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    I included some spoilers, I think we're in the Spoiler section, but I warn just in case. Hi Ben: Let's see, I've seen some other similar reviews, very few, and I'm trying to understand them, but I can't really share them. For me, each Sanderson book gets better than the previous, probably because he's becoming a better writer, but I can see there are people that aren't enjoying the latest installments of SA. I think maybe your focus is wrong, maybe this series is not for you, or for you at this point in your life. See, I say this because this series is heavy, it's heavy on pages, yes! but also on characters and emotion. All the characters in the series (except maybe Mr. Adonis Adolin) have mental issues, the minimum of which is Navani's self deprecation, the Fused and all KR have all mental issues because that's the theme of the magic in this world, spren join damaged spirit webs and reinforce them. Also, Sanderson said this is the series which lays more heavily on the concept of the cosmere. In the first book it was in the background, but it's coming more to the front with every book. We now see why, in this book we get the reveal that Rayse wants an army to conquer the cosmere and Splinter all other Shards (or something like that). In the Dawnshard novella we get more heavily into the cosmere, even. And, finally, many people complain of one character or another. Well, it's obvious that we all have favorite characters and, when we don't get enough screen time of them, we feel disappointed. But that's not the writer's demerit, that's just a consequence of being a book full of interesting characters. My favorite character is Lift, which is a secondary character. I wished she got more time but, that's the way it is! The cosmere, the science of magic, the manipulations, all these things I loved, specially Raboniel's character, which is still ruthless and evil to our perception because she's the protagonists' enemy, but which is very interesting and has a lot of aspects. You may think that Navani makes childish decisions but really, I read them as Raboniel rigging the conditions so that Navani behaves as she wants to, and remember that she's 7000 years old and has lived through hundreds of wars, probably in a position of strategist and intrigue, learning about humans and how to manipulate them. In the end, she left Navani with two options: do as she wanted to or do nothing. People in power are not known for sitting and doing nothing. In OB I had a little more difficulty, specially with the Shadesmar trip (I don't really like travel books, specially sailing stories), but I really devoured this one. And OB has probably the most epic and spectacular moment (well, moment, it's 5 chapters long or so, but still), which maybe this book lacks. In turn, it has a lot of emotional moments: Maya in the trial, Shallan's reckoning (Shallan is my least favorite, but still it's good), Kaladin's uprising, Dalinar and Ishar, Eshonai's death and, my favorite, Raboniel and Navani's arc. Really, if I can say anything of this book is that I'd have more of the Lady of Wishes, the arc from Part One to the end leads you to every place with her, fear, awe, understanding, sadness... So, really, if you didn't like the book, don't brood on it but think, wasn't the book good enough or were your expectations too high? Because, really, it seems that every book has to raise the ante. For me, WoR felt like a bit of a down because WoK was so awesome and epic, got another epic and bigger ending in OB and this is the 4th in a 5 (10) series book, so it doesn't end in the peak, because it has to set the ground for the final mid series. Specially, that timeline of ten days makes this seem less like a cohessive story and more like a "Will Be Continued..." but, well, it's the 4th in 5, see how The Empire Strikes Back ends, it's essentially the same. Finally, I don't want to diminish the valor of your opinions, I respect that you and so many others didn't like the book, but I wanted to expose some of the reasons I love it so that you can see that there's nothing wrong with it or the writer or yourself, it's just that maybe this book isn't for you right now, I've read some books that I didn't like years ago but revisited them and loved them years after, and viceversa, maybe you haven't Connected with the writer's Intent right now, that doesn't mean that any of the three (writer, book, reader) have nothing wrong.
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    Granted, but from here on out you will constantly feel like you need to sneeze. I want the ability to retrieve Brandon Sanderson books from the future.
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    This is from a long time ago in this topic, but I feel like it deserves to be brought back up in light of recent events
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    Interesting. A lot of people say this, but I don’t relate to Kaladin, the depiction of his depression, or the way he handles it at all. And instead of Kaladin’s POVs helping me, they actually make me worse to the point that it isn’t safe for me to read his POVs when I’m depressed. In my experience depression does just ‘go away.’ I have PMDD, which means my depression lasts for a week to ten days every month. Then I get my period and I’m fine. Since it only lasts ten days max, there really isn’t anything that can be done except grin and bear it. It’s too short for medication, and therapy needs more than a week to accomplish anything. The way I’ve dealt with it is to force my brain to go somewhere else. I draw, write poetry, read books - but not SA, because Kaladin makes me suicidal. (I kind of hate him for that. He’s basically ruined the series for me because I cannot read his POVs, and then people get mad when I say that which makes it worse. I’m so glad he helps you, but he makes me want to kill myself so...) Mistborn, because Kelsier reminds me to smile. I didn’t learn CBT was a thing until college, but I’ve been doing it since I first got my period. I just didn’t know what it was called. I grew up surrounded by Holocaust survivors. They went through hell, lost everything, and came out unbent, unbowed, unbroken. If they can smile, then so can I. If they could move past their grief and keep moving forward, then I certainly can. I WON’T be defeated. I WILL NOT be broken. I WILL embrace my pain and let it be my strength. I don’t have time to sit in a room once a month waiting for someone to save me from myself. Strength comes from within, not without. The only one who can save me is me. So I push forward. I force the darkness and the pain away, force myself to see the good, to find the joy I know is there. And I smile. To me, the way Kaladin acts is a dangerous temptation. I WANT to do that. I want to be able to wallow in the pain. To not fight to find REAL reasons to smile. To have a Spren or an Adolin or a Dalinar to come save me. To just wait things out. But if I did that, I’d be dead. So I save myself instead, because I’m the only one who can. I just wish Kaladin would too, so I could read his POV more than once every three years. It occurs to me that since I do not view PMDD as a part of me, but as an enemy to be defeated, it could actually be cured by Stormlight. Interesting. It will go away forever eventually, when I hit menopause and no longer get my period. Or possibly after my next pregnancy, as that can alter the hormones that cause it.
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    Kind of a let down honestly. It felt more like another episode in a running serial than a sweeping epic conclusion (maybe past Sanderson avalanches have spoiled me). A lot of questions that were previously teased were just kind of left hanging. Bloody Tam and the unseen hands that move us were the original setup for this whole series, but that whole question just gets brushed aside by a Harmony handwritten note at the end? The men of gold and red were just Autonomy's soldiers with gold skin and red eyes planning to conduct a standard invasion? It feels a bit on the nose. What made Miles and Paalm go crazy and become Autonomy's servants? The Survivor's return has been teased for so long and the conclusion of Bands of Mourning ("Survive!") had me so hyped up for the crazy shenanigans and bizarre schemes Kelsier must have been working on, yet here he's just a guy. He makes a cameo for a couple pages, contributes almost nothing to the plot or future theories, and then is gone. Who made the Bands of Mourning? Why were they in an Indiana Jones temple? What has Kel been up to post saving the South from freezing outside of organizing a bunch of intergalactic nerds who roleplay being secret agents? Marsh is tired and almost dying, the kandra barely exist, Harmony just pipes in to remind us how useless he is. Spook??? It all has a weirdly "Tune in next week!" vibe, when I feel a proper conclusion should be clearing the deck and firmly resolving a lot of these promised mysteries (sure there are always more secrets, but I expected more answers than this!). Obviously there are some very good things in this book. Wayne is great, and Wax is essentially a supporting role to him in this book, which is a fun switcheroo. Harmony's condition and his blatant lying to Kelsier's face about Lerasium makes him a much more interesting/nefarious character moving forward (What else was he lying about? Was he lying to Kel about having things under control, or was he lying to Wax/Wayne about being powerless and was secretly manipulating them into being exactly where they needed to be to save the world as willing sacrifices?). Steris is wonderful and deserved more screen time. Marasi though seems to exist to carry a B Plot and justify cramming a lot of broader cosmere references that don't really contribute much to the plot. I find Autonomy herself quite interesting in theory, with her Nietzschean "will to power" philosophy and respect for those who survive in impossible circumstances. She's a perfect foil to Harmony's over-protection of humanity, and you can sense that Sazed is becoming much more open to her "stop spoiling the children" view of Godhood. The broader cosmere stuff felt kind of underwhelming to me though. This might be a specific taste critique, but I felt a lot of the broader cosmere references/cameos existed purely for the reader to go "I know what that is!" rather than organically advance the existing (ideally self-contained) story. It's just my opinion, but I think Brandon needs to stop trying to straddle the fence on this. Either make the stories self contained with an occasional wink at the more enlightened audience, or expect the reader to have done their homework and have basic cosmere understanding. Nightblood in SA was a perfect example of how to do this well in my opinion. An unaware reader won't understand all the background about Nightblood, but doesn't need to. It's a powerful magic sword, it serves an important function in the plot, the reader can choose to read Warbreaker if they want more background info, but they don't need to because the necessary basics are clearly given to them within the existing story. In tLM though, you have a lot of elements that seemingly exist purely for that recognition dopamine hit. Shai in particular feels egregious because she previously starred in a perfectly self-contained piece of fiction (still my personal favorite of everything Brandon has written) and now is being used for cameo noticing. Overall, this particular book felt like the weakest to me in the Wax&Wayne series. Which is surprising, because generally I've found conclusions are what Brandon does best, but this particular series conclusion felt like a miss. I really really hope he gets the magic back for SA5.
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    “I’d try to create an air of mystique around it,” Marasi said. “I wouldn’t show it off. I’d let the other fifteen become common by comparison—and the value of mine would increase as people shared the story. There is one more. One no one has seen.” Excerpt From The Lost Metal Brandon Sanderson https://books.apple.com/us/book/the-lost-metal/id1598914426 This material may be protected by copyright. if that’s not foreshadowing for the last unknown final shard being the last big bad I don’t know what is
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    “Autonomy is trying to outcompete the others by filling the Cosmere with versions of herself … Trellism is a remnant of an ancient religion of your world founded by Autonomy a long, long time ago. A seed for when she decided to move in.” TLM chapter 20. Autonomy is basically posting “FIRST!” in every comment section in the Cosmere. Its nice to have a different villain than Odium even if their plan is just blow up the planet.
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    RoW General Stormlight Archive Mistborn Era 1
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    When Harmonium reacts with Trellium, there is a massive explosion like that of an atomic bomb. It makes perfect sense to me that this would be the result. Why? Because Harmonium atoms should share in Harmony’s nature as a partnership between two, and Autonomy, being, well, autonomous, probably abhors partnership. So of course Trellium splits Harmonium into separate, autonomous parts. And since Harmonium is an atom, when it splits, it splits like atoms do: with a boom. I doubt other godmetals explode when combined. These two metals split because of the nature of their Shards’ Intents.
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    This book was a wild ride. I will say going in I'd never thought I'd be be siding with Kelsier over Sazed, but damn it, I'm siding with Kelsier over Sazed.
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    So, this is my first theory in years, and I maybe did two before this; also, English is not my mother tongue. Furthermore, I just finished The Lost Metal, and haven't given the proper time to research and revise WoBs before I write this (anyone does?). Therefore, I apologize beforehand for whichever mistake I make. Now, let's get to it: In Kelsier's epilogue, he thinks about how Hemalurgy "had proven ineffective on what he'd become. It held his soul and body together, but no more", and he had hope, "hope he'd be able to touch the metals he could see in the world all around him". We're going to ignore the question that arises, if he can or can't physically touch metals, and instead understand his words as "Kelsier cannot use Allomancy in his current state". Does this mean that Kelsier has lost his prime Allomantic abilities? Did it happen when the Lord Ruler killed him? I think that's not the case, though there could be some WoB that say otherwise. I think that, when Kelsier died, the ability to access Allomancy was severed, but not extinguished. Much more like the link between his physical body and his congnitive shadow state were severed. We know that his eye's spike is made of steel, therefore it lacks something to link body to mind and soul. That brings us to the following theory:I think Kelsier had another spike before getting his eye's, this one made of aluminum. And here's why: Aluminum, according to the chart in TLM Ars Arcanum, has the Feruchemical power to store Identity. Also, as a Hemalurgic spike, it has the power to remove all powers. Hence, the core of my theory is that he used some kind of Aluminum medallion to store his Identity there (though I don't know if a cognitive shadow can access medallions, or if there's a WoB explaining it), then got someone to move it to the Physical Realm and stab his body with it, we don't know where. BUT, as he was Mistborn, the aluminum spike removed all his former powers and, potentially, his ability to use his steel one to touch metals around him. That would also could explain why Lerasium wouldn't work on him, as Sazed says, since the aluminum spike would automatically wipe out the new powers Lerasium brought. So, that's my theory for you guys. I hope I made it alright. Comments, opinions and insightful responses from someone who knows WAY more than I do would be appreciated. Thanks everybody for reading this far!!!
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    So talking about the book title I saw several literal interpretations looking around, and they're probably all correct to an extent. It could refer to many actual metals, I must say there's a lot of scarcity as god metals are the general "need" nowdays After I read the book I didn't really consider a literal interpretation of the title and defaulted to a more metaphoric one, this is how I read it (allow me to feel mildly poetic): I loved, loved, Wayne’s storyline in this. I always liked the character, I have a special place in my heart for the "church of the common man" ch. in Shadows of Self, and his arc in Lost Metal is phenomenal. How he becomes the hero, how it parallels the story told by his mom in the beginning, how, unlike in his mom’s story, the hero doesn’t make in the end, he dies, with those beautiful closing lines. But the the hero of this saga actually kind of survives, because out of the two metals that made up the “alloy of law”, one still lives on, but the other is “lost”. So to me, the Lost Metal is Wayne. Was I the only one?
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    Even Telsin mentions about Harmony becoming Discord like capital in one of her lines. Ohhh boy Scadrial is gonna in fun times. Also the epigraph saying so much irony of Discord is gonna helluvah interesting this is how you end an era with a big question Thoughts ? Theories ?
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    LG91 Night 2: Perpetual Potential The last time Shinovar had lost an Honorblade, a Herald Himself came to claim it. Now one was lost in the city after its Bearer was killed by presumably a mere human. Shaman's plan or not, this wasn't supposed to happen. They were supposed to draw in the Tukari into the open, not lead to Honorblades vanishing in the dead of night. Rizam-son-Azram wasn't one of the Honorblade's guards. Then again, Illwei had never discussed the Honorblades either. But Rizam was still blamed, for his part in Tweedle-son-son-Dumb's death and other reasons. Still, no Honorblade found. No Tukari icons present. No end in sight. Just a perpetual cycle of death. The Bookwyrm / Ookla the Perpetual was executed! They were a member of the Shin High Council! Vote Count: The Bookwyrm / Ookla the Perpetual (5): Turtle / Ookla the POKE VOTE, Araris Valerian, Matrim's Dice, JNV, Cash67 Szeth_Pancakes / Ookla the Omnicient (2): The Unknown Novel, _Stick_ Elkanah (2): The Bookwyrm / Ookla the Perpetual, xinoehp512 / Ookla the Forgotten xinoehp512 / Ookla the Forgotten (2): Kasimir, InfiniteInsanity Araris Valerian (1): Archer Paliah's Honorblade has been redistributed or claimed! The turn will end on November 26th at 11:00 PM PST. Player List:
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    Cycle One: Communications Breakdown The fallen Jedi had left a trail of destruction in his wake. The bisected halves of the counter were still smoking. Barles was staring at it, his eyes haunted. Fought in the wars, Barles had. Sajhe remembered, he’d said it a couple of times. Time was, the Jedi’d fought, too. Maybe that was what Barles remembered, even now, even after the Empire had tried to cast down the Order, the Temple on Coruscant, to grind the memories of the Jedi into the dust. Sajhe remembered too, for all they said he was too young. Too young to have fought in the wars. Too young to spend his life in the quiet contemplation of the dust in Dreshdae. Sajhe poured drinks, cracked a cold Corellian ale for some of the regulars who looked like their nerves needed steadying. The Drunk Side swirled with tension, fear, and anxiety. You didn’t live in Dreshdae, in the shadow of the Valley of the Dark Lords, in the shadow of the Sith long dead without learning to fear those who sought mastery. Moff at least had rolled under the table, and Sajhe supposed he was drunk, as usual. Nothing seemed to faze Moff. Or if anything did, it would take more than an incursion of fallen Jedi, pretenders to the legacy of the Sith, to do it. He frowned to himself. Pretenders were, perhaps, the most dangerous of all, apt to wander too far into the shadows, awakening things best forgotten. “Sithspit,” muttered Jev, nervously. There was something about Jev, something in the way they seemed to start at every shadow, but Sajhe didn’t know what it was. Hiding from something, perhaps. Or running away. Sajhe knew a lot about running away. “A karking Sith,” agreed Ullen Kos, his eyes just a little wild. He clenched the mug of Corellian ale in his white-knuckled hands, as though it was his source of strength, and cursed in spacer’s Huttese. “Well, someone’s got to do something about it,” Barles said. “Can’t have one of those going through Dreshdae.” “Someone’s got to go to the comms array,” said Loren Vash. “Put out the call to the New Republic, maybe get them to call for Jedi assistance. Ain’t anything good, when there’s a fallen Jedi here, of all places.” She thumped the table with her scarred knuckles, grimly. “Could try the Valiant,” offered a Rodian in a worn flight suit, sitting all by himself. “I serve on the Valiant, and this is a hell of a time to take shore leave, let me tell you. But if you can comm the Valiant, she can send a distress signal to practically anywhere, maybe even Coruscant and Yavin 4. You’ll get your Jedi in no time.” “Smarts!” Sajhe called out, as he noticed the droid technician sitting by himself at a table, working on a disassembled probe droid. He had to call again to get the technician’s attention. Too lost in his work, as it turned out. “Listen, think you can head over to the spaceport and make that call?” “What call?” Smarts asked. Sajhe sighed. Technicians. “There’s trouble here. Trouble with some of those fallen Jedi. We think it can’t mean anything good. Word needs to go to the Valiant, probably pass it on to Coruscant. They’ll let the Jedi know, or anyone else as needs to.” Smarts nodded, confidently. “Shouldn’t take long,” he said. Because the Force had a sense of irony, Smarts was just out the door when he ran back into the cantina, with Turtle on his heels. “Smarts?” Sajhe asked, uncertain. Turtle was the one who spoke. “The comms relay was sabotaged. Someone planted a comms spike in it.” “Is there a back-up?” Turtle shook his head. “Dreshdae’s too small. There’s the comms relay at the spaceport, and the nearest relay from there is in the next sector. We’re cut off.” “A communications disruption can only mean one thing.” Sajhe looked over at Tantyck, who met his eyes. Tantyck was always careful with his words, measuring them out as though they would one day be used against him. Rumours abounded in his wake: that Tantyck was a defector, that he was ISB, that he’d a knack for survival… Sajhe could see that last one. “Yeah?” Tantyck nursed his drink. “This settlement is under attack,” he said, simply. The cycle has begun and will end on Tuesday, 29th November 2022 at 0100hrs SGT (GMT+8)! All role PMs should be sent by now. Please alert me if you have not received your role PMs. Please be reminded that PMs are closed. P.S. For players who haven't been GMed by me before, please don't post until I've reserved the second post in this thread for the player list and rule clarifications. Thank you! Please be reminded that if you have changed your name to an Ookla name, I will require that you either keep the same profile picture, or change your member title to your former username. I will also require that you place votes using either the player's regular name or their RP name, for my sanity. Thank you.
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    Welcome, welcome, to the 74th annual--- Hi! Kajsa (KAY-sa) here. This is where I'm gonna put ALL my many creative works to show off. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions, but please refrain from unsolicited critiques. Thank you! Let's start with a portrait I did of my OC Mira Dethridge, the antagonist in my fantasy novel Harlow. She is sometimes referred to as "Snake Eyes," due to her burning yellow-orange eyes and her devilish manner. Yes, she is a pyrokinetic, and she's very fun to draw! I wish the fire was brighter and her outfit was more dynamic, or maybe I should have incorporated green or blue into the background because color theory. This took me about four hours overall to complete, and I did it on my iPad using Procreate. For aspiring digital artists out there, I recommend watching Sam Yang's YouTube Channel (Samdoesarts) or following him on social media, etc. Watching him work gives you a good idea of how to do it yourself. He has a ton of good videos, and also he's mostly family-friendly! I actually did a study of one of his pieces, incorporating @Ookla the BlowUpperOfStuff's OC Haly into it. That's the one with the marshmallow. Anyway, have a wonderful day! -Kajsa
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    Do we know if Wellid is Wellen's descendant, or is this just a callback for the laughs? WoA Ch 43: HoA Ch 52: TLM Ch 69:
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    Interesting since the plot revolves around chasing down a rogue Mistborn. I think I would actually like this since the Wax/Mistborn deal felt a little unresolved to me in this book.
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    I think edgedancer fourth ideal might be something more like, "I accept that we will all be forgotten." Or, "I understand that I cannot remember everyone."
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    A high-pitched screeching, followed by an abruptly silenced engine stutter, were heard from within the bar. A faint shudder suggested that one of the walls had received a glancing blow from something which had managed to brake only at the last moment. Its owner could be guessed fairly easily, though, when Martano Hamartano swooped in with an almost royal air, and grabbed a shot from behind the counter over the sputtered protest of the bartender. “Thanks, Sahje,” he winked, then turned to face the small, subdued crowd which mostly seemed to avert their gazes. “Well?” he demanded. “Nothing worse than a comms disruption, eh? Cheer up, you lot. It’ll all clear over soon. I’ll see to it personally. We’ve got the best mechanics around, eh, eh?” He buffeted a drunk-looking midget on the back of the head. “And you, Moff, was it? Good title, that used to be. Well, get your syntax in order and the rest just kinda falls into place after that, y’know what I’m saying? Cheer up, cheer up. A Sith comes charging up, I put a blast through his skull. No better marksman around.” He flourished a double-barrelled blaster for all to see. A few ducked. He grinned again and slammed something in front of a now highly affronted Sahje which might pass for payment. “Well, anyone with an idea, come tell it to me. We gotta make things HAPPEN here, folks! And till then let’s not walk about with our tails between our legs.” A note that due to Thanksgiving and friends and family I will be less active today and tomorrow. Hello all! Don’t think I’ve played with a few of you before, so this should be a fun first experience. My only point of advice would really be that I am going to treat any public speculation on Jedi identity divorced from shrek discussion and/or claims as an automatic eliminator tell. Even if you’re a villager doing it to misdirect, it really does not pay to be giving the Sith any help with that. @Haelbarde Query: What is the protocol to fix a communications spike?
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    While I also had this theory there is a WoB that seems to disprove it: Solfor (paraphrased) So the Iriali, their religion, the whole the One breaking themselves into the many to experience the universe. You also have Autonomy breaking themselves into many avatars. So I was wondering is Autonomy connected to the Iriali in any meaningful way. Brandon Sanderson (paraphrased) So are the Iriali connected to Autonomy in a meaningful way? I'd say no. I mean they're slightly connected, but in a meaningful way, no, they're not connected. Autonomy did not start the Iriali religion. DragonCon 2019 (Sept. 2, 2019)
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    We see early in the book that Wax mentions Steris wants another child. This statement might seem minor but considering what happens near the end of the book this could have major implications for Scadrial. We know Max has been exposed to a small amount of Lerasium, which rewrites your spiritual DNA. While the size of Lerasium bead is relevant to the strength of the Mistborn, even a small amount is very likely to have a huge effect genetically. Decedents of people who where given a full bead by the Lord Ruler where able to have create Mistborn nearly 1000 years after the initial exposure, so even a tiny exposure is very likely to be significant for Wax's direct descendants. Considering this, if Wax and Steris have that 3rd child like she wants, that child will have the strongest alomancy genetics in approximately 1300 years. It is very likely we could see full Mistborn in Era 3 because of this.
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    I think a pain grenade would be pretty useful if something could be rigged up.
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    IMO the reason she is unsure of using the Essence Mark on herself here is that the one she uses here is very possibly going to be permanent, whereas the ones we see her use in Emperor's Soul are all temporary.
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    IDK seems implied in chapter 70 that some skybreakers are on Scadrial - the 8 'allomancers' that fly away to sink the ships after checking the legality of it with the governor. So I'm team Roshar here.
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    Didn't find a thread for this in this forum, so here we go! Dragonsteel Prime sample chapters and TLM:
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    This theory is essentially predicated on three main premises 1. that tanavasts cognitive shadow was while a part of the storm father in some measure distinct from his main consciousness. 2. That tanavast’s cognitive shadow was what spoke to facials and is responsible for the stormfathers weird behavior. 3. That the stormfather is no longer combined with tanavasts cognitive shadow for these premises the second is a solid enough theory on its own, though Ishar is perhaps a more likely candidate, i personally find that given the supposed recency of his reclaiming an honor blade that he is unlikely to have been able to co-opt the stormfather. the third essentially comes from if the second premise is true then there must be a reason for why we have not seen tanavasts cognitive shadow again, and I will provide an explanation of where it went in a moment. So accepting what I’ve said is true, where did the cognitive shadow go. I think that kaladin absorbed the cognitive shadow of tanavast during the first book. This is a theory I’ve seen elsewhere though I couldn’t find the post, but in way of kings when kaladin is tied up in the storm he claims to feel as it something is forcing it’s way inside him. Shortly after kaladin begins to be referred to as “son of tanavast” which we know is important. This would also explain the change in the stormfathers behavior we see. this is definitely not one of my better put together theories but I just wanted to write it down for now.
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    Hey everyone! I'm your IM this game. Feel free to come to me with anything, from venting to concerns about rules. It looks like we have quite a few new and/or returning players. Just a reminder, head over to the General Rules thread if you need a refresher on the overall rules of SE. It covers topics from how to vote/unvote, editing posts, and sharing information from places outside the thread. As always, have fun unaliving everyone playing, everyone!
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    Kalabel was not a communications expert. Dusts, she wasn’t an expert in anything. Expertise requried experience, that was the constant drone of her teacher. Old Galtaran was a grump from the day he got left in Dreshdae by some pirate crew or another, but he’d singlehandedly also let the city cut down nearly a fifth of the droid imports. He said he saw a potential in Kalabel. She thought that he’d just gotten tired of being the single pair of hands. There were a few other technicians out and about, of course. She was worjing on a the dust-choked treads of some old farming droid when she could see Smarts was wandering in and out of the local tavern, nearly running straight into Turtle. That was odd. Those two worked on different things. And the tavern itself seemed… Far too quiet. Kalabel furiously cleaned the farmer droid, then dashed for the Drunk Side, calling Bar-9 with her.
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    November 26th is the beginning of this year's Ookla season (I'm fairly certain) There is no 2020 or 2021 thread, but there are older 2017, 2018, and 2019 threads. it's time for a 2022 thread!!! This will be my first participation in Ookla season! Just thought I'd share. And now, a History of Ookla Season; Way back in the before times (70's and 80's) Peter Ahlstrom was born on November 26, and Brandon Sanderson was born on December 19. To celebrate this, on the 26th of November, we Sharders change our names to Ookla the "____" from then until December 19, Brandon's birthday, also known as Koloss Head Munching Day. Thus it has been. Thus it will be. Forever and always.
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    Depends, but generally we say that non-Cosmere systems function by similar rules, so a bronze burner could sense an Epic using their powers, for example Normally there's a general assumption you're from the planet the power is from, but it's not necessary, and people born in the Alleyverse can have powers from all kinds of planets. Assumption is that Ruin either doesn't exist anymore, or doesn't have any power here Location requirements are handwaved as it just working anyway Calamity Epics generally are (unless you go the weakness route), but you can also be a non-evil Invocation Epic Generally yes, or at least I don't think I've seen anyone make a talent char before who wasn't a Smedry All are rare, though I expect Ettmetal artifacts to be more common. Atium does exist, but it still highly valuable, getting lerasium would probably require discussing stuff with mods. Handwaved in that anyone who enters the Alleyverse gets Connection to it and thus speaks the same language, barring a few edge-cases when players preferred it. Multiple earths Wheel of time is counted, but not used much. For spoilers, I think generally follow Shard spoiler policies? So probably no LM stuff for now, but the rest should be fine. The Alleyverse doesn't exist on the same timeline, so people can arrive from basically any point in time. Finding a Radiant spren is as difficult as you want it to be, though I also suggest discussing with mods.
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    Does anybody else find it odd that Not-Wax didn't have a Spike granting Pewter? Afterall, he's using Duralumin Steelpushes all over the place, but we know from Vin that: So, is Hemalurgic Duralumin just weaker, or is something shady going on? The crushed car from Not-Wax's Durlumin push implies it should still cause massive injury without Pewter (or F-Gold) to compensate. . . but he was shown to not be a Bloodmaker and nothing was ever said about a Thug Spike. Does it perhaps depend on how much Steel or Iron is available when Duralumin "flashes" the metal - we do see Vin use Duralumin-Steel without pewter in HoA Ch 37: EDIT: Duh Me - I missed the reference to his Pewter in Wayne's POV Ch 65:
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    Shallan hasn't joined them yet! The Rosharan Ghostbloods repeatedly try to get Shallan to join them by saying those things - Ghostbloods not hurting each other, sharing secrets - are benefits of membership, which Shallan is rejecting.
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    Easiest answer is that Sanderson explicitly said that Kell is the kind person who runs schemes that attract bad actors, but he's good at maintaining order/civility in ppl under his direct control. So if he was on Roshar he could probably maniuplate Iylatil and Mraize into behaving, but he can't so they're back on their crem dung. Another answer based on older WOBs is that Kell didn't start the Ghostbloods and so the Roshar operatives we see are more associated with whatever the OG organization was about. Would help explain how they're so established in Silverlight and Roshar when Kell can't have been operating offworld that long (I guess up to 300 years, but that would have been very quick to get off the ground even for him). And also why Kell says that the first tenant is Scadrial nationalism which doesn't make sense for a world-hopper organization. It would also thematically match with the way the Kell co-opted and took over the existing Skaa rebellion to fuel his own goals. Have to take with a grain of salt b/c this is all Thaidakar reveals so it might be worded in a way because Sanderson is trying to hide the surprise but he does say that Kell is only a of the Ghostbloods not the leader. Also one of the first connections between him and them is a WOB saying that Kell had to join a Rosharan society he would join the Ghostbloods and "be in charge of them within a year".
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    Seriously, I promise you you can RP a guy who swings around a giant Shardblade and summons random terentatek-eating chasmfiends when he burps and it will be okay This setting material I'm throwing out is a starting point, especially for those who know those stuff. I will absolutely go with what you guys give me, that's the point of how I'm aiming to set up the GMing this time around. I do ask y'all not murder Sajhe or something as I have something in mind for him, but other than that I'm fine. My canon/non-canon warnings are really more because I've been on a couple of sites where fans of different eras and continuities can't get along, so truth to be told, I wanted to nip that in the bud here Case in point: I currently have players signing up as, and yes I'm calling people out here :eyes: -A Gungan bounty hunter -A hunter-killer droid -A terentatek! A freakin' terentatek! This thing right here! I am going to have to figure out how a terentatek gets exed, how a blaster-wielding droid can use the Force, or how a Gungan bounty hunter is really a Jedi in disguise (ok I'll be fair, this one is not as hard.) Or what happens if a Jedi or a Reborn decides to duel a normal Settler/Cultist >> And this is fine. I have plans for each of those contingencies (I do have an inner Steris, I'll admit, though Wyrm accuses me of being spiritually Marasi ) - I'm your GM, it's my job to make it work. It does help if y'all help me by not picking really, really hard things, but Danex signed up as a horse before, it was fine, we've had players get exed by a horse before, also fine. If anyone gives you hell about picking non-canon things, @ my IM. @Elandera is good people and it will be Okay. Just have fun >>
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    I think those advantages are less than they seem. First, the bands - if it is true that they've been drained, then they're not really much value in a fight, then they're just sixteen intertwined metal strips. We don't know who drained them and why, but if they really are drained they're only an artifact and not a weapon. Technological superiority - I think the only thing the southerners really have that the northerners don't is the airships. Northerners have more advanced metallurgy, electricity, they've got warships and artillery. And with the work the Set has been doing on rockets - well, they couldn't make a rocket big enough to deliver a bomb to elendel, but if their rockets are big enough to deliver a small explosive up into the sky, well, then they can make effective enough anti-air defenses to neutralize airships. Once the Basin builds a few anti-air installations, the technological situation is at a stalemate - southern airships can't easily invade well-defended Northern artillery and AA fortifications, but nor can northerners get an army to the south because without airships of their own they can't make or defend supply lines. So I think the technological situation is actually very well set up for a cold war, which would be a fine setup for a future book.
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    It's not equal. Some have far more than others. Ishar's insane and taking spren apart. ...No. Millimeters? Really? But that's the entire point. That's how Roshar would win. That's how the Taliban won, that's how the Americans won the west, that's how Germany conquered Europe, that's how wars are conducted. You don't try to kill all your enemies. You scare them. But I don't think there are many. I feel like the Scadrians could set up an ambush if you moved them through PR (thanks for the lingo, Frustration), but if you could sneak it through the CR into, say, the Southern Roughs, it'd be very effective. Although any talented seeker could find it eventually. Firearms are tough to make. Believe me. Rosharans don't have the technology. This is something I have some expertise on, knowing a couple gunsmiths/shop owners and a few military historians. (Friends of family, people I've met.) Rosharans would need: Much more advanced metal refining techniques, gunpowder (something they've never encountered), a way to bore out the barrels (which requires them to have even more technologies), and, if they want the level of Scadrian firearms, rifling, a technique that requires expertise and tools that the Rosharans are literal centuries away from. Ideally, they'd start with bronze-cast cannons and work their way down and up, but the Scadrians are far past that point, far past the musket and flintlock stage, reaching the artillery/cartridge stage, so Roshar would need to put their best scientists on catching up centuries of technological development without material, expertise, or technology. Most of the points in your point are very valid, but this is one that will never, ever happen. Also, one thing not mentioned to much but I feel the need to note is that Shardplate and Blade are useless in this fight, because Scadrial has electrolysis, allowing them to produce aluminum. And if you want to argue about the timeline, then I'll say that we know Lost Metal is before Five, and I'm assuming this would happen later, and the chemist said electrolysis would be within five to ten years. You say that firearms depend on the troops, but you're not talking about the technological jump Rome made in the Punic War. You're talking about skipping eight centuries of technological advancement. Even with fabrials, that's a stretch. For the men of red and gold, I thought Marasi and company burned it all away so that the portal cut out. All this said, though, I want to try to be a bit of a mediator here and say that these arguments are really refining, especially when you look at 4 pages back. And it's a really good topic, so just kinda keep your cool and have respect for the honestly pretty good opinions on both sides. Also, is making a chart or something to keep track of the individual arguments a good idea? Or bad idea, or just unnesecary.
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    I already said this somewhere, but just think. BABY CENTAURS. BABY CENTAURS!!!!! The human part can’t talk or move or even feed itself for YEARS, but the horse part can walk and run hours after it’s born.
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    This is actually exact reason why he would run tests again and again. With sloght changes to envirnoment and parameters of reaction, he will run tests until he will succeed. I have different idea. Wasnt Wax's safebox coated with significant Aluminium layer? Aluminium is actually not essential in construction of something like this. We dont even know if Set was using safeboxes. So maybe to create Atium and Lerasium you need to first "disconnect" metal from Shard, simmilar how you need to "disconnect" Lights from Rythm, in process of creation of Anti-Light. So in this case Aluminium Box would work similar to vacuum tube. And Ettmetal disconnected from Harmony would be more simmilar to Atium-Lerasium, so would be more possible to divide it. After all, VenDell thinks you cant divide Ettmetal untill Harmony remains whole, but if Ettmetal doesn't "feel" Connection to Harmony...
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    I am 34% sure I exist. Or at least I think I am. Hi!
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    I think it is time that this thread came to a close. I have been watching it for a very long time and debating what to do with it - I don’t want to take away a space where people can share their grievances, which is why this thread has been allowed to go dormant and then be necro’d multiple times. However, this thread has also seen multiple instances of conflict which, at some point, needs to be addressed beyond the scope of the individuals causing issues. I want people to be able to express their feelings, but also I do not want to have to monitor a thread like a hawk for over a year because I know there will be inevitable conflict, that isn’t a setup that is sustainable. Because of this I am closing this thread - if you have things you want to talk about regarding Shallan then I encourage you to please start new threads about the specific things you want to talk/vent/discuss about! (Do not just remake this thread, I will close it) I know there are multiple things in Brandon books that I absolutely loath and it is incredibly frustrating when people constantly jump in and invalidate your opinion. So please, do not take this as me trying to prevent you venting about Shallan or any other aspects of the books - it is just not feasible to continue doing it here. I do want to thank most people who have been hopping in and out of this thread over the last year - the vast majority of you have done very well at being respectful of other opinions. For those who have felt the need to defend Shallan - I do get it, it’s frustrating to see someone complain about X thing you love. However, if that is the case, then this thread is not for you and it is unhelpful and unnecessary to jump in and try and defend a character in a space where people just want to complain. You’re very welcome to make your own thread about what you love about X thing, and I would encourage you to do so! Both venting and praise threads can exist simultaneously, and they aren’t there for people to debate the opinions in any given thread. People don’t go to a thread like this to defend their opinion or be convinced they’re wrong, they go there so they can vent with likeminded people without having to constantly defend their thoughts. These tags aren’t used very often but we do encourage people to use them when making new threads - it’s a similar idea to what happens on Reddit (I think) so that other users are aware from the get go that any given threads is a [Support] (aka Vent), or [Discussion] thread.
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    It's midnight GMT, which means full book spoilers are now allowed in this board! Put your full book reactions here! Obviously, massive spoilers here are possible! Warning: this is a forum where full cosmere spoilers are allowed. If you are a Mistborn-only reader, please use the Lost Metal (Mistborn Only) thread for your full book reactions.
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    This is a difficult one, which means everyone will be like "I should let another person answer that one", and then the thread will be buried! Ok, I'll try to remember something. You know what, maybe "How are you?". It's a very thoughtful question but I always end up replying "Fine, thanks." without ever even considering stopping to think about how I am, so. If you had the knowledge, resources, and willingness to be responsible, what unusual animal would you have as a pet? Can be anything from a koala or a panda to a rhinoceros or a blue whale.
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    “So you love me.” “I’m a raging mass of hormones that I’m too young to understand. You’re a female of a closely related species. According to all the best primatologists, I really have no choice.” —Petra and Bean, Ender’s shadow. “Remember, the enemy’s gate is down.” —Ender’s Shadow WoT spoilers, also it’s long.
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    Yup. Kelsier is kinda running a con on all non-Scandrian Ghostbloods, I think, by hiding the fact that he's trapped on Scandrial. I think that's also why the Rosharans seem more focused on getting a way to transfer Stormlight and possibly Radiants. It's a discovery that'd be very useful for the organization, but it also just so happens to help Kelsier figure out how to cut himself free. However, this means that Kelsier has very little ways to enforce authority aside from sending people over, and otherwise has to rely on his reputation to get things done. But this would also mean he can't push too hard, or his entire control will shatter, which also means he has very little oversight or ways to reign them in.
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    Oh my sweet summer child, do not cite the old magic to me. I know it all. I am with you though. The lack of medallions in Ghostblood possession was quite odd.
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    But Kelsier must have used Feruchemy, somehow, to make that copper memory storage in BoM. The one Wax uses and views in the BoM epilogue. So, maybe the Bands did work for him. I am completely at loss as to why he chose to abandon them, though. Did somebody double-cross him? Did Harmony force him to?
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    Nope - WoB (Technically Warbreaker annotation to the Prologue pt 3): It's not the whole story (because Nightblood is unique), but there was a hint of an answer in Warbreaker (ch 21): But I would guess that you are at least close to correct. It might not be lifesense per se, but most Cosmere investiture has "Secondary powers" that enable it to achieve the investiture's intent; so I would guess that Investiture+Command conveys enough Connection for them to "see" their surroundings. Another good example was when Vasher used the straw constructs to find the thieves' tunnels in Ch 49. Spoilers for SA and Mistborn
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