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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    Hello all, I`ve been planning to draw miss Shallan for some time now, but alas time is never on my side. I`m not sure now most of you imagined a cryptic, but I`ve always had this image of light bend in different shades in our world. I took some liberty with the design as every artist would, but still tried to be as faithful to the book as possible. Hope you enjoy my take on this red haired master of illusion.
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    As Always happens the minute I finish an image I think of a better way to do it. The battle with MM was incredible at least in my mind. I felt like the previous image didn't capture the hugeness of Re-Shephir enough and besides I wanted to make a few figures including Adolin in his Armor. LOved this scene from the moment I`ve read it! Finally it's done.
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    From the album Oathbringer Scenes

    I got inspired by the scene where Dalinar goes to face the Thrill alone...it created such a strong visual in my mind that I had to recreate it! I hope you guys enjoy!
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    From the album Natural History of Roshar

    When I first read the description for this area, I immediately imagined they're some kind of alpine version of the deep sea hydrothermal vents - aka the white or black chimneys. I love those bizarre deep sea things, and have been trying to envision how would those hydrothermal vents look like when combined with the Alps. It's really tricky, and the vertical aspect of those vents makes it really hard to see where the Horneaters would put any sort of city or crops fields on. As I keep researching, I eventually came across alpine hot lakes in the Andes mountains, and decided to change direction and go with something like an extinct conical volcano chain that has turned into lakes. The imagery would be more familiar, and the slopes would mean imaginable cities and civilization such as the Machu Picchu. I decided to try and do the phototexture workflow in pursuit of that Skyrim look. It's not there yet, but can't expect mastery after 1 week! [edit] There is a bigger version with no text overlay here : https://www.artstation.com/artwork/y9oLn
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    From the album Stormlight fan art

    Hey, here's some fan art I've done. I'd love to hear your thoughts and complaints -Shallan Davar taking a tour around Shattered Plains (No Pattern included, sorry)
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    Piece I painted for my landscape painting final. It's Kharbranth!! I'm going to post a thread in the forums with it, because I need some recommendations from the rest of y'all on a good subject for the next location I go after. Feel free to weigh in with your comments here as well, though!
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    From the album General SA Art

    Complete piece of Dalinar's age progression! His arc in OB really is a powerful one and I finally got this done XD [Full-sized] 1122 (Age: 2) Trying to understand the world 1128 (Age: 8) Playing with wooden sword 1135 (Age: 15) Learning how to tie his takama 1141 (Age: 21) Unstoppable youth, Oathbringer won 1150 (Age: 30) Joy of the first son 1163 (Age: 43) In Shardplate 1167 (Age: 47) Being a drunkard 1174 (Age: 54) Holding The Way of Kings Enjoy! Bonus: Some random Kholin family doodles
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    My previous image was an unmade. But it's summer now and I was in the mood for something, a bit more sexy ^^ This my interpretation of Shalash or Ash, Herald of beauty. I've tryed to reveal just the right amount of skin and kept the white hair from the promotional image.
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    Another #SundaySanderson and here is Megan! (and Firefight) She's awesome!

    © Becurvello

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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    As I promised this is the other version of the image. This actually was the main idea, but in the end I like both images, so I decide to upload them both. Of course the Shardplate`s design took me more time to finish. And the Shardblade`s materialization effect was a pain in a dark place of mine but here it is. Eshonai armored!
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    As I promised, here is a small part of the Parshendi warriors, from my point of view. There will be another version of this image soon, with another leading character.
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    Finished! Nine characters from eight Shardworlds! From left to right: Dusk from First of the Sun / Kaladin from Roshar / Vasher from Nalthis / Hoid from Yolen / Harmony (Sazed) / Khriss from Taldain / Shai from Sel / Vin from Scadrial / Silence from Threnody This piece is also celebratory art! Happy Chinese New Year 2016 (Year of the monkey)! At first I drew these characters mainly for an online fantasy magazine because they kind of let me (as translator of WoR) introduce Stormlight and the whole Cosmere series in their New Year issue, which meant I’d better add some festival stuff. So here it is - Characters from eight different Shardworlds wishing you a Happy New Year! In China, this is a popular traditional gesture when people give New Year’s greetings. It’s called 作揖 (zuò yī, in spoken language: zuō yī). When you do this, you make a bow with hands folded in front of you and greet others at the same time. Raise your folded hands and then lower them. The motion can be repeated several times. For men, they should use their left hand to cover their right hand (In ancient China, men tended to hold weapon with their right hand, so they covered it when saluting, to reduce hostility and show respect.), while for women, they should do it otherwise and it’s better not to clench the left hand into a fist (You can learn this from the picture above.). If you do it wrong, you will convey some ominous meaning. Please be careful # # # Heck, so many tags! Also seriously, I think we may need a Cosmere crossover art album
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    The koloss from Mistborn as I imagined them while reading the book :D

    © CyanGorilla

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    From the album Mistborn Art

    Nobody expected this Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KozenyukArt/?modal=admin_todo_tour
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    Hey guys, it`s Easter almost and although I`m not too religious, this seems like a good time for and addition to my gallery. I`m working on this image for quite some time, but it`s finally done or better yet, I`m done It will probably have an addition later on, as I usually do, but for now, here`s my Jasnah! Favourite character by the way, regarding her mentality and general life views.
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    Just finished Oathbringer yesterday!!!!

    © Ariel Edwards

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    Here you go, anime style Kaladin
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    From the album Art of Sasha R

    I had a LOT of fun painting this one, though I was nervous about accidentally spoiling something as I was only starting the Oathbringer at the time of painting this. I'm definitely painting more of Stormlight in the future. Maybe Jasnah... or Pattern? I'd love to be commissioned for official art for the future books, that would be the dream! I also welcome any feedback and critique, both for artistic execution and lore, but keep in mind that there had to be some liberty in putting together Urithiru so low and close to the Shattered plains and Horneater Peaks, for the sake of making the focal pieces clustered [Urithiru + Stormfather above the Shattered Plains] in the center of the painting as requested, for custom book sleeves with for all 4 books. Their spines, when put together, show the center of the painting. "The most important step a man can take. It's not the first one, is it? It's the next one. Always the next step."
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    From the album Stormlight fan art

    Hey, here's some fan art I've done. I'd love to hear your thoughts and complaints -Knights Radiant as I imagined them before seeing any of the official Shard Plate concepts (I drew these while reading The Way of Kings).
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    From the album The Stormlight Archive

    I tried to paint Syl! This was quite a bit out of my comfort zone (all in blue!) but she's so lovely.... I just hope I did her justice!
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    From the album General SA Art

    So the gatekeepers are my favorite depiction in OB. I had some much fun drawing this =)
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    From the album Parshendi

    one of my takes on drawing Venli! She was actually quite fun to draw, I definitely plan on taking a crack at drawing her again and other Parshendi as well!
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    From the album The Stormlight Archive

    Here's another fan art of Shallan. I drew her in Veil's outfit this time because I love the red/white! (Painting her hair was really the best part about this...)
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    I painted this after finishing Shadows of Self. It didnt help much in dealing with that ending though... You can find this on my tumblr. should you feel inclined to share it there: http://artisticappel...-you-hurt-me-so Thanks to WeiryWriter for helping me quickly fin the symbol for Harmony! *edit* ... So I accidentally uploaded the mirrored version of the painting, so the allomantic symbols were mirrored too. Whoops. This is the proper version
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    From the album Other Cosmere Art

    So I haven't posted this yet? I felt quite thrilled when drawing this XD I love them so much and how I wish I could get a time machine to read their story! (The art is per request and wildly imagined though. We actually don’t know much about Yolish dragons.) Liar of Partinel draft spoilers: Other Hoid doodles from this year and last year (Sorry for the mess of medias and styles): [Long post warning] Hoid in Greek costumes Shai trying to grab back the Moon Scepter Shai: Give back the Scepter, you foul liar! Fool: I won't give back such an useful translator. What are you going to do with me? Hoid does the worst in pilot academy Skyward x Cosmere - Spensa teasing Wit Hoid & Kelsier in suit/modern clothing Hoid as musician 1) Piano - 2) Violin - 3) Erhu (Chinese instrument) Character going dark meme Bonus: Hoid in drag as a flapper girl
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    From the album Shallan/Veil Cosplay

    Here's a picture of the front of my cosplay. I am so storming excited about this cosplay! I had help from an incredibly kind and talented friend in making the dress/jacket part of the outfit (there's no way I could sew something like that by myself ). It took a while but I finally got it done! (Sorry it's sideways )
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    Detailed view of the faces
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    From the album Doodles of Scadrial

    “I am the one thing you can never kill. I am Hope.”
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    From the album How I imagined the Recreance

    Not really my creation but I ran into it while watching anime and I was like "Recreance!!!!". From Fate:UBW
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    From the album The Emperor's Soul - Visual Development

    Here is my visual interpretation of the Imperial Prison (or more like: a part of it), designed to keep forgers locked up securely. As I am not sure how many of you here about behind the scenes/concept work for the entertainment industry, a short explanation: The photo references on the side are additional explanation and texture information for people who might translate the 2D concept into a 3D work (i.e. for a computer game or animated movie). In this case there are obviously not for any real production but as I am using this as a portfolio project, that's how I am going to present it anyway.

    © Johanna Rupprecht (Lyraina)

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    Roshar OT4 is the best! I’ve been considering this pose for ages + + + I also have two Lift pieces
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    I saw HTTYD2 recently. I also recently finished re-reading Words of Radiance. These things just naturally mix...

    © Art © H. Lazo (Art-Zealot)

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    First off: I listen to the Audiobook version of all of Brandon's books, so if I misspell names... That's why. =) Painted this little piece of fanart recently in an effort to learn a bit more about rendering in Photoshop. Let me know what you think! I'm working on my professional website at the mo, but I've got another up with a pretty wide collection of the art I've been making and the lessons I've been learning in the past few years. Feel free to visit: grantmhansen.com
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    From the album General SA Art

    It’s been four years and I drew the crew again! This took me a whole week to finish, but worth it! From left to right (post-WoR settings): Navani (with fabrials), Jasnah (with Ivory), Dalinar (with the Stormfather), Szeth (with Nightblood), Shallan (with Pattern), Kaladin (with Syl), Renarin, Lift (with Wyndle), Adolin and Elhokar. (There are also several arms belonging to some random characters in Dalinar’s army.) Group high five: Let’s save Roshar! (They are standing in a sunlight-lit room in Urithiru.) Full-sized piece on DeviantART: http://fav.me/dboywc5 Close view: Bonus: You can see my progress (I hope!) during these years: (Seems like they were done by two different people…)
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    From the album The Knight Radiant

    I.ve been a bad fan and really haven`t posted in a wile, but I was on a search for a new style. This is my first Kaladin piece, not how I imagined it honestly, but his story fitted the mood of the image and the style I wanted to try. So here it is, a really sad moment of our protagonist's life. He might not me be my favorite character from the pack, but I sure understand what made him what he is and I respect that!
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    I always loved much of the playful relationship between Vin and Elend and nothing topped it more for me than when they finally got to dance and Elend of course immediately pulls out a book. I can only imagine how exasperated and yet amused Vin must have felt. I also loved the idea of her simple, but elegant black dress and him in his white uniform. Such a contrasting look, though there weren’t a ton of descriptive details to work with, so I took some liberties. Anyways, I wanted to do a piece involving that scene and so this was the result. Hope you all enjoy!
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    this is the first in my series of sharbearers based off the ten radiant orders. This first one is a skybreaker as noted by the symbol on his collar.
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    From the album Doodles of Roshar

    Just some poses for lift
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    So what started out as a typo (talking about how long inquisitors love live) nearly a year ago has brought me to this. Just in time for the Holiday, enjoy these Mistborn Valentines Day Cards! See all of my Valentine's Day Cards here. See a PDF of printable, foldable versions of these cards here. It was a lot of fun making these, and I will probably do some more in the future. Maybe some Stormlight Archives Valentines? We'll see! If you have any ideas, please send me an email and let me know.

    © Bowen Jacobs

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    Late #SundaySanderson. Elend Venture. The sweet and smart scholar and also the best leader I've ever seen.
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    From the album The Stormlight Archive

    Slowly going to upload some of the fan art I did in the past months... here's Renarin!
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    WIPs (jastzui | Artstation) if you are learning like me or just curious of the process - tips and feedback welcome.
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    From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Prompt is what Nazh wrote about during his mission in Words of Radiance: (Poor Nazh. Let's just give him a new coat XD)
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