome to message me or PM any of us staff if you wish if you'd like to discuss further. No worries if not. I hope I explained our perspective effectively so that you can understand where we are coming from.
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    Indeed, and this is actually a strong reason for why we're posting this. As Argent and Chaos discussed above, diversity is a useful trait with its own merits for teams of many kinds, and it's something we think is important to have. However, when a community has a meaningful majority of one group (be it race, sexuality, ableness, etc), simple probability makes this diversity less likely to arise on its own (the ten blue skittles problem you reference). And when said community is entirely pseudonymous and online, it's hard to notice this, much less try to correct for it when picking out moderators. As such, we're testing this form out as a way to draw attention to those candidates who are qualified but otherwise by simple chance (or other reasons, such as feeling uncomfortable putting themselves out there publicly) may not be seen "organically". We don't know whether it will work or not, or whether we'll keep it around, but our current system is clearly not producing the results we need as a team and as a community, so we're trying something else and seeing if that improves the situation. Edit: My bad, that message was sent while I was still typing and I didn't see it until after posting. I'm still going to leave this response up, however, for anyone else that may have this concern. I will note that this is likely partially just exposure bias. The staff members who do a lot of different things (such as Shardcast, moderation, and writing articles) are more likely to be seen all over the place, while the staff who mainly do just one thing (such as coding or policy discussion) aren't as visible. In fact, I'd go as far as to say most staff do one or two things. That said, that appearance is a very real barrier of its own, and unfortunately one where the solutions have their own tradeoffs, as Chaos mentions. We appreciate the feedback, as it's often hard to judge things when they're just hypotheticals on what people might think, and having actual opinions is useful for deciding how to approach things. We'll be sure to keep this factor in mind and consider whether there's anything we can do to help it.
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    I kept looking for a good mistcloak tutorial, and I couldn't find a really good one. I found a few that helped me flesh out the idea and construction but wanted to make my own, putting everything I did together, with LOTS of pictures. Most of the tutorials I see are one layer of fleece that is cut into tassels, but I didn't want to do that. I wanted to make a caplet, and attach ribbon as the tassels. That way I didn't have to worry about anything fraying, or the tassels being different widths. My materials: Sheet to practice Fabric scissors Marking pen Pins or clips Fleece Fabric Organza ribbon (for the tassels) Frog closures I kept playing with ideas in my head for how to construct the caplet (a mini cape-like thing that just goes to the elbows or above) I knew I wanted 2 layers for the caplet and one for the hood, so I would need enough fabric for that. I wasn't sure how I wanted to cut out the fabric , so to help me decide, I took a sheet we had to mark it (to figure out the amount of fabric I'd need) and cut it in different ways to see how it would lay over my husbands shoulders. I cut out a circle with the neck hole in the middle, and it looked pretty good, but I thought about making it shorter in the front, so also cut out a high low circle pattern. Same circle, but with the neck hole cut out about 2/3 down instead of the middle. That looked better in my opinion, so we decided to go with that. I knew I wanted the caplet to be about 15 inches long in the back and 10 inches in the front, so including the neck hole (2.75 inch), that meant I needed about 30 inches in diameter. (So I could have extra fabric and seam allowance) I first folded the sheet in half, and then in half the other way, to make a quarter circle shape. I drew a line at 18 inches from the corner to make a circle and cut it out. (For the regular circle pattern, you also cut out a neck hole at the corner, 2.75 inches from the corner) For the high-low, after you cut the outer circle, you unfold and refold the circle with one half higher than the other. Fold it in half, and mark the neck hole, and cut it out. I drew out a few things on my sheet and did other practice cuts to figure out the amount of fabric I would need and ended up buying 2 and 1/3 a yard for charcoal Heather fleece. The sheet is wider than the fleece, so make sure you account for that when calculating the fabric needed. I started cutting my fabric. I washed it first to make sure it wouldn't shrink, laid it onthe floor and folded it in half longways. Since this fabric is thick, I cut out my pieces into semi circles, not quarters. I measured 30 inches along the fold, marked it, and then marked the halfway point at 15 inches. I then used my flexible measuring tape and some chalk to mark a semi circle 15 inches from the midpoint. I marked two semi circles. I then cut it out along that marking, and now I had 2 circles 30 inches in diameter. I folded them back in half, and then folded it again about 1/3 of the way down, and marked my neck hole. I measured 2.75 inches from that corner and cut it out. I did the same for the other circle, and now I had 2 circles with an off center neck hole. I then cut a slit on the shorter half to be the open side of the capelet. My ribbon I bought is 1 inch wide. So looking up the math, the circumference of a 30 inch circle is 94.24 inches. Because I will be layering my ribbon in-between the layers of fleece, I wanted to keep a few centimeters free along the short slit I made before. I think I would need 94 1 inch strips to make a full layer of ribbon. I had bought 100 yards of 1 inch ribbon, and 50 yards of 5/8 Before I started cutting them though, I measured my husband to figure out about how long the ribbon would need to be on different points of him. For example, along the front it needed to be 52 inches long, but the back only needed a out 46 inches. I also measured by where the shoulders were, and then went from there. After I cut them, I sorted them in groups. So I had some 54 inches, 53 inches, and basically down to 46 inches, and then I pinned them on in sections so I wouldn't misplace any by size. I ran out of ribbon and pins, so just get more ribbon than you think. I had to buy more of both, so that I could also have enough pins to attach the skinnier ribbon at the same time. That way I'd only need to sew down the ribbons in one go. They will get sewn again when I sew the second layer of fleece on. After I got all the ribbons pinned down, it was a huge mess of ribbons: I sewed along that edge, to attach them. Make sure the pins are far enough up that the sewing foot doesn't go over them. Most of mine were okay, but some were pushed out by the sewing foot hitting them. Once the ribbons were sewn on, I had my husband try it, and it looked amazing! They flowed perfectly and really did look like the mists. This next part was a bit trickier. I took the ribbons in small groups and knotted them together to stay out of the way. I then covered the smaller bunches with tin foil to wrap them more securely, since I needed to sew the other circle fleece right sides together. (Side note, my kids threw away my original piece, so to make another, I needed to cut out 2 halves of a circle, and then sew them together up the back. And then cut out another neck hole. I made this circle a little bit wider, since it was going to lay on top of the fleece and ribbon.) So I laid the circle piece plus ribbons as flat as I could. I pinned the front opening right side down together. Then I laid the second layer on top of the first, and pinned along the outer edge, sandwiching the ribbon bunches inside, and I pinned the neck hole together to make sure it was all in the right place. It ended up being like a big pocket of sorts. I sewed all the pinned sides, but NOT the neck hole. (so where the red line is. That was hole the ribbons would come through when I turned it all right side out. Then I had my husband try it on again, and had him stand on a chair to trim the ribbon to be right around his feet. Some of the ribbons ended up being too short for what I was going for, but I'm not too upset about it. The way to fix that is to make the ribbon all the longest length and cut them all at the end. I was just trying to not waste too much ribbon. So I trimmed them to be about foot length on my husband. And then we took a lighter and burned down each ribbon edge, to keep them from fraying. So now I have am almost completed cloak. I need a hood next. I copied the shape of a sweatshirt my husband had, and cut it out. I had the top part be on fold, so that I only needed to do the seam up the back. Since my hood was basically a squarish shape, I needed to gather the bottom to fit the cloak. I made 2 straight stitches next to each other along the bottom. Then holding just the top stitches, I tugged the hood toward the middle seam. I made both sides be 10 inches. I then pinned the hood seam, along the middle seam of ONE layer of cloak. Then I pinned the edge to the edge, and then sewed them together. But now I needed to sew the second layer down. I didn't want to fold it over, because then I would have too many layers of fleece to be sewn, so I just laid the cloak layer on top of the hood Seam, and tip stitched down pretty close to the edge. Since it's on the inside, it isn't too noticeable, and since its fleece, it won't fray. The last thing I need to do, is hand sew a closure to the cloak so it doesn't fall off when moving around. I picked a medium sized frog closure and hand stitched it on about 3 inches up of the front opening. And this is the finished Mistcloak! It took longer than I thought, and that was because of the ribbons. It took a lot of time to cut them out, and then to pin them on. I was hunched over so it was hurting my back, but I'm so proud of how it turned out!
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    Non-spoiler streams typically don't generate the sheer excitement and conversation that the bi-yearly spoiler streams do, but yesterday's stream defied expectations and gave us some very exciting adaptation news. Early in the stream, user Iritore asked about the types of conversations with Hollywood and what has gone into them. Brandon explained that rather than going through the traditional option process, different teams at many studios have been approaching him and pitching their vision, rather than Brandon having to pitch to them. The conversation centers around how the pitch matches Brandon's vision, what role will he have, how much the budget will be, their commitment, etc. This time, instead of spending time deciding if they're making something with the property, they're so confident they will, that they're buying the rights and the goal is to be in production in 6-8 months, though as always in Hollywood it isn't a sure thing. Brandon followed up by telling us to expect some announcements in the coming months, but that the people he's working with will handle that PR in their own way, and that he would be surprised if they aren’t on set this time next year. Adaptations were mentioned several other times in the stream. u/LettersWords asked about the possibility of changing Rosharan ecology to make filming easier with how alien this planet is, and Brandon gave a rather interesting answer. He said that they would not have to change Rosharan ecology to make live-action adaptation easier with the budgets they've been regularly offered, citing locations that would work for filming, the idea of using Volume stages (the LED panels used in the Disney Star Wars shows) and editing plants out with visual effects as ways they could avoid that problem. There’s a wide range of possibilities for studios, when announcements will come, and how those will be handled. There hasn’t even been a confirmation of exactly what property is being adapted. For now, all we can do is wait, and see. Below is the link to the full stream:
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    In this post I’m gonna talk a little about the math of flying around Roshar. Firstly from Khriss’s annotation in arcanum unbounded “Roshar (the planet) is .7 cosmere standard in gravitation and .9 in size”. I’m going to assume that “cosmere standard” is Earth (This also means Roshar is less dense than earth as a version of Earth at .9 size would have .93 Earth gravity). Additionally, the length of Roshar (the continent) is estimated at about 4000 miles wide and half as tall. I can’t tell how dense the atmosphere is compared to Earth but I would guess it less but since I don’t have much to go off off I will use earth atmospheric density. Human beings fall on Earth with a terminal velocity of about 120 mph or 54 m/s which they reach in 12 seconds of free fall. Atmospheric resistance is a function of speed cubed which means at .7 gravity with normal air density terminal velocity would fall to 107 mph or 48 m/s. According to these numbers, Kaladin should be able to fall from Natanatan to Shinovar in 37 hours using a single lashing. A double lashing is not much better as then he would fly at 134 mph and make the trip in 29 hours. In fact if Kaladin is concerned with conserving stormlight he should actually fall at less than a full lashing. All of this changes when we add Abrasion to the equation. When Lift becomes awesome she has been seen to not only remove sliding friction but air resistance as well as everything brushes around her. So assuming a Windrunner or Skybreaker pair up with an Edgedancer or Dustbringer, then they can fall much farther. In fact with a single lashing completely frictionless Kaladin and Lift can fall from Natanatan to Shinovar in 22 minutes. Because distance would now function as a square of time traveling instead of linear with terminal velocity. This seems like a huge deal that the radiants should be taking advantage of. Side note: Kaladin at a double lashing can reach light speed in space in 8 months
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    It only took me a year, but I finally sewed my Edgedancer patch onto my military-esque jacket. I think it turned out pretty good. A year of procrastination for thirty minutes of work, that's a new record for me.
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    ok so both @Shallan Stormblessed AND @Ta'veren Kaladin asked for some context on my response in Worst Thing To Say thread, so I'm explaining here. *inhale* my dearest girlfriend, DoomslugLuna, kissed me (like, actually kissed me) on Tuesday. Now, mind you, it was through two masks so it wasn't a true kiss, but it was pretty damn close. And, true to my lovesick self, I'm happy af and the world is amazing.
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    Chapter 45, Shallan: What the storm just happened??? A cold voice, a warm voice, creatures, a sea of beads, a faraway sun, spontaneous soulcasting, Shallan momentarily jumping into another dimension, "I will change"... Do these emojis look baffled enough? Who knew Shallan would discover her powers before Kaladin. And what's that about ten heartbeats, Shallan is a Shardbearer??? It's like this entire book is a drawing on a page, slowly building, and this chapter is a knife suddenly cutting through the page!
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    The time has come! The end is nigh! That is, the time to reveal our next art commission! The end of the wait to see it! This all sounded funnier in my head, but there's no going back, words written in a Patreon post are final and unchangeable. So what do we have here? Jessica Liu, whose work you may have seen on Instagram (and if you haven't, that's why her name is linked!), agreed to tackle our June piece - Vivenna getting her Breaths from Lemex - and tackle she did! Between Vivenna's surprised/horrified expression, the design of the Breaths themselves (eat your heart out, Dan dos Santos, these are better!), and the chromatic aberrations throughout the image conveying the instability of Lemex's aura, it all fits together really nicely into a gorgeous illustration we could not be happier with!
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    To defend Chaos's example about the face detection algorithm a bit. I work with machine learning models for my day job, and most of the recent press about bias in these algorithms has been due to these machine learning models not being trained on varied enough data (e.g. they fed it a lot of pictures of white people, and very few pictures of black people). So in this case the skill level of the developers in entirely irrelevant, the actual algorithm does not change at all, it just needs more varied training data. The problem was that no one at the organization even thought to ask the question "How well does this work on people who aren't white?" before they published the model. The problem was not one of skill, but rather a lack of perspective. I don't want to speak for the staff, but I assume that when it comes to diversity, they are not looking to improve in areas they are already pretty good at (though that may well happen), but rather have their eyes opened to problems that they never would have thought to question themselves.
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    So I did want to comment on this. Long ago, when the community was much smaller, we did have different staff roles, but that didn't work for a variety of reasons. Maybe in the future. There have been a lot of advantages to having staff be on basically equal footing and can choose what to do. Please note that you do not need to satisfy the entire list of things we are looking for! Most of our staff aren't coders, for example. Some should apply, though. I do see what you're saying. One pitfall is we don't want to get people from underrepresented groups to feel like they are second class, which would be totally antithetical to our goals here. There's probably a way to navigate that, but I'm just saying that equal footing of staff is very useful. In addition, many policy things come up in the course of moderating as well, or being present in discussions on what moderation to do. (There are many staff who don't like, get in the direct moderation or disciplining aspects.) I see these as pretty connected, but perhaps I am not creative enough to imagine how this workflow works in practice. It's something to think about. I don't think more granular staff roles will happen soon, though, but perhaps eventually. Argent had great comments to say here, and I agree with everything he said. I wanted to quickly chime in and say that it seems impossible to imagine that people of one distinct background (racial or otherwise) are the only ones who could be good staff. That just seems like that cannot possibly be true. Also I wanted to mention that even in the technology industry, where you might think only skill matters and diversity doesn't, there have been real, tangible examples where programmers create an algorithm that just doesn't work as well for people of color. The example comes to mind is facial recognition, and that got some serious (justifiably so) blowback for there being an algorithm that couldn't recognize Black faces as well. That's really bad! That's a situation where you need both skill and diversity, so your blind spots don't lead to unintended consequences. It's a very real issue in many areas.
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    Hola everyone! I just got back from an awesome time with my family, and I had tons of fun! I thought I'd make a sort of highlight reel for those interested Jet Skis are awesome! Until you lose your flip flops at 60 mph and run out out gas with your cousin in the middle of the lake and have to get towed by a random boat Note to self: never again bring two right dress shoes Theorizing with family is awesome, and I got three cousins to commit to reading some Sanderson! In exchange I may have agreed to read a massive economics book, but oh well Note to self (the sequel): don't jump out of a whitewater raft when the water is literally ten inches shallow The stars out west are unlike literally anything else. How is nature so beautiful Note to self (the epic conclusion to the trilogy): Idaho has a lot of potatoes. Speaking of which, we literally passed the museum of potatoes. There were like a dozen signs for Potato museum:.....next five exits, now next three exits, next two exits, idaho POTATO museum this exit, don't miss it! Hiking is insanely fun. The Teton mountains are gorgeous! But it's no fun when you get to the peak and then it literally starts thunderstorming on you for seven miles and you're wearing jeans and you have to wait for everyone else to get to the bottom in the pouring rain for like an hour Anyway, enjoy this beautiful view of the Teton peaks! Glad to be back! I have like a hundred notifs tho . Did I miss anything too cool?
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    From the album Stormlight Archive - fanart

    Re-reading Way of Kings got me feeling all sorts of emotions, so have a severely sleep deprived and sad boy
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    Today has been an amazing and sad day. first I heard of all the sad happenings happening, then I went to a church of Jesus Christ of later day saints' temple. it was the best thing ever. I've been before but... I felt like I needed to say something. my writing sense was tingling. To all those who are grieving, to all those who are confused, to all those who are in pain, to all those who want revenge, to all those who feel like they missed out on life, to all those without hope, to all those who don't know if they can continue in life, to all those who cry thinking that they will never be the same again. there is hope. there is light. and there is a way back. At times it may seem we've crossed a line that cannot be returned from or that death truly is the end. I tell you, there is not a line that we can cross that we will be beyond love, beyond help, beyond hope; in my culture, in my church, in my belief, death, death is not the end. Death is only the beginning of the next chapter, the next page of life. Even if we know this, it is still okay to cry, okay to be sad, okay to hate the world world a little bit for not understanding, okay to need some time to recuperate. But it is not okay to use this as an excuse to destroy others. this is not an excuse to turn to terrible things as retreat from reality, this is also not an excuse to box yourself in and away from your family and friends, they can help you more than you know.. You need to understand through this hard time there is still hope. the world can take away your friends, your family, your food, your homes, but it cannot take your hope, your hope is eternal and everlasting. One of a human's remarkable abilities is to adapt to any environment, physically or mentally. In this time of sadness, do not think of it as the end of the world, think of it as the beginning of a new understanding. with this new knowledge of how it feels, you can help others. succor them, mourn with those who mourn. Do not let it become the end, let it become a beginning. You may be asking, "why is this happening? why have I been cursed?" you may think there is no answer, but I tell you that the bigger the trial the more pungent and amazing is your relief from it when you accept help and get out of it. your happiness will be ten times stronger than before. I do not say, do not cry, for not all tears are evil. yes, it is sad, but it is not better to linger in the past and on who have died too long. it is better, instead, to go and spend time with your friends and family, go make the most of what you have. even if you are experiencing a trial. you may think you need to seek revenge on those who harmed you. they may deserve it, they do deserve it even. but if you do, if you do harm them, tear them limb from limb. what then? will you be better than them? of course not. it is better to seek peace with those you love, find good friends and stick with them. talk to people you trust and tell them what has been happening. they will help you no matter what. of course, that's just my two cents. if any of these are controversial or offensive, let me know and I can edit it out or make it seem better. I hope I have helped someone in writing this. It sure helped me.
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    So you know those hilarious packages with the slightly mistranslated descriptions? This is the holy grail:
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    So I did a thing. Meet Vin
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    Amongst other things, it is the Anniversary of the Fall of Fascism and Freedom Day. Which I hope is supposed to be interpreted as the fall of fascism and rise of freedom but the lack of qualifiers leaves much to be interpreted
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    A real conversation from just now with a friend of mine. Everyone welcome our newest convert.
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    I got a calligraphy set today! Here are some random Sharder's names that I did. I'm just starting out, so of course there were plentiful mistakes. But I think it's beautiful and very fun.
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    MR59 Cycle One: The Lens Crafter's Fire Okay. So maybe the Evil Librarians didn't actually show up as Bastille was berating me about things I, for once, didn't break. But the statement still stands. The thing Grandpa Smedry was looking at was clearly the Librarian's doing. The Lens Crafters (no, not the ones you're familiar with that supposedly make cheap prescription lenses. The librarians stole our name in case it ever leaked to the Hushlanders) was on fire. The whole complex where they crafted new lenses for oculators was up in flames. It looked cool, but it was bad. Really, really bad. Without the Lens Crafters, we wouldn't have replacements for any lenses. Like the warrior's lenses that Bastille had dropped as she rushed off to help with the fire situation. This didn't bode well. Welcome to Cycle One of MR59! Please let me know if you haven't received your PM. As a reminder, here are the rules. General Rules: MR: 48 hour cycles (day/night combined) One-on-one PMs are open, and do not count as an action Only one vote is required for an exe Tied exes will be decided by RNG Each player has one action per cycle There are no hidden mechanics, rules, or roles, though not every lens will be in play Inactivity filter: If a player does not post for 2 consecutive cycles, they will be replaced by a pinch-hitter. If no pinch-hitters are available, they will be killed and their lenses will be dropped. Player List: This turn will end Friday, June 22 at 4 p.m. PDT.
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    I finally got a friend to read Mistborn. After what feels like years of pestering her to finally get around to some Cosmere, she finally started it. She had read Rithmatist and Alcatraz, and had started Elantris, but hadn't really gotten around to any serious Cosmere reading. But yesterday was her birthday, and she got a copy of Mistborn. She has already sent me texts containing theories and questions, which I have gleefully RAFO'ed. She also seems to be using me as a place to gather her thoughts, as she sent me a nice summary of Allomancy as she understood it three chapters in. I'm so happy right now. Don't get me wrong, finding Sanderfans and making friends with them is incredible, and I wouldn't trade my Sanderfan friends that I've made that way for anything. But there's really something different about getting one of your closest friends to read these books and getting to watch them experience how incredible they are. (.....I may be getting ahead of myself. She's only four chapters in right now.)
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    Keep forgetting to post these here lolll.
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    An interesting theory, good job! I think other have speculated along similar lines, e.g. @LewsTherinTelescope asked a relevant question that got mostly RAFO'd: There is quite a bit to read in this thread (and it might not be the original birthplace of this idea), but one of the things I like from it is the linguistic examination of Ba-Ado-Mishram's Ba, similar to "bah," a Thaylen word that seems to convey the relationship between a master and an apprentice (e.g. Rysn Ftori bah-Vstim) but that could've easily started off as one suggesting parenthood. It is notable here that the Thaylen language may have been derived from the Dawnchant, so it's plausible that the ancient word for "child of" could've morphed into "apprentice of" or something like that Ado, half of adoda, the Alethi word for "light" and also the way you'd "read" the adoda glyph (you would "write" the characters for A, D, and O, and let the symmetric nature of the glyphs "autocomplete" the rest so it's symmetric) Mishram. The similarity to Mishim here is clear, but you go even further. If you treat Mishram's name the way you would some other names composed of Alethi words (e.g. Kholin is khokh + linil), you can break it into Mishim + Ramar. That's not super useful to us, but other names break differently - Sebarial's glyphpair, for example, comes from sebes + laial, and if you apply this logic to Mishram you get Mishim + Maram... which is awfully close to Mishim + Merem, and merem is the Alethi word of honor. All together, I think there are more connections that we can discard easily. I particularly like the idea that the two Hoid stories were inspired by the same historical events. Some of the details don't quite work for me, but I think the general shape of it is very sound and I am happy to support the theory
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    In case y'all were wondering... I finally came up with a way to start Verdur 1!!! Writing the outline for Chapter 1 now, then I'll write Chapter 1! I'll post it in the Verdur Trilogy topic in Creator's Corner. Keep an eye out!
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    From the album Syl fanart

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