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    *Starts sweating profusely* Wha-what are you talking about? I am most definitely an Earthian... *whispers under breath* Lunamor to base, Lunamor to base, I have a problem...
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    You can draw, apparently. *Whispers about aliens ensue*
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    Thanks! I have the opposite problem. I am terrible at drawing people.
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    Luna, these drawings are beautiful! I cannot draw animals for the life of me so I can really appreciate how awesome these are. Fantastic job!
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    ... ... ... Right eye twitches uncontrollably. ... ... ... Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He screams, jumping up and pounding his head into the wall. Jumps back into his seat and types his reply. Thank you for your criticism, I'll will do better research in future. He slams his face into the desk, sobbing. "I think I want that cookie now. "
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    Great sketch!
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    I love it! Its not at all like I pictured Mac, but its awesome!!
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    That's a whole lot better then my drawing of Hellbent. I still posted it though.
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    Sorry for the terrible camera resolution.
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    I like how they both are so similar in the base components, but they're so different too!
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    Yeah, when she isn't coming to kill you.
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    Miss thought is kinda cute. Nice drawing.
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    @Lunamor Yeah it does sound like from the books that their wings are generally less for propulsion and more for flight controls.
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    Welcome to another episode of Stormlight Archive, the Anime! This is great.
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