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    Well I'm not good at memes, and there is more than 260 pages, so most likely some of them were already posted, but here are some of mine: General Brandon: Mistborn: Stormlight Archive: Warbreaker:
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    So I was digging around in the arcanum, looking for ways to manipulate time using surgebinding because it's mentioned in WoK prime's double eye chart. You know, as you do. When I stumbled on something completely unexpected. Given what we now know about that scene some interesting things come into play. We know that Shallan had some powers left over from her original bond, and that summoning shardblades brings them back slightly. So when Radiants break their oaths their spren become something closer to Honorblades that work exclusively for them, and have to be summoned in order to grant most of their powers. This has interesting implications if Roshar figures out a way to remove Identity from the deadeyes, or potentially from themselves, as it would mean there are a lot more Honorblade type weapons out in the world.
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    Finale: Hope Prevails “We will slay you all.” Afandor felt his metal vials rip free, pulling painfully at his broken bones. Ignoring the pain for the moment, he pushed himself up and turned to watch what was happening. Avil was surrounded, blood dripping down his clothing. Yet he stood strong. Wood creaked as he gripped his axe with an unnatural strength, ready to fell anyone who approached. Then he turned. Two metal spikes jutted through what used to be his eye sockets. Avil was no longer a simple resident of Tyrian Falls. He had become a Steel Inquisitor—one of Ruin’s own puppets. Afandor Pushed off a coin. Pain screamed through his body, but he pushed through. When he was upright, he balanced on one leg, using the scattered metal around Scimon Tlagg’s last stand to keep him stable. No matter the pain, he would not go down without more of a fight. He only hoped Oleinda was safe. Then he spotted her. She stood at the edges of the crowd surrounding Avil, a hardness to the way she held herself. Afandor groaned and said a silent prayer to whatever gods might listen, begging for her to be protected. To be saved. ~~~ Oleinda burned copper, hoping against hope that it was enough to protect those around her. It wasn’t much, but it was an edge they may hold if Avil could burn brass. She had heard his voice. Heard him fighting with Afandor. And then she heard the other voices. Whispers and movements in the night. She hadn’t needed to go for help. It was already there. The people of Tyrian had finally joined together, found the final threat to their city, and had gathered against it. And she would stand with them. So Oleinda had turned around. Returned just in time to hear Afandor fall, to hear Onidsen confront Avil. And then to hear Avil drive metal into his own body. She shuddered as she faced him, listening to his yells. We will slay you all. It was no longer Avil. Not fully. There was something else controlling him. And then he attacked. ~~~ Linaan was the first to react. Finally, an enemy that could be fought head-on with no concerns of innocence. With Oleinda at her back protecting her from any soothing, she dug her claws into the ground and sprung at Avil’s unprotected side, teeth poised to crush his neck. Avil alone might have fallen, but Ruin was not so easily fooled. “You can do better than that. Release your inhibitions. Kill me.” In one smooth motion, he pivoted around his left foot and swung his axe two-handed at Linaan. She flinched instinctively; no weapon could kill her but fear of those obsidian axes and the people who carried them had been etched deep. She was right to dodge back, for at the last second Avil switched to a one-handed grip, the extended reach allowing him to lop off her front left paw with pewter-enhanced strength. Landing awkwardly on three legs, Linnan hissed and regrew a paw from pure muscle and fat and began to prowl around in a circle, searching for openings. Before she took more than a few steps, Avil lost interest and charged at the group of villagers who had dispersed to regain their lost metal. ~~~ Luciel was the first target, having advanced towards danger as thugs were wont to do. Avail swung his axe down for a decapitation strike only for it to lodge deep in Sidor’s upraised shield. Snarling, he wrenched the axe free, shield coming with it as Sidor abandoned her shield for a glass dagger, sliding it between Avil’s rib spikes. The wound caused no apparent harm to Avil as he flared pewter. It drew both his and Ruin’s attention as he freed his axe from the shield and swung at Sidor with all his might. She blocked by sliding her left hand up the haft of her own axe and stepping in, trying to shove Avil backwards. Mere human strength was no match for the power of pewter, but Avil was so focused on Sidor that he didn’t notice Luciel crashing into his side. Avil stumbled, and by the time he regained his footing, Luciel was already crunching down on the pewter vial he’d snatched from Avil’s robes. “Mighty fine trick Guy had there. You’ll have to thank him for me in the next life,” Luciel said, taking a fighting stance. “Now s’much fun as being Luciel is, I don’t reckon I was much good as sheriff. Beatin’ down unruly bar patrons? That I can do. How much pewter ya got left?” Avail declined to answer and disengaged from the melee, turning his sights on Onidsen, WitLees, and Char Treuce, clustered together to take cover in the latter’s dwindling coppercloud. Smoking proved no protection against the enhanced ironpull that ripped through them, targeting not their vials but the very metal within their bodies. ~~~ As Avil hurtled towards their combined greater masses, axe at the ready, WitLees stepped in the way. Obsidian cleaved effortlessly through muscle and sinew and bone as WitLees fell to the ground in two pieces, bleeding not blood but Horneater White. “Turned out I still had a couple bottles left of the stuff! I’ve been looking to make a change recently, and going out in an explosion is a fitting sendoff to this body.” Avil tried to avoid the spreading alcohol, but he was too slow. WitLees had already melted down to his base form and wrapped himself around his legs, holding him in place. Avail resisted, but the loss of his spare pewter vial and his untreated injuries meant he couldn’t afford to flare pewter again. Ruin let him struggle alone and slowly but surely Avil began to break free, but too late, for Char Treuce had already grabbed a torch. “No more running. Don Quixote would stay and fight, and so shall I.” He charged right at Avil, who screamed out in desperation. Pewter was being used to keep himself standing. Brass would not pierce the coppercloud that Char Treuce still emitted. Tin could only make his onrushing death more apparent. Iron would only hasten the end. He had just managed to kick away a piece of WitLees when the torch hit Horneater White. At the last second, WitLees stretched out his body into a semicircular cylinder, shielding Char Treuce from the full force of the explosion. He still went flying backwards, unconscious before he hit the ground. Bits and pieces of WitLees’s body scattered through the air as Avil took one staggering step forward and collapsed halfway through, body barely holding itself together. ~~~ Both he and Ruin still had one card left to play. With Char Treuce unconscious, his coppercloud vanished and a blanket soothing once more surged through the village square, deadening the emotions of everyone outside Oleinda’s range. Linaan was not affected as she rushed forwards to end the battle once and for all, but Ruin’s words filled her mind. “No matter how often you change bodies, no matter what form you take, you belong to me. I am the deepest and most essential version of you. My voice reflects your true desires, the actions you long to take, barely restrained by your facade of humanity. You WILL serve by my side, daughter. Kill them all, and become the monster you were always meant to be.” Linaan cackled as she continued her charge, the high pitched sound forcing its way out of her mangled vocal cords. “All these centuries and you still understand nothing. You prey on my deepest fears, yet you cannot comprehend my desires. I am a monster, red in tooth and claw. I have never been human, and hate pretending to be one. None of that prevents me from caring about other people. I will oppose you for the rest of my life, no, the rest of yours. For the woman I love, for a community that accepts me, for a world not ruled by bloodline or metallic arts, where everyone is given the resources they need to live a fulfilling life.” Speaking back to Ruin provoked no response, as always, but across the square, more movement took place. ~~~ A flaring heat burned inside Oleinda as she burned copper. Her vials were gone, but she had a large enough store. She listened to the sounds of the fight, doing her best to stay out of the way. And then someone’s hands were on her. Oleinda screamed. “It’s me.” Pain laced each of Afandor’s words. “This way.” Then he lifted her off the ground and pulled her to his chest. “What are you doing?” She couldn’t keep the panic out of her voice. She couldn’t leave. Not yet. “Keep burning. I’m getting you closer.” “You’re hurt.” Afandor grunted. “I’m fine. We need to finish this.” Just out of range, Sidor and Sidor’ struggled against the blanket soothing. “Former High Prelan Ferac lauded lack of emotion as the highest virtue. [He was convinced that in its absence lay pure efficiency.] He mapped out as many details of human emotion in his test subjects as he could think of. [All in the name of an empire built on cruelty.] In all his experiments, he never considered himself as a biased observer. [His beliefs stripped of emotion, he took for truth.] His conclusions that the empire was necessary were wrong. [Not just for neglecting the value of emotional judgements, but for considering what was best for a man the empire was made for to be what was best for everyone.] Feelings are an important tool for relating to others. [But even without emotion, we are able to care.] With halting, jerky movements that became smoother with every step,she picked up her shield and moved into the coppercloud. From there, it was easy to direct a badly injured Afandor and Oleinda in his arms into range of Onidsen, who had paused hovering over his fallen coins, mind assaulted by waves of nothingness. He snapped to attention as the coppercloud enveloped him and reached down for the coins, but hesitated. “I don’t need these.” He turned to face Avil, who was trying and failing to stand up, his body too badly damaged for Ruin to control. He gazed up at the approaching form of Onidsen, the man beneath the Shard reasserting control for the last moments of his life. Onidsen embraced him, his hands looping around Avil’s neck to grab hold of the spikes that jutted from his eyes. Selig sind die Toten Ja, der Geist spricht, daß sie ruhen Selig sind die Toten He stepped backwards, pulling the iron spikes with him. The final Spiked fell to the ground, free at last. ~~~ The morning air bit at Oleinda’s exposed skin. Afandor shuffled up beside her, a strange pattern to his footsteps. Step. Thump-step. His leg had been bound and as much as she’d tried, he wouldn’t stop walking on it. At least she’d convinced him to use a crutch. “Are you sure about this?” he asked as he stopped beside her. “No, but Tyrian has nothing left for me.” Oleinda chewed her lip as she listened to the town come to life. It was too quiet. Too still. Even as the work began to clean up after the night’s battle, there was not enough life in the wind. But there was a hint of something else drifting through on that cold breeze. Hope. As the world changed around them, she knew the people of Tyrian would keep the flame of hope burning inside, flaring stronger than any metal. She wanted to be with them, rebuild with them, but no. They would have no use for her. Afandor rested his hand on her shoulder. “Are you ready?” She took a deep breath, trying to settle her nerves. This was her last chance. After one last brush of her fingers across the doorframe, she stepped into the street. “Yes.” Thus ends another season of Sanderson Elimination! The AG is officially over, and the village succeeds again! Congratulations to all of you who helped keep the curse away. The winners of the three Non-Sanderson Game passes for this year are: Madagascar - Amethyst Scorpion Kasimir - Salmon Meerkas biplet - Azure Mouse We want to thank each of you for participating in the Anniversary Game! We look forward to another year of Sanderson Elimination and all the future games to stab, plot against, and RP. Player Identities: Spreadsheet
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    LG92: N1 - What The Hell, SE >>> Striker was removed. The Night has begun and will end on Monday, 30th January 2022 at 1100hrs SGT (GMT+8)!
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    I was looking at the interactive map and timeline, and I realized something. Urithiru and the Nightwatcher Valley line up almost perfectly North to South. That means that the Highstorm hits both of them at the same time, and at that moment all of the Bondsmith spren are Connected. Do I have the faintest idea what happens, or what this could possibly cause? No, but I refuse to believe that this just happened to be the case. Something big is going to come of this.
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    >>> Dannex was removed! Night Two has begun! It will end on Wednesday 1 February 2023 at 10:00 PM EST (-5:00 UTC). Vote Count: Danex (6): Amanuensis, Ashbringer, Matrim's Dice, Stick, The Wandering Wizard, xinoehp512 Araris Valerian (2): Sart Ashbringer (1): Shining Silhouette JNV (1): TJ Matrim's Dice (1): Danex Orlok Tsubodai (1): The Bookwyrm Aman (1): Stick (1): Araris Valerian Walin (1): Archer
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    >>> Devotary was DDoSed. Tani was DDoSed. The Day has begun! It will end in a little over 47 hours at 10:00 PM EST on Wednesday 31 January.
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    Great game everyone! A huge shout out to @Devotary of Spontaneity. She deserves all the praise for keeping this game running and for all of her fantastic write-ups. Thanks to all of the players who put in so much time and effort into creating yet another fantastic anniversary game. We hope you enjoyed it. Now on to more official things. As we considered some of the major things that happened in this game, the mods agreed there was one thing in particular that needed to be addressed. Going inactive on purpose for the intention of proving your alignment and/or inability to submit an action is not okay. Activity and participation should always be encouraged. Making anyone feel like they must not engage with the game in order to prove something takes away the enjoyment of the game for many. While this does not explicitly go against any of the rules listed in the SE rules, we would like to officially frown upon this kind of plan. In the same vein of thought, there was also a large discussion over the use of screenshots of people's activity. This is a more gray area, as activity tracking has a long history within SE. It is, however, incredibly flawed, as proven by Toucan's ability to submit an action and still appear to have not logged in. As this knowledge is already public, we don't feel it necessary to restrict this behavior. Instead, we urge caution to use it wisely and with consideration to the flaws within the system.
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    So it was shown in TLM that allomancers can use identity-less investiture to hyperfuel their powers. Looking at it that way, a lot of the comments Brandon has made about Scadrial being low investiture start to make sense and I think I've figured it out. Allomancers, Sand Masters, and Aetherbound use physical materials to open small gateways to the spiritual realm in order to access their powers, whereas individuals like Radiants, Awakeners, Forgers, and Elantrains use investiture directly, allowing them to access it in a greater form. This puts using Stormlight and the Mists on the same level, which is why Brandon compared them so often Now I don't think that mistings getting identity free stormlight would be blasting apart buildings like Vin with Kredik Shaw, as that would require massive amounts of it, but they could definately use it to push on trace metals. This is why the ghostbloods are so intent on getting it, and why Selish, Nalthian and Rosharan magics seem so powerful compared to others. Pure investiture can elevate magic from powerful to insane.
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    Hey y’all! I almost never post outside the SE subforum, but I came across something interesting while reading one of my Greek texts for a class. It’s from Lucian’s True Stories, or Άληθη Διηγήματα Α’. Here’s the relevant passage and my (admittedly novice) translation: The parts of interest here are Lucian’s name for these soldiers (Ἀνεμοδρόμοι), which is literally a fusion of the Greek words for Wind (άνεμος) and Runner (δρομέας, here given the nominative plural ending), as well as his description of them as light infantrymen who fly without wings. Obviously the mechanics look a bit different with Brandon, but has anyone ever asked him if he got the concept of the name for this Order from Lucian? In the absence of a WoB, could someone bring this up to him who has the chance? I find this to be a startling coincidence
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    I had some drawings I liked and I thought it would be fun to share. I'm not sure how regularly I'll post though. anyway, here's our favorite sad boi and a kind of ok Syl
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    Attention players Please during rollovers, refrain from discussing the game with other players, even if you think they may be dead. Remember that this is a blackout and unknown shenanigans are at play behind the scenes.
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    LG92: Day Three - Bots Can't Lie >>> Xino was DDoSed! TKN was DDoSed! The Day has begun and will end on Saturday, 4th February 2022 at 1100hrs SGT (GMT+8)!
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    WAIT WAIT GUYS I FOUND THE SOLUTION THE FORUM IS SAVED please answer the question If you are not a bot, this will not be difficult
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    Hi everyone I have been a fan since highschool and that was a long time ago (old alert!). Cosmere works have been a huge part of my life and they make me so happy and help me get through things when times are tough. I love listening to shardcasts and all the crazy fun theories and discussions. I am happy to be here. I also recently just ran into Brandon in person and got to say hi, he barged into the location I was playing dungeons and dragons in. I had to do a double take and I was so nervous because I have never met him before. It was such a unique special experience since I am a nobody lol! He gave me an edgedancer coin which is awesome because that is my radiant order! Very random, but very fateful as well. He is a super nice person, so thanks Brandon! I hope everyone has a great day, if you read this then thanks for listening haha.
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    Several years ago, I was living in Pennsylvania. It was winter, and I was on my way to work. There was a highway interchange that kind of looks like there was a big, inconvenient rock wall right where they wanted to put the highway, so they just dug a hole through it and left big towering walls of stone to either side. It had snowed the night before, but I wasn't worried, the snowplows had been out and the road was basically clean. ...right up until I got into the shadow of the rock wall, that is. Where the sun hadn't been yet, I suddenly found myself sliding on a patch of black ice, completely unable to control the car. It was very slowly turning, so I was gradually approaching a side-impact collision with a bunch of stone at over 40 MPH. My car didn't have side airbags, so I kind of figured, "OK, this is it. Hope I'm ready for the next life." All of a sudden, just as I reached the edge of the road, I felt something impact the side of the car. There was a distinct thump about a foot or two behind me, and suddenly I was pointed straight down the road and had traction again. I wasn't sure what I had hit, but I wasn't about to stop the car and check, just in case whatever it was had damaged something and I might have had trouble getting it started again. There was a repair shop close to work so I figured I'd take care of it there. When I got to work, though, I got out of the car and looked it over, and there was no damage. Anywhere. At all. And I know enough about physics to understand just how much sense that does not make. The force required to redirect such a heavy piece of metal moving that quickly, in such a short amount of time, should have left some very serious marks behind! Instead, something I could not see, but definitely did feel, saved my life and put me back exactly on track to where I needed to go. I know there are angels watching over us. I know this because I hit one with my car.
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    Hello players! Go read the rules. Copy/pasting from your GM PM, any docs you can access, and any other PM is explicitly forbidden in the rules of SE. It is even more important in a blackout format to not share the exact wording of your role. You can summarize (or even lie). But you are not allowed to use direct wording.
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    You promised me a manageable game, Kas. >> More seriously, this is a genuine problem, and I think we should be mindful of the value of our respective contributions, against the time commitment to read them. I know for my part, at least, that keeping abreast of the thread in general with this volume of posts is a challenge, and I’m giving this game at least 90 minutes a day. There’s a very real risk (and a converse strategy from the eliminators) that the collective individual jokes or snap replies overwhelm the thread with content personally beneficial, but that in net impact is negative. I can’t be the only one struggling to form discrete reads and views, simply because processing 5 pages of new posts in the same (constrained) time I need to make a post is just impossible. There’s a lot of valuable solving data that’s been posted, in role claims, targets, results, but this is getting buried in back-and-forths, and deliberate trolling. Forgive me if I’m being harsh, but all trolling for trolling’s sake does is heighten the barrier for meaningful engagement for everyone else, making the game less enjoyable and approachable, to gain some fleeting personal self-satisfaction.
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    Progress is slow, keep getting gibberish words (even more than usual) If anyone has a higher quality image than the wiki has that would help a ton, I'm working on the 1,375 × 2,048 file. Also, if this is just Tyn's communication thing and not some deep secret, I am going to go insane.
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    POV: You're an average Sanderfan
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    I feel morally obligated to insert this video
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    Words of Radiance final thoughts: This book was a lot of fun! Both Kaladin and Shallan really learned to use their surgebinding powers in this book, which was very satisfying to read about. I also enjoyed Shallan's journey to infiltrate the Ghostbloods. Shallan went through quite the transformation in this book, starting off trying to imitate Jasnah and finally really coming into her own. Kaladin and Szeth's first encounter was great! Kaladin and Shallan in the chasms was great! I also liked the disadvantaged duel. The climax was definitely epic, though interestingly, my favorite part of the climax was... Dalinar's speech? I wasn't left in awe by the climax like I was in book 1. In book 1, there were two plot twists that I didn't see coming: Sadeas betraying Dalinar and Dalinar trading his blade for the bridgemen. In book 2 I knew the Parshendi storm was coming. I knew Shallan was looking for a portal. I knew Kaladin was going to fight Szeth. As soon as Sadeas betrayed Dalinar in book 1, I expected Kaladin and his team to save Dalinar, but it was very satisfying, because the betrayal was an unexpected twist, and the expectation for Kaladin to save Dalinar was only build over a few chapters. Szeth vs Kaladin is something I've been waiting for for two whole books, so while it was satisfying to finally get it, it didn't feel as groundbreaking. All this being said, wrapping up a two-book plot is exponentially harder than wrapping up a one-book plot. I think this was a good book, all things considered, and I look forward to reading about Kaladin meeting his parents again in book 3. I will! Though I might take a small break first. Trying to finish some other books.
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    Yeah, we call it a mission. If you say your coworker is "going on a mission" or "on his/her mission" that sounds completely normal to us. Yes. And that means that your friend is most likely a girl in her late teens. This is not a hard-and-fast rule so much as a cultural norm in the church, but it's expected that every young man soon after graduating high school will serve a mission for two years. For young women, the typical service period is 18 months, and the expectation for all of them to serve is not there, but many young women do choose to. And yeah, the idea of "putting your life on hold" for that long, right when you're "supposed to" be going to college and preparing for a career and all sorts of Very Important Things like that, and not even getting paid for it, does feel kind of weird from an outsider's perspective. But the idea that missionary work is an important duty derives from the revelations that our church is founded on. The Lord calls it an act of warning here, and that puts it in perspective. If you saw someone out on foot, on a cold, snowy highway at nighttime, frantically waving and trying to flag down the passing cars, you'd probably think they were being weird too. Maybe there's something wrong with them? That's definitely not what normal people do! But if you actually stop and listen to them and find out that they're trying to tell you the bridge up ahead is out, suddenly your feelings on the subject change radically! You might even feel inclined to join him in trying to warn other people. That's how members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints view missionary work. Our message is that important.
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    It seems we don't have this on the Shard yet.... so with the announcement for the new seasons this seemed appropriate. @Witless of Shinovar @Gregorio @Thaidakar the Ghostblood @Odiumiumium @CalanoCorvus And if anyone knows of other Sharders who seem to like this masterpiece of a show, SUMMON THEM!!
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    There have been several discussions about what benefits the fifth oath give the Radiant, and every time I've wanted to say something. But I didn't because I could never find the WoB that gave me the idea again. I searched so many times, over the span of years for this one stinking WoB, and could never find it. Until today. At 3rd oath the knight gets a sword. At 4th they get armor. And at fifth, they get some kind of mount. This is further supported by the Knights Radiant having the only Rhyshadium in the past(WoR 317). So what do you think?
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    My brain is dead from exam prep But nevertheless, have your pre-Rollovet votecount? Edited to add: Tbf in any other game it is a reasonable assumption that 5 pages = 24 hours. In any other game except this one apparently >>
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    So I found a few WoBs And together they tell a story. Sazed has been intentionally preventing full feruchemists and Mistborn from being born. Now the question becomes why, and I have two possible theories. 1. He's scared of another Lord Ruler. With both powers occuring it was incredibly unlikely, but given enough time a statistical certainty that another Fullborn would be born, and Sazed knows the problems that caused and wants to avoid them. 2. Sazed wants people to develop medallion technology, and believes that without limiting their powers they never would. Now I believe that number 1 is the much likelier option, but I felt like I'd list both.
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    "I wonder if a Returned who was a Bendalloy Ferring could survive off of just food." 10 Hours Later "How does Connection work and why does aluminum even exist anyway?!"
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    Light Cosmere spoilers.
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    ... to my knowledge, no, I am not a robot. Waves vaguely in exe Not many people (aside from Mat) seem inclined to actually vote me. I guess Silho does. Side note: Silho just claimed Elim, again.
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    I'm making this for my 3,500. HURRAY! Time to prompt y'all to write. Alright, there are seven weeks and seven prompts per week. Each week in this will start on Monday. I'll give you the first week of prompts now. I hope y'all enjoy this!
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    Why make original memes... When I can do the exact same joke? This one's been done before, but I don't think that anyone has used this format.
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    hey y'all!! I've been not so artsy lately due to hw, but here's some school notebook doodles (cause who needs to learn about the fricking krebs cycle when you can draw instead XD) Magnus Archives season one archival staff (they have my heart forever and always <3 <3 <3): here's Nico Di'Angelo and Will Solace (who else is super excited for The Sun and the Star??!) and here's a chaotic doodle of Michael Shelly from tma (same dude at the top of this page lol. i luv hiim.) the twisted faces are courtesy of my lil sister (she constructed them upon the bones and outlines of heads i started and then erased lmao) and the writing is cause my sister was watching me doodle and does not know who Michael is and needed an explanation, even an incorrect one. i've been working on a drawing of the tma season 3 finale, but i'm not gonna post it cause a lot of y'all are listening to tma rn and i don't want you to get any spoilers. k love y'all byeee!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Lol. Harry Potter memes, then.
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    I feel like warning y'all was pointless. The real people who shoulda been warned were Fifth and me...
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    sus Maybe the meme will work this time. Third time's the charm, amirite?
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    Honestly, I'm just happy I won't have to read about Sadeas anymore in future books. SA2, epilogue: Surprise surprise, the character on the cover of book 3 is not dead! Guess now we also have an Elsecaller, whatever that is. I don't like Wit. Unpopular preference I guess. Or maybe he's more fun in other books. That's it! Finished Words of Radiance! I will write overall impressions probably tomorrow. My rep says I'm a Spinner. I wonder what I spin...
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    Also the giant roleclaim post is from Me and not Aman/Shining
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    teas gone cold im wonderin whyyyyyy i got outta bed at all mornin rain clouds up my window and i cant see at all even if i could itll all be gray but your picture on my wall it reminds me that its not so bad its not so baaad
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    ES - Emperor's Soul CR/PR/SR Cognitive, physical, and Spiritual realm respectively. DS: Dawnshard(the book, never used to refer to actual Dawnshards) ED: Edgedancer (the book, never used to refer to the Order) A-metal: allomantic metal, where metal can be any of the 16 gold, steel, iron etc F-metal: feruchemical version of the above. H-metal Hemalurgic version of the above.
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    Hello Beings from across the Cosmere! I humbly introduce myself to those who came before. I've just finished the first Mistborn era, and I've read all four Stormlight books in two months. Onward! more literature awaits!
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    Thanks to everyone for making a great game. I will get to some thoughts later, but first, a re-announcement. As a reminder, we are looking for more players to join our team of mods! If you are interested in helping keep SE running smoothly, please message one of the current mods to let us know of your interest.
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    SK that can only kill villagers and neutrals doesn't make a lot of sense. SKs are supposed to be balancers even if they don't win.
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    Awesome find! I was able to translate a small section but it looks like it is a repetition of the same thing over and over. Putting it in a spoiler tag because it is pretty major.
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