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    I wasn't sure how Silajana was broken down, though I did know a name "Nilanjana" which was what popped up in my head first, but I was pretty sure that's Neel+Anjana. Sila is stone, Jana could mean a person. So, "person of stone", "He or she, of stone", was my first guess. The 's' is usually aspirated, iirc. English isn't great for transliterating Indian languages... there were a lot of suffixes it could've been. Based on which 'a' was a schwa, which was a long ā, it could've been a lot of different things. But "origin" makes a lot of sense. And we're going full Sanskrit. Vishwadhar would mean "lord of the world" with the base words being Vishva (world) and Dharan (bear / hold / wield), it's a title of a Hindu god, Vishnu. World's Edge is a possible translation, Vishva+Dhar, but given how Silajana is translated, I would say it's less likely. The amount of pronunciations and meanings "Suna" could have... it's too much. I don't even know if the 's' is aspirated (like sh... yeah I don't know why aspirated 's' sounds aren't just transliterated into 'sh' either). But going by context, that these are the names of Aethers... I remember going through my references and ignoring certain definitions but now that I think about it, some of those translations could make sense. Like "execution site" or "place of slaughter" if it was referring to the Aether corresponding to the Crimson Sea. It's probably not "zero", "empty", "void". It sounds grand, but I don't think there's an Aether like that, iirc. But there could be an Aether of Investiture nullification out there, I guess. Tress' world probably wouldn't realise what that Aether would do, and so it might've gone unremarked within the scope of the story. It's possible that it refers to a Verdant Aether, and means something like "bloom" or "bud" or "fruit", but I'm not sure. Verdant doesn't produce vines with flowers or fruits, either in Tress or AoN. It could also be the Sunlight Aether, for "beam of light".
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