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    "You're the only one the voice in my head doesn't tell me to kill" Ah, Zane, what a charmer.
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    Sweet mercy, this is excellent! Have you considered doing something similar for the other cosmere works?
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    The key to expression is the eyebrows imo! And the way that the brows affect eye shape. This is a lovely drawing, also. :]
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    My train of thought when you post a new drawing: Hey, maybe you should try to draw people. No. Remember lest time? Then I go back to scrawling weapon designs on every available surface.
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    That is a nice outfit.
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    Which one has the spike through the heart again? EDIT: Also, nice touch with the scars
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    Sorry zinc, but I can’t stop seeing Elsa and Anna.
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    The background of this is so cool, it reminds me of some kind of James Bond movie poster. Well done!
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    So happy to see Ivory depiction XD It's precious!
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    Imagine someone’s confusion if they’d never read Mistborn and they just stumbled upon this poster in your room
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    Well, take your time, the best results come with time.
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    No fair You really know how to make me cry when you give me those Iron eyes those iron eyes
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    Ah yes, what a perfect description of Lita But I like it, that's a great piece of art!
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    Yeah. (I actually went back after I posted this and touched some stuff up.) Well, storms. I was looking for armor tips like three months ago. The armor actually turned out fine, but I drew my friend way too short which sucks, 'cause he's tall.
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    Dat's coo'. To be fair, I wasn't really all that happy with how the armor turned out either, but it's passable and it was fun to draw.
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    Well... it's a good drawing. But I'm a medieval nut, so... uh... everything about the armor bothers me...
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    Yeah, I just was kinda like, "Eh" on the handle. It's been drawn, let's move on. Hey, that rhymes...
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    Shut up, Pattern, you're a liar. This is an awesome piece of art indeed.
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    Press START to draw Aons
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    Lovely shading, my girl.
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    *shrug* I guess I picture a lot of characters that way. (plus, it's easier to do jawlines like that because then I have a better sense as to where I should put the eyes)
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    That was Light.
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    I love Lita's faces, full stop.
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    Obviously, it's a Cojiro.
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    I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT! This is the best artwork of their dance I have ever seen! Dear me, it's wonderful. If I may... may I have permission to use this artwork for a YouTube video of mine? It's a song that I made for that very scene in the book, but my best recording of it was done on audio instead of video, and I want there to be a visual to go with it. I will most certainly credit you if you are alright with that. Seriously, your piece is truly wonderful.
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    Elend kinda looks like Adam Scott lol.
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    Thank you! Yeah, when I start the piece and started trying to figure out a composition, I knew I wanted to include Kredic Shaw in it somehow and the coins and atium seemed like iconic things I couldn't leave out (I had other things I was contemplating, but it made it far too busy, so maybe in another piece). Glad you liked the piece! I love it!
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    This IS beautiful! There is a lot of detail here to appreciate; in particular I really dig the texture that Kredic Shaw silhouette makes and the coins are a nice touch (I imagine they translate to "In TLR we trust", lol)
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    I love this so much! It's beautiful!
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    Lita's last face is hilarious if you really zoom in on it.
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    I love it! And I love Lita, she is great!
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    Hehhhhhhhhh yeah I will do those next. It's been hard to draw anything lately, but I think I'm out of the weeds now :]
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    Lita's super expressive eyebrows strike again. And then there are the TUBAists who are remaining mostly oblivious to it all...
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    Great job! I feel like this could match with Lusk if the “ohohoho” was replaced with a “oh no oh no oh no” and the smirk was replaced by an ever increasing grimace
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    I just now saw this but I can 100% guarantee that if you make a webcomic I will flip out. It would be so dope, and I need it.
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    Wow. Love the animation!
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    “Come on, let’s go and slay!”
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    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Its looks wonderful I have to reread that scene now... I hope I don't cry...
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    “Do you wanna spike a snowman?”
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    Yeah, actually you can use the better version here (post-digital tablet acquisition):
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    Never edit this, it's the best thing ever. Also this is a bit random but I love your ZincAboutIt signature
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    Every time I scroll past this, the top part of the picture is cut off and the blood spots on Voidus' cheeks just look like undefined eyes watching Lita. Though the way they're actually pointedly not looking at one another is great.
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    I love it! So dark and powerful! It's great!
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    @RShara Thank you! That's awesome you got that print as a gift I do think it would be a good idea to show both! The flame spren here are a result of me not remembering that OB description and running with the WoK description. I love insects so I guess I got a little overexcited to make some insect spren.
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    It's really cool! I think what feels off is that he looks a little feminine. Maybe you made his eyelids to heavy?
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