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    Coffee shop at the symphony serving up that Radiant blend
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    Okay, so it seems that I'm not the only person who's come up with a version of this idea (hi, @Truthless of Shinovar!), but I presented the theory at JordanCon during the Cosmere Speculation panel, and it seems as though I should codify it in some sort of organized fashion so that all my crazy details can be seen. And also so I can go on record with this thing so when it actually happens you can all hate me. We all know Brandon has been moving the plot forward faster on Stormlight than most of us expected. So I think that Stormlight 5 is going to be the Knights Radiant vs. Rayse, final round. Rayse has freed himself from his entrapment on Braize and is ready to wreak some havoc on Roshar to make sure nobody there can challenge him (and root out Cultivation in the process). Ultimately, he will be defeated. I think he won't be re-trapped, though; I think he'll be killed. However, there is one important detail when it comes to killing Shardholders: Dropped Shards will Splinter naturally if not picked up. (Correction here: It's not an automatic given that a Shard will Splinter when dropped. There is a WoB (https://wob.coppermind.net/events/132/#e1877) that states a voluntarily dropped Shard could Splinter, or become self-aware, or any number of other things. None of them if applied to Odium are going to create Super Happy Fun Time for Roshar.) Imagine the chaos that would inflict upon Roshar's entire Investiture biome. That much Hatred Investiture (and no, I do not believe Rayse's nonsense about Passion) spreading out throughout the planet, loose, leaking into everything? It'd be a disaster. Cultivation has more than enough knowledge to be aware of this; certainly the Stormfather, Nightwatcher, and the Sibling are as well. I'd bet money that most, if not all, of the Radiant spren have a pretty good idea of it. So it's reasonable to expect that the KR will be aware of this danger when they take on Odium. They may even have a plan in place to try to re-trap him, but I expect that ultimately to fail. They'll have to kill him. There will be no other choice. What then happens when the Shard of Odium drops, ready to Splinter into a million pieces of Hatred and leak into the planet's Investiture irrevocably? Or become a self-aware monster spren? Or get absorbed by one or more of the Unmade? Or any number of other potentially apocalyptic results? Dalinar picks it up. He doesn't do it to gain power. He does it to protect his friends and family. He does it for Honor (though his decision may involve his bond with the Stormfather being broken) - because humans brought Odium to Roshar; it's only proper for a human to fix that mistake. Most of all, because he has managed to deny Odium's power before, he does it because he believes he's the best person to do so. He believes that he can resist the Shard's intent better than any other person on Roshar. He might even be right. So he picks up Odium, rips every last shred of power that Rayse Invested into Roshar, and leaves. There are several reasons why I think Brandon will take this route: 1. It's an interesting full circle to take for the character. He starts out life as the perfect scion of Odium, though he doesn't know it at the time. He's ruthless. He's violent. It's through a huge amount of experience and development that he learns to control and reject that side of him. He becomes a better man. Then as a result of becoming that better man, he takes on the embodiment of what warped his past in an attempt to shield others from the evil that tainted him. That's some serious heroic tragedy. 2. Brandon likes to hurt us. 3. So far, our experience of the "negative" Shardholders has been pretty after-the-fact. We never saw Ati before he picked up Ruin; likewise we don't know exactly how awful Rayse was before he picked up Odium. We've seen Harmony, yes, but he's been pretty Light Side so far. It will be much, much more interesting to take a character that the readers have a strong emotional investment in and have him take up an "evil" Shard. The impact of seeing our hero Dalinar slowly corrupted by Odium's influence as he becomes an overall Cosmere Big Bad will cause internal reader conflict, and that's a good way to tell a story.
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    The Heralds whenever they come back for a Desolation:
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    Have some Warbreaker memes!
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    Somebody else is preparing a special writeup for Steeldancer’s death, and will likely deserve all the upvotes you can give them once he finishes. By virtue of its high quality, that will take a while, and in the meantime there’s an awful lot of blank space up here, and I don’t want to put “writeup to come.” It’s too simplistic, and does too little honour to a player I’ve known and respected for a year and a half. I am no Elbereth, to give Steel a depiction in language which reveals his inner tendencies and voice, though I wish such skills were mine—perhaps they will be, someday, but certainly to do so now in the span of little over an hour would be immensely difficult and beyond my current capabilities as a writer. However, before this game resumes and we all move on, I’d like to describe, in the ways I know best, the man you just lynched. If they are direct, without connotation, so be it. Steeldancer was my first taste of what SE was like. Really, the game I’m rerunning, LG41, was, but other than Seonid, who extended a welcoming hand and invited me to see what SE was like, Steel was the first to welcome me informally into this strange and bloody corner of the Shard. Despite fighting for his life as Zane in this very game, around cycle 3 when pressure was truly mounting, he carved out the time to send me a PM, though I’d posted once on the Shard total and was doing little other than stalking the Day and Night threads in which the game was occurring. Overcoming my doubts about following and joining SE, Steel’s PM, entitled “I see you lol,” would be a driving factor in my decision to join the AG and step out of the shadows into the broader community. If that was his only contribution to my presence and life on this subforum, that would already be plenty to earn him prominence alongside Seonid as one of the few who started me on the road to being a gentleman killer of SE. But his interactions with me didn’t stop there. AG4/AN1 was my first game, and as many of you know, Steel and I found each other despite the anonymity, quickly teamed up, and crushed the village in almost the minimum number of turns. The only catch is that we were both villagers ourselves. The hilarity of how we deceived ourselves into trusting almost all the Eliminators was not lost on either of us, and despite times when we both thought the other was evil, our misguided alliance only drew us closer together throughout that game. Steel was definitely the first friend I made on the subforum, largely as a result of this initial failure, and the utter destruction we wreaked on our own faction would ironically prove the beginning of a lasting relationship. Time would fail me to speak of our other alliances, which tested and reaffirmed this bond. Betrayal and death in LG42; a firm commitment and kinship in LG49, when we would stand together against hordes of Alethi demanding my blood; AG5, uniting our factions for a common purpose for one brief, shining moment, and when I would advocate for his death and Return. Many smaller moments in the LGs and MRs scattered between, PMs discussing small things, and a constant attempt to reform the original pact of AG4, the mutual trust at whatever cost which made games so interesting. And I’ve not even spoken of when we’ve interacted as GMs—Steel’s joined every one of my games, and I’ve been able to say the same about his (if you count IMing) except for this last MR, which saddens me, but I haven’t read Skyward and will need to finish this game up. I’m grateful to Steel that he’s done that, if only so I can troll him mercilessly (as I’ve done in this game ). He’s always a willing and enthusiastic player, no matter what role or alignment he is, and that’s a joy to see as a GM. It’s therefore somewhat striking, and saddening, that I’m about to lose all this. Certainly, I’m losing a close compatriot in SE, as I’ve detailed extensively above. But I’m also losing a part of the initial touch that brought me into the community; I’m losing a friend with whom I could discuss nearly anything; and I’m losing Steel’s optimistic attitude and constant excitement with the small wonders of the world, which helped bring about our friendship to begin with. These are the indelible aspects of Steel which cannot be adequately replaced, and which I will miss the most when he is off on his mission. To close this, Steel, I simply wish you safety and good fortune on your mission, and look forward to your safe return to us in two years. I thank you for your impact on my life, and doubtless your touch on the lives of others which is similarly profound. With all that said and done... Steeldancer was lynched! He was a Lekal’s Subordinate Assassin and Smoker 1! Vote Count: Steel (9): Maill, Elandera, Fura, Devotary, Rath, CadCom, Stick, Straw, Ark Stick (1): Steel Rath (1): HH Fura (1): Lumgol Night 3 has begun! It will end Saturday 25 May at 9 PM EDT (-4:00 UTC), in about 22-23 hours. PMs are open. Please abide by all restrictions on them. Good luck! Player List:
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    I'm not salty at all, promise.
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    Memes. And a cute cat one because it's cute.
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    Check out these absolutely superb LEGO builds that an acquaintance of mine has recently done. I was extremely impressed with them myself! Flickr Link Individual builds: The same builder also lead a collaborative effort to build a huge diorama of the Battle of Falme from the Wheel of Time:
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    If any of us lived on Roshar and bonded a spren: Dalinar and Shshshsh A Tough Choice: The story of the Rift, as told by a professional Worldsinger: Parenting done right:
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    After Harmony’s revitalization of Scadrial, it took the planet’s inhabitants a while to adjust to their new environment. For example, the local weathermen, used to reporting exclusively on the activity of the ashmounts, were faced with the daunting prospect of having to talk about other forms of precipitation. Pictured below is one of the many verbal slip-ups made by the host of Scadrial Weather Watch that resulted:
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    Sazed solving a cosmic identity crisis like:
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    Welp, I was going to say I'd have it out by Wednesday, but it turns out it's a lot easier to adapt lyrics then to make up your own. So, uh, here you go!
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    Thanks Fifth. You just made me tear up.
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    Ah, it's been a while, hasn't it? Argent roaming these boards, crafting theories that are less theories and more "here's how I think things work." It's been gnawing on me that I don't get to do proper theory work outside of brief (but brilliant) ideas on Shardcast, so when I got excited about a conversation happening on the Discord server I decided to put my thoughts in a more structured format. Those of you who don't even know who I am, hello! I am a machine that consumes Cosmere content from one end and produces memes and theories from the other. Hope you find some food for thought. Highlights Roshar has some native magic that's not a proper Invested Art. Although it has three (or thirty) magic systems now, this number was different in the past. Surgebinding could be either of Honor or Honor and Cultivation both, it doesn't actually matter much. The Old Magic is Cultivation's, but it doesn't quite count as an Invested Art. It's more... primal than that. Renarin is a Surgebinder, but Glys's unique composition of Investiture means he can do things more commonly associated with Voidbinding; if he is considered a Voidbinder, he is not a traditional one. Neither the Regals nor the Fused are Voidbinders. Some of the Ashynites were, however. Call 1-800-COSMERE in the next 30 minutes and get a bonus mini-theory about "the greater power of the Surges." Explanation Alright, let's dig in. The Early Days Roshar, even before the arrival of Honor and Cultivation (and therefore Odium) had some serious interplay between the inhabitants of its Realms. Flora and fauna alike could (likely) interact with ambient Investiture, as evident by the nourishing properties of Stormlight (though back then it wasn't quite the same) and the ability of some animals to form symbiotic bonds with spren; the Dawnsingers were, of course, the most spectacular of these, given their ability to form even deeper bonds with spren. A recent Stuttgart WoB compared - and I am both paraphrasing and extrapolating here - the singers' ability to change forms to evolution, only it's kind of Realmic evolution; the symbiotic spren bond introduces foreign Investiture in their Spiritwebs, and the changes in their Spiritual DNA manifest as changes in both their Physical and Cognitive aspects. In other words, singer shapes are the result of natural process. More on that later. Two Shards Cue the arrival of Honor and Cultivation. Normally, I would expect three Invested Arts from a dishardic world, but this does not appear to be the case here. The way Brandon counts them, there are three magic systems on Roshar now - Surgebinding, Voidbinding, and fabrials, with the Old Magic being "kind of its own weird thing." Take Voidbinding away, because it most likely wasn't present this early in Roshar's history, and we are left with... probably two. Now, that's actually not terribly important. There is a few ways you could dissect the original magics of Roshar, but I think what's significant and undeniable is that Surgebinding is related to Honor. Cultivation may or may have been directly involved. The Old Magic is related to Cultivation, and it may or may not be an actual Invested Art. Fabrials can be either a natural extension of Roshar's own native magic, or they can be a formal magic system crafted by both Honor and Cultivation. You could even make the claim that fabrials are of Cultivation specifically, while Surgebinding is solely of Honor. I personally find the association between Honor and Surgebinding particularly compelling. If we define the core of Surgebinding as the act of binding Surges by way of a spren (Nahel) bond, it fits very well with Honor's intent being at least partially about bonds and oaths. Note that this doesn't conflict with the fact that Surgebinders can bond with spren of Cultivation; the kind of spren you bond with doesn't matter, what does matter is the oath and the (partial) merging of Spiritwebs between person and spren. Also note that the complete absence of Surgebinders until sometime after the creation of the Honorblades is not an issue either; the magic system can exist without anyone making use of it. It took some time for humans and spren to figure out how to access it, but that doesn't necessarily mean it wasn't there. If this doesn't sit well with you, however, you can take the route of Honor not establishing Surgebinding until after the Honorblades were created. Again, it doesn't actually matter, as this theory is mostly concerned with the mechanics behind the different magic systems. This leaves fabrials. I am not thrilled about treating them as a dedicated magic system, because I've been thinking about them as a mechanical way of emulating natural processes - the binding of a spren inside a gem, something we already established is just a property of Rosharan life. Fortunately, there is some room for revision to this idea that still makes things mostly work out. Yes, what fabrials do is very similar to what the singers do, but where their symbiosis leads to Realmic evolution, fabrials lead to... effects. Effects that are, in some ways, similar to Surges - which makes sense, the Surges are kind of like fundamental forces, so everything will be related to them - but also different from them; no Surge, as we understand it, can selectively draw water from the air, or produce heat, or take someone's pain away. So perhaps it is in these... almost surgical divisions of the Surges that we find room for a standalone magic system. Something that still involves a bond, a thing of Honor (even if modern ones are more about trapping spren than bonding with them), but also requires a (mechanical, apparently) cultivation of the spren's nature, a way to take this seed of elemental power and direct it, refine it, grow it into something specific. Odium is about to crash this party, so let's recap quickly. Surgebinding is of Honor because it's all about an oath-based bond with a spren. If you like to throw Cultivation inside Surgebinding too, you could say that it is not only about the bond, but also about nurturing and growing it. Fabrials probably use a bit of both, but in the context of expanding upon what Roshar's own native magic had already provided. The Effect of Odium Odium, being the unsavory individual that he is, throws a wrench in all of this, of course. I believe that if he was truly Invested in Roshar he would spawn not only his own Invested Art, its interaction with the already existing magic systems would lead to even more magic systems. This, however, does not appear to be the case. Nothing related to him seems fundamentally different enough from what's already there to warrant being called its own system. Instead, what he appears to do is corrupting existing Invested Arts. Very similar to how Trell can show up and build on top of Hemalurgy by introducing his own metal to the mix, I believe that Odium can manipulate Surgebinding (and maybe fabrials; it's not clear whether voidspren fabrials would've been possibly without his will) but not in ways that are too dramatically different from what was already there. Let's go over some places where Odium's presence is undeniable, and see why most of them don't count as independent magic systems. The Regals The Regals - singers who have assumed forms of power - seem no different from regular singers as far as mechanics go. They appear to form the exact same kind of bond they form naturally, only this time it's with a voidspren. Remember how we established that singer forms are just how life on Roshar works? That's why I don't think this is related to any of the Invested Arts, merely a new result of Roshar's Realmic evolution - and Odium hooking into an existing system. The elephant in this room are obviously the powers the Regals get - futuresight (nightform), lightning (stormform), possibly stealth/invisibility (smokeform), but I think this can all be explained by the exact natures of the voidspren involved and by the amount of Investiture they bring to the table. Creationspren - required for artform - don't appear particularly sapient, which I interpret to mean that they are not particularly heavy on Investiture, so there is only so much they can do when it comes to the transformation. The voidspren associated with the forms of power could be both more self-aware and more Invested, which could lead to a more profound effect in the resulting form. The Fused The Fused are... problematic. On one hand, they are kind of like spren, so we could expect something similar to what happens with the Regals, only a much greater scale. On the other, however, they are not simple spren, and don't so much form a bond with their hosts as take over. I would say though, that the mechanics behind their physical transformation are similar to the ones behind every singer transformation - the Fused's Spiritweb fuses with that of the singer, but in a much more invasive way; the physical form of the host retains some of its characteristics (as seen when Venli mistakenly addresses Hariel as Demid), but the Cognitive Aspect is probably completely replaced by the Fused's. I think it's important to point this out because it allows for the Fused to gain access to powers and abilities a singer wouldn't ordinarily be able to, regardless of the type of spren they bond. After all, we are dealing with a Spiritweb that's now much more deeply suffused with Odium's power, so there is a lot of room for unique features. What about their powers though? We know they have access to Voidlight - as do the Regals, for that matter. This is no surprise, as both have a non-insignificant amount of Odium's Investiture in their Spiritwebs, which likely means they are also Connected to him. The same way an Allomancer can tap into Preservation's Investiture because of that (extra) bit of his Investiture in their soul, both the Regals and the Fused can tap into Odium's. It is interesting that Surgebinders are limited by their need to carry around a supply of Stormlight (or be inside one) when their Nahel bond should've suffused their Spiritwebs with enough of Honor's (or Honor's and Cultivation's, if you prefer that) Investiture to allow them direct access - after all, the voidspren involved with the Regals must surely be far less Invested than something like an honorspren, and that bond is enough to let them tap into Odium. I have two solutions to this. One, Stormlight appears to have been designed to have a cyclic nature - it flows through the ecosystem, it leaks a lot (unlike Breath). So tapping into this natural cycle and accessing it as a part of it seems fitting. But two - and this is the spicy one - what if simply none of the Surgebinders we've seen so far have progressed far enough to "unlock" this? The strength of the Nahel bond grows with each Oath, the Spiritwebs of Radiant and spren merging more and more; what if "the greater power of the Surges" is the ability to Invest directly from the Spiritual Realm, like the Honorblades do? The Nahel bond was modeled after them, after all. It isn't real evidence for this, but Nale - who is the only person we know has sworn the Fifth Ideal - never Invests from gems or spheres, even when his Honorblade is dismissed. But that's a different theory. Let's go back to the Fused and their powers. So they can use Voidlight, but what they use it for is something very similar to Surgebinding. We see Fused "fly" like the Windrunners do, we see them glide exactly like the Edgedancers, and we see them don illusions - just like Lightweavers. We also see some who grow and shape their carapace at a rapid pace - which could be a Stonewardy thing. They probably aren't binding Surges, per se, as there is no oath here, but I think this could be Odium's "corruption" of Surgebinding, much like the Regals are his "corruption" of the singer's native magical ability to form bonds with spren. Surgebinding still exists in its original form, but Odium is building on top of it - recall the trellium example from earlier. Renarin Ah, Renarin. What a conundrum you are. I have long been a proponent of the idea that Renarin gets one Surgebinding power and one Voidbinding power, and I think I finally have the framework to explain why. First, I have to accept that his claim to be a Truthwatcher is truthful, or at least an honest one. He appears to wield Progression pretty much exactly like we'd expect a Truthwatcher or an Edgedancer to do. His only other power leads to a very visual form of futuresight - he sees the future. Materializing visuals sounds like the domain of Illumination, and the fact that they are of the future (combined with the fact that Glys is corrupted) suggests Odium to me. Progression and Illumination, great, Truthwatcher*. And the reason it works like this is because Glys - regardless of whether he is a corrupted Truthwatcher spren or not - has a Nahel bond with Renarin, their Spiritwebs are partially merged. Glys, however, introduces some of Odium's Investiture in Renarin's soul, resulting in someone who has a bond with not only the Surges, but Odium as well. The empty pit that sucks in emotion. The void. Someone... bonded with the Void. A Binder of Void? A Voidbounded? I am sure we'll see a term for that at some point... Regardless, what Renarin does is pretty unique and is most definitely not Voidbinding - not entirely, at least. More on that later. The Original Voidbringers Not much to talk about here, but it's worth pointing out that Odium was considered - by the Dawnsingers - to be the human god whom they brought with them from Ashyn, and that it was the powers of the Surges that led to the destruction of Ashyn. The humans there probably had a way of accessing the Surges, not through Honor or Cultivation, but through Odium instead. And upon arriving to Roshar they either abandoned or lost this ability. This would've been Odium's magic system, not the hacks and extensions to the ones native to Roshar. I'd argue that this is... Voidbinding Okay, but what is Voidbinding? If it's not what the Regals do, and it's not what the Fused do, and if what Renarin does is a related to but not exactly it, then what is it? Well, if Surgebinding - the binding of Surges - is about forming a bond (through Honor and oaths) with a spren, a manifestation of the natural forces of the world, a manifestation of the Surges... Then wouldn't Voidbinding be the binding of the Void? Forming a bond with Odium? Maybe there are oaths involved (though they are kind of Honor's thing, so maybe not), maybe it's something that fits either literally or figuratively with the idea of giving up your Passion, giving it to Odium. Instead of Investiture shoring up cracks in your Spiritweb, you damage your own soul, or you give up parts of your soul, and invite Odium in, but what you give up is not gone, it forms a connection (Connection?) with Odium, a conduit for his power. And in return you gain access to the Surges, but not in the same way a Surgebinder would - the forces are the same, but the effects are different. This is what the Voidbinding chart shows! Odium's number may be nine, but there are ten levels of Voidbinding - each "major glyph" in the chart represents a Voidbinding Level (akin to the Surgebinding Orders), and each "minor glyph" represents one of the Surges; only, recall, the powers granted by Odium are different, so their glyphs are twisted versions of their "holy" counterparts. This, I posit, is also exactly what Amaram was doing when he was merging with Yelig-nar. The Old Magic Obviously, very little is known about the Old Magic. Most of what we know about it comes from second and third hand reports in the books, as well as a few WoBs that don't explain the magic as much as they confirm some things it can do. Khriss calls it a "cousin" to Voidbinding, however, and Brandon appears to have confirmed that it is "related" to the disease-based magic of Ashyn while also predating spren bonds. Assuming you are with me on what I think Voidbinding is, we can make some educated-adjacent guesses about the Old Magic itself. The combination of "older than spren bonds" and "related to the Ashynite disease magic" is very interesting, since one of these is very old and the other one appears to be a newer development. One way the two are obviously similar is the concept of tradeoffs - Ashynite diseases make you sick, but also give you power; the Old Magic curses you, but also grants you a boon. Combine this with Voidbinding also being related to the Old Magic (cousins), and you end up with three magic systems that are all somehow related to each other. Here's one way they could satisfy this: The way the Old Magic seems to work is through specific and direct alterations to people's Realmatic Aspects - not too dissimilar from Hemalurgy, actually, only maybe broader. Voidbinding, as I've presented it, involves an injection of Odium's Investiture into a person's Spiritweb - which, on the surface, is closer to Surgebinding (and may, in fact, be), but is also kind of similar to the Old Magic in the way a Shard pretty much directly changes you. Contrast this with Surgebinding, where most of what happens is a result of a gradual change in both Surgebinder and spren; no direct Shardic involvement after the initial setup of the Invested Art. So how are the Ashynite diseases related to all this? They too sounds like a direct injection of Investiture - you contract the disease, it modifies your Spiritweb to grant you powers, and once it's gone, so are the powers. It's obviously not a Shardic-level interaction, but I've always thought that it was the absence of Odium that allowed for these diseases to evolve in the way that they did - similar to the parasitic worms associated with the Aviar's powers. Both would've been Shardless worlds, but with more than just a smidgen of ambient Investiture floating around, allowing for wonky magical phenomena. Kind of like Roshar before Honor and Cultivation, actually. Summary & Conclusion I think this covers all of the notable magics of Roshar. Obviously some things are missing - I haven't talked about how exactly it is that the greatshells' bond with the mandras allows them ignore some of their crushing weight, for example, or about why certain pairs of Surges are considered inherently "natural pairings" - but all the ones I can think of are either minor or far too mysterious to address in this monster of a post (~3200 words so far, if you are curious. And to think that 1000-words essays sounded scary in high school...). My Intent was to look at all of the significant magic systems of Roshar and break them down like an arcanist might, look at their realmatic components, understand how they work and why they work this way - and see if I can apply this breakdown to the systems we know less about. Like any proper theory, its strength is measured by how convincing it appears to its readers and by its ability to make verifiable predictions about the future. We won't know how right or wrong I am about things like Voidbinding or the Fifth Ideal until at least the next book, but I can at least invite you all in to read, think, and comment. Cheers!
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    For my 5000th post, here is my second meme(ish) thing!
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    Day 1- Reach for the Sky He preferred to be called by his callsign. Steel. He'd been flying for several years now against the Krell. But now it would soon be time to put down the ship, and do something else with his life. Like being a librarian or something more mundane like that. He had had a range of medical conditions crop up in his time in the sky, and would be unable to fly while he got some advanced medical treatment. But he still had some time. So he was surprised when he was called into Alta base unexpectedly. Ironsides glared at the collection of pilots before her. "I'm sure most of you have heard by now that Bountiful Cavern has decided to rebel against our leadership. I have also heard that there are pilots who feel that perhaps we have overstepped our bounds in governing the Defiant League. Well, let me make this clear." She looked over the terrified pilots. "Any rebellious tendencies will not be tolerated. Our job is to protect the human race. Anyone who decides to threaten that all-important mission will be promptly court martialed and drummed right out of the Defense Force. Do you understand?" The hall was hushed. Someone near the back coughed. Ironsides nodded, and the pilots scattered at the implicit dismissal. Steel was from Bountiful cavern. That could put a delay on his medical leave. He grimaced, and headed to his flight. Maybe his flight leader would be able to work things out for him in this case. As he walked to the bunker, he remembered stories his mother had told him when he was young. Of Earth, the planet they heralded from. Of blue skies, not the oppressive gray color of Detritus. He wondered what it would be like to fly through a blue sky. It would probably be a lot easier to see Krell ships against that backdrop. ___________ The game has begun! Role PMs will be sent out as soon as possible! Alta Base currently has 25 health. The ships available are listed below. Largos have 8 health, Pocos have 6 health, and Fresas have 4 health. All other health will be as indicated in the initial rules. Player list is below. Remember PMs are closed in the day, and remember to submit a ship request. Otherwise a random ship will be assigned to you. The turn will end in 24 hours, at 8:00 PM EDT 5/26/19.
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    Zombies!!! ----------------------------------- Everyone's worst fear has come true. Scientists have discovered a way to bring back the dead. Doomsayers said they shouldn’t. They said they would cause the end of our world. They were right! At first everything seemed fine but after a couple of weeks, the reanimated started feeling hungry. Really, really hungry. Then the deaths started. Several months have passed since the reanimated dead started feeding on the living. Now the cities are empty, civilisation as you know it is gone. No more phones, no internet, no power and very little food. One thing is in abundance though. Zombies. Lots and lots of Zombies. You have joined a group of survivors as they travel to what they hope is salvation. Rumours are abound of a safe haven far in the east. After many days of travel and disappointment, you are foot sore and almost out of strength but hope blooms within you as you learn that you are only one week of travel away from safety. Unfortunately, the Zombies are also one week of travel away as they nip at your heels. ----------------------------------- This is a blackout game. Rules and mechanics will be revealed as they become relevant. 24 hour cycles. Day/Night combined Teaser mechanics: (To whet the appetite) Actions are open ended You can take any action you can think of Win Con for Refugees: Survive until Day 8 and you reach safety Win Con for Zombies: Turn/Kill/Infect all the Refugees before they reach safety Sign ups are open for an unspecified amount of time. There will be no warning for when they end so if you plan to sign up, do so early or be prepared to be left behind as a snack for the approaching Zombie horde. Minimum number of players needed: 9 Maximum number of players allowed: 50 The more that sign up, the better If you sign up to be a spectator, you cannot change your mind! If you don’t intend to play, you really, really should join as a spectator. RP is encouraged Be aware, this game contains experimental mechanics. It is broken but will be fun. (I hope) Play at your own risk. Revealed Mechanics: ----------------------------------- Player List: Quick Links:
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    Hi all, some minor changes happened this week for the site. There is now a Forum Games forum Way back in... uh, 2016, a dedicated forum games section has been suggested. I guess I just consistently forgot since I liked the idea, so we made one! Forum games whether they are generic games or Brandon related will go here now. This has an advantage in that they are now easier to find, and also will be out of the way for people interested in book discussion. Things will go in the Forum Games section if they are games, or if the thread is pretty random, like the Random Stuff thread. The goal is to make General Discussion more discussion based. Some forum games can be spammy (for one example, Three Word Story) and lead to an enormous amount of very short posts. For this reason, the Forum Games board does not increase post count. Eventually, the forum's post statistics will be recounted (it happens automatically when the site updates), and it may be the case if you posted, say, 1000 posts in topics that are now in Forum Games this may be retroactive and your post count may be significantly lower. I don't actually know if this is the case though. This hasn't come up yet in my experience. Are there any other forums you'd like created? Anything miscategorized? Let us know! Hiding posts returns A while back, I disabled hiding posts because there were a few instances of members hiding all their posts for some bad reasons. But since there's been a lot of double posting going on, this just seems unnecessary. So if you'd like to remove your posts, use the Hide button. No need to report them now! Just as a note because I've seen a lot of accidental double posting: if the Post button says "Saving" just wait it out! I have noticed sometimes it can take a while to go through for some reason, and I'm not quite sure why it does so. But if you click it again it will post again, which can result in something like 3-4 topics of the same kind. Remember the general computer rule that if something is loading, don't click more! (That makes things worse and will cause your computer queue that action more for every click!) That said the lag in posting is extremely annoying. If you have any information on this do post here or in Tech Support. Signature restrictions Our signature guidelines have been in effect since 2015. I've enabled some technological restrictions to prevent signatures from being too long. Now signatures can be a max of three lines. The exact value of lines can be discussed but I think 3-4 lines is a good amount. Long signatures really add to scrolling on desktop and are generally not aesthetically pleasing, especially if one adds a one-line post and the signature takes up much more room than the post itself. Animated profile pictures are disabled Speaking of aesthetically displeasing things, animated profile pictures generally make the site look much less modern and are pretty ripe for abuse. With profile pictures appearing on the main page, you really don't want a bunch of flashing lights from animated profile pictures on the main page. Additionally, animated gifs make sites load slower if there are a lot of them. I have generally discouraged animated profile pictures though it has not been a rule. I believe in old versions of Invision Power Suite, our software, there was an ability to disable this. I could never find the setting in the newer version, but tonight I found it, so animation in profile pictures are now disabled. This should generally lead to slight performance increases.
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    A summary of some Alleyverse developments.
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    Introduction It's just about time for another extra-long Blightsong theory after the latest few waves of new WoB; the nature of the Parshmen and what was done to them has always been one of my favorite mysteries in the series and Oathbringer brought us to the very edge of it. After reviewing some related WoB I'm pretty sure I can fill in at least some of that mystery with some pretty plausible ideas. Let me know what you guys think! Abstract Melishi First lets start off with what we already know. The event that transformed the Singers into what we saw at the beggining of the series took place at the end of a conflict between the last generation of Knights Radiant and a group of Singers lead by the Unmade Ba-Ado-Mishram. Innovation on the side of the Unmade, an ability to Connect to the Parshmen and facilitate forms of power, pushed certain scholar's within the orders of Knights Radiant to devise a before unheard of strategy to defeat the forces of Odium. They planned to trap Ba-Ado-Mishram in a gemstone like the one that Dalinar used to trap Nergaoul in an attempt to break the Connection she had to the Singers and ensure an easy defeat of the enemy forces once their leader and powers were incapacitated. This almost as far as our knowledge goes, but an epigraph in Oathbringer implies that maybe some unintended consequences of this imprisonment is what destroyed the Singer, read it below: While this may be the case, I have become certain that this is a red herring due to the little bit of history from this time frame we do have past the above point, read the below epigraph from both the in-world and real world Words of Radiance: This is interesting not only because there seemed to be a change of plans from simply imprisoning Ba-Ado-Mishram and defeating the Singers in battle, but also because we can say for certain that trapping an Unmade is not a Bondsmith specific power as evidenced by Shallan's view of Re-Shephir's past. If this was not what Melishi did to defeat the Singers then what could he have done to destroy them? Lets take a look at how the Stormfather describes Bondsmith powers to get an understanding of what could have taken place here: The wording here is interesting to me. What Melishi did seems to be the opposite of what the Stormfather is describing, he cut the Connection the Singers have to each other and destroyed an entire people with them. Syl had something very relevant to say about the restoration of the Singers in the below quote: It seems as if whatever Melishi did to destroy the Singers was seriously destructive in nature and I have some ideas on what exactly he did to them realmatically. Nature of the Singers A recent WoB tipped me off as to what exact function of the Singer's was destroyed by Melishi, read it below: It seems as if a Singer's Identity is malleable and that their system of trapping a spren with their gemheart is how they change it. Also interesting to note is that Hemalurgy is also able to do something similar. After thinking about it a bit, I realized we have seen something extremely similar to the Parshmen before using that very system. Read the below WoB: This is pretty much a matching description of what we see with the Singers, only missing the whole magic physical object component... or is it? If you think about it, gemhearts and the Hemalurgic spikes responsible for the Kandra blessings seem to be very similar in nature with one very slight difference, gemhearts are a natural phenomenon resulting from a leak of Investiture from the Spiritual Realm to the Physical one. Read the below WoB and passages to get a quick understanding of Singer gemhearts and their nature: This whole WoB is very interesting to me, particularly the connection to Dragonsteel and that last sentence. First let me touch on the Dragonsteel bit here is a passage from the released sample chapters that details the main character encountering the bones of the Dragonsteel equivalent to the Parshendi while in the caverns of the Shattered Plains: This makes me more certain that gemhearts are more than just gems that allow a singer to transform, I think that they are tied to their other Cognitive abilities as well as the race in this world are also able to communicate telepathically similar to the rhythms. I also find the color similarity between these bones and a gemheart very interesting. For my second point about the above WoB, why would there be an assumption that Singers dont have gemhearts among humans. Wouldnt some physician be able to find it in a Parshmen at some point? This is even more confusing when you consider that this seems to be a lost knowledge, read the below quote from Venli: All of this together leads me to believe that the pieces of a Singer's soul that Melishi ripped away (ones that seems similar to what gives a Kandra's sapience and blessing) are the ones directly tied to the Singer's gemheart and that on top of the physical change wrought to their bodies that made them more like dullform they also had their very gemhearts taken from them like a Kandra losing its second spike. While I cant tell you exactly how Melishi did this all, I can say it did still likely involved Ba-Ado-Mishram seeing as how the Last Legion, Singers that had abandoned their Connection to their gods, were left unaffected. Consequences of Division My emphasis on how similar this all is to Hemalurgy should tell you just how evil what Melishi did to the Parshmen is. The very nature of this act seems to spit in the face of the Bondsmith oaths, leading one to question how his spren managed through this. I'm sure you all know I'm about to suggest the Sibling was involved because of how obvious it is but let me back up this point with a few more WoB pointing towards its involvement: A strain between Melishi and the Sibling's bond also makes sense within the context of the degradation of Urithiru and the Sibling's apparent "withdrawal from men" described in the gem archive. Conclusion So what do you guys think, is there a relationship between what happened to the Singers and their gemhearts? Did Melishi end up harming the sibling in the process? Feel free to poke holes anywhere you see them. Have a good day folks!
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    Yay hemalurgy JK, Tuba rules.
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    You said it perfectly. @Paranoid King, @I think I am here.: Why thank you! But don't forget, if anyone deserves applause it's @Ashspren for kicking this whole thing off in the first place. Seriously, thank you @Ashspren! This really is the greatest thread on the Shard. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. We still have one thing left to do... (I couldn't resist) VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! I'll keep the poll open until Sunday, so go cast your vote, get your friends and coworkers to vote, bribe homeless people off the street to create an account and vote, whatever it takes!
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    Ah, and at last we have come to the final rap, the finale to the tournament, the Roast of Ages. In reflection, this tournament has been great, the twists and turns of it really made that much more interesting. Sure, we had a swap of mediators but in the end, this tournament was awesome. Now, to commence Yomen's white whale, his black swan, his magnum opus, his ultimate rap to a suitably awesome song. Enjoy
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    Ladies and Gentlemen! Surely it doesn't feel that long ago, when our very own Aradan Yomen was just a young rapper, teaming with Taan to take down Dusk and Sarene, however impossible it might have seemed to against such talented rappers. And it was not too long ago where Yomen went against Sja-Anat and Dilaf, almost losing his soul to the stealer of secrets and the Dakhor master, but he came back, amazingly. And then his good friend Taan was removed from the tournament, and Yomen swore to avenge him. There had been some roadblocks, but he prevailed. And now, he finally faces off against his ultimate opponent, Obligator against assassin, Seer against Mistborn, underdog vs. champion, I bring you, the one, the only, Aradan Yooooooomen!
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    I am genuinely confused by both what measures Nale is referring to, and how Radiants, regardless of how much power they have access to, might upset whatever balance Nale is thinking about. Some things we do know: Odium being bound is greater than the Oathpact (and, along similar vein, the Oathpact was something between Honor and his Heralds) The Heralds can't stay on Roshar for too long, otherwise another Desolation would start A Returned can't repair the Oathpact, but some amount of Investiture, perhaps with the right Intent, may be able to The Heralds had access to raw levels of power than no Radiant could obtain That last one could throw a bit of a wrench in my "Radiants can Invest directly from Honor" idea, but I'll stick to my guns and say that the idea still holds, only with the caveat that Heralds could Invest... better. At a faster rate, able to hold more. Akin to how both a garden hose and a fire hydrant have access to vast amounts of water, but the former is much more powerful. Captain Ico seems to echo Nale's (and, presumably, Ishar's) sentiment about the dangers of Radiants: I think I agree that Honor somehow regulated how much power was available to the Radiants - either by declining the final Oath of any he personally didn't think deserving (a task that appears to fall on the Stormfather now), or by simply limiting the amount of power Radiants could drain from him. I personally like the second option better because it puts the responsibility directly onto Honor, which makes his absence a problem. The Stormfather could, conceivably, decline Oaths, or quickly learn to do so if it starts becoming a problem; he probably can't regulate how much Investiture the new Radiants pull. I don't like the Divine Attributes idea, however. It feels... not mechanical enough. I've never thought the Divine Attributes to be anything more than a cultural construct, something without a Realmatic meaning that people (and, perhaps, spren) ascribed significance to. Furthermore, I don't see how any Radiant could be... essentially promoted to a Herald, regardless of how much power they have access to. The Oathpact was a formal agreement between Honor and the Heralds, there were actual Realmatic effects to it, as evident by the various connections between the Heralds and the Desolations. For a Radiant to achieve this level, I think you'd need Honor, though it's probably possible for Dalinar and the Stormfather to somehow make changes. After all, if Odium believes that Dalinar has the power to release him, then Dalinar might also have the power to influence other acts of Honor. What I propose instead, is that the danger here is tied directly to the amount of Investiture being actively used on Roshar. I don't have a good model of why a large amount of Investiture could lead to a Desolation, but it is a common link between the Heralds (with their "raw levels of power than no Radiant could obtain") and the modern Radiants without "enough checks" on their power. I do have an idea, however. Why, once a Desolation ends and the Heralds return to Braize, would the Fused and the voidspren be trapped there? It can't be the Oathpact, not directly at least, because it was an agreement that didn't involve Odium's forces; things would be different if they had all agreed to something, since spren (and, perhaps, the Fused, being so suffused with Investiture) very much embody the "swear by my power" fantasy trope, but this is not the case. The only other option that makes sense to me is that they are being forcefully kept on Braize - by the Heralds. And since I doubt even the Heralds can keep the entirety of Odium's army at bay, and especially since new Desolations required a Herald to "break", I think the way this played out was like this: the Oathpact granted the Heralds access to unfathomable amounts of Investiture, under the condition - the oath - that they will use this power to keep Odium's forces at bay. I imagine this as the Heralds essentially erecting a prison around Braize, one made of all this power they had access to. This is probably where the sharing of the pain comes in too - I imagine they were somehow Connected in this, similarly to how a Surgebinder is Connected with their spren, a merging of the souls. But as soon as even one Herald broke their Oath and - with Intent - allowed Odium's forces through, it was enough for the whole barrier to go down; one side of the deal with Honor was no longer being unheld, and so the other one (the access to Honor's power) would become void too. Only the Oathpact wouldn't actually be broken as much as it would be... interrupted. I'd guess this is simply due to the immense binding power of the Oathpact. So the Heralds would return to Roshar, another Desolation would start, Odium's forces would eventually be defeated. Why would the Heralds need to return to Braize? Under this model, it's simply - they need to be there to raise and maintain the prison again. Rinse & repeat. Why is a single Herald enough to keep this show running? Under this model, because they would still have access to the incredible amounts of Investiture granted to each one. It would be much harder for a single Herald to keep this up - not only would they not have access to as much power as usual, but they wouldn't have anyone to share the torture with. But then, this is Taln. So let's go back to Nale's crusade, and Ico's concerns, and the absence of Honor. The way I think this fits is actually surprisingly simple. Without Honor to regulate how much power the Radiants can siphon out of his Investiture pool, they run the risk of tapping into the reserves normally allocated to the Heralds, and therefore weaken the Braize prison. Ishar would've known this (and we can probably agree that this, or something like this, is why "he readily understood the implications of Surges being granted to men") and so would've sent Nale on his quest to find all nascent Surgebinders and ensure they never reach the Fifth Ideal and thus jeopardize Taln's work - either by killing them, or recruiting them and keeping a careful eye on them. Ico, somehow, understands this too - though whether that is because spren have better understanding of how such things work, or because they (or the honorspren specifically) have better record-keeping, or because Ishar has convinced/intimidated them into playing along, I don't know. I think I actually like the overall shape of this. The details are a little hazy but I think it explains a lot of things in a reasonable way. Even if I needed another 1500 words or whatever...
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    When you do this because you’re bored. I’ll do more later too. Stormlight: General Sanderson Stuff: 17th Shard: If anyone has any more ideas for these, let me know!
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    Spensa done with the supplies for May Sketchbox! Jasnah collab with LittleGreyDragon, she did the pencils and I ruined it with color xD Susebron sketch on a long car ride.
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    Danton walked through the trees in Dampmere park, his pistol held calmly before him. He was chasing yet another suspect of a bombing in the city. He'd lost track of how many there had been over the past few weeks, though he figured it was at least 15. Lyrelle, his partner, signalled him to follow her. She must’ve spotted something in the clearing over there. Danton led point, making sure to not step on any branches in the underbrush. He couldn’t see anything in the clearing, though he kept his eyes peeled. After a few moments of frantic searching, he began to turn around to ask Lyrelle exactly what she'd seen, but he felt a quick stab of pain in his chest. As he fell to the ground, he noticed Lyrelle taking off a silencer from her pistol. Before his last breath of life escaped, he wondered how she’d explain his death. ~ There has been a growing dissent in the city lately, as many view the mayor and his cronies as corrupt. The police have been working to quell the rebellions, but there are only so many of them, and there’s an entire city to patrol. Now, it appears that there are rebels amidst the police force, actively working to bring down the city’s government. It is up to you to root out these rebels before the city is overrun. We must prevent Discord from reigning supreme. ~ Basics: Factions: Roles: Player List: Quick Links: Signups will end around 8:30 PM CDT, June 9th. The first Day will begin around 9:30 PM CDT, and rollover will be at 8:30 PM CDT for subsequent Turns
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    Not a spoiler, just a big image
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    The Lord Ruler's Genius Plan to Defeat the Deepness:
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    Got bored at school and thought of this:
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    Sorry for spam, Just completed a painting of Talenel
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    Day Two: Revealed! Tanky Boi sat with his back to the campfire as he kept watch for Zombies. The smell of cooked fish still hung in the air while the taste lingered on the lips. So intense was Tanky Boi in keeping an eye out for those Zombies that he didn’t notice someone sitting down next to him. Not until they spoke at least. “Let’s be honest: no one really cares about my backstory or where I came from. They don’t care that I lived, though I did. They don’t care that I (un)died. The only thing that matters is the here and now, and here and now, I eat flesh. And brains. And your brain looks big and juicy. Can I eat it? Will you let me eat it? Please? I want it. I’m hungry. I’m always hungry. I need your brain. I need all the brains. Brraaaiiinnsss.” And with that final cry the Zombie grabbed onto Tanky Boi and started feeding. The noise woke the camp and they quickly dispatched the Zombie but now another problem had arisen. What to do with Tanky Boi? Carved into a piece of bark sitting innocently by the fire was the message “WE CRAVE PEACE, NOT SUBJUGATION” Votes: Fifth: (1) CadCom Ventyl : (1) Striker No one was lynched! Lumgol - Tanky Boi is now a Zombie! Everyone dined on cooked fish. This cycle will last 24 hours with an hour of rollover to get this more in line with RL. Revealed mechanics: Zombies are publicly known Zombies can’t vote Zombies can’t use PMs Zombies can only post Zombie like RP Important Information: Terrain: Farmland Weather : Cloudy Wind: Slight northerly breeze Wildlife: You can see some cows in the distance As there is at least one refugee holding a Map, certain areas of interest are revealed. A milking shed is nearby There are several felled trees running along the fence line Beehives are for some reason marked on the Map Player List:
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    Elend’s men had performed a near-unceasing vigil during the night, eyeing each of their neighbours with suspicion and keeping daggers underneath their pillows; another murder was anticipated. It was a tired and haggard force which therefore awoke the next day to the shocked realisation that the customary whittling of their number had not been effected; indeed, had not been attempted in the first place. Far from banishing the calls for collective action against a killer, however, such an occurrence only strengthened the resolve of the gutted inner circle which surrounded Elend Venture that one of their number should be held responsible for unmitigated treason against their leader, and the lack of a killing seemed to confirm the worst fears of a quieter group of advisors, which rose to protest the vocal role that Aname Plees had taken of late. What had before been seen as a necessary continuation of her influence in finding and subduing Vin had soured into suspicion that an elaborate ruse had been practised on them all. So it was that Ford Prefect, along with Snip and Abe, rose against Aname, seeking to quickly dispatch her before serious retaliation could be considered. However, as the day had grown long in the midst of the heated debate, the snowy owl with which Aname had a natural affinity woke from its long slumber in the dark recesses of the room, sensing the approach of night. Upon viewing danger to Aname, Heer Kilyal II sprang from his perch, alighting on Ford’s head and driving his claws into his skull. Abe sprinted towards Ford, attempting to rescue him or drive away the feathered ball of fluff which was beginning to crush Ford’s head in between its talons, but tripped and landed facefirst on the long, trailing carpet which spanned the length of the room, which Aname had kicked into his path hurriedly. Two coins fell from his pocket, landing on opposite sides, and Abe sensed...disappointment?...coming from the object. Meanwhile, Snip, standing nearby, reacted instinctively; his instincts as a Hazekiller, honed from decades of training, had him snatch a nearby spear and ram it through Aname as soon as the owl began attacking Ford. Spinning, he pointed the spear at the white-feathered creature, but it had already released Ford’s corpse, and appeared to be hopping around with a paper in its beak. Snip snatched it out of the dull bird’s mouth, and read it to the quieted room. “I, Jastes Lekal, hereby allow these four men: Ford Prefect, Senn Conrad III, ‘Zane the Mad,’ and Doma, to access any aid within Luthadel which they should require in the process of handing me the city. If you see this letter and obey me, keep silent at my command. I am coming soon.” Dropping the paper, he crumpled to the ground in front of Aname’s freshly killed corpse, in remorse and relief. The threat was over. Now to rebuild. Lumgol was lynched! She was a Elend’s Loyalist Tineye 2! Furamirionind was lynched! She was a Lekal’s Subordinate Rioter 2! Lum (2): Fura, Snip Fura (2): Coop, Lum All of Jastes Lekal’s men have been driven out of the city, and with Zane and Vin neutralised, Elend’s Loyalists have won the day. My apologies for a slightly rushed aftermath writeup. Joe is busy working on something very large; meanwhile, I’m in need of sleep, and the dead doc is distracting me. (Not that I’m complaining, it’s fun. ) A more complete writeup, along with a general reflection on how the game went, will be coming within the next few days. Until then, a few special thanks, and the doc links: First, to @Alvron for IMing, as well as @Elbereth who helped me make a few calls on balance and was generally wonderful to discuss the game with until real life prevented her from checking in as much. Both were fun spectators, and you can find our discussion here. Second, to my co-GM @A Joe in the Bush. His help was invaluable with writeups, and though work and busy-ness also took him out of the picture later in the game, he continued to pitch in where he could. He deserves all the upvotes you can find to give him. More importantly, however, he served as the Gatekeeper of the Dead, Kelsier, and the largest of the four secrets in the game. His role was mainly to be able to pass on short messages from the dead, and to troll and make people paranoid. He accomplished both wonderfully. You may access his realm, the realm of the dead, here. (Said realm also describes the final two secrets, Alv’s Carpet and Kelsier, for those interested.) Third, to the Mistborn. @_Stick_ and @Mailliw73 were both highly active and committed players, and though they were caught early, the silver-tongued speech of Maill and the ingenuity of Stick’s plans bought them a few extra turns. While they were ultimately unable to clinch victory, I thank them both for their dedication to the roles I gave them, and admire the guile they demonstrated in their use of actions, especially with Maill’s pet OreSeur. Here you may find their conversation. Fourth, to the Eliminators. As with the Mistborn, they were all active and driven, and made the most of their circumstances despite a few poor turns of fortune. Particularly, the work which @Steeldancer put into finding Zane, the stalling efforts of @Devotary of Spontaneity and @Rathmaskal which denied the Mistborn their victory, and the distancing and perseverance of @Furamirionind towards the end were a joy to watch unfold and brought the Subordinates to the cusp of victory. Their planning is every bit as good as the Mistborn’s, and I thank them for their consistent activity and dedication to the game, even when dead. Here is their doc. Finally, to the village, congratulations and thank you for playing. While I shan’t tag all of you, I ought to make note of @Araris Valerian for tolerating being the first person lynched (again...), @Elandera and @Lumgol for being active voices towards the end of the game after many of the more active villagers had died in the first few cycles, and @Cadmium Compounder and @Amanuensis for sticking with the game consistently despite IRL obligations cluttering up their time. To close off, I’d like to say that it’s my hope and pleasure as a GM to provide a fun game for all of you, and that it’s my wish that I followed through on that commitment here. Final Player List:
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    Something I just quickly wanted to bring to light: after three, gigantic books that have spent time focusing on him, we still don't know the entire story of why Kaladin distrusts lighteyes so much. While we definitely see his resentment beginning to dampen, the main causes are not all fleshed out yet. While the obvious ones (Roshone and Amaram) have been addressed, and their arc in his storyline almost, if not completely, done with, that still leaves ones example of betrayal in Kaladin's past that is unaccounted for. And that's where Katarotam comes in. If you don't remember that name, I can't blame you in the slightest as I forgot it myself since it was mentioned only one time in the entire series thus far. From The Way of Kings; Chapter 4, pg. 82: "Under previous masters, he'd demanded his wages be given to him. They had always found ways to cheat him- charging for his housing, his food. That's how lighteyes were. Roshone, Amaram, Katarotam . . . Each lighteyes Kaladin had known, whether as a slave or a free man, had shown himself to be corrupt to the core, for all his outward poise and beauty. They were like rotting corpses clothed in beautiful silk." However, even with this being his only mention the reader can see the obvious mark this man, Katarotam, left on Kaladin. This raises the question: Who was Katarotam, and what did he do? While from the text and timeline it's obvious to tell that Katarotam came into Kaladin's life during his enslavement, there is no way to tell the specifics of that as Kaladin said himself that he's, "changed hands a half-dozen times" (pg. 76) since his enslavement. Though with Kaladin choosing Katarotam to be among the men who has hurt Kaladin the most, we can assume that he had left a big impression and I therefore have three possible reasons for this: 1.) Katarotam was the first master to be over Kaladin. This would make sense as he would inevitable leave a lasting impression on Kaladin, and could even explain how he would manage to betray him. With Kaladin going from 'youngest squad leader in Amaram's army' to 'disgrace slave' in just one day, it would make sense that he wouldn't really know what to do with himself at first. And with no experience in surviving or even living the life of a slave, Kaladin would have no way of knowing what the average life of a slave would be. With that opening, he may have seen Katarotam as he once did Amaram: a man who cared for those under him. Perhaps Kaladin thought he got lucky and ended up with a master who was lenient, but later proved himself to be brutal? 2.) Katarotam was one of the most brutal masters This is one of the more simple reasons: Kaladin had suffered the worst of his times as a slave under Katarotam. This could still go in a number of ways though- with Katarotam being brutal because he was a horrible man, plain and simple, or being brutal specifically to Kaladin because he had heard of his escape attempts and wished to break him, or perhaps he noticed that Kaladin (a tall, well-built, natural leader) would ultimately bring hope to the other slaves and decided to use him as an example. While I'd say this is plausible, I don't think it's very likely as this leaves no room for betrayal, no room for Katarotam to hide himself behind poise and beauty as Kaladin specifically mentioned in the text. While those examples may refer specifically to Roshone and Amaram (though I don't see how it fits to Roshone seeing as he had it out for Kaladin's family at the beginning) the pause between the mention of Katarotam and the descritpors leads me to believe that most of it was inspired by Katarotam himself. 3.) Katarotam was the one to give Kalain the shash brand This is the most likely of the possibilities to me as the pain of the branding and the long term consequences it would have on his life would definitely be enough of a reason for Katarotam to be up with Roshone and Amaram. Not to mention the branding takes place just shortly before Kaladin's perspective starts in the first book, with his last master making the decision to brand him 'dangerous.' Not only does it make it recent, life changing, and painful, but it also opens Kaladin up to betrayal. This is where the reasoning would spread out a bit, with a number of possibilities being present to why Kaladin would consider Katarotam to be a prime example of how lighteyes are always different from how they prevent themselves. One reason could be referred back to reason 1, Katarotam had somehow convinced Kaladin that he cared for his slaves. Though this seems a bit flimsy to me, it could also be a good reason for how Kaladin can't even bring himself to fully trust low-ranking lighteyes. Another reason could be that Katarotam used bribery to earn loyalty from his slaves, promising them extra pay or even a chance at freedom if they do their work just right. This could to Kaladin to discovering he's a fraud, ultimately leading to the branding. These are just my thoughts, obviously we have very little to go off as he's only mentioned in one chapter but I do believe Katarotam will make an appearance in the form of a flashback in the next book (Slight Spoiler) - much like it did with Tarah- by that I mean her rarely being mentioned until we eventually met her in Oathbringer.
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    Night 2 - They Were Right Draff was shocked by how many people were suspicious of Wilco’s survival. Almost immediately, someone claimed that Wilco must’ve been a Rebel who had set up a fake attack to get people to trust him. Maybe it was just because he’d seen how scared Wilco looked in the moment, but Draff thought he trusted Wilco. Over the course of the day, the conversations in the lobby quickly shifted to focus on two people, Furamirionind and Sindale. Draff found a lot of the arguments slightly contrived sometimes, but there were also some pretty good arguments on both sides. As Draff was getting ready to again walk through the halls during the night like he did last night, he started to hear yells from the lobby. Heart pounding, he began to run toward the lobby. Again, he was too late. When he arrived, he found Furamirionind lying on the ground, a pool of blood beginning to form around their head. This time, no one would be going to the infirmary. ~ (6) Furamirionind: _Stick_, Fifth Scholar, Lumgol, Araris Valerian, Straw, Rathmaskal (5) Devotary of Spontaneity: Sart, MrakeDarshall, Ventyl, Amanuensis, Furamirionind Furamirionind was lynched! They were a Police Hazekiller! Player List: PMs are open, but remember that each player may only make one new PM each turn. Remember to include me and Mailliw in all PMs, and group PMs ARE allowed. Due to a change in my work schedule for tomorrow, this turn will be 26.5 hours and will end at 10 PM on June 15th.
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    So, my opinions on this. Re: OP characters I personally don't mind OP characters, but only if they are rped responsibly. With this I mean either of the following: The person using them realizes the impact the character has and makes sure that they don't directly affect the plot, unless the other participants agree, and in this case only uses the minimum amount of power necessary to resolve it. I'd say Voidus is good example of this. Under this I'd also classify characters that were allowed by the mods but have the potential to become OP because of how their powers and skills work. The character is meant for a specific plot, and is deliberately OP to give a challenge to the other players. This is the place most BoV characters fall in. I'd say the biggest thing here is that the character's level of OPness is properly balanced to make sure that they provide challenge but not steamroll everyone. This also includes giving them weaknesses that can be abused to defeat them that the other players are aware of, or at least able to logically deduce. As for my own feedback for how everything's currently going: I personally feel like the plot is being railroaded too much. While a bit of railroading can be good to make sure the plot stays focused it's currently too much. Right now it feels as if we can't really do anything in the plot. We don't have the knowledge to advance it ourselves and the advancement that does happen only goes in small steps. I've noticed this is being worked on though, so that is good. Another issue with this however is that it currently feels as if nothing we do has any actual impact on what's happening. Most of what we're doing seems to be interacting with other people to kill time until the BoV decides to do something. At the same time I haven't seen a single time where our actions have actually caused anything to shape the plot. The biggest thing interaction I can think of is Mike's and Bellatrix interaction, and even that hasn't created any larger consequences for the plot in general. Currently it feels as if we can do whatever we want, because it doesn't mean anything for the plot, which is kind of disheartening and boring. Keep in mind that these are my own observations, it's possible that the others have different opinions or observations on this.
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    So this is a crackpot theory that just popped into my head, and curious people's thoughts on it. Lirin is brave (standing up to Roshone and the townspeople), and also obedient (holds to the rosharan version of the Hippocratic oath of do no harm even when it could have saved his family by letting Roshone die). Releaser spren like seeing inside of things, which a surgeon frequently does. Brandon has said there will be a new dustbringer in the next book, and we have two scenes of Lirin released that will be in book 4. All very loose evidence, but I am really beginning to wonder. Thoughts?
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    I think that is actually the point that Sanderson is making. The religion isn't evil, just some of the practices and leaders are. I mean, his choice to show Hrathen as ultimately a hero, to me, shows that he's trying to say, No it's not evil, but much of what happens under its aegis is evil right now.
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    It’s been more than five years since I wrote about the difference between Radiants’ primary and secondary divine attributes. I concluded then that spren of an order are attracted to humans who exhibit that order’s primary attribute. I theorized the spren bond leads the Radiants to their secondary attribute but didn’t go into detail. A few days ago, in a very long post on many topics, I wrote about the impact of oaths on Radiant organization. I opined the Radiant’s Fifth Oath means they achieved their secondary attribute. That’s when they fully merge with their spren. This post puts more flesh on that conclusion. Here’s the list of each order’s primary and secondary divine attributes: Order Primary Attribute Secondary Attribute Windrunners Protecting Leading Skybreakers Just Confident Dustbringers Brave Obedient Edgedancers Loving Healing Truthwatchers Learned Giving Lightweavers Creative Honest Elsecallers Wise Careful Willshapers Resolute Builder Stonewards Dependable Resourceful Bondsmiths Pious Guiding The secondary attribute seems a more outward-looking, “uniting” version of the primary attribute. The primary attribute is about the Radiant. The secondary attribute is about how the Radiant should act toward others. It’s like the difference between first person (me) and second person (you). Windrunners better protect when they lead others. Skybreakers seem more just when they’re confident in their judgment. Dustbringer bravery (and hotheadedness) better serves when they’re obedient. Edgedancer love finds meaning in healing. Truthwatcher learning has meaning when given to share. Lightweaver creativity requires self- and artistic honesty. Elsecallers should temper their wisdom with care. (Jasnah “wisely” concluding to kill the Heralds...) Willshaper resolve makes them foundation builders. Stoneward dependability leads to resourcefulness. (Get the job done no matter what.) Bondsmith piety attracts followers to guide. This framework shows oaths bridge the gap between primary and secondary attributes. Each oath brings the Radiant closer to their secondary attribute. When they achieve it, the Radiant can say the Fifth Oath and merge Spiritual aspects with their spren.
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