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    Uhhhhh.... consider this my comment But upvoting fadran is acceptable, as he is an amazing human being
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    "So it comes with fried potatoes?" "Yep." "And... a cremling patty sandwiched between two pieces of flatbread?" "Mmhmm." "Then what's this?" Kaladin held up a McNugget. "Oh. That's chicken." Kaladin blinked. "What kind of chicken?"
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    Ba da da da da, I'm lovin' this!
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    I love the face. A moustASHE?
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    *hunger for Stormlight Archive anime intensifies*
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    Weeps for his phone is completely out of memory to download any more fanart
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    THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL. You're a really talented artist! The way that they look at each other was really drawn well. *wipes away tear* They were meant for each other.
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    Thanks so much for liking & your kind words, it means a lot! <3
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    I really like this! I needs happy Kaladin in my life!
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    I think you captured the moment really well! Though it's a little bit disconcerting that my perspective is as one of the objects of the lesson...
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    Yep, you right! I'm glad that Brotherwise Games are making miniatures with "official" character designs! Syl is very cute! Ah, if only a full-fledged painted figurine were ever released with her too
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    It was a really the touching scene! I hope Book 5 brings more moments like this (with Kaladin family, etc.)
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    Thank you!!! I honestly don't know what else I'll wear it too, but I'll certainly hang onto it, maybe I'll just dance around my house in it or something
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    God I forgot what a wholesome scene this was, our stormblessed friend needs more happy moments like this.
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    Oh yeah, I know! Kaladin is all so serious & brooding. So here am I with some happy sketches! Thank you anyway~
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    This is my favorite Kaladin and Syl picture to date. The composition and poses are really great, and get at a rare moment and interaction for the characters (especially Kal!).
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    Your art is always just so, so on fire. I love it.
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    That's so good! It's so smooth, and I like how it doesn't have a set beginning or end. It's all one.
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    Gives me Prince of Egypt vibes I didn't even know those were vibes that a gif could give me But I love it
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    That is amazing! I love it so much
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    So cool!!! Nice job and good creativity
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    I knew the Your Name parody poster was coming even before I scrolled down, lol Well done!
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    Dannnex burn the bow! It wouldn't have survived. *Laughs in pyromaniac.*
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    It's awesome! I agree, you really got that Ruin-y feel right! The whole thing just looks very, very evil.
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    This looks great! I like the color for Syl!
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    Nono. Think about it. Wasing not is self-contradictory, and it's in a closed system because of the 'of' separating it and the rest of the phrase. Of in this case refers to anything referring to something else, in this case 'wasing is.' That phrase is redundant, as something was and is, even though all High Imperial is in past tense, so you're essentially saying 'wasing was.' So, all in all, it's a self-contradictory non-contradiction, which means that it's basically a 'this statement is false' and therefore Dox has broken the cosmere.
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    I thought this said oof
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    This is absolutely one of the best cosplays I have ever seen. Just ... Wow. Will you be at the release party for Rhythm of War? Because if you're not local, Dragonsteel should pay your way to bring you there - wayalotta people would want to have a photo-op with you! On behalf of all us fans, thanks for putting in the time & effort to create this!!
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    That's, well, mildly demonic
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    Is there anyone else who thought of the Cells that the Kandra use to keep their prisoners? I did. I mean, it is also a collection of pits with a metal grate on top.
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    Thank you so much for liking!! Hoid x Jasnah ship also need more love <3
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    You call that a sketch?I could spend days on a single drawing and it wouldn't look nearly as good.Your drawings are amazing!
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    This is sooo cooolll!!! This is exactly how I imagined her!
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    I like it! It is very beautiful as an artwork, though I imagined her with more meat on her bones and slightly older looking. Thats just my opinion and imagination however, and it is very pretty. I like the oil painting style. Did you make it digitally or traditionaly?
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    Incredible! I like the Havah Syl the most It looks like Syl at different ages, and I suppose it at different stages of maturity for her
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    Really captures how I think Syl would be, along with her personality. Absolutely love this picture!
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    Yes, It is a watercolor done in Photoshop and brushed up in Illustrator.
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    I love this so much! It perfectly captures how I picture Kaladin
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    I had no idea you did art!!
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    These are lovely! Thanks for sharing them!
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    That scene was so wack, love it that this community's already creating fanart of it
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    Loved Zahel in that scene! Thank you for bringing it to life!
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    Looks amazing! The lighting increases the sense of fantasy and drama.
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