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    Spoiler for size I hope this exact joke hasn't been done before
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    Hee I made another meme I dunno if this interaction actually happens BUT It's funny anyhow
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    Obscure OB reference:
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    So.. I made a meme Credit to the original creator of the comic strip (I don't know who you are but thank you) I added the names (thought it would suit them so yee) Enjoy!
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    Now presenting everyone's favorite Inquistor, Marsh!
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    Are you (probably) a Shard or Avatar (or Splinter), possibly created specifically as a weapon against another not-quite-as-Harmonious-as-the-name-implies Shard? Want to blow up its planet as well? Well, Trell has just the solution for you! Based on information from the blurb, Chapters 15 and 17 of The Lost Metal previews, how Vin and Ati killed one another, and why Sazed didn't. Step 0: Check to make sure your rival is fully invested in their planet - this will be crucial if you intend for there to be a massive light show. Step 1: Get your only mostly stable rival into a state where the two halves that compose their power and essence are in extreme conflict. A war between its peoples should suffice, especially if your opponent is driven to both Ruin and Preserve, and they genuinely care for the well-being of their people Step 2: Approach your rival in the Spiritual Realm where the division is most prominent. If the point of greatest division is in the Physical or Cognitive Realm, approach them there instead. Step 3: Apply your power to this junction. Note that this step will only work if, by your nature, you repel other forms of Investiture Step 4: Watch as the now-in-conflict halves of your opponent, polarised against one another, annihilate each other, releasing enormous amounts of power into the planet, destroying it. (Note: if you were specially made to enact this event, it could well be you were not intended to survive it, but that is a small price to pay for the light show.) ... So, yeah, I think the explosion is going to be more than just a massive polarised harmonium / trellium explosion to wipe out Elendel, as the blurb implied Harmony ultimately saw nothing if Trell succeeds, which implies that, and makes the most sense if, Harmony was himself also destroyed. It also seems that, if Trell doesn't eliminate Harmony, then Trell would also always face the threat that Harmony posed, only now free to use his full power to avenge his people, or meddle elsewhere. Some relevant sections of text: The blurb / Tor book announcement: Vin and Ruin's final moments: Sazed becoming Harmony: Extract from The Lost Metal, Chapters 15 and 17: Based on these, I think the following is in effect: Ruin and Preservation are among the most naturally polarised Shards, and as Vin and Ati showed, when their powers are directed in opposition to one another, they annihilate one another. When Vin killed Ati only their minds touched - while their powers were in opposition, at the time only their Cognitive selves made direct, destructive contact, thus the bulk of the Shardic investiture remained unaffected Sazed took up both powers, but by being the mind directing them both, and by being - at least in theory - in harmony, the powers could function together. If Sazed ever lost that harmony, he would be instantly killed, just as Vin and Ati had been, and the Shards would - similarly, if harmonium begins to polarise ... The war puts immense pressure on the two halves of Sazed's power, and is the closest equivalent to a Spiritual or Cognitive "heating" of the Shard, and polarisation of its two halves, to Ruin and to Preserve, especially coupled with Sazed's commitment to protecting the planet, yet also letting it find its own way. Shards can't be destroyed, just broken into smaller pieces. I don't want to go into Cosmere spoilers here at the moment, but it seems much more likely that Harmony, though a single Shard now, would splinter, and not necessarily into Ruin and Preservation, but completely and totally. Harmony would be gone, but so to would Ruin and Preservation, leaving only splinters ... and a massive wave of energy. No Cosmere spoilers, but this is I think obvious. Harmony is deeply invested in the planet. If Harmony is destabilised, then the conflict within the investiture suffusing the planet - as it was made by both powers together, see the underlined text extracted from when Sazed took up the two - would be functionally equivalent to the polarised harmonium / trellium explosion. The two powers, driven as close to conflict as the possibly can be before hand, suddenly allowed to act against one another, all facilitated by a being whose metal repels other investiture. Thus Trell will destroy Harmony and the planet by replicating either in the Spiritual Realm, or all three Realms simultaniously, the same experiment Wax did - and indeed, pulling a Vin at the same time, touching the core of the Shard, or a point of division. Harmony will self-annihilate, and in so doing would do so more completely than Vin and Ati did, and thus release all the power of the Shard, or most of it, as an explosion centred on Scadrial. What do you think? Do you think Trell plans to turn Harmony into a planet-busting bomb, or to primarily use their metals for the task?
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    Just one thing: GHOSTBLOODS ARE HERE!!!
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    I'll come back to this post and edit things in as I get time to actually comprehensively lay my thoughts on these. We've known for a while that Brandon tends to look for linguistic inspirations in the real world. The most obvious of these is the names of the Unmade tying to various mesopotamian deities, but Roshar is rife with this. "Narak," the Listener name for the central plateau of the Shattered Plains (which is their home) literally translates to "hell" in Sanskrit/Hindi, which is very apt in a series that deals with themes of damnation and such. It's also kind of thematic, in various ways, one of which is - just as an example - that creatures that look like demons (once the listeners take up the regal stormform) and follow a god of hatred come from Narak (a.k.a hell) in Words of Radiance. Another very easy one is Amaram, where "Amar" in Sanskrit/Hindi literally translates to "undying" (in the "immortal" sense). Kaladin's whole "born unto eternity" thing could also be another one of these influences because "Kal" can mean time/tomorrowness/era depending on how you look at it, in Sanskrit/Hindi. All of this is to say that when we got the very obviously Indian-subcontinent inspired look at Aethers, in the form of Twinsoul... well. There's lots of linguistic inspiration happening too. I'll go find sources later, I gotta get up early tomorrow, but here's some thought vomit regardless. Twinsoul, codename for "Shri Sanvith Prasanva Mahik va Sila," refers to three of the twelve Primal Aethers by name. These are, Silajana (the core aether Prasanva is directly bonded to), Suna, and Vishwadhar. That's... a lot of words. I'm going to be looking at this from a Sanskrit/Hindi perspective, as those are the languages I'm personally most familiar with, though there's a million and one different dialects and languages in the general family of languages in the Indian Subcontinent. Let's start with the easiest, "Vishwadhar." "Vishwa" basically means "the world," as in, the world which we live in. "-dhar" as a suffix translates to "holder/bearer." Thus, "Vishwadhar," as a word, translates to "worldbearer," perhaps "one who bears the world" or "one who bears worlds." An alternative reading here would be to read it as Viswhadhaar, in which case you could potentially get "worldblade," but in such a way that the world is a quality of the blade itself. Another potential bastardization, "Vishwadhaara," gets us something more akin to "worldstream" or "worldchannel," in the sense of rivers and mountain streams. I personally think the first one is the most likely, even if the actual canon reading turns out to be something slightly different. "Silajana" gave me a lot of trouble, but according to @Jofwu over on the discord, Kalyani confirmed this as "origin of the stone." If so, then they break down as "Sila" (stone) and "Jana" (birth? one who births?). I had other ideas for this, but since Kalyani confirmed this, there's really no point in digging deeper. "Suna" can go so many different ways, I don't know where to start. I'll come back to this later when I have more time to think about how to write this down. I have now come back, and... yeah, this one is so vague and weird, I need more time, because it really goes many places. Then there's Twinsoul's name itself. "Shri" is an honorific, generally used when recognizing someone as being respectable in their own right "Sanvith" is weird. Acc. to Jofwu, Kalyani says this means "Son of the Mountain," but I cannot find where this is pulled from. "Prasanva" is weird. As others have pointed out down below, one of the most straightforward ways to approach this is to take the "pra" as a prefix, and then deal with the rest of the word, "sanva" as one thing. This doesn't quite work, because while there's lots of similar words I can use for inspiration, nothing fits things completely. That, unfortunately, is also the problem if you don't go the whole "pra+sanva" route, so... yeah. There's... a possibility, that the break down is somehow "Pra + san/sam + va," with elements coming together such that you get "forward mountain and" but... I dislike that immensely, because we don't have "maahikva" after, we have "maahik va". So... these are closest to what I can find: What I'm pulling from aren't exactly "Prasanva," but instead "Prasham" and "Prasaha," where the words are similar enough that I can kind of see a form of them being Prasanva. "Maahik" is generally referring to earthly qualities. Acc. to Kalyani, this means "earth," too, so I'm happy. "va," is generally used as a conjunctive "and also" sound, so you might say, "something something something v something" which ends up being meant as "something something something and something." Think of it as adding a delimiter between two items of a list, though it's more combining those two items into being taken as one group, almost. "Sila" probably refers to "stone," though "Sila" also tends to be used to refer to (virtuous) quality, with words like "sushil" translating to "having good virtue." "Raj of the Coriander Court" most likely means Twinsoul is the king, or atleast someone in the royal Coriander Court. Putting everything together, there's a possibility that Twinsoul's full name translates to "Lord Mountain-son, Conqueror of Earth and Stone, King of the Coriander Court." I'm technically on vacation right now, and I'm away from my regular workspace from where I could get you direct sources for some of this, but I will eventually edit this post and get it more organized.
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    Not super high quality, but I felt like this format was perfect for this.
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    Goddamn there's so many things I want to say, but after I was finished reading only one thought came to mind: WE STILL DON'T KNOW CRAP ABOUT THE MEDALLIONS!!! Also holy crap Wax did split Harmonium, he's a friggin Mistborn at the end! And Wayne, damn he went out in the biggest blaze of glory Scadrial has ever seen.
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    May I now present to you the Lord Ruler! I think that my art is getting better.
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    The sky was already turning grey above her, clouds moving around quickly over the streets of Oasis City. Althea walked through the streets at a fast pace, her brown dyed hair pulled back into a tight ponytail, her thoughts still lingering at her office. Her face was calm, her annoyance and ire a tight knot in her chest, invisible to the citizens around her. It was always the same, and she doubted that it would change anytime soon. People trying to get the better of each other, questioning her plans, aiming to get more and more ressources. She spent weeks to ensure everything was allocated evenly, but no, nobody could ever get enough. Gritting her teeth slightly she composed another message to Zokora, so that the woman could take over. She didn’t have time for this. There was so much to do, so many other things waited for her. She had no time for the bickering of some department heads. Turning around a corner she pulled her key out of her bag and walked up to the front door of the house. It was a nice place, with a garden, two stories and a beautiful blue door waiting to be opened. Placing a hand on the silver door knob Althea paused, stared at the blue door. A blue door. It didn’t fit the image in her head, their door had been - another pause, her thoughts slowing down as she finally focused on the situation. Lifting her gaze up from her communication device she really looked at the house for the first time. It felt familiar, and at the same time everything was wrong. The curtains were green, not yellow, the door blue, there was a small lake in the garden and the roof was of a dark red. Slowly she took a step back, key forgotten in her hand and looked it all over again, before she hurried towards the door and placed a shaking hand on its wood. It was there, it was real. It felt the same way that it looked. “Can I help you?” a young voice asked behind her and she whirled around, cursing herself for letting her attention slip. Max had repeated it often enough. Always keep track of what's going on around you. Always. She swallowed, hiding her surprise behind a nondescript smile and looked at the young boy who stood in the garden, eyeing her curiously. “Are you lost?” he inquired and she looked back at the house and then towards him. The boy was wrong. His hair colour, his voice, the way he held himself. And he was too young. Too young? “No, thank you.” she replied coolly and finally took a step back from the door. Too young? She pushed the thought away, straightened her back and gave him a curt nod. “I’ll be on my way.” Without another word she walked past him, her steps quick, but not so fast that it would seem as if she was fleeing the place. Why had she even walked to that house? It wasn’t as if she had a place in Oasis City. With a sigh she touched her head, gently reached out to Max to make sure that he was still there. Then she forced herself to take a deep calm breath and continued to walk back to the office building, if only to find a calm place where she could try and gather her thoughts. It was time to consider the facts at hand. She had walked to the home of strangers and startled their son. She had tried to open the door using a key that had no chance of fitting the lock. And the boy, the boy - her breath caught in her throat as she realized why the boy was too young. Because her own son was older, a teenager already, shooting towards the sky faster than she could buy him clothes. Relief flooded her and she felt her posture relax a little, careful to keep her expression calm and neutral. There could always be someone around who recognized her, although her darker hair made that unlikely. She was already opening the door to her office when another realization hit her. She didn’t have a son. Nor did she have a daughter. With a gasp she threw the door open, hurried inside and closed it again, locking it firmly against the world. It was happening again. Her mind was blurring, her thoughts tumbling and she hugged herself, waited for the pain, for the next person to force themselves into her thoughts to trick her, to blind her to play games with her thoughts and feelings. It took her several shaking breaths to realize that nothing happened, that she had the memory of having children while knowing that she never had them. That she remembered meeting Max as a teenager, while she knew, knew with every inch of her heart that it had been only a few years ago. It was as if she was standing in two places at the same time and yet, when she closed her eyes, when she focused, she knew that one set of memories was all wrong. A whimper escaped her throat while she stared at the family she always wanted to have at the long years together that blurred more and more even while she was looking at them, while she tried to keep them, to save them. The world had changed, something had changed it all. Slowly she uncurled, forced herself to loosen her grip around herself. She had had children. There was a place where she had children. Loosing them, loosing their names, the way they had laughed, their first steps - she lifted a hand for Brashen and looked at him, shaking her head in disbelief. “What happened?” she whispered and could only watch while he shook his head. “Something changed it all.” he replied in a cold voice and she used the voice to calm herself. Emotions. She had to sort all of this. But she wouldn’t be able to do so while she was shaking from emotions. “Someone soulcast the whole world.” she gave a curt nod at his words. “Although it was something else, but the principle seems to be the same in some way. They changed it.” And in the end there were only a handful of beings around who could do this. And they had taken her children. Despair rolled up in her throat and she gulped it down, sat down at her desk to write down orders. She needed to know if there had been some damage to the guild, needed to assess the new situation. Holding the pen in her hand she looked at it for a while and then placed it back down again, no words coming to her mind. She knew what to do and why to do it, but it felt stale. They had taken her children. Althea waited for fury, waited for anger, but none came. It hadn’t been directed at her. She was nothing but a bee in this world, nothing but a tiny thing whose life wasn’t even noticed. The thought tasted bitter and she had to force herself to look down at her hand, at the ring she had been given by Laonin. He had been a master of his craft, all sixteen metals woven together. And all of that work only to show his appreciation, to congratulate her and Max. She mattered. Not to every being in this world, but who did that. Nobody could ever matter to everybody. A smile touched her lips when she remembered their wedding, how many had come to attend the short ceremony. It had been beautiful. There had been so much blood and death, but there had been this beautiful moment, there had been thousands of beautiful moments and now that she took a break she was able to remember them all. When she and Tena had gone out to eat, sitting on the grass, ignoring all obligations. When she and Max had traveled to see other places. When she had laughed at the laboratory with her fellow coworkers. The feeling of victory after Plasma Core had been defeated. The pride she felt at the courage of their underlings. The laughter of her daughter, the way she danced around in their living room when she was happy. Althea bit down on her lip and got up, leaving the orders and everything behind. She stood in front of the window and looked at herself, at her dyed hair, at the calm face. A mask, she was always wearing a mask. Max had teased her about it, had reminded her to take it off at home, to show him how she felt. He had always encouraged her, never taken a step back from the ugliness that waited behind the calm face and the polite smile. Althea lifted a hand and touched the strands, suddenly remembering a younger version of herself standing in front of a mirror. It had been a long, hard day and she had been frightened to the bone, had wanted nothing but to hide behind normal hair and a set of contact lenses. And yet, she hadn’t done it. Because she hadn’t been alone. Max had tried to look behind all masks to see the frightened girl she had been. He had never turned away, always encouraging to show who she was, to stop pretending to be someone she wasn’t. Not that it had ever happened. Just like her children, the girl that had trained in the laboratories had never met Max. And yet his words lingered, combined themselves with another conversation with Zokora, one where they had talked about daily life, about the future. About possible journeys they could embark upon. And suddenly she was sick of it all. Sick of the masks, of the responsibility, of the way people stared at her with fear in their eyes. She never had wanted to end up in such a position. It had been an accident when one leader left and somehow she filled a vacuum. Althea knew that she had done well, that she was good in this job, but it wasn’t who she wanted to be. It was a role she fulfilled, but was an act, in the end it was nothing but an act. Slowly she removed her glasses and inhaled a little bit of stormlight, changing her hair back to its normal white color, looking at herself. The world had changed. Maybe it was time for her to change as well. Turning around she sat down at her desk again and started to write. No orders this time. No request for information, she wrote a letter. A letter to an old friend. My dear friend Tena, there is something I would like to ask of you, and I want you to know that I don’t do this lightly, nor without a pinch of sadness in my heart. The world changed and I know that I, no that we need to change, too. There have been too many disruptions over the course of the last years, too many changes in leadership, too often we split. It’s time that we start to focus again, that we decide which way to go and stop to embark halfheartedly on this journey and then the next. What I’m trying to write is the following. I will step down as part of the Triarchy. I need to start another journey and I can’t do that while I try to run a guild, partially led by insane people. Just remember the Epic that started to slaughter our citizens and you know what I mean. I would like to ask, if you would be willing to take over, to start the reforms we need. To provide the guild with a path to follow. I know that we will loose some members, probably whole departments depending on their leaders, maybe some possessions, too, but that is the price we have to pay. We need some stability, a road we can follow with all of our hearts and souls and not the chaos we had. If you want me to, I will stay by your side to support you, to help you gain the trust of those you don’t know yet, but then you already know more or less everybody. But nonetheless - if you need help, I’ll be there. We can meet in person, if you would like to talk about all of this, or if you have some ideas you would like to bounce back and forth. Please know, that I trust you, trust you with the lives under my command, trust you with our knowledge and ressources. I know that it’s no light burden to carry and if you don’t want to - I can understand. Your friend Althea She placed her pen gently on the table and stood up, carefully pushing her stool back. For the first time in what felt like years she was at peace. With herself, with her responsibility. It had been too much, it had pressed her down so much that she only now realized what it felt like to be able to breathe anymore. Brashen tilted his head to the side and looked at her curiously. “I wondered when you would finally do that.” he told her and she grimaced at him openly. As if he’d known where her journey would lead her. But then, he most likely had. Laughing quietly she looked down at her hand again, turning serious. “I was a mother.” she told him “I lead a guild.” Turning back towards the window she looked at herself standing in the barely lit office. “Now I am neither of those.” A sad smile touched her lips and she touched her white hair again. “It's a possibility. To reclaim, to find out what I really lost. And to find a place where I belong.” Lowering her gaze towards him she smiled again, this time more calmly, at peace. “I will be myself, Brashen, and it will be enough.” “It will.” he replied and she knew that this was right, that this was the right way to go. The words wrapped themselves around her and Branshen, forming a full circle. Smiling more widely she tried to recall the faces of the boy and the girl, relieved to find that she could picture them as easily as she could picture Max. “Let’s go.” she told her spren and grabbed her bag. “It’s time to start a new journey. We’ve got a changed world to explore.” And this time there would be no masks. This time there would only be her friends, her family and herself. And it would be enough.
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    Oh wow mind blown! Never noticed this before!
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    Kind of a let down honestly. It felt more like another episode in a running serial than a sweeping epic conclusion (maybe past Sanderson avalanches have spoiled me). A lot of questions that were previously teased were just kind of left hanging. Bloody Tam and the unseen hands that move us were the original setup for this whole series, but that whole question just gets brushed aside by a Harmony handwritten note at the end? The men of gold and red were just Autonomy's soldiers with gold skin and red eyes planning to conduct a standard invasion? It feels a bit on the nose. What made Miles and Paalm go crazy and become Autonomy's servants? The Survivor's return has been teased for so long and the conclusion of Bands of Mourning ("Survive!") had me so hyped up for the crazy shenanigans and bizarre schemes Kelsier must have been working on, yet here he's just a guy. He makes a cameo for a couple pages, contributes almost nothing to the plot or future theories, and then is gone. Who made the Bands of Mourning? Why were they in an Indiana Jones temple? What has Kel been up to post saving the South from freezing outside of organizing a bunch of intergalactic nerds who roleplay being secret agents? Marsh is tired and almost dying, the kandra barely exist, Harmony just pipes in to remind us how useless he is. Spook??? It all has a weirdly "Tune in next week!" vibe, when I feel a proper conclusion should be clearing the deck and firmly resolving a lot of these promised mysteries (sure there are always more secrets, but I expected more answers than this!). Obviously there are some very good things in this book. Wayne is great, and Wax is essentially a supporting role to him in this book, which is a fun switcheroo. Harmony's condition and his blatant lying to Kelsier's face about Lerasium makes him a much more interesting/nefarious character moving forward (What else was he lying about? Was he lying to Kel about having things under control, or was he lying to Wax/Wayne about being powerless and was secretly manipulating them into being exactly where they needed to be to save the world as willing sacrifices?). Steris is wonderful and deserved more screen time. Marasi though seems to exist to carry a B Plot and justify cramming a lot of broader cosmere references that don't really contribute much to the plot. I find Autonomy herself quite interesting in theory, with her Nietzschean "will to power" philosophy and respect for those who survive in impossible circumstances. She's a perfect foil to Harmony's over-protection of humanity, and you can sense that Sazed is becoming much more open to her "stop spoiling the children" view of Godhood. The broader cosmere stuff felt kind of underwhelming to me though. This might be a specific taste critique, but I felt a lot of the broader cosmere references/cameos existed purely for the reader to go "I know what that is!" rather than organically advance the existing (ideally self-contained) story. It's just my opinion, but I think Brandon needs to stop trying to straddle the fence on this. Either make the stories self contained with an occasional wink at the more enlightened audience, or expect the reader to have done their homework and have basic cosmere understanding. Nightblood in SA was a perfect example of how to do this well in my opinion. An unaware reader won't understand all the background about Nightblood, but doesn't need to. It's a powerful magic sword, it serves an important function in the plot, the reader can choose to read Warbreaker if they want more background info, but they don't need to because the necessary basics are clearly given to them within the existing story. In tLM though, you have a lot of elements that seemingly exist purely for that recognition dopamine hit. Shai in particular feels egregious because she previously starred in a perfectly self-contained piece of fiction (still my personal favorite of everything Brandon has written) and now is being used for cameo noticing. Overall, this particular book felt like the weakest to me in the Wax&Wayne series. Which is surprising, because generally I've found conclusions are what Brandon does best, but this particular series conclusion felt like a miss. I really really hope he gets the magic back for SA5.
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    “I’d try to create an air of mystique around it,” Marasi said. “I wouldn’t show it off. I’d let the other fifteen become common by comparison—and the value of mine would increase as people shared the story. There is one more. One no one has seen.” Excerpt From The Lost Metal Brandon Sanderson https://books.apple.com/us/book/the-lost-metal/id1598914426 This material may be protected by copyright. if that’s not foreshadowing for the last unknown final shard being the last big bad I don’t know what is
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    We were right all along, Trell is Autonomy! I was so thrilled to read that reveal.
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    Hoid is super obvious Codenames Are Stupid is Kaise from Elantris. Name is a giveaway, confirmation when she says "I with my brother were here...He'd do this math easily" TwinSoul we've never met (cool to see someone connected to an Aether though!) Moonlight is Shai. She uses soulstamps, and when Essence Marked as an Elantrian calls herself "Shay-I...Blessed of the Shay-ode" An unknown Seon (Edit: Per @marching_miner it's Dao) Nazh is in the broadsheets again I wasn't paying super close attention, how many did I miss? Edit: How could I forget Dlavil, Iyatil's brother! Per @teknopathetic Skybreakers helping scuttle ships at the end (maybe, lots of debate) Iriali in Bilming, Maraga mentions "those people with the golden hair living on the east side"
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    Each new book is more Cosmere aware than the last, and Brandon recently said that he is no longer concerned about hiding Cosmere references, and there are going to be more crossovers. I cannot express how happy this makes me.
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    “Autonomy is trying to outcompete the others by filling the Cosmere with versions of herself … Trellism is a remnant of an ancient religion of your world founded by Autonomy a long, long time ago. A seed for when she decided to move in.” TLM chapter 20. Autonomy is basically posting “FIRST!” in every comment section in the Cosmere. Its nice to have a different villain than Odium even if their plan is just blow up the planet.
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    Hi!, I've known about this website from some time already, but never had the chance to check it out. I've read all of Brandon's Cosmere books plus Skyward. I have also been keeping track with the chapter releases for The Lost Metal. I'm excited to interact with the community! My favorite character is Wayne, and I love how Brandon is developing him further in The Lost Metal. My favorite piece is The Emperor Soul. I really like the selish magic system, though Brandon did a fantastic job with the rest, as well. I also really enjoyed The Rhythm of War.
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    Valeria - The old World, The Void, Alley City Laughter, Music, Joyful conversation. These were sounds that had had not been heard in the tidy home of Valeria and Lucien in recent months. Try as she had, Valeria feared that she had somehow failed to shield her little daughter from the dour and brooding moods of her father when they became more and more frequent. He had seemed at times a different man from the one she had met five years before. But, she supposed, this version of the man was all that the girl knew. And now as she was wrist deep in warm, soapy water, with cream chiffon sleeves folded neatly to her elbows, she scrubbed the last stains from the night's dinnerware and the gentle peal of laughter came emanating from the dining room. It gave her some small hope that maybe it had been a blip after all, and took comfort in the knowledge that at least she could feel secure here, in this night. It would be good for Lucien to hear their guests' stories again. See that she was doing better. Their friend Laurelai had, after all improved much in the last couple of years as their families grew along side each other; despite what Voidus had done to her. Poor woman. After she had been cast aside, she and Valeria had become closer than ever before. Their bellies swelled with their children and their time sharing excitement and planning had helped their homes slowly recover from that dreadfully strange, empty feeling that clung to them. Voidus had been a strange man, and an overbearing one. And it was no secret to any of them that it was better for Laurelai's son to be free from ever knowing him. But still there was a sense of emptiness which always hung in the air at their dinners together, changed as they were from four to three. And so, to hear Lucien and her chatting and laughing was a comfort to Valeria, as she hoped that her husband might begin to forgive himself for introducing them to that man in the first place. That was, after all, around the time his moods had truly begun to turn sour. Though there was no doubt that he loved his family still, Valeria had grown tired of helping him. Gently waking him from his desk after he fell asleep in the early hours of the morning; reminding him to go out and spend time with their daughter; even eating had become something that Lucien had failed to provide for himself more and more. In her professional opinion, he was clinically depressed. But he could not be her client, and, Valeria thought to herself as she drained the sink and looked to the draw for a drying cloth, he would likely not talk to her about it anyway. And there is was. That distance. The loneliness. Did he know about her magic? She didn't see how he could. She barely knew about her magic. But if it wasn't that, what was he hiding? With a start Valeria paused in her work at an abrupt bang and the resulting hushed voices emanating from the other room. Laurelai, Lucien, and then the addition of an out of breath man. She hurried with dishcloth in hand, only to stand dumbfounded under the partition archway and stare in disbelief at the tall man who faced them all down. Drenched in rain and with a determined gleam in his eye, Voidus had barrelled into the space and neglected to even close the front door behind him. For a moment, or a minute, there was no sound but the confused question in the children's voices, and the thundering rain outside. Laurelai had not moved from her chair, and sat frozen, like a wounded animal too afraid to risk further harm as he stepped toward her with arms outreached. He uttered not a word, nor slowed in his place as he came toward her and just as Valeria found her voice to demand his departure, Laurelai and her darling boy were gone. The wooden chair was now as empty as the silence that followed, broken only by another chair clattering to the floor. And then the little stuffed lion that had been held only moments before by equally little chubby hands flopped to the ground beside their little Laurelai. Another moment passed, and Valeria's golden haired daughter was in her arms screaming. Or crying. It was hard to understand what was happening in that moment, but one thing above all others was clear. A dangerous man had come into her home and would not falter at murder. Her child, her baby needed to be protected. Her dear, brilliant husband faced him now, inches from his face, and as the sweat drew on his brow over an invisible struggle and she raised her fingers to her daughter's hair it became clear that her secret and his were the same. The ancient magics had come to them both despite all odds, and now they both fought with understanding that only one thing mattered in the whole world. Their little Laurelai had to be saved. Valeria could see very little through the black sphere that filled the whole room in a miasma of destruction but as it enveloped the two men, Lucien fought still. But it was not long before he dropped his head in defeat. Valeria faltered only a moment as she weaved her fingers around the curled ringlets, and let her will and hope and intent flow with what she knew could be the very last beats of her heart. "Protect", woven first. "My baby", came second, and then as she watched Lucien's form all but collapse on the disintegrating, cracked floor. The interloper had vanished with the dark black cloud and she came to her husbands side and held the three together after weaving the final sigil; "Love". There was an absence of emotion in her voice now, too exhausted and stunned to cry; despite needing to scream to be heard over the world tearing apart while she spoke the last words she would ever speak in this world to her husband and child. "Her! You know what to do, we talked about this." The dark magic that had filled their home moments before came again around Lucien's hand as he held it to Laurelai's forehead. "I'm sorry." He said to her in a wavering, soft voice, as his green eyes closed in defeat and relief as their girl faded away. At least the loneliness will end. At least he will find an end to his burden, Valeria thought. She leaned over him to kiss his forehead. Her golden curls grazed his brow as she whispered the same words they vowed on their wedding day and had engraved on the silver hair clasp he gave as his promise gift. "Simul in aeternum, numquam obliviscar." If he heard her she did not know it, for in the moments between now and never, she had one last wish and held it to herself as she faded. "Focus. Find Her. For All Time. Everywhere." ... A million years passed. Or five. She did not know. She could not, would not think of anything but her mission, and her search had proven infinitely harder for the distinct lack of anywhere to look. But on and on she drifted, or perhaps did not move at all, until she felt it. A rip, or rather, a tugging. And from it came the un mistakeable, irreplaceable feeling that she felt when the surgeons pulled Laurelai from her body years ago. And then, the scent, the warmth, and the essence that was her daughter called to her. Pulling her closer to a place and a time that she had never known before. Directionless seeking and searching became a fierce race to swim through the nothingness of her mind and the Void itself as it relented its hold on her and she could at last feel the exact place she needed to be. And there she railed and waited and threw her will against the non-space, hoping to be as the scalpel had been to her own uterus on that glorious day. But it was to no avail. Here she remained for all time and none, until it changed, and out from the darkness she fell onto a crowded road. ... Light. Noise. People? These were the order the completely foreign senses returned to her as she sat on the cobbled road, with passers-by hardly sparing her a sidewards glance. She stood and shook the dust from her dress, though the wind did much of that for her as the thin fabric billowed in the breeze. It was colder here than at home, the change made all the sharper for the millennia of pitiless oblivion to buffer the two. "Salve?" She asked to the throng, as one by one they shook their heads and walked on in an odd array of joy and despair. How Strange, she thought. To have the people of this strange place mirror my own heart so neatly. She tried again. "Num quis me potest invenire filiam meam?" No again. Alone again. And so she walked. Her will felt renewed and firm where the liberating pull had ended. And though she could feel her baby no longer, she could feel family, or blood or the fingerprint of something familiar in the layout of the streets and the chaotic bustle of the crowd which clamoured along the streets around her. Laurelai had not met her end, nor had Valeria Eserethel. And so her search would continue.
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    Day twenty-seven: sunrise.
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    The sky was a sullen red-orange. Maybe there was a dust storm, brewing out there somewhere. Lived on Korriban for long enough, and you got accustomed to the world’s many moods. On Korriban, none of them really portended well. Sajhe remembered a great deal of things. Sometimes, he remembered more than people reckoned he should. Korriban, though. Sajhe never liked to believe anything was rotten to the core. Way he saw it, most people had some slice of goodness in them. The trick was reaching it. You saw enough, you reckoned that maybe some people needed more help reaching it than others. Korriban had been a Sith world, from the beginning. Maybe there was a time, far back, before the great split in the Bendu, before there were words for those who wanted to go with the flow, and those who wanted mastery, when the galaxy was one, and when there were flowers in the majestic canyons of Korriban. Now though, it’d been years and years and years since the Sith had died in the Battle of Ruusan, and suddenly emerged again to rule in might, only to be lately vanquished, by all reckoning, by Luke Skywalker himself. And still, Korriban was a Sith world, and there were countless nooks and crannies you could go to that just made you shiver with sudden fear, as though someone were walking over your grave. As a general rule, Sajhe avoided those places. And watched. And kept the drinks flowing. A long time ago, he’d figured he’d be doing something other than keeping a local watering hole open somewhere as small and dusty and forgettable as Dreshdae. But things changed. People changed. Fancy that. The door hissed and wheezed as someone tried to palm it open. Probably a faulty motivator. Sajhe’d have to get someone to look at it, maybe work at it himself. Kept the hands busy. Finally, it slid open with a corrugated screech, slamming back to the far side of the doorway. Sajhe looked up. The various patrons of The Drunk Side looked up. A dark figure, hooded, stood in the doorway of the bar. Contemptous eyes, burning fiery gold out of the shadows. Sajhe didn’t like those. Eyes that spoke of mastery, eyes that said they saw you only as tools to be used, and subsequently discarded. Nothing good, nothing ever worth having, came out of mastery, Sajhe thought. The wise knew better than to exert themselves against the world. But that was the old sorrow, the old split, the schism that had wracked the Bendu, and then played out again and again, echoing over the corridors of time. An old sorrow and Sajhe heard its strains and did not think it could ever be so simply mended. If there was a time for mending, it was beyond prophecy. The figure strode to the counter. Sajhe said, “Welcome to The Drunk Side! What can I—” His breath caught in his throat. Red misted the edges of his vision. “I want information,” the figure said. Cold, forceful fingers ripped at his mind, seeking to know about Korriban, seeking to know about the Valley of the Dark Lords. Better not to know, Sajhe thought. The old sorrow. Beyond mending. “You think to defy me?” “Hey, what do you think you are doing—” Sajhe, against the pressure on his throat, barely managed to croak, “Go!” Old Barles threw himself backwards, and just in time, as a bar of scarlet plasma hummed to life in the figure’s hand and scythed through the air where he had stood. “Jedi,” Barles whispered, eyes wide, because even years after the Jedi had fallen, and oh, Sajhe had felt grim determination and resignation on the day he had heard, but also relief, the sense that the worst had happened, and there was nothing more to be done, even years after, beings saw a lightsaber and thought Jedi, even though the colour should have been the first clue, Sith always used synthetic crystals forged from Sith alchemy. Mastery. Cold laughter. “We are beyond the Jedi,” the Sith hissed. “We are Disciples of Ragnos. And we will reclaim the Valley of Dark Lords.” The bar was frozen. The terror of being confronted by a predator, by a being out of legend. What did you do against a Jedi who exuded such menace? Against, Sajhe thought, one of the Jedi fallen? But there was grace, too. Moments of grace unasked for, and unearned. The Sith’s comlink chirped, and he keyed it. “Retreat,” crackled a voice. “Are you mad?” the Sith demanded. “There are Jedi in this settlement. If you act preemptively, you will provoke them into calling for help. Do you think the two of us can kill our way through everything Luke Skywalker sends our way? Patience.” With burning eyes, the Sith studied the bar. The red lightsaber came down, slashing through the glowing halves of the counter. The sharp, thunderous scent of ozone. “This isn’t over,” he growled. A promise, not a threat. “We will eliminate the Jedi. And we will have the secret of the Valley out of one of you, one way or another.” The door stayed open. Forced open, no doubt. Sajhe sighed. His throat ached. “Does anyone want a drink?” he asked, tentatively. “The hell was that?” Barles whispered. “Sith,” said someone else. “Or a Jedi gone bad, it doesn’t matter. Someone’s got to put out the call to the New Republic. If there’s Sith on Dreshdae, we’re all in for it.” MR61: Shadows and Dust “We are but shadows and dust.” — Commentaries on the Life of Ulic Qel-Droma by Sajhe Kel-Arran A LONG TIME AGO, IN A GALAXY FAR, FAR AWAY... The wind sweeps across the aging settlement of Dreshdae, stirring dry ochre dust in its wake. Some days, the wind rises from the Valley of the Dark Lords, bringing with it quiet susurrus of ancient bones, tombs best left undisturbed. It blows through Dreshdae, causing the rusted wind turbines to creak reluctantly back into life, supplying energy to the humming power generator. A long time ago, in the days of the Jedi Civil War, more people came to Dreshdae. Centuries later, the settlement is all but condemned: archeologists, historians, spacers bringing supplies, and a few researchers trickle in and out, barely keeping Dreshdae alive. Centuries later, seekers have come once again to Dreshdae, chasing after the echoes of Sith Lords long faded into the shadows of history. What will you do? Will you allow the last remnants of the Sith to crumble into the dust? Or will you kindle the flames of a new Sith Empire from the shadows? General Rules: Win Conditions: Mechanics: Roles: RP Guide: Cosmetic Roles: Quick Links: Sign-ups are open now and will close on Sunday, 27th November 2022, at 0100hrs SGT (GMT +8). Rollovers will take place at the same time. The IM for the game is @Elandera. This game is a re-run of MR2, with lightsabers. Note that I would like at least fifteen players to feel comfortable with the existing ruleset. If this minimum cannot be reached, I will either extend sign-ups or remove the vote manip powers. We'll make that Death Star run when we get to it. Please also be reminded to desist from posting in the thread until I can reserve the next post. I will always do so in order to collect both the current player list and the most recent set of rule clarifications for easy access.
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    When Harmonium reacts with Trellium, there is a massive explosion like that of an atomic bomb. It makes perfect sense to me that this would be the result. Why? Because Harmonium atoms should share in Harmony’s nature as a partnership between two, and Autonomy, being, well, autonomous, probably abhors partnership. So of course Trellium splits Harmonium into separate, autonomous parts. And since Harmonium is an atom, when it splits, it splits like atoms do: with a boom. I doubt other godmetals explode when combined. These two metals split because of the nature of their Shards’ Intents.
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    good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to another episode of Misty tries to draw and fails. Dramatically. Oh well. Here’s a dump of my most recent forays into the world of sketches, made even worse by the fact that I’m trying a new style: Constructive criticisms please??
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    We finally got an in person meeting with ghost! kelsier, and while we already knew he was around and running the ghostbloods, we still learned a lot, which naturally leaves us with a lot of questions, which are as follows: 1) This meeting has rekindled my interest in a question from RoW, that being what the deal is with transporting investiture and invested beings. We knew that Kalak cant world hop, and are told my Mraize (who might be lying) that radiants cant either because of their connection to the spren and roshar. Mraize also says his goal is to figure out how to transport investiture, seemingly to be able to get kelsier off of Scadrial. However, not only do we meet several highly invested ghostbloods from different worlds on other planets (twinsoul, maybe moonlight, and several Seons), but given kelsiers stated goals it seems like leaving Scadrial should be lowish on his list of priorities. 2) A big deal is made about how the ghostbloods are a brotherhood. They keep no secrets from each other, they do not have infighting, they trust each other. However this seems to be demonstrably false. Most obviously, on roshar Mraize actively encourages conflict between his underlings to vye for position, and several of them attempt to murder shallan during her early initiation. And while this could maybe be excused as something Kelsier is unaware of given his restriction to scadrial (though that seems far feched given the apparently fanatic subservience to him by nearly all members of the ghostbloods), kelsier himself is not following his own rules. He pointedly avoids the question Marasi asks him of whether he himself keeps secrets from his underlings. 2.5) Kelsier can no longer use Allomancy, for reasons that we can only speculate on. However, he seems to imply in his Seon call with marasi that he can use steel. Is he lying to her and his followers, or does he have a work around? 3) and finally, the biggest question to me, is why Sazed very clearly does not trust Kelsier. Sazed has, from the moment he took us Hamony and learned Kelsier was alive, obstructed kelsier, even if only by withholding information. He not only refused to, but lied about being able to return Kelsier to his body. He lied about the production of lerasium in the explosion in Wax's lab (As a note, sazed has clearly gotten better at lying to kelsier, probably through practice). He seems to have obstructed access through his perpendicularity, as the ghostbloods imply using it is difficult. He hides how dangerous the set and Autonomy are from Kelsier, despite an implication from Marsh that the three of them work together regularly. And, the very last line of their conversation in LM is a very strong implication that Sazed believes kelsier will one day be his enemy. Given Sazed has displayed a not inconsiderable ability to see the future, and holds the combination of two shards that could do the same, I find it hard to believe this was just an off handed comment. Not only that, but the potential conflict between the two is not because of a transformation into discord, but instead, "entirely up to [kelsier]." In summation, given the future sight, hiding his agenda, lying to his underlings, and inconsistent nature of the ghost bloods goals, it seems reasonable to assume that kelsier will be engaging in something notably beyond his usual level of morally questionable murder, very likely entering full on villain territory.
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    This book was a wild ride. I will say going in I'd never thought I'd be be siding with Kelsier over Sazed, but damn it, I'm siding with Kelsier over Sazed.
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    Before I start, I want to say I'm a gigantic fan of these books, and Mistborn especially was my first Sanderson and so my first love when it comes to this universe. I've really enjoyed Era 2 up to this point, and I found in particular The Bands of Mourning to be one of the best books in the entire cosmere. I had been eagerly awaiting this book since I first read Bands back when it came out. Unfortunately, I found this to be a fairly bland conclusion to the series. Personally I feel that Telsin and her relationship with Wax was not build up particularly well over the course of the series, and having her supplant his uncle as the "main" villain ended up being a detriment to the story as a whole. Largely I felt that a lot of things we were expecting to get clarification on we just didn't. Who really created the bands of mourning? What was Kelsier up to all those years and how did he come to regain a body, rule over the Southern Scadrians, etc? In general I thought the southerners would have a MUCH larger role in this book than they did, and I don't feel like this really followed up on the plotlines of previous books in a satisfying way. Everything to do with Autonomy/Trell I found to be poorly done. The info dumping at the beginning of the book felt like an odd way to reveal what had been a mystery going back to the first book, but then by the end we still don't know what these "men of gold and red" are all about, and it felt really weird that the Set had like three different schemes going on that were all conflicting. It was so clear the Set was a mess that I never felt like they were a genuine threat in this one at all. I also now think the cosmere (at least currently) is actively hurting the stories rather than helping them. In the early days it was a really cool thing going on in the background, but between ROW and this I just feel like the individual stories would be a lot better without it being SO in your face. My biggest thing is that it comes across like all the characters just read a ton of words of brandon between books. Every five minutes someone is spouting off about "investiture this" and "cosmere that" and it just reads as extremely weird that all these characters are SO knowledgable. In addition it starts to give off massive deus ex machina vibes when random powers from other planets are being used to solve Mistborn related issues. To me the whole Ghostbloods plot could have been excised entirely, and I would've much preferred to have Kelsier be used to actually explain more about what he has been up to and justify the cliffhanger at the end of the Bands of Mourning, which was just literally not addressed in this book at all. Furthermore, Marasi's storyline with the Ghostbloods was SO similar to Shallan's that it really bothers me that neither of them actually joined the organization. I don't really understand the point of having two characters both decide not to join the same organization and go through essentially the same plot related storyline. The characters were still well written, and the book never bored me, in no way would I call it "bad." But it didn't come close to reaching Brandon's highs, and it certainly didn't hold a candle to The Hero of Ages, in which every little thread in the trilogy came together in a beautiful and ingenious way. This book really didn't feel like it pulled together the threads from Era 2 in a cool or satisfying way. If anything by the end it really did feel like all of Era 2 was unnecessary and nothing much was accomplished at all. I get that Era 2 was never in his plans, but either he should've kept the story smaller scale so that nothing in the "cosmere scale" needed to really change by the end of it, or alter the plan, because it really came across like Autonomy will just be back causing trouble later, and it doesn't feel like anything was really accomplished. These are just my thoughts, between this and ROW I'm losing faith in the cosmere wide crossovers being as cool as I once thought they were. It was cool when it was a mysterious thing in the background, but now it just feels like its distracting from the actual plots of these books with a bunch of stuff that just feels sheohorned and weird.
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    My review: Marasi and Wayne stole the show for me both as partners and individually. In many ways this was Wayne's book. I really felt his parts were Brandon's storytelling at its best. Marasi's parts, on the other hand, were Brandon's gift to us theorycrafting Sharders, and I was all for it. (Wax and Steris were cool as well.) Now that's out of the way, please allow a bit of self-love on my part. It's been a depressing year for me so far so I'm allowing myself this luxury. Way back in 2015, I was one of the first people who speculated a Trell and Autonomy connection. Of course nobody knew about Shard avatars back then so I naturally thought Trell was Autonomy, and also I admit I was later swayed by other Trell theories, but I'm still very happy about this reveal. Another thing that I sorta kinda called was that non-lethal Hemalurgy is possible using very thin spikes. The Set's non-lethal Hemalurgy variant had some fundamental differences from my idea, but again I'm allowing myself to celebrate this reveal. Finally, I once speculated that Sazed is somehow allowing (to an extent) the major conflicts happening on Scadrial in order to accelerate technological growth, with the ultimate goal being spacefaring. We just learned of Kelsier's suspicion that Saze could have defeated Trell sooner but chose not to. This theory isn't yet wholly confirmed, but TLM made me think Sazed was manipulating Trell/Autonomy (and everyone else, even Kelsier) all along.
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    Dalinar's debut how to book didn't make it past the editing stage. The original image was made by Ziraelart on deviantart. I just added the text.
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    Day twenty-six: nearing destination.
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    I like TLM. As a book it was odd, as in extremely paced, but it pulled that pacing off. As the end of an era, however, calling it mediocre is a bit charitable. It opened almost as many threads as it finished. Now, I am reminded that Brandon finished a book series featuring a group that perfected the art of misleading truths. IIRC he said that he will not write any more books in era 2. Fair enough, I believe him. I also note that he has hired a "narrative director". Does that raise a suspicion?
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    Heyo Humans! So, I have been debating about this for several days... and so I finally decided to make a Creative Corner - just in case! I did a sketch randomly and soo... yeah. Here it is! I can't draw hands, or people generally, so the proportions are probably a leetle bit off. Also, my phone has terrible picture quality, so sorry if it's a bit blurry! Vin sketch Hopefully, I'll also start posting some writing I've been doing - in this corner, I'll post sketches and art. I might make a writing corner soon (after exams) where I'll post concepts and short stories. Maybe. Have a wonderful day, Humans!
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    So I recently acquired a laser engraver and I have been experimenting with it. While learning how to do new things I decided to make a little trinket that I thought I would share here. I Created a copy of of the message found inside Conventical of Seran written in steel using the Steel alphabet. The whole thing is about 3.4x2.1 inches approximately the size of a business card. I did have an issue with this one. I attempted to engrave the back but used to slow of a setting and just overheated the metal and warped it. However the Steel alphabet font worked well. Anyways i would love to heard what you all think of this. I'm considering making a bigger one.
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    So, this is my first theory in years, and I maybe did two before this; also, English is not my mother tongue. Furthermore, I just finished The Lost Metal, and haven't given the proper time to research and revise WoBs before I write this (anyone does?). Therefore, I apologize beforehand for whichever mistake I make. Now, let's get to it: In Kelsier's epilogue, he thinks about how Hemalurgy "had proven ineffective on what he'd become. It held his soul and body together, but no more", and he had hope, "hope he'd be able to touch the metals he could see in the world all around him". We're going to ignore the question that arises, if he can or can't physically touch metals, and instead understand his words as "Kelsier cannot use Allomancy in his current state". Does this mean that Kelsier has lost his prime Allomantic abilities? Did it happen when the Lord Ruler killed him? I think that's not the case, though there could be some WoB that say otherwise. I think that, when Kelsier died, the ability to access Allomancy was severed, but not extinguished. Much more like the link between his physical body and his congnitive shadow state were severed. We know that his eye's spike is made of steel, therefore it lacks something to link body to mind and soul. That brings us to the following theory:I think Kelsier had another spike before getting his eye's, this one made of aluminum. And here's why: Aluminum, according to the chart in TLM Ars Arcanum, has the Feruchemical power to store Identity. Also, as a Hemalurgic spike, it has the power to remove all powers. Hence, the core of my theory is that he used some kind of Aluminum medallion to store his Identity there (though I don't know if a cognitive shadow can access medallions, or if there's a WoB explaining it), then got someone to move it to the Physical Realm and stab his body with it, we don't know where. BUT, as he was Mistborn, the aluminum spike removed all his former powers and, potentially, his ability to use his steel one to touch metals around him. That would also could explain why Lerasium wouldn't work on him, as Sazed says, since the aluminum spike would automatically wipe out the new powers Lerasium brought. So, that's my theory for you guys. I hope I made it alright. Comments, opinions and insightful responses from someone who knows WAY more than I do would be appreciated. Thanks everybody for reading this far!!!
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    I would like to ask that you stop revealing the floor plan of my house.
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    I have a new theory now that Autonomy is confirmed as Trell. Is it possible that Obrodai is just Bavadin’s name for Scadrial? Justification: We know that around the time of the True Desolation (which is set slightly before the Wax and Wayne stories), Harmony starts noticing other, hidden Shards “encroaching upon [his] world”. At the same time, Autonomy mentions to Hoid that a new female avatar is developing on Obrodai, which could very well refer to Telsin. Autonomy also warns Hoid not to return. We obviously don’t know all the worlds Hoid has visited, but it seems unlikely he’d be frequenting a world without a perpendicularity (and therefor a Shard) in residence. Therefore, unless Obrodai is a Shardworld that will become relevant in other Cosmere books, it must be Scadrial (out of all the ones we know). In-universe reason: Autonomy names Scadrial something different to distance it from the past and make it more independent. Out-of-universe reason: It’d be a big spoiler for Brandon to just namedrop Scadrial in Oathbringer. EDIT: Looking online, it seems Brandon semi-referred to Obrodai as a new Shardworld, but this theory is still plausible since Brandon RAFO’d a question asking if we’ve seen Obrodai before.
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    That’s what you have biodegradable pill capsules for, just suspend the harmonium nugget in natural oil and warp it in a little case and you have a perfectly safe harmonium delivery system. Gives an all new meaning for popping pills. That’s assuming that the stomach acids do indeed makes the harmonium safe, otherwise you will end up with little bits of person all over the room… edit: which comes to think about it also give a new meaning to popping pills.
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    Re: Hoid gaining Allomancy: we have a WoB that strongly implies that the beads of lerasium were gathered by Rashek after he'd Ascended, using the knowledge he'd gained while holding Preservation. If the lerasium beads pre-existed Rashek's Ascension but also required TLR to "go get them", that implies Hoid didn't know where to go get them but Rashek did. And of course, by then he was The Lord Ruler, who gathered all (?) the beads and handed them out to his strongest supporters, reserving two for later... Which he kept in the chamber near the Well under Kredik Shaw. And my guess is that Hoid could only use the Well as a perpendicularity across from the CR to the Physical Realm when the Well was close to filling up - i.e., had enough Investiture gathered there to form the perpendicularity. Somehow, part of the creation of the Well required the power to "coalesce" there every 1024 years, be taken and used via temporary Ascension, and then to be redistributed into the mists for the next cycle. So even if Hoid had known for sure that's where the lerasium was, his Fortune-based "go where I need to be" thing probably only kicked in with respect to the Well of Ascension when it was "deep" enough to be a perpendicularity. Otherwise he'd have to get past Rashek and open the capstone to the Well, which he couldn't very well do without very strong Allomancy, which he wouldn't have without the lerasium.
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    ~Laurelai; Laurelai's apartment, the Alleys~ "This." Laurelai muttered as she looked at the choices laid out before her. "Is a difficult decision." She had wondered once, if she were offered the same options that Lita had been that night in the Alleystorm, would Laurelai have chosen subtlety? Or power? Subtlety she thought. But now, on deeper reflection the problem revealed its nuance. Laurelai might not need to wield open power, might prefer a subtle approach over brute force. But a clever application of force could solve many problems, and if substantially cleverly applied would be no more noticeable than had she wielded subtlety. But subtlety certainly did have its place as well. Subtle did not mean weak after all. Subtlety meant the application of just enough force as was necessary. Subtlety meant precision. Meant achieving exactly what you sought to achieve without any unintended consequences. Subtlety was a carefully worded letter, not to the person you were trying to influence but to their spouse, or their friend. Perhaps their tailor. It was a thousand carefully laid plans that came together perfectly. So which, in the end would Laurelai choose? "Oh it'll have to be power." She said, nodding with finality. "I'm always opting for demure and subtle, it's nice to be a little bold every once in a while." The dress was certainly that. It had been in her wardrobe for months without being worn, not even counting during the Forgery. She wasn't even sure what had driven her to purchase the thing except that it was made from some of the most delightful silk chiffon that she'd ever touched, dyed a slightly dusty lavender and draped absolutely perfect every time she'd tried it on. It also exposed her shoulders and half of chest as well as a long slit that ran up to the upper thigh. "Hmm..." She considered, holding the dress to herself and examining a mirror. "Maybe it should be subtlety after all." Fifteen minutes later she was finally dressed in the lavender wonder, and had just finished her hair, Forging it into position over one shoulder and kept in place with a delicate silver hairpin. Giving herself another look in the mirror she had given a final satisfied nod when she noticed her eyes. Leaning closer until they took up most of her vision she tutted gently as she looked at the area of skin underneath. It was well concealed but Lita at least would have no difficulty spotting the discoloration, the bags that had formed from a lack of sleep. She gave a wave in the direction of the mirror, the gesture was entirely unnecessary but it did add something to the aesthetic, Laurelai thought. A trickle of Invesiture accompanied the wave, and a moment later she looked as bright eyed and refreshed as if she had awoken from a ten hour rest. She felt it too, in fact, Forgery was lovely and versatile like that. It had allowed her to spend most of the last week without sleeping at all. Which was quite helpful. Too many things haunted her at night now, too many things that Laurelai Esserethel preferred not to think about. There was her father for a start. Voidus, the man who had created the Alleys. She had still not had time to actually speak with him beyond a few hurried and public conversations immediately after the Forgery. Second, there was the Chapel, its glowing blue waters seemed to lurk in every fountain, reflected in every mirror, haunting her, calling her. Finally, there was the topic that she had thought long since buried, but the presence of the other two nightmares in her life had prompted a recurrence of the third. Laurelai's own history. ~Laurelai; Alleycity, 20 years ago~ Her hands slid over the person who was lying in front of her. Something sticky covered them underneath the strange hardened clothes they were wearing. She had thought it was paint, but it didn't seem quite the same, and the smoke was too thick for her to tell the colour. She coughed, choking as that smoke entered her lungs again, stifling her call. She had repeated it over and over again, shaking the figure until the paint dried on them and her throat hurt. By now she knew it wasn't her mother, wasn't her father. It was a stranger. A sleeping stranger who never awoke no matter how much she shook them. Voices finally reached her, the ringing sensation and loud screeching sounds from nearby had been pulled away by the wind and she could hear a voice. Calling. It didn't sound like her parents but still, Laurelai pulled herself upright, using the sleeping figure to balance and then wiping the paint off onto her dress. She stumbled in the direction of the voices, her thin weary voice calling out in response. "Salve?" Laurelai called weakly. "Salve? Matrem? Estne tu?" "It's another kid." The voice called, speaking strange words that she couldn't quite understand. "Gav, give us a hand looking would you? Need to take her to one of the safe buildings, half this neighborhood is aflame." Two figures finally stumbled into view, they were both men, covered in ash, dust, splinters, and the same black-red paint that she had seen before. They looked tired, but then Laurelai was tired too. She was tired, sore and confused. And she just wanted to be taken back home so that she could rest. "There you are." One of the men said, he crouched down and pulled the brown-haired fringe out of his eyes to look at her. "Come here. Are you alright?" "Paenitet nescio" Laurelai replied, shaking her head. She wasn't sure what they were saying. They didn't use big words, but it sounded like nonsense. On another day she might have laughed, but today she nearly cried instead. "What's that, Arelish?" The other man said, stomping up in enormous leather boots that covered half of his legs. "Speak common girl." "That's not Arelish." The man with the fringe said. "Don't know what that is. Might just be nonsense, she looks bloodied enough for a concussion or two. Might not even be old enough to speak." Laurelai just shook her head again, not understanding their speech. "Meum nomen est Laurelai?" She said, half a question. "Nostin' matrem meam?" "Yeah think you're right. Concussed." Said the man with the boots. He bent down and offered her a hand, wrapping her tiny pale arm in his large warm grip, and suprisingly gently began to lead her. "Can you walk?" She saw him make a walking motion as he spoke, it took a little while for her to understand but she nodded, copying the motion. It was a good thing that her vision had cleared up, she could see a little ways through the smoke now, and make out the colour of the paint on her hands. But a series of strange lines kept crossing her vision. Like stray hairs that had gotten caught in her eyes only glowing. They made it a little difficult to see, but not so bad that she couldn't follow two men that were this big. They were both almost as tall as her father, and he was almost impossible to lose. She followed in their footsteps carefully, trying not to trip over the mess of wood and stone on the ground. It was even messier than her room was, and her mother was never happy when she forgot to clean that up. Someone should really tell these two men's mothers what they had left lying about the place so that they would have to clean it. Laurelai might tell them herself, but they didn't seem to understand her anymore than she did them. She also wished the one holding her hand smelled nicer. He smelled like ash. And metal. And sweaty people. It wasn't very nice, it would have been so much nicer if this morning when he'd woken up he would have had a bath instead. Then he could smell nice. Like flowers. Almost as soon as the thought crossed Laurelai's mind the lines changed, moving about in front of her eyes and making her trip on something. The man with the boots caught her, holding her carefully as she got her footing back. And it was at that moment that she tried to irritatedly wave the lines away, shoo them out of her eye. Something... warm enveloped her. Like a lovely bath. She felt it flow through, over, and out from her towards the man with the boots. For a moment he paused, head tilted to the side. She smelled... flowers? Soap? It was the same rose-scented soap that Laurelai remembered from home. She clapped her hands delightedly, hoping that maybe he could take her to the shop where he bought it. Laurelai knew the way home from the shops after all. But then that warmth returned, three times as strong and much less gentle. The man in boots was engulfed in a column of fire, the heat searing the floral scent into her nose before replacing it moments later with a horrifying smell of matches, burned hair and charred flesh. She staggered back a step, staring in wide eyed confusion at the fire and then at the ashes that remained when it went out seconds afterwards. A quiet wind blew down the street, pulling the ash free from the large leather boots that remained.
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    ~Vivica; The University~ Vivica gazed up at her body from within the garnet clutched in her own hand. It was, she supposed, likely rather disorienting. Or perhaps it would have been, if Vivica could currently conceptualize disorientation. She had rather forgotten her own face by this point; there were no mirrors in the Cognitive Realm, after all. It was rather pretty, if a bit vacant-looking. But then, people who were dead did look rather vacant. Vivica knew that from experience. She had seen very many dead people. When Nox spoke to her using her own mouth, Vivica almost hesitated to retake her own body. Surely anything she could come up with to say would be pointless, silly, compared with the words he could make her say. She thought to tell him so, but then, it was rude to refuse a gift so perfectly wrought. He had gone through so much trouble to bring her back, and he had so many other important things to be about. It would be best to accept this present, so she could thank him properly. Thank you. Perhaps two words she could form with her own lips that might be worthy of him hearing. Vivica took one last look at the garnet chamber surrounding her, fondly casting it to memory. Then, she looked back at herself, acknowledging the slight tug on her form that she had been ignoring. Her soul recognizing her body, it seemed. There was a rightness to this feeling, and so Vivica let it overtake her, surrendering to the pull just as her body drew in a breath. She flew like a single stream of Stormlight for a moment, and then - Corporeality. It hurt. Her eyes blinked and watered at the light of the hall, spilling tears down cheeks that felt each millimeter of each tear trace across skin, the water cooling and causing her to shiver. She could feel the chill of the air in the room, feel the cotton of her shapeless medical shift where it brushed her flesh, raising goosebumps along her arms and neck and back. Vivica shuddered at the sensations, giving a soft whimper; even that minute sound hurt her throat after how long she had spent not using it. Something clenched and burned in the pit of her stomach - hunger? She could barely remember hunger but yes, that sounded right. Hunger, and thirst. She was so thirsty, now that she thought about it. Hungry and thirsty and cold, and she could feel everything at once, hear everything. She was breathing too fast; her heart was racing, speeding blood into her brain with enough force to make her dizzy. It was too much - Vivica retreated inward instinctively, turning her vision to the plane of her mind hoping for relief. And that was when she felt him. He had been so quiet, so close, that Vivica hadn't realized he was there, pressed up against her mind like the oncoming shroud of night. Encompassing, inevitable, and wonderful. And so, so close. She had never been so close to anyone; the barrier between them had broken, and Nox was her. He heard her thoughts, felt her emotions, owned her memories. Vivica felt her mouth smile as she looked at him through her own eyes, and she could feel him looking at himself through her eyes, as well. Would they ever be so close again? Could she ever hope to find a better time to show him her gratitude, show him the scope and breadth of what he meant to her? So Vivica showed him. She poured out every memory, every day spent in the Cognitive Ward talking with him, laughing with him, glorying in his warm, patient smile. She poured out each good day, and each bad day, where only the thought of him kept her from fading into total despair, imprisoned in her room, restrained to her bed, watching the slow drip of sedatives lull her into a stupor that could be deemed "safe." She poured out the delight of her first meeting him, the rush of caffeine and experimentation nothing compared to the exhilaration of making a new friend, and one so kind, with such good manners. She showed him the last day before the Forgery, when she had been overcome with memories of the fire and he had found her, taking her someplace safe, folding them both into a tiny corner of nothing. A place where fire could never reach. She showed him more recent memories, her time in the Cognitive Realm, wandering, searching, always hopeful despite her confusion. She showed him how he looked in that realm, both the light and the dark weaving through him in a complex knotwork that was more beautiful than anything wrought by human hands. She gave him the memories of his face in the gemstone, every facet reflecting his perfection back to her in deepest red. Each memory a drop, and the drops formed an ocean of meaning, every wave calling his name and echoing it back again, and again, and again. Vivica looked through regained eyes at the face of the man who had been so many things to her. Her new friend, her patient Professor, her dark and wondrous god. Her Lucien. Her Nox. Perfect in each iteration. And always, always, more than she could ever deserve. "Thank you," she whispered, her voice still thin and hoarse, but now full of delight. "I never worried for a moment." @Voidus
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    This week chapters were fun as now we finally get to meet more Ghost Bloods outside of morally ambiguous characters like Mraize. But as always if Sanderson is gonna use Chemistry and Science to explains his world I'm gonna dig into his use of it and its implications. So in the chapter we find out that Wax can almost separate the Larasium from the Atium by passing a current through Harmonium by pulling on it. This would never work on an actual alloy but I think what Sanderson is doing is trying to show us that the metal's positive and negative portions of it can be split by applying a positive and negative bias to it. The Larasium (positive) gets attracted to the anode and the Atium (negative) gets attracted to the cathode, and then pulling the anode and cathode apart would help separate the two. Did anyone else make this connection?
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    Shout-out to Ranette and Jaxy for finally opening Wayne's eyes on the situation with Allriandre. It always seemed to me very egoistic of him to go in-person every month and remind her of her loss.
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    I’m gonna make some mean ramen after posting this. Day 30: Gear
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    Mac, The Alleys. "It has been quite some time Mac." Mac spun around, gripping a rusted spike in his hand, ready to stab whoever this visitor was. His ragged suit dragged along the back wall of the alley as he shuffled backwards, putting space in between him and his assailant. In his 1300 years of wandering the alleys he had barely seen another soul, much less one who knew his name, and for the first time in some while Mac felt a trickle of fear. A shuddering breath escaped his mouth as he asked the person “Who are you? How do you know my name?” He took his empty hand and used it to brush greasy unkept bangs out of his eyes, as he peered closer at the man in front of him. His polite tone and quiet words were all meant to put him at ease, but the trickle of fear grew to a flood as Mac saw his pitch black eyes. He had felt this fear once before, in the ruined center of a city long forgotten. He didn't know who this was, or why h- it was here, but he remember that if this thing wanted him dead, he would have no choice but to oblige. @Voidus
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    I made this and none of my friends like Brandon but… I thought here would be a good place to post it. Minor Warbreaker spoilers It’s not exactly accurate, but I thought it was funny. Credit for image: https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/2139120-wholesome-memes IDK if that if that is where the original image is from but that’s where I got it. (this is my first ever meme btw)
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    Day twenty-eight: village.
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    Hello everyone! I've been here for a while (perhaps you have seen some of my drawings) and finally I decided to create a topic! English is not my native language, so I apologize for any mistakes here and there. I am from Ukraine. My hobbies are dancing, drawing, anime, games, music and reading~ My husb introduced me to the Stormlight Archive in the spring, I read all four books in three months! I hope to pick up other books by Brandon soon! <3 I'm absolutely in love with the Stormlight Archive so it's great to see the successful kickstarter campaigns and I can't wait for Book 5! It's very nice to meet you all! <3
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